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Mar 16, 2017|

Snoop Dogg shots a clown dressed as Trump; Gas tax

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I am now in Dallas kind of a fascinating Fisher about saint Patrick. Our side I already knew that story because I have an Irish friend who explain and document patio furniture. I mean big. Explain that Alter I here we go eight minutes after six as we get underway with the fourth and final hour. Ali Bobby Mack show here on not this Thursday. And my apologies. Analyze and I got me a text message. Add in here Bob the web page has changed how elegant to the bracket challenge which by the way I'm in first place and Monica. Mean and a thousand other people. Are in first place right now we have we are debuting. A brand new web page today and when it first went up. And a 4 o'clock this afternoon naturally being brand new in proceeded to immediately crash. And now it is restored. And I am now looking diligently to speak be aware of where you actually I do go. Two to him find it because it is in a different place apparently so will will run that down for. And Mike Chenault in the meantime. Al this is valued join me and be a part of the conversation seeming just grab your phone use the angles advantage talk line number told free from wherever you are located. 800 3471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number is 71307. And my email address is Bob. And 1063. WORD dot com I'm I'm thinking. The the bracket challenge is going to be and contests. Which you click on at the top of the page. But when I went there I don't see it filling in. And I'm thinking that because it's a brand new web page it may be slow to do NASA will continue to run that down and and keep you posted in the meantime. As I mentioned before we attend regular news of the top of the hour the Snoop Dogg character. Now for us missile. Is apparently trying to revive his career. Over the dead body of president trump or a figurative way. The a dead body president trump. Story today from the hill dot com. Turn on the TV or brush your news feeds on social media. You'll be bombarded with Polly makes about the sky falling and credible threats of violence against conservative figures just mentioned the course. The attack it Tuesday night on Michael Savage. The FBI. Investigated a threat to kill Milo yeah novelist for the audacity. Of wanting to speak on a college campus. Threats against former labor secretary nominee and he pastor's wife caused him to withdraw himself from consideration. Multiple. In timid Adori Batman intimidation remarks haunted members of the trump promoting Electoral College president trump himself. Has been the target of declarations of violence on a near daily basis here remember. Comedienne. So called Sarah Silverman calling for a military school. Mad dog not at that women's day telling protesters she's thought about blowing up the White House. Violence seems to break out every time a conservative comes to speak at a college campus. Rosie O'Donnell talks about stopping and Donald Trump on Twitter social media has just off every day. Was some new dim wit threat against trump personally and his presidency. Well Snoop Dogg has now joined the chorus done his best to get back on people's radar since 1998. With his new music video. In which he assassinate a clown dressed as president trump. Even if that was just too stunned. By a 45 year old rapper trying to remain relevant. It was still completely crash and unacceptable. Yet the media has a largely glossed over the serious threats with a shrug. Well well well moon. A simple Google search on snoop dog's assassination video for example. Yields virtually no mainstream editorials expressing disgust. It's almost as if there was an overarching belief among the media that the president brought this upon himself. All of these actions underline what's been obvious for some time. They calls by President Obama for civility. After the 2011 shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords were never genuine. The left only causes such efforts as a college all. The silencing or political foes then turns around to call them Hitler when they need to. And the selective outrage is deafening. Obama was certainly the target of vicious remarks. But the calls her outright violence from a laughed have received no where near the same attention on the pressed as conservatives or see it during the Obama years. Every time they threatening disrespectful. Or unflattering comment was made about the former president a national shaming storm sprung up. A staffer for an obscure congressman was forced to resign after stating in Obama's daughters don't show enough class. Ex congressman Joseph Walsh was slammed in nearly every major media outlet after re tweeted. This is now war watch out Obama after five cops were fatally shot in Dallas. Even Tea Party members were regularly called neo confederate it's a worse. All right there's a big phrasing like he has now. Selective outrage gets really tiring even in the trump years. Both sides of the political spectrum seem to understand the concept of outrage fatigue. As Huffington Post op Ed asked it to readers if they were suffering from protest fatigue the author wrote daily. I am poised to do something to ride the emotional tsunami. Fortunately for those of us constantly seeking crisis on FaceBook we already have a term for such an ailment the boy who cried wolf. Heck the onion was on this over a decade ago. Political tensions were reaching a boiling point and the mainstream media pun dents and so called analyst do nothing but fan the flames. The American people are quick to pick up on coverage patterns many are still making up their own minds about president trump but I understand he's doing his best. They know one may be support that the Democrats and the opposition party they don't want the media to be another. Opposition party that would be. These are serious times