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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view and manage their health. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone your listened to the maximize living radio show we are changing the way people view and manage their health I'm your host doctor Joshua therein DC and you cousins Stacy he had. Guys on this week on maximize living radio we are going to be talking about men's health sorry we we got a request couple weeks ago to talk more about men's health because we talk a lot about things like diabetes and weight loss and all these other different things that. So this week we're going to dedicate a whole entire show on men's health. And pick Emily mesh stents and the people Dulles international iron yes. Being on talk radio most men listen talker that it's a big audience so why not indicators of the guys listener right thanks Hank nothing gets the women listen we appreciate you listening to what we have you listened for Stacy not because of me. That and you women and place still don't turn the Palestinians. Has already sent an EU and Sherrie had a mandate it she laughs and she can kind of yes he can write us equally as you know we we and you guys you probably had a stubborn husband this is some accounts this nothing but ball watched cheating play sports and drink beer that the networks and I actually describe a lot of. Yeah yeah this limits and that you always include the horse everybody else to get exactly ally you can see. Made it but I believe the men as the head of the house but the women is the neck and so whatever direction the net turns they had asked the following Trent Guy is picker control and behind every great man is even greater women rights. Not so there's my out my plugs for that so this week we're talk about men's health as we said we're wrong get a lot talk about I guess prostate. In men's health is one of the biggest things that affects a lot of men. Is up prostate health as we get older right and so that's very important for us to talk about prostate. Look so we'll talk about prostate health or improve training and not fighting prostate cancer which is one of the leading causes of death in men actually were not is actually prostate cancer which did you know is a completely preventable disease and irreversible disease without having to. A hug your radiated in. Chemotherapy and cutting that thing and I mean vicious insane what they do to these men and I think the number there was talk about later there's like. I think he was a 177000. Men get diagnosed with prostate cancer every single year 177000. Every year the saints is tram players last athletes is still oil port like south sources Indonesia won't we'll talk about the the research later but following it too much into Leo a lot of it up. His diet related and it's actually the research were only talking about is actually. Debunking. What the government's them blaming this on the government's been blaming prostate health on. A fat saying many eat too much fat as they get older and that's what causes prostate cancer cause inflammation but all the research is coming on now is saying you're not you're not good fact I think it'll happen they cut if rather die in their place it would sugar right. Knew they place where sugar cause inflammation makes PSA hope you get the idea yeah crossing answer any of that lack alleys target that makes this had any money yeah yeah which is who I am right talk about that a little later too but the basic bottom line is 28000. Men die every single year in our country for prostate cancer which is a lot plan. The former preventable disease or wrong talk about simple things like eating certain foods can actually have shown. In research trials actually reverse prostate. Cancer in cause the PSA to come down and caused the the inflamed. Prostate actually shrink. From eating simple things like while lets us a flight test and we'll talk by the little later but also we're going into a blood pressure. Most men have high blood pressure and most Motorola cholesterol lowering drugs so blood pressure cholesterol. In out prostate health. Will be the big big focus of this week's topic but if you're just tuning in guys like I told you we're going to be talking about men's health this week we're a lot of focus on the prostate possessed the biggest one that most men are concerned as we get older. And we with get a lot of questions only good put this out here now we get a lot of questions will have a week. So our colleague doctor Derek is a lot which is or the radio. Was a process look like had you get me healthy. How do you show me to get healthy enough frightened get off these medications in it reversed these diseases and all this other good stuff so they say it's to a program we call the five essentials. No there's not three as surges I'll one essential suits there's actually five and you have to get all five of these things we've all charred one or two of these nutrition. Exercised. Our supplementation. Detox we've all done all billion looked at the the nervous system we looked at all these different things that people come in say why I've done this to I had done this exercise but the problem is they haven't done all these things properly so. Really quick before we get too much into the prostate health I want to go through states with viewed with a five essentials are so when when men do call they know exactly. What what the program looks like how we get there's results and things like that. Rain rain is they tell us out of patience about Blake what we deal and money to slide different. And and then I think to justify the essentials. It's not just Allen got supplements and injections and things like that gasoline tanks toll something different. The eyes of the first assess you lunch quickly talk talk about that dogs take number two have a that I. Maximizing your mind is amber Lyon and nice is kind of gain