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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view and manage their health. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome back everyone your listened to them maximize living radio show we are changing the way people. You end menace or help I'm your host doctor Joshua there in DC and your cousin Stacy can. And a always guys out we're here every weekend on talk radio both Saturday and Sunday it. Speaking and a TARP eternal soups truth though what the mainstream media is pushing. What your medical doctor for pushing what the health care industry in general is pushing on you. Too many medications. Too many east bad systems to mets' bad advice when it comes everything from exercise nutrition. To just treating planes symptoms that we don't believe that you should not have to treat it all how we do not blaming treating symptoms a Max Muslim and we believe in getting right to the cause so what was the last time your doctor. Tried to get to the cause of your disease. What was the last time here see shed says that lets see if we can figure out what's called immunity to type two diabetic. Verses saying hey your type two diabetics take dismissed Foreman take this insulin or saying hey do you have high blood pressure so let's do this hibor pressure medication you know by the way you have to take it for the rest of your life. And seven Max Muslim Weaver wrote developing health care delivery system to be completely different and gets in their root cause of disease. In treat the cause not just treat the symptoms so if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and you wanna treat that cause a disease not just treat the symptom then you need to pay closest answers in this week's show and then you need to give us a call as soon as possible. Right in that plan in line is 8643. T 16909. That her treatment and I. I often since locate here only different grand am behind me niece Japanese steak house hearing crane pulled. Here fresh claiming it will include of the 45 dollars out of pocket we get cookies pay limits on insurance companies. At including Medicare. And they're planning attorney gangs a seats for a three T 169. Xena and nine. It's a guys clearly the system we're following now our country is not working. And disapprove Desai have some some stats here from the CDC. And about the number three killer in the US all right so number one killer in US is heart disease the number two killer is cancer which is pretty much closing known heart disease but the number three killer which you do not hear about in our country vote but records of the CDC the number three killer in the United States. Is medical mistakes. Medical deaths actually in the current numbers they released when he fifteens had two years ago. 784000. People. That's almost so many in this over three quarters of a million people seven and 84000. People in the year 2015. Died from a medical mistake more people died in 2015. From medical mistakes in the diseases they went in a hostile to get treated from the thing about that more people died from. Treating their disease vs dying from the disease to begin way. Pessimists like an amber and people pick that Canada read clearly hear about. Exactly and when you break that down if you put your calculator. 784000. People per year devout about three or a 65. That's 2140. People per day. Parents almost sworn into the dome was torn to 200 people per day die in United States of America from medical mistakes. And out of out of I don't Wallace who that died a 106000. People died from the right from wrong prescription. Medication so pretty much a doctor prescribed this medication they had adverse reaction to a new kill them. So on 45 team the wood the last arms a CBC released a 160000. People die from taking a prescription medication that was legally incorrectly described to them that this had a reaction to it and they died or lost votes say or died at home taking the medication. Demi can you believe that. Think about that next time you're going to your doctor may prescribe when you need medication. Mets a 106000 people that died from simply taking a hill. That they're doctor gave him. I trust me doctors are bad people out there to kill us. But one of the only system is is still prescribe a medication for your symptom and you just expected pill and there's nothing left to do but give you pills. It has gotten so bad in the United States. That actually the average person fifty years or older takes twelve prescription medications twelve so if you're taken none that means your spouse your wife your husband's taken 24 cover that's what you're not taking tow averaged a twelve medications per person. For the age fifty years or older and that's destitute to me that's not acceptable. People 65 years older 85% of people 65 years old particularly small home medications. And test me back and let people discuss Trent thanks claimed to have had a taking medications. Actually ants are my LaBroque and we spent one trillion dollars black sheep Latin Torii fits into corn CBC we spent one trillion dollars. In point fifteen on prescription Haitians and aid our culture alone which is insane. And it's it's funny if the system's not working wanna we keep doing it and the distant station ninety if you did notice who the last week or two. The that there are actually replaced on the radio because we were actually on the country we are in Ireland celebrating her twenty year anniversary. And the one of the things that Stacy and I noticed. Travel around Ireland. As we can't see any hospitals. And you see a doctor is almost on every corner like you see here in the upstate I mean here in upstate. Everything his class or the Greenville hospital system or your if your or or