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The Tara Show - 3-16-17 - Hour 1

Mar 16, 2017|

President Trump's new immigration suspension unconstitutionally blocked by activist judge overstepping his authority; CBO says a full repeal of Obamacare would insure more people than Ryan plan; Judge who blocked Trump's immigration suspension wrote that hurt feelings and sadness are grounds for his decision

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We're talking about the safety of our nation this safety. The end security of our people this ruling makes us look weak. Which by the way we no longer arms believe me. Just look at our voters. Trumpet NN Nashville. Raging against the judge who says he can't ban it folks from coming here. Morning linked good morning terra. Yep here Rio again now more was expected. Well done yeah but it shouldn't be. That's the thing. That I mean this is and again and it's what are called the first time this is a judicial could pianist but they go ahead on Sar of just shows like that as. As you're gonna point out I mean there's no constitutional. Basis on this judge's opinion period. They're ignoring the constitutional power of the executive. And the ordinances of the United States government to do just as the president is doing now you may not like that you may think that it is discriminatory against a certain people are certain group for a certain religious group. And it may be but. He has the constitutional power and the power under the law as chief executive this country to do that it's black and white. It is and this is another one of these decrease this is a judicial decree is not rule. And own it does not a bit like the last one on terms Spanish is good so fascinating to me to judges are now at this point. That they don't make a constitutional. Argument they don't bothered to cite the constitution. The judge simply puts the kibosh on it and it says well it's biased. Can't do it spiced apple will agree to what they don't even attempt. A constitutional argument. We attempt couldn't. And so essentially have here is a degree this would be. Bomb as that this could be like trump saying on waking up this morning going I feel like having martial law. Feel like he's sort of do what today. I decree it. We can't that would make it dictator. And that's exactly what this judge just did again. Any is unbelievable. That they continue. To do this the basis that they used Great Neck no constitution nothing they're not arguing anything here. The judge shall watch it. And basically said on that you you can't do it because this discriminates against Muslims. And quoted some of the stuff trump said on the campaign trail seat he intended to bin Muslims. That's discriminatory even though he's taken out any reference to Muslims or religion or anything from the band this time it's in the Jezebel she did I know 'cause he said that on the campaign trail discriminates against Muslims can have a throughout. That's not how the judiciary is supposed network it's not that that is out of control I mean that he is. Eight you know I mean did the judges are allowed as you know currently be wrong they can know AK argue a basement constitution to do this you can antimatter would write on an and they can have a argue their return happens all the time and we wait in this country is he the judge is right. You know stalled and say okay why can't go in effect we ever were run back and think that's not what they see it this is a decree. I decree on which that not even based on any kind of low and bothering to make eight paid eight rule legal art. Now you're not at all. Now none. You know the evidence and just as you were saying the only evidence they side is what they say that trump said and the way that he said it and they don't like that. Yes I would guess what the president can ban people he doesn't like from this country he can do. I'm group should people if he thinks that Muslims are bad for the country he can pay them. If he would like from cutting the country can be and Muslims who were in the country whoever writes because they are says that they can't do that no but people outside yes. He can put in Russia on anybody ones as pretty much a leader any sovereign nation can yes. Here's trumpet explaining this. Can I read this do you listen to that now we're all Smart people world goods or throw everything some are bad since but David bureaucrats stood. This is a really easy one let me tell you ready so here's a statute which they don't even wanna quote. When the overall it was put here for the security of our country. Now listen the easy how easy this is whenever the president finds. That the entry. Of any aliens. Or any class of aliens would be detrimental to the interest of the United States. He may. By proclamation. And for such period as he still wasn't politically correct these issues that he or she you know today did say that. It actually. That's the only mistake they made. Get out and this is the part. That that hurt straw because this is