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Bob McLain Show 3-16 hr 3

Mar 16, 2017|

Cong Jeff Duncan calls in to discuss health care and budget; Travel ban

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. Out here we go you're just in time as the 5 o'clock follies get underway Bobby Mack show our number three for Thursday and as always your input. Is invited and encouraged and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation today just down grab your phone usually angles advantage talk wind number. That's a whole free call from wherever you are located number is 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text line number if you like assembly task at text message 71307. And my email address bomb. And 1063. WORD dot com and we're joined from Washington this afternoon by congressman Jeff Duncan congressman Alan heck aria. No had been better Bob is we're plugging away. I know the feeling I'm I've been better to Ryan the story here Michael Savage syndicated radio talk show host left bloodied. After me on a bill. Apparently out unsatisfying a listener attacked him while he was at a dinner. Last night that answers any questions I guess people might have about why hagel armed everywhere I go you can't be too careful these days gift yet. Thank goodness we can do that as South Carolina and we have to achieve deputy law. Absolutely well you said it obviously has been a substantially busy up there meantime on the senate side apparently. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. And Senator McCain of Arizona are having a loser leave town cage match. I met. Apple once senators say another senators up on fur foreign entity is just amazing to me. It's and it's incredible I'm I'm I'm I have the feeling that and that Senator McCain may be beyond his sell by date too if you know what I mean. Now and now senator Paul I'm responding they stink that Senator McCain has unhinged. A foray Bonnie that's known for decorum. This is this is a rare departure to resort to that personal insults the setting that aside. Alec let's talk about everything else and has been going on because certainly there's no shortage of of things to discuss including. Other health care bill yesterday on the program I share your thoughts. Which pretty much reflected mind. In total about the new plan the one proposed Mike the speaker Ryan and senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Hoping to use budget reconciliation. Again and the problems. With the health care bill what it does do and what it doesn't do. And there are many at least done in the reflected by the calls in the text messages and emails and I get. From your constituents. And my listeners here in the upstate. Who believe that this is not. What the GOP promised in terms of repealing and replacing obamacare. You're exactly right and in Aaron and Tony Canon. The mantra then was repeal obamacare and it's been regurgitate it about Republican candidates all over the country says 2010. Until this election last election cycle is desperate to all America. And American voters have heard. That Republicans are gonna retail obamacare two years ago yesterday. Ascent later Mitch McConnell. Said that we're operate so that. Branch and root damage from the top brute Mikey do we take all everything. And it doesn't grow back. There is no bright saturated and has sent Jerry match John Boehner camera fight something to turn down there too and it's. I mean my god how Mike Pence yesterday and conference said that the administration has committed. To repeal obamacare lock stock and Errol. And so what I'm masked by the webs on the floor last night. You know what you what are your thoughts on here you know how these can you support this bill announced a lot of support the pence plan. And they look bad man cannot yet turn it sideways and ascent repeal obamacare lock stock and barrel that means completely nothing left. Know Lou no element of that remaining and distended that Bob. I believe the American voters heard of the Republican candidates. From president all the way to present this senate and the house saying if you give us control of government. How we will repeal obamacare. And this is not repeal obamacare. Yep this is a pretty simple equation on its face as you just said first and foremost. The American health care act which is a new proposal does not repeal obamacare what why did we find ourselves at this point now. A congressman Duncan when we already had passed through the house and senate previously. And of course was vetoed by President Obama exactly what we want which is repeal. Try and 12015. About your reconciliation act is usually ought to be taken up. Somebody out weeks somewhere along the way it ended wanna do that outlet that was a moderate and conference or whether that was to present I don't know but. Or whether the speaker and is staffed. But we we voted on that most members about how awesome those member of the senate there are few members that never cast that vote but loaded on that Republicans were almost unanimous in. One Republican that didn't vote for. Match summoned from Arizona said he didn't think it went far enough supplies didn't vote for it back. So. At the end of the day American Turk repeal obamacare were not doing Matt we are repellent some