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I'm always encouraged. Always encourage. What I see especially young legislate tourists who get it. Our friend just cited Magnuson posted this just a few minutes ago he's this. Idea I believe the the state house. We need to amend the constitution to give congress power over. What subject matter federal courts may rule on and to allow congress to remove federal judges from office. What's wrong with that statement. From my perspective absolutely nothing. Out there are others that for some time have been making this argument we need to limit the jurisdiction of the court. They should not have carte Blanche authority. To rule on pretty much every. Area of life. And make decisions unilaterally unilaterally. Which are unchallenged. This is what's called tyranny the bench. Security judicial tyranny. We continue to broadcast your 7 minutes after 11 o'clock a few days ago we can't in this program. A gentleman who was telling us about. How these free enterprise system can work. With health care. We talked to doctor Robert Nelson. From the Georgia free market medical association and since that conversation I've been contacted by several local. Local physicians. Who wanted to say hey we're doing that race here in the upstate. And for that reason I thought it would be a good idea. Just to allow some of those folks to come on NTELOS. Abouts what they're doing. One such person is joining us now on the broadcast. Doctor Shane Purcell. And oh welcome to the broadcaster good morning. Achieved thanks for Anderson thanks for the opportunity to talk about recovery care. We'll tell us where you are and what you do. We're on to have a partner and I we were Ken Anderson, South Carolina. And I like many other. Family physicians. Kind of frustrated over the last 1015 years with all the. An extra hassles brought home government regulations and insurance. And I can't spend more time doing paperwork and clicking buttons on the computer and not open patients in the gut and just become really frustrated and. And hundreds of others we decided to. Were cut out the middleman. And it sort of what your primary care it'll ballad about getting back to the focus of patient. And. But it worked out what patients and folks on the hill. And I. About build up build back that relationship with patients. Which seems very basic and yet it's not something we can necessarily assume is going to happen in the way things have developed now. Give us a sense of how your life has changed as a physician. From. The way things were before. Well. He's saying 50% near term doing paperwork and computer working non. Armed patient related activities. And the when we are able to reduce the amount of in church connections occurred without insurance and and government plans that we deal isn't just short in a fair price. Or able to focus more on the patients. We have more time. To deal with the patient. So who would sort of deter last Pakistan defendants spending. Two or three hours after you've closed door and more paperwork again and charting. Or even bringing it home and donut hole. He's sort of you know more towns could be dead but they also then. See more patient and I. Patients really love that because they have a lot more access to their doctor and making Gideon what they need to do it's thing. But one thing I'm curious about it's in the transition. Were most of your patients able to come along with you. And and very different clinics. Different practices. There's thrown. A page from from practiced practiced and. I have a battle. A small group of slow court patients or follow in the Whitney for many church someone did it. You know probably on average across the country say about 10% of patients. That will follow you into the district primary care practice. Just 10%. Just ten percentage easily the average. Because it's it's a very new concepts sometimes folks. I'm not sure they don't understand it made me because it'll produce they would in churches can be computer until. So we have to start on time educating. But the average Stanley position if you haven't played 2102000. Patients. On average. Two to 300 will follow you into practice fine if. It takes a lot of education because as for folks to understand. Hey you know this is gonna providing better access spectator. Outside incher. He's still a leader in church first for for critical things cancer surgeries but what for what we're doing everyday routine basic. Basic care. We can rev underserved or shuttle or call. Which argue with doctor Sheehan Purcell and we're talking about direct primary care. You mentioned this 10% figure but it is really surprises me how many of these people view they can actually afford to come with you. We're most obviously process create a between practices and that. For most are people they're paying fifty dollars a month for unlimited no co pays this senator. For fifty dollars a month he income means seeing mean one Palomar can compromise. And you pay no co pay when he come Meehan. Plus would that you get discounted medications that we we offer here generic medications. Former public pressure vessels for many days supply of money to dollars. And lab tester at a percent discounts and we do but a thorough test for two dollars. Where is about before it got out of the hospital or some other clinic. So we deeply discount everything we believe and basically pastors say that belonged to a patient. So even with insurance. You know most people's companies are 3040 dollar to help visit. So we're able to keep those calls way to load because we're not we're not haven't. Sent