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The Tara Show - 3-16-17 - Hour 2

Mar 16, 2017|

Judge who blocked Trump's immigration suspension wrote that hurt feelings and sadness are grounds for his decision; Militants in Middle East showing up as refugees in US; Lady with cancer killed by truck; Lindsey Graham says Senate will never vote for allowing health insurance across state lines; Trump not following Obama's lawless path

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Later morning Tehran tirades notre Vonage care about this Banda. Band by band was banned yeah they barely had to be in a band like that's got one right way to put it. And in in the last hour why you don't know why they said dead on this the main plaintiff who's an imam had grounds to assume. And why is that because he is so are his family is trying to get the rest of their friendly here learn chain migration from Syria including his mother in law right. And he said on it hurt your feelings and deeply saddened them that she can act and the judge actually wrote that this gave him the rate to see you under the establishment clause. Because it hurt his feeling is different and made a sack and made them say and made and so there is that yes. And as detects a clean analyst Howard makes me really sad that I can't open carry her to assume. That this is true yeah I mean okay. So it's something we do makes foreign people really really sag is certainly hampering its rate is that hit that have networks. Apparently so the people that are here and don't live here yet and are not US citizens. Get the same rights I guess is that those of us who are citizens well but we're not citizens and more were simply residence. Right no we are where residents. Now says two says the judge by decree that this isn't the judicial coup this literally is a a coup this is the desperate left arm judicially. I'm not making rulings based on constitution anymore. I read a segment avidly on dare and he's not making legal. Arguments even anymore just singers add them so he can still under the establishment clause. I'm argued they're not even quoting the constitution anymore no matter and even bothering him making the argument they're just issuing decrees well they couldn't. Quote the constitution because if they dead. Then you have to admit that their ruling is not correct right because the president has the constitutional power to do what he's doing now folks you may disagree with that you made that you may think it's discriminatory against Muslims it may be that's that's fine. But the under the constitution. The president whoever he or she is has the power to do that and also under US law has the power to do that don't like the law change a law. But as you're pointing out this decision is completely based on these feelings. Of those who were suing. And the sympathetic judge there and and quiet and listen this is another think third judge shopping here this is X look at where these upcoming Hawaii. Washington. Ninth circus Court of Appeals that's where all these things are going because in those what. Be kicked back to the ninth circus as we revert to hear that judge in Hawaii or the judge in Washington. I mean this this is what this is these these things are not being challenged in South Carolina or Texas or Florida. It. Wouldn't their year nap now he would you actually would not CNET. And the argument that well. No we can't stop anyone from coming here because of her tourism in Hawaii. Tony did buy that argument when he heard tourism in Hawaii trilogy 500000 people your vs a million. I guess so when they were not to take my early and then right right I mean that argument is. And we and we never had states do this before so what we have to have immigration because it would damage us we damages. Bomb okay show because Steve has damages a federal government no longer has control over immigration president doesn't congress has. Doubt my notes pretty much if anyone is damage and it was it hurts my feeling. Where's Morris Albert when you need him re really wanted to have tourism. We'll have to take his constitutionally. Delegated grate away from congress and the president and ash tourism we need now. Person B are we can't well. This ridiculous you argue if we don't take the entire country of Zimbabwe tourism and how I will be hurt and where is it and it doesn't end anywhere. Hey this is say if this is an 88 judicial argument. That is accepted or was ever accepted by the Supreme Court as a terrifying idea. The second half. Sourcing new maturity of this I'm cool though yesterday in Tennessee I Trump's going off on a summer place and that. And he said listen I'm making a base Ghana when the Supreme Court even Alan Dershowitz says and a winner he's a liberal Harvard lawyer. And he's just let me tell you let me tell you what he said I'll add this this band is a watered down version the first one doesn't do you and Hurley does anything he says them. They and he said listen I were gonna get we're gonna win this is Supreme Court and when we do he is I'm gonna bring back the first span. The original. Dan he stood and he says and I'm going to go all the way which is what I wanted to do in the first place on and the audio and it. Now they're she's saying is just a starting point this is just beginning. Speaking at trump did you hear though the story that I had here at the top of the hour about Sweden. No I missed that I was going I would look ahead of Sweden's domestic intelligence agency says quote. There is a real and serious threat against the security of the country which has an increased military strategic importance. He said there is never been a bigger more complex task. Sweden. Sweden. Trump was you know vilified. For mentioning Sweden humor that so when I come at any and leave the way he phrased it was sort of you know mangled. Because what he was referring to was a report that have been at Fox News about the problems are having with. The refugees the immigration situation in Sweden and the stuff that's going on the air. Army moved from got a report now from Sweden's domestic intelligence agencies is there has never been a more serious threat to us in this country. And that's what he's