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Mar 16, 2017|

Paul Ryan; Trump; Tax returns; Travel ban; Wire taps

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I don't know I've I was I was thinking it's a cold. Although my baby don't Brenda last night was insisting none out you don't have a cold it's allergies. On stuff that's been not pollinating air she could be right. Could well be right we will we'll save and at least. It's it's getting better the other suggestion I had yesterday somebody should get these out fishermen's friend. Wasn't as wow. Boy will lay out clear here so this is but it's got stuff. Add my voice is not completely back to game and at least it's a step closer moving in the right direction that's kind. How well howdy greetings and welcome salutation. And hoops day all policy everybody getting all excited. At the basketball it's gone on in town starting tomorrow practices today and all that by the way coming up the odds. Then you have picked a perfect bracket. Now gang will I will do that. Great to have you along today we have done a number of guests lined up it's going to be a busy Thursday. Here on the program. In the meantime here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation today just a grab your phone using eight Ingles advantage talk line number. That's told free from anywhere is 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number is 71307. And my email address is Bob. At 1063. WORD. Dot com. In my email. On actually known in my snail mail I should say. In closed and aid package. And I received when I got back after being off for a week to have Naia my latest about what some surgery. Was a note. Not inside a package and I opened the package up and had a goodies and that. And that's no Bobby Mack so many days I've worked on cookies and cookie Molson listening to your program. I thought it was time to express my thanks for you keeping me entertained and informed. Enclosed are some mice spring girly cookies at spring ER LE spring early cookies. I hope you'll enjoy them they're made from eggs sugar salt hard shorn past eleven and water women oil butter and flour crunching on the outside but soft and Giuliani inside. My best regards Ken Hamilton beat Spain girly. Baker thank you can appreciate that. Reminds me of one mile time favorite cartoons. Why what do you jailing him and then. And he isn't even indicating to me that you like to sample some just in how she is the official royal taster. Decimation of their you know nobody poisoned me. One a mile time favorite far side cartoons. You see it igloo. And toppled the igloo was bitten off and there's two polar bears standing on top of the England went sane and the other unaware of these sects. Crunching on the outside and soft and chewy onions. Manitoba. The. I sell anyway. I'm Bobby McEnroe my wife says they Margarito will cure anything up enough welcome. May not be cured but did you reach a point where it's no longer a a matter of concern to. You catch my drift. I don't know one of the mad as we keep ahead of the break here remind me to come back investors yesterday when we were doing. It was amazing true facts I'm only the woman that was on the Qantas airliner. Flying from mutt and a way to Australia. And I shoot she fell asleep when their headphones on. Not the headphones with the airlines provides are young and even know if they still provide inputs are not helping to do anymore. They don't provide anything you know the next thing you know you're gonna have to use a visa card to get in the restroom on the point. Anyhow you is. Snoozing away Kazaa it's like a I think it's like fourteen hours a way to Australia. It's so it's a long flight. Anyhow she's asleep with the headphones on and the next thing she knows she smelled something burning and it's Kirk. Her headphones caught on fire. And ashy snatched him often and up with a some burns on her face and her hands and through the headphones on before they melted to the floor. Incredible as we go to the break we were able to get some audio that was actually recorded. On that. Monty and has puzzled look on her face when she's not sure just how valid this may be. Anyway we the Bobby Mack semi professional players have managed to procure some of the audio from that point so Sharon when. I mentioned as we're getting under way. I probably heard the statistic you have a one in nine point two Quinn trillion chance. A filling out a perfect in C double A tournament bracket and that's technically true. Kind of like much of what we hear in the news it's true but not quite accurate. Okay. That number is based on you flipping according to predict every game. And in reality there are certain things are almost certain to happen in the tournament. I like the four number one seeds beating the four number sixteen seats sixteen has never beaten a one right now 160 people. And if you follow basketball during the year you can make educated predictions about other games as well. Upset will always happen and that's where you need some luck obviously but all in all your odds of a perfect bracket and aren't all that bad. According to ESP and folks in our sister station there. If you have even a passing knowledge of college basketball your odds of a perfect bracket are