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Mar 15, 2017|

Trump tax returns

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello howdy greetings and welcome salutation. And now what isn't so wins they already. I don't know Austria let me begin by apologizing. In in addition to everything else on my other health challenges and I'm and recently. I have also during the preceding week and I've been gone managed to acquire a real nasty cold. Which is decided to settle in my throat. And now that's why I have to apologize and advance for the win my voice sounds today hopefully ischemic and I got to go one of those. Los engines in my mouth right now in fact that it hopefully will soon things and they get easier hole and before we go any farther. On the program today as well we have video breaking news sounder pleased breaking news shall there. Ladies and gentlemen. Breaking news from the Bobby Mac news desk. At 357. This afternoon. I will release may income tax returns of Rachel man now. Make note right now. Rachel manor house income tax returns exposed. At 357 this afternoon so. Got that out of the way great to be back with you actually feel OK despite the cold. As so I will struggle along together here on Wednesday and on normal rules apply. That is to say to be a part of the conversation. I just grab your phone using angles they've managed talk Klein number told free from any winners. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number is 71307. In my email address as always is Bob. And 1063. WORD dot com or just say and the money panic. I'm I'm looking at while I'm out checking some of the prices. On the tickets or go to the MNCAA. Regional game down at the well. Because our Tar Heels. Are playing there. I saw some oral like 800 dollars a ticket thousand dollars a ticket. And and being of Scottish heritage of course I'm way too cheap. And able to invest that kind of money to go to see the game. But as it turns out it was a moot point any hell. Because it yields a point at 4 o'clock. And I have a previous engagement. At 4 o'clock anyway so there you go up no it would be fun to do your share from there would be cool. Who knows if we can hear you but it would be fun and you're sure everything out he had probably would they tell you because you know it's going to be packed with heels fans and duke fans. Now they'll I'm sure they'll they'll turn out. Funny you should mention that. When hours and do in sports for channel two in Atlanta WS speech UV in a Monday Night Football game their kickoff season. So I decided to do a live shot from the field. Now Wright is a game was getting under way. NFL doesn't allow that. Now I knew that when I was operating from the principal. It is easier to ask for forgiveness and has permission. I got one blind shot yeah. Jobs giant bunny ordinary Debbie downer. And now so I did the remainder of them from outside stadium but it was in us and we got away where that once. Any ill. Bob what time this UNC practice tomorrow. I don't know much money penny connection gone public and of course find out when the heels of practicing now they'll do shootaround. Sometime probably in the arm. I would think mid morning maybe early afternoon somewhere around there. I took the phones we're going to get to a role in his afternoon Willie is on any is on his cellphone hello Lillian welcomed the show. Whoever that I would want but I don't think it thank god I sound horrible and I actually feel okay. Nowhere near that area. Is. Well I'm glad that does enter your glass. That aren't there I don't want quote a lot of. About done Donald Trump and his 2005 Texas Jirga or any. Don't get ought to welcome. What people are. And it well we don't we will on when you win the audit is concluded because you know Donald Trump gets on that. Every year. Obama. I agree on the door open it right. No reply yeah but excited beyond this is out of Donald Trump's control. The auditors the IRS. Or wrote the article and we don't win anyway. Well odd but I haven't either but then I've I've never been a billionaire. But didn't the curious thing to me about it well and I don't know what your explanation would be for this. That the interesting thing about it to media is that the tax rate. That was paid by president trump in 2005. Was 25%. On Obama's sense much higher than Obama he played 19%. And socialist Bernie Sanders had a 13%. Tax rate so. All. The XX noted that it maybe these are all birds and the father Willie I'm just guessing here I don't know. Well but about food and bill but it is pretty. But you know popular thought you. Won't know I know he's old company didn't. You don't shake it watch them at all there is no way I'll try you anyway. You know cutting out though it didn't want to put money and they're. Let go and I applaud you elk. Oh well you got a point there there there there is. So much numbing trillions of dollars are at stake. Careers are at stake all livelihoods are at stake do you think he's very dark and I'm gonna some gonna battle trump. Until the last inch to try and maintain what they have surely are. Not guilty he had the bull by the yes and outlook. In fact I thought you won't follow live play you know. That it lets but you know they put out that I don't want a lot there and you had to do something. Medical pot. Yep some art. Yeah I mean you are right there you're right well the question is how much he's going to be able to accomplish in the face of all the resistance. Yes