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Bob McLain Show 3-15 hr 4

Mar 15, 2017|

Rachel Madow; Trump tax returns; Dumbing down teachers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here we download getting underway with the fourth and final hour on this hump day you win today. And again now let me take this opportunity to quality to apologized for the strained quality in my voice and managed while I was out pick up a cold. And apparently it's a decided to settle in my throat so. And we'll struggle through it feel fine otherwise which is in my voice shocked. Great to have you along as always and here is how you join me be a part of the conversation today. Just use your phone grabbed the phone and dial the Ingles advantage talk line number. That is they told free call from wherever you may be. 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. My email address bomb. At 1063. W or. I tomorrow right after the news at five. Iran shall be joined by congressman Jeff Duncan will be talking about all the maneuvering. That's going on as the house considers. Ryan care or obamacare Hawaii too or. Obama care 2.0 or whatever you want to call it. Because congressman Duncan is in opposition to many of the things that are in congressman Ryan's authored. Health care proposal as a mind. Big story of the day today of course is Rachel mad now being awarded the Geraldo Rivera excellence in journalism award for her big scope last night. About Donald Trump's access. Which showed that in 2005. The current president. Paid AM substantially higher percentage. Of my taxes. Based on his income. Then did though say Barack Obama. Donald Trump's rate was approaching 25%. 25% when he may went to Texas. Obama paid 19%. In taxes and socialist Bernie Sanders who believes in taking your money and giving it everybody else and a 13%. Percentage of when he paid in taxes present. But now widely mocked on social media last night after drawing out the revelations and what she announced it was an exclusive story. Breaking news regarding Donald Trump's tax returns. And it might not have been so bad except they stretched it out interminable wait and instead you getting right to her big scoop. About down trumps 2005. Tax return. Nano opened her show in a rambling twenty minute rant. Outlining her often known tangent. And ten Jindal theories about Trump's connections to Russia. She didn't unveil the relevant tax document until 23 minutes into the show after the first commercial break. Revealing their trumpet made more than a 150 million dollars in income and O five and paid 38 million dollars in taxes. That year. Glad to have shut off more on Twitter the hill dot com the newspaper that covers. Goings on on the hill tweeted. White House releases trump tax info I had love. MSNBC. Report. But says he paid 38 million in 2000 top. Agile Pollack tweeted so mad out took so long to get to the newest that real Donald Trump sculpture. Social media winding up with mockery for mad cows. Rambling anti climatic monologue. The harshest criticism coming from Mandela's own colleagues in the media. Josh dossier tweeted mad now is going to show us the tax return at 957. Isn't it which is why I jokingly opened the show today by saying at 357. I would be a revealing Rachel manor house tax returns. Bob Cusack says this is like watching a super hyped prize fight and the first few rounds are. That's an audio Greg Gutfeld tweeting I think mad house staff or lost the tax return. He also that we did a man now really is he a long lost daughter of Glenn Beck. Circuit twenty tent. Chris Alyssa. At the fix tweeted it's 908. And we're talking about yachts being parked next to one another. Rory Cooper is she going to start connecting these points which he damn. And newspaper clippings on the wall. Dana Perino. Former Press Secretary Dan bush. What is the last version of black helicopters. I think that was zip. Paige lavender twittered at this point I'm low key rooting for someone to scooper on this. And tweet out attacks referred and returns before she shows a page apparently was unaware White House and already released dump. Reformat how to do it. Brad day spring and a Twitter. Matt l.'s burying of the lead has actually become a bigger story than a stupid self peak absurdity. And then Greg Gutfeld weighted back if Geraldo shows up to open a folder containing a tax returns I'll stand and thought. I've got Toronto's fans were still full of that done wine bottle and cobwebs Oliver from Al Capone small. On Maeve Reston tweeted so what we've learned so far from MSNBC isn't. Real Donald Trump paid a hefty sum in taxes in 2005. This seems like a good story for trump. And it wants. I Katie pavlik. My bet somebody at the White House put this portion of a single tax return in this guy's mailbox. As a way to make the issue look ridiculous. Mia Farrow. Remember her tweeted out it's 919. Nothing had been revealed yet tell all. Probably ESPN if you have news Rachel police tell us soon. While we're young. Brendan Boyle according to a poll I just look at my congressional district. 