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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view and manage their health. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone your listens to the Max Muslim radio will we or change the way people view image of health I'm your host doctor Joshua Darren do you seek. And yet 'cause 'cause state began by as always thank you for joining us this weekend on talk gray you. This weekend were actually going to be jumping into this whole aspirin thing that just come out recently and where aspirin is actually not his game freezing thought it was side is it this is typical. You know Chris for years they said fat was bad force and then they finally come around said that was actually get for you to stay away from the saturated fat and then they come out so saturated that was actually good for you so stay away from the trans fat and so it in now they've been saying for years take gas from today because their progress heart attacks strokes and now the resurgence coming out saying not so fast it actually is doing more harm being good it's -- will be done diving into those research articles. Ending going back to point out some old research from the FDA actually back in Tony fourteen where the FDA actually put a warning out saying. People should be doing gas from but nobody paying just into it. And people kept taking and now there's over 3000 people per year that die from taking a simple low dose aspirin. Needlessly and and so there's this new state to come us published in the lancet magazine that says today. Don't do this anymore will jump in that little bit later we go. And taking Aspen summit cannot get tradition I mean I remember my great great grandmother always take an aspirin I mean he's chemist can likely and not necessarily listening findings describe that this is kind of and mainly Bailey then. And certainly the script with our ancestors and they're great and then we've always taken taken this man cave in itself like. That is so readily easily available like over the counter mean commuting anybody Q by aspirin so I assume we'll if you combine heroic Arab prescription has got to be safe right. And why not take as everybody else is taking and they always said taking aspirin a day keeps the doctor away. Helps thin the blood. All this other stuff you hear but the research is now coming out saying is doing more harm being did so. We're gonna jump in that a little bit later on the program but I wanna start off Bob idea. For unique time listeners are first time listeners. Basically Max was living what we do in this tree assure every weekend is we try to teach you to open up your mind. And gets to the cause of your disease okay traditional medicine. Traditional health care and our country is based upon treating your symptoms right in the United States when you gets you don't do anything about your health into you get sick right writer wrong that's just the way it is so you ignore everything you don't really take care yourself until you get sick. Or get a symptom and when you get sicker get a symptom. You you're trained to go to the doctor or you you think you're having these symptoms that you're seeing on these cooked up pharmaceutical commercials on TV so you go to the doctors say I am expiration justices of them in telling about this ex drug which is what the pharmaceutical was their brain washes to do so if you ever watch a -- pharmaceutical commercial for a prescription drug goes all the symptoms and you may be experience in this this this and it always ends with these. Key words ask your doctor right ask your doctor submission of their training new subconsciously to go in I. Ask for their drug that's what every single commercial says at the end of the commercial just listened to a when you seem on the news tonight because that's when advertise right there in the highest traffic hours past your doctor if this drug is right for you right every single in the says that so. You get sick you go in there you ask for this drug in they view the drug to treat your symptom and then you're a patient for life right you take this medication for the rest your life in that everybody wins but you and nobody ever says hold mr. mrs. Jones why do you feel this way. A Hawaii's your blood sugar high why do you have these aches campaigns why are you experience and ED gentlemen why your testosterone low. Why are you having migraines and headaches why are you having digested problems why are you depressed. Why do you have bowel incontinence why do you have XYZ. Nobody ever askew. What causes that or nobody ever addresses the cause it just QUA kill. It's a you get stuck in the system so maximize living here in the Max was a radio show. Our goal was asked those questions war patients. When you come into the clinic why do you have this disease. Is it because your way or is it because your papers is not functioning apartment and that's why you're type two diabetic so let's just gets the cause of the disease so when was the last time you had a doctor. That said hey let's find out what is causing your disease not gesture to a more medication more pills so if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired in your sick and tired of treating the symptoms you have and nobody's ever address the cause of your disease and do not let your doctor blame on the fat mature fat and overweight because that is a lie. I have plenty of patients that are 3400 plus pounds that are in our claim to lose weight and they don't have these diseases right in and have plenty of people that are thin light myself. That have type two diabetes or have high cholesterol high blood pressure have all these issues. Inning and has nothing to do with how you look on the outside has everything to do you have your body's functioning in healing on the inside and that is what we address on day one in Max was living. Frank says curator making a plan in an hour clinic that phone number and this is the Clinton line is 864. 