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The Tara Show - 3-16-17 - Hour 3

Mar 16, 2017|

5-second rule more like a 30-minute rule if the food is dry; CBO says a full repeal of Obamacare would insure more people than Ryan plan; Prayer helps woman land plane in emergency situation; Deep State is much bigger than we thought; Other countries' intelligence agencies have access to NSA database that illegally monitors Americans

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We played good morning terror there's LS cookie and you're really looking forward to eating it but then you dropping on the floor. Do you say Brescia DC age old debate brush it off and you know eat it. Org V at which ended the trash can I guess it depends on who's looking great I will toss the cookie yields us the tricky out well here's the good news you don't have to. There were no you don't have to forget the 52 rule. If you drop the cookie got a solid half an hour to grab off before a solid half hour half an hour a day yet okay nobody here's the thing. Despite secondly has been so many studies this rate well Andris one crucial distinction. B Johnson and hard and dry like a cookie or potato chip them you can win up to half an hour now catch yet. A moment because he maybe dropped blatant piece of food is sort of like you wed or whatever then you know it's the back tears consumed two or anyway yeah. PB and or researchers asked university women found if you just have to wet or sticky because there aren't more forceful spaghetti. Armed you have to get a quick okay Bibi doesn't hard drive. You could maybe you know walk the dog what YouTube video or two. You know I mean since if you tweets and then get back to eating at B cry is. The bacteria has a hard time migrating moving on tests and on to something that strike because it needs the moisture to travel I got news for peace talks something stays on my floor for a half hour. The dog or the cats. Mobile will it airwaves that and beaches we have absolutely has so refinement that okay well you know what. I've done my own study on this. You know how that went the first case you have. When they drop the pacifier. Out yet you'd throw a great back in a boiling water to sterilize it right by the second kid you just cannot run an under the war. A third kid he's picking up off the foreign trip back there you go out there all three are fine. I've I've been you know three kids myself if that's exactly what to speak yes. OK so. The greatest people ironies to see this. Key and know we ensured that the maximum number of people keep their insurance. Health insurance. Sorry copper and lower prices. For all Americans and into every wonderful thing that we say we wanna do with her insurance rate how could we do that well I would say with free market economics that that that would be cost. That's crazy idea Bob Arnot and tried that down drilling now. Actually these same CBO report. That trashed Ryan care and then it went in 2015 looked at all the options including just repeal. Just ditch obamacare rate. Guess which one lure customers. And good result in fewer Americans becoming uninsured probably just ditching Obama just did she got scared to new meaning yes. Refuel. In other words. A home if we just rip it obamacare with this public have to proms we have a health care. But net. No no Nanette. This is a Phil Klein writing about the CBO and Washington dinner how could possibly be. Under Republican plan to spend hundreds of billions of dollars offering tax credits to individuals. And winds down Obama curb some ears covered more no more people than a straight immediate full repeal. And the reason is according to CBO. Republican replacement. Keeps a mama's regulation in place and it causes the priced insurance to rise so much. That this subsidies don't even cover the cost increase in other words even with a subsidy it's still more expense. Across the board. All on average. With this subsidy. Because the crisis are jacked now call me old fashioned. But I just get sick and tired of hearing. The the the reference to a tax cut. Or art art you know a tax. Rebate or whatever you wanna call it being a I'm sorry that's assuming it's the government's money to begin where I'm sorry it's my money to begin with okay. You know if you decide to give me a tax cut because of some type of behavior that's fine. I don't consider that a cost to the government now realize that you have those who are you well let's morning it was going to be coming to the government begin with well. My money to begin with us on the government money. You should have counted that well. Amen and you know it's on to governments health insurance either now if she does get your grubby little hands it politically poem but you know. Those bridges you know audio with Lindsey Graham since you know well we just let Obama care I'm just crash and burn an MP a good idea. You know. I ice I sometimes wonder about the senator because it almost seems like anything that trumpets four he's going to be against. I mean it seems to be the thing and and listen I get it I understand he's coming from a different place philosophically. You know. Trump as as rush is always saying try this not ideological. Not at all. Gray and yes I am ideological I'll admit that it's just I'm at odds with the senator on on the few issues here. But I'm just wondering if this is a circumstance where. It's look to grimace thinking OK this is another time when I can disagree with the president on his policy or at least well what is what he's saying now. And try to make it look like that I'm going out on my own and trying to protect my power race. And voting place. Time I just wonder about that. You know I I detail but rarely agree with him so. I'm just suggesting that that's the way the talk is in the senate now an import but