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The Tara Show - 3-16-17 - Hour 4

Mar 16, 2017|

Flash mob of teens ransacks Oakland carnival; Trump's approach to fixing illegal immigration versus Bush and Obama's; Corruption in SC Legislature is legal

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Earning waved good morning terra. Did you. Did you see this this is this going on all over the country and you CNN news from time to time. Where kids. Adam you know I am a much better ability ailing plans have now enter on the Internet. It's doubtful. And a place the target in my kids I mean teenagers. Simply place the target where they would intentionally walk in grab everything you walk out I am and then they do now I'm massive scale. And they another one of these. I remember seeing knees up until the last few years. I could be wrong about that I I do I don't remember seeing them regarded and not as is frequently as Abbott is going on all over the country this time it was at Oakland right there was a carnival. You know they all the prizes and so he's trying to went down you know I was the old way he's walking and take them. And a mob of teenagers. To return to the Oakland at carnival. Stealing stuffed animals prices. Cash. Bomb everything that they do get their hands on now easily got the cash so they do get somebody who value them yeah I guess stuffed animals I'm sorry in the stuffed animals a preteen protect. About 30000 dollars in merchandise was lost in Saturday night's Rampage at the Butler carnival in east Oakland. Workers told KR ON admission prices were stolen there were stolen. We're later smashed or ripped to shreds in the senseless display vandals and this is for fine yeah. On the cellphone video footage showed he is helping themselves to Teddy bears and of the toy prices. At one point a group a taxi young male knocking him to the ground and they proceed to beat him. On the workers the carnival workers were so afraid. Of the violence of these kids that they would not and go on the air without. Like having their faces hidden their voice is so I changed so you're scared the Carnes moon in Korea and that's a little scary. And what guys got hit in the head with a brick and had to go to the hospital. That's a strong armed robbery that's assault and battery with intent to kill yes that's a felony. And done anyway. They said the mob was so hundreds of teenagers. Into estimated could stop them. Now showed up but once. Homes still wasn't like he an Iranian crowd just were gathered than they did days they all warm it's just aren't exactly. And they plan to stop I used. I Arabs were assessment the lawlessness of the sort of our country honoring and and I think that you've this is one of those things where social media enables that type of thing to happen to you and coordinated. Yeah. Yeah meanwhile speaking of coordinating. And you had you watched was going on in the house with the board well. We transport well I hearing about a yes dialysis. OK is if you watch this closely before like I have he won't know what's going on. All and part of my unleash your distaste for George W. Bush. That I developed came exactly from this river when he signed the bill. In the Rose Garden never forget 2006 we were gonna build a wall it was hot it was hit it was cool well it was awesome why because the GOP's numbers going into that every step forward really bad. And he was trying to fix that right. Right so he's trying to build for the wall everybody was on board the walls could be awesome yet that then they immediately began under kind while. Almost immediately and what they did on ways they do Republicans. So I stuck stuff in the budget bill to basically is that. Can we reckon that one. We're and I just keep eating red we're gonna use some fencing that they can easily cut through. And some really cool stuff with drones in the hair and Richmond is yes we spend billions dollars on that. Reggie Evans could be awesome. And racquet do while they quietly slip today and home and nine months later and also may notice except your humble host me. And there are we gonna house screaming it's time when he did this and bush signed it off they went. Under minding border security. I'm not a bush ever had any intention of the elite. He never started. They need get this was all for show than ever intended to would now guess what they are proposing right now. Sickness his communion that Elian's here's Bloomberg the Homeland Security is hosting bids. For companies prey while that quote had is described as thirty feet tall made of concrete and her decline. Has going over in congress. Are Republicans in congress meanwhile are drafting a plan to use multiple alternative purchase. Oh Mary says good thing in others and deep widespread use of drones. Now Tom somewhat reminiscent maybe yes and as we spend billions. Of dollars on a satellite drone program. Ed and I went anywhere Britney is there went. And Bush Administration did this whole unveiling don't be so much better than while it was can be so much more high tech well OK if you seed illegals on the satellite with a drone. Then why. Yes it turns out it was not just gonna see him command. Well Bono did there and that's what we did for years years years years years this is the exact same proposal and then you wouldn't do. They Leo's we'll cut through the parents which is what was intended by congress it would cut defense and NH wanted to. Myself exit. We knew George W. Bush we knew George W. Bush for two terms Donald Trump has no George W. Bush. You can write. I don't get a win here because this is exactly hasn't missed a couple billion dollars they spend