the you know that that that if you're easily that your baton baton that the bat this also mean everything is plastered with hospitals and health care systems and doctors in Saint Francis it and everything is plastered with healthcare here in the upstate in more traveled around this beautiful country of Ireland and we'd see a single hospital anywhere we went we need to see it doctor's office I'm sure there are some tucked away somewhere. But they don't have any doctors Bob what we have here they don't have a hospital like we have and clearly they're doing something different vs what we're doing and so it if if medications. More hospitals. More stuff was the answer what should we be healthy concerts and country. Would you be healthy country but according to Harvard researcher has published in Discover Magazine. Did check this out the United States we're only 5% of the world's population. Yet we take 75%. Of the world's pharmaceutical drugs so far so good population taken said he 5% of the world's pharmaceutical drugs so that means we should be healthier right kind of taking all the drugs he was healthy but obviously guess where we followed when it comes to the richest and us laws country in the world it's obvious that class. Warned that the tests were 35 out of 35 when it less than 35 about 36 when it comes at a richest industrialized countries around the world. And yet we're doing everything they chose to do and yet where the sickest so clearly what we're doing is not working so if you've been trying for the current system. You've been taking your pills Flacco like so little good Johnny doesn't taken the medication singles a doctorate three months in saying yes sir yes ma'am and and open that mouth and into it taken the next Dooley here she's giving you and you're not getting any better but you're the same you're still type two diabetic so high cholesterol you still have high blood pressure stuff heart disease he saw fire in my house you still have fiery as usual impotence. Are you sort of digest an issue you sort of that back pain shot the next peso have chronic migraines and the list goes on and on and on if you still have those problems and were doing which are doing Cody which you do he's not working so you need something different and so let's introduce Max mas living in the five essentials. Gets under root causes disease finalist causing the disease remove that interference and never at the do it again vs just giving you another pill so if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired. Give us a call right now. Frank we have plenty money game they say 643. TC XT nine easier and nine if you just want more information refugees have questions or like him army searched. We encourage she'd taken on our live side end and a screen full dot com tests and that Al Green blue dot com. I he actually has an apple T make a play man scheduled a clinic there on our web site. I think if you raid make at a clinic now please give this Connie 64. Three T 1690. Nanny even if you jabbing my technologist he's been calling an act contain Eckstein later. I believe your planning timing and and things is are teams that don't don't pay delay there. Senator sacked nine times only at procrastinating never happens and then we still can teen. I'm insane sack artists rap lyrics and that's getting the same exact results in just get this column and we can set up on the chemistry coming at this week again. 864 or 318169. Casino in ninety. And just sentences should give you something current I pull this off off foxnews.com. Actually yesterday. And it was actually on the home page and it talks about starting about people overdosing in Donny and taken Perkins said he's pain pill c.s over joints. And it says rather see year in 25 team. 33000. People died in our country from taking perks head towards the pain pills and they're prescribed. To answer that and and these are prescription medications. And another reason why it happened to be in the news is because they actually. There's just been this flu outbreak of people dying from purpose that and now for people would die 81 week taken perk sit in Georgia. And then does this have been hospitalized for overdose simply taken their prescription purpose that from a doctor to treat their payment matching their aches and pain or chronic pain. And now a sudden before start finally starting to die from this and dozens or overdose last week alone just in the state of Georgia and that's what made some news that it was a rare thing. Thanks guys get TV case and I tested the go to the doctor in Maine rightfully are in pain down and they had back pain are going to make it is cracking that that's forward means paying rent and they think aids is anything can be eating your typical. I teacher can be very cute jacket people they even never and look faster see lots of passers that are hooked on pain that he really matter and look at 10 and I am I trek at eight even in this is a prescription pill. I only just become addicted to it and I'm email unintentionally eat and we just start out when it maybe having taking his immediate rightfully. Think tanks and a masters things are actually very. And you get a date detained men and rightfully. And then they don't never give and then he gets to the causes of pointer essentially mean. Yes the pain pill cut CA adjustment if you have back trainer sigh attic care or are headache or migraine. I mean I don't blame me you know I don't judge I don't take pills myself for pain medications especially but. If you're in pain and you wanna get a pain to live your life you're gonna take the easiest thing which is of no they prescribed for you and you take in it works on your only it knocks the job in that allows you to function OK but the problem is it doesn't fix