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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view and manage their health. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone your listened to the maximize living radio show we are changing the way people view administer health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC. Stacy scan. The guys this week we're going to. A topic that. I guess. Is a hot button and a lot of people these days there's a lot of there's a lot of discussion of health care in the news in the media with politics in the new health care bill and all that good stuff been. And Lott sounds it's just a smokes I like to say it's a smokescreen is everybody's word about insurance in the health care system when it comes to money in cost. So nobody's talking about the other data that's coming out it's just funny how they do that Todd just wish all the -- is slight pay attention it is saying to auto what you see with his hands doing good today and that's how politics in the news media works is so when I see these things come out look in between the lines and look for other things that are going on notice and so but what -- surprised to see Stacy. Back on Monday in this was in no actually I pulled this from the green balloons believed or not it was actually another section B which is that I guess the USA today section of the green when news. In that that the headline on the front page of this section is this is his reports of drugs side effects. So war and so that's a whole article about how law the side effects of the medications that drug for taker is going through the roof I came in England and and that's really a lot of things we never even hear about right exactly and certainly itself focused on health care entering turn to what is going to cost us and repeal obamacare no we royal mall for the repeal and replace some obamacare. Has a vision and position us see how horrible that system is. A not begin a politics or anything by any means but I see people come in without insurance and they got like five or 101000 dollar deductibles. And he says they're having to pay that out of hockey in their mighty strange though is this the greatest single row we don't have insurance now yes gray you have insurance but your pain for you can't use it. Because the downfall was you had a five or 101000 are deductible. It's your paying a higher premium to have insurance in huge you sure your paying a premium every month but you can't use it because. You gotta pay five or 101000 dollars out of pocket of forty from pays for anything so at the end of the day yes you have insurance but no you can't use it in they're not paying for you're just you're paying for fat and so that was a sure I would obamacare but again and hopefully that's what change have so back to this article that come on the smokescreen of replacing obamacare. His reports of drug side effects actually soar and I'll get into the details a little bit later throughout the show but basically it talks about how. Back in 2004. There was only gothic ghost 206000. Reports of side effects of the FDA and now all the latest research we have it's actually one point two million. Solar from 206000. To one point two million if my math is correct that's a fivefold increase of reported side effects from prescription medications. And he goes on the say in your quarter talk about later is accords to the research facilities that gathers information they only thing that's 1% of the population is X reporting sound effects. So 1%. Is one point two mayor reported side effects for giving year if so that's 1% when you do the math in your head a lot of researcher or scientist but that's over a hundred million side effects every single year from prescription medications. And not a big problem to me what he states and they she wanted to back Henry that I. Thank you can see exactly and so so that's the article in the research rural talk about this week so if you're somebody are taking prescription medications rating from high blood pressure high cholesterol type two diabetes problem my Georgia. Thyroid disease here about syndrome bladder issues prostate issues you name it headaches migraines whatever. You need to give us a call as we have a different solution and we call the five essentials a maximum is living is so incentive. Treating your symptoms. What you're doing now with these medications. In eighth inning. You know getting exposed to these millions and millions or hundreds of me as a side effects that are going on reported every year. Why don't we just get to the cause does economics says she if you have a problem why put a band aid on it. And in key big goal and Indies take a medication. In in verses just getting to what's causing in removing that interference in actually reversing disease. It's -- do you want a tree a symptom forever or he disorder reverses she never happen again this and especially the question keep treating with medications and being a slave to your bucket appeals or simply just find out what's causing it removed that interferes never happen again it's of that as we do a Max wasn't as we get to the cause of the disease remove that interference give your body what it needs takes what would it doesn't need and things like high blood pressure high cholesterol five mileage of migraines headaches impotence in men. Type two diabetes all these different things are diseases that are reversible. Sometimes little 68 weeks sometimes it takes longer out of them being transparent there but are seeing patients within six weeks get off all their medications. Explicitly get into the cost of that so if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and you wanna dock this going to have a cause of the disease not just treat the