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Broadcast here and what a 63 W all our dealer lots of interesting things going odd that they knew travel ban issued guy. President Donald Trump. Has been blocked by courts in Hawaii and Maryland. We will talk about during this during the course the broadcast today things are heating up. On this Ryan care nine cents. You know it's pretty interesting to see how the battle lines have been drawn and about a conversation but he for an in congress last week. Who is. Looking at this on the positive witches. He believes that this is going to be a defining. A defining time. For the Republican Party. And I think it's very appropriate. That's. York congressman. Congressman Jeff Duncan is pretty much communicated the same thing. With this quote this is a defining moment in our own. Rendezvous with destiny. Which combined some comments. From Ronald Reagan what are we going to do about freedom we're we're going to do about free enterprise. What is this party really stand for in this hour. And we're gonna find out joining us now on the broadcast congressman Jeff Duncan. Welcome surrogate to have you back. Well it's great debate on bands thanks so much ram an apology culture hit humorous played out. Underground at the capitol and that period have caught up cells are not so hopefully we can hold onto it now. I certainly hope so I've been following past few days. Is you've been going your process and I know who because of your heart your dedication to this. You've been very thorough about looking through this thing where you communicated anything definitively and yesterday afternoon. You centerpiece which is now push on the daily signal. Tell us where you stand on Ryan care. I mean right now has just gotten on another and not think much trip insured at 2 PM. That doesn't do enough. To your return. We of the free market transpose that into the equation. Tom it's actually. Things like animals to encourage. More government richest Asian mothers do. Tax credits or expansion of Medicaid which is on about a total government. What not horses don't know what we're told look. The voters you know in the event something extra stressed when he can't aren't quite and I know what we campaigned on campus or go on much. Artillery killed pillows like we we can't let them and that's what the American people expect. I don't know we're not we're on an up and that's what is that on the crossed out of this and how much for the amateurs is still back. Now it appears that dead Durbin. Repeated efforts by a the the folks who were pushing yesterday the leadership. The try to ram this through and as serious of meetings most recently last night. Give us a sense of what's happening at these yeah it's it do you have a lot of people agreeing with you. Or or or are the most of the people in the conference drinking the Kool late. And you know they don't have 219 got a twitch or core to pass how are 280 whatever number we are now though the vacancies appliance like I'll. How Christ but. So another don't have enough so it's right now. Underwent an art. The gloves come off. People one on Greenland and the Kurdish continues. TV ads running gets me about John Maynard group the American action that occurred and made us support to now comes plan I don't necessarily believe this about transplant that's I am so they embarked. Al's leadership the only thing we can get through. The United States senate and that's a topical talk about and just manner but. Again rated to about 33000 robocalls and in my district. Two repugnant can urged NATO support. This this bill that as of right now I can't. And instead of listening to conservatives. Who were trying to make the bill let her make it palatable to our constituency do more or what we set about going back and Rick I'm here stop. Com and they are catering to the news name moderate Republicans and HM Jordan by puck at they assume the bench that. Based on the makeup of my district that Republican wanna get elected mayor what there's just under someone outs. They ascend that there are a lose that seat that there RC. That date that are on the Senate's can go Democrat or Taloqan. Based on the election cycle so there catered to their wins in each and their I think ultimately be trying and the American voter group the American better or tell a much. This is not it. I really listening to all Jeff I mean to voices like Rory assembly we fed Rand Paul calm out. With that other members of congress. You know communicate. These are supposedly. Conservative people at least they are campaign conservatives. Are they listening at all. I am you know that I think the proof will be in the putting whether they that's I think they. They're in a situation their money some epicenter at turner making boats and that. Particular Allison a Democrat now unlike past continued revolutions are the best bets on the crease or they. They've been able to count on. Thirty or so Democrats to make up for the loss super puppet such bat a station. You cannot at this point they need 218 Republican boats and little app that. So I. I think they're gonna have to listen to some of our our eight Chet and trying to craft some of that into the final package and and I reserve the right to vote yes and if they put enough conservative principles are back. Oh my gosh here we are an NR generations. By and do it destiny and historic moment where we have a chance to roll back government's involvement unconstitutional to programs such as