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Mar 16, 2017|

Daniel Brannon with AFP discusses gas tax; Smart meters

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Cranking out here great to have you along on this substantially warmer than yesterday Thursday here on the body Mac show and as always your input. Is invited to encourage and welcome stand by special guest coming up momentarily. Only taking your calls sack coming up shortly here. Ingles advantage top line number told free from anywhere is 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. Might email address bomb and 1063. WL RG dot com 11 note as well that phone number where they commercials that are running. Asking people to call the number two support Neil Garcia each and his appointment to the Supreme Court. It's confusing because they mention when you call the number they mentioned Chuck Schumer. Who of course is an opponent. Of a mr. gore surged to go to the Supreme Court it's so it's kind of convoluted. But what they're doing is they're asking people to call or getting in touch with senator Schumer office. In an attempt to encourage Helm. To change his vote. On the course which nomination OK so it actually is as it as it purports to be it's not some kind of a sign up subversive Covert kind of thing. It is just jumped kind of ate pork construct a gases the whale would put it. I we welcome back of the program rename my friend Daniel Brenner and he of course is in South Carolina State director of Americans for prosperity Daniel how are you today. I'm doing great and just to pick up on the out on the Schumer saying there are. More about federal projects were working on ultimate support. I just corsets and he confirmed so are more important and reaching out to senator you emerged to reach out that red state Democrat than you make that trump one. Simply do that. Yeah because there are number of those individuals sub in states where Donald Trump. One wide margins of victory back in November who are going to be up for reelection very soon and maybe. The rethinking their positions in light of current events. Absolutely piece of poor record in support free speech and support the constitution Second Amendment then Newport searches on the bet it will be. Some talk a continual leak. Yeah I think he was a great selection as well. So meantime closer to home I'm coming up die here very shortly. Now we're gonna get down to the nitty gritty on this gas tax proposal and we talked to went. About just how horrible it is but if you're unaware of what's contained in this thing. On this time around it's a 75%. Gas tax hike. And a host of other new fees. Such as higher motor fuel registration increased. A new infrastructure maintenance free a new user fee on hybrid vehicles and the list goes on and on. In all they wanna take an additional. 800 million dollars a year. From you and me and dumping it into a system which they're well aware is politically corrupt. But dollar have been unwilling to do anything to change our friends and AFP have been very willing. To try and persuade people to vote the right way on this including with a special event coming up next week right. That's exactly right and in the most important thing he said they're not just tactic whopper. It didn't either going up and the media and newspaper you read. The other reporter in local TV station they're reading the press release this problem. On the that the groups and special and personal legislators are looking into the lot more than six to ten dollars a month and that's very important to your what Eric keep in mind. And certainly make you wonder where investigative journalism ever went. Adding to disappear along commentary hasn't derided. But on eight exactly why that we're we're tapping it not change the tax rally stayed out on Tuesday at 130. On the senate couldn't markets in the caught senate every senator that ought to make it at the chamber have to walk like they're cracked her up volunteers and activists stepped up look at mignon we're gonna we're leading. Would pay a group of aligned organization. Ever actually it's really up on what democratic. The personal consecration leak is to get that. Independent automobile that is not dealers association. AFP PDA at the Club for Growth. We have up on six senators Hillary become lieutenant governor in the heat air I mean we eat the roots. We've got a lot of momentum on our side it's not a lot talked to governor Mitt you're. But he is against the gas tax we're calling him to go a step further and an acting did Ito in gas tax increase because we capped the reform. The DOT couldn't keep sending money to Colombia and expecting different outcome look which in her problem. Yeah and sadly I think a lot of people are are unaware. Of what goes on under the radar or behind the scenes and and it's easy to understand why people are not aware of it. But abiding by design. These appointments to the governing boards and the SE DOT. And the state infrastructure bank effectively. Are controlled by two individuals. The speaker of the House of Representatives and the president pro Tamil senate. And there's no other state in America. The against. As as few in number as tool legislators. This much power in their hands this kind of influence over how and where and win road money is spent. That's exactly right and you know at the end of the day are 1890 dot com state constitution was written. In 88 