symptoms give us a call right now. Right enact that plan airline is 8643262909. Again this is up playing it blind member 86483. T 169. This year and nine if you want more information. Our want to learn more about maximize her and we appreciate it on our website at and Allan green bullet dot com. If he had mark questions they asked eating house and get on outlets like TJ CE don't clog up the phone lines. And spread out that if you rate Emeka claiming now please call 86432629. CNN and. They are talking about these these adverse side effects of medications. Latino as patient horrors. Solicitation or as we chic she come into our office she's the typical. You know she's overweight high blood pressure high cholesterol type two diabetes yet taken the 2000 is Amanda Foreman a day borderline go into insulin she warriors in sync this year she read all the bad side effects of taking insulin how right we went usual we call in slim belly were make your stomach blow looks like you're pregnant. Causes extra weight and everything is so you're Charlotte radio she come in about I guess six months ago. And she started process with us and in the beginning years she was really is adamant about it did really good you know within. You know for six weeks she was actually off path for medications and then life happened. If she sort of fell off track as most people do and she and him going back almost medications but then she got she come back in the office again a few months later was this is a dumb determined dog Adair to get through this time I won't do the program a 100% among them make any skews is I'm going to show up. And Gaza within nine days she was off 100 December medications. No more Matt Foreman no more cholesterol Staten drugs are no more medications for her blood pressure as such is all those different three series of of medications. And now she was in the office couple weeks ago in the united here about a month she come in for check ups see how she's doing and she's she's still she socialist middle and just more energy she's lost like 50006. Months as a positive side effect takes no medications. Feels like she's 1520 years younger and she's you know Bakken back per month talk what are she she just looked at me a wink she chooses. It just has basically she is not an air now that I feel good. My marriage is good to my family's good I'm happy everybody's happy and my husband is really almost like you fell low Meola reading is he actually has his wife's bag verses the slave that was a slave to the medication in the what was mean the aches and pains. That she was before she she met us. And I'll shields they got the phone gave us a call and knowing that change your life but she exe they know it in that's a positive side effect works is a negative side effect I we're going to be talking about later on this newspaper oracle jacks is a positive side effect colossal weight and got her marriage back in that was made it worth all the time and effort. Because now she's happy in her fairly happy in her marriage is great now we own a big. I can't can keep thinking and that is how much money she's even saying an. Her mind it's just not having this. Just take medication exactly because even if you have insurance you still pay out of pocket for this stuff especially in Europe doctored got a Paco praising Cohen services and deductible I saw some research saw its longest facing that said the average person in America fort type two diabetes Acosta 9000 dollars a year. 9000 dollars here's what it cost to treat type two diabetes in our country nice tees car exactly or nice don't pay warehouse I mean I AEA a mezzo what you can do not thousand dollars but you can't because you're spending you don't treating a disease that we can actually show you had three vs little six to eight weeks up. Frank if you may to make it up playmate and just get to the cause of your sickness disease we encouraged to get this call an 864. Three T six to nine easier and nine pieces are playing men lining he had more questions. We encourage you to get on outlets had and now green bullet dot com. Our office is located here are only different in green apple brand the hi Mimi Japanese steakhouse your first this will actually be. A 45 and I flat feet plea deal. Pitches Palin that's on insurance companies including Medicare leading many camp that that fresh says it will be 45 guys just make it affordable across the board. I would every blanks if you radian make Pamela at claim it a 643262909. Pessimists open and this article now we Celeste and Tom for break. So like I told him beginning Gaza Paula said the green when news that come on all of march 20 which was Monday this past Monday and it was in section B which I guess is the USA today sex tolerate a lot of that degree when news but. This was on their front page is says the USA today three twin seventeen. Out of the grieve when news assistant on the front page first oracle says this is reports of drug side effects so for. Adverse event cases prong debate on how the data Camby did she used. It's a basically goes on to say this is more than one million reports of drug side effects were filed with the US Food and Drug Administration in 2015. A fivefold. Increase since 2004. According to the analysis. Dumb by the Milwaukee journal Centennial in med page today numbers are final for Tony sixteenth. But they are expected to match were actually increases Tony fifties and this is just 115 out of nine got Tony sixteen yet. Gathered her beauty China and act of those numbers the labels of right now is. It's his drugs to treat diseases such as remotes are arthritis psoriasis. Multiple sclerosis. Dot and type two diabetes are among those with the greatest number of reports of side effects. Greens and so you type two diabetics