health care. We have not keen in that return in liberty to the states and the deep. And when she going to be. Halftime to the my attention yesterday. And in copper meeting everyone in our conference heard this 237. Republicans and their art this. That the Democrats are willing to change the rules. Even goes so far it's changing the make up a United States Supreme Court although it backs are down our Roosevelt used acts are incorporate seven the man. In order to get progressive policy passed which totally destroy America and in the American values. And we're not willing. To change the rules or overrule. Based senate appointed parliamentarian. In order to save America. And and that's really where we are in the past we aircraft in this bill and they'll tell you leadership portray this symbolic thing that can pass the senate. They're basing that on the parliamentarians. Are ruling. That you can only touch certain things in a budget reconciliation bill that you budget consequential impact. Well I got everything we do rocker has budgetary impact it could grow the economy and possibly impact that budget or on the economy and their impact. Do believe that whoever residing in the chirps. Can't overrule the parliamentarian. But we're Colorado parliamentarian of unelected bureaucrat basically. And that one deteriorate parliamentarian about the and that stick a lot but not let that commentary and that moment. Dictate what we can't or cannot do about returning liberty to the people who United States and getting government out of an impostor a program. That is what leadership refusing. To assail that's. Poorly drafted quickly drafted. Week. Legislation. To Selma to the American people and to other members of congress has only thing we can pick which much. I think a lot of people what war agree with that and I have a feeling that said the people who will be getting the silly robo calls in your district. Will not be very receptive to these calls that are coming in we have less than a minute left what's the next step here. Well I don't call the European members. And of capitalist out of work robocalls going across the nation. I'll call that members and and urgent stand strong cannot bow to. This time about not pressure bomb. Progressive Republican groups are compliments a Republican urged because they're here. Supporting bigger government programs more government spending. And encouraging members is conservative a stance on the faces opposition and let let you. Well I can certainly speak for many who are in this audience we've got your back and we stand with you thanks for who you are congressman Jeff Duncan. And will be very closely watching these proceedings in the coming days sir. Just thank you so much and you can pile up in a mop up process something up out FaceBook. I just let up now has wrapped clots that information that comes or where we stand what we're thinking end and then let them know about the process of trying to inform their. Well. All right sure will thanks again for coming on and stand strong sure they excellent thanks thanks that's. Price for Jeff Duncan. And at this hour at this very moment the house mark up of this health care bill is under way wanna get your thoughts. A what Jeff Duncan is communicated here. How are you going to react if you were in his district getting one of these robocalls. 803471. A 63. That's the Eagles advantage talk like number common sense retirement planning text line 71 preacher a seventh. 21 minutes after 10 o'clock. Following our conversation with congressman Jeff Duncan and his piece that has been posted in the daily signal. Is now posted on 163 WRD FaceBook page. Basically its very simple message we can do better in the current house health bill. By Jeff Duncan I would encourage you read it share it. And as he said you need to reach out to conservative members of congress encouraged them to stand strong. In a fight root can remind you again. One of the things I said to you back during the presidential election. I warned you do not just focus on this presidential campaign. The people who point to keep this piece of garbage from becoming. Law. It's the conservatives it's the freedom caucus. Without that. You would have Ryan care or whatever you wanna homeless. Setting courage to call. Also to. Encourage people like Jeff delicate and others Thomas Massie they're not fooled by this. In the least bit. And they will be standing firm. Have you had any communication. With trig out yet on this after reach out and find out where he stands on this thing. Beacon of interest. We've got to countdown going right now this is the big day isn't it. Chris. Very. Diligently. Went to the trouble to set up a countdown clock. We've been talking for days about the bracket challenge. And your opportunity to sign up to Winston great prizes in the bracket challenge 163 W or. The way to mag and I got to interrupt you for a second. Who set up the countdown clock. Misunderstand who set this to you sacred setup account. The yes I have eight clock and to me I just wanted to no one likes him over achiever. Not and you know I don't know what he thinks the game I mean obviously it's on the necessary but you know it's I'd you know. Jealousy will gay you know where mr. I'm not jealous. Video of the deals them for who. I'm in the kingdom beyond. The case face though. Anyway it's a great idea on clock countdown clock. Eyed sensitive. Act we're at one hour 36 minutes that's how much time you have so those you've been