requiring serious attention not just adoring coverage of fun. The women's hat protesters. At the end of the day it's gonna be the members of the traditional press gaggle moral left pointing fingers. That's Kristen Tate conservative columnist. And author of the book government gone wild how DC politicians are taken who arrived. I'm recently named one of news Max thirty most influential Republicans under thirty that was sent to the hill dot com and it's disgusting. I mean you know I'd add it's when you boil it all down it's just disgusting. Now Bob on stupor in dog do do is try to get internally infamous if you know what I mean. Bob got a great show today any interview with congressman Duncan was spirit lifting he is one of lost. Enjoys putting on his camel and gathering his own food. Perfect from springer. A state outdoors whooped. Quarter after six here on the Bobby Mack should take a quick break here in the be right back with more when we come back the the trump budget. The proposals under and it and it your not a fan of government waste and believe me there's pointing that out there. I you'll like much of what is in the new budget. Be right back. I just had taken a peek at the and you website money penny have you have you seen a new website yet. It's it's pretty cool it's it's pretty neat. I'm just looking at the pictures that they views of the various air talents. Here on the new website Tara has a real nice picture. Bashing smiling not been totally share helix very thoughtful. Now Limbaugh is there he's smiling and then there's the picture of Bobby Mack. And it looks as if I've just been told I have to have a colonoscopy. A. London and let's send them money pennies fingers flying over the keyboard she's got to see this picture. Yeah we do these photo sessions with professional photographers. And don't say okay do on like this and you unlike dad and doing you know and after an hour that. Now it gets a little I think I'm gonna have to cash have a conversation where the money print because I don't look like. The the open welcoming kind of guy that I am I have my arms crossed their economy in my nose kind of up in the air. Or what's your what's your immediate reaction. When you when you see the new picture on the on the web page bunny packed. It's the face is so full of sarcasm. What. It looks like the pitcher you trust your angle and really yeah really LA. You know that not work at it yet you know EL when you put it that way. It did it does kind of fit then or or their expression is on the you know when you. There Jen liked. In on the attacks line 71307. Bobby you and your listeners would have been very proud as I wasn't make Maldini at the press conference today he was excellent. Yup I did see I got to catch part of that any anyone's Derek it. I'm Bob any change in the status of the open carry built not that I'm aware of I haven't seen anything as far as changes concern there. Bob why does that drug addled fool snoop dog thinks anyone gives a rats with cute about when he thinks of Donald Trump. Everybody knows new gods are racist and Bob the trump stern needs to pull aid JFK on Hawaii. Order it blockaded. And send the marshals to those a liberal twits offices in Washington and Maryland. After all he is. A box. Gotcha. Sell me on the budget. Proposal came out today. Killing a bunch of funding. For PBS. In PR. And National Endowment for the Arts. I mentioned earlier in the program. Out in PR built themselves a new broadcast palace couple years ago in Washington. 201. Million dollars. I still have that story out. Now Biden may well there's a I put down a link to a depression that to your money penny going to the Washington Post story on NPR he is up on our FaceBook aging see for yourself. 400000. Square feet. This place is like the Taj Mahal broadcast. And they get 25% of their funding. From your tax dollars in mind. And they are obviously blatantly. Leftists. Story today from mom. Or is this for. And Matt president trump made good on a long time conservative goal in his first proposed budget this morning targeting. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting wait a minute he's going after big current. And the national endowment for the arts and humanities for complete elimination conditioning some of the stuff that they say passes in his art. It's been funded. The the cross. In a bottle whether you're man. Stuff like that. I'm sharp and I really don't want my tax now are supporting the so called art. Trump's budget would zero out the 445. Million dollar budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. A relatively small source of funding for programming and broadcast operations on public TV stations and NPR radio stations nationwide. Since the Washington Post. I did a study myself 25%. Of NPR's money comes from you and me. The budget would also eliminate the budget for both national endowments which stood at a 148 million dollars each. Last year as well as 230 million for the Institute of Museum and Library Services which supports libraries and libraries and museums. Additional cuts would affect two tourists mainstays in Washington the Smithsonian Institution and the National Gallery of Art. Which reminds me of my running and recently when the folks at the Smithsonian. They have this aerial America. Series which is really pretty cool. They do fly overs of all of the individual. 