talking about the so it's just right teacher than our Fox News. Must not be true actually this is a story from the Associated Press to really yes. So it's already a so yes. We can we hit from the Associated Press Associated Press of course this is also the same Associated Press that was. You know led trying to say nasty things about trump the cause of that reference to Sweden and trying to sell it another go out there though and on Sweden. Will excuse me but Associated Press now you reporting there are things going on a sweet and apparently have been for some time. Mean what a week ago. We learns. Bags on a guy in Iraq a terrorist. Of course our troops had special forces had been battling who had been trying to kill them on and horse soldiers what all the damn. They don't you guys have been friends for complete David trying to kill him for a couple of years them. Here are you weren't. And it's in and mix up a new identity uses. Documents in this rank and Harry stream bedding did not catch anything. And remember we had on me on the former Brigham person who was in charge of vetting. Are refugees my heroine in she's you know I mean we did we we don't care if I documents. We come again that we don't dare try document no we don't we know we have to tell a fake. Okay this extreme but so we have special forces aideed is that. Yet that Tim that's a terrorist he's walking around America. And we find out that he was discovered they've got they've got a one document fraud right now they're they're still investigating these they think there's a whole ring and Amir who were planning terrorist attacks. Thumb but it was discovered a week before the election and they didn't arrest him. Bomb because he went looks like. Analysts came out of the senate hearing was senator Grassley looks like that would be embarrassing to Obama. And Hillary and so you know they couldn't have come out amid this vetting process. This is how bad it is and there's no way to tell and she's you may listen you know ice is taken over a lot of these series that killer relented bid documents. We have we could verify the documents were real. Who's to say the person holding them is the person. Whose documents they are I mean nobody there's no way to do this with our rack and we've just seen in the last week that the terrifying more find danger. We the people our troops are literally fighting on the ground are coming here is refugees. This is serious stuff this is not theoretical. It's not. Yeah I am and that's that's just that's. Part of this whole problem here because the left wants to act like that this never happens there's absolutely no problem you people are just being Xena phobic your being Islam phobic. There's not a problem anywhere in the world none of this is happening it's all fake news and what's not. That is literally hold as they're saying it. People can Kerry is coming here from Iraq with fake documents going right to the extreme padding. Right. Break interfaces. And it telling us know you're asking that no we did know that you did not see which just happened there. Except that it did happen. Which is ridiculous. This we need is this bill is a big deal and you know we talk about this I'm telling you what when we have that one catastrophic terror attack. That takes her economy. On it's it's it it didn't it's going to be a big deal and this is the part where we have a chain is the stuff that. And in the try to blame it on Tron I see it now is to be truthful terms like no you what are we just quite just what. Yeah the Ingles advantage it's hard finally Daniel from Greeneville hey Danielle. Terror higher they had failed under it puts a nine. Our question. What ball these judges are always Circuit Court and stuff. Making rulings sort of they are which are against the constitution. Could they not be charged with treason. On now. That and is good it's good reason Daniel 'cause I only sees happening on the other side to. Gone you know to actual constitutional jurist they judges are allowed to be wrong and Iran over time and that's additionally steps her judicial process are allowed to. As a judge Megan absolutely horrible completely unconstitutional. Ruling that really is is more of a decree which is what does judge's ruling is in in Hawaii you're allowed to make a bad mistake. On any assumption is that the upper courts. Will corrected. And all you know we go right now it's real obvious that you know we fish rolling this is the season is more decreed an illegal order I mean when you're basing your order that these people have a right to sue. On their feelings. All that should and read the constitution it in your order and that's that she's it's laughable it's it's it's a joke but judges get to be wrong. And they get to hold things up unfortunately why they hold things up Daniel. Now while we wait for hope for the Supreme Court to reverse this it's putting our country it's horrendous interest and a danger. And this goes on and on and on and on. There is a EI a new kind of visa but who are are one visas to hear about this. It's not you actually we're just hearing about a prominent and it admits religious workers. The country that can pursue their religious pursuits they wanna you know two and mosques. BA you know pastor and Paris when a proselytize all actually led to meant. Unease are one visas used to be hard to get one of bees will Obama change that we Redding 23000. People. And then they bring 7000 more of their family members. Guess why. Yet Fox News reporting and no one else 'cause no one wants you know. That mom and she's people but they have and then coming in applied for permanent residency status since they get here was once they play it for ransoms possibly rhythm. After an apparently a lot of these people are radical months. Ku is warning us about the shuttle of this act in kind former president of the council Pakistan American affairs. Told Fox News people have come in and tried to commend their visa to preach their hardline dangerous views. And then encouraged from. The vulnerable from the US trouble back with the weather for the brain washing could potentially be used to harm USA clearly mean lining radically moms and here with this program. It's. It's