who we're talking about you right. It's just for years the FDA's. Adverse defense system has been. This is only drug companies not doctors or patients are actually required to report problems as a result the system probably was catching only a small percentage of cases right in recent years the no reports has been multiplying prompting more independent researchers in drug companies to use the data as a way to its six safety problems in the journal sentinel in med page today found. But actually say the information still is largely untapped. Any any views more could become. Very very important alarmed that lowers the warns us of the dangerous drugs that are hitting the markets today. The surgery ports could indicate a growing number of harmful pay harm patients or more visual reporting of adverse events. Our goal the FTS experts say both probably should take her role and this is twelve years ago 206000. Reports were made and now today one point two million reports were made as a Tony fifteen so for just the year point fifteen alone so it of Kris a fivefold. And it in a goes on the say what you talk about the break is that they think this is only 1% of the adult population actual reporting their side effects. So only one bacillus out of picture actually being reported. And again doing the math 1%. 100% and then one point you made is what 1% is that's over a hundred million side effects every year for medications that people or taking on a regular basis. And we wonder why our sick we wonder while we're taking more medications -- as you start taking a medication. And you causes another problem so when you go back to the doctor for your check up you you explain that problems your doctor -- they do they give you liked and that killed another appeal and so it's a vicious sake start off on a cholesterol medication which is up the side effects of that as he needs blood pressure medication visual -- actually working harder not better like it is claims is seen in a blood pressure medication -- that we take a blood pressure medication the side effect that is is speedier but since it's an earlier taken Viagra or you see -- well he's no different things and that's affecting your prostate tonight any prostate medication and you get the idea that picture blotter in any butter medications and then the the lottery -- are calling toxicity so you're having indigestion now they need in digests of medications which affect the lungs and so now you're taking medications for your lungs it's that you see what's happening here it's a -- or it's borrow what's we've got to suck. And that's what we want to maximize them so we're gonna take a quick commercial break I assume Max pleasantly radio and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living in gold though they 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio show. Your prescription to living up maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listens to the maximize living radio show we are changing the way people view image or help I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC. And it cut Stacy dad 'cause you're just tuning in this week we're talking about oracle I was in Marine One news back home Monday march 20. On the front page of section B it's called reports of drug side effects or and basically in a nutshell. We went from reporting 206000. Side effects per year in 2004. So now reporting one point two million per year here into your Tony seventeen. Delighted state that we have missed when he fifteen so Tony sixteen data has Anemia released yet. It's that's a fivefold increase from 206000. To one point two million. In accordance an article that's only 1%. Of reported claims so they're expecting only 1%. Of the population is X reported their side effects. And he goes on it let's talk about this in his system quoting this from this article it says. The FDA has long discouraged. Use of the system. For research purposes so the FDA themselves. As long discouraged the use over the reporting system. Does that not an issue for you or is it just an issue for me that that's just sad and they goes on the say they've discourage the use of the system because they don't believe it's accurate why don't care for its actor and it because they say only reports 1%. Or during that should be a lower right there if only 1% as one point two million imagine if it was actually accurate it would be hundreds of millions I SK it's a bit scary ensor F Jason are saying don't use this -- that is not accurate I mean come and agencies like there's nothing missing here folks keep moving keep looking at the right hands I don't want you just look at the left hand grew so let's talk CIA I mean sneaky of their right Fannie and assess just the way the system is and that's why this is some sort Kruup and so broke and gain Albert or tuchman. About this out to her break but it goes on the say the FDA actually encourage is not using the system but what what actually their method is a way to the draw okay as the market. And then see the act were proof. The side effects in real life time so basically that means you or the Guinea pig so the research is on mute not owned the researchers themselves in that class teenagers being exactly. Had a patient officer of the day taking a a in a final mention name but she she has cancer and she's taking a cancer. Were a research drug for cancer is an experimental drug for cancer in Hingis was to make putter all this thing hero was hoping she's taking this cancer drug that they promised to roll with and six months later they did really by over inner cancerous breast you know what they did. But tortures organ candidate for the program a kicker of the program. It's so they think she was the Guinea pig for six months for a drug that she was not