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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view and manage their health. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone here listen to maximize living radio show we are changing the way people view administer and help find your host doctor Joshua therein DC. I'm your cousin Stacy can. Gaza we hope you had a great a fourth of July weekend last weekend coming off by holiday week things have been little. Difference around the I think I think this time mere everybody decides to take medication are our family included. And so some Tom's froze my opportunities actually open up because of holiday weekends and people traveling in one not ceramics and strength that. And so we wanna do I first saw this this weekend is because of coming off a holiday week holiday weekend last week. We've actually had several spots come open. And now one of our the events that we do on mud at this pretty much the second Monday night of every months of the second Monday of the month we do we colleague dinner with the darkest city hearing steak house this is up on alternate on the road over there right in front of a redemption road outreach center. It's a really nice steak house and the second Monday of every month we actually reserving the room back there holds about 3040 people that. And we take out to dinner Boller new patients and their spouses. And this is a way for a solo on them Maria welcome into our practice. You know we get there and get their their family or their spouses. Involved and on board to what they're doing some good we we found it when you when your of your married person. Are you have a significant other is a spouse. You get the best results when your husband your wife's home supporting your horses in the typical person going one direction while you're sitting here. Try to reverse disease come off medication and eat healthy do these things in your spouse is at home. You know eating pizza and drinking beer in duo so as us men love to do right rather than being honest and so we do for this dinner once a once mark the second Monday marked as we invite our new patients and their spouses. In and things like that so they can sort of understand what the other spouses doing sort of get him on board with this so their their significant other locals get better results. Well this one coming up this Monday which is Monday July 10 this race sake house half our room that has actually emptied out because of the holiday people shall traveling is just a bad telomeres so the thing is. We pay for this room in advance so that's why that's bad for us it's good for you the listener because now we have we have us several open seats at this event. It's a basically way this works is for you the listener in a moment states is actually don't give out a number okay and we want you to call and if you're more the first you know Harriman collar Stacy puts out there this is going to be for a dinner for you and your significant other your spouse or just you for signal single. Value not to bring any money I mean this thing we're not gonna charge of this event for the dinner or something like that ties to space they got paid for these dinners already in advance. And the room is only halfway full and so I want to pay for dinner for a bunch of people I want people at least so enjoy it it's all right and so why not give those open dinners or those open seats out to our dedicated listeners have been listeners hooked to us for a long time but dished Anders not pages for a reason so we want the states is gonna give this number out. And for the first government caller she says Irina seats we have opened up for this dinner be one of those collars no strings attached. Possibly show up and at that date and times is gonna give you. As long as we confirm with you now policy we do this a lot of people calling it we don't have enough room for ever by that calls in so just be one of the first you know how how many callers you indecisive they had team a necessary Zoolander for the first ten callers after that sorry guys it it's there will be full. And so number one if you Colin make sure you climate and you show sought to pay for and you don't show up and and number two if you call in in his busy leave a message it's Stacey or somebody will give back too soon as possible to confirm that with you. We won't confirm if you don't hear from a us obviously were not confirming it. But hopefully she'll call it you know she's she's polish election oath if you have a spotter not can be nice. And be nice. And so don't you show to the dinner expecting to get in because of the girl's photo alleging and so you have to have an invitation to get this thing when you get in so us basically and give that number this is for. Monday. July 10 closes this Monday night at 630 current sixty. 30 PM at CU range steakhouse on Haywood right back frankly and so when you're Colin and for the first thing collars are going get a pair of tickets. Or an invitation for you in your spouse or you know significant other to come attend this dinner and this will caller five essentials there's a basic got the way happens. Is for the U come in you or you figured you sit down you orders throughout the menu but bigger room. And I come in and speak for about fifteen or twenty minutes send us an overview what the five essentials are pretty much the same asefi here we talk -- your weekend and I speak about fifteen or twenty minutes while they're preparing your foods sort of sort of keep you busy weather preparing your food I've bless the food and then they bring the third and it in everybody's to suit and you have a good time minutes it's like a fund short quick workshop with food involved brassy king oral frank. Etc. you ready and I Ian Nina available in July 18 that just on Monday at 630. 