you know once clinics by this is one of those situations where somebody satellite thing go along you know yes exactly so I thought it was interesting that he said we're Wallace and wants it that's obviously with the mindset is in the senate without adequate to England just applicable thing crash burn. I thought I wish they'd say that about a getting involved in Syria but again I'm sorry didn't mean change the subject there yet. Harry text your rates about 352 rule not applying to dry stuff. Just brush off needed. That's great news fortified years ago my classmates laughed me for grabbing Jai dried cheese on dry she dozed off the ground and you it was okay. C vindicated after all these years as you know this problem of chemicals those Tito's a killing thing anyway so if we had that discussion yesterday. Text your grades I worked in a restaurant if the breadth of some butter side up it was Serbs. A butter side down trash so anxious backed up my old miniature black hole now. See things you learned on the show. So make sure to order your toes with a butter on both sides. Get rid she's to be safe at what you know and it hasn't been dropped just to be safe well. Okay I'll end. A new to sell afraid. Found G here this if you've got like your pain or you've got a colder or whatever EG gored today menacing tended to get you saw something that make you feel better. And they make you feel better before it kills you. Yep Ibuprofen in and says switcher a major ingredient in cold medicine. Increasing your risk of a heart attack by 50% now if you're at risk for that I've been told not to take us yet seen what that means legacy to Madison. I really. Your risk for heart attack. And if you should be doing show me particularly true for much. Are you quit getting involved in politics is what does she added I should go often. You know by that thousand acres in Montana but I house right in the middle Evans lake city I'll think it would be best for your health now. It would be yes hysterically at you prefer an end to cry and in the coolness and boy I tell you what though. Who would you tiny to go through column about that Coleman's and that is misery. Like you know you what's in the ministry days tick by actually get better. So any check it out and says cold men's and Ibuprofen. May want to avoid those inferior and stickers. Now in question yes. If you. Will text your rates god made dirt dirt don't hurt. Death at the conclusion of the study. Yeah no we solution for most things in our modern society right if something did go to his. Wrong if there's an emergency if there's a disaster you know pretty much don't have to handle yourself with the police don't get their facts and Africa's there's some train crew that's in common. Swat team. Police. Something like thank. Yeah often find yourself in position where it's a TO. Your life and lives of others are completely in New York. Hands. Are too simple situation like that. Love this story Kathy maligned. Fleiss her single engine Cessna plane. She her job is aerial photography and she does she's out there's two jobs stood everyday she problem. It's the last month. And just released. The audio. This. She used flaw is she often does around me. George area. When she Photoshop with a broken throttle. That's. A good. That's not good at all. Because it means she canceled plane down. Came mansion. She is in the air and she was in a panic she's a takes off from Asia isolated small strip and it was very far wishing he she did solutions losing control point. Should take down there was only one place to do it. Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta international airport which if you've been here is pretty bit. Not gonna play should put to pull your plane down when you're flying solo with a broken thought and throttle. In or early safely but one would need to judge incoming and out coming commercial airliner airliners and land the world's busiest. Airport and you have to do which. With being able to step. How you do net. She. Sure. So she consulted. The team. At the airport. These guys are not flat pilots. But they are. Date you know do we know working nearly control into the air traffic controllers. So the track officials are on the plane the pilots. Are buddies trying to figure out how did this woman added the year. So well at what would you do. What would you pick. To do. In this position. And you lose the audio the saying OK well you know what if you it is if he need to just take a breath for a minute and fly around that airport one more time to get a look at this before you try. You can't it we're here we're waiting. For you. As you say you know what I'm gonna bring it down but had to do something first. I've got to pray. And she's it was called husband haven't calmly church. Put a prayer chain together MR praying and then to bring this baby down here's what that sounded. Like can you imagine. It's tantamount from the drop guys now. How many of them whenever any repeatedly concession effort that I guess so lot of equipment but okay. I. Don't seem to let the draw and then the most dominant force in the ensuring that you you do then. Followed. Can. The. Yeah. And they. How. Do I need to get them out of the holing the. Yet. It's too blew another leopard. Fail prayed. And spur it to. Now some. Wait I can't bring it down to everybody prays. And it worked it worked partly air traffic controllers. And traffic controllers were on also pranks brought that plane down an awesome. All of them to spring curator at the airport pilots stories like that I do I do and he'll let this feel good story to panic being. Certain people in America wanna. White from the public square in them and that's that night at 803471063. Text line 713. 