about one. In one to two billion. Not not obviously. That's that's a long shot you know that's like. The odds of your singing about how high the mood when you get hit by telstar okay. Crazy on the way better than none nine point two Quinn Chileans. To want. The don't the first four. Those games and have I think I got both against. Think about statistics are wrong so hopefully I got down the misses out of the way will will keep track of course from their bracket challenge. As Rio proceed along. In the touch line Bobby a teaspoon of a local honey a day will take care of all your allergies tam. From mom. M I guess a small and connect. Hi glad to hear you feel better Paul makes an extra strength. Indeed some straight moonshine to chase it add to cooled down. While. Bobby did you know that saint Patrick was not Irish. He was an English missionary to Ireland. He was a first unsuccessful. In converting the nation from month drew its. True. That your body is the patron saint. Of oh sounds like your current politicians and I'm. He only gained a voice. Saint Patrick this is after purposely insulting all of the hand held traditions. Of the end drew gods. And as a result was not struck dead. As a result massive conversions. While ago. And that's where the sounds like your current politician can sometimes these are split up and there's so confusing on the tax line. I'm Bob I don't give a rat's rear end what Lindsey Graham thinks or what he sets. I certainly in the upstate of South Carolina you would be in the metro. OK I hear is the the audio that we managed to fine. I turn up. Of the other poor woman on the Qantas airlines flight with the exploding headphones to. Can we roll that tape players. I should just twenty. What kind. That's not funny. Not funny. Quarter after three years the mommy match or take a quick break and we'll be right back as we proceed on year on Thursday. The bunny match on 1063 WORD. I wrecked. Welcome back great to have you along twenty minutes after three here on this Thursday afternoon so I noticed him Paul Ryan was making nice today. And AM they had a big thing now with saint patty's day coming up tomorrow man on a big deal. And and a big luncheon and the president spoke can now Paul Ryan spoke as well. This this was out earlier this was during his weekly news conference. The guest speaker of the house seeking to dispel impressions. Pardon me that there were tensions between himself. And president trump I have no idea. How those rumors may have started that speaker Ryan. Talking about dispelling those today by saying this. I would say that there is no intrigued palace intrigue a divisions between the principles. I can't speak for low level staffers I can't speak for outside groups. But the principles. The chief of staff the vice president the budget director in the HHS secretary the president self we're all on the same page we talk constantly. Our teams are working together. So there really is no skis and whatsoever. And that president boy what a great guy. What a great guy what a great president. 101 a leader. Do Yani Yani ya. In an unfunny Paul Ryan is saying this today. As recently as October. In we had discovered now. As he attorneys would say ex post facto after the fact. Assam leaked audio well Paul Ryan saying this. About the man who become president of the United States here's Paul Ryan in October. I am not going to depend on all talk not now not in the future. I'll let you probably didn't buy it can't help. My first commercial bishops about GOP event this week at nothing to do every year and I'm not going to be campaigning with him over the next thirty days. Now that now we'll get deported in context. I that was after the you know week to audio from non from the blouse with Billy bush and all that stuff. But. Quite are quite a change of heart. From the guest speaker of the house whom frankly. I don't have much confidence in in terms of here's. Conservative values Al the president was on last night. Went that Tucker Carlson. On now Fox News and he talked about a number of different things including. On the constitution. Here's president drop can I read this you listen to how well I'll say this this this piece is not from Tucker Carlson. The other sound byte is a this is from mark the out event that he did earlier in the day. Can I read this you listen to it and now we're all Smart people raw goods and where everything some of that sentence but even if your vegetable. This is a really easy one let me tell you ready so here's a statute which they don't even wanna quote. When the overall. It was put here for the security of our country. Now listen easy how easy this is whenever the president finds. That the entry. Of any aliens. Or any class of aliens would be detrimental to the interest of the United States. He laying. By proclamation. And for such period as he still wasn't politically correct these issues that he or she you know today did say that. That's. Actually that's the only mistake they made. So let's president trump and he's quoting Gilani could not be on more correct. This this line is a straightforward. As he could possibly be looked the president. Has the authority and the riot no legal standing to be able to do this but these these judges Colin by the way the judge in