other individual mandate implore mandate there are some good things in this bill but. It's not. And it doesn't go to the link that the American people think that we need to go to that and speak out and buy map and particle guest. Yeah simply put it is not repeal obamacare in its entirety. Then and and so I happily that's what the American people heard us say. And and that's where we need to get to it so. They're hiding behind this parliamentarian over in the senate and you will roll along reconciliation only what you can do. And we are limited if you if you really don't match. That you can only happening to this ought to have budgetary impact well. I believe every part of obamacare as a vegetarian packs and they are refill that have budgetary impact because. Do you grow the economy and a pair of power Americans spend their dollars. You're gonna impact the federal budget. It's usually the economy's impact the federal budget everything we're doing has budgetary impact and I do believe Bob. An and Mike Lee who is a constitutional scholar. Pit crews constitutional scar Rand Paul and number of other on the senate. Hence they have agreed with me on the test is that. The presiding officer in the senate in this case could be my parents they vice president he can sit the chair presided anytime right. Can overrule the parliament here it is the parliamentarians says you can't have all these repeal effort and here you can't have the reforms necessary. To to provide for free markets in this bill. The presiding officer can overrule the parliamentarian. And tomorrow what happens is there at the Democrats would appeal the ruling of the chair which could go to their vote the way I understand it on the senate floor. Which party supermajority are or what takes sixty votes in order to. Over turn the ruling that the chair. Well. Surely. Surely house senate Republicans. To hold together 41. Republicans that would span with the vice president United States. An overrule parliament area. You would certainly think so because after all the parliamentarian is there for advice is word is not wall. And and it says so woman in this case she is here you read parliamentarians she's with the quarterback here rates so we know little Ortiz the and I told. Vice president pence yesterday. It Democrats. Want to change the rules. Even going so far as under FDR. Changing the United States Supreme Court. To push their progressive policies and destroy America and we're not even want to change rules or overrule a parliamentarian. There's an unelected official in order to save America. Yeah that's a sad situation. What about you know we hear all kinds of conspiracy theories floating around congressman Duncan. Those who say that the president trump is essentially being played. I'm by the rhino element for lack of a better description Paul Ryan and others. Do you think depression is being gained on this is is he on board. With everything that ten year after having discussed on the campaign trail so vociferously. For months and months repealing obamacare when this does not do it. Well and if not all of his play it to them and that conspiracy theories or the other way as well that the presence playing Paul Ryan he wants this Bill Nelson and obamacare will. Imploded so completely right and and then both Democrats Republicans or have to cobble together a bipartisan legislation. To move forward. Wendy Gramm did as much he's had looked. Not that the best dealmaker in the country is now pres the United States he can get does a good deal for the American people maybe not a walk away from the past part of negotiating. Tactics is being able and a walk away from the talks until certain that for the American people walk away from obamacare is quote not. Implode on lenders on the way it is failing every day. So what's it that's felt they wing crap something that's better his play and didn't. I know that I was voted and then office ran twenty tender repeal obamacare. To cast a vote ripped obamacare at brook Trout do that and I'm trying to continue. Petition house leadership to get a better bill a lot of how. What's so let's touch for just a moment on the release of the president's budget released them by the director of OMB the Office of Management and Budget. I your friend and and mine former fifth district congressman Mick Maldini. There on the left is reacting against predictably saying it slashes things to the bone when their point of fact it does things like. A removed out a bunch of unnecessary wasteful spending for things alike for instance. In PR I don't know what people are aware of it or not but public radio's. Funding is 25%. From the American taxpayer they just built a new just in the last two years. Eight palace to broadcast from in Washington DC that cost 201. Million dollars to construct. And has all kinds of goodies tacked onto it. Odd to me this sounds like the kind of on waste. That the American people have been demanding be eliminated from the budgets for decades. Absolutely and listen to propaganda arm on the left anyway and and I like a lesson in they are wrong and I'll listen to them especially on the weekend but. Didn't dispute the propaganda the last for way too long to saying hey nonpartisan. Supposedly organization. Tentative we receipt government institutions