the part that doesn't get played. This is what never makes it MSNBC. Never makes it the CBS never makes it ABC never makes it the PBS. This is the part for the American people the vast majority would say minute. He's making sense and he is quoting the United States will mall. I did and world and this is discrimination based on religion in violation of First Amendment. They do not have the first amendment rights. People who are not citizens do not have rights how does anyone who is not a citizen of this country and not even in this country. Have constitutional rights under the United States dilution probably have stand. They don't they don't in the Supreme Court has ruled that over and over and over in of this isn't even a question. Over and over and over and over again. And and and David and yet this is happening and yeah it was fascinating to look at this is very similar to last time they did this this time it's Hawaii suing. And the and it also hurt our university. They get a lot of these on foreign students in here on these these guys. Understood this will pay full out of state tuition. To come to these schools rate becoming on the visa the reason since well paid is is are virtually guaranteed jobs Americans used to get. And the reason they're virtually guarantee jobs is when they come in on these these says. On their employers do not have to pay payroll taxes on them. For things like Social Security all of that given them a huge jump over American citizens on whisk. These employers have to pay those taxes and they'll pay a lot of money coming get a degree knowing that are going to be kind of ease after in the going to take jobs from an American. Bomb just by virtue of the tax structure in this country it's a racquet this is how this works this is why these companies want them in here. And so this would Hawaii's argument. Yep our universe is regulatory don't cease this show and yet it in her size so you can't band and it would that arguably. That would mean we couldn't ban anyone anywhere in the world ever from coming and I know people I knew much about it if if if if our camera was still only a million here can come. Well you universities who are really need to. There and we need four are gonna be financially whole anywhere we didn't. But we're when he ever and. Now maybe if it was a white supremacist had a file. Maybe they might wanna ban that yes maybe maybe may be a judge someone here. Might bam a white supremacist had a file. From coming into this country or you know by a group plus say that there is say. A combative group of terrorists that are dedicated white supremacist data files were getting maybe than a liberal judge mayoral again. Do you have provisions so I'm we do not ask on any screening process remember this if you're a member of crisis. We don't ask if you're a member of terror group but even ask that. You know you and are amazing and incredible vetting process but we do remember this ask if you're a Nazi or have any affiliation with Nazi party might as well ask if you're a week oratory. Well let me know mostly what shot by this by that logic. Why so I'm we can't discriminate against people because they're political beliefs is because they're not he's we can to score will be just Manila time and in our immigration process we don't want Nazis here they still ask about it which is ridiculous but. Duke's Gerald dead but anyway on this but that's I mean to help. It in this is a judicial coup and you really scary Lee and you don't mad about is weak it can't be grateful because if Hillary won. Tall man this. They would literally be making up law on the fly. And what did you see Alan Dershowitz liberal Harvard attorney who by the way hates the travel ban pensions discriminatory personally. Sid did this is totally unconstitutional for these judges to do this to Supreme Court. Is there overturn this. Well it can't happen soon enough. It's an act on it can't. 80347063. Text line 7130 sept. Yeah the email actually a week ever I can email me TOT a RK Atlanta 63 WORD. Dot com. John right here I can't understand when no one is citing the nineteen of 48 Supreme Court decision which was the foundation of the 1952. Immigration. Law. Yeah I wish as the president has the right to protect you where people buy excluding people from coming here. It's early contrite. He might this be the same. I turned into the truck travel ban as if some local judge decided that abortions were illegal after Roe vs. Wade. The list could go crazy sightings have been citing the Supreme Court decision. So same with the immigration law the Supreme Court said the judiciary should never be involved only congress the president can make those decisions because congress and the president. Have on the intelligence information needed to make those decisions. The judiciary doesn't have that information. In 1950 you congress gave full authority over there president. In 1952 congress gave full authority over immigration too the president. Simple as. That. Yes. Exactly simple. As senators