money now come get your easy lives in spite. Are you on the same. Day Angop failed a program. That is let our borders while them. And this is at I've seen this before I've seen him do this well. Melissa I'm one of those I'm not making excuses but I'll tell you I don't hear whether they build a wall or not all I want is for American. Laws and immigration. Laws to be enforced. If that means we've got to build all the build ball if you can get it done without building a wall and you simply arrest people who come across the border illegally and it's in the back across the border. That's fun I just want the laws enforced at all escort you know once again if it takes all fine if it doesn't take a wall I'm fine. But I think didn't trump has sort of painted himself into a wall. And because of of the position that he's taken in the way that he campaigned in that being one of them are obviously that the linchpin of isn't. Our campaign. So it was on I I think we need a wall and let me tell you why. Because it just makes it that much harder Yang of the can vary and are angry validated I think when you obviously is someplace we can't little while like you others and they're sort of went small mountains on them. You know down Brock can mean camp on Monday that I get that. But on the reason we need it is because what they've done before and where to have other presidents than under minor security probably right after trumped him. On and on you want it would offense is could you just cut through them and then they just leave them they play these games yeah so you can't have through a third for Walton you can't do that it makes it harder. Yeah NEC's eat makes it easier to defend. This country. On and so that's why when all I want I want all rape here and it's much harder free future general free future presidents who ripped out. A thirty foot tall concrete lock down I'd compromise with 250 Norton. But it's harder to undermine national security if he got the ball around well we got to sink that thing in. Iran and in fifty. Yeah I do a better at thirty feet that's me ice weren't going be OK okay. Yes. Right away is here are my husband he's also going to debate. Twittered to allow access by Border Patrol to federal lands to implement immigration law. Why it yet. Whether or not to allow. New federal Border Patrol agents to be on federal land. Yet yeah things up for debate giving DHS permanently as security new powers to access federal lands and work quickly remove undocumented immigrants quite near the border. Why would border for how point there's no point in even asking the question a book is bush when ban him from the national parks. So that they they eat creating a virtual highway for illegal immigration. Ben moving parts it's an executive order. Earned an a bit confused about this type trees because trump com I in I have seem some reporting that they are back in the parks. So I don't know. I I don't I don't know about eight campaign or they actually enforcing the look well which company seeking enforced you know pretty much yes. So anyway there did the weasels in congress to back up to what we bag they aren't true just you know bush things. And knowing you only once. Fans seeing yeah. That's what we want to move constant drone set there and it was how drones in the salads can stop illegals support. They're not known as the idea they're not. On sixteen and Mike McCall is a big amnesty guy I'm head of homeland security committee so I'm. This question can be the one to roll a sense Micah yet and him say well we're in charge them and it's a word decide what goes up. It's just two games just on and on and on and just an amnesty so exhausting. Now it is you know it is so but if anyone can be demanded its strong silent on us and I agree to us that there's something that. You know trump brought a lot of new voters. Into the election. And if it looks like that the establishment. Is blocking his policies in stopping him from getting done about what he can take pain on and he can Buddhist lay a ride on them. Mid term elections could be kind of interest. I appear rate on and I hope to trump doesn't fall for this kind this compromise this week we've done this before and in the time. That this went on we let in what more than ten million. Yeah million a year at least and a said are so good and we might try again. It didn't work was treacherous way let's dissect. Are you coming app that saying is that mainly go. Whom. You know if things that may be gotten met. This struck a nerve with me. In miss relay is how. Our legislature works. And you know boy is gonna be is Theres no it's not. Rewind for a minute they're sent a guy that I covered as a reporter in in North Carolina Tim black was Democrat. Vaunted Democrat very much celebrated thought to be the best guy in the world until he was cried in a bathroom I would second cash. Taking a sack of cash from a lobbyist. YO. Is was paying him. All its runs certain bills for them. With a certain things in the hills they wanna landlords. The speaker to say South Carolina or North Carolina excuse me was hired gun. You Lilly could buy a bill from it. What happens Jim black and speak to rest a felony charges time imprisoned. All that they sent into the prison with a golf course figures straight. Let's terribly Tenkrat. It's awful. Yes. Well it goes on here every day in South Carolina. Exit there's a difference. It's legal here yeah. See you black hats or bags of cash in a bathroom in North Carolina. Would be illegal. For the companies who hired them to run their legislation and in many cases legislation that hurt other people in their industry. To their advantage. Because