326290. And nine. For this new listeners our office is located here on what different brand behind Mimi Japanese steakhouse stretch there where. The red T bones right into with your friends him out across the street from there. So if you rainmaker plane making an eight seats for a three T 169. Easier than nine. I think he's tough questioning is there and just find out more about it sleep Hershey outlets high banks and Allan green bullet dot com. In an ultra maximize Livingston and Al Green oval dot com. He'll actually have been happy TD and to make an apartment there on our web site as well than a few rainmaker clinic today. Athens for this coming week 8643. TC Eckstein nine easier and now I'm into just Kenny giving you a bit and contain and what to expect. That first visit is 45 gunners out of pocket immediately. Just hit a nice I'll insurance companies that that first as it is 45 times. So what I want to get into right now. Actually have targeted this this. Article aspirin that come out about is actually bad foresight good forest. Old so we've been led all these lies. Let's get some equipment was analysts are what a positive thing let's actually gives some quick testimony Stacy of what is happened in the past week of our colleagues so this is the time of the show we'd like to you about testimonies are so people know what to expect out what was happening was going on and we give these testimonies out is because we wanna give you the listeners some hope. So the hope and prayers that maybe you're going through the same thing this individual's going through. And there's no reason why you can't expect in an experienced these results just like these individuals to deal with the difference between them menu is their patients and you're not yet it's a we wanna get that get this out there CB hear these stories so when that time is right for you in your ready to make you change your life you know what you can expecting geese have hope that as well. I annaly had our grant and last weekend she mentioned that she's now she's just and a half against. Apparent act credit penny so Chris Christie Christie depression medication has I don't think she says she's just and a half and that's NASA that's that I ten and then Chris they had Randall. He spent an hour program for the eight weeks now and and he his dad then it they would see come way down it noted that I had here as an eight play eighteen is when he first coming today Wednesday he inhalants scenes they play team. And then he can match him and after within eight weeks I senior staff came stand and I happily send them. And so he's no longer type two diabetic if you guys know what they went C is in you know we're takes any met Foreman. Just a big deal yet doesn't take any blood pressure medication he stopped taking his staff Andrew immediately when he saw the side effects of that standard imported data so but the big deal for him was within six weeks we had a marked path is meant forming is taken 2000 milligrams a Matt Foreman a day. It within six weeks actually within four weeks we had a mouth half of that. And then he come in for is this gives me is his. We check up and he is now off on her senate is meant Foreman is a when seized to a five point seven in the sense that played ten mile point seven so he's over type two diabetic in just eight weeks. Hey this guy has been ill with do with how blood sugar for the past 1520. Years however long it is. And nobody ever told him he actually can reverse type two diabetes in here in eight weeks he's off all the scrap. I actually had another patient you mentioned and she's she's pain and she did start came here. That and 400 dollars and my point gain parent has their pain for just die and then it many cases just truly. And then it. Carpet it is cheaper to be a patient of mine every month in the Clinton vs paying four dollars just for some you guys you're scared as the super expensive but. The that the cost of our care for summary and is actually cheaper than which are paying for your medications every month that hey we can actually get you all the many cases those I mean is is a no brainer. I drank heavily and machine and we get I say ban him and playing singles at the air we have had a sunny ninety on saying that he land and sky. He. He is coming and then Cheney said his client has ten. How old list of how young was his girlfriend any kind give brown look like. And tie gala she's Hamad and she cyclone innate in las forty fat pay owns and you that you haven't I knew classes and if you're live bit instead as I bumped up a bit here send us trying to figure out what's going on and he laughed and he says I'm feeling great he's just I just killed ten years younger. I just had to increase libido has lost forty about bounds and buy new clothes and so his wife's thinking he had actually a girl from a site. Because he's never arrange everything is great is taking care of so days not these days not that is not the girlfriend is the 5% was on alone with a five essentials and maximize that is what he said so guys that you're anything like that you're if you're Scott our Barbara ran door of the others that we talked about. Or Barbara. Give us a call we wanna help you just we have is to put your finger is with them is and you is. They got out the way you know the biggest problem with us is this what's in between your ears as you get rid a sinking thinking you open up your mind is something