all over the place building Taj balls whether it's. Sometimes schools or whether it's of federal gov government buildings here in Washington Mike. Similar to those where the VHS is going well that this NPR facilities so. They are not good stewards of taxpayer dollars cannot fault the president for actually being taken its Steward and focus in on constitutional government like defense. And and redirecting our our resources to. To secure this nation with borders security and understand where sovereign nation. Using pressure points to leverage. At the UN and other countries that. Receive our benevolence. To actually. Side with America more. I think except it's a good budget pursue look at that from what I'm hearing on all counts it's something that conservatives ought to get. You think the ruling yesterday Hampshire came as no surprise to you from the Arab district court judge. In Hawaii. Putting a stop to of the president's latest attempt to keep more up Islamic jihadist from coming in this country from nations that Foster. That kind of terrorism. I guess we should draw no connection between the fact that the judge you made that ruling was a Harvard Law School classmate with Barack Obama. Yeah this is judicial activism at its worst and and winners congress and the American government run on this and the ninth Circuit Court anyway and start over. Mayor tile because they're overturned more than any other appeals court in the country to begin with it. If this ludicrous. House and Homeland Security hearing today in the summer thanks but page video where talk about this issue. It looked the president stand. It is the right thing to do and all presidents have the ability to do this Jimmy Carter. For years the same statute and a law took Paulson refugees and and these says from certain parts of the world. I was very straightforward and clear. But the judge didn't use the law judges ignored this statute and used campaign rhetoric has president trapped as the basis. For overturning an executive order or course halting yet so. That is judicial activism that that we as Americans and we as conservatives ought to fight against. Look at it on executive order to policy for ninety days to four or his people that are charged obscurity of our country to look at what. Documents were getting what we're part of countries to provide for refugees and and in. These replicate applicants. So that it. The president himself and listen to their advice and find out what we need to do and until the American people whether these programs are keeping us safe or not. And it targets the same countries that were under a law that President Obama signed. Actually. Sensed that first executive order to now has removed the country of Iraq does Iraq actually stepped up to the plate. It started working with the US authorities on what records are available on how the process works and what is given for basis screening. Also winning somebody else who wanted to tell me exactly and Saudi Arabia work what historic march with us in Iraq that we wanna work with it says there are removed from the list. Between the two executive orders. Today's sitcoms concepts concerted effort to concentrated effort. Present trop to try to keep us safe from areas a terrorist habits. Well they're certainly had no dearth of things to talk about congressman Duncan I appreciate your taking time to discuss these issues. With me this afternoon I wish there was more we can do about this judicial activism I can tell you that. Well. Two to dissolve the ninth Circuit Court will be the first thing and that's one thing that we're looking at what narcotics is still we can do legislatively to do that. Excellent because at the very least that would certainly send a message. Yeah actually will pop this and they called boats have got to go bad pleasure thanks for foreign issues and not. Thank everybody back there that are receiving the robocalls send out watching the commercials where there but green and made us support this bad piece of legislation. Just up there with amonte to an eye toward job and on the campaign trail do everything I can't repeal this ban law. Well right back actor congressman Duncan thanks for what you're doing and standing up for what's right there in DC and you're swimming against a tide every game we appreciate your time answer. Yes sir thanks Bob you're not gonna last 22 after five here on the body Mac should take a quick break here and then be right back. And we'll go to the phones Ingles advantage talk line number 80347106. Story. Be right back. Yeah I certainly agree with this text your body out congressman Duncan isn't swimming against a tide he's treading sewage. And done no kidding about me Michael Long way over the donkey and a Bob public broadcasting got cut I certainly hope so. Yeah there was a story in the Washington Post when night in PR man introduced their new headquarters. On north capitol street where they 201 million dollar price tag. I'd go to Google story at ala Tim I don't I'll send him a link to it money penny you can post a they built themselves a pilot's. On this thing is 400000. Square feet. On soaring ceilings a wellness center and employee jam and and a gourmet cafe staffed by a resident share. Incredible. And this is another perfect example of nobody nobody