07. Text rates. When we're gonna stand. Sleep and know when you get to Montana I wanted to let go to. Happily and chip in for a couple of acres you put me in hubby in the back paper an eight acre will be fine. A series Ellis his intention to steroid taking these same tact as that pilot. On with things that hit the floor before he needs them chair when I drop something that I really like get his have to guide and eat it anyway. Very well see each TE two zone. OK. So here we go. Not play this Oreo. Coming up next segment and it I I I can you hear this. You need to hear this because thing that has happened with trump and all of this precious stuff. Is that we look at our country and our government in the weighted things really aren't we never would've gotten he has. Chased him out of the bushes he brought to mountain light. Deep state. What's that. Ever heard that. Ever seen anything like what's going on her covering what what if the was much much bigger then we felt like my family thought six months ago much freedom we thought three weeks ago. Much really thought a week ago. What if it is so massive. That begins this country but it doesn't end anywhere. What this isn't like that look like. What if you need state wasn't just the CIA and the NSA and GSA in all of those people. What are it was international. What do it was all the governments in the world. Are most of them. What was that digs there was nowhere. Anywhere. In the globe he could run from. What goes like that. We don't hear the epic rant I'm going to play. In the next segment we did notice about our country or our government told trump was electable we do now don't miss this. It's. Well you'll just have to wait around here. Now racial matter now I guess that some people are so happy yeah today Rachel mad out as much hyped release. Of Donald Trump's 2005 tax return last night was considered by many to be a let down. Yeah. You know has been this disappointed by marry Rachel map since the guy who took her to the prompt. Alex. Coach. OK hey listen time is ticking that's rate if you're filling up the brackets anyway. Right you're doing it work. Two billion dollars billion with a B 9000002. Billion dollars a year in no practice time lost for American business is doing there but it's very important. It's very important. There weren't any lame as will be filling Mallon must rate. Jeanne when great great prizes. Drills and drills in all kinds or restaurant you should tip the did say yet they're great reader prices online but surely have till noon need to fill your brackets. Go to what is extreme W lowered he dot com the fun part about this is you can play against me Bobby Mack. Lunch so he sees you beat. All of us she'll Wear plain weird it's when the stuff but you to infect your office to sign up her thing now you graduate by. Knew it's free sign up on and just on parole plus a check it out when I was 63 W Doherty by the way you're sides. And discouraging of picking a perfect bracket. On if you guess and every game. Our only one in nine point two quadrillion however if you have some basketball knowledge to not be discouraged. ESPN as the major odds in proof. 21 in two. Brilliant but hey you know what it's fun and we're pressed for each round two was you have to when the whole thing it's. Listed to a ton of opportunities. Three hours and at twenty minutes left thank you Chris Chris. Okay so what if this does Steve's day we know how bad it was. No idea how I controller government must do we know we did not know it is meanwhile we have learned since trump has been elected. Is bad boy knows this back we thought Obama just passed for power and it would all go away. We didn't know. He was part of a much bigger much more entrenched system it's never reared its head tilt tribunal should Connecticut bushels. It's big and it's entrenched. And it's incredibly pap just doing the news senator Chuck Grassley is trying to hold AR Russia hacking. By trump electoral influence investigation in the senate but he cannot penalize. He has commanded. And the folks from the CIA and the FBI to provide him with the evidence Chile still unseen. And they haven't shown up. He still. Can't get it. Just note they answered him. They answered the intelligence committee just. Can Sunnis and wondering if congress they insert congress not the other way Iraq they have a blown congress off on next. For months. Months and we can't. Who showed that commended them demanded. Called. And asked bring it. Bring the evidence. They get to see it as an amazing show I mean pretty jwoww but how big is this system. How widespread is it. If we have every conversation that we've ever had and a telephone recorded and sitting there waiting for somebody to listen to a who can listen to. Two amazing things in this this is just a Paula Tyrone latest for you comment he's saying he thinks Obama used Britain to spy on trump I have that strip. You say they have three sources are anonymous well you know how that goes but this box like an animal or more credibility. But lest we agree so whether that's true. And Obama used the brits to go around defies accord list scope. Of this system. As described by Napolitano and who has access to your most private. Hint it's not just the US government. The statutes are authorized the president of the United States. To order the surveillance of any person in the United States of America without suspicion without probable cause and without a warrant meaning he doesn't have to go to court to do it. So he can order the NSA which already has in the digital version. Of our phone calls to to transcribe the digital version into a transcript and give it to him. But if he does that there's a record of the order right so three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama. Went outside the chain of community museum and say he didn't use the CIA didn't use the FBI and they didn't use the Department of Justice. He is GC