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Mar 15, 2017|

Smart meters; Spying; Health care; Tax returns

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know it just occurred to me money for any one other thing has set transpired in my hands and audio last week and now all into against Darko later. Doesn't get dark content to twenty in the afternoon anymore thank goodness daylight savings time are resuming over the weekend. I'm not and factor against some notes on that I'll sure we become an open just a minute you're welcome here we go getting under way when our number two and Leo Bonnie Mac show on this. Mid week. Hump day and there's always your input is invited to encourage and welcome to angles advantage talk line number is are you get in touch with me just got to grab your phone. And dial 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning touched the line number 71307. In my email address is Bob and 1063. WORG dot com. New survey out who did this occur. Doesn't say but in any event. According to a new survey daylight savings time made sure job harder. Because your days. Some groovy Gould remarks. Oh who knew her. Do you feel less motivated. And as a result mural less productive and affect your memory and it takes plundered and there's stuff. Well being sand OK fun and a point this just adds I'm I'm not trying to have it this way then the other. Makes the day you seem to go slower was the number one answer 29%. Of the people in the survey agreed that. The number two being tired makes you feel less motivated. Number three make you less productive. Ever Torre have a harder time remembering stuff. Well I just talking about compromise on important number five it takes a longer to complete certain tasks. Number six you get irritated by your co workers more easily. Number seven you make more mistakes and number eight in May humorous then your jobs. More. OC DC. A for the study came for. They would should switch jobs mess with people sleep schedules the most. And the job where your least likely to get at least seven hours of sleep switchboard operators. Is your social thing anymore. As a switchboard operator. I may be like downstairs without a receptionist or you transferred ultimate somebody. You know sitting there with a wires in the plugs and all that. Like buggy whip manufacturer. Railway workers. Sleep challenge. Food prep supervisors and and missed figures firefighters. They jobs or your most likely to get enough so we conclude and this is a little disconcerting. Air traffic control worse. No one hand you want those guys to be well rested. On the other hand you don't. Getting that rest Weiler on yup. I am and TWA has seminar on the amount. Snoring and around. Church workers teachers and farmers. Most likely to get the most quick. So I weighed you wind up the course. All losing power. Down over the weekend. End and by the way you're also penalized another hour if you happen to watch keeping up with a car dash it's just a little known part of the law. But you can read for yourself and then there. That in on the text line and Bobby Mack why can't the police arrest those corrupt South Carolina senators who were stealing money from the DOT. Well first you have to be charged. Officially. Venue after being convicted. And then when that or. Even in a number of cases Bobby Harrell for one I just being charged. Is enough to outsource your resignation. The statewide grand jury is investigating. All the corruption in the SE DOJ. And in the state house. Is meeting again this week. But they're. Good they're grand jury meeting has been dragging on into permanently. This has gone on longer than nine gone with the wind without intermission. Forever. And they they need him. Show some results. I'm Bonnie Mac your welder for a near doesn't matter about daylight savings when you go when it's 6 AM and get off 730. Yes. I know that feeling. I'm Bonnie mainstream media and Democrat leaders jumped the shark so many times a day. I'm worn out my LMK oh touch screen spots. And then damn pissed seemingly don't even care. But they make themselves look scope it. Bob I just have to laugh every time I hear Rooney Chuck Schumer. Talk it sounds like chicken little. Mommy I'm mad as hell duke power just sent out notices from becoming Smart meters being installed. Now we know they're listening and watching winter and everything in our homes. Every electronic device we have including TVs and microwave ovens. Just think that's funny funny and a I Kellyanne Conway the other recently to listen to use the microwave or tap the data out of it. They're they're if they're if they're checking in my house they're they're gonna jump on a bacon. Frying nets that's pretty much show the extent of the data stump there. I'm now they'll also nowhere in any switch is thrown. Or any device that triggered it in your home when this electric watch an electronic watched they'll know everything we're doing her thing can we better dissembling now. I can go off the grid. Difficult to do but a lot of people have done it went on a lot a certain percentage should be moved on. Bob air traffic controllers have federally mandated work and ray experienced some pilots. But they're changing time zones a lot so they're never as well rested you know when