what's causing it to be in painting it that. In say you take it more and more. And we know these pills are addicted you know to be a doctor or scientist to understand that and you take things like these purpose as a witness talked about or any other top oak sort of pain pill. And guess what happens you become addicted to them. And then year you're pillar of the community but Europe. But you your pill addict game behind the scenes in your room popping these pills and it's not your fault I mean she she didn't know him better you just felt trapped in this system. It was your assistant your stuck in you have no other answers but to take these medications. And then they consume your life and then he turns other things like alcohol or whatever else it to drown out the pain or suffering and then you become an you know that they can before you know you wake up one day and you start off on one pill as needed and now your jury attic in your take now you've taken a bucket of toes Everett used to get through the day. And now that's not what god designed your life to look like. He has more in store for you than just being eight a pill Popper all right. But in machine to get somebody come along side allergy and end. Introduce you to a new system to correct that then you're always going to be stuck in their rut and it's it's a lot easier to get out of that row when you have assistance from some liken let you know -- myself for you -- -- Muslim clinics around the country but look we want to reach out help you guys have fewer of those through there Dick it's an appeals for the pain medications or you're just sick and tired of taking your medication is in general. And you want docs this horse (%expletive) gets in the cause then I EB US call right now. Right again and embrace a 64 or three T 169. Easier and I dissent is the appointment time 8643. T six. T 90 and nine if you have more questions they appreciate and I went sad it and found the queen full of dot com. So guys bottom line is we got to try something different definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over Virginia the exact same result so let's put a system in place the five essentials us maximize that mindset let's get the pressure off the nurses which controls the entire body will talk with LA that's a second essential star essentials maximized nutrition and repeat after me share is the devil that's all you know when it comes nutrition. Number four Max buzz auction only muscle and number five is not maximizing anything it's actually minimized in the talks is you putting your body pulled off five those together universities he's out there so. We're gonna take a quick commercial break you'll Cinemax mustn't be radio and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize Clinton gold elevate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living up maximize life. Welcome back everyone you listened to the maximize the radio show we are changing the way people view MS or else I'm your host doctor Josh were there in DC and it kind of says states seeking and got this week we're talking about the number three killer in our country. 784000. People die every year acts as a 2015 so the CDC's latest numbers are from 2015. They're releasing its when he sixteen I'm curious to see that. But and Tony 157 and 84000. People would die from medical mistakes and this is a crazy number because I went back and looked. And in the year 2000. They reported a 100000 deaths. And so from the year 2000 that 25 team is gone from a 100007. And 84000. That's a 684000. Per year increases. For pro over the last fifteen or so years from medical mistakes. And last I checked out thought our systems and our hospitals are trying to get better with their doing now worse Grasso. I may just been reporting air their nose right and they were reported apartments are now but that's just a crazy jump on the seventh 2000. People die per year more than they did in 2000 for medical mistakes in this is not from you know who illegal activity this is soft from like. Hundreds sick is that a 106000. People died from my prescription mistakes meaning. They took the prescription prescribed to them and it caused death vaccine we have a patient now Wilson. Who was a patient of mine for years. Probably five years or so and a couple of years ago Wilson. A move the way and we know he was taken no medications reverse type two diabetes. Do went to a program whether it's for over the course of you know several years and was all follows medications and everything doing great any new two way mirror down the Georgia and I got word after several months you being down there. A we got a call from our clinic to our clinic that said he actually got down or get sick once the VA because he's that he's in these NBA event. And it went to the to the VA in they gave himself thing he'd died right there in the NBA from a reaction from a medication that they actually gave him to treat whatever it was used there. And so his fame called us to seek he always raising talked about us and you know he is one of those guys and their by news. And thus a Stanley called us and say you know we won't let you guys know that. You know listening great with a -- would be moved away and he went to do VA for a check up or something they put in a game something and kill them within 24 hours and so that's stuff Israel guys it you know it hit us close to home as a sure it it hits a lot of you guys with the and that's a 106000 he would die from a prescription medication. That is actually legally improperly prescribe something about that next time you take a prescription medication your this is ticking time bomb you never know. And you can take this stuff for years and also they change do you something new to trot out blazing greatest. And