very different time it was written cheaper eight governor. Or India and he beat governor in America. And it's important I think about that because the parent you know a 112. Years and backup Q and Burton. Earned 220 years achievement and constitution Burton. And into the change you know when governor run trot your seem to say. I'm gonna fix the roads or I'm gonna fix education right in our state right now would we don't have the ability to do it and so were doing next to each day. And we're showing Hugh leatherman the pampered camper president. And and hated democratic colleagues who long. Former Democrat there are now Republicans and I have been running that are a long time you do not have the votes to app for gas act because they don't let him and try and all week. To try to get this that GAAP tax bill on special order. He even has three Democrats worried about paper about it in my twenty Republicans are huge stock got a very very bad week eating it GAAP packed on. On special order. And it's his entire free speech bill on Tuesday failed miserably our constitutional ground ready. Help me here and you know and in and he couldn't happen to a nicer not. Definitely Decker basically that is what happened what a remarkable billion extra dollar a year old little are the guys are to control the Arctic but. Blocked extra billion dollar to holdover members of the senate that he can say. You don't go with me you're not getting sick I would expect or not getting that Brooke you're not getting that this pothole fixed and in. You know I play it down a little silly 11 pot holder Albert you had happened unit now seven years he. It has made it very endorsing an eerie in that thing to watch but that eagle eagle there are people that whether Democrat or all the. Yup absolutely is not averse to using the power of his office to a twist arms and try and not win friends and influence people when it's sad. When you see the sheer raw greed. That's on display in Colombia I mean well let's go back. I'm a senator Tom Davis wrote an op Ed precision when I first took office in 2009. We spent one billion dollars a year. On Roche now after regular and steady increases spending on roads is 2.2 billion dollars. Yet despite this 120%. Increase in spending. Many of our states rose remain in bad condition so why are we getting the results that we should see when they're obviously pointing a money bear. Well it knowing topic how to represented the sound billion extra dollars to put their budget which might well be extra billion yet he has even here there's another billion mine. Several 109 and a lot he yours each year that have been out so. What you very clear about that the reason that the EMT had not been able. The war. They're job is because they pat they have and indeed being in the same bed at the legislator politically or call up the next day to their commissioner of the that they appoint. We need it on when he got on the plane went up with the ball highway but six people travel on our yet borrowing her away yeah it's exactly. He will we're we're black in this state happen in exceptionally qualified he would keep secretary earning under water act chewed up and say that ball like that she is. The system set up that failed the system except the paper the powerful. Our special interests and how old legislator and stayed out particularly. The senator from towards our president or temporary yup and and anyone that is able to sit on the infrastructure bank board. I mean not for the money gone and again I think I told your listeners the other day a lot week. I'm a more count we have an updated and mentally. Bomb from the infrastructure bank and tell you as a as a they're gonna Warrick county I put my state personal like counting interspersed now what are what's there to thank. GM buys are needed to and it would be nice if we had some transparency so we could see exactly where this money is being spent and I've had people ask me all the time while why don't we do audits. On a state infrastructure bank on SE DOT in there had been audits but never. An audit looking specifically for for all. You that's exactly right and and you know I think I think that that brought to wait a while ago and I am sure there are still. But a good bit of it going on the picket thing about that being a big debate. Statewide slots earlier that a lot of odd ball on unity. Do you see it just stopped in answer to a commission secretary enters to legislatively appointed commission to get the governor at the right to appoint now taken place yet. You are and and that legislation change yeah. Legislative powers that be appoint their friend back coming here and get to project that they want. That you know turn for their local area and so you know until we have respect. Secretary Beckett entered the governor pat and your last year by the world church or state where it's our highways for economic development we're going to be stuck in the same park Mara we've been stuck in order electoral Bert get or mark despite being. Billions of extra dollar of common Colombia over the last several years. Arguing Daniel Brennan you see in South Carolina State director Americans for prosperity you mentioned and that does Hugh leatherman has had a a rough weekend NAND my heart bleeds for you guys is is. It is this in large measure or a result of my constituents from various senators and representatives from the house. Making their feelings known