you changed times announced. That is an absolute. So weep for record. And and mind. Record. As well aware really that messes me up worse than it. I'm Bonnie Mac Rachel madcow can always take comfort in the fact that with MS. NBC's viewership only about ten people saw her make a horse's blood out of herself. Laugh out loud Greg. In a big truck. Up abide Bonnie a fishermen's friend or Los Angeles. Best thing I've ever used for store or congestion throats tenement angles. I do grab some of those on the way home tonight fishermen's friend was just it started. There's actually started when I had done none last outpatient surgery that was done a week ago they did and under general anesthesia which is fine now and I don't I don't have. As much of a negative reaction to that and in terms of getting the anesthetic out of your system you know Kelly you feeling Doby first few days. But they used to general anesthesia. This time which would I react find him the only problem is basically a trim down your throat given do you. Elena and left me with a sore throat and that's where the cold decided to settle against. A quarter after four year in the Bonnie mentioned when we come right back on the other side would go to the phones for the first time in this hour and congressman Jeff Duncan. As written piece and the daily signaled they were just connection with The Heritage Foundation. Talking about their son. Ryan proposed. Not not repeal and replace but I guess. Nibble around the edges of obamacare is best way I can describe it. I'm Bob share with you what congressman Duncan wrote continued here when we come right back here on the bunny match on Wednesday. I think in the mirror. We're. Mean and generally sealed Nolan is causing all and what global warming ran rule. Anyone after four years the amount in my show I mentioned. I almost like governments don't personally and to this peace until the congressman Jeff Duncan wrote today and daily signal. Which is not an email that comes out from The Heritage Foundation I must begin with a Rick who is in Greenville high Rick and welcome Michelle. I birdie I was just compare he had just got back from poured out everything down they are covered in pollen. And I'm may not sound advantage you do but I feel OK. But it just. That feeling you know what you're quote oh my goodness aren't our guys get rid of it needed to your. And I know what you mean you know when you come out of nine your car suddenly turned yellow and regular. But not clear what kind of copy break here whatever go through puberty. So what regrets I'll wind. Good check me. Artillery are not. And I'm telling you it's one thing after another and that. Those were some good good memories or they're that I just wanna take what you are comments from technology community here yeah. Now maybe things change and hope served in the afternoon but I didn't want to get my kids it's pretty scared me you know all the kids thought. But anyway. This flight Q school an awful lot on your retirement or in Japan since he looked like a plant fire gets to Joan Joan Joan you're blonde in the rubble much weird makeup. I got outside they went in there and so all the white belts and also the Asian and all the other stuff. And but it still happen and so I went into I'm not gonna but the sponsor puts so I'm no they're sponsoring the show. And I'm not for you know well we're not good. But I went into the restored took my farm. And then gentlemen Politico I know on where to my phone turn Erica now it's it was very very there's figure and they and they did it again and it came aren't you know college now. And this gut tells me he's just just hit a black magic marker. Cover up there aren't I'll let you know I'm at you know market bearden who really want her to do. Well if you're looking for a low tech solution he's your guy rent. You know magic marker then. And credible and did did did you did you ever found find out what's causing this and I would do and it got a aren't there. While we work well that's the first time I am average got to be something in the settings are. I don't ot. I'm turned everything over as far as I know that opted the battery out the web developer might put it back he had it's still comes off I'm trying to regroup here. Man. You're more colonel rebel and have you noticed dubbed black helicopters hovering over your home recently Rick cannot. Intel I think we made the connection for what's responsible for list. Work well you know our guests on the one called global problem man that is truly weird. No it isn't isn't isn't nice full Doris and an android mobile android. You know lessen. Their current all over setting everything turned out but we don't we Barbara Barbara black magic marker. Well I've got one right here in front of me I get a super sharply from Sanford. On this is a number. You series 3333000. So you're welcome tomorrow all right. Well they could don't hear from congress and he's a security couldn't police and the continuity you can prepare offer okay and it and the worst part is wait until you get their bill. Yeah. That is that is a thank you read Jeffrey Shane then that is true I have never heard of that happening. Somebody else Aniston and has found a resolution. Of the problem and this so you know Colin let us know we'll