planes into those two injured companies in the middle man we're able to lower administrative cost greatly. So I could see a scenario for instance where someone has a flexible spending accounts would make it signed a with the doctor like Q and cover that cost. Yes and and many people do. And that's one of the things we're open you know with some some strong national legislation. Like under the brand pol appeal his ability to connect. I'll open it up they just days. I'm greatly which would really help our couple practices because. You commuters just raised political spending accounts and the pay your my plea. Visits and get discounted all your land and Anderson and everything would be really great if we can move forward from something like that. I'm really excited about this this concept of team it's really encouraging we have the lived less than a minute left in this segment. This deals with the regular maintenance things. What it's about a person who has a condition. How how would you recommend dealing with that. Well serious conditions let's say cancer which would be you know toppled a model for a lot of folks. We do you recommend you know he needed a policy. That will cover serious medical problems. Nobody's. Nobody's delving nap but we won't we can say is the main routine things that we can help that don't cost a lot of money you need a policy that can cover. He has. Serious medical treatment surgeries those kind of things. Tom and if we can't. Policies that we used to have which were true have developed a policy that or lower calls and there's that would be very beneficial. Sounds simple enough. This has been very very informative and I certainly. Wish you the best in what you're doing because this is a part of us. Reclaiming our sovereignty and it's not waiting for politicians insurance companies. Big government big corporations to fix this because they have no financial incentive to do so. Doctor Purcell banks saw for joining us on the broadcast this morning. Sir. We continue to Vince Coakley radio program. Isn't the school I ate. Am very excited about this when I started learning more about this at the power metal panel a couple of weeks ago it's further inspired me. Of a line of developments that we need to further pursue and educate people on so we can get our sovereignty back. And put an end to this nonsense that's going on. Big governments big corporations in bed with the each other and they're screwing us. Much more as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program sixteen after eleven. You know I don't know why even do this getting pulled in some of these. Have boy. Some of these debates over. The Shaq went to see the shack yesterday evening and it's. Did this as a family. And as you know there's a lot of controversy about some elements of the Shaq and some it's about the content some news about. One of the people who originally started writing the book but was not involved in the finished product or the movie. And she. I'd be. At some point I just. It frustrates me when some of these false ideas just kind of take on a life of their own. And its people listen to their preachers or whomever else and you know Oscars. And it had to get that system. Overall the text line. Dexter says Vince what broke and what really. Burns my buttons all the morons who allowed to go to the emergency room for free on the weekend for something like the flu we end up paying for that a yes you do. Burson curious about fifty dollars per person a month is there a fairly priced a ticket question. If you can email him and answered that. It's I am a vet my VA doctor spends 80% of my time typing. I can I can remember this instead of listening or checking. Not her fault either there's just too much paperwork. It's after hearing your guests doctor I have to say one big duck. Lawmakers don't know Jack about hip health care and insurance coverage. Make a lot of sense for private solutions in government to step away give back to doing what they're supposed to do and that's. All I got to see about that. Yeah I'm with you man. Q this is in our hands this is what I eat and talk about empowerment this is what I'm talking about. Paul Ryan doesn't know anything about this he doesn't know Jack he really doesn't. Paul Ryan. Is a hack. He's a political hack and I just add another word Paul Ryan is a political war. I just set it. The truth of the matter is we've got eight. Marriage. Between big government and big business. That's what's going on year. These folks are bought and paid for they're serving some other interest not your it's. Yes I've caused a little bit of a panic. Just what I said. Congress already has the power to eliminate. Lower federal courts completely in all one Supreme Court justices by the constitution on the George issue. Another text are saying about your side Magnuson a post I read earlier just sighed as these postings all the time asserts a long and informative conversations. Some go on around the clock. Yeah that's pretty cool. That's what I like stimulating. Discussion. Just love your show events which was more than two hours. Immigration court problem could easily be solved ban all immigration and blame it on liberal courts. Public TV were always wind that they are running on empty constantly fund raise and pull on heart strings of the public. To even leave. Let's see where his arrest this Texaco. Even leave your estate Tibetan when you die. Yet OP great. On a fund raising going. Lots of fundraising. This please tell us give with a numeric odds Artie picking perfect bracket it's pretty high. When is the last time all four