insane. It's at an ammunition just one category. A visa. One category of he's. Curled James Williams incited a group that advocates for the US special forces he said the program. Which is created 1990. Has to be trident. Arbiter is the extent to which makes US the US vulnerable to G highly attacks. And also known home run acquisition. So mean this is this they're coming at us with our all angles next. As you stay in and day out day in day out. So it's fresh trading on China's going to be more delays in air really wish today it's Mitch McConnell would get hopping with those. Went with that of course it's. Hearing. We we need it got and the Supreme Court and and get moving. We need to move along. Mary. Cheered this. Would she do a story stuck in my mind. Had to rate here is still all Josephine. Would. In her seventies. Head in new beat cancer for the second time. She beat colon cancer and not in the in the 1990s. This kind of a cervical cancer. But she was mad she was a darn near in the clear she's gone for one last chemo treatment for their final test to declare her free cancer. Mother of five. Loved your grandkids. Yet. So on Friday and the show was leaving home T goatee doctor's office when her sons was within. As she says source sun let you and he said her Libby two and then she sit back and Loma babies after she went to hospital because I think it's a human shot. She's one tough woman had I had amassed that quite a fortune or lifetime US army veteran and a philanthropist. And a beloved by all accounts. In Greenville area. So what went wrong well. I knew Friday she started the intersection of SE twice for and Whitehall road when she Kennard. The idiot. Yep. Blu-ray. Through stop signs. Paired broadside. Her kids say they knew she was dead but ten thought she might survive to see the possible rating to kill the woman she beaten colon cancer colon cancer. That finals chemo treatment. Just seemed like he couldn't be possible suicide pulls up. Since seen. This man the trek there. If they may 63 years old driver for Powell's trash service what would you do. Yes or are you are you Trevor just means it's Saxon. Says yes. Here's the sun. I punched him. And it means to a recent. But I did hit him several times. What charges or side with third degree assault battery spent three hours Nancy Kenny thanks sensor. Which by the way is three hours more than the driver if any may. Who blew through the stop sign and killed smother. You believe this. Reaction. Chris says they have jailed for 51 years I regret that I wasn't there for my family when they needed me. His siblings say they regretted they couldn't have been with him in the GO home in nearly hit him several times. You had to pry my hands off from around his throat and not a forgiving person I was sure was. But it's nomination. May the delivery truck. This pressured driver at this weight. So why did he just killed one it cited by the South Carolina habitual for disregarding this traffic signal. His company did not respond to requests. For comment. A boy the bank wanted to says she says she jewel she just let a brand. New. The dangers. No law. Life is clear they need from my executive order is clear. I was elected not to change our broken and dangerous system. And thinking in government that has weakened that in day. You know our country had left our people defenseless. And I will not stop fighting for the safety of view and your families believe me not today not ever will get a win it. We're gonna win. Where go to applied common sense. We're gonna apply a intelligence. And would never quitting and we're never going away and would never ever. Giving up the best way. Did key foreign terrorists horror as some people would say is certain uses radical. Islamic. Terrorists. From attacking our country. Is is not down. Front and it drink our country in the first place. Mix since two main. What do you think sales from fountain. Criteria. I have a question if the president has a constitutional. Right. To impose a ban. Why can't he just ignore these judge's ruling until they cite a constitutional. Violation. Well I I guess what no what you're looking at here is that would mean defying a court at the ruling in the court blocked. Which part of my Obama did regularly he would ignore judges who told him you know not too. I'm issue where permeates to dreamers and then you know he was just doing it and nothing happened know whenever anything but will Obama was above the law. And if you're going to maintain the rule of laws then you have to. Armed you have to comply with what court said. And pregnant in in a really simple idea this the other answer seemed social answer honest he'd never get away. The media would go absolutely does circuit and it would not be debris would not be anymore about whether. This is a good policy for our country are how much danger. With the judge judge did you put ice in it but what a bad guy trumped his and he's lawless. On and they would whip this up into a frenzy and you know in long term so we can we do more danger until the country in terms of being a Libyan three when people support for it. So because he's trump and not Obama he doesn't get to just ignore court orders. And as you know that's. As ways cushion under rule of law in this country is largely voluntary as Obama to subpoena didn't very actually just demonstrate. Resop would Obama we always thought well enough to court ruling undermined by even if we disagreed with an Obama proved that wrong he showed. Ed since your sounding really mean there's no federal police force to come arrest you if you're the president. He demonstrated dead you know all of this compliance with the constitutional on the court rulings is the largely voluntary by simply just ignoring court Rolex. And gone you know that has to be repaired and so too by trump on going along with this no matter how ridiculous this is that's acts part of our support of the healing process from Obama. Let's announcements. But but it is is unfair. As it's. Really frustrating 803471063. Text line 71 at 307. Media audio the day. About trump saying the best thing we did GOP could do would be to let obamacare X implode. But that was what he really actually would like it