ratings act stinking thinking and and Kennedy. That was heavy with the your biggest problem is what's in between your ears and I think it's really that I India and meaningless is Lance and ready and has since I decent pants don't even make currently sitting in which people rightly got my chances they'll dumber sequel but it comes politics receivable. Right and and there's nothing wrong link asking for that second opinion when you think she America about current contract that they Justine enable it to embrace your health master artist. Maximizing your mind this is taking control and ownership and we lack in your body and I'm paying in to get there and making him work properly can get there and Holly's column where the mind is separate from the by eight. And we need anti union people back to get there senator Lincoln penny and and there are lifestyle and Darren got positive mindset. Yeah and looking like this the root word of health is he'll HE a L not PI LL all right so let citizens were saying essential healing and health come from the inside out not the outside ends of the big thing of Max mine are for central is understanding teaching you then health comes from the inside out not the outside and you don't need to go to UT healthy until one never ever get you healthy and it just treat you manage major disease keyword is mentioned doesn't treat anything it has managed it so the blood work looks good for you so. We take a different approach from the inside out it's. In this starts with what controls all nearly an entire body in a simple way it's your brain in your nervous system in your spinal cord all those. Those things the way your brain communiques every cell muscle organ teacher in your body including your prostate which were all talk a little later Pena kept a message and and a T yes and number two maximizing their supply thank you for cricket match and so I mean it's as simple as this. And or for your heart to beat for your long debris feet to digest food for your. Pagers or regulate your blood sugar for your hearts regulate your blood pressure. For you begin in erection men or or ED to lack of one for prostate issues rating to have been the brain sends a signal down the spinal cord through those nervous or control that organ or that part of your body. And if you interfere in any that I if I cut those nerves going your heart no lungs what would you what would happen to delivered I. He the guy Iverson at times of it's it's a fact you can't argue that as a if you put pressure on any of those nerve roots from trauma spots or toxins as we all go through as we get older. And it's like come pensioner or are interfering with that communication through these trauma Sartre talks and how well as at or what worked then. Let's face it they're slowly and so it's a little worse just not Orkut a 100% thus you get a silver dome. We call blood pressure cholesterol EDE you know thyroid issues in women I mean. You know in the news who lose weight and I've yes things as they just wanted to suspect it is already today which is a big fat RA. Are you you're not. Your you don't have time to w.s because you're overweight and fat I know plenty of fat people that are type two diabetic price in an airplane effective they do not have high blood pressure so don't look don't use as an excuse on the planet skinny people that have both of those and they're not overweight or anything else they just have a because of that. And so. What we do and Max puzzling as are sectors such as we look at the nervousness and see how the brain is communicating back and forth that's fine that he airfares remove that interferes to a series of treatments and things we do our clinics in you do a home and guess what. The disease goes away goes remission you're already medications in you actually get to the closet that disease not just treat the symptoms so that's most important essentials out of the five is that sexual maximize maximize nerve supply basically getting to the root cause of disease not just treating the symptom and in the we had a third 30 central. I Paris and Tillis maximizing each patient quality nutrition and so which is going to do not maximize nutrition meaning you can yell okay. For more on maximizing your food intake now gray right Sammy I can't play eating Aladdin and didn't and petition states there are a lot of has been just don't get told. He has and has cleanly cake and eat your punishment and as medications and prescription. Thank patients that they are telling us how to eat how we never coached how TE I. Actually some medications don't let you eat healthy when the blood thinner or you're not allowed the vegetables I don't figure what where did you see now that is a that is that is just completely backwards your blood thinner. All right and when you take of blah than your doctor in the the label says you're not a Nazi green leafy vegetables. Why do you think you got sick to begin with you were eating enough fastballs and I'll take a drug that doesn't let you eat vegetables how stupid is that and that is complete stupidity. Yes I said stupid. Ranks really try to help Tim NH just face it skews things and and killings said at. I don't know Hal our analyst at raised on how TUE count the Larry you know what it's gonna do it's Pakistani semites and nutrition education act can't tell enrollment is very violently trying to figure out which the twins right here in the changes every night scenes bank and actually gears Beale and her coach you ask. Good nutrition program is not all that justice and supplements CN Swede did sell supplements that it's not necessarily none of them on CNN patriots. That just totally looking to share fit as your medicine which is what we'll be talking about. Later T get in a nutshell this is a which you know about nutrition sugar is the devil right line at all you need to know. You you're like me need is one get straight to the point to tell me what to do or