100% of my constituents want Rachel mad now to show us the tax return now. Oliver dar situated it's almost like Rachel mad now called Ryan Seacrest. For tips on teasing this story. And now met this is maybe my favorite from TJ Quinn an ESPN. Why won't Rachel man now released Donald Trump's tax returns what she hide. That's good. And now Katie badly should also treated debt SNL better do a spoof on this. Sam Adams I tweeted ritual but now announcer show released Donald Trump's tax returns. As part of a ten episode Netflix serious. Doctor. Eric Stengel untreated it takes less time to do your taxes. And for Rachel mad now they get to what's in Trump's. I am wager shouldn't be treated without any self awareness. Rachel mad now holds up two pages and shrugs. This is always got. Yeah fifth. Talk about desperate for ratings. When you're willing to violate the wanna push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago. So the White House. Adding by the way this is totally illegal steel and published tax returns. Yeah now but you know when. When they are progressives do it when no wimps doing when. The Democrats do out there on nothing to see here move along. Take me out quick break here in the be right back on more bonus hour rolls on here on Wednesday sixteen after six. WL RD. Great to have you along bone heads in the news will be also along in this hour speaking a bone hits. I prospective teachers in New York will likely no longer. Have to pass a basic reading and writing illiteracy exam. This according to the Associated Press. The state board of regents expected to ditch. The academic all glittery splitter on literacy skills test in part because black and Hispanic teaching candidates. Struggle to pass the exam. According to the entry. So the exam mr. tough enough blacks and Spanish camp ascent. Then we'll just water down the exam. Just 41% of black teaching candidates 46% of Hispanics pass the test on their first try. Compared to 64%. Of white candidates. The multiple choice exam is meant to ensure high standards among prospective teachers while many teaching preparation programs and struggled. To be able to accomplish that. December 2016. Study by the National Council on Teacher Quality. Found that 44%. Of teaching programs cannot ensure that most of their incoming candidates are among the top half. Of college students. A state task force recommended the board scrap. The exam because a number of black and Hispanic candidates struggling to pass at the boards are expected to adopt recommendations on Monday. A spokesman for Pace University. Said no we want high standards without a doubt not every given test is going to get us there. Now that's a Pace University professor was a member of the task force that advocated abandoning. Literacy tests for teachers. I'm so deck is individual's name lastly suit act. Having a white workforce are really doesn't match our student body anymore. Suit access. How about having qualified teachers in the classroom but then again maybe that doesn't match the student body anymore either. Opponents to the exam of unsuccessfully attempt to have it struck down in court in 2015. They argued then. It was discriminatory because racial minorities perform well performed worse on the test. And white candidates a federal judge declined. Strike it down however. It doesn't matter to me. Com he ethnicity or the color of the teacher I would want somebody in there. Who is Smart enough to pass a literacy test. Teaching the kids. Had too much to ask. Incredible. By the way be a president was on the road again today he traveled to a Michigan. He spoke at the American center for mobility. In Ypsilanti and announced he was scaling back. The Obama. Grand EPA environmental regulation plan that Duff actually automotive industry and and affects you and me as well. Just days before my inauguration the previous administration cut short. The promised mid term review. In an eleventh hour. Executive action. Today I am announcing that we are going to cancel that executive action. Good. Good because they're unrealistic. And frankly they're stupid. The Obama era. Fuel efficiency mandate for automobile fleets is what the president stalking about. There was no last week in his administration that Obama finalize a new rule to require automakers to double. There average fleet wide fuel efficiency to more than fifty miles per gallon by 20/20 five. The a cafe standards for 2017 and from my cars and trucks nuance is 35. Miles