cares how much it costs. If you're not paying for it. We would all along with congressman Duncan had been burned running up on the news here at the bottom of the hour but I wanna share when the story about Michael Savage. The F syndicated talk show host. He went out to have dinner took a total pool when I'm apparently has little Poodle goes within just about everywhere. And I went out to have to have dinner and ended up being attacked by yes some irate Lou and and while left in my bloodied and shaken won't get either. Details on that when we come back on the other side here on the body Mac show on Thursday on 1063. WL RD. Oh. He had you know it was that just a matter of time before there was a nice big wrecked in front of the well. Slowing everything down Q a pace of a sloth. While we originally suggested snail but we decided snail was way too quick and they netted downed a 539 welcome back body Mac show I mentioned on this story of Roy went to the break for the news in the bottom of the hour. Story all over the media today and Michael Savage syndicated talk show host. Out on the day he launched his new book. About the fierce sometimes violent opposition to Donald Trump and his presidency. Radio talk show host Michael Savage was assaulted. By a stranger in a San Francisco Bay Area resident. Savage with his total Poodle 108. Was finishing up dinner Tuesday night at serve Reno restaurant in Tiburon California rent cross the bay. North of San Francisco. When the unnamed assailant charged up to mine and began yelling. The attacker kick the Poodle out of the way. Grabbed savage and threw him to the ground according to eyewitnesses. Savage was not seriously hurt but the incident left him bloodied and shaken his attorney savages attorney Dan Horowitz. Told them a blogger he he will seek criminal charges. Not quote we are going to seek felony charges against the man we're going to investigate this as a hate crime because of Michael's political videos. In a statement savage said he was leaving the restaurant when a total stranger. Following me out of the restaurant and confronted me. I he was saying he kept repeating over and over again Wiener. Al which has sent mr. savage his real name is legal name savage and I turned to limits and go away I don't know who you are. I turned to leave and he pushed me and I fell down he moved toward need to push me down and he showed my ten pound Poodle out of the way to get it may. He's lied and said I pushed him that's absurd both of my hands were holding onto thanks. Savages new book Trump's war his battle for America. Came out this week. So will. It bench and Tripoli. I hate crime of course you know San Francisco. Good luck that. Bobby Mack forgive me for not having listened analog enough to know. But who is Robert F hole McClain of Albemarle North Carolina. I just requires some explanation it's not actually Robert F holt McClain it's Robert F and hope. HO PE hope McLean. Albemarle North Carolina and what the but the Weiner says is the body Mac show is a product of the Robert F and hope McLean manufacturing company. Albemarle North Carolina that's my mom and both of whom are are gone sadly so that's kind of my way of remembering him. To the phones we all had so let's bring in Rodney let's talk about the travel ban Rodney welcomed Michelle. Thank you Bob are you know on so far so good. Web guard the ball so that trump should just ignore the order from the federal judge that he is well within that constitutional authority to do that. Am the I think he should you know and god what happened. I think that's sound advice is well and there is precedent. For this recent precedent anti humor don't we had the they're oil Derrick they do blew up in the Gulf of Mexico. Yeah and the big oil spilled down there. Yeah a lot of the Obama administration had banned all drilling in the gulf for a period of time. On the oil companies took him to court and they won. And they federal district court judge. For that district in Louisiana. Issued a restraining order telling the federal government. They didn't have the authority. To tell all these people they couldn't do any drilling there. And the right and the Obama administration proceeded to ignore it. It's time certainty executive branch and the legislative branch to let the judicial branch now how much power they really have over. I remember the judicial Blatche really house. And let us know in power that Adams to the executive branch and the story wrong to the congress. I am let the chips are they may hand how leg irons and I get a good shot at by the order you know I think on the US marshals let alone it's. Well that's exactly a good question it's kind of ironic. That president trump was visiting other Herman into the birthplace of Andrew Jackson who had one of the most famous. I've dust ups with a a Supreme Court over moving the cherokees west of the Mississippi. Yeah and and other charities rather than not going on the warpath went to court and sued president Jackson. I opted to try and stop they're being moved the Supreme Court ruled in their favor. And informed the president you can't do this Andrew Jackson famously replied great there's your ruling where your army to support. That's the end they would try and stop these alerts and these will. Lose the you've been