not duke were. Take this down sugar is the double fat is good for you and I want you to eat more good fat any know or less sugar price surge the double and that is actually good for you it's not bad story like you've been led allied to believe your whole entire life gives fat is good for you yes McDonald's is a bad fat trans fat is bad for -- biology which you tell our bases seven to 80% facts right I mean the good sentence which we will we teach our patients' own door nutrition program that. I need a little or no sugar does. Sure is the devil trying to best nutrition nutshell. Sensor number 04 is is maximizing auction lean muscle which is basically hey we won't play hawks in your bloodstream so you can fight disease disease cannot live in an auction native environment including cancers and things like that so our biggest problem is we don't move enough I cannot want excuse my gym work now for our either I want you to exercise very hard intensely for five to fifteen minutes three times a week is all you need father fifteen minutes a day three times a week is all you need because of the tough exercise and we teach her pace and don't care if you get good knees -- bad knees you can do this sitting downs there's no stinking excuses. They strain we do get very. Eliminate on the ski season had fractures as they do that how mark how Wednesday's town we have people on home. Betray dishes such anxieties were chairs places me. The knee injury everything's really make it very flexible and remain on the ski season spot tc me. In the fifth essentials actually not maximizing I think it's actually minimizing toxins that matter how much green healthy food Judy how much nutrition you putting your body is good for you if you cells the so called full junkie can absorb it it's like putting. Putting clean water in a muddy bucket of water still muddy RNC got to dump that clean them out so we we. PL let out an incidental it. IE daily actually picked I'm 25 different toxic ingredients on her body every single game passing greeting card DR banks and tees pants and saying that he sent out. Insane actually I'm going to run up as an option couple we traction doing a workshop in the clinic on talk CC caller Hersh spring training range only launch our patients had actually cleaner settles out not just her home so yeah put up so we if you learn more about those five essentials side mutiny was a car right now we can schedule Obama to sit down with us Acer myself that we can now do a a job that nurses analysis he was going to nurses and engage you on our road to health. Right in that now embrace 8648318169. Is UN nine that are playing time. Kathy have more questions clean crate she began on outlets I won't and that our. Green bullet that comp they if you made a set that up claiming it's 864 earned three TT XT nine this year and nine. Yet some guys not taught us that we're talking a lot about men's health like prostate health high blood pressure and cholesterol in a promise she will get righted that after the break you're listens on maximizing your radio show what we change the way people view image are healthy we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold elevate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how to maximize living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listens to the maximize living radio show we are changing the way people view and manage their health Uygur host doctor Joshua near DC many occurred this case he can't. Because you're just tuning in the first thing we talked about the five essentials and how we actually get the results we get what our program looks like in our clinic. Elite he's a little bit about men's health so which were were won't get into now this week show we're dedicating to men's health expressly. Things like high blood pressure high cholesterol and more importantly our. Prostate health which is very very important especially if you're male or the age of fifty years oh what's a lot of our listeners are a lot of minimalist of talk radio or fifteen years or older. They were the biggest worries or things they have actually get checked on a regular basis is the prostate. And so for years they've been telling you the government has been telling USA today to be less fat. That's good for your prostate and in good for blood pressure and good for cholesterol which is all actually middle lie in I have some research on when shared you guys here shortly. Officer researching that actually show that eating things that are very high in fat like wal mart's actually in laboratory tests show. That prop inflamed prostate shrinking. In people that eat lots of walnuts I mean even as little as like two point six ounces a day which is the handful walnuts a day can actually do things like reverse proxy cancer lower your PSA. And get rid of all as prostate words you have it commitment imagine that not to dribble all the time Joseph the big thing with. Having inflamed prostate because he's dribbled a lot in you know it when you're going to the bathroom or when you're not going Tibetans still cause you to drivel causes inflammation that amassing just simply eating a handful wallets every day getting rid of a problem like that I mean that that's amazing in this research is out there and so we wanna do. Can maximize living it shed light on this research so. You know we don't have time to get into the whole research during this segment because we only got a couple moments where you're right but after the break and won't go through the whole entire research often start to finish due to results near the people's names that did is he can do your own research I tell you what to do how to implement in your own life. And bottom line is his. Prevent or reverse disease you may have with the prostate in which is. A heck of a lot better than taking a stupid pill that artificially lowers your PSA or taking the stupid till they get through the information your