to dig back I want. They could. The president is still have some rates on in the immigration or arena but those are the only two branches of government to have a great to have say immigration there is no judicial roll rock and no rights away and there's no right to people. Outside this country the blonde she states. It doesn't work. It doesn't age pension 3471063. Text line 71 at 307. To this. He wants to Smartphone internal feeling. I left mine behind a public today. I did when I was checking out at five things going on onetime. Swimming comes running out of the parking lot lesser. She pretty fanatic and the look on her face was just pure panic because you know what we all understand. We don't assume you leave that behind as such it's a life. Or how stressful is it. Live to new study lose your Smartphone is nearly as stressful. Terrorist threat. Read what is. It report by the physiological society as 2000 people to read how stressful they find key events. Well situations like a death of a loved one becoming seriously ill scored highly suited Myron concerns. Such as identity theft commuter delays and even going on a yacht vacation. But the threat of terror attack came in on thirteenth on the list of stressful events. Just. Almost one point below wheezing he Smartphone. Answer when put above losing support from Lee camp. Excellence honor but he didn't. What did you do. I we showed he is it was a meeting how to pay and we are. On stage or technology you're a what would happen and seriously degrade went on an wasn't coming back up for year. With this new study. She's Oklahoma City students foreign five Oklahoma City since. Can't read clocks. And they keep they they can't. Yet. This issue is willing what is ten Oklahoma City kids 8612 and watch and only one in five of no hurry. You will claim that that might my daughter's class now have her recent Huskies and how to read weed o'clock. And it had to admit watching and I kind of moderate I guess you have to know this a little I don't know why. When you use that rate. Ari with senators. Told you so as not to understand is country swear to understands country. We almost always do the dumbest thing. Get firfer partisan politics liberalism socialism Boehner. We will always we will always almost always do the dumbest thing you can tell it what would be the worst thing for us. Economically as a country for our security. Picture that and that's what degree I you did so I across almost every issue. It's uncanny. Yeah he was a conspiracy. But it's true. And here's another example. What would insure at the most Americans. Pitchers Rick have health insurance. What would it be the most successful attack. Well according to the CBO Congressional Budget Office projections. Which were at a full repeal of obamacare would ensure. More or gains the speaker Ryan's Obama fairly reforms. You get this. Armed fourteen million people dropped Erie insurance. Under our Ryan to wait they keep singing a lose their insurers that treasure and it's no bill dropping it if people aren't find it they won't buy it has not the same as losing your insurance. 44 million at wood senior here they don't lose and no it wouldn't lose it they would drop it. Because so expensive they can't afford it and if there's no fine won't buy it. Did full repeal CBO. CBO indicating it would insure more Americans than the rain playing. It just get rid Obama we don't doing oust just get rid of it and more Americans will have health insurance can. Both a passing obamacare was it not too fat to make sure that the fourteen million were wearing church. It's. It's unbelievable. No why is his three is a three putt replacement. Preserves many Obama here's regulations that drive up the cost of insurance show or. The GOP alternative would be asking people to purchase expensive Obama care plans. With less financial assistance. All in contrast with full repeal a full repeal would offer no assistance. But it would get rid Obama hears regulations which would make insurance cheaper at that from it was you say. Everyone's turning around and we can TP sixties and these people and you gave anti cantonal way that's political suicide. In the biggest choke volley is. Taking just repeal it and take a way to obamacare regulations. Not only would you not need to subsidies. Insurance would be cheaper. Even if you got an even if you've got a sexy. That's the CB how. Com. Ed different to get here on coverage in numbers they might as well graduate. I finish tied the plan that is philosophically coherent consistent with conservative principles. Why because more people will be covered under simple repeal what does that mean. It would be more in people with health insurance they accord pressure budget office which leaned so left. If we simply didn't have obamacare. It's that simple right. But doing the simplest most common sense paying them or cause for. Everybody. Increase access to insurance and. Yeah. He's most since they always. The last thing we tried in America why. Essentially do. We're