the blazing greatest puts you in the grave in your below the days a set of above the daisies and we want you to stay above the daisies and enjoy life. Is that there is incensed over losers are along with the daisies so. If you're sick it's been sick and tired as always. We're here Max was living two and get you off those medications is at root cause of disease trees what cup tree what's causing it not just treat symptoms. Frank says if you want more information lean crazy get on island side and I'll clean full attack com that a few way to make sense at commitment to make that play meant for this week. Get this economy 643. T 16909. That first deployment will be 45 gunners had a puck and we did participate in the sign insurance companies. I feel when you Larry let Kate learned that paid iMac in the hi Mimi Stephanie stay counts only different. Again if you way to make had a plan 864 318169. Xena asked. If for those you are scared waterfront in the mean you'll secret that I stay off his. The other thing in the fastest way to get into our clinic is not would reverting to the oral order fired is actually via Butler and I just give a realize that Butler road. Teasing into Woodruff road and if you just come in 35 and get off home Butler vs would defer any cheese writings were parked on you know later never have to drop down order for become C media is a wonderful and I just cap the cost he's got a driver Raza eggs in one rent eyes are you you know what are drugs across the street in your mark clinics that door about using other would have frozen skews this is too much traffic. Right but I am I so we're gonna take a quick commercial break we come back I'm actually we'll talk about our -- found in the green Wendy's. About doctors' offices that are actually now prescribing. Bushels of vegetables vs prescription medications are not a great idea so we'll talk that we get back in the smacks Raza radio show will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone your listened to the maximize living radio show we are change in the way people view and manage your health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC. And you cut Stacy and two guys this week we're talking about the number three killer in the US which is not heart disease which is number one which is not cancer which is number two but this is actually medical mistakes Alyssa over actually over three quarter MD would die every year because of medical mistakes so. But but not too much about that Nestle is still to this article that I tease you influence or break a second go to actually pulled this from the green when news small office manager who still reads the newspaper. Actually had a she she she pull this arc while formation portable lifestyle magazines I'm shooting a lifestyle section in the health. Part. Tuesday may thirtieth addition a degree when news. Right at the bottom as is the title of article as families get prescription vessels to booths boost health. And basically out Waco Texas in and out of I'm glad he's there some good stuff to Waco Texas does well I think the Waco Texas I think about the eighties were. My provision remind me was what day recurrence is that is that is nine. He that was the cult leader if you mirror that and the word you know all those people died needlessly out there. And and so when you think the Waco Texas in me wants to hear the word Waco Texas always think about watching that on TV and it being this place are always people innocent people died. So glad to see there's some good stuff happening in Waco Texas if your from Waco Texas I don't judge you OK but us in Waco Texas they're doing this site. This prescription program is actually sponsored by church is X actually sponsored by the episcopal. Diocese out there solo group at church is that this was diocese. And they have funded. This program for our people they can't afford vessel so basically at these group of doctors offices these medical dollars office. When you go with a health related disease that's bait this you know it's true because bad lifestyle habits as a research shows that people that eat unhealthy have diabetes due late unhealthy have more heart disease blood pressure get people that eat healthy get more. Cases the cancer and things like death the research shows that that the that diet plays a lot into your health and so but the problem is a lot of low income families is they can't afford to eat healthy right. I mean. When you when you get your finish sensing you're you're you're you're you're rich you're here where that call that the the the EB tea cart the snap whereas. Now I mean you have a lemon amount of money on their defeat Joseph famous so I guess what you end up buying you thought the Johnson disease cheat and found it amazing I want to kill one of our inbox the day it is all they already and a little bit he's got you right and you Giannone cheat on your wife alone let me. Him and say you have a noticeable thing and a little bit weasel thus is what hotel right. And so I'll these people can't afford vegetables any healthy so this. The diocese decided up there hey let's sponsor a program and pay for healthy vessels to under privileged families that can't afford this so when you go to these are resolved a cell Waco Texas now is set of them prescribe you medications to treat a disease. They give me give you a prescription. For a box full of hole. A raw organic vegetables from local farmers at the church is paying for. As you go out there and you give the prescription is a union until they give you boxes of vegetables from south and it's it's a great idea you know unfortunately you know it won't last long they only have they always have a a grant for ten weeks it's a you know experimental program so much has some extra