or number one seeds. Made it to the final four. Thanks mister Rupp stats. Hey that is hardly me a player that for sheer by the way I look this up. These numbers really intriguing. One full day of perfection would be a bigger accomplishment what's. We looked at it misses 538. Which is a site that does a lot of political stuff. With an actual results from ESPN's tournament challenge back in 2015. Only 273. Of the eleven point six million brackets that were filled out for the contest escaped attorneys first day unscathed. He's an amazing just 273. Making it through six rounds were the picks without a miscue was all but impossible. Putting an exact number or the odds of a perfect bracket. It's a fun exercise the off quoted number one in nine point two Quinn trillion. Derived from treating all 63 games like coin flips. Which doesn't make a lot of sense because that's not how most people make their decisions but even if you use a more sophisticated peaking method. Like 530 its March Madness predictions. The chances of perfection are still in the neighborhood of one in two billion. Depending on the year. Pretty amazing. So you guys will make it worthwhile. And when surprises along the way you don't have to have a perfect bracket. All you have to have. Is a winning. One segment of one. By the way you get 33 minutes to fill out that rector of the bracket challenge 33 minutes 45 seconds 163 WRD dot com. 41 and see your life I'm Hollis Thompson resigned. Ours is going to point out that you have 33 men infidelity Q 67 minutes maybe ten minutes to do so what's the harmony when surprises jump in there and do it and I. You're not going to be me you're probably going to be events. You beat Cara you're not going to be. Bob McClain. You know you're you're going to be Chris that the easy. So sealed you'll be problems and you can win prizes and we came. Yeah that's the other advantage here in here's the thing if you do better than me I I encourage you to call into the program and brag about it. Is that something to brag about you beat me that's not a big deal well I mean. You're not gonna get a chance to call in but you can at least dream about it. Let's talk. Let's start here where do we start here with what are you expecting in round one and what what are we going to see that it's gonna stand out here. I expect pretty much was it when I said yesterday. I expect chulk I mean there's going to be an upset somewhere. I picked SMU to lose and they'll be playing USC I believe rim on. It's not gonna is not hard to pick one upset somewhere I can do not pick a one to lose because it's never happened. But again I'm not saying you absolutely should go to all but first round it's it's probably get an idea. Okay. That's fair enough. That is fear of I don't know if you wanna be like Benson picked Kentucky go all the way what are what is this Kentucky split split itself. Everybody wants to know what you gonna pick you you're gonna wait to be in the shell wanted to. I might. Climate where you. Yeah a little bit later and let me just ask this question what are the what are the teams to watch from your perspective. Well Kentucky for one thing and North Carolina. And duke. And the team that I'm picking to win at all but I'm gonna wait I mean because you're waiting thumb waiting. The team I'm picking to win it all is not one of the three I dissent. So really yes. That scan an interest. Of its news on my list here. Our rainy. And we love to get your thoughts 803 for 71 a 63 or text line is 713 series seven. Up by the way an interesting encounter we're gonna share in just a few minutes is well. An interview an impromptu interview with the former vice president's. With some extremely gracious things to say it might be shocking to some review. Which at that much Morse we continue the Vince Coakley radio program 1129. I love when people get involved these in these debates with beyond social media and someone else jumps in and kind of takes the ball and runs with it. So appreciate my friend lord who. Looks like he has this one under controls that continue well. This debate that's brought to David welcomed the broadcaster. And it it my brother rent so yeah we got to back up Brent we got a tax. Make you appreciate I thought it appropriate bent on yeah. Wrapping up a crime their summit just need to get jury which you again in part out there and she got like. Primary there. If you. No I mean explain that explain it. That don't you ever wonder sometimes it's. But the primary the so called Democrat primaries then apathetic debacle and always remember that yeah use any stray optically and oh what a coincidence. Absolutely. No in the almost. Maybe not think she can account so it. It is and and the scary thing is. These spoke these folks probably will not go away well that. Absolutely not now out of spite not slower air force apps where when you were talking about genocide dance Lebanon's Spartanburg in being model one that did our best to help get him elected. And every day and we now Bengie talk about that spark a bit it's one where we need local we can go and we can talk to decide we can talk to Stephen long. You if you disagree with BP can only sit down there are Ryan Annette thank you so much saying that it orbits yet he's got a you know multi multimillion dollar Mohsen. Know anything that he passes they don't live by the same rules that we do so just I it is standing up for the constitution or try. Two new judges out of control and dumping need to be docked. He actually writes I take great to talk to you again David and one of the things I really like to do is to encourage. I you