that and coming out of the roughest economy that we've had since the Great Depression of the last thing we need is a new taxed are they are they feeling the heat from the blow back in other words. Although that certainly is how it's just an embarrassment when it comes to hear not doing Keith because over not. Under it or it's grace seven eat an accident in order to get word somehow that's become mapped out the senate. Are paid political and Tony Republicans in the senate there now are Democrats are against that he's losing control you can control right now because. They're hurt from the constituents whether you're Democrat or Republican from a rural area or. An and they're just tired of go along get along and Letterman dollar in capital and his cronies they're conserving it for thirty plus years right. In today like I told you before you know this election year and the election year before that or your earlier. You're almost half of the senator ardent you. Being out that that the big difference you know back in the day elected than any either. Thirty year yep not the case anymore and today definitely hurt their constituents and so the arc and I can just make one Lee you know we do have our rally coming out on Tuesday. Odd marks the 21 at 130 stayed out. If you're not able to make it I know that the U had a great text actual campaign here on WORD but. Well in perhaps we have paid a detect actual campaign you act the word tank attacked and attacked G five Q8 86. You record will be sent to your state senator and while the governor master Patel and eat that he felt that the shortsighted and you're spot of the legislation and. Excellent batch search could work Daniel and we'll we'll pass that information along. Not as well as our. Not call CA LL a 71307. And gov GOV. The 71307. To contact your legislator or governor Daniel thanks a lot for your time today again. The tank the tax rally. At the Statehouse next Tuesday gets under way what about 130 years sellers are right. There are and now and we hope that that will. Be enough of a show of force. That these good old boys in Columbia won't get the message of this is exactly the wrong bill. At exactly the wrong time to try and increase the gas tax along with all the other increase since they're looking to Daniel thanks very much for your time always grated chocolate. My pleasure have a good afternoon sir twenty minutes after four here on the body Mac should take a quick break here and then right back with more again that's. Hash tag. Tank the tax. Text that 252886. For more contact information be right back. Welcome back great to have you on 26 after four here on AM Bobby Mack show again. If you miss those numbers 71307. Is our tax line number you can text the word call. And now Gaby your legislator here we are senator. And you can text the word gov GOV anatomy to contact information for the governor to encourage him to veto any bill should come to his desk. And of course as. Daniel mentioned they also have a set up tank the tax and next to the the number that text that 252886. Aren't. Five to 86 tank attacks and that also will give you. Your contact information to the phones we go let's bring in numb like he has in Greenville Ohio Mike and welcome to the shell. Hey I'm in Indonesia in one agenda so determined that I guess I was on the phone with the group are today right. And I got some information comes out. That little Smart device at a time now. Are you out a new Smart meters. Yeah okay here's the situation. You can you can call them and you can you can get there unless of course and I'll call you back and I don't know that that you want to skip the list. Second they don't in November. They are going to send paperwork out of people to do want to talk now. And yet it's about people who bought the Avalon. And then there's no bombshell. Is that they want to pay for the new year an impediment to try to. Half. Well that's that's that's probably not going to be a surprise to a lot of people that's and that sounds pretty typical sadly. Yeah unfortunately. I've got a number of the person. You can call and talk to if you want it. Sure. Yeah it 1704382. Your 76 say. Okay. To do you understand that it would you don't get a Charl quite Porter. Can't and and I'm I'm gonna go back and find an email that I received late in the show yesterday to. About the Smart meters a whether they've made it what what function may actually serve because there is some confusion I think. About the other ones are gonna put in but does this hurt possibly something for us to talk about with Duke Energy have our news department talked to them as well and and see exactly. Now what what the purpose of the Smart meters as an infant she has done an update. A more efficient ways of measuring your energy or for its event substantially more than that. We definitely great to get that thing now and everybody with a local car technology that much about all the debate right. That you don't know I can procure. And I all right so. Am. You know our guide yeah. Matt led. Haven't felt in the water it is that you're right and it happens you know my outlook. If you know we got permission from the commission I'm not sure who it is it's like the MG. Commissioner or something like that yeah and you've created several times and I just don't ever apologize for that. I would encourage people to call that look I'm not yet been here there aren't arbiter. When did I