the rich to. Right it could transfer monies big cabinet higher. So we had to accept bags of cash you'll never catch South Carolina. Legislator in the bathroom. With a bag of cash. Why. It is true I don't just write checks that is legal. We only state in the nation like this I that's coming in North Carolina legislature the struck Madonna and key it fat and but this how it works this is you rich is a legislature legislator in South Carolina and the nerves got a really great piece on this today. Leanings it now in Carolina like North Carolina and most of the Shays you have to disclose. Who you for. Your financial interest rate on December Christopher from other states in that way. And use the example on save sinners sandy set. What Sandia to well if you look at city's legal disclosure. I sit it's a lot of money yet. Million dollars in big feast. We're second from the state insurance reserve fund the transportation. Association countywide elected executives ends. Ali we're seeing there is one more hour. Nolan. I'd have to almost nine bucks. The part of this is that this is all. These oral depart rinse. Flight. That CB send. Vote son overseas legislator. Didn't any mistake. In fact had Cindy met in North Carolina sandy would be interest. Legend black. But it's legal and ethics reform in South Carolina and you begin to go to sleep ha ha ha that's what you're talking about. This is the only state in Asia where you literally. You literally do not have to send lobbies stand aboard to do get a legislation legislator do you. If your business. Higher import. And in every dished eight. But this one. You could be. Portable a suburb of a business say pushing a major piece of legislation that helps them but hurts everybody else in their industry your screws the taxpayers. You could do that. But you have to reach yourself when you couldn't vote in committee and you couldn't helper and ability couldn't sponsored any beef I'm not here. Now he and this is how. They make their money. Keep trying to jet pack Google Jim black. I was a big story see him go. In cuffs. Yet Jim fleck went to prison for tennis. It's legal. In this kind in in this in this day and it is a source of massive crack we need you legislator in yearning not get to pay for somebody who's got ability funny you. Question is why not. You even money on the table would media example here's our own Gilda Cobb hunter from the upstate. She's AM house member. Member of the house ways and the committee which is worked out well for her financially in when he third team. She answered 2000 dollar earmark for her own nonprofit organization. Which pays herself. Sims works you can do this in states again you'll end up in cuffs. Com in front of the TV camps senator Thomas sounds from coney. Nice amount and 30000 dollars since Tony sent. We get that got contracts. Selling office supplies. Moment to local assist district Clemson university. And industries he overseas as a legislator. You're different clubs. C of the tricks. Moved. To go if they would like to have a funding. The committee's top. Hugh Letterman you know the story for more risk angry about sports car. Architect of the gas tax from which I'm sure he'll make millions of dollars cause that's legal here has made million dollars upstate contracts as they subcontractor. Yet. Millions of dollars. Overseas as he distributes data to the agencies that hire him. I think about this since forced concrete is a subcontractor. Let Dziena disclose them when he makes must projects. As senator John's that he's she's amazing amount of money. To cash in senator John Scott. He and 141500. Dollars. Hum from a cut out for consulting on the city's unsuccessful attempt to sister could mr. Kerr or to secure funding from the state transportation infrastructure. Siena goes. As a legislator he approves funding from same bank. So and it all early is you business. And you ever handing your industry by screwing everybody else over or you just push some legislation that helps you but her for taxpayers are item you want defrauded everybody is due. I'm in states it's a make go to the tees processor you know making donations to campaigns and on getting people on board in your I'll let lobbying I go on forever. Here. Is how legislators legislature. Legislated now let us to our floppies they canteen. Right. They work for that's illegal kick toward the companies that how lobbyists. To write bills. Benefit that. Teacher legislature and made I mean it's like 101000 dollars. Then again play like what's this mean investor gonna walk out of there with is probably twenty some thousand bucks he'd heard legislature and you have been. That's serious somebody's ball word. Cashing in by knocking on doors of people who have legislation before you and selling them officer twice. May you be. Behind Q there even money on single. And that's the problem these folks we know about. But it is amazing to me. Is a make and why it this is why the citizens fur I was the groups have fixing the roads. How to percent red contractors road engineers people with the biggest contracts but the biggest announcement coming as they government. They're the ones asking for the center attacks like why day. Why are ample or. It's profitable. It is amazed me it amazes me all the coverage double lines of text I read the published not Jim black. And the scandal machine that'll heat went inside in North Carolina went to prison. And this goes on your everyday and it's not illegal. It's a blip I eat some elected legislature are idle ways you can cash it. Unlimited. Yes I Mick Haley did this 40000 dollars for consulting. Yen until she was working on. Again