again. I'm just rule was not scheduled be finalized in 2018 which is good because I against president trump. An opening to be able to rescind it. And now this push back. Or pullback from EPA's. Not cafe standards is not it's not just a big win for auto makers. I had a big win for consumers. You'll actually have a freer market to choose a beatles' wanna drive. And this is of course part of the Obama's administration. Goals. Two. Contribute. To other. Goofy ideas about global warming. And look at the consumers are better position than the regulators are to choose the size fuel economy and other features. Of the cars and trucks sing but. It's it's amazing because Obama's time in office was marked by. Stagnant wages so low levels of workforce participation. Making it more and more difficult for low and middle income families to afford a newer vehicle when was the last time you bought a new vehicle. That it was in the last eight years. My cars and seven I know mine's Tim. I'm Bob on about the N New York teachers not being required to pass a literacy test this as the dumbest thing I've ever. Yeah. Until you got into one of their classrooms and and you hear even dumber things. But I think I got it if you cannot make the dumb one smarter. Then dumb down the Smart way it's brilliant. Actually that may be above their level of literacy. And Bob my son old ad for in 1976 Mercury comet got 35 miles of the gallon. Obama about Rachel madcow last night. I swing. And amidst. Striker. I John is along he is in beautiful Brevard hello John and welcome to the bunny match. And mr. ball and let I would just won't comment on the Lou actually tested your health it. What I don't understand is it is it off the peaking at press solution just to be at a teacher. I don't know what's. I guess she I dish yeah to become our shift to become a TV news anchor John. Yet they're like. All these. Are aired here tomorrow I got my take on if you would allow he's used to be educated. By people that can't actually excellent superiors. Then in the future you're gonna yeah. Leo. The gift rentals a cure here. But is there a got a letter. You're gonna have an educated now populist. Which of course. Is diametrically opposed to anything like that could put liberals who would want it did the adult world a better. The ripple did not walk and now they they want and indoctrinated. Student population. Right now and thank you create my pleasure thank you very much been called yet to true. Not. Bob are you sure Manuel wasn't saying faking news faking this. I would have been more appropriate. Bob Bob Bob Amazon Alex should've had Archie bunkers voice yeah that would have been perfect. I'll I'll tell that to the guys and Bonnie Macs in my professional players I'm sure somebody can do Archie. 630 here on the lobby Mac show any standing by in the news sooner I'm ride back on the other side. Great to have you along 637 now 23 before 7 o'clock in in on my tax line. 71307. A Bob doesn't just mean noticing orders president trump pay more in taxes per year and most members of congress are worse. LOL from Jeff. Bob I have a good idea I just picked from the 41%. Don't lowered the standard. That would be one way of doing what net. Bobby Mack president trump signed an executive order to shrink federal agencies here's my suggestion quote. Weekend memo to all nonessential federal employees. On Monday morning your personal effects will be piled on the sidewalk outside your office with your personal nameplate on top for easy identification. You're welcome. A why not. Every time they shut down government except you know they got the big boys are becoming much except for it'd only in only encompasses nonessential invoiced. Do we have nonessential employees you're never come by banning. Take your time. Non essential employees. Well there's gonna come off bad. But. To keep the the radio on we need all of the second floor in its nonessential I would say that would be the first lower. Yelled that without the first war nobody sells any advertising in the I don't exactly understand completely out. No matter what we know we don't Serena. And underperforming. But certainly not nonessential. This is weird I saw this story today where was it. SA. FP website. Sydney Australia. Look at just what the picture this woman on depending. On her face is burned at all blackened and charred. And nice looking lady to. A woman whose head phones can't fire on a plane. Suffered burns to her face enhance. Australian officials said today as they warned about the dangers of battery operated devices in flight. I sure as a listening to music on our own battery operated headphones and she dozed about two hours into or tripped from Beijing to Melbourne. This happened back in February when there was a loud