misunderstand I thought she said in the beginning of the conversation my dermatology you can opt out. You can when did and what they're gonna do it. When you walk out they're leaving Detroit there you dictate that they want you you well you and you body. Knee out. Not Smart and don't talk. I got just so you can opt out but there's so. Essentially a penalty attached to that. Yes yes sir and you wanted to tell monthly charge not. Yeah gotcha I appreciate the information Mike thanks a lot and and I'm. Well I will look into this further too I'm curious in finding out. Exactly what the Smart meters contained here's an email and I got yesterday well I actually am right up against and yes I'll share the email and got a yesterday. The handsome. Maybe I'm on a deeper explanation of the Smart meter deal when we come back on the other side of the news here on the body Mac show on Thursday on 1063. WL RG. Money penny tells me she's in first place. And they bracket challenge contest. Whitewater grand total of two games so far against downtrend the early game today I guess overlook the noontime games. Over went out out to check and see how I'm doing now holding my breath. About these Smart meters I got this eight yes are we having had a fairly thorough discussion about this for. A portion of the program and nine James sent along this email and had some information on Vegas is interest and said Bob I believe were mistaking. Load management devices with smarmy looks Smart meters referred to meters and talk back and forth when a home office. They are limited to sending a reading and how much demand a given meter hand on the grip. Some Smart meters also come with you that confused me also come with the ability to be shut off or turned on from the home office. Smart meters are able to communicate only with other Smart meters radio transmitting meters through only one way. And two collectors. Load devices work by limiting usage of high demand appliances. Such as the heat pump. I would encourage your listeners to do a little research into the technology. It's more likely that power companies will go to prepaid billing. And then carrying what you watch on TV are saying in your home. It sounds silly but is a real possibility so is not time premium billing. On that is to say charging more for peak time usage hope this helps from a James thank you James and does help. And and I got him on the tax line. You this question about good Smart meter be away for Big Brother to control the public that is go along with a government or had your power cut off in the initial. Installation proposal for Smart meters and I'm trying to remember who is in the state of Washington. R&R again. They were talking about actually being able to control the thermostat in your home. Now from the from the power company and you may remember this was something in Obama. I was all over remember him saying something like you know why can't just gonna eat everything you wanted every meal went. You can't just center Terry missed and it sent any to land the thing globally and all the smallest guy on. So I yelled that was part and parcel of a now that there was such outrage even from the lefty it's. Over the snow level of control. Over the the amount of air conditioning or heat you could using your own home. That the idea was shelved out there. I crystal is next up on the phone and is in no Lawrence hello crystal and welcome to show. Well thank you got it maps from land track and just let yeah I'm avenue B and just like Becker. Public asset attack today he would entertain every day blunt candid and they hide so much higher court. Well I'm happy god because that's that's constructive. And it's it's productive and it's contributing to the economy. Admit that I used to look and it can pick and my partner. Let's put as a longtime listener of your station on that mom out like you know a lot but my publicist or props on the dirt hit it. The point I'm making is we have alcohol in it Daytona Beach, Florida and Florida power and I. It started this Smart leader business down there about five years ago that we belong to a Tea Party. Group an Indy its worst critic supply and for a lot of ill opt out of rich people live whatever whatever's out. I urge your ear listeners should do their homework because I. I also got my little post starts here at this as did powers gonna put Smart meters and dirt just reading something I'm not certain acute differences are fine. As. California outlawed them years ago and I know the Tea Party government really went up against that. Is watching at least spots I had to pay a hundred dollars up front seat should he not have a Smart meter home. The reason why I get it humorous one year ago. And that meter coming into my house is five feet away from my iPad went on slate and yeah. So here we go in outwardly and drop in I get a letter from Egypt now I went out I just it would be it but the fact it was going to be. It's a hundred dollar fine upfront. By prevalent sang and danced and thirty dollars a month. Your actor to be not and a Smart meter. So that means that can be bought 30460. Purse for the first year washer electorate. And not meet. While so how do you you you do have the the capability of opting out. By duke is gonna make sure that you pay for the privilege. Yeah it's it's slop arson sort it's thirty dollars here in South Carolina. A Lister can I do not mean weak spot and bought and slaw. But