HQ. What the heck is GC HQ. That's of the initials for the British. Spying agency they have 24/7 access to the NSA database. Quick wit and two things here. The pilot kind of states as fact they have access they have all of our phone calls. New prospect from the NSA has all of our appropriately despite it was just mark in Oliver from Cox. The British government had access to all of my phone close. A studs. It is good paying deep state. For me. Okay Lynn pollutant continue. So by simply having two people go to them saying President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate trump. Conversations involving president elect trump he's able to get it. And there's no American fingerprints on this so you're saying that the British used their version of the CIA. To wiretap Donald trumps to those phone or well it's it's not a wiretap the concept of plugging haywire in so into a phone box in the basement of the building as what the law was when these statutes are written in 1978. Everything is done electronically now via computer. The NSA has 24/7 365. Access to every mainframe computer every Telecom and every computer service provider that does business in the United States. And they share that with various intelligence agencies including the brits so the British intelligence agency had this what happened to the guy who ordered this. Resigned. In crazy after Donald Trump was inaugurated. Okay. So our phone conversations are in a big database collected and held forever by the NSA. All of less. Than this most of us police diversity to the greatest people Donald Trump billionaire. Great. And brits have access to that that'd be gracious thank intact and that's that's Hossa who else has access to. How many of them are there now Suze. When did you go when. I mean what T and she did because. This is this means staggering. It it literally means. There's no we could go to escape them. They're everywhere they're delegating. And it and it interlinked bunks in your walls no listening. Until you I was a nanny now. And delays revolution argue the revolutionary war was over. Yeah that he mullet stuff yeah the taxation without representation your Olympic yeah editing was it really set off our founding fathers the brakes. Would spend. On their agents agents of the government come into people's houses. To make sure they didn't have duty free goods and when they came in your house they would tear apart to get whatever they wanna didn't matter if it was duty free or not. There was a form of of of terror and that's why the amendment. Was of tipped off the whole revolution. I had made it became a a way for the British government to terrorize those who disagree with the they just pop put into their votes are invited if you open the door they knock it down no warrant nothing like that. And that's what this whole thing started this what started the revolution. Can you imagine what they'd say about this and it's on television and nobody bats an eye. It's just I don't and can uncle Britain's listening in to a two winners that's that's awesome that's that's great duels Australia. Saudi Arabia. Do we shoot straight to the Muslim brother. Little race. In an email to me about the last is segment began emailing too by the way terra Atlanta 63 WOR dean died come. Terror if we did say is as fast as you say. The question becomes does have access to all of our phone calls. Yeah and this week yeah the British. Intelligence agency that has access to database Bolivar recorded phone calls five million dollars year. To resign but the ultimate question. It did state actually spans the world our country who ultimately in charge. Food. Good qwest please somebody I did it it report coordinating all of these. Intelligence agencies who have access to all of our phone calls is just part consciously out. And everything about us. Men who is in charge at the international up. Whoever she. Who rented. Who. I just only today alerts. That apparently the British intelligence. Has access those of you know I Rian pulse senator Rand Paul on a show once. I was asking him I was all hyped up about and a Edward sentence revelations. And you know while I mean who knew that it was that fastest in your stance. And Netanyahu says he sit Edwards noted in the program he revealed that satisfy protesters 16. That's fine others. They'll do other stuff. What the heck did they do I think we're getting to see apparently never funny know what they do. And this show much more infinitely faster than we could've ever imagined and I don't know what we do about adding we see and the full extent of it. Six as more drug administration may we will find out Paul from Spartanburg. Well just. PP ERS are a lot of them did you know you expect he made reference to be. Revolutionary war. I'm not used it says that the brits. You know they were great they were able to just stay in your own. Opted to you know to. You know what what what we can make more efforts to an I mean what what. Well when you said that they were able exit just now. Coming into your home. And what it is is stored but they had warned you have to warn today that if you were on British soil. Other they like to abuse Americans anyone used to page. On the fees are lying on stuff we bought here on in order to have fondled her dead in so they sent agents of the British government who were Americans themselves. On the basically go terrorize people and check their house is to make sure they weren't buying bootleg goods that they hadn't paid British government. This hacksaw and it became so extensive that it was a a form of of a really of terror. In our country. And if you let him and they knocked adored them and they took whatever they want. So that's what I was referring to texture race was extension would have known these things for a long time. She. It was true. Did.