explosion. That's never good thing on an airplane I'm thinking. I just grabbed my face which caused the headphones to go around my neck. And I continued to feel burning so I grabbed them often threw him on the floor they were sparking. And had small amounts of fire. Flight attendants rushed to help poured a bucket of water on the headphones. But the battery in its cover had both melted and stocked up before. Pictures show the woman who was not identified with a blackened face and neck and blisters on her hands. At people were coughing and choking the entire way home one woman added. They transport safety bureau which did not identify the airline or the brand of headphones involved in the incident. Said the lithium ion batteries in the device likely caught fire. As a ranger product using batteries grossed the potential for in flight issues increases they sent. Adding that such devices needed to be stored safely. If they're not being years. Spare battery should be kept in carry on luggage and not checked and now last year a flight due to leave Sydney had to be evacuated. When smoke was seen coming from a passenger's. Hand luggage was later found that in the lithium batteries there had caught fire as well also last year and electronic device began belching smoke. Then caught fire on a Qantas flight from LA to New York when a crew member needing to use a fire extinguisher reported out. In another Qantas incident in 2016. Attendance were alerted to smoke on a flight from Sydney to Dallas Texas they found a crashed and burned out devised wage tightly between the seat. We've also had a case of a person using a personal air purifier. And the batteries and kind of caught fire and why. Many airlines last year also banned all Samsung galaxy seven Smartphones. Out of the risk of fire. I didn't cost him but billions of dollars to recall every one of those phones. Now I've done that prompted. The Bobby Macs in my professional players to put together this. Almost real commercial. Promising company that brought you the galaxy note seven. Complete with lighter views rule. Lunch yeah. Galaxy sequel. What songs pre loaded and ready to play her. Movies like the Hurt Locker diehard and more. He looked. Galaxy SE we'll have 911 auto dial in match was built in directions to the nearest hospital. Oh your money they galaxy SP two discharging assumed from Samsung. Holy cow and so now I see you know not just a phone circuits and stay headphones well whatever you got the lithium ion battery isn't. Now Okinawan suddenly. Like your fire. You know attacks on bond issue look like Al Jolson and black face. Now she sure looked like guys choose not hurt and cowgirl. Actually and you can understand. Bob I'm Mon naked and afraid I'll bring lithium ion batteries as my one I don't. That way I'll be guaranteed to have buyer. From scud don't. Bob could you post the link about the New York teacher testing article low literacy test. I'm a teacher I had to take any reading writing and math test my sophomore year of college. You had to pass the test in order to be able to continue in a college of education. I thought the test was an insult my intelligence there were people who could not pass it. Yeah. Those people are now referred to as principals. Does that mean that you mean. Now scandal. Now yep I'll be out of action now find that went ecstatic. Bob wouldn't everybody get to go home and BS NBC of all their nonessential employees. Were released for the day. Bob had a good teachers get through college or they couldn't read properly easily they majored in diversity classes. And of them there was anything that there was threatening to them. And Garcia should trigger warning. As tea. Snowflake and now. She used. Bob lithium ion batteries experience what is called thermal runaway. That not enough thermal runway. When shipped by air. Bob that literacy test isn't harder than the military's AS BAB. I am hi I'm guessing that would be nag at Torrey. On how the teachers get through college who can't read properly. Yeah so a fair question. Yep I'm I will find that Dan will look her up on our FaceBook page money perennial third out here. Probably while we're in the break. Which is coming out Cordoba 47 year on the money Mac she'll be right back. And maybe I wasn't that far off the mark. Money fanning. Few minutes ago. In on my tax clients send anyone threes are seven Bonnie my dad was an educator he often said people who can't do teach. And people who can't teach become academic administrators. Mean. Bobbie you gotta make money to spend money in new concepts for the left. Unacceptable trigger warning trigger warning. Molly my child is one of the rare ones it knows how to read an analogue clock she even knows how to read a left handed. And along caught Regan a left handed analogue