there grow old Opel and brought him little room. And then we ran them amenable to get the winter because congress and the president that we were alien. I'm just not stop them they can they got the power to do so yeah it's good haven't done it. And and down. The on this finalists approach the day K what are they afraid that the media is gonna write nasty stuff about them they're gonna. Of the oxygen and seed. I enjoy doing all wonder there are pouring about reelection and helpless and met the congressman don't wanna take the heat and apparently president Tony they're about. Well. There's another ironic that the reason that these justices are appointed rather than elected is to make maintain their impartiality. In this and in point of fact. Now they're making decisions not based on law on what's written law passed by congress but based on their own individual political ideology. Somebody tell strong they are now warning of reminders that. He doesn't need a federal judge's. Approval. To do what we already have the right opportunity so all authority to do help. Absolutely and it's and it's ridiculous on its face I mean who knows more about. What's going on on the security aspects of protecting American citizens the president of the United States who gets briefed every day on it. By our intelligence agencies or some federal district court judge in Hawaii or in the state of Washington national ludicrous. Exactly you know he is. He's ever elected to protect us not these federal drug dose. I I would agree a 100% I I think judgment collar town of advice is is now shut off. A firestorm in the media but so what they always have their panties in a lot about something. If it's about time that you know not court Scott pat back in the place they've been the man placed her. Thirty years now. Well certainly have certainly Obama was not to not shy about flexing the muscles. With constitutional overreach when he was in office and yet what president trump wants to do is fully constitutional it's not it's. I appreciate the call Ronnie thanks for joining us today at 54614. Before six here on the body Mac show. Rolling on the 5 o'clock follies here on Thursday. Thanks. Welcome back great to have you on Thursday afternoon the wrong went on here are the 5 o'clock follies. In on the text align this afternoon 71 threes are seven. About that a sweeper referencing me Robert F and hope McLean manufacturing company of Albemarle. Texas to really nice touch of class Bob my mom. Is from just a little farther north in Lexington I have lots of good memories of riding through Albemarle as a child in the eighty's and ninety's. On the way to his and our relatives I grew up in forest but much prefer to call the Piedmont. Home. A bomb maybe this is redundant but it banning people on the basis of religion. Is illegal in this judge's opinion. Then shouldn't the. A bomb was Michael Savage is a little Poodle. Okay. Yes as far as we know Teddy. A little Poodle it's fine. I'm Bob that would also be a fine sounding name for a furniture company I would death. We assure that we had outsourcing to China advocate. Labor costs on to any other. A bomb normally assaulting a male holding a Poodle in San Francisco would be a crime anyway. Last. Trump conservative pain and Bob trump supporter here I really don't understand why he isn't pushing back. If all of the listeners understand these powers why isn't he do anything about it. Well as as congressman Duncan and I were supposing. Maybe president trump is giving up Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and the other rhinos enough rope with which to hang themselves in other words. This health care bill goes down to a resounding defeat goes down and claims and then they're forced to start all over. And I start all over I mean repeal obamacare step one. Oh in this text message now landed in the box in the last humanness is well hey Bob. You need to mind your own business about the gas tax. You have no idea how many administrative costs we have on these roads we have to buy paper. And pencils. And well lots of other stuff. Thanks signed Hugh. Florence, South Carolina. A. Hey Bob how what this president trump should now sign an executive order. To settle all of these Syrian refugees in Hawaii. Since this federal judge there's so when pursued and then protecting him and their welfare. Let's see how that goes over with the liberals rare. I'm sure they'd love it. Yeah. And of course and judge Obama is in Hawaii right now about it but we can drawn a connection when that. And the fact that the judge there issued disorder was a Harvard Law School classmate. Of Barack Hussein Obama. Nobody decide Greeneville police car and on the side it said serving protecting. Caring. Whatever happened to just serve and protect. Really caring and I don't care if you care about me I just like you that's urban protect me. Gotcha. Now when we come back. One more hour yet to go here in the body inaction the bonus hour. Michael Savage getting assaulted by a listener president trump getting electronically. Assaulted. Buying out of whack O leftists like count. Snoop dog trying to resurrect his career I guess I'm doing a video where he appears to shoot the president. And there's there's no blowback. On this. The ride back. Bonus hour some noise next.