pass them along. At a only used to do that whenever I had a text message. Or voicemail but I haven't cleared out or listen to it it would flashed her mommy was mayor. After he didn't come up originally. Meant if I didn't respond to order out of high he couldn't ignore. Expansion right. If I didn't go wacky and an open it to you know edited to make sure I have it earned to look at it now than temporarily Jenna and politely remind you still ahead randomly ever so often just let me know that there was some still something waiting now and you just wanna yell at combating. I know that message is there OK we meal won't. Missed I John is on he is angry man hello John and welcome to the bobbing action up. It got there yet again thank you are he could go there I have but I don't sounds good and I feel okay. Well Aceh they're so that sort of get let me pick your belt so much as I get this occupation and once and call. It's just jet aviation for myself familiar. A lot of Republicans and has no matches and there we gotta do what you brought to put. It last. I don't cheer so crouse. Why it. All of the chaebol don't show actual witch oh I should. Censor it says okay what God's creation plan. So our precious. Yes fires are right. There for. Quite a bit sorry it was gonna go next. You know you realize John what you're suggesting is like a Yogi Berra what does that this is deja Vu all over again because remember Obama. In his 20072008. Campaign. Saying you know all we now. Now we're you know we're gonna create that I health care bill we're gonna create went turned out to be obamacare and will televise it. And of course you know instead of televising it. I'm Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the rest album all locked the Republicans I'm. I'm of the committee room while they were writing the bill that we had to then passed to find out what was minute. Only Knesset earlier there was a bit and you don't you know cups it to understand it so I mean I just don't understand it there's strap it. Struck by carriers and final call what action in just a contraction yeah. You know your your overarching point is well taken why they continue to go well the laughed. You went to determine what the playing field is going to be because they're always gonna take the high ground. And and the man they ought to set the tone for what the debate is going to be abound. Based on their own parameters and not on some phony ones but the liberals setup for. I gonna take an egg right that they had talked about that each action we're gonna go to an epidemic is real news. And I thought they get what they don't check what the constituents. Pay your commitment to respect that while they wish to thank you. Can get up close to the center right our. You're right there and and that's and that's essentially what Limbaugh was saying today about this the collective wisdom in Washington of the bill is gonna fail. Others they're there is no guarantee we haven't even taken a straw poll yet to see you there would pass or not and yet. You know become an assumption is wells gonna fail. At this track so it looks post that official or holy crap when it comes CBO. They expect the best to just champ this belt Upton got. And I guess I Beckett but you know what those are serious and that's what it. The budget by action comes. So. Hot that it to mangle that's exactly what we want. But don't get the guys write a story comes quick here but it artists tell you that undertakes no hobbies I look like no. And I. China should I do a lot of art or different streets of Tikrit a call hypocrisy don't tell. They probably picture here I'd go that wakes up also to steal or else. Trust what you want and the higher and it it's exciting. In his side and an end of an offense if that's not encouraging and not men and give new cause for optimism. I don't know what has hooked up well I'm I'm suspicious of anything John then does that has Paul Ryan's fingerprints all over it. And and I am I think the disk three phase plan is suspect. For a number of reasons we will talk about going forward but you know I'm certainly willing. And to give president trumpet chance. I want to do whatever he feels is necessary to do and be able to fulfill his promise of repealing and replacing obamacare. That's coming back at. Well I appreciate your generation or the debentures. I don't know my aunt Betty. As a good thing it's good event. Thank you John appreciate it 430 here on the money not show any ready to go in the new sooner I'm ride back on the other side I'm not sure we get very thoughtful piece from Jeff Duncan today. About what's wrong with our Ryan's proposal on this whole healthcare business be right back. Yeah where he most intelligent audience and radio I knew it was not only a matter of mere minutes to overreact and an explanation for these flashing phoned and it makes perfect sense. In the flash is for the hearing impaired. So that you'll see that there's assembling their initiation petition for a texture just to turn off the flash go to settings. Then accessibility. Then not flash notification its hearings. Flash notification start mall and that will solve the problem. Paying health. And Bob before they are forced entry of offensive words like him and hurt shouldn't we get rid of congress