putting off Saudi for the bracket challenge. You'll have an hour and 36 minutes of get it done now only take you about ten minutes years ago. To make these picks me as as. A person who's not even a big sports fan at all even I got this done in about ten minutes. It limits really saying something. Let me say that I got a phone call right at the beginning of the show someone trying to they couldn't find the bracket challenge on the 1063 W or. The if you page halfway down there is events page. And what it does it cycles through several different events you can either. A fast forward to where it the bracket challenges are displayed for the cycle around an intricate they're so if you having trouble finding it. Go to the events. Portion of the 1063 W or B dot com page and there it is picky about ten minutes. Tops. Or you can just go through go. I want this when the wounds of losing and just boom you're done. Very simple and you could once surprises. During the course of this this contest it's going to be awesome. Absolutely awesome opportunity. And as I mentioned here you've got to have this thing done by twelve news who do not put it off. Because now you're down to an hour and 34 minutes a little bit later Ryan. We will actually talk abouts. So the contest that shaping up and also. I guess we'll go ahead review oh. We're expecting to win at all. Everybody editor and everybody knows who your pick came c'mon. C'mon it's surely not yes everyone knows you think you know it hurt you yes idea and will see if you're a knowing laugh at how how well have you can you. Fooled me we'll see. Yes you might be surprised that he and you might. It is they sixteenth day of marched 4017 why don't we take a look at the day in history. And we'll go back first 1850. I'm sure you're familiar with Nathaniel Hawthorne. And he publish something very important in 1850. It's you may have read in high school maybe now. Or what did he publish I give you ahead if you need one. On proto needed him first all you said I'm sure you're familiar which right away may speak Philly even more stupid and Artie did. On and I went to Columbus public schools so I'm not so sure that this is you know required reading. Someone among mediate at hand for sure I'll give you hit that color red. Red badge of courage out now it's not that obvious. How about this our ball man. Scarlet and 1850 should've said to me more now any. He got such tight Hollywood I kinda tied to a movie reference I'm sorry I'm the King of Pop culture. Right let's go to 1926. You probably aren't familiar with the name doctor Robert Goddard. But thanks to him. We are able to do a lot of things in space. What is it that he actually in into it. That allows us to get to space. Rocket engine and you are very close it's a type of rockets. It's not a war in June. Does that hasn't been created yet Powell. I is actually first liquid fueled rockets it was invented back in 1926. That was his contribution so I was supposed to get that it's it's a tough one it really is split what kind of would. What is the name of the with. Well that will be something that someone who has a greater scientific mind that mind what does that tell you know we have rocket scientists listening to this program so we need to let us know. Yeah that'll be great we glad to hear from 1964. The opportunity to redeem yourself you can at least be one for three this president submitted his one billion dollar. War on poverty program to congress. Nineteen this imprisoned or 1964. Hour. Either can the year. She. The object. Boy am so glad you said that I was getting a little concern for a second. You are right it is president Lyndon Johnson. And by the way. There are people who claim that is he scientists. He supposedly said we'll have. Those in this voting Democrat for the next 200 years you know I've heard that before by the way in my third choice is going to be Miller the war. Got every old Miller back right. Perfumed back from the dead. Like goodness and times were they here's the thing some day. That's gonna that he's going to be the right answer it will be. This year I like him somehow worked that into one of these questions don't do that does not get around that that would that would follow my heart. That would be absolutely hilarious. Coming up by the broadcast we're gonna talk about that trumps budget proposal. This is something that it. You know this is the first product from budget director make -- eighty. And it's already causing some waves. A little bit more and Ryan care will take what's happening there and some of the possible. Changes that could be underway because of what you heard from congressman Jeff Duncan a few minutes ago. And we'll also share. What we've got going I would our bracket challenge. We'll talk about some of the teams that were pulling for and why as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program 1029. And we continue to broadcast you're 37 minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. Well this is nice to hear my new Kenny borrow larger should do. Thanks for your excellent coverage and discussion of all the very important issues you could ever listened in Green Bay. Catch ibizan podcast by missed issue you're the best thanks. Very kind words here I appreciate it. A person would like to Hawaii when the congressman was willing. Along with congress to step up and fired the judges on the ninth in the fourth circuit. These courts are anti constitution. And should be a bigger worry than