Hawaii. I went to Harvard Law School Jesse was one of his classmates. Was not. Barack Hussein Obama edges and yes. Obama by the way just happens to be in Hawaii. And same time the judge issues a ruling. But we should not draw any connection from that the same way we should not draw any connection and any complicity. I'm on anything going on behind the scenes such as when not. Attorney general Loretta lynch. Met on the airport tarmac in Phoenix with former President Bill Clinton right before the DOJ and the FBI. Were about to announce the results of their investigation into Hillary's female server. But we're not supposed. To draw any conclusions. From. So outlook it's it's obvious. These so called jurists. Are not making a ruling on the law if they were hurt. And this would have been a slam dunk you heard the president and I quote I've quoted the statute on here probably half a dozen times. I during that period of time when the present and to issued these two temporary orders. It could not be more stark. This is fully aware than the responsibility and the legal authority the president today it'll. But these leftist judges. I want to essentially create new law out of whole cloth rather than ruling on the law passed by congress. Or in our constitution. Means nothing to. There's no you can't discriminate against Muslims there's nothing in the order the discriminate against Muslims. In restricts. Refugees. From countries that have a history of exporting terrorism. From coming year. I guess there well that's just a convert. Well if it's a cover of wonder see vast majority. Almost exclusively. The out terrorism that has been experienced around the world wars coming from. Right from Islam. So on. There you go and and some of these son I don't know from a legal standpoint in the judges should be impeached. Probably not. Very difficult to impeach a federal judge. Alcee Hastings is the only run and I can think of and they got him for taking bribes down a Miami. But. They're gonna have to figure out a way of about maneuvering these guys as a sub the president will zone on with that Tucker Carlson. Last night around one of the first questions and he was asked miss about. There. Rachel mad now having the exploding cigar go off and her face breaking is faking news breaking news breaking news. We got Donald Trump's tax returns. Which showed that he paid a higher percentage in income tax than Barack Obama. And more than twice as much as socialist Bernie Sanders. Now the conspiracy theorists and it's probably started from left. They're great for the stuff started planning a rumor that trump had a week his own tax returns. To to Rachel matter well. He talked about that. We'll certainly not from the letter that I can tell you. I don't know where they got it. At this guy's been following me for 25 years she's you know there's not much and I don't know I have no idea where they got it when it's illegal. And you're not supposed to happen and it's not supposed to be Lee. And it certainly not an embarrassing. Tax return at all but it's an illegal thing they've been doing it they've done it before. And I think it's a disgrace. Well it is a disgrace and and not only a disgrace. It's a felony. Can't take somebody else's tax returns and make them public. A lesson or your own. Rachel Matta had no legal right to do that in fact it's a felony the calls right thank a year in jail and a 5000 dollar fine. Funny I don't see her being charged yet. The president also talked about today's claims that don't Obama on his minions had been non. Wiretapping arm listening yen on none was going on in the campaign. If you take a look at some of the things written about wiretapping and he's traffic and don't forget what SA wiretap those Woodward quotes. That really covers because wiretapping is pretty old fashioned stuff. But that really cover surveillance and many other things. And nobody ever talks about the fact it was a quotes that's a very important thanks so wiretap. Covers a lot of different things. And and we have evidence you know I mean they should they still continue to get donors at a no evidence there. Yeah shirts. But not since when has a laugh men influenced by fax a bubble where is congress. On my tax line. They're able to do something about these judges in these different circuits but there are neutered one good are they if they won't stand against this ridiculous. Court system. Whether or not next court system. So many of these jurors were appointed by either Bill Clinton. Or by Obama. And they're making their rulings based on their own political beliefs rather than the law as written. Bob did you say to John McCain accused Rand Paul I'm working for Vladimir Putin on the senate floor yesterday. Old John sounds unhinged. Funny you should use that word because senator Paul was on on morning Joseph today and that's exactly what he said a McCain. He said he was unhinged a world will deal with that as well as. I don't know if you've seen this today or not the big Mac hack attack. Against president trump. Yeah big Mac hack attack. On the way next. Now look at warmer out. Sided and that's good it was certainly chilly start again this morning us. Hope that the fruit crops have another set of peaches and all the rest. Very sensitive especially