allowed to do anything but take their drugs nothing natural militants say no subtler so nothing is anyone in your fear their test results. As six months later after checks are cancerous spread to other parts of her body now it's at a teller a Muslim before they're kicked around the program is she's not indicated anymore. It's focused and trust me they just don't want her to stay in the program for those better results rang so people are being Guinea pig to crying towel out of this this poor lady you know had all this hoping she was just crushed. They should call my office and let the sad message on our answer machine tell us the story and I'm like. Poor people. And so it devastate us to see people watch are going through these things is so guys if you're going through anything like this young lady was or are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and you you're tired of being a Guinea pig and getting the same results give us a call right. Now pray NN embraced 8643262909. Cases are claiming line if you have more questions please get on outlets cited in the Al Green full attack comp. If you may make up claiming a 643 T 16909. I incidents of goal axial I'll have no time Oswald throughout the rest of the circle solid Al finished article after the break guys is of a lot more in here talking about how the FDA says that. That that they that did that do report to the side effects or evidence that's the actually drug for causing harm libel what's causing and then you know at least this the causes of the blame you and you are not the drugs in this have you as at half you're the problem not the drugs hello. Right and so the FDAX he says that this article which are all finished after the break but. Guys not up on time again the rest of just remember there's that an alternative out there in the Max puzzling we wanna be an Al turn of and so you're sick and tired of being sick and tired let's. Or something different let's try to match Muslims. We'll take a quick commercial break we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold though they 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio show. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listened to the maximize the. Radio show we are changed the way people view administer health I'm your host doctor Joshua very DC. Many are 'cause Penske seeking and a guy that you're just tuning in we're talking about this article that we pour from the rim when news back on marched warning which is just this past Monday. Especially it's talking about how solid is on the front page you know look this up for so it but makes the on the front page of a section B is talking about how the they're the reports of drugs of prescription drug side effects are actually go through the roof from probably was 206000. In 2004 something like that. To actually one point two million are right now. It black jazz has 2015 there we have toy sixteen data released yet could the FDA sit known for whatever reason. That acting keep you Mya my hypothesis that they have lowered our Colombians that SO from. From that's a fivefold increase in reported side effects in the article goes on the say that the Government Accountability Office estimated. The system is only capturing. 1% of all adverse reactions despite the explosion reports. That remains the most recent estimate of how many cases are actually call by the systems that's cordon to the government accountability act a go to the Government Accountability Office. So maybe the government is doing some good there. But it also goes on to say this is says the FDA says when it distributes one distributes. The database which is the drug greased the drug's side effect database it attaches a warning. That say the reports are at this or that this would rather me say this is it attaches a warning. That say the reports are evidence drugs cause the problems listed that the data cannot be used to estimate risk. And cannot be used to compared to one drug to another so where they think these satisfaction coming from. You the patient doesn't have this they give him the drugs the patient reports these side effects and then the doctor reports into the dirt to the database and then that that the FDA turns around industries to database back to the public in says will you can't blame the side effects on these drugs are no proof. Or come on it says there right there on the label of the medication taken that that side effect is Alyssa side effect they saw researched somehow gonna come out and say. Let's look nearly kids so that the public or raise the public and then say there's no proof that the south picture caused by the medication. And hello is this again a smokescreen as I look at my right hand you don't pay attention to let pain is doing. Which is just killing me in job and me insane. Praise him as Christmas cranes and really going to get prescription medication that's fine fine print in terms a couple of sometimes and on the side effects that. People and you know are they coming to the doctors and we are looking for. And you know solution to our problems in the coming out in prescription. And from what I wanna upset look at me and try to fix can zealot thinking about is the promise that was made today and this is gonna make him better. And we prayed GT Ali's. And get a second opinion get justice in this is the Terrell has cut back how streak that kind case you know that that might make you Parse it even better. If you basic airlift the concept hip problem is in India. Get some relief Lee encouraged to get his calling 8643. T 16909. Pieces are claiming lines YouTube ready to make up. Appointment in our clinic. And embrace a 643. To 169. This year and nine. Al face is okayed only different crowd behind me knees checked any state cast here angry