know I've really sound old saying it's just encourage younger people get involved and you've heard me make comments. And I don't apologize for them I am sick and tired of seeing these old Hokies who were still in Washington. And some of these folks have to be practically propped up to stay in the house of the senate. I mean they did this with. What's the guy's name forgot his name in Mississippi. That that one. You know in this may be coming back it looks like Roger Wicker is going to be challenged this time by Chris McDaniel. And I sure hope he succeeds this time. Is Chris McDaniel. He's got the constitutional values he's got the youth. We've gotta we gotta get younger people. Who were ready for battle ready to be warriors. Not people we're gonna go in and figure out how they can be nice to systems. And to corruption. But let's go next to lend out welcomed the broadcast Linda. Hi when my husband and I are retired we expanded freight across the country and Canada. And one night during at four. I think it was under on the final here we got McConnell to go pick up teacher tree or Canada. A teacher at Michigan. And play someplace where they were gonna be distributed. We weren't can't that we did that was I. So. Until we got here early in the morning. And partly it and finally got into. Get to figure out how hard it would play in the final two gains. Lag at Michigan State tax increase state. Has actually don't have to worry about go to pick any teacher that. Carol luckily. It away or cal I'm going to yanks and they didn't want Iran. Show up somebody as a lot will kick in Africa where no. I. You know it's funny you say this you make these jokes about that I have been hybrid of the times I've got to Haiti. And you see these T shirts this is where they do induct you see these T shirts whatever they are caps. They end up in places like that it. And I it's it's not just a joke it's really true. Pressure that you share your story there Linda. As we continue to broadcast. 803 for seven analysts exterior text line 71307. And yes at the end. I will share with you my picks. For the bracket challenge. Will talk about that the final statement today by the way I'm looking at the official clock here. And how many minutes do we have here the exact time. Looks like they're closed note stole eighteen minutes. 27. Seconds. In eight got a 163 to be your idea com. That's where you can sign up for the bracket challenge make your pick she could win some great prizes. And have a good time doing along the way. So while as a means we will talk in just few minutes abouts. What's lines oh and I expect. Whatever that sports. Mike a polka over the place by the way you may be wondering it's a good time for me to repeal many of you may wonder what I get these questions that I bring up every day. For the day in history well these are actually put together. By Mike open Hulk go over at the blaze. And should he puts this out every single day usually it's at least three. Three facts about this particular day in history some times more. Will Mike palca. Was at the University of Delaware earlier this week. And had the unique opportunity. To get an impromptu interview with none other than our former vice president Joseph Biden. You may be very shocked to hear what Joseph Biden had to say. Because. As you know. There's the perspective out there at least for somebody like Barack Obama. He may not be out publicly making noise but that perhaps the foot soldiers are doing everything they can't to obstruct the new administration. Well I was quite intrigued to hear. A very gracious. Joseph Biden speaking at the University of Delaware. And this exchange really only took about a minute security is Mike a pulpit talking with Joseph Biden at the University of Delaware. As he deserves a chance for sure it's. That's exactly why you haven't seen the prisoner and you show us. I mean if our that would charge you guys who can mean a lot of money to come here. I joke that's why you haven't heard anything. For months he deserves it cheats and fears to. This is a man in my view. Who understandably like all the press. Didn't think he was gonna win it. We had. Not doing so. We put together a team that John Podesta had a a transition team. Three and by the way the same thing that that and George W. Bush did this against Al Gore in the same thing that. But Papa bush did the same thing Bill Clinton significantly. Serious candidate and us. So we know. If we want who were gonna ask you what you'd be seeing the what our priorities are going to be how we're gonna hit in prayers to him. I don't think prisoners thought to be any necessity to do that so he's really playing catch up on him beacon chains. Isn't that interest. That was Joseph Biden speaking of the University of Delaware. The town were used to live years ago New York Delaware. Sprawling metropolis that it is basically saying without trying to give the guy chance. Given the chance. And it's also interesting. How far in advance nine months they already had the transition team planned for Hillary. These folks don't play around. They don't. You. But sadly for them they lost. This time around. Coming up we'll talk about the bracket challenge ends. Will discuss the teams to watch right here 163 to be your idea com you can also listen. In addition to filling out his brackets. I'd welcome your calls I wanna hear from you about what you're expecting to see and it's you know. How you've done in the past share that is well 803 for 71263. Text line 71307. And we continue to broadcast here 49 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock. So