unfortunately these are these are picked dogs and they got it can actually somehow woods would get power flower power and light drop to act dead. There's nothing you can do on the UK college complaining contemplate but its residents on right now. Thirty dollars a month Plosser electorate for here in South Carolina. In a hundred dollar up front seat I don't know why comes to detect a bureaucratic sank. To get on that set themselves body I get pieces here think about it the bad part about it is our cap here in Atlanta I'm. Electric heater coming in is three feet away from my hat like it a lot to I wanna get the Braintree is back because there's a lot of controversy. About. On the radioactive. Radioactive they've taken passages from everybody your neighbor aside. That was what the one congress saying yeah it's it's it's information gathering. And yes I do believe they have the power to turn things down and up according to. You know Florida we have the air conditioning thanks a worm called the time. I got these are updates to act that's a lot of money that popped. Yeah I think I think many of us are gonna have to do some serious thinking on this as well and this may be. Up another battle. That we end up taking on we'll see. We come back and forth every few weeks Bobby. And stirring earns just like somebody that they just turn it I'd ever but he didn't all. No this is come out of the blue. And oh yes wow and we've sort of known. That they were moving in this direction for some time but in terms of practical application of their proceeding with installation of these. No advance warning that certainly I'm aware of anyway. All secret that said thank you look at that tell your callers when they Colin and I called it the other day and I'm the kind of help them it's because they don't want heavier. Meter reader to block an empty out your driveway all the time anymore now that can read that Peter from home. Pop as they don't have to have anybody come anymore but while twelve dollar vs thirty a lot of. Shall now it's certainly is. Your home park like I said this started fibers six years ago in Florida with the Tea Party yourselves against that night. There's nothing to do you had to pay an opt out there just dealt with Smart. You know just just too powerful lobby outside that is now what Kristol thanks very much for the information I'm glad you're doing better now. And not thanks for joining the audience initially driven resort. Yeah I am doing much better thank you I appreciate it. Will do thanks and aren't I crystal I appreciate agree to have year 447 here on the body match you know. Now Bob I came home text line came home and had a note on the front door from duke power they'd installed a new Smart meter. Without asking. They write back. Welcome back great to have you on Thursday afternoon as Leo roll along here together. It's 8 minutes before 5 o'clock in on the tax line 71 threes are examined Bonnie Mac just played nine holes at rolling green. Shot six over. And and I hadn't if it hadn't been for that triple on number two terrible blow me. Would have been allowed to underscore and those those others. Have a way of not kicking. The entire days. Score. Sadly. I'm Bob received my tax bill for mine auto this week a portion of this is designated as a road maintenance tax. Why do they need at a gas tax to that. Not because you want more money. Is he had they always want more money when it's for education in house hope it's for the kids we must do this for the children. And and minutes after the rose oh it's it's for drivers' safety. So we should throw good money after bad by giving the same guys that allowed the roads to get in the condition they're in the first place. More money to be able to what fix the problem. They created. The problem. At the end my email this afternoon. From David. This is a statement. If you go to the Duke Energy web site. And has stuff about Smart meters in courting the question. What are the benefits of having a Smart meter. And the answer of the Duke Energy website says Smart meters have some immediate benefits such as remote reading. Alexander Hamilton guy troop and through your yard. Having a Smart meter well also significantly reduce the need for us to estimate. Bills. And now David put that aside in there so these guys have been estimating might energy bill. And I assume a day did it in their favor and not in mine. That's probably a save the center. Significantly reduce the need for us to. Estimate bills so your energy bill will reflect your actual would you sick. Funny. On the night either but I kind of had bought. That my energy bill did. Represent my actual usage. Rather than I guess sort imagine making your gun I know that 15100 kilowatt hours out and out. And these meters also allow for faster new service. Lastly the Smart meter will captured daily energy usage data. That will help inform why assert energy decisions. Why essar energy decisions. Decisions made by. Whom. He queried. Wise or energy decisions made by meat. Or wiser energy decisions made by brig brother because it's a 105 outside. And they wanted to send my air conditioner at 75 or 77 degrees. Or the opposite situation and the winner. This isn't little on the disturbing side will continue to look into it also disturbing. Radio talk show host gets attacked in public. And people wonder why go around armed critical. 5 o'clock follies kicks off where that story coming up next.