clock. All I know below the equator. Bump up. The detectors me out. Up to the phones Leo Jeff in my stomping grounds of Taylor's joins us next hi Jeff and welcome to the show. Welcome back nobody glad to have you back Alicia Keys are good to be back in action. It out I heard it by about so mob year old Rachel my head now owns a group of tunes. Released throw slowed. Tax returns yeah the exploding cigar went off and say this. You know there's it's almost like yelled at Blake where we're we're told so we were going to prove to be exact that's. What we're talking about somebody that's there will he's not a bridge Tuesday he says he is. Bob we're talking about Amanda makes course. Over half a booty in dollars every four years just go on by about old tax return flight might be. Much more than that and they're not installed an assault yeah. We were talking about a man had a regular 150 plus billion dollar median dollar a year. It's just hard for me to imagine. It anybody in congress. And outsmart the crow all be. There will probably be beside not even getting which sectors. So you think guy you think there's more in play here on this health care business and we're seeing. Well not very good you know we're talking about the gap that. Has made money all over the world some of the most. Traded. Horrible people in the world based dish went over there and it took their money do it. And make money outflow lament the fact he's not so to gather around the art of the deal has not. Rescuers are probably when they get done. It McConnell and Colorado gold standard there would be transparent around people about China and in the sun ordered or had he been that. Last Reynolds just. I sure hope so it just might strolled out of books you know in the we don't we already it is just this comical they are a bit. Our truck probably play east. Boy oh boy it draw power more than most of my closest that stuff. Mr. chart from mate Joseph Biden there's really any possible way that they can outsmart him. Anyway at all so. Yeah now I'm I'm I'm I had a feeling I have a feeling that tough. An out. That. And at the end of the day. I'm a mean look on. McConnell and Ryan. Of these these guys essentially are pretty spineless. I Churchill once described one of his opponents Anthony Eden. As a sheep in sheep's clothing. And. That's I think isn't that description of these guys is well all they know how to do is deploy this system and trying game that. Obama met you you've been in radio alone time on treat our company tarnished. And I were babies born here purchase a release. This this Paris has got to Carson seven PP so. So I thought about it unless somebody is somebody put a thing now right after a Donald Trump was elected. As somebody a put down a medium on the Internet it was a picture of like trumps what is at 757. Aircraft via and and they added a bumper sticker on the vertical stabilizer on the tail and it said on my other plane is Air Force One. Not at all as pretty as pretty good. I appreciate the kind of things like you where you did you take your shirt him could mean I I got time for quick addition here. Don't cancel it's I quickly get to that here it's human yeah. Okay. I'm not sure if this guy is not teaching somewhere in on the New York school system. 45 year old guy Gregory humiliated crashed his car in Gainesville Florida on Sunday. They are cops I showed up because he was blocking a lane of traffic. David may breathalyzer test he blew a point 233. And point 237. In Florida that is about three times the legal limit when they told me the results he admitted he was driving drunk because he said. And I quote I can't argue with physics. Physics. Is physics. And he did it doesn't say in the story of the officers and the heart to tell him that they breathalyzer test is actually a chemistry. Anyway. Often the graybar hotel America. And speaking of catching fire. 28 year old lawyer Stephen Gutierrez in the middle of an arson trial in Miami on Wednesday. His client a 48 year old guy and accused of setting fire to a zone non in his own up to so many. Right before his closing argument Stephens pants caught on fire. Smoked supported pouring out of his pocket he ran out of the courtroom we assume everybody was thinking a liar liar pants on fire. It was a faulty battery on his. Irony much in the middle of may arson trial and the defense attorneys. Pants catch on fire. There you go that is he wins the addition all. And wraps things up for this evening thanks so much or being in a long see you tomorrow. Down bush. Fortunately. I believe we're out of time well okay that's our show today. In the words of mystical force. And Marines. Yeah. Brian. Must be going. I must be going. Happiness and good. I believe. Eve. I hate it. It's. Then. Yeah. Broadcast day.