money which is a good thing. A but I guarantee that ten weeks times those doctoral when they do the follows of these people there wanna see these people eating healthy is doing a heck of a lot more did for them than most of your prescription medications are taking right at me because what you put on the in the body you know that happens that didn't beat how you feel you put in Joseph guess what you get out junk. Putting good guess which yet you get good Wright is so we diet nature's has a huge role to play. But sometimes people just don't know Stacey what's he would not he when it comes a healthcare nutrition actually had a patient the other day. Type two diabetic and blessing us stories he's just learning so his new song not knocking it by any means but he's not seeing results he's expecting to see is butcher come down like he was hoping when he comes to see me. LR forty reading. Yes are you follow this protocol because he did aka the army confirmed vessels are great hole what are you eating for breakfast so he's eating a bowl of Cheerios. For breakfast and a heart healthy because this as Oreo that my. And then he's eating a banana causes fruit in around and I just had a slight muscle in the face and say. Greens are discussed on pages that no yet but guess life for you type two diabetics. A banana. Has the same amount of sugar in it as a Snickers candy bar does that it's a yes it is a different type assure its fruit toast and it's not a fake sugar it's XTO fruit sugar but for a diabetic sugar sugar I don't care if it's true or not it's. He's eating bananas because he thinks they're good in his doctor told us the total and ebitda for the fiber but it all it does despite his blood sugar and he's eating Cheerios thinking he's doing good because it's a whole grain in his his heart healthy on the box but what is the body do you grains it breaks and balance what what can check back for sure so we start off his day when a bullet Cheerios. And but he's always starting off this day with nothing but pure sugar he's better off more parties any leasing a bacon egg and cheese biscuit and join in the bag purse sizes severe pressure on our if you do it right. If it hits but yet and unfortunately that does that does that miss information that we have out there I spoke to touch your diabetics they go to the classes that at GHS and his Saint Francis and they're teaching them eat all these whole grain foods. But guess what the body does wood grains it breaks it into a sugar I don't care if you could sugar or not you're eating whole grains or brands even the role the ride breads. It's stored grain. In the body breaks grain down one it was at a time into a shooter still with spike sure blizzard just as much as you eat that dedicate. Ray Knight has people had a concept that they need more five very and that guy has money Killington a whole grains. I really don't realize that just how might split hybrid ear just I can't just tune in every game. I regular ants in your ear as a base to ovals. I mean I got an idea that only salvation this Redick in the guess because guess what bread and think BS Brit has fired reminiscent of bread does have the digest is this some. It's hogs and it's a you're you're eating whole grain is a break down to see you conclude our regular basis but the food you're eating yes that's firing him but guess what is actually was caused you to be backed up to begin a campaign it's like it's this is like I accelerate when this problem area and move on and what is not good bottom line so if you're tied to validate the bottom of that conversation is this type two diabetic and you don't know what minority and you're not getting edgy look weird for me doctors give us a call so we can actually do something and put your right path but. The form this Stacy gives this number out six talk about Bob right quick that this is Bob. He's dealt with us now what three months and he was a huge skeptic when he started the clinic gained he's type two diabetic and things like that like a lot of you are only come in. And abuses she's given he told him they when he is our I don't believe this but it sounds too good to mr. horn do it anyway let's just kind of what's going on that. It's a talk about Barbara quick. How well when he first started three nights again his ailing Zealand's ten planes nine so he's he's full blown diabetic right and now he standard seven point three and I he is on zero medication did. And so and this is she skeptic about you governments have point 32 later it's commit ten point nine to a seven point three and ninety days when a Wednesday. And he hasn't been saying his medications that probably the last couple months back so I mean he's doing all this without medications because he simply getting to the cause of what's sure it's a hamstring his Aziz of these medications he's gains of the cause I was treating what what causes him to be type two diabetic begin west and yes nature's has a huge part of play Disney's doing these phone and attrition. Protocols and that's great he's actually lost some way of these don't good. But the big thing when he was it wasn't just his. His nutrition that he needed to get corrected it was exceeds paint Chris wasn't working properly because of his nervous system being compromised. And that is worse second essential comes in the Senate's number two maximizing nerve supply because guys don't hero nutrition is great exercise is great supplementation is gay we encourage all that but if you don't fix what caused you not get healthy to begin with. Or what's causing it to be sick on the inside. Here's Comair rat running and running running spending all your money on medications and diets in nutrition is still. And at the same way when she stopped eating healthy right in so what