men and congresswoman. Neighbor may be replaced those with. Oh wire. Gosh. Bob I'm in my thirty's not an insurance provider or planned to become one. And I am one question why don't need to pray five times or more cost doing company to pay my doctor. Seems like it I just pay my doctor. And forget about insurance it would be cheaper. Well I'm a first things first kind of guy. Repeal obamacare. Then the second part of that phrase there's gum. In the vernacular repeal and replace. I don't I don't know the replace is necessary. Bubba bomb. Bob about the Affordable Care Act why don't they simply sent up a beautiful cross border. Nongovernmental. Marketplace for health insurance and just like obamacare dial on the fly and after every one moos to the better cheaper patient driven care. This way you bypass all the fervor. Yeah but remember much of what motivates the bureaucrats in Washington elected officials and those working for various government agencies. Power. Got to have that power. Likely to me a phone John is a long years in Spartanburg once talk about the Smart meter notification from duke. I John welcome to the show. Yes or any of the Smart Mitch Smart later or organization. Yup aren't they do once it started out in California. They try to sell location littered uttered on the computer or can exploration. Stop Smart meters dot org. And according to their information. And you're gonna hope this CIA directorship quote. The so called Smart grid that is has almost always god is not much article that you really really pushed deep bit. Yeah. And I guess and I and I just so Winnie. Belichick you know are Smart meters and you're pretty chilly there it you do want to push deeper orange. Or else you can only be started or it can go much to access to detailed info about your whole lot. And it's our radiation and your electricity link environmental and health problems. Can catch our age or food and danger part is increasing its utility bills. QBs why oh why are rejecting Smart players. Artery surgery called and replacing Kellogg's however utilities continue to mislead the public faced with a mandate using court shouldn't. Distortion. And propaganda to achieve their paint and they are currently doing just say here in this area. Yeah being this all started I believe. Somewhere on the West Coast and I can't remember offhand if that was in Seattle. Or shall we say in Portland Oregon. I think opponent capital look at a a California. They had our explosion I tell these two games seriously injured Kevin Kolb much mark made a part an explosion. And and were going or the window once they had sent up in California. We're going to work and this is why don't. The big a furor started in the first place was because they were going to be able to control your thermostat. I don't talk about it later don't. Sit oh are essential hundreds of out of Smart mayor Kevin recalling fish catching on and so I hear them or organ and elsewhere. Territory fifteen electrical Turkish culture under which may used to explode off the walls and stock and then kept a taco California. They go unnoticed at this year's series interesting Smart you are and I'm not news it's based. Yeah I'll be out and and the question then becomes. You know what can be done in terms of resistance can you just don't know I don't want a Smart meter I'm I'm gonna keep the meters and I have and then are they going to turn around and say well what you've got to take a Smart meter were no longer can provide you energy. Well I guess to what that ace pitcher utility continuing to mislead. They act cannot force you to do that they concede that there it which I don't. And I thought they did that that's that quips this problem legal matter outdated legal many community stop. The other essentially you know what what's the address that website again John. Okay area my favorite guy announced I don't know missed. It's back to power in the chart and maybe they were once they realize you'd be published I don't give you know probably open hello put you on the ball up. Opt out list. Unless info at. Case players stop Smart meters. Or. Got you inflow and and it stopped Smart meters not a largely. Yeah yeah and also I don't think you know there more detailed information and it capital murder and yes. Smugglers MA RKE capital letters G Pollard. RID. Card Clearwire car or eight an orphanage onto any color alerts dot org. It out and cents worth around north passing on their hands up I appreciate you John thanks very much that oh what what neighborhood. Are you now doing what hardly a senior UN where your fighting this right now I'm sorry already gone. Tim and ask you not just sooner. I quarter before five here on the body Mac show I am gonna get to the space center Jeff Duncan wrote for The Heritage Foundation and AM till there email daily signal that's coming up next. And now you tell me what you think about congressman Duncan stance on this proposed health care re do the right back. I'm Bonnie Duke Energy came here to install a Smart meter we said we didn't want and they put us on any list does canning declined. From MT. Money would be less work or just make a tin foil hat. Well it's important that can be used to filter out real conspiracies from phony ones. But you know netted them. Power