I did. All right now exactly I mean it's not just the progressives it's not just. The groups organized by former President Obama and George Soares a newscast it's dry no Republicans as well where is Paul Ryan being right there in the forefront. Don't know how that that the all the record total of alkaline yeah it was a oh we'll all. Although. You know we're gonna be a little in the what do Italy. You can't do that yeah it's. Great continent. There. But it'd be open title. Yeah you know I I I've heard people from both sides of the aisle say that. And entitlement to me he is money that comes from the government. Which you didn't make any contribution towards and that's not exactly Social Security or videos than they can stopped taken mine and I'll invest some money on my own. You better put their best but that's not all right there I thought it. Hander who politician. Who sit in particular. There were apparently they ought to. Yeah I'm afraid you're right I'm afraid you're right well I you may make valid points I appreciate gone Lilly did your front take your yourself right. Yeah I will do the same sir thank you very much quarter after three here on the body and actually when we come right back on the other side we'll hear Rachel map now. With the supreme embarrassment I guess now she's a winner of the Geraldo Rivera award. Which was given do or older years ago for his investigative reporting and Al Capone vault. Should talk about making an idiot out of yourself be right back. My ankle pain. Or some semblance thereof. Apologize from my a voice quality in a game during he had time and I was out I managed to again. Nice little colder decided to settle in my throat here. And I in on the a text on 77130. Cent. I'm Bob Social Security is absolutely an entitlement. The reason you make that mistake if you call the money we paid them contributions. Rather than what it actually is which is a tax. And the way you can tell the difference is that you contributed something that presupposes voluntary cooperation also. There's no way. You have absolutely no control over this money and no control over how much money you get other than they whims of the people down the road. In control thanks. Bump up. And is no way this cannot be called and a time okay all right well. We differ there above yearn for mispronouncing her name into Rachel mad tell. This one I should never assured him. On bump up. I'm Bob Joseph Willie chuck says it's nobody's business anyway. About doing your tax return are trying to make an a big deal out of this the man Donald Trump is doing a great job force even. In the face of those that are trying to destroy him. Pop. AM. I'm Tony dale reporter in your show than a satanic student group and Clemson or going to have a Bible burning and the sacrifice. At the campus on Saturday is this true. And this time is this what passes for a college education now I'm like two years out there trolling. Yeah I was a last Saturday and and they I don't think nothing even happened on and they were just trolling on the Internet trying to stir something up. Bob always glad when your back on the air Bobby you do sound a little horse. Not a pony either on the Mac thank you. A great to hear the human mobster back on the air cold and all. Jim Lowe is uninteresting character but he ain't the guy everyone gathers round at the party. A my mail on my Tar Heels but I wouldn't pay a thousand dollars if they allowed me to play with them. I have to Britain would what you pay a thousand dollars money for an alien idea. I believe if I could take them for. Yet. It wouldn't be pretty. And value only. Does that proves that little fact guy at all little fact guys out there. He could say that about Eads would be the other. Cheek and three. You handed section. And seeing that an NCAA tournament not long time. A white two handed set shot. Yeah. Other jumpers she should Q&A session. There was a channel my high school basketball team and we won the state championship by the way. Name is Ritchie shark. And he shot you have to guard he started enemy. I was busy warming a spot on the veteran combatant a breather on. And down that's all he he shot was into and it's such he'd shoot three or four times a game no nothing but net. Every time we have seven foot center. This is early nineteen sixers had a seven foot center quite cute and Hummer. It was a name you don't play and on the other final of Princeton team that went to the final four when Bill Bradley. Great player. Bobby Max and screamed kill leaders are claiming the NCAA basketball game shall bring in millions in revenue to Greeneville what will the leaders. What what they do with a tax dollars. Good question. And I would does suggest going to the next county council meeting and addressing our City Council meeting and address until. My guys genuinely millions of dollars. Above since your picking up a winner do I need to keep it in the litter box or do I need to put down on the curb. Separately. Good question I know the answer. Oh whatever it feels good do. Aren't. I took the phones we go Ed is an action bees and honey a path we're gonna get to Rachel madcow and hurt. Career embarrassment of all time last night it one against the volunteer quickly took hello hello and welcome to the shelf. Well thank you big market packed good to have you back thank you see her to be back. At all I know that we are going through by the other like what I know you don't need to and so while a lot is not