the warm weather that we had already this year topic. Now we're able to I used them down. Out for the really low temperatures hit this morning and that's typically what they do you know a little water. On now on their crop out 'cause it did that we can't go below 32 degrees aren't freezing there. And get down to 2223. I think I heard somebody say and maybe it was said the Peace Center Patrick did from from our new senator. With the U whether she got from the Department of Agriculture same 28 degrees let's where they really started to enter went below 28 and our brilliant trouble. Al let's go to the phones are beginning with Parker who is in Spartanburg L Parker and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Even heck you hope you all some mountain. Not leak anymore so yeah. That's that's a very vivid description of Parker yeah I'm I'm I'm I'm fine thank you. I don't get I want to make a comparison between Donald Trump. And Tom Brady. There's a whole lot of similarities there I made like about a young Tom Brady gets accused of of something that is. Fan passion of fantastically. Absurd. And yet. The commissioner of football decides that he wants the guilty and that's been both because a player on the other team. Side so anger court. Kangaroo court he's he's. Except their home games he's he's up against. A crowd and that doesn't care for him very much. At his gut or referees and judges. Watching his every move and breathing down his neck yeah. We're getting bad neck making sure that you know whole violation occurs on his part right. And and trap even if we aren't that tribe is that members of the armed team. Seemingly at war. Not. Foley on the same page of the playbook. Now in fact maybe. A co Berkeley acting against his agenda. Well of course we don't know that for fact. But apparently we have to prove that. As somebody who is unwilling to listen to reason. Yes. And and your book on what this this whole business with the Russians how do you disproven negative. Now all there there is no evidence anywhere. Other than anybody working there was evidence they would've brought it forward they already would be talking about impeachment. Well I think that like Tom Brady I think our president in the end. He's got to come through he's gonna rally. And you know we have. I just wish that. I. And this is this is a pipe dream on my part alma Sena which you won't be an easier path but we know the mindset. Of these progressives of these. Democrat socialist Marxist they're never gonna give up. This is this politics is their religion. So they're gonna continue to attack trump and he's just gonna have to continue to defend himself the good news this. There are a lot of people out here that think he's doing exactly. The right thing not only just on the issue of restricting these refugees from all these Muslim nations not to. Export and jihadist and terrorist and all over the world not only here to Western Europe as well but on. So many other issues as well and primarily. On the economy taxes restoring jobs. What went of trump gets the ball rolling in those departments look out. Our I encourage. You and me about thanks very much of the call Parker appreciate. I'm Bobby Mack I feel as if we conservatives lost the election watch the use anymore digging in Spartanburg. The US is that welcome we have to be as vigilant. In defending. The no leader. Of our party who's now the president of the United States as the other side is an attacking him. And granted it appears. The they have more weight more heft. Then we do but that's only because of the smoke and mirrors that comes from their control with the media and Hollywood. I hit it it's a smoke screen it's a false impression. Now that we have them levers of power back in our hands. I think once Donald Trump figures out the may years. The bureaucratic maze that is Washington. These guys ain't seen nothing yet. Joseph is on next up here on the money Mac show he is in Piedmont aloe gel and welcome to the program. Yes sir thank you about your opening up my last. Mom I want to comment it. I know these are responsible for what advertisements say here throw aegis contractors advertisement. It. I'm not talking references to be the order comes on. Several times every hour I think maybe it says call your senator. And express your support for. Mr. course such. Appointment to the Supreme Court Detrick where you familiar that's yeah we just north of the T dial a number now. You get youth we need that I and number. You get. Comment that says. This is for people who are against. Supporting. Mr. of course such in fact this has. Regarding ticket holders center. Put in your zip code. Are put in local zip code to a nice 67 street and that it rejects it. Yeah ejection is rejecting any any episode. Code in this period zip code and nasseria. And it they're very huge to that phone company phone in the office. For mr. shook Schumer. I thought. So this is this is this is AMP sign up as we would on this is a Covert way. Of trying to you know what they're doing wrist. They are here all right sure yeah well what do wanna do as you wanna get your phone number yeah. Now are very narrow credit hour I don't let Alex I'm I'll try myself here badly at top of the hour during a nuisance you see what