any other state should be in prison and not near as a profitable industry. Very real quick to the Ingles an advantage chalk line hey you're no. From misery. There. As quick to put that. We don't know about these days you sort of bit problematic in that I know laughter. Disarmament as well as Kirk so you don't it's true I ever hit the holes where. We don't look at them they're in the NBA and they highlight desk it's no limit on the. I'm okay what what I'll take questions when did the Illumina audio on I don't know. Ask Lindsey Graham he hangs out with them. A question and came on the second question I yeah. As he went on. He died guide and see what I mean I don't show where you couldn't if you were legislature they pledged they would do it that over a week. From what you might be game and a contractor or whatever and I accusing BMW doing anything I don't know what they have or haven't done I've ever seen any evidence they bought legislate legislators put to good if they wanted to. And that's a problem. Would tell these people I mean it needs to in nerve documents are really really good this and really well the screaming suppose you're a yacht off the supply salesman wink wink nod nod. Arm and you go to out of state but to depart minster. In groups her. Nonprofits or what ever that he stayed finds. And so let the matter over to pencils for more than they can get pencils at saint Wal-Mart. You're on the committee that a Christian finding what you say. We saw Sidney give all the ability for shakedown if you think about it. I'm and I just always been you know drop jawed over the fact this is allowed misstatements to speed the corruption that it just. It's batches. AP it is in and then things can change but I know I sent her to a great piece on this morning they keep hammer away on an even though nothing ever changes. Arie there may aria Harry salary this year just throw for laughs you know we restarted the show off talking about this. Judge. Maria did clean because let's face it wasn't really hit court order was more of it decree went from a dictator that trump couldn't do ban. And nodding in morning constitutional arguments. He's they are it is like well on the campaign trail jar sitting right to ban Muslims and that's not fair. You read it's it's it's laughable. You would what we do not fair Greg what are. So witty said that stuff. In what these would teachers are doing is they're just they're tying up the the quite a group banned for as long as they can't. Read you from this because this is what passes for a judicial where now. Here's his doctor on Al's seek. He is at imam of the mosque in Hawaii and on the he's trying to. Bring his mother in law here through chain migration so when you don't come here. I need a green card they need to bring like basically everybody their family and we take them regardless of whether they are you know ever intend to work again having marketable skills are where we okay. So we take your entire family she won't be sad they have to leave them behind. Com and that's the idiocy of our immigration policy but whenever. OK so he wants mother he wants mom to come once went in my account so mother in law. What is gonna get a visa. IG insured the application process but but now that is frozen fish is from Syria. OK so under what grounds is this being allowed to go Kart a judge actually wrote this. Armed because. It's it is adequate devastating to meet my wife and children. And quit l.'s sake declared. Like children reading the judges where my children doctor how sick is deeply saddens by the message. That the executive orders both convey that Brad travel ban is needed to prevent people from coming from Muslim countries from coming to the US. L.'s take declared because allegiance to America and I deep belief in American values of democracy equality and deeply saddened by the passage of the executive order barring nationals from now six Muslim majority countries answering the United States. I shuttered deeply affected by the knowledge of the US torn country would discriminate against individuals. Who are of the same ethnicity is them including members of their own family and you hold the same religious police again is on is not an ethnic ethnicity. And a judge is talking about but anyway they do not fully understand why this is happening. But they feel hurt confused. And said. Okay this is actually. Ridden my day. A judge. Dad's done these injuries the sadness. The despair the personal hurt. The deep too deep sadness these injuries are sufficiently personal. Concrete particular raised an actual to confer standing. Under. The establishment clause to who. And this judge also says that he's determined that it is because of discrimination that Donald Trump wants to do this not about national security. Right this judge in Hawaii who has never had any experience to national security. Is telling the commander in chief of the united states military. That he is more concerned about discriminating against Muslims than national security I got to thinking about this. You'll remember a thing called 9/11 right and after that. We have this big investigation and on eleven commission and what did they find. We're not connecting the dots. And other words different agencies are not communicating with each other regarding intelligence. We. So we had a situation where the government failed us. It failed to protect the United States citizens because they were not talking about threats that were coming into this country about suspicious behavior from people who were not citizens of this country. Now if we have a situation now we hear. These people have been involved in various