6:30 PM get this column. 864. TC 2909. Again. 8643. TC XT 909. Human Colleen and if we don't answer his phone on the phone lines are busy just. Leave a message and we like your name here phone am merit and we might even say the word dinner. Yes okay. Some people be called in for appointments like we do on the other people would do to our radio show by if you if you are attending the dinner make sure you clearly say you're calling in for a pair tickets for the dinner or not for an appointment. Right ankle and that member and 6432629. Is zero and nine. Today 643262909. For that dinner so while people are doing that looks good give us some good tests on six so let's talk about some testimonies. Well we actually heard about last week so you gutless of those of that. Yet yet I can I. Analyst guy he'd come in and our mayor last week. And he said he south of I three quarters at peace depression medication that's a big deal yes I mean I think he's awesome diabetes medication geocities never thought that any south and three quarters at his tight T dad beat. So he's always Altman's a so he's off in the majority as Matt Foreman in the Missouri that he was sick is all for something like that and so he's off over three quarters follows medications and so this is funny to see the action and tell me that story behind that is his daughter is ours actually patient mushy coming she's like Alice she's like garnered that don't take Aziz to prod fault but he he's off three quarters of this of his so often he's off. That I should desist using he was off three quarters of result off. And so when I saw him later that week one this past week when he come and ask must say your daughters and your town nominees I wish is that he has. She's a hero records your medication you fill amazing. He said you're off you're record your depression medication gives you actually know him home office three quarters at the Zoloft from off to record his moment Foreman is well. And publishers doing better now than it was almost taken the hope that 2000 units opens 2000 look at the strip Foreman a day so. Very proud Scot he's got a lot of good art work in being dedicated doing living up filed a sense of lifestyle. And he's always type two diabetic freaknik gain and depression free within you know month so that's that's we wanna see so. Bank Haley still had similar size available for that can barely she's talking about has come the I get there. I chief Latin can't we just on Monday this coming Monday icy rain stay castle 630. I you and calling and Alan chick named your phone and buried in the word dinners and Alina the EU are kind specifically printed dinner. The member is 86 lawyers to BT 169. Easier and nine year calling in for. I T spies for a year and I love playing coming to dinner. I am at this Elaine steak house here on Haywood road I snapped a TV I just kinda hear what rare ballot. They had to spots opened up. I for you guys you listeners out there began a 64 or three T 169. Easier and. Is speak in the dinner some might it will be at the dinner death toll money united Judy. Judy Kampman tore clinic and she's type two diabetic was so was overweight type two diabetic. And so she started our program. And she went to the doctors about the same time once she eventually met a -- and saw what the protocols world we're gonna reduce or she went toward doctor all excited her medical doctors saying hey let's start a program WiMax was living in in doctor Dara and he's gonna show me how to reverse type two diabetes who is all the way in her doctor looked that are. And told her she is pretty much crazy and that was impossible and that was a scam and that sheet there was impossible to reverse type two diabetes when she got it that's what he told her. So she Cummins in my office the day after that up that that. Check up with a quarter medical doctor said my doctor told me this this this and this he says it that there's no way I can reverse type two diabetes. That you know it I'm not blow up because because because when you get you can never reverse it Abiola medication forever is she spending four hours a month on insulin and she's taken in McConnell and insulin is is that too when she Sega for type two diabetes. And guess what guys what within two weeks she come in his office two weeks later she says doctor Jay Merrill my doctor told told me that I can never reversed type two diabetes. And how we stuck what do forever she is I've only been doing your career for two weeks. Our number one I lost ten pounds when she was excited about but she's a number two when she start our program and I did not recommend not recommend this and I did not recommend this to her she just did this on our own. After about a week of of being in our clinic. She stopped taken dollar insulin entering the cholera and she started chip in did she didn't do anything for whole week she stopped her medication for. The week after she started as she didn't check her blood sugar for a whole week without taking any medication and she checked her out blitzer that the more she come in the Simi issued a super excited. Her Pulitzer was 82. Is she had not had any insulin. Or in become in over a week in her Blanchard was Asia's doctor there mark butcher is one point 5135. When I take my medication before starting your program that's when she's taken everything it's one Tony found the 130 fox. She stopped all medication and within two weeks. It's now down 82 without any medications he she is super excited she says she cannot wait to go back improve her doctor wrong that she is going to beat this thing. And he was lying to her in she's no longer going to accept that a lie and I she's