obamacare. Congress can also override these Supreme Court to widest congress let these judges walk on our constitution under why. Because they know congress is spineless. And maybe also anti constitution seeing eight to nothing. There is a problem there isn't there and I would tell you. You certainly cannot blame people like Jeff Duncan for what you're talking about I think they should be clear by now whose problems are this. This begins. With the leadership well it's not really completely true. He begins. With electing. Members of congress that are not conservative who we in turn elect leaders that are not conservative. And that's the problem we're dealing. Vince what we Booth the Harry Reid parliamentarian imports are all in this is ridiculous. Grow a spine Republicans that the John out of Skype and out of cal and cents. You know there's no reason why they can't do that and again this is where he needs somebody young and vibrant. And ready to you know really grab the bull by the ports. That is not Mitch McConnell to you that. Tech sure like to know where dowdy is on this pack and go to send a message during the break asked that very question. Since the Democrats but this tedious AC built ruling party party lines with 51 votes. We must repeal the same way no more games. Why can't Republicans credibility everything and it. If it doesn't pass just leave obamacare in place to explode. It's one way of approaching this. Vince since I don't give a rectory and about basketball I took Luntz whose advice and chalked politics. Works. What are friends here I've had about enough of these judges blocking trumps banned from terrorist countries where they think they have rights in this country. When they're not citizens and our law does not entitle them to anything the judges do not get daily briefings so they have no idea. Of the real threat that is posed to us and I would suggest. In any case is probably don't care either. On the bracket challenge. I would be surprised events did not pick Kentucky. Interest we shall see there's no surprise there we all know. Yeah yeah yeah. We'll see about that. Don't go gives the family man. Don't these judges work the part of justice and therefore trop no they don't they're supposed to be independent. Which is part of the challenge. So what else further clarifying the fuel the fuel that allows us to go into space liquid hydrogen fuel. But more answer here. So I think you'll find that rather interest. As to how this works some of your birdie commented. About the federal judges that are stepped in and they have put a stop to Donald Trump's travel ban. Two federal judges temporarily blocked the travel ban both siding Trump's statements. About Muslims during the presidential campaign as part of their rulings now if I could just suggest something Q. You don't have to go wall. All poorly done witness. I think its interest. That. Whatever arguments are being offered in court. Really and even relating to use the actual order. They're using his campaign comments. I'm kind of curious about this because. Barack Obama you remember all the controversy about Obama care how was attacks and it wasn't attacks murder that. And we have the Supreme Court basically come along and rescue. This monstrosity for Barack Obama. In the form of the Chief Justice. Rescue obamacare. When it should have been completely thrown out. Just putting this out there. So now we've got a temporary restraining order in effect nationwide. Hours before this was set to go into effect. Another federal judge in Maryland specifically blocked the ninety day ban on immigration for citizens of six. Muslim majority nations in 843. Page ruling. District judge Derek watts who presides in Honolulu concluded in no uncertain terms the new executive order failed to pass legal Muster at this stage. And the stated established along a strong likelihood of success on their claims of religious. Discrimination. Donald Trump not surprisingly decried. Watson ruling during a rally in Nashville last night introducing his statement as the bad and the sad news. He said he order he blocked was a watered down version of the first one. So here we are. The second attempt at this travel and and each we have once again courts that stepped in and said no you can't do this. So we will see. Where this goes from here. You know the really fun stuff we're still gonna talk about. And it's really to fun things here one of them. Is the bracket challenge you will find out. Who I have thought picked. For the idea at least the major teams. Once stated that me. And though we get the same perspective from lines it was well. But also the other fun story I wanna talk abouts are grateful I'm excited about things going on this budget affect the reach ethnic Albanian receive two months program. For the first time since he's taken his new position the Office of Management and Budget. Because the new truck budgets. Want it eliminates. Well it's really setting the liberals hair on fire. They are apoplectic. And it's. In fact I told you from time to time I've been listening to NPR. And one of the stations I had been listening to you is in the midst of a fund drive. And they are fund raising on this on the idea they may lose. They're very concerned about losing money for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We'll talk about this much mortgage your thoughts. And I can also share an alternative. An alternative funding mechanism. That was really encouraged by several years ago by a member of congress I'll tell you about this much sports we continue. On the Vince Coakley radio program 80347163. Text line. 713 juror 71044. One hour ten minutes. 