there are always. Our application. Yes yes there are and unfortunately. The older you get the higher the probability that you're gonna have some. Yeah I. Idol is about it is it never got getting older my old. And well one thing is one thing is a proven fact of life in and that is getting old is not person's race. It's little. All and I unfortunately has every article you watch MSNBC just you idiots are talking about right and out and I saga no Rachel madcow right you know as. No they're just trying no matter what. To destroy Donald Trump and that's all it is. I mean is they're basically moved. In fact include more than its fair share in fact. Adults are really it'll ever try to accomplish in such short maturity. Blinded blinded by ideology. That's how transparent they think they have the blinders on like a horse in the Kentucky Derby there their tunnel vision. All they can see is. Gen Donald Trump yet Donald Trump even when they end up doing something like last night. With Rachel madcow where the blow back on it makes them look like stupid idiots. What exactly it is armed knowing that other questionable shall and he did it get. All supposedly got all those dramatic power. Thought intellectual leaders I find that very hard to believe because not there isn't seems like maybe she was dropped and her heart mention result. While she's she's educated she does have a ton of education I think she has a doctorate. But she's educated beyond her level of intelligence. Particularly you all the all that and we all want I want to also. Speaker you have a higher education to really open leaving your intelligent no. Right and people I know that mastered yet I'm like really there is. Well it it makes me and it makes me think of the few school dropouts along the way. Benjamin Franklin. Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg urged. This show ccb suffering from a lack of a degree. Not at all not at all and returners. Well it got reluctantly communication. Go out for Donald Trump video what is. You also have people like you all know that would be a terrible. Do all sorry dubious duo which is John McCain and of course Lindsey Graham right cool and settled following all in at least. Trying to talk to party lines are trying to do basically what does bring out to Democrats are going as. As Terdell Donald Trump I mean really it's why them why the heck is Lindsay Graham's still cannot. And the short answer to that Israel because Democrats crossover in the primary and prevent him from being primary effectively. And if you win the primary in South Carolina you've won the election. Yeah I won't be able antennas Evers or at least they are known it was rhetorical because. No is Eric go again just like the compressed and crossover and he knows better and better in the double you know than W don't. Well I NY and little realistically from the Democrats perspective you're your Netscape. They're doing exactly the right thing why should they vote for a Democrat senatorial candidate who has no chance at all of winning. And instead crossover and vote for Lindsey Graham who gives them. Probably. 8085%. Of the agenda they want from a Democrat senator any hell. Exactly and your orders are telling here with a cramp in his mouth is I just cringe in Nagoya and then you know isn't it skirted by. Now McCain or vice Versa. And I just shake my head I mean you always I'm I'm a veteran. All areas and I'm I'm an etched in individual but I don't look at them and I catch myself and all sort of Belinelli is not quite Mario moderate but it actually to the right. And I just assumed he used to and I'm like really I mean what are you doing an off. Yeah it's as if they're not even members of the same party and as far as I'm concerned. They're not Ed thanks a lot for the call I appreciate you gonna read you join us here today on the show and on the tax line 71307. Bobby Mack if Knox white. Our mayor. And I has anything to do that with the money from the NCAA tournament he'll create more by going news David from trailers could read. Coming Joyce street near you more by clients 29 after three. Any standing by and the news show mercy back on the other side. Welcome back great to have you on here the Wednesday afternoon edition Bob inaction I'm sorry for the quality in my voice today. After struggling with say a bit of a cold here this isn't enough for typically. I'm as healthy as a horse. Did it used to. You see a bronchitis twice a year when I still smoked. But now about that subject. No no I'm diabetic and type two diabetic but my doctor says Imus gold star diabetic patient. Feel good all the time. Generally speaking. But eventually is I'm fond of saying the waiter does show up with a check. And I guess this is I just done to mix metaphors might turn in the barrel. Every hasn't been one thing Antonio. At 22 before four in on the tax on Bob cannot find the link. For the bracket challenge on the W or. I had some of what we call flipper. Or a rotator. Just go to our web page 1063 WL RG dot com. Scroll down and on the left side of the homepage you'll see a red banner and Ian White lettering as events. And a number of fingers scroll through there are more or rotate through. I'm very shows salute service notes in outdoors and the bracket challenges right there. OK so when bracket challenge comes up just click on. And I'm UB you'll be good to go to the phones real spring in past who is in new union hello pat and welcome to the body Mac show. Thank