excited she's actually at the dinner Monday night too so maybe I commuter share a story there brown so that's pretty cool there. Right that's just him and some has Kelly it started and I and we just need that extra and Medivation the only thing I'm sure she was spending she's spending 400 hours because there is serves as a pay for all of us are you spending 400 dollars a month on medication to treat type two diabetes test car and car payments me Aurora or no small house and what ever is so. I mean all her money was going out the door for no stinking reason. And here she is now proven that doctor own within two weeks your butcher's cumin Downey she stopped taking the medication she refuses to give back all it nodded teller that teller did not take she does decide to do that should we wait. About four to six weeks we see some good results and then we say start to wean yourself off then but she's unarmed doing a solid and it is she says she's a mating and my amazing on fire for that sank. She's been attending on of an attrition where shots and just headstrong we should cost and now we don't have a couple my dinner and at innings and then number 8643262909. He will be calling and and tear and reserve you are an eleven spot track dinner he arranged a cast on Haywood road in Crable. I had to land but can't such as this coming Monday okay 6:30 PM. He have to Collie and a 64 are to be chasing XT nine is he earned nine I need to name. He your phone American nowhere dinners and that many are calling in about the dinner thanking this is your last chance for this we want these Cheney again. I have to set has said a 64326290. And I. Yes he got a colander in this first sight center kind of off after this for a notebook allowance for regular people walling calling make appointments so basics for 3262909. Again the details are this. It's a searing steak house always referred right front of prudential wrote every senator. I starts promptly at 630. He'll come in those seats you are you order your food policy is very prepared I'll speak for about fifteen or twenty minutes and just by a brief workshop if you will on the of the five essentials are and what we're doing for our new patients and what not odd that obelisk the student then you can say as long as you won't and we pay for everything so Osaka and educational workshop for you get fed a great mil a series taken so even to this included. Even that it does include the only thing we don't pay for is alcohol good you know view gotta do what you gotta do I. We're not wanna pay for the out how sorry guys you'll pay for the third that's about it can't some guys we're going take a quick commercial break journalist and some maximizing radio we are changed the way people view him minister health remember once a segments. Over during the commercial break now we no longer opening up for anymore columns for the dinner possibly call now if you're interested in learning more about maximize living. Gold validate 643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back at you on your listens to maximize the V radio we changed the way people view and manage your health I'm your host doctor Joshua. Aired DC and your parents tastes again 'cause you're just tuning in during the first segment makes a we gave away. Tens etc. his too far. Our dinner which was it's going to be this Monday so hopefully get automatic she didn't sorry we can we do won the beginning of but the second money very month but on this one happen to have some open seats so we typically have formed our new patients. And the clinical we us and overseas we gave as a way this time but oh and we shirts and testimonies are the last segment saw wanna continue on that trend we got a few minutes here this short segment so we have. For far more Tesoro would like to share with you that we have heard over the holiday week I'll last week. Peter who's been on pastor Peewee column pastor Pete. He's at the local preacher he's actually been on blood pressure medication class 1015 years. Ice tried everything you know passion to passion they know how stressed I love to you on Sunday after church thereby brings in food initials route if you don't need some rallied around me. And so and then there was under stress being pastors and do what they do. There was been attacked by an enemy as I say it's a result he's don't know what pressure medication for years and years ten or fifteen years. When he was taking his medication when he started is blood pressure was under control but he knew being under control wasn't what he wanted he wanted to be off the medication to be wanna be a slave to that. I when he was taking his medication. His blood pressure was 128 over 86 on avarice were told me a war on his medication well. After few months in their clinic Lou a pharmacist is lifestyle he is now off about three quarters of his medication you know takes a quarter of one. And his blood pressure is now down when he checks out it's an average of 122 over 88 and that's all Harley it but what two milligrams of salt and hardly anything boarding was taken. And so we super excited about that. Cost Cindy come in our city exe comes work clinic to low back pain. And she heard me talk into another patient one day in the in one of the rooms and asking her talk about her coming off her depression medications that she pulled me aside later rush is a doctor are known here for sciatica pain but. Action mills all furlong time and I don't like to take that medication that's don't think I'm taking can you think you can help do that and so we come with some protocols for Cindy and she's officially off 100% are of hers all off at Tucker couple must to wean off if we can do some different things but she's now off 100% of hers so often