people. And in May first things that will be 45 dollars out of pocket regardless if he had insurance or not. Catholics who do participate in this island insurance companies including Medicare but that first and hit most European flat fee of 45 balanced and can now planning. Minus 8643262909. He had to spark questions if he went priests are just. I mean DVD craze get on ballots had an. If you re making a playmate 8643. T 16909. So move along in this article op that deep buried in the oracle onus reworked for words a year from for you know directly says this. Talking about how do you know the FDA's now looking at just putting the research on the drug companies to release it out there and then doing trial. Cases virus it's the public and then relying on the public report those sound effects back to them and then if then there's a problem then they'll pull it but soaked and their ideas well we don't have time or that they're resources to approve two research all these drugs shoddy and gossip with Cisco in release him because they look like they're gonna do more good than harm analysts see what happens is so case in point is this just says. Demetrius is in September Tony fifteen. This is called the security patch was allowed on the market after years of giving take when the FDA officials. The patch which looks like a large army and releases a drug through the skin to fight migraines right. An earlier version failed to get approval from the FDA and erase concerns that it could cause severe burns in permanent skin lesions. The pats was redesigned in been tested on 58 people that was it BJ people and none of the 58 people action report a problem so then the FDA so okay. Got my we can week we need more clinical research testing but instead they chose to approve the redesigned patchy rely on post market surveillance in other words the safety of the product would be willing to reports of side effects. So the FDA ordered tila the manufacturer to report adverse events within fifteen days of receiving any complaint. Nine months later there were hundreds of thousands of reports of blisters and burns scars in pain and on June 2 2015. Actually on June 2 2016. JC said it was investigating their risk of serious burns and permanent scarring. A week later tila voluntary pulled the product. So right there the FDA says go hadn't let let people use it you report the side effects within fifteen days. And ain't sure enough they there was thousands of a side effects would burns on the scary thing which was this the original problem ahead. And they went back to TV and said hey we need to use more research on this and then tila decide to pull it from the market not the FDA case stallion market trend nine and I. The result of the nine months means they made the money away for access to see what happens so if your summer has been a victim to any of this stuff in your sick and tired of being sick and tired or you're somebody with severe migraines like were Wharton and maybe you had this patch and you try this Margaret patched and it didn't work for you and your still looking for the latest and greatest thing out there in the market to get rid of your migraines. How do you try to maximize living it heavy truck at an auction actually gets to the cause of the migraines vs treating the symptoms of your -- suffers from migraines. And everything you're doing is not working let's do something different analysts try to maximize living. Try to nap Clinton minus 8643. T 16909. Again a 643262909. So guys bottom line what you're doing is not working so my hope and prayer is that she gives a calling you in -- we give it give us opposite to help you with those Margaret did that somebody experiences have but you know I've been talking a lot about this article is so with the given you the problem but let's talk about. That the solution we talk a lot about the problem we talked a lot about how we're went from 206000. Reports and 42000 Ford up over one point two million. I'm 2015 of drugs how to fix. It in basically his there's a pill for every ilk DR sacks shoes it was a research say from move on. Is it and is said the average person over fifty years old takes one prescription medication for every deck and of their life so if you're sixty years old the average American takes six medications Frazier six years old so if you're if you Lewis or taking none that means there's somebody out there next you this actually taken twelve was are taking years. The average American takes one pill for every decade of their life. I have a junior high education and I am very clashing today and in because it seems to -- a common everybody's taking medication has seen it's it's it's insane because that's all we know is so there's clearly problems and Alice TV the solution. You can keep do orchard duel which is to keep the band aid on the problem but now the solution is this and we call the five essentials a maximize living right number one game that positive mindset understand all healing comes from the inside out not the outside in their root word of health is healed HE KL not PI LL so you gotta get the body heal and not taking another appeal is that how you get the body healing it's simple when you look at the thing that controls all healing in the entire body which is your brain which says that via the spinal port the nervous system it's it's a fact. People think it's complicated there's some magic bullet or some form or some pure wanna give them it's not is simple the brain tells every cell muscle organ tissue in the body what to do. You can't argue that. If you if you just disagree that give me a call but in order for your heart to beat Felix to brief your brain has until today that it's that simple architecture right off your wallet again you're dead. It's