Americans. Love to hear from me you common sense retirement planning text line hardest conversations now. 71307. Way. Given away considered since 6 o'clock hour Hammack Disney guys. Pair of a putt signing tickets. Yeah I yeah he's not only alive so I'd I'd he's still live and learn it Annie is playing and heritage park interference in fourth. Do you might take it's before the end of the Aaron listen Sharpton. This study found that dogs are capable of lying so Timmy didn't fall down a well. She was crushed. That's very new study found the dogs are cable lying and the most common one is it's time I need. I'm neutered. Yet your dog you can lie and manipulate you so what are person your life or being. And look out for Ari said 02. Left expect and what passes for law in this country down. So another judge has decreed. That armed truck can't do to travel ban because on the campaign trail he onto censor things against Muslims that were mean and discriminatory air ago. He's allowed to do it. This argument from it what a case that would that mean if he had not said anything on the campaign trail. That was mean mean mean. He be allowed to do it. It. That the dimple what Ed did the domain plaintiff here who's suing is doctor el Sheikh. He's the mom of day rather large mosque in Hawaii. Okay no less sure why this court has ruled that Els seat has standing. To ship. His wife is Syrian. They're young children are American. Now that kicks off chain migration which comes here are and you and you and you get the green car. On the JB in either green card to know how this works. Yeah it's like winning the lottery really literally. Because on a day they hand you another four. And I don't get along interview an immigration turn on us wants Hindu another form when he won it or not. Two in the process of bringing your entire fairly. Well why. She won't be lonely. Marketable skills or intention of getting a job or they're not healthy and they would live on the bit the public dole the matter. That is not taken into can give Rick bring your whole family because we would only be sacked. I'm not kidding. This she's what we do and America. And it goes on because once it does really gets here. Then that the right to begin bringing. And it's sad at the second unleashing its a little more limited up a pretty much starent her immediate failure in Everett's meet you please feel it didn't matter who they are. It is the greatest person ever. And we are committing the welfare for the rest of fame. If they can't pork. You really is it's how American immigration works. As a senior Democrats fight so hard for just one of these people because he's not one of these they voted in at a rate of over 80% for Democrat. He's not just want you look at what it looks like one does it's. We jobs nobody knows nobody cares it's not even a fact are you should bring a mother in law. There every mother in law to call what he. So he he did did the court ruled he had standing to sue to stop from Spain. Why. Does he have Stanton. What went on under the grounds to start LC. Had chanting we read you from the order LC to test this Stanley suffer injuries here. He clears the infection the executive order are devastating to me my wife and children. Like he's heard children this is this is an actual legal order by the judge to judge whites and Watson's orders stopping transparent so why would why you why is this a doctor Elsie is deeply saddened by the message he's deeply sad. People who sent but the message executive order convinced. That abroad travel ban is need to prevent people from certain Muslim countries from entering United States. Because my allegiances are quoting him because when we just to America and my deep belief. Any American ideals of democracy equality and deeply saddened by the passage of the executive order barring nationals from now six Muslim majority company the country's. From entering United States. Deeply affected by the knowledge that the US the wrong country which discriminate against individuals. Who are of the same ethnicity that as them including members of their own family. Have not Islamist on ethnicity the whenever. Facts don't usually matter in these judicial rulings and mark and who hold the same religious beliefs they do not fully understand what this is happening but they feel hurt confused. And stack. The field. Sat. The judge Wright's injuries are sufficiently personal concrete particular raised an actual to confer standing. Under the establishment Klein's. While. I feel snag and soloists sat. Oh media at Santa steep police had nine snack. The mom can't come here. Regardless of whether she has marketable skills can worker doing it nowhere regardless of whether sheer anyone attached to hers danger written so sad. And she she ceilings now keep your rates soon. I'm an establishment client's. Behalf of a person who's seen any US citizen. Feelings. Bet if you were hires just just really sad but we're just really sad. About filled in the blank here I know abortion he's sad about