so it's a big deal very very good especially for area for a young lady. Connie is. Off a hundred and for blood pressure medications. And rain DIE super excited since he started clinic in our clinic about four months ago but three or four months ago he has cut his anyone see from like at ten down to a six point and he's going to get half as an informant say when he first check up in doctors say your in your anyone sees only six point -- which makes him actually pre diabetic should not type two diabetic hockey was we started at a at a seven point eight your arsenal are closed today when he started than he's only taking half his medication so he super excited as well so. If you want results like that you wanna get off medication reverse disease live a five essentials lifestyle now is the time to call in. C oral about us are applying those five essentials is scheduled appointment to meet with stakes tonight as soon as possible so we can do some completely radically different there which are already doing and that is get you healthy from the inside out vs the outside and I do not want to give you another pill. Through word of health this HE a L which is she'll not it it's HE AL not PIL all right so the pill you take won't ever get you healthy healing your body will get you that there were wishing got to heal from the inside out so if you're ready to do that give us call right now. Right and we hope to one day be able to share your testimony here on out on our radiation and says give this a calling a 643 T 16909. This is our playmate and my feedback questions encourage you get on outlets cited in the town green bullet that comes. If you ratings have been a playmate 8643262909. So guys were under this bridges as chief you've been paying interest is in the media or in the news. Coca roles being crazy last few weeks right that this study come out a sick Kokomo is actually bad for you nine good for you and is causing you have a heart attack or stroke and so I'm actually one addressed that research article. And the people behind that article when we come back and yet how. High cholesterol or you look Cooper gulf states and will be right back to get through that. If you're interested in learning more about maximize Lippman called elevate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back anyone you listen to them maximize living radio show your change in the way people view him as our health. I'm your host doctor Joshua Darren DC ten your cut hence police began. All right guys as as I tease you going into the break we are going to talk about coconut oil now. If you've been on line or you've been watching the evening news the past two or three weeks they've been talking about coconut oil saying how Coke and all is actually bad for you now so because not some little bit confused as years ago. They Seko rules that force. And then like a year later they Seko all actually good for you. And now they're saying governor all the bad for you again so which is visiting gators at bat sounds easy it's so confusing your right eye and so the big question is this. You want to look at who's behind this research to his behind into the groups of people behind putting this stuff about that now saying that now Coca goals actually bad for you when few years ago or last year they said it was good for you. Personally. With what our stance on this a Mac's mother with Stacy and I always love call her role. We say it is good for you we recommended for all our patients. My wife herself personally I'd take a spoonful of Coca at all for breakfast every morning it's a good type of saturated fat yes it's a fat in yes it is good forming. That the type of that the median chain fatty acid that it actually is. It actually turns into key tones which is. Alternative fuel source verses sugar which your body is used to now so that's wacko liberals actually good for you because this immediate chain fatty acid which is the the top of fatty acid that actually lowers LDL and raises gives me raises HDL so this type of fact she raises your eight studio which is the good type of cholesterol you here to talk about that Bristol when it cleans right. So that's our totals actually get four and that's why take it every morning for breakfast. Us they see Fries everything in it she cooks whether she puts it on her body is lotion I mean you what you putting your hair I mean there are there local knowledge and the article says that Coke girl is actually bad for you because. It affects your cholesterol that's the basis behind it right but so I got to duels or research and I'll look this our in this our congress sharing Jews from doctor tang you know Dempsey she's a medical doctor is she's action expert in chronic disease autoimmune disorders and Masso. Activation syndrome. This is doctor Dempsey received her medical degree from the John Hopkins university school of medicine so that's pretty good and she received her bachelor's degree from Cornell University so this is a Smart woman she knows her stuff. It goes on how she sits on all these up medical boards and overseas have all these different places to a new York and things like that so. She's pretty Smart on this issue was she talks people listen. So she got oracle. That I found contradicting all this stuff importing out the the the BS for the bad belief system as we say you can call it is DS but it's a badly schism but you can call what you want on this article that the American Heart Association put out saying Coco was actually bad for you so she started doing the research could she has access to the research being on the some of the bourse she sits on. So this the bottom line. Social look at this. So is suspicious after reviewing the recently published report dietary fats and