different new lifestyle or new way of thinking. Are you can pretty much been anything but the only way to do that the first step the hardest. This is picking up the phone when she picked up the phone to show up it's downhill from there and everything is pretty he's just the hardest step for people is changed I think they commitments anything that's what people word about but you know that's what we have a process we do and we sort of hold your hand to make sure your bounce Ecstasy so you'll fail so. Right so if you way to make a permanent or claim that number is 864 Athens. Three TC XT 909. Began eight seats for three T 169. And 09. So jumping back into this week's topic we talked about teaser with me getting up aspirin. Right so. I I actually heard on other talk radio show about coming to work Wednesday morning. They were talking about this is why haven't seen anything about this is I read the health Oracle's -- -- Fox News and CNN's Robert I go online and look at the health articles for information for the show obviously and have not seen anything about this aspirin oracle that this young lady was torment her talk radio show Wednesday morning and so I got to sort this did a Google search and got a look in and actually it's all over Europe right now but the problem is it's not in the United States it's of this nerds there's no advertising is no publicity for it in the the United States. It's actually all overseas in the UK everything else and basically the articles called up daily aspirin behind more than 3000 deaths a year the study suggest. And first of all think you'll that's a huge big deal why aren't we talking about that here in the states like or vice however sees ending so that I got to look at it bare -- so let me see. How much to bear which is yet have to pad for aspirin to write the low dose aspirin let's see why these agencies are reporting on this this new article there by justice reporting a recedes and then outlook. And see that bear spends 900 million dollars per year. On in marketing here in the united states of the news agencies OK it's so Fox News CNN NBC CBS all these things they spend 900 million dollars per year or marketing so why would any of these. Agencies actual report this bad thing about their number one product which is aspirin so that is why it's buried here over here in the states because it's a money racket as you gotta go oversees organ only overseas web sites actually seen the articles themselves so but saw Witten didn't dollar research for you guests like to share these articles with you from the lancet. But where cruel rats how I hear it going into commercial break so we come back publisher of these articles with DC can actually get that information. Pitcher not here in the states because of the marketing obviously so you'll Cinemax positive radio we will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold now at 8643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living up maximize life. Welcome back everyone you listened to the Max Muslim radio show we are changed the way people. View and manage your health I'm your host doctor Joshua Darren. DC and yet cousins Casey again. Because if you're just joining assist joining us this week in and we are talking about aspirin. And actual dangers of aspirin in the side effects and that. Here for years and years everybody's taking a low dose aspirin to prevent a heart attack or stroke. They're taking aspirin every day after their heart attacks. Because the ideas Aspen thins the blood in you don't want the clog the arteries does hassle causes stroke or heart attack it so it does. When you think about it makes us wanna take yes for an. With the problem is with the researchers now showing is actually more people are dying from taking aspirin that this actually preventing heart attacks and strokes so there comes a point when. A medication anything any prescription or over the counter drugs like aspirin is. Dax you have to address is say well the the benefits. Don't outweigh. The side effects or don't outweigh the damage is this is causing. And that is why actually back in two point fourteen Indian you know you probably did hear about it because it is what it is the way of marketing is our country would. These these drug companies spent so much money on advertising you don't wanna ruffled feathers of the people you get paid from. But the asked actually is not the excuse me in 2014. August 4 2014. The FDA actually put out a statement on their website and I'm actually read this word for word. Just so you guys are saying but I and I quote this this is from the FDA. I'm quoting this it was August 4 Tony fourteen. In quotes is this FDA has concluded that the data do not support the use of aspirin as a preventive medication. By people. Who have had a heart attack stroke or cardiovascular problem. They use that is called primary prevention. Incest people who benefit has not been established but risks such as dangerous bleeding inside the brain or stomach are still present and the quote. So basically what they're saying near the FDA said. Is paid not so fast aspirin is not as good as we thought it was in this is back in point fourteen. And a whole reason has come around point fourteen think it is because bear to lose that pack the patent aspirin obviously which is the big moneymaker that I think the last your loan is like one point six billion dollars M off ass from just. Off aspirin alone. Now the other so that this aspirin. What they're dormant between fourteen is are trying to get the FDA to allow them. To put on the boxes it in the marketing and advertising. To tell people that are healthy they should take aspirin as well because of his prevents heart attacks