prostate just for you still have the disease right just for you still to get. Prostate cancer as you get older you know I talked about earlier how the CDC says. There's a 177000. Men they get diagnosed prostate cancer every single year and 28000 men diet every single year for prostate cancer it's a while we keep doing what we're doing it to clearly what we're doing is not working. Radiation and chemo who is not the answer I don't want somebody go in and pulled twelve little plugs out of my prostate just check it for cancer or not when I know fight eat healthy and do the right things a model give it to begin with so what's Yzerman. Eating a handful wallets everyday to prevent prostate cancer or reverse proxy cancer or going in guinier a finger. Stuck somewhere every year and then they'll let them go on their taking a pro will welcome places on your process does that telecheck for prostate cancer if you don't know time is now. And thank the presenting he's yeah. Yeah. You have along its special I think the rubber to level their hand crank Soviet bend over and I hit and and then they go nearly duke finds on the got to go there and do these probes were they take twelve different. Cuts out your prostate and you what are the frost that you have split into because your coconut that thing for crying you know how he is so good to see some moments for crying out right. I took your somebody that's going to be any type of prostate issues health or men's health at all and the EU as a car right now because trust me are organs a lot easier than a latex glove and approach. Great and that MF her and to make up claiming they say 64 or 31816909. He just like in my research interest chicken salad just get on in mount grain bullet that can't. Our office is located here on what different random behind me niece Japanese steak house hearing in green full. The first that it is going to be 45 dollars out of pocket. Annaly Deepak stay in nice on insurance company including Medicare including many campaign you first is that will be asked what he found guns out of pocket if you Reagan make that a plane. 8643. TC XT 909. I can he takes away. 318169. Is he then. Pago as a rule take a quick commercial break but we come back its promise we'll go through research on this prostate cancer study that we've been talking about tease you with phone on them. Value Cinemax on the radio show will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize glitter of gold now at 8643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back at you on your list of the maximize living radio show we are changing the way people view and manage your health on your host. After just ordinary DC and you can't stakes began our guys as we've been talking about all afternoon. We're going to get into prostate health now would share research article with few. Pull this down from natural news Docomo encouraging go to their site you know we don't endorse them or we're not out retired from them or anything else is there's a lot of good information we get a lot of good stuff from their side it's natural news.com. But uphold this research are article off there it was published Tuesday march 14 so just this past week all right. It's entitled our wallets the key to fighting prostate cancer researchers think so. The basic goes on to say next to non melanoma skin cancer prostate cancer is the most prevalent cancer among men in North America. According to the latest statistics from the senator disease control. A 177000. New cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed every year. And about 28000 of those men actually dies largely from this program would disease. Gonzales say previous c.s have already established a strong link between. Diet especially Derek Terry fat intake and prostate cancer. A research team from the University of California Davis led by scientists and research nutritionist Paul Davis. Has been studying the health impact along wants for quite some time. They say that the US government has been wrong all go figure Gartner government sexy right for his and Torre liked this guy. So he says the US government is actually been wrong all blaming high fat diets as the culprit for many. Of our modern diseases. Including cancer and heart disease iso this dirt has been saying high fat diet is that is what causes heart disease and prostate cancers and and discuss say it on no no sir research says some of something different. It's as good as many as population control that. Enjoy your eyes says wal marts are actually perfect example while they are very high in fat. They're fat does not drive prostate cancer growth in fact Wallace do you just the opposite when fed to different animals in mice in research animals according to Paul Davis. He said in their previous work Davis it is team found that law much reduced prostate tumor size. So doing this aren't doing their treasures they saw. They sour they fed. Walnuts to. People or mice and things were prostate tumors that actually caused the tumor to shrink. It's about the question acts remain whether it was the not itself the oil in the not or you simply just Omega three fatty acids that are responsible for the tumor shrinking effect and their latest study was actually published in the journal of medicinal food. Mean it was aimed at finding out what's part of the Wally is responsible for the beneficial health effect so that the issue was they knew walnuts are now shrinking cross states which is a good thing but is it a long way to self is it just the lawn oil. Or is it just plain Ol this Friday at essential it's essential three fatty acids which you know best of be crazy and thereby thinking essential three fatty acids that officials right in you go to you go to Wal-Mart you get a cost of your buying these big jugs of affect US officials are Omega threes. And so it goes on to say it's actually the whole wall not that cause that that actually cause a shrinkage not