cardiovascular disease a presidential advisory from the American Heart Association which was published in circulation magazine. It seems clear to me that there may be an altar ulterior. Agenda underlying the information presented so this is what she saw. Jesus first let's start with who founded Bruschi who funded the studies so Trace found the money right where's the money Chara who actually funded the study and he provided the research and then paid to author to write this so somebody had Stevens somebody had a so so this is what is pharmaceutical companies Pfizer GlaxoSmithKline. And AstraZeneca. And many more are listed as providing research grants for the authors. It just so happens that these companies manufacture the cholesterol lowering medications. As of the whole thing is about fats that four because it raises your cholesterol also eat more carves hello what's actually mixtures it was is informational should talk about later an action I wanna go through how cholesterol actually is not causing heart disease in a moment the back to this article here. So all these pharmaceutical companies providing research for this dusk for rotted the idea of them that the funding for this research. Right on the heels of them getting ready to release the new title cholesterol or medications that are coming out so for years and years people have been saying Staten drugs are bad for all we know this to secure stem cells which of them the cells the mother cells and so you have all these aches and pains aside ethics and Staten drugs so. The pharmacy recoveries have been fast that work -- the -- come up with new cholesterol lowering medications so the new get ready at the market is called. Rep I thought our EPA THK. So this is a new one coming out so obviously they need some new research talk about how. Saturated fat is actually causing heart disease. And raised in the cholesterol so we need to have their research but come out its its its Ridley in the public's eye in view and knowledge so we release our new super drug to lower cholesterol Airbus will gobble it up. Right so why what today is goes on to say why would they wants. To know whether Coker role as good or bad for patients or whether eating carbohydrates is better than eating saturated fat low for one she says they'll be well positioned to market their drugs to people that who keep change their diet based on the latest research. So these are the she pull out there that does everything the media says the fake news right and it just so happens that could no oil council. And the California walnut commission also help fund this research. Which apparently showed that could no oil. And other mono and polish saturated fats can lower that LDL enough you know I think about and all is actually a genetically mob modified who oil back and it is which is distrust the cell membrane in causes inflammation so back to that the cluster issue. What causes your club strong go up it's called watts. Inflammation comprised. So this is why they say fat is bad for you because they think it clogs arteries. And they push all this this BS are badly system that fat is bad for you should eat more whole grains. Well so let's talk about Klestil now. If you know what causes cholesterol go up it's inflammation in the body so what causes information to go up. You have physical and you have chemical. That those two things that cause inflammation in the body physical stresses and chemical stresses the chemical stresses are from the food you eat the physical stress due to the chemical the fiscal stresses are just from stress ever dateline that cause inflammation. So if you follow this research or you follow the pundits are the Talking Heads in the fake news media and by the way. Do you think. This should be a blockbuster story itself on who actually funded the story but do you think the news media and that the that the news agencies are actually want to bite the hand that feeds them because when you watch the evening news. We're not a cover so look at the evening news commercials about. And pharmacy and pharmaceutical drugs it's a you know is that ten signal positive thing is at 32 of side affects how it que jeunesse invest a portion you see so why the media report our research like this proving yet how it's all biased if there were one you know tick off the that there are sponsors so you'll never hear about this that's why this quality was great coming out this so for me to back to class on information so if you get information from inflammatory Fallujah cholesterol goes up. Delivers job enough talked about this time and time again deliberate job in the body is yes to filter the bass a value bloodstream but it also actually makes the cholesterol in your body your liver makes cholesterol based on what type of Fiji reads so HG OLD all this stuff his base it affects the cholesterol. The effects cluster based on what deliver producer doesn't Chris from the top of Fuji read. So what happens here. Is when you eat inflammatory foods which are order be your sugar sugar cause inflammation this is why I always say sugar is the level right here we sit time and time again so when you eat sugar or anything the body breaks down into sugar. It's going to cause inflammation is gonna make your cholesterol go up. If you know anything about clutch throw us this class trolls main job but while the lord gave its seal of the liver makes solid database is twelve pars today is this one thing. To fight inflammation. So when you're eating bad food your liver is making more what's. My cholesterol. And why does it make you more cholesterol causes trying to do what it's these low for the inflammation. So you meet that your doctor so you stay away from fat. It's -- you start eating everything