was going on with him what's happens actually a lot of people are type two diabetic it's hormone imbalance which is caused by Vegas or issue which regulates sorrows or the tankers six self which regulates your blood sugar. So when you read through good or bad the brain tells the tankers to produce insulin or digest of enzymes or whatever to break it down. It's been putting yourself strategy but I think that's not communicating back for that honor to saying guess what it as a war properly. And the other statement are yes take medications artificially do that to force it happened but we say we don't need medications let's just find out how your brain is communicating to your banker is or how the vaguest service functioning and if we can take the pressure off that part of the nervous system to a series of treatments. Guess what the body can do then. Gil de heals itself without medication so we get to the cause. Pretty much we undo your pinch garden hose it's a belt a water can get your vegetable. Or your vessels or your organs your papers that regulates your blood sugar. And thus it gets everything you need to communicate properly and when you do something bad it can break down and get rid of that Bob blitzer into the cells for energy. Like he normally could not your type two diabetics the only medications it's actually just gets the cost so. If your chickens are being sick and tired you want Bob's results in your skeptic please give me challenge gives the car right now. Praying and embrace a 643. T 16909. This is our claiming mining. When researching courage she cannot let cited and now Greenville attack Connie also have an app to TD. On our web site to make of Clinton and night. And the last if he just went ahead and make a Clinton and a 643 T sixty nines you and I only had a few comments available for next week only. I began a 64 at 318169. To zero or not. In what we're talking about testimony Stacy going up the topic your annual share for from passed last week that. Le tan he lost forty pounds forty pounds that's a big deal right but. Forty pounds in what was it two months for tick yes and both took him two months forty pounds that's that's what that's about twenty pounds month which is rare very good night and then I TNT he south and and that Foreman. Deflection national gay guy and he actually he took cart vice on this so we Kolb are bringing balance with Seles are clinic. And a Berber imbalance has these these. Burglary and basically does the same thing met Foreman does Rosie that want something other than men Foreman. Richards is too lazy to you get healthy get off that naturally you wanna take something is sediment Foreman burglary balance actually does the same thing that Mitt Foreman does. It that forces the enforces the the researchers opened up on your cell also forced the blood sugar into yourself for energy sentiment Foreman does. As it may take things like a natural supplement called Burr marine. We'll lower your butchered just I met Foreman does and as viewing into prescription for this there's not even a side effect that he would have to worry about the places hang I had. NBA and it wouldn't cause a high blood pressure like the men form there at the Hilton new windmill park disease like everything else earlier type two diabetics and dismember people don't die from. Being type two diabetic nobody ever dies from high blood sugar they die from the side effects of the medications. And the side effects of the disease meaning. He treats a disease you don't get rid of it the end of developing heart disease most people die from heart disease architecture strokes that are type two diabetics nobody dies in my blood sugars equipment panic about your blood sugar which he should panic about is what does the long term use of those medications causes and with the long term use of just treating that disease develops and heart disease you die from heart disease or kidney cancer many more follow or liver disease and it. Just this huge east he have won my. Quietly do you want to being stand out and beat and Wendy statistics is science and being in recent statistics as far as taking different medications. And having different and sided sacks or maybe they can work correctly RB one event the medical statistics and that's and that things going badly you going in. Him being one of those 106000 people that died last year from taking prescription medication to thank them prescriptions. I am this departed just be responsible for our our own health and Matt Kingsley is just becoming extremely raise see. I only just Alley what we don't like to take responsibility for our own hill can make the right decisions as far as eating healthy and we want someone else to do it for us. I'm silly tend to go into our darkest thing that trusting. And and we take any kind of medication that doctors give this because they are skilled Steve Napoli and we ask for an. And then he's not taking responsibility for your own health and being able to prevent these. Analysts causing knees and diseases in the same sense I think that you buy can steal earnings on and the biggest thing is. Do you eat maybe ear ear listening right now maybe you're a man that many have found an eighty year grandfather. Our grandmother brother or sister act and recommend fame members that are manually Mimi she most of mom. And by you being irresponsible maybe if I'm not maybe taking. The right choices as far as eating or maybe sending your focus is just don't know. And that we crush you get this a Collison really can only sketchy setup on the planet centrist program. So pitching their right to actually see your body can heal so we can get chipped it your life back. I can't 8643. T six T nine. 09 don't pick off 8643. T 169. Easier and nine if you want more