you. I would let Eric rush talking on the radio last week about up. Slush fund. Where does that money go. On slush fund. Went into creeped out by that he's. Corporations. Get for all the mistakes they make. All oh yes. I'll there was a big story you could do you could go Google it probably it was on bright part. Maybe a week or are slightly longer than that ago and it talked about how when all these various corporations are fine. By the federal government winners by the EPA. Or whether what what ever branch Treasury Department. The SEC. Whomever it may be. That that money that they are fine and and in some cases it's hundreds of millions of dollars like in the case. Volkswagen. Recently. Just sustained huge fine. It goes into him but he would wonder we know what happened to that money it's done it's a realistic a logical question. The answer is it goes into what is essentially a slush fund and the government. Then can distribute it to whomever they want. And a bunch of those corporations have been fine. During the eight years of the Obama administration has seen the money that they paid. Go to a Planned Parenthood and other leftist favored groups. I'm so essentially these corporations have been funding of those folks not that they want to they just haven't had any choice. So they could get money and distribute it actually across the country at stake there are structured. They couldn't do it they can do anything they want to what it. And well under. That is. George can't stay aerobic and I congressman like tapping get old but that. Yeah. Home. And funny you should mention George Soros thanks a lot done for the cult and I appreciate it and I am a reference at peace that was on bride part about where that money list. Headline on Fox News today. All lawmakers push Tillerson secretary of state of course to investigate. US funding of George Soros is. Groups and their political meddling. I here's the story from fox. A letter sent yesterday. Asked for a probe. Into how US funds are being used by agencies such as the United States Agency for International Development. To back left wing political groups in other countries. Senator Michael Lee of Utah Republican one of the co signers even said. Foreign officials and political leaders have come to him was reports of US activity. In their respective countries he said this includes reports of diplomats. Playing political favorites. USA ID funds supporting an extreme and sometimes violent political activist. And the US government working to marginalize. The moderates and conservatives. In leadership roles. This sort of political favoritism. From our missions around the world is unacceptable. Now there's there's a whole another investigation and these big conduct here as well and that is Soros is meddling into our. Political system. And the billions of dollars or however let's let that may be an exaggeration. Let's say you know hundreds of millions of dollars. But he funnels all diesel left wing groups but he sponsors that. Support all kinds of fun. Obama. New world order activities at the Second Amendment opponents. Other Planned Parenthood of the world you know wouldn't. The list of the usual suspects this and that Soros money that spine many of these books. Bump on a trivia socially all spring and raise fears and Lawrence all ray and welcome to the Bobby match up. Thank you very much on the glad to see your back. What I. And what happened last night when I saw that thing with Rachel. Whatever period in his. Back out yet. That they were like peace because what people throw numbers out like that they would no knowledge of how they ever gotten state they tend to make things. How very very. Polls say. Hard to. This site brought the most people's part dealt. Most of the time I've talked to you I've talked to on behalf of my. BS semi which I did most of my work at but I also have an MBA. And I needed that to. Despite machinery. Would not work for companies they would not let the just Colin bikes on the firm. Thousands of dollars without having on our life on it. So what right and it was with Ted is that number last night that mad though I gave to us. If Donald Trump put down that he paid 800. And fifty million dollars. I think his tax bill is. A 150 million houses or something like that but whatever. Coming up about 25%. I've figured out that you had to invest about 750. Million dollars into the economy to make that money. Well your numbers are a little bit off your actually what it was revealed he trump burned about. 150. Million dollars income addition for the year 2005. Yes all right well at the what are thirteen million would have been multiplied by five as far as the investment he had to make to make that money. And that would include a bunch of personal income that would be paid by the workers that did the work. Good night doubt that he went out there laid bricks then he Allen mixed concrete and all that stuff. Whatever his pride kicks were. You know cause billions of dollars but. That came back to lie and say. That the people don't know whether rep that money went to generate jobs sent personal taxes. About he'd paid was probably baby 13 of what really came and off personal taxes to the federal government. He's not made that investment they would not gotten that money. And and the need federal treasury would not have gotten income tax money from the hundreds of thousands of people I'm assuming that with a number that's at least thousands of people who