what we get some time to talk about brackets. As I warned you that we're in the final stretch year you need to make your choice this year. In the next ten minutes actually less than ten minutes. So this series business votes. So while. Go to one of six street February need to count. And then you can make you're you're pitch in the bracket challenge. Let's go to Alonso. So. Talents who would is that Q or once and out for. You want me to give my final four on the neck I can do that can I can give you my final four. And (%expletive) though you know look people gonna be upset because after today the bracket might be busted already you never know but for the most part probably not. Or here's my final fours and people around her gonna be really upset because I'm not taken any of the teams are on here. My final four is Villanova vs Florida State. Really and Kansas vs UCLA. And here's the thing. UCLA's gonna win it all because of one guy. And now be Alonso ball OK and yes I am rooting for UCLA because there's a guy named Alonso leading to. And yes his dad Lavar ball is crazy he's everywhere and I hope he gets his billion dollars for shoe deal because. What a story that will make for years to come and are so many people out there can't stand the guy because of the story. When his son is a real deal and UCLA has a shot even though there three seed. And I want to Alonso brand to thrive and flourish because there's no hay on his name. It's to salons. And my reasoning is just as good as anybody else's. So overdose. Final four teams again all right Villanova vs Florida State. And Villanova no shock I mean some people probably picked Villanova Ford's state probably as surprised they're also a three seed. And number one Kansas vs number three UCLA. A guy Villanova vs UCLA in the championship game in UCLA win and you know. Are right. Let's bring impressive are looser but don't all right yes the music to play and tell the into the show. I am quite surprised that are our choices are so who significantly different. Indiana make some changes here don't listen to me more Q tomorrow. Now before you go before it before I start sharing anything go I do have to ask. A lot of this year's sharing from your hard here it's not just numbers. On. Some of that his numbers well listen I am not a big college basketball fan and unlike a lot of people. In a football guy but on like a lot of people around this time a year restore phone and I also work on a sports station. So through osmosis you'll learn a lot of things. You know on one ESP in upstate wonder for every day so we're deathly talk about this a bunch and I I've. Yes some of that is from the heart in the down kind of poking fun and it addict but I think they're definitely is a possibility that when I simply out. And Garrick. All right you ready for the shock. And surprise. There's more than any shot. Are you here. Here's where I'm expect in the final four. Duke. And guns. Good left no good Jones. And on the other side. Louisville and Kentucky. There it is there it is gotta have both been there. Debris. And I am actually. I am actually he expecting in the final final game. Duke against Kentucky and hiding Kentucky where oh edge out duke barely. That's what I expect. And here's the question on don't know Vince that well ha ha ha ha ha yeah you were pretty sure about this Woodward's. Listen everything you picked is that those are great picks and it could very well happen that way in death we could so. And that's the thing by the way you got six minutes to get in for the bracket challenge. Still plenty of time you can get if you give or and 1063 WORD dot com right now click on the bracket challenge you can still get in. He can still make your picks the cut off times that news of her. And you can make a fool out events in the process here but I like about this particular contest this time. Is you know how sometimes you have the choice between your head in your heart. And what's cool is. There's a lot of synergy here between the head and the heart. Would you agree with that's fun. Definitely especially in your case and here's the thing you know as far as my picks go I made all my picks Sunday night. And I have to win back and changed a thing com I think there's too much over thinking too much Austin I do this they do that should do this do that. Make your picks man because. How many people do you know. Came did it right all the way through about you don't know anybody. Yeah you read about that you're absolutely I was very surprised that there will be more of an overlap. Between our choice this year and I don't think we have any of the teams same teams on in the final four do. I stayed away from the obvious front runners duke and North Carolina Kentucky's always in there and I stayed away from now purpose because if I am right. A lot of other people we're gonna be wrong. Yeah you'll definitely stand out there's no question about that again. We reminded this is very easy bracket challenge could 1063 WRD dot com. You have five minutes to do I think you can still pull it off if you think you don't know can I mean deadline yes you can go there right now. Click on bracket challenge sign up make your choices. The cut off is actually twelve noon to get it done now stop putting it off. And we start having from this thing as we watch these games unfolds and find out. Will wait actually see a triumphant Kentucky bat away for the record I did not go to Kentucky. I have some prensa which Kentucky I went to via of lesser importance Eastern Kentucky University rock rock rock. Have a solid gray day folks and god bless you take care.