just do mega threes. Is this further study the scientists that animals. Either the whole walnuts. Though oil from the walnuts. Or AA control mixture with the same Omega three fatty yes its contents in a lawless and they gave wallets the oil from a wants or Omega three fatty acids. After eighteen weeks to researchers found that the walnuts. I want my group paid the full wanna actually lower their cholesterol and slow the prostate cancer growth the Omega three control group one that is fed he'll make a three holes to actually showed no benefits at all. It's so and I have before we go on I wanna bring that out. So their feet these people a mega three fatty asses because people think that that's the biggest thing to do these days but they're showing that the researchers showing the minute brief Omega three fatty acids had no effects. On the prostate at all it was actually the whole entire wall on itself and the reason I bring an epic somewhat you guys understand how Omega threes work and how fast work. But people always come in they think you're doing good things are taking lots of Omega three officials and there's nothing role that this is the bottom oil this guys is this cell membrane is what we call you lit bit by layered meaning two layers of facts. A mega threes and Omega sixes so if you're just eating a lot of mega three essential fatty gas is the chiefs a few years from Wal-Mart or Costco or Sam's Club yourself scaled sword that because it's a lipid bio airlifted by aiming to layers of facts right and so you need the sixes in the threes at the proper ratio to open in close of cell membranes so we tell our patients who we actually put our patience on this on day one AG need to take a -- meg with both sixes and threes now we get a ton of six is an. But the problem is if you don't have enough threes are the ratio is not ballas partly you can't absorb evil one of those any calls duration or be way off so we tell our patients to take sixes and threes at the same time. It's so what are pro mega that we saw our clinic is actually has cost 16100 Omega threes and a sixty number Omega sixes and are so it's a balance ratio so your body what she exhort those fats. And the key is and walnuts. OK you have all that mixture of everything that's why the people they're eating the long that's. Actual getting the good results in the people are just taking Omega threes that they derive from there are not getting the same result so when Nixon anger your buying facial make sure you're doing and Omega six and a mega three to same time if it doesn't have the sixes and it don't waste your money or your time get something actually has the sixes in there as well her beachfront on it. I'll reach for the Wallace which is the best thing to do it and I don't know reason why we tell people takes up misses you too lazy way to get good dude yeah. Everything you need food but actually to get through it he got to fix it. It's so. Somebody see that that's my thing and mrs. Is this furthermore that law Americans walnut consumption. Was also shows shady with higher levels of of these different proteins whenever that seeks a suppressed in shrunk tumors the COX two in the PSP 94 which is just the the scientific abbreviations for the different things that shrink tumors in the body. So the big question is okay wall let's help prevent prostate cancer wallets. Help shrink my Prosser helped blow my PSA so I don't give prostate cancer actually easy Michelin wallets help reduce it in shrink tumors in people actually have prostate cancer how much should you eat that's the big question we always get the follow up so how much Wallace and eighty's so accord -- sign these scientists and their research article you need to eat an average at two point six ounces of walnuts a day which is equivalent to about 482 calories which is your good calories and that's about a handful of day or half they have holiday rather right so you should eat about a half a handful wallets every single day for good prostate health bottom line is the gist of this article here we're talking about if you are prevent prostate cancer if you have prostate cancer or high PSA. Or inflame cost later he's like that you wanna eat at least half a handful of wallets every single day to bring those numbers down. And we need to replace the eye candy yards and fifty yards from home which only place fellas bond that ex marine reminded every day they grab at least one handful of ninety each day. Yeah so if you're someone has has not elevated PSA you're you're worried or concerned about your prostate health arguments caller right now as we can get you scheduled for a consultation and and knowing this guy's in the world this is very import reached a new sheriff you. But he lawless doesn't matter if your prostate is not communicating back and forth that a hundreds of luck is supposed to do and so we do and they want for prostate patients is not just eighty walnuts because that's common sense I just told you that you can do that but we want to do is see if there's any miscommunication from your brain to your spinal cord to prostate area. That is causing your prostate to be a plane to begin with cannot regulate your PSA natural so we fixed that that's more important than just eating lawless does then we fix that the Wallace actually do good. This you can yell laws in the rodeo proper nutrition the world but your body's not healing at a 100% whether lord designed it you just Toronto will stick running in spinning spinning spinning ever getting anywhere right so the bottom on his first look at that nervous system that's what do Mexico as the. Rice is diskette that plane may he can misgivings colony 64. Three T 169. Easier and ninety pets are plane and I -- he had my question is placed if this iron just trickling out let's send it in mount green double tap can't. Ask for more information you mustn't have been amply way to make a clinic air earned runs on