information. Get on average sank. I'm hopeful that comp. Then if you rainmaker Clinton this coming week 8643. T 16909. Yeah and I try to be simple things in just the blackened why there's no gray when it comes to getting healthy them. If you're healthy didn't need only is doing thing if you're not healthy then you need to do something right. If you're not healthy and you're taking a prescription medications to treat X disease whatever that is. You're not healthy eat either you taken a medication and you never will be you can take that medication for the rest of your life but you were still want to die from that disease you cannot escape that disease it will take your life one day even if you're taking a medication to treat it. You'll still die from heart disease even though you're taking a high blood pressure medication look at this is to six more people die from heart disease it take prescription. Medications for the heart of the few that don't take prescription medication from a heart more people would die when low cholesterol and do you high cholesterol. Because it cholesterol jobless a fight inflammation in your heart though he's taking prescription medication to lower the cholesterol is no way to fight the inflammation you have a heart attack and you have a stroke in a ways. So you're just wasting your time taken the pills and setting just getting to the costs. So if you need a health coach he needs somebody come along sci would you show you what's eat show you what not putting your body gets the cause of your disease recommend what's so miss you should or shouldn't take. What to do it replaced a prescription medications you're taking what you need and how long is one take and you need a game plan to do that give us a call Max was doing so we can share our farm essentials program with you go through everything allay our program out for you say hey is gonna take me this long to get you healthy towards Amy this long it -- you get off these medications don't take me this long to do team loses much weights on saving this on a show you how to reverses type I disease and feel better in this is how much this holocaust were on Libya from everything we do before we do it okay. And yes we present all major insurance companies include Medicare it's a you have no excuse other than what's in between your ears to quit giving yourself misuse quit saying you don't have time quit saying it's too hard it's too expensive those are always huge is because your lazy quit being lazy and do something for yourself so you can do something for everybody ask because without you nobody else has you right and so. Do something vs way. All right take a quick commercial break through Cinemax positive radio we will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize Clinton golden holiday 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you listened to them maximized and radio show we are changed the way people view and manage your health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC. And it kinda states again because this week we talked about the number three killer in the country which is. Medical mistakes we talked about. 106000 people dying every single year from prescription. Medications just of just the protection mechanisms cells. And then the other medical six action allows goals that article it was action talking about this is since more people in our country die from when they go to hospital for from a pay infection or something gone wrong than they do from the disease they went there to get treated with the begin with. So you have a better chance of not even trickier disease verses actually going to the hospital treat your disease because you get there he gets stuck on their own thing you get an infection I mean we've had patients. Not so long ago when he had to replace his pacemaker got an infection. Sorry using he was dead two days later bless his heart right and he was just there for routine pacemaker exchange has it been a long time. And he got an infection. Guy guy named Sammy may or may have been who's saying it happens all the time your loved ones just died on obviously from mistakes. See you better off the leading going to help us with it and I must say never as the doctor your hurt but it's it's it's it's it's a sad reality the way it is. And say we gotta do something completely different does or doing is not working. Rang that number is 8643. T 16909. If you rate to make a clinic in our clinic this coming week. Alice Diana feel Clemens available again a 643 T 169. CNN nine Ari can give us look at. How excited and now green ball dot com. It's when you break those numbers down seven and 84000 people per year tests warning 2001 or forty people per day die needlessly from medical mistakes. I guarantee if if a plane crashed every single day in our currency and a few hundred people there we would never fly again price because he'll be in the media our place trying to reply Gambia more people lists in depth over 2000 people die a day for many mistakes yeah we shall lining up to your daughter's office were still lying lips against the sacred. Thrower of the hospital real hostile system whatever it is in your area so we got to do something different and that's why we've develop Max was living in a five essentials. Getting healthy not get you sick to own a safe way to reverse disease each office medication so it's on ice weaknesses of the Max Mazda radar show we are changed the way people view imagine health remember being yourself because everyone else is taken. Thank you for listening to maximize Libby. Where we are changing the way people view and manage their health. Caldwell an 8643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Join us again next week for another edition of maximize living.