it's not hard if I cut the nurse from your brain to your heart your heart of visually dice this stuff is working he can't communicate back and forth throughout the brain it's simple. Itself I put pressure on the nerves going to your heart. From trauma stocks or toxins how closure cargo work that. It's not in your blood pressure goes up causes stress and and then what do they do they give you blood pressure medication right and the blood pressure medication has a side effect the cup it's called the Indian men right it's a east then you're your take in this list. This. Silas or this this Viagra or whatever is 3-D which is causing another side affect his affection your process and you get the idea and so every time you about our latest anymore medication are no problem mr. mrs. Jones were is going to you this do that take care that that side effect right there Doerr about that Emporia all you wake up in your intent medications and the doctor never one time told you what was caused the problem began to list. And so it Max laws are living our second essential maximize our supply is simple and let's look at the nervous system when was the last sound your nervous system was actually looked that forces somebody's taking your blood and tell you had something wrong with you. Let's look at the nervous system see what's causing the disease she was causing a problem if we find now and you can physically see that our report or an X ray with us. Then hey if I took the pressure off those nerve roots what you think what happened then would you get better or worse yet. That it's common sense. Your Gordon your vegetables your organs. Are you getting enough water okay is that I'm stepping on the garden hose. If ought to offer up the door goes the best rules we now get the more they needed so when you stress the body like the heat of the sun stretches your vegetables you could actually do it. And start right now your garden hoses being pitch from trauma thought to toxins in your body is so I take my foot off of it or we take the pressure off of live for analogy I guess what the body heals itself and you don't need medications anymore so if you never had your nervous system looked that we never got to drew cause of your disease give us a call right now. Right now limit line is 8643262909. Again 864 earned three to 169. This year and nine if he just. Have my questions are you wanna do more research we encourage you to get on outlets I. And our green full attack company if you made it make a clinic can't clinic can now embrace 864 earned 3262909. So then once we get your body healing and we get interference up your nervous system so your body can actually functioning at a 100% vs 2% then we can start in incorporating our third essential which is maximizing nutrition your member sure is the devil. Organic food is great for you don't him year old IE healthy most of Tom myself but this is that thing if you if your nervous system is off launching an onerous say doesn't matter how much money you spend a whole Phillies and how cool you think your getting that organic food those supplements. None of us all work if your body is on absorbing it. And so once we get a healing then the nutrition part comes in that's what makes important okay that the nutrition supports the function doesn't correct the function and then once we get your body on the nutrition path that we get into the exercise portion which is our our fourth essentially get the oxygen lean muscle and once we do that or incident toxicity park getting rid of those toxins that he could absorb that good stuff and so that is the five step process we do it every single one of our patience we found the interference remove their parents give the body what he needs takes away would it doesn't need in your body does only thing I can do nets get better if you wanna get better in your sick and tired of getting worse you need to give us a call right now. Frank and that number is 8643. To 16909. This is our plane Atlantic you have more questions please get on how exciting and now green bullet that con. That if you made an complaining 864 or three T 16909. Net pet person claiming it's going to be 45 dollars out of pocket. I only did pick is Palin nice on the insurance companies that at first they say it'll be 45 times. How face is okay only different hearing green fullback in the hi Mimi Japanese steak counts again that plan outlined membranes basics Fuller. Three T 169. Easier and behind. Or your alternative is just keep doing what you're doing and so look in the mirror and ask yourself how's that working out for CB action should get no option in that. It's black and why there is no gray in this area okay we don't wanna be on the fancied you want your you don't. If you're happy deal what you do and keep doing it in kind of wanna take your money I don't waste your time tonight but if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired you do not wanna be one of these statistics. Of these adverse side effects that we talked about earlier from this research article for kind of agree when news last Monday than you or do something different. Then give us a call if you don't just keep listening keep applying what we're doing and hopefully one day you calling in in you'll be sick and tired of being sick and tired you actually show and do something about it but until then I can't force she's doing theme but by all means keep listening because one day only gets it through that thick skull one day you'll listen. And he's just he Margaret case in point. We've been administrator show what 567 years since then he has it in Morgan been dozens of me for the past five years. And she gets it done any thing. And then two weeks ago guess what she finally picked up the phone with something asset