fat free will when they put that you are fat free diet or their place the fat with San sugar so you know we're burn fat because you're an hour sugar burner and so you eat low car you read lots of sweets and sure you're doing whole grain break as you know the -- just bad for you visually the dark hole green so I think you're doing a good job genetically traced even -- -- pretty -- so you're eating all this gluten free bread this rye bread this you know natural organic bread veto whatever it your haven't let's try to summon the taste of and you don't like it what you think is doing good. Right in your reading all this whole grain stuff but the body looks at any type of grain and good or bad as a what it's chick sure. And it converts into sugar for energy converse to ACP for energy so you're not eating any fat you're getting all this show her stuff because the breads breakage is sure even the whole grain breads. And so your cholesterol pure information is actually going ups here cluster is going up but don't worry you are now on a Staten drugs a cholesterol medication that's lower your cholesterol suit your cholesterol looks good so you think eating this whole game bread and eating all these whole grains like this the that that. The government so as you do if you look at the third Peerman its man of nothing but grain is right it's so when you're taking a Staten drugs and that the numbers look junior Bourque do you think you're doing a good thing by eating whole grains because your numbers looking good. It's they're not their only game because look the the medication the Staten joke is keep in the live from actually making cholesterol that's why the numbers look good. It's do you think you're doing something that would actually killing yourself. Right because now your body has no way to fight information because you're not making the cholesterol because you're taking a Staten drug inhibits cluster on the lever. Right but the problem now that is this. The side affect the way it Staten drugs work. Is they inhibit an enzyme in your liver that actually makes the cholesterol so it kills the enzymes so it cannot form cholesterol but the problem is this when it kills the enzyme that doesn't form cholesterol. Klesse shock never be made so nothing lowers inflammation is still there even though the blower blows because of the set drug and the side effect of cluster or when you may cholesterol or cholesterol splits again. Guess what this is what the byproduct of cholesterol tests. Co Q ten. That is why your doctor tells you take a co Q ten when you're taking a Staten drugs because Coke shoot ten his job is this coach used ten job is to take. The ATP or the energy which is. You knew your body gets from food and transport that into the cells for energy. So you and your muscles so coach your chance job takes ATP which is energy from the surgery go to bat puts in the muscles for energy that's how you get energy now what is the strongest muscle entire body. What if your hearts and you're taking cholesterol medication prevent heart disease. But you're taking a medication that's keeping your body from making co Q ten and cholesterol so now number one there's no way to fight the information or so when you develop a noise. Heart disease. Right 50% of people this research shows that 50% of people with low or normal cholesterol. Still have heart attacks heart disease affected should the people that die in this country have low cholesterol or normal cholesterol on their on Staten medications. So the number one killer in our country's heart disease that kills more people than anything else about cancer and anything combine number one thing his heart disease. And yet figure resembles to that die from heart disease were taking is that medication. In their cholesterol either normal loan. Less people die from high cholesterol and low cholesterol go home and glue that wrote look bell research opens up the don't have enough time to get to all our research but looked at up to. Low cholesterol worst high cholesterol death race you will see more people actually die. With low cholesterol when you high class took as your cholesterol high. Is doing his job it's actually fighting the inflammation. So you actually can prevent heart disease right and when you're not taking a Staten drug you're actually making co Q ten so your heart which is the strongest most canal actually have the energy to combat its begin with that is quest that doctors are dangerous and that is why there's a new. Push on the market for new type of cholesterol drug like this one we just talked about that's being funded by these companies are actually make that. So they go out there they blame cholesterol they blame are saturated fat on causing heart disease in their same local because Coker also saturated fat that's why it's bad for you which is July there's several different types of fats saturated fats is actually four main ones. And cholesterol is actually one of the good ones that actually raises your HDL here HDL is the cholesterol the good cholesterol you hear people talk about that actually helps. It's the fast so that elusive letting cleans everything else so it heating -- like she raises the HDL. Yes your cholesterol may eagle with a book a disgrace in the HDL the good cholesterol that is why he's just delete lots of good cholesterol and stop taking the stat medications. Bank says he liked it. I'm to make a plan in an hour clinic that embraced a 643262909. This year. Actually he did they had had cholesterol. Maybe dad be an inflammation in the body and it just maybe simply China Figueroa the cause. A new disease you Satan gasoline creation to get this call. A 643262909. Our office is located only different dragon behind Mimi Stephanie