activities at and I'm not talking about Muslims as a blanket statement don't get me wrong I'm simply talking about people coming from areas where terrorism is prevalent. And that's really what this is about. At about whether or not we're vetting these people and you've got liberals on the west of such noted these people that have been coming from there have done any of these attacks. Yet. And before nine elevenths I don't think we had any Saudi arabians well before may be the first World Trade Center attack. We had not had any Saudi Arabian studded attack on this country at that time. Well if we're not going to connect the dots now. And 9/11 happened because we didn't connect the dots then. Could we get the blame when this all goes south. Of trump clearly of course it'll be clearly. Now anyway I just. Act you know we wish were doomed to repeat history. We're doomed to repeat it and this history is only what. Sixteen years old now. Yeah well I'm excited to learn that if something we should be sad I have grounds and the establishment clause to say no. Sunset I can't open carry. Each time how we view you know I guess it's like come to somebody wrote earlier this is a great example if some judge here in South Carolina just ruled that she couldn't get an abortion. On even though that's clearly been established by the Supreme Court and enrolled on them that would be the equivalent. My own doctor or seek you said so no went in South Carolina can get an abortion to let's go nuts but that's what these judges are doing doubts what to do. I guess a great phone calls on is CN semi tech's Cummins will re does when we come back. Haven't since retirement planning text slander we weren't text erase the judge's order on the travel ban makes me sad. Is that not illegally overturn her. Heck fine now. And were opposed constitutional America. It's you feel Alicia conservative than he's need to shut up Phillips from Pickens morning. It's important terror August 2. That fail like it has been loosened neck stand in the next. Year. Every congressman so there you speak to all indoor air passed into the do what the constitution. Says they're supposed to do under article one section eight. And that is constituted tribunals interior to the Supreme Court. In other words. Get rid of these crazy judges. Being up. The night circus fourth circuit is your career there and start from scratch there's nowhere in the constitution that says they have a law. Lap time jobs for these and their interior courts. And not only path polished trawl would just tell them all like checks into into. I got our army incursion orders. And I am equal to the Supreme Court in your congressional seat area or which aren't so sure your used. So what I don't think just do what the constitution says Sudan. Tell these judges you're fired. Well congress didn't would have to vote to do that. Philip Condit. Only the president decide how does not all it's there. Duty to do it. Yeah he led to especially when they're out of this at this out of control I mean congress he did once he could just wiped the ninth circus off the map arm poignant today if they would like. In terms and a judge. Had taken fourth for them. They can do anything they want out and realize that all the constitution says is. That there must be a Supreme Court Antonin examining justices. I hill literally if they wanted to do. That could or wipe out the Supreme Court or about every justice except I don't know Scalia. Honestly answer Alito and Clarence Thomas let's say. And so Irina to everybody else can go hand. Reconfirm Neman off again. They want is incredibly powerful. Powerful they went in and out. They can do but just about a need they wanted to chew up paper over the gay marriage ruling may could have current temperature or not and should vote to do. But that she's not to and critics aren't you tell us sprint car will soon you know nothing we can do well it's funny we can do it. There's a whole heck of a lot. We can get. If we were willing to do. Yeah unfortunately they're teaching kids are in schools today that there's three political branches of government or not. I'm saved his by the way a couple weeks coming our daughter and I were taking Emerson protest. On government structure government Norman. And her class and on ships and memorize. Pet the branches were equal. Which is country. They started teaching men fifties but it's too light in the us Supreme Court is an extremely weak branch is almost no power. It would power really needed to Supreme Court has is the power that congress gives it. Congress if he ignored actually lining it up in a church. And Senna won it they sent home with her they showed small side by side is comical bridge is now with the seller will look like it would be congress on top. And then beat that the president. With the exception of maybe veto power. And then Vinnie that the courts. That's. How we should that's what it's. Supreme Court said is making law and human reason that they're making lies because congress let's. Paris is delegating power to the Supreme Court they do it appears and you know what's happening to Supreme Court is watching Paul ran telling there watching Carl Reiner watching these Republicans. And reasoner ruling the way that they had the girl and puts doing the same thing. The greens are rolling the way that they did do. Is it are usurping power that's why these judges are issuing these crazy. Decrees that are needing based on the Lonnie Moore. Just like color is not gonna stop us we're just gonna usurp power to make law and they that's what did you like that's what these rulings czar. This may know congress won't stop.