T. If he may make the planning male please 8643181690. And nine. He's seeking a voice and I even dislike her voicemail and Dante net okay please leave a message in rickety comeback as he's McCain if he. I began a 6431816909. And I got first Clemens is 45 times. I EU and we get to display and a sell insurance companies. That you were they responsible for that fresh 45 times we knew coming in NASCAR who regardless Khamenei and expand exchanged there. And how earned its economy the doctor can still 45 continents noon and pop up. Surprises there extract and and at the same thing aegis being responsible for that 45 balance and again a 64. Three T 169. CNN nine. In what would you guess they would all major insurance companies including Medicare. Medicare will cover his first visit that's why there's a forty dollar fee there dies so does he sees you cross a border archived Medicare or. Blue cross blue shield or Aetna Cigna whenever we produce they would all of whom. And able cover after that before that first visit. Forty polish it doesn't do for some reason they don't want her recover the exam that was your panel pocket for this stuff first. There was we find some they can justify paying for but until then it is four dollars for that first visits we make it. A flat fee across the board was easy for reviving Karstens or they have and then all of you that interest kicked euphoria after that. So we talked about prostate health and continual thing continuing on men's health let's jump and the next thing over gore talk about blood pressure and high cholesterol 'cause. Our most men out there rather than having a high PSA or taking medications they also. Have high blood pressure unfortunately or their own blood pressure medication. To be on the safe side and this is what really rubs me the wrong way. I have perfectly healthy patients they'll come office. A that a better care for awhile. And they go to their doctor's office you know once a year for their their year earlier their check upper somewhat stay in their and they come in frustrated because they're doctor want to put them on a blood pressure medication just to be on the safe side. Which is completely stupid in I'm using that word a lot this week disease stupidity. If your blood pressure is low enough for you don't need blood pressure medication why would you take your blood pressure medication with side effects. When you don't need it it's India the doctors want to put these people on blood pressure medications and on Staten drugs or cholesterol drugs just to be on the safe side. Which is crazy not get if you have a super elevated blood pressure you need to do something to get it down quickly if your word about it. But the bottom line as are several things you can do to bring your blood pressure now out any medications. Right on the roof preference and our clinic people come in with high blood pressure Stacy. And they wanna go the blood pressure medication because it makes them tired authority the other side effects of all freshman education costs ED. I mean what mail wasn't around ED engaged they have low blood pressure but I can't give direction weather wise and that's no fun portal living here. And muscle of the heart attack and I think if they take the food the way they take in this intimacy away when your wife why you're here you're taking up space. I sat at practice he just that I say are pranks I mean I've been married twenty years ramadi is. And so I'm idol that appeal that causes the ED. Then there are miserable in my life miserable and so. There's been these to research studies that actually showed now that I've by stimulating we call the Vegas nerve which is an upper you know what I've been too complicated it's an upper circle or opera it's a nerve in the upper party inequity stimulate that nerve root it actually lowers that your blood pressure by ten points. A lot better than that to his team what pressure medications combined. So what that means when we have blood pressure patients that come in we stimulate that net nerve root to a series of treatments we do our clinic. Or US home and guess what the blood pressure comes down by ten points without any medications at all and these guys are lovely is now because they don't have the ED for the blood pressure medication they don't does that appeal all the time and their blood pressure is coming now that any medications 'cause we're simply getting to the cause of that. While they had high blood pressure begin with not simply saying you have high blood pressure so listen do you view this to retreated on all achieve anything does wanna fix the cost of that took her somewhere that has high blood pressure and you don't like decide affectionate way that blood pressure medication makes you feel you need to give us a call right now as we can give you the answer beat you off those blood pressure medications. Then embraced a 643262909. Nets are playing mind. 8643. T 169. This year and nine. All right so I think we talked about prostate blood pressure fallacy cholesterol another big one. Everybody is almost that drug these days and have you ever by a no lose status that drug will QE. But everybody takes on drugs and in the doctors like well the benefits outweigh that the the sound effects which is stupid again another stupid lie. Right do you know how Staten medication works which is a cholesterol lowering drugs. It works by inhibiting the enzymes in your liver that make cholesterol okay which you may think is a good thing it's not a good thing. Because when your body makes cholesterol less delivers jobless fills for the love it also makes cluster raucous close strolls job believe it or not is actually to lower inflammation in the body. So if you're class trolls going up in your body is because. You have too much information. Lower the inflammation from the sugar be in the double fits right vs taking cholesterol medication because we take that cholesterol medication