and strokes then healthy people should take it just to be on the safe side and that's what they're pushing stuff. Through the FDA and the adjacent no because when we did the research it doesn't usually tells people that pattern or Texas stroke so while the week I'll want people that are perfectly healthy to take destruct express when the biggest side effects of aspirin are actually intestinal bleeding or brain bleeding. And so what happens is you cannot match at a pacing Keith. Who's a patient of mine a couple of years ago he was taken aspirin. And he kept having these problems with the intestinal bleeding and it was determined that is because you say Castro so his doctors immediately guess what took them off the aspirin. And the intestinal bleeding a little way. Is so what happens is we take one drug to prevent something it actually causes another problem is so this is Bakken 2014. But again figures by the wayside nobody pays any attention to news agencies pick it up because they don't want ruffled feathers of bear that spends you know almost a billion dollars you were 900 million to be exact which is a hundred mail off a billion. That's a must they spend every year on the on news networks on the evening news and things like death promoting their products and aspirin has actually want their products and so. Why wouldn't that news a deceive fox CNN and NBC ABC and CBS whenever the big guys why would they report. All these bad studies when they know is going on sort of they're biting the hand that feeds them so to speak for. And so that's we're all talk about after the break him actually jump right into the article. I go through everything on talk about how they they tracked a 100000 people over a ten year pier today realizing hey three dozen people you're dying from taking an aspirin so what are we need to do about it is so we're going to be some safe alternatives. Go through the meta data. Explained she Wear this coming from how you can go do your own research and ying ye the energy needs that we can get to the cause not just treat the symptom. Why you're shaking your ass and regale us. You're listened Max Mosley right there we're gonna take a quick commercial break he will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold now at 8643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listened to the maximize their radio show earlier changed the way people view him as a help I'm your host doctor jocks were there at DC and it doesn't Stacey Dan I solicit brought into the task for oracle have been tees together for the past thirty minutes. Cop pull this off land set or the lancet dot com Lance said is one of the were down. Medical journals that doctors give in it's pretty boring reading so it because is designed for doctors and data and stuff like that that are in that stuff pretty much as he gets in the lancet dot com type in Ashford you'll see this article but basically this is where. This is there agency's research people and all this stuff they actually publish their articles for doctors in the medical community to see their research in this the idea behind it is it's a it's a go to place for for health organizations doctors hospitals to get us in the latest research on certain drugs in her actions diseases how to treat things was thumping coming stuff like that. So this is published on the lancet dot com the lancet dot com. Any fees dual boot if you just do a search on. Aspirin on the lancet did the input that date this is actually published on June 13. Averaging thirteen or fourteen so decide this few days ago by it says taking into an aspirin is far more dangerous than was thought. Causing more than 3000 deaths a year a major study suggests. Millions of seniors should reconsider taking pills that are taken. That that are taken by almost half of the Hillary people support a heart attacks and strokes research said. The study by Oxford University. Found that those are over the age of 75 to take blood thinning pills are ten times more likely than younger patients to suffered disavowing. Or fatal heart attacks and strokes in internal bleeds so the repeat that so when you according to the news research now when you take aspirin or any topple other blood turner fitter and I'm western say war brings all those are brought openers as well. But article this -- talks about aspirin as a blood thinner but it says when Utah when you get to the age of 75 or older are right if you work ten times more likely to have a heart attack stroke or die from intestinal internal bleeding or bleeding to death because of the aspirin itself alone ten times slap. How high so here in your seventies and guess what. What you're doing to prevent your architectural according to research now is causing you to have ten times higher greater chance of dying from that same thing you're trying to prevent banks and stop playing ads and right up exactly. Anything goes on to say in base and they say in millions more seniors who take aspirin daily as a health choice to cut their risk of heart attacks in disease should consider weaning themselves off the drugs as well so it even goes on let's say if you're not if you never had a heart attack you're just taking him to be on the same side as her doctor told you to you or that's what you've heard you need to wean yourself off those medications as well and it does point on the article never to stop taking aspirin cold Turkey if you been taking it for a long period of time because of aspirin does is actually thins the blood. And that's the idea of preventing heart attacks strokes right so nothing hogs up so if you stopping cold Turkey your body sort of goes is the spasm thing and it can cause a problem as well also it says