abortion. The ship right shoe right. Should you have a right to sue. Now see this doesn't work both ways. So now I now America being sad. Gives you standing to sue on behalf some person whose America and American citizens what you. Art because you have you have your feelings your feelings are hurt. She. Yeah just straight to my sadness about a particular issue gives me standing to sue under article treat seriously. What a kangaroo court this is what where this is where we are as a country. Where we're. Text your right sheriff here appointed trustee is fine right a rains health care plan which is against senior citizens and others who need health care. The most. Yeah well she would double the way. What Lindsey Graham sat. About Ryan care. Sure race your let me show the president's power over immigration is so clearly define why isn't the administration's attorney's been successful in making this. Argument look at arguing and I surge is it's a circus. They're there's Cindy Anderson it law and fact and president doesn't matter there. This issue seems clearly defined at this is such BS this arguments aren't good enough. Instead of your in the ninth circuit surety and alternate reality. Where logical constitutional article I arguments hold no sway. Today's show is brought you by daylight saving time. If you're still thinking about it today you're right you got ripped off over the weekend. You still are specialty of kids. Your body three weeks to adjust to daylight savings time. My kids cannot understand it's month it's it's laid out why are you previous events or where I'm not at the same time you always go to back. Like enough. Is Celeste I had the ear plugs in their running through the house. That are important but twice just keep a close to where. Oh my gosh and tired if you have kids especially young kids you are too you know exactly what I'm talking about it and get bodies do not adjust well to that country they just don't. They own our piece creature a brilliant observation. I'm told and so adorable reason that trump plot the trump ban was stopped which have a national security why because a mob in Hawaii is sacked. He's. He's sat because he can't bring his mother in law here as part of chain migration. She's sincere he is bust it up about this and the judge ruled occasion I'd. Sadness. Sagged a few lean. Are now announced. To establish rates to be ever per person who's not even an American citizen. The establishment clause so to be less safe so he won't concern. Reservation unanimous Chris what was it just occurred to me have you ever seen a man worked so hard to get his mother modicum went with him. I'm no. Actually not. Know how little this whole thing is particularly yours and it. Oh boy they. Did an ad is a good idea I changed my mind even normal Muslim imam. Shipper back to serious. Countless. Charades. Is feelings. Are all that you need to take away presents well established constitutional right to ban people from the country who may be dangerous for the country. Drizzle and they got class action law. You because we can't open carry. What an adjustment you sound it makes any sense. I am bust up of so yeah I don't see why not go file in Hawaii she helmet goes over with the liberal treasures. Tech sure race gore should be ashamed not proud to be hosting NCAA tournament because. We don't want to designate or bathrooms probably we have been chosen to host over North Carolina hope so little girl doesn't have to pay the price. For our. Greed. Managed in point on that. Ari are a week I played you Donald Trump. I think he really feels. About Ryan care affect his obamacare does exist. And like I say this the Republicans all the time by repealing it by getting rid of the fight ending it never went missing out is so great. But it wasn't and I tell Tom price and I tell Laura and I tell our club. I think the best thing you can do politically is waiting a year because it's gonna blow itself off the map. He's not only one who feels this way we use here who. Else dies. This is gonna surprise him. Irate or right now and you know white presented to 6 o'clock hour people so hard which he's given what ticket giveaways normally I would plainly be Clinton and make you earn the tickets. But assemblyman Wayne 6 o'clock Karen this is not really fair I'm given to the first caller to call Paul Simon playing here it's part in the Peter on June 4. Here's the contest going 2414334. That's 2414334. First caller gets the tickets. For not the first call learned to deal tickets go on still too well Merrill at 10 AM and eight XS dot com. Eight X and is. Dot com are coming up this idea which we should just let obamacare crash and burn diner Democrats. Try not the only one saying that she'd be surprised who else. It is so that's coming up. Also. Helmut South Carolina drivers straight again in the 52 rule federal thing. My have you ever picked up some food off the floor and he did you find links. Yeah well all explain why all that coming up on the show and that much more states in.