to make your cholesterol come down. The byproduct of cholesterol may deliver is a little thing called co Q ten. If you I think about co Q ten co Q ten is the that what do which her body uses to take the ATP or the if you America from biology. Which is actually energy so co Q ten. When you eat food co Q ten takes energy from your food calories and it puts it in your muscles for energy including your heart your heart is a strong with muscle in the body. So when you take a Staten drugs you don't make any co Q ten because you're not making any cholesterol. And we don't have any co Q ten. There's no energy going in your muscles include your horror this is why people wanna Staten drug you're always tired this is why other joints hurt whether shoulders hurt while other major joints always hurt because they don't have enough energy to it to work those muscle average because there's no co Q ten being made. And to top it all off. The cut the co Q2 also puts energy into the heart for the heart to beat. And so if you're if you're taking a Staten drug not making co Q ten and your heart has actually worked harder. So how is that helping you forever beneath marries her heart attack is actually causing that if you think about it. And so don't worry though when your blood pressure goes up does this have to work harder. All they need to do is what. A pure medications for CLS system works so you take wondered regret what they actually cause you to take and other drugs and the numbers they eat that day and yet the numbers weren't there. But hey ate meat and why you're still having a heart attack is sort of struck even though you're taking cholesterol medications that it doesn't make any sense when you understand how that drugs were in the side effects and so if you're some I was high cholesterol you off your cholesterol medications you need to give us a call as well. Frank can nap Clinton line is 864 earned 32629. Easier than nine. I'd give this college gear and get heavily spell please just leave a message I'll remain the semi being sent place 864 or three T 16909. He just want more information you can get on our web site and now screen full attack com if you made it makes at a claiming a 64 earned 318169. Humana to. Hey guys you're listens to the Max Mosley rated show winning take another quick commercial break but boy returned wound to a quick overview we remember. You don't need to obviously these medications there is something different out there you set the pick of the. Don't give us a call the biggest problem with dean is not through you it's what's between your ears. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold elevate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living could change your life. This is the maximized living radio show. Your prescription delivering a maximize life. Welcome back everyone your list of the maximize living radio show we are changed the way people. You administer health Uygur host doctor Joshua near DC and you can Kasey Gant. Guys introduced during in this week we actually talked all about men's health we spent a lot of time on the prostate. And how laws to prevent prostate cancer and lower your PSA naturally without any medications believe are not in that simply from meeting day. Handful long let's every day kimono mean it's as simple it's easy it's good for is good caller's is good fat. It lowers your PSA so why not yet it Lisa half a handful wallets every day. Horses taking a medication which when you think is better for you this is present also we talked about the research on the bill Allman summing up almost the walnuts and make sure doing that guys. And we talked about high blood pressure which is very common and Olbermann and high cholesterol we talked about how to lower your blood pressure would on any medication we talk about lowering your cholesterol without any medications in the dangers of both those blood pressure medications and those cluster make a suspension that cholesterol medication that's just that's a scary if you actually do your research and see just. Typing go to go to drug czar common typing your medication hitched so. If you're taken Seacrest or typing crest or side effects. And you'll see the five different pages of side effects from medications like Dell what would you do that or any type of a Staten drug taking cholesterol lowering Staten drugs typing that drug in the words side effects and you'll see all the stuff that you're going through in your light one taken this drug has got to be something different out there. And the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over in states that you assay results so in Max Mosley that we wanna completely being different in that could be different radical right people tell us were crazy but guess what crazy is different results and then stupid Dennis Wright is a there is doing crazy Ambien stupid. And so that's what you just have to decide it's our hope from prayers that you yeah Iraq when you do something different verse is doing the same insanity thing you're doing right now and in getting the exact same results you still have the high blood pressure she still have the high PSA still have high cholesterol. Why you keep doing what you do and let's just fix the closet that in the caught the answer to fix in the cause that you have a problem must give you the solution the solution is the five essential to maximize living it is not another pill. The root of healthy seal HE AL not PI LL I guess it also. The guys until next week here dozens of the maximize their radio show we are change the way people view image or help. Remember being yourself as everyone else is taken doubtless. Thank you for listening to maximize Liddy. Where we are changing the way people view and manage their health. Called reality 643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living up maximize life. Joining us again next week for another edition of maximize living.