32 seconds that's how much time you have to. Sign up for a bracket challenge of 1063 W orgy dot com we'll talk about that again in just bid. I wanna talk about this budget that Donald Trump has proposed. There's some elements of this that I am very excited about. Killing all funding. For PBS. In PR. And the National Endowment for the Arts. As I said this is really lighting the fire of liberals. Lighting their hair on fire. Tell you a story first report coincidence. If for undermining used to be in congress. She told a really good story about something that she was involved in. Q as part of the revolution that took place you remember back when Newt Gingrich was elected. And there were a number of conservatives there were actually elected in that cycle. Ants they were poised to do some very good things and fortunately had a Democrat president the time. But one of the things that they were looking to do was to cut funding. To PBS. PBS stations were very concerned about this what hit my eight. Friends who served in congress do. Or she used her connections in the community where she lived. And reached out to businesses. And asked them to step up to the plate. And they did. So even though they're worse a modest reductions. The station really experienced no shortfall whatsoever. See this is what self governance is all about self governance is not about. Putting your hand in the trough for the federal government to give you things. It's about us figuring out ways that we can. Take care of each other outside of government. And I would suggest now's the time to do this I told Joseph was listening to an NPR station the other day. And I I fully applaud them saying hey we might lose our 6%. So we may have to get more money because we may get less from NPR. Go ahead raise more money. If you believe that that if you believe in what they are putting out. Fighting them. But we've got to move this away. From federal funding. There are a lot of nice things and quote good things that the government funds and should not. The habit got to be broke we are broke folks. We are twenty trillion dollars in the hole. So in this budget. Among the targets the Corporation for Public Broadcasting the national endowment for the arts and humanities. Both targeted for complete elimination. It would zero out the 445 million dollar budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting a relatively small source of funding for programming and broadcast operations. I'm public TV stations and NPR radio stations nationwide by the way can get through yeah I'm a little secret about. NPR stations. And I don't want you. Have anymore daggers coming at me necessary. But let me tell you this. When I was in radio before I got into television. You don't wanna might discoveries are made about. Public radio they were on the leading edge of technology. The equipment. And I know this from my experience. When I went from a commercial radio station small town commercial radio station where I worked in Kentucky. What I would from that station to a public station. All my goodness. The technology change was extraordinary. They had all the latest toys. And it always. That always intrigued me. So like so this is public radio. They got the best stuff. Better than they commercial radio stations now I cannot testify as to whether that is the case now worn out. But it was true back then. The budget would also eliminate the budget for both national endowment which stood at 148 million dollars each. As well as 230 million for the Institute of Museum and Library Services which supports libraries and museums. Additional cuts would affect two tourist mainstays in Washington Smithsonian Institution in the National Gallery of Art. Combined the four arts organizations capitalist then. Point 02%. Of the US government four point six trillion dollar budget. Is that crazy. That's how much money. It's in this budget. In 2016 the NEA allocated 47 million dollars to fifty states five jurisdictions funding. That helped to leveraged 368 million from state governments to sport arts organizations. Buyer more than 24000 grants. And 2015 funding for the NEA was almost a third. What the US budget allocated for military. Fans. So we're we're talking about it and I think this is worse some of this argument may come in more people say you know this is really a drop in the bucket. Why even bother. I think we have to come back to the principal. I the principle is I don't see the compelling interest for the government for instance to be involved in broadcasting. I mean whatever choices we had. When I was a child. Back then the choices were a few radio stations in your local city. Now. You've got all of piece podcast third of that are available you've got satellite radio. Is there anything that public radio does. That cannot be done. By somebody else. Or. And they just simply changed their model. So they are. Basically doing what they're doing now. But sustaining themselves completely without government help I think they can do it. Now we can also have a fun conversation. About this public television. And all of the money that's been made out of products like Elmo. Yeah. Just think about that. Somebody is out making a real fortune. With the help taxpayers of course art ever tune coming up we'll talk about the bracket challenge you got an hour folks.