to do and they told Paul Ryan that. To no avail. So Els thinks. This would be a good idea who else thinks even debating this Ryan care measure is a waste of time since it's dead on arrival in the senate. I'm surprised to learn our senator. Lindsey Graham was the recent bishop who bizarrely the same thing trump is sick. As it's written right now this bill in the house is it dead on arrival. It is it is mortally wounded out I'm not this guy yet. Rand Paul now vote for the house bill because it really is refundable tax credits there's an entitlement and another form. If you are my state did not take Medicaid. Expansion the house bill allows open enrollment for the entire country. Always good morning I think from Medicaid. Which is up finally broken I don't like that this is the last best chance for Republicans. To pass health care about themselves and screw it up. Here's what I hope the president would do. Try to get a good bill if you can't let Obama care collapse and challenge the Democrats. To help him fix a problem they created. Real quick question if that's a good bill that a good deal. I'm not right now Medicaid is not where I wanted to date and now. This they won't collapse obamacare we'll lenders own way. And we're trying to do too much too quick as Republicans. We're running through stop signs like this CBO letter much like President Obama did slowdown get it right. You're not only is sixty dollars to buy insurance across state lines. That is a fantasy in the center at the. RET shirt but Lindsey Graham says it's time. We tune. Lindsey Graham folks. Now neglect interest in stuff kimono background here skew pure iron. Just went out yet why why do you just let it die. Sinking trump said the other day we'll see what happens. We'll see what happens are out on the show. You find yourself elected to a situation. And the blip in modern society. Socially someone who can help you some specialists and experts to swoop in and play and you common when one. So while somebody finds themselves in a situation. It's up to them entirely truly it was in the wild wild west's. Yeah we'll what I just did and we hear how she handled opposed about a foot and Bridget texted a whole lot more coming up. Sitting as advantage it's hard climbing ever since doctor Ronald. He started he round. I know in my town area could. All of Schobel for a show or our political optics solid all the court as our stop it. Sixty bottom up. I got an absolute idiot walker hello yeah. Beltway you bring pressure on W your. Lumps you. We we you can earlier Obama. About it on court oversight regulators. How come. Knock out in the US the politics. How come we let Obama get away words. The car according to try to regulate what is of course yes it can be Gaby you said it. There wouldn't. It would bring out down out of the article on the underdog Doug and I think now so. Oh did matter it didn't try it out so I'll I'll hang up but that's what you're so I guess I'm going to shut. Oh okay well wow I can do a whole hour on this why does Obama get away with it well we'd entered a new period of lawlessness our country where the law was applied listened to so many times with sleep according arms team to color your skin and the party on persuasion that you were a part. And so was applied over lead to people of the wrong political persuasion preferences Jewish groups that support Israel. Conservative groups that were deliberately targeted for audits by the IRS. Illegally targeted for audits by the Irish the lead to anything. And they got away with that meanwhile. We literally had judges ordering Obama. Hey you know what you can into an executive amnesty no we don't know don't yet know you can't issue were premises dreamers and that he did. I mean virtually everything Obama did to create an executive embassy around dreamers was illegal and ruled against by federal courts. Any Janet. Why do you get away with it I guess your question while number one I felt if virtually fought you know falls in the forest and there's the when they're hearing does make you sound right. Media and talk about it until American people about it elicits talk radio or read certain web sites who would know about it so it was like it was when it was a real. Any other reason is because he's a mom and nobody nobody's gonna come after him to be called a racist. But the judge didn't want to come after. Losing a cent. Exactly. Who resent. And to do what exactly. And that was the problem Iran was willing to stand up to him. And when was willing to let the American people that was going on he got away with it. And it was a terrifying thing to watch. Because we've got to have former years of it with Hillary Clinton where we literally a word day in and day out rewriting lies. Home. It in that they would only apply to certain people depending on your political persuasion so. All that was when things are terrified me the most about this election because we were going down hill facts. And you're still seeing it. By the way. You're still absolutely she index. In action in DC in New York this is called deep state battle is about think about it put us salon not apply to. In all of this you know rush stuff the lakers and as a planet two acres. His nose making the law applied the lakers. Why is James coney are FBI had only investigating. Built the leaguer at the CIA who you know let us know with the CIA sent to put not anyone in his own department who is illegally leaked to all of these news organizations. They're lawless. Wallace. And that's marks of an authoritarian. Society. Laws apply overly too little guy but not an old political class and that's where we were headed in this country and you still vestiges of this. This mentality. That if I'm in Washington and I'm part Indian crowd apart the great group I eight don't have to follow the law. And all of the people who would make me follow it are also part of the in crowd they'll get. Agree now senator Grassley. Is demanding that DR CIA in the FBI turn over evidence. Of the Russian hacking. He's still can't get it. The FBI and ACA is it to him not the other way are rounds. But this is the lawlessness and I don't know what the answer is but it's entrenched in it's about more than Obama.