after five years and listened to Miller radio clip took her forever was ceases doc I've been busy for five years. And I believe everything you've been saying but I haven't done any yet because of XYZ excuse as the biggest problem is what is in between our ears hang by our stinking thinking. And she found a run out of excuses she around is that an issue with time Shura issue which you can afford it blah blah blah blah blah and check she should come in. A high blood pressure type two diabetic which is the typical stuff we see. In she started here last week at the office is she super excited she superstar because. And she's kick yourself because what's I explained to how the system worked in Jackson sat down with me and I went to a war and our system was doing an active physically show or that all on an X ray in its analysis we do it makes so much sensing she's beat yourself up she's like. I don't know I think come in five years ago I below the five years in hell pardon my language HE double argue sticks. If she hit a little like that for five years taken those medications. Feeling horrible I mean she is on insulin everything else and so you know her stomach blows up likable elections got a beard got her she's pregnant it's called insulin belly she's doing that for five years taking insulin. From being type two diabetic has she was so bad hermit former wasn't working anymore she maxed that out that grown insulin. Think she still the same problem and she just woke up one day and says you know. I've been listening these doctors for five years and I'm no better off now than I was five years ago I'm probably gonna call doctor there and she caught in main appointments long story short she started last week and our clinic in she's super excited I'm super excited for her but Molly hang up on as I wish you call me five years ago vs waiting to announce so if you Millicent furlong time when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired this week in major weekend. I you need to Collison this weekend or calls first thing Monday morning thank you know our books and get in the off the slightest piece of hope and lettuce changed the crazy cycle that you've been doing. Try to make SN AT IAEA. Games that give us a call 864 earned three cheese steaks to nine this year and I again. 864 iron 318169. CNN nine. So guys you're listened to the maximize living very forward change in the way people view image or health. We are going to take a short commercial break so don't go anywhere and we will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how to maximize living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living up maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listens to maximize living radio we are changed the way people view and manage your health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC and yet kept its case looking at guys this week we were talking about the adverse side effects of medications. That the majority of Americans actually taped. There's a list. At backing Torre fifteen there's one point two million reports of side effects are taken for the top ten medications that are prescribed out there and that doesn't account for the rest of the population this is just 1% of the reported results they said. A listen only 1% of the large report their side effects and so imagine how high that number actually is. And so IMAX Raza we always wanna be different we we will be on the cutting edge is so we going you know the repeal it we wanna give you something different from what you re doing. And that's what we've created this whole law ministries we call we don't call it businesses not our business. It is action our ministry we we believe we were called to change the way people view the men's health and we need that you are patients and do you know the listeners. And now that's why our on the radio every single week importer are out given story is giving testimonials. Our goal against the grain. Ali a lot of Haiti Malaga a lot of hate calls to give a lot of people call us quacks and we love it doesn't look when people complain about what we do and guess what that means we're actually doing something right I could actually creating a wave in. And so keep the complaints come if your complaint is that this means I'm doing my job that I am getting the message out there are guys. And but mania you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and you wanna try something different something radical. And going against the grain has which are doing is now working. I need to get this car right now. I missed his airplane and I'm fed ex and embrace a 643262909. And 86 land. Three T 69. This year and I have more questions please get on outlets I think and now green apple cap com. If you made Jamaica Plain 8643. To six to nines here and I. I guess when the biggest things always here is that this is so great how come there by doesn't do that well and the that this situation is actually a lot of people are doing you're not sure you're the one not doing it you're the one deal which are doing in just keep getting the same results so last equally officer asked people are clinic when you walk in their desist work and they'll tell you straight up yes it does so. If you're sick and tired of doing something and not getting results did she want to try something different but until next week are you this is the Max muzzle any radio show we are change the way people view in mantra help. Remember being yourself as everyone else is taking. Thank you for listening to maximize Libby. We're we're changing the way people view and manage their health. Called reality 643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living up maximize life. Join us again next time for another edition of maximize living.