stakeouts. Here angry bull again a 64 or 318169. EC UN nine. Now and your first plan and we Connolly and and second coming for this coming week is coming 45 dollars. Has got to be had a pocket 45 guys they gave the case came in nice on insurance companies. That I including many camp and a first visit we'll be 45 times and we do have asked him up clinics librarian at Penn. After this coming week decently alleys and reserves despise our radio listeners every week. I began a 64 earned 3262909. Mrs. appointment line only. It's a just tell us back to this article is also points out in the research in the article says this. The American Heart Association advised against the use of call girl yet clearly stated that clinical trials that compared direct effects on cardiovascular disease of poker at all. And other dietary rules have not been reported. Me repeat that. The American Heart Association advise against the use of corporal yet clearly stated that in this is in quotes clinical trials that compared direct effects uncle on cardiovascular disease and Coke heroin and other dodger Lois have not been reported. OK in other words there is no data linking cardiovascular disease with co girl so while the media attention focused on bummed Sankoh was actually bad for you the research itself. Quoted by the American Heart Association says there's been no clinical trials. Compared with a direct effects on cardiovascular pleasing Coca at all so in other words it's all big car wash. This is a right there there are creatures I talk about saturated fats the so about four they blame everything on Coke world. And they're right there at the end it says there's been no clinical trials are proof saying Coke no actually causes. Adverse effects on cardiovascular disease so it's like read all this. Patrons are right here as you'll see you select pins doing in the final print which is typical media typical high and typical scare tactic so guys. And Max closet were always gonna show the truth or was going to be different. Or was gonna put that the truth out there in do you belong as August of the new term now's the fake media and the fake news. Right we say that on the studies I'm sure we could don't talk crickets and if so doesn't take a quick commercial break your lists of the Mac. X mas living radio show were changed the way people view him as a healthy and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximized living gold elevate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio show. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone here is the maximize learning radio we are changed the way people view him mention health Fox News host doctor Joshua dared DC. And you can't stop thinking at best they should just point something Mac out to form could come back on the area that was it she says basically what that article we just talked about was up there were saying how could Knowles actually better for the Coca also what that is saying. Is and always is a genetically modified oh what's his man made. It they're saying the sizes are saying that manmade oil that and executive mark hull is actually better than the old guy and they which is the code at all. That's that's a look at your left or right there's so what's what do you think is better Coker all that is natural that god made or a genetically modified console that manmade. Which when you think would be better for him. I mean is is like you want to know and ran there and that's a good point let you bring that up money and just again as if you wanna do more research on our hardest talked about I encourage you to read it yourself actually pull that off of the observer dot com. And the name of it is. Why you need to ignore the latest flawed study demonizing Coca analysts and he thought of panic and them by doctor Tanya Dempsey so if you just do your reached go to the observer dot com. In cart type in Coca launcher that'll pull ups and its nuclear research have. Got mum does this. Look what you're doing in life are you happy or you are and are you happy the way you feel are you happy taking the medication you're taken is what you're doing actually working. You going to this doctor for years and years taken all these prescription medications are you any better today than you were when you started. Or you actually works I must two car. If you are worse or no better and nothing's changed other an effect you take a lot of medications in your slaves your pills and you gotta do something completely different. And that has WiMax cause and we wanna be radically different. Get to the root cause of your disease not just treat the symptom you can call whatever you want hocus pocus. Coming quack what what Everett does not matter to me I don't think it matters me like it's human clay can I get choked as medications as we say the proof is in the putting right. Tens and tens of thousands of people can't be wrong what all the test this year me you don't on the radio every single weekend. They'll thing gives wean them as you is there are patient and you're not and so if you are sick and tired have been sickened tired you re do something different and you wake up when they realize what you're doing is not working then you have to try something different and be open minded please listen to we had to say it works when you client but unless you open up your mind into us and so you're never gonna get better so until next week. This is the Max months and radio show remember of the yourself as everyone else is taken. Thank you for listening to maximize Libby. Where we are changing the way people view and manage their health. Caldwell an 8643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Join us again next week for another edition of maximize living.