57 states has Obama said. And they talk about various. High water marks from the State's plan landmarks in the state wanting and the other so I happen to be watching one night when South Carolina was not right. And they end up talking about Francis Marion. Swamped blocks from the American revolution. And they text that read by the announcer says now Francis Marion considered by some to be a terrorist. And by others you know a revolutionary here haven't. Terrorist. Reminder the old saying you know one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist. But who brought for heaven's sake. We have a university in South Carolina. Named after this revolutionary war hero and Smithsonian describes him as a possible terrorist. But it could give you an idea of the mindset of where that stuff is coming crown. Republicans have long put the. NEA and the CPB in their budget cross hairs in 81. President Reagan attempted to shut down the NEA but back down from the plants after a task force. Including actor and Reagan friend Charlton Heston dies suggested. Reagan did however make major cuts to the NEA is budget. In December trump staff suggested that the incoming president would consider appointing Sylvester Stallone. They had the NEA the Stallone and later declined. No drill. The NEA and the NEA towards support museum's archives libraries in universities created and 65 by who else. The L liberal like on Lyndon Baines Johnson. Defending the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is unlikely to. PBS are NPR. And the says NPR receive less than 1% of its revenue from the CPB Corporation for Public Broadcasting PBS. Lesson 7%. You were 25%. Your tax dollars and money. To. To do things like refer to Francis merry and great American revolutionary war hero as a terrorist thanks very much for the update. Bobbie you know they PBS and NPR run commercials now yup I'd seen that. Bob my only listen to NPR for car talk car talk us funny show. The two Brothers from Boston and one of the assembly passed away to still run reruns on Saturday morning. And prairie home companion garrison Keeler retired and one of the car talk guys passed away and now they're all reruns so I stop listening at all. Bob I thought big bird went to HBO. Yeah I think so on and probably now is. Campaigning for the Sandinistas and Nicaragua are sent 630 here on the Bobby Mack show and what checked him and Manning in the news center and then right back for the last half of the bonus hour. Here on Thursday. Wrapping it up here on Thursday at 22 before 7 AM Bobby Mack show. It's it's always fascinating on the on the first day. Of a mall play hoops action gone on bankers and then you wanna talk about a low productivity work day. Mean between especially now when all the Smart devices that we've got you know an iPad. Or without the laptop right service idea. You know when you got it on your lap underneath your desk. I'm sure rich entire front now. I'm actually doing pretty well nothing I mention. So far. Money penny is checking right now which which came out yet at hand. Where you lack tracking through our social circles there much IE and blown the one between middle Tennessee and Minnesota. Yeah I had done I had middle Tennessee the blue raiders out of way. Over the golden gophers and it looks like I'm gonna blow northwestern and Vanderbilt. I took northwestern just because they haven't been into the tournament. Since Nate Smith's dad took the bottom out of a peach basket. Now some what do Hummer meant it I mean and then like seven years. Something ridiculous. McCain's about to be and beyond one point four seconds northwestern ahead by you yeah yeah I came out. In on the tax line 71 threes or seven Bobby you can't leave it's not even dark yet. Thank goodness last night I was kind of stunned because I had accidentally. Not much when I came into the building a stuck my sunglasses in my pocket usually Lieberman truck. And and when I got off work I stepped outside a question or still bright and senator all. Good thing I brought my sunglasses. Rather be lucky than good. Bonnie didn't we get don't Juan Williams from PBS I'm just sing and from Karl yeah. Bob the only thing NPR ever did right was fire Juan Williams. Bob so if Francis Marion was a terrorist I guess that would make George Washington. A terrorist as well all right. Bob it's way past time to take America back and it Francis Marion was a terrorist. Count me out. I got you. Bob I would imagine Francis Marion was an alpha male. Yeah. Or just another reason now why are the lefties who had when I hate the guy. Bob Snoop Dogg got a weakened shores will be referred to US snoopy the dog faced hug. Well luckily you know the guys trying to get. A revitalized. Fifteen minutes of fame here. Bob Bob Bob Bob well wishes to feel completely better soon on thank you appreciate that I'm I'm getting there and gain an honest. I love your show thanks for making my ride home from work every day enjoyable despite the traffic or bad mood I'm and you always make. Thank you appreciate that it's a nice couple. Where where oh yeah I was gonna mount talk about on this business. With round. The policies of president trump and the effects there having to this point because we have a tendency when all the attacks from the left. To say what your age you know it's it's going to be an uphill slog and we knew that it was. Because not only the progressive. Slash socialist slash Marxist. Opposition. From the from the Democrats. But also from the media. From all the Hollywood figures and make all the defamatory remarks about president drop as well as. Those who may be overtly working against him more than his own party. I don't wanna mention any names but initials like a wind C Graham come to mind initials like Paul Ryan. But despite that. We are seeing reaction. In the real world to what the president is doing. Where's the story from there is from the Washington Post. Either from the post or from the from the times. Well what they're no different for each other so much a matter. Al with the headline. Immigrants are now canceling their food stamps. For fear that president trump will deport them. Here's one who sets up a night. Wondering what her clients are eating she is the snap. Outreach coordinator for the Chattanooga food bank. Lately she has done less out reaching. Working with immigrants in northwest Georgia not not illegal aliens might immigrants. In northwest Georgia are spooked by the political climate. Increasingly Amos Fortin that your name has been asked to explain how many food stamps