the slowly wean yourself off aspirin. Or blood thinning drugs if you decide to sop taken those with the what does that mean the current -- races that I tell my patients is when you try to wean yourself any drug not just ask of any type of medication is as we do our clinic is help people get off medications. As we tell them to cut their dose down by 25%. Or half for whatever for about two or three weeks CU see how your body responds so it and then cut it down another 25 to 2% after two or three weeks it's over four to six week period you can wean yourself off hundreds of the medication pretty safely get it because you're sort of slowly coming down off that that's something we're discuss how they just take it altogether hang like a lot of people that we see when we when we tell them how bad the Staten drugs or that the cholesterol or medications that you saw most of his cold Turkey actually never recommend. And yeah but that's what I would like to mean we wondered thing safely. Brain is telling steadied and historically generated a medical doctor if he has to you if you have questions here as far as swinging often as medications were happy to help. He way I eat can. If you rate Emeka planning clinic and iron to skate and I'm more about a father Santos we encourage you to get on a wet side and a screen full of that con that if you rate make an appointment at our clinic. This is can't claim it line and that number is 864. Three TC XT nine Xena and nine. To mention very narrow face is locate here possibly to Fred Graham behind Mimi Japanese steakhouse in batteries plants. And wrecked their declare where and the red T bonds tried NT would difference he really got messed about that traffic. Only first think about it to Fred. They can't get phone number again is a 64326290. And nine. When you Connelly and listen chanted upon his turn it's coming week that first visit will be 45 gunners out of pocket Lee did pick his tailor it's nice Ali insurance companies. Including Medicaid that at first there's going to be 45 guns out of pocket assistant flat fee again 8643. T 69. Is CNN nine. So and you get some more research is growers he's haters and these doubters out there and tell it was just one load oracle went low paying attention to it so I had to go do some research has always sought to assure them that the proper information would you guys and so. I actually have a list of other articles 123. Four six actually seven major article right here and then don't wanna sort of just quickly run thirty TV so more research if you if you don't believe me. Basically this research he was based on a series of meta analysis from the and T three room from body trial sis which is anti traumatic which is then you know anti clogging of the arteries if you wanna put in English okay. Collaboration. May say they took a 100000. Patients. The hour at risk of cardiac units and they did research and it took all the easy for research articles. And put together for over a 100000 people were involved in these different studies. Doctor Cleveland. Concluded an aspirin therapy was not saving lives rather aspirin seems to change the way vascular events present themselves meeting. Yes aspirin thins the blood and so you would think it keeps people from having a heart attack or stroke and it may do that but the problem is when you take aspirin actually mask the effects -- heart attack or stroke so people actually have a hard tiger stroke and it's not recognize because the aspirin to thin the blood so much it they could not be imported to any event or this this artery clogged up causes strokes a lot of we're going undetected because that so let's just go through some of these studies the first one was published. In 2004. In the American heart journal. His patients receiving aspirin treatment showed that the worst cardiac outcomes especially heart failure okay. Pretty must again. People actually had import taking aspirin had more heart attacks are suited not there right now that was published in American heart journal the new England journal of medicine and the next year in 2005 the New England Journal medicine says it tenure study Harvard University involving 40000 women found no fewer heart attacks are part of messer deaths among women receiving aspirin therapy some pretty much they check 40000 women. And take an aspirin and it didn't do anything to the numbers are okay or not taken aspirin. All right the British Medical Journal in 2009. Aspirin therapy for diabetics produces no benefit preventing cardiovascular events again no reason take him three sir says it's not from preventing human diabetics right so I take them. But what is pointing out is it causes blood thinning and which she cause you to have internal bleeding and ask you were dying from. The formal. But demo logical drug safety 2009 a Swedish researchers studying individuals with diabetes found no clear benefit for aspirin but did note you can increased the risk of serious bleeding hello so that went against says the same thing that just come out for the I put on a couple more just to get to give these out of the way the journal of the American Medical Association back in it was just Gemma. Back in 2010. Scott a study found that aspirin did not help prevent heart attacks or strokes and healthy asymptomatic individuals at high risk of heart disease. Again the journal American College of Cardiology patients taking aspirin showed a higher terrorist no lower risk. Patients taking cash resorting higher risk for. Recurrent heart attack in associated heart problems so the more you took the more problems you head and an expert opinions if pharmacology in 2010 says a British meta analysis of 7000 there is any for die bet is