happens when I got through. Try to cover art and let her be on C the 800 number. Yes sure yeah I was at 9791550. Is that it that it gained 551555. Hunt them if yeah on chemical during a news here and sees you and I get off that I appreciate the heads up Ekuban you've that I enjoy appreciate very much. I teased it before we introduced the bottom and I did get to again with the callers. The on big match hack attack against the president. I'll tell you about it and and it leads a court to question in my mind where's the apology from McDonald's. On it's. Be right back. And welcome back great to have you on 351 on the other side of the new isn't argument Daniel Brennan. Is he South Carolina State director of Americans for prosperity. I may have a big event coming up in Columbia on Tuesday next and he wants to tell you about an appearance an opponent as a I am and Tara isn't Vince Coakley is as well. Of the proposed gas tax increase. I you wanna know about that and then right after the news at five this afternoon. I congressman Jeff Duncan. Will be joining me to talk about today not only the release of the president's budget proposal. Today bent but also other healthcare legislation that's pending as well and on the tax on Bobby your impression of the dead battery was excellent. I've had so many of them in my lifetime I know exactly what it sounds like and I always happen at the worst possible time. I'm Bonnie just add to what Parker was saying another comparison between Tom Brady and president trump they both have supermodel wives. Progressives hate that tip. Got you now quickly the story about the out Mac hack attack. The McDonald's Twitter account posted a message early this morning attacking. President trump. It's sad and I quote act real Donald Trump. You're actually a disgusting excuse of a president and we will allowed to have add Barack Obama back. Also you have tiny ants. It was removed after an hour the company said that there account which compromised. Two hours after the offensive tweet went live. President trump a vocal fans a McDonald's you may remember back in June. Outpost and a photo on Twitter I was as I consuming a big Mac and Fries to celebrate a win in the primaries. In the brief time that it was not the message was we read tweeted my over 15100 users. Found many were also quick to comment on McDonnell's explanation. For the anti trump tweet wondering if that was he work of a hacker. Or perhaps any disgruntled employee. Could be. The question and I have his McDonald's in their statement. Saying they deleted the tweet and now that they now. Have a regain control there account where's the apology for what was posted. After having such four. Internet security that has some money was able to have come and do that where's the apology to present a trump you think they'd be apologizing as a money done that to Obama. Rhetorical question Alex go to Mike he is in Greeneville I'm Mike and welcome to the bunny match up. The tape Bobby and welcome back to show you agreed to be pat. Not mr. the last told a different that the yeah. I spent the last well I was out for. Almost a week. At that part of the wake. Up with a little ally talked about pop anyways I'll. Not a travel ban and hand out Bobby's been present options. When it finally did have issues. I ordered issues. And that he did not. Quite as compact that was like port eighty. The exact thing and I met several local looks like a big state sponsored terrorism expert which has Saudi Arabia. Now let's show I had to do is look at 9/11 for evidence of that. Exactly eleven not Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Air pocket and read about it in an Arab emirates. I have been tied for several years says that can't. Patent my father and Warrick for our tradition camel there all the way the by. And that he's talking not so many awards but that Peyton. I don't try to tell that it stayed that the United States and the western world wide. But we viewed as an ally. Picture there wrote that wanna want to biggest buyers of US weaponry. Sampras not irritate you Saudi Arabia the largest importer of US armed like the and why they're not mean my question why on these countries on the on the tribal panelist. That's an excellent question and away and also serves as AM as I. I counter to those who say that this is discriminatory. Because. If it werder a Muslim band. I think your point's well taken and it would include. You were on it would include its Saudi Arabia would include Dow United Arab Emirates flew and others. Who also had been none obviously responsible to a greater or lesser degree for exporting terrorism over the last decade or acts now. Absolutely absolutely picked up at. It's it's it's curious and and yeah at once again I guess we're reminded of the words the words the advice of Woodward and Bernstein when there are investigating Watergate. The advice they got from deep throat except follow the money. Exactly and here at an ally to have their body. I appreciate it like. Yeah you you you that I got to run for the news about we'll see you back on the other side and I'll be joined by Dan Brennan from Americans for prosperity. Will tell you how you can help convinced. The good old boys in Colombia to not. Increase your gas tax be right back.