may impact yet. How food stamps may impact immigration status if not to outright cancel. Stanley food benefits since mid January 5 of this Wharton's families have withdrawn. From the snap program. And now she says she gets calls from concerned parents all the time should I take my kids out of the program. They're risking hunger out of fear and my heart just breaks for all of them and you know it goes on. In that tone. But my take away from it is yes good. There are fewer food stamps being given to people who are here illegally and have no business getting them in the first place. Come out of we're gonna give up snap benefits or food stamps to people we at least given to American citizens. Or better yet how about a we take the money that we're wasting. Giving food stamps to legal and actually put it back into the VA so that our veterans can get decent healthcare. Yeah I know crazy and. This is this is an interesting statistic and I ran across today as well. This is from the wife sent web site. Almost a quarter. 25%. Of the nation's public school students waving an immigrant households. Raising questions about America's long term ability contention to continue its tradition of assimilation. According to a study released today. They report. Published by the Washington based Center for Immigration Studies. Indicates 23%. A public school students eliminate household with at least one immigrant parent. That's more than doubled the percentage in 1990 and up from 7% in 1980. We all like to think you know we're independent but the fact is world social animals is a huge question that's not even being passed. Because immigrants are not evenly distributed throughout the country however some schools have significantly higher percentages of immigrant children. The report breaks down the data by census units. I called public use micro data areas which are roughly between a 10200000. Resonance. And generally follow county or city boundaries. On the question as on this percentage of students from immigrant hostels are we talking about. The children of legal. Immigrants to this country are we talking about the children of illegals. I think you can probably safely arrive at that conclusion on hero. 646 now fourteen before seven here on the body matchup to gal asked break and then be back to wrap things up here on Thursday. Great to have you on learned the closing minutes here on Thursday they embody Mac show. Back in on the tax line sent anyone to raise our senate yeah Bob. As the days daylight. Gets a longer you must add another two hours to your broadcast. My tongue is hanging out already. I'm recovering from health challenges I'm just one man. Bobby was brand like Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham who needs enemies right. Bob Francis Marion smallpox. Pretty much single handed way turn the war to the favour of the patriots in the South Charleston and between he and general green. After who are serious name I'll be out. Two great. American patriots Bob you can't leave it's not even dark yet. I know the feeling. So I sent me an email this afternoon to just got a picture of a Sylvester the cat. On that. And now on it and says them when you're down in the dumps and think you have real problems just remember. Somewhere in this world there is a mr. policy. Well. Talk about fate worse and asked. It could always be worse we them many times failed and recognize our blessings taken for granted. It it's amazing how quickly things can go wrong there can ruin your whole daylight got this Canadian couple. Decided to take the shortcut. Driving home when their truck. The lake's frozen over. Windows drive across. Get a process. That big originally seen many of Clinton's. Incredibly good returns and it's like. Oh my goodness. How we understand they end both escaped. Wet but safe way. Truck. And not so much. Holy cow. Before I go this evening let me remind you at Terrell will be out talking tomorrow I'm sure some more about the tank the tax rally. That our friends and Americans for prosperity are putting together to stand in opposition. To deal latest gas tax proposal. On grass roots activist pro freedom senators and anti gas tax coalition folks will be gathering at the Statehouse. On Tuesday for a rally a 130. In the afternoon if you'd like to get more information. I you can text. Tank the tax. All one word tank attacks too upset to 52886. Game. Tank the tax to 52886. And now Daniel Brennan and the folks and AFP will text you back. Contact information for your senator additionally. I you can also text to us. At 71307. The word. Call CA LL. We will bounce back to you contact information for your representatives your legislators in Colombia or you can text gal. GO VQ. So anyone threes are seven and we'll give you contact information email address phone numbers the whole nine yards for a god enough. And Brett. My master. And now please let him know. The actually think that this the latest. Gas tax bill. Is is even more offensive than the two previous ones. And they tried it and shoved down our throats. And until you actually get some accountability in Colombia for what these guys are up to. It's is just going to be pouring good money after bad but. There is encouraging news is Daniel Brennan was telling me earlier in the program today. Many of the legislators are having a phone lines burned up. Their email boxes filled up. When it's on communications from you. Telling them they'd be I don't think that this latest gas tax ability real good idea and would not. Continue to support them in the future if they if they actually vote for. I did take a break and I here for the day wrap things up and not see you tomorrow for the Friday free pearl Dublin's. Unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show for. In the words of mystical force to. Every time. Yeah. I must be going. And I must be going so long farewell. Happiness anger at quietly. Eve night. Hey and hi. And yeah. Yeah. Broadcasting.