concluded that Astrid is not lower our attack in diabetic patients so. All that being said why are we still take an aspirin. Right fans like and the Americans are different taking the biggest and this is as aspirin. Then around the world ending different does not seem to be and helping us in any anyway. And as you mentioned earlier even there has been the biggest and financial investment here just in America and and different and new stations and things like Pakistan advertised to that's. I to continue taking asked. And so so what we've got a ways for the last ten minutes getting across that Ashburn is actually not as good as they think it is and so that we anywhere recommending you know it today you use you follow the advice were not signing were talk about what other people are saying that she slowly wean yourself off aspirin. Because to a more harming gets so when people come off Astros Stacy as look at the resident nutritionist and our clinic. When people come off the aspirin what does a safe healthy alternative for them it and actually it's actually if you would explain to them what aspirin actually does a lot while they recommend you take it. And will aspirin is getting curiouser we take it that has kind of helps charities information in our back so it thins the blood Brad Wright in them yeah. And lung. And long stories is that information actually causes a lot of the problems begin when not a cut and the diseases. And Billy I figure out what's actually causing inflammation and. You get to the causes and I cannot treat the symptom like Dracula macro of them is the cause not to symptom for. I still am right now what we're doing is taking aspirin to candidate information. That not necessarily figure out what's causing the information to begin land. I jet airline mess Allen summation I ended by these costs from sugars. And greens things get turned India shared. Anything white right except for me and saying stay away from the bottom line for those high d.s and just gets to point. Stay away from everything that's why does suffer doctor there and that's all you can. It says. But Saturday's Syrian red started galli says this is the damn doubles and a alleys caused us a lot of information so I'm just cutting back on on the shooters and and just do or even act and simple Google search just to figure out what causes inflammation went and speak to it what. They are and planetary and kind of start cutting this Al and dad be not smashed better and your body's not gonna have on eSATA thanks. Okay but taking asked friends instantly just by changing the late hour we eat. And here and and I think it's really eat we should simply look at acted as a medicine and bottom line. Instead of having a look at different medications. And to treat sentence that we iron. I could ringing gained just from just that the bad fits Hillary eighties to just simple and fit changes this is actually the best play. Hinson worse for some people I mean that that is simple or some people they still need a road map or game plan right and I because of who we can say is a fold over the radio but you know you forget about you don't have accountability Trojan you just need some open there's more to than just cutting usher all suggest a simple easy thing that. We want you get healthy all around from the inside out not despite stopping eating sugar and so. That is what you know what that's just one of the five essentials at a week we show patients actually reverse heart disease to you know heart disease is the number one killer in the country saying it kills almost a million people here just heart disease alone the number one killer in the country's heart disease. And the normal way to treat it is aspirin in blood pressure medications instead medications. And if that's takes a little old if if you're taking the Staten medication lower class drug take aspirin to thin your blood taken blood pressure medication lower your blood if everybody's doing it. It should no longer be the normal until the country anymore but it's still the number one killer McCutcheon has been since the eighties right in the seventies so I assume we're doing is not working so if you have heart disease high blood pressure high blood sugar. To be a high cholesterol stat medications taken masters take blood pressure medications. And you wanna actually gets the cause in reverse these diseases then you need to give us a call right now. Right and that members say 643 T 16909. SR appointment times it has the call I think he's cloud death where is baby. Are justly and I saints and look at Bakley DC sneaky and Billy just think that you know you phone number and your names and ingredient called back again. 8643. T 169. Easier and I I recommend de. As the alleys daring procrastinate relate to lay air we have patients that come and Hispanics and ship for 34 or five years. And then just now making appointments imagine how much Fannie feel this one it's like the patient then and I mentioned and she has been paying four dollars a month. I'm just and that they medication. But I feel right now and they're listening cherish it for four or five years. A you're currently paying 400 dollars or more permits on that at any medication what if he may get phone call. Almost 5000 dollars a year because it's there for sledding. You make that phone call for five years for the show and say Dunlap I'm Manny pressure so I encourage you to give it gets a common name I can't make that planning a 64. Three T 169. Easier and I and we get had a Clements an error for this coming week. If he Colin quickly 88643. T 169. Easier and banking and that person Clemente 45 dollars out of pocket. And we gave Pakistan a mess on insurance companies include Medicare