companies sound Wes that started the stubborn Smart meters admitted. The reason there were putting him in was be able to control. And how much energy he years. By being able to turn down the heat didn't have 28 or whenever in the wintertime. Money they're watching if you're our TV and other devices are gonna get an eyeful. We sit on the couch naked wearing different masks and other items white blue wings. Viking horns etc. so that was left over from many how we games ago. Don't ask. LO well. Oh I'm going there to EMI. Now Bob not web sites are not case sensitive got a bums out guy patent next door neighbor. It. Now bond sale volunteers say cancer you don't replace a cancer you cut it out. Bob why can't we have a menu from price is a medical services. From Tina. RN. Dodge to the phones we know candies along he is in Greer also wants to chime in on the Smart meters here I can't welcome Michelle. I don't think so so. You're your throat source prudential intimidated throat operation not a. I think really and though the problem is and got a cold and you know how Nicole's will seek out the the least defensible part of your body and so that's where I went. Yes that's sound about right moments after all operate I got analogy probably got a Carlson bronchial cooperative shaped now. You. Well Smart haters may and we decliners Smart meter they showed up there a couple of years ago to you sir you have three or four years ago showed up browser declined Smart meter. Come home the other day I guess so not much else smartly. You've got to. And I got the notification the next day in the mail that they were common to put a Smart meter or much else. Nice to have that advance knowledge when it. What nick grace. I think it is fine and they anything you'll be able to show mall for awhile but they literally came to our house and donors and supporters on hand and we already on its you know me I'm all active politically not a one way that stuff. One thing I have learned is that. Well Smart appliances is Smart meter really doesn't do much editing at all. Damp and about the smartest. Appliance and I am in the house is the telephone. All I mean my my all my stuff is old Iran old laptop. I don't use wireless side plug in my area home values above plugin for my Internet connection. There's a whole lot of stuff that you can do it is not really worry about what's coming as far as that's concerned it's like being off the grid to be an integrated expansion. Yeah I'm just belies your under the radar a bit. I can't control like my thermostat because I have replaces Paul manuals one they can't control my my my refrigerated foods manuals file wants the ball on the unpopular cause those stuff they get good alternate Humana Ari gets all of the kind of stuff. I get that went. You know one of the common replace or me the only thing you can do to stop from putting a meter on it blocked meter yourself pull plug got pulled. The little odd disconnect tag often put up a little locket there. But I know those guys carry bolt cutters do soccer. And I'm sure and then they're gonna turn around and claim. You know they're gonna charge you would damaging their property just a minute the last count me out. And exactly and you have bolt cutter to cut it also really doesn't matter anyway yeah so I don't want to it's it's an ongoing battle when you engage. About I'm. Wanna sound like a ball negative and all that but I mean winning against winning against Baghdad City Hall is as we know. A few trial effort in many of us have been blog we've defied the gas tax for how long. Earlier years they're gonna get big guest actually noticed lol I do and it was slow down. Here's the thing figured that then I'm puzzled by. In. How much information can you learn about me. That's really going to be of any interest at all to anybody else including the government. Now I'm pretty straightforward quiet and either into golf course are I'm home or another radio station and for the last four months. And then on the golf course though that narrows the field and. All while we do that's really good just big enough ready but I mean anybody W in my life and now. Yeah this guy is boring me to death one what do we tracked in this or thank you Jennifer Shea think all. Speaking as we were earlier about done daylight savings time which of course we went to last weekend. This from on channel four in Oklahoma City KF OR TV. They may miss that hour of sleep and as we turn our clocks ahead chances are kids won't be changing their watches. That's because the vast vast majority don't have a watch. A new study shows that only one in ten Oklahoma City kids aged six through twelve alone and watch. And get this only one in five know how to read a clock. A lot of it per cent of course. Their entire lives you know here between the ages of six and twelve. Your entire life is digital. Caitlin car into words your boys and girls clubs should arouse your amount that was something we learned. I don't know if that makes me older not yet does does the makes almost older. In elder used everything digital and you show on a walk our launch. Well I want to circle when these numbers on it. It's a brave new world friends and now maybe not necessarily a better one to boot feedback for the 5 o'clock follies coming right out.