including many can't he just flat. Enola S the biggest question we yielded Carla I take better care yeah I guess that tell your list or aged between the dad or TNT and spent and if you want more information Sheen get analysts had in the green bullet that Condit if you rainmaker clinic 86 or three TC XT nine scene and. And while we're talking about aspirin guys another big thing if you guerrilla sickness aspirin is. Aspirin after taken for more than a year to actually do each year race the lining of your stomach. As so it causes all kinds of gastrointestinal. Problems as well. And so we take an aspirin year you yet taken suffer indigestion is heart you know. What do they call it. And danced in hot flashes. And asks all of ultimately it's part of our outlook for the work our bracket I figured I had a friend that. A brain sting there. But I yeah heartburn is your take an aspirin and then. You don't have to take the purple pill in the next to me I take all this other stuff you'll liberal realizes this. 90% of serotonin which is the feel good warmer in the brain is actually made in year gets. So 90% of the hormone that actually regulates your your feel good feeling serotonin is actually make your digest the system so. Take an aspirin. I haven't all other digested issues guess what you're not making as well serotonin. And we nominated serotonin you get depressed if we cannot even when you get depressed they put Joseph medications like Kristi could a symbol to all these other different things and you know we had a testimony earlier Barbara she's our passed half for prestige in the last six day weeks because guess what she started doing the proper thing cheated you and her rise may can serotonin so she Nolan needs Christie Kenny Moore well she's coming off of his slowness to scan happier and happier like Scott was in happier or his wife Franklin. And they know Grover has got to file a such as test is not cheat on a little bit you're right and because she's she had a little Debbie is she's little tramp but that's it so we wanna go back to just getting help to begin with and so. A 643262909. Is the number further this though point rely aframax Muslim and show a 64326290. Nike was a call right now this huge office medications let's reverse this disease and give you the last few deserve. You need and. Should have and you should expect. You should know obviously your medications got punch on this earth for more than the sit there look at a bucket of those everyday yes he's which on this earth for more than just sitting on T sitting on the couch watching TV feel sorry for yourself in film back right so let's do something about it let us up to do that. We'll take a quick commercial break doesn't maximize the radio show and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold now at 8643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living could change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone uses the maximized and a radio or change the way people view in men's health I'm your host doctor Joshua Darren DC and you can't escape again. Guys this week we are talking about aspirin in the dangers that are now come out saying that when you're 75 years or older and you take acts bring your exceed ten times more likely to have heart attack or stroke. It nest something you've been saying ask for your whole life moves that the low dose aspirin to prevent heart attacks or strokes. And now that the resurgence coming not out of Oxford that was published. June 13 to fourteen which uses this past week during the week before the show was reported. That actually your ten times more likely did not have a heart attack or stroke or intestinal bleeding from taking aspirin. Sony five years over so if you're sort of five years old are you need to consult your doctor asked him about this research. Or just take that matters in your own hands and actually slowly safely wean yourself off those those Lotus aspirants and aspirins treatment these problems are happening we never recommend it might stop taking any medication as between your your doctor Heidi prescribe you anything and it put joining thing honest sharing the researches for so you can make an informed decision on what to do when your own. CN you know end up being one of these. A thousand he would die every single year from take an aspirin and I was look at this researcher Stacy it felt over a 100000. People were actually hospitalized not dead but a 100000 they were hospitalized last year alone from taking aspirins. Other dozen people that's insane from from take us government only. So I should tell me statistics Kathy you know bottom line. Says he may make a claiming a 643 T 16909. As her playmate money. Thank her she get on ballots had it and now Greeneville dot com. And he can make a funny there on our website as well that if you read it Connie and that number is 864326290. And nine. Bottom line guys is this you sew up your entire life to retire and you die in 95% you died broke alone looking about the pills that are nursing home that's just the stats are at their 95% of our listeners are going died broke alone looking at a bucket of pills because they'll knowing differences so we want you on the cruise ship with us not a nurse are no censorship for nursing owned Nestor decisions something. Until next week you'll listen to the maximizing radio show who we are changed the way people view image or else. Remember the yourself as everyone else is taken. Thank you for listening to maximize Libby. We're we're changing the way people view and manage their health. Called reality 643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Join us again next week for another edition of maximize living.