work for him. Yet that's what I though they're looking at that number like yeah so that the money just grew. Room. This is. For. Now I know you're right it doesn't and and that's a valid point to make and I appreciate your Megan thank you ray appreciate it all when we come back on the other side I teased as beginning. The attack coming up this hour I would die released ritual man als income tax returns we're not gonna do that but we argue that point out. I just download Rachel managed you know lock up. The Geraldo Rivera award for herself for this year for bogus. News coverage be right back here on the Bobby Mack show. Out of eight. Great to have you along great to be back with you by the way thanks as always to a Jambo Jim Bohannon and Tony dale for a filling in forming while I was out. I got one more day and I may have to be out this coming Monday. And will see it just kind of depends on circumstances that down will keep you posted. And I in on the checks on Bobby sorry Iran knew whether perhaps you have fallen victim to beat Kim trails just a matter of time for us all and Jacob. Bob glad to have you back fraud he voice and all. Bob the BM FC that is Bonnie Mac fan club. Which by the way I used all their meetings and phone booths well we could still find a list was not aware that your charisma bypass would affect your voice. Signed George. Thank you George appreciate that. I'm so that the deal went down with Rachel madcow last night this is this is what happens. When you have singular focus as we like to say when your tunnel vision when your soul. Raised on this can I ask the treasurer of the whole modus operandi and what you are about here is jetting Donald Trump. Oh we got Donald Trump's 2005 tax return. Let's put it out of the Twitter verse and senate on fire all this new hurricane no it's my game. We've got Donald Trump 2005 Jackson you're breaking as well. Not so much. She even an emotional embarrassing. Then the people at CNBC. A sister network wrote an op Ed about. The whole brood on a day talking about how stupid. She ended up working. And of course that Geraldo Rivera jokes started immediately maybe Rachel and Geraldo can kind of vault to open somewhere. And you find them wine bottle with cob webs all over it. But they boiled this whole thing up way out of proportion anyway Ed did this long rant as if it wasn't bad enough. You know building them the anticipation of this thing up in an obvious attempt. A spike the ratings. She gets killed every night by fox parent. By the way it was and Rachel mantle and got this 2005 trump tax return anyway it was investigative reporter. David cay Johnston. And UN honors show to talk about it anyway when she finally revealed what was in the taxes. It actually may trump would pretty good. He earned about a 150 million income in 2005. And he ended up not paying 38 million dollars in taxes. Not an insubstantial amount that works out to a just under 25%. Point to Johnson. May be the one fair guy in this whole deal pointed out was roughly equal to what he and his wife. They end as tax rate. And sure for a billionaire you can argue that he might pay more in taxes but 38 million bucks is a pretty big number. There was speculation. A fueled by trump that he wasn't paying anything and taxes remembers joking about it during the primaries. But it turns out trump did pay taxes at least in 2005. And now the Donald. We did this morning thank you Rachel man Al for improving your hashed and trump eating followers how successful. At real Donald Trump is and that he paid forty million dollars in taxes. So there is. And I just today. Our Rachel I'm Donald Trump's best friend is a Rachel madcow this is this is a little bit over setting this up last night hysterically. Is a copy of Donald Trump's tax return we have his federal tax returns for one year for 2005. I believe this is the release of the president's federal taxes that reporters have ever gotten a hold oh my goodness now what we have are these two pages front and back yeah. And she goes on from there and then. The shows me a follow up they Bobby Mack semi professional players decided to put together about. Our Rachel madcow and her bridging or is breaking nearly got some significant breaking news tonight. And tonight we are breaking news Donald Trump's tax returns. Now it's time for the last word with Lawrence O'Donnell. Good evening walks Rachel this is not breaking news talk and I've got more say and now breaking his shot. I read your area we're continuing our breaking news coverage breaking news grid this is not breaking news. This is what happens when you go trawling. For race. When you have one goal and one goal only make president trump looked out. Even if the count in the result is you'll actually end up making president trump look pretty good and why today and I home this is. This is what happens when you sent out with that goal quickly to the phones Daniel is in Greenville hello Daniel and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Anybody hoped it shall better shown you. Okay here's my question. And then Ryan cared kid didn't senate and congress yeah. Does it not try to urge a yes. We don't do it. And no goal in Westchester this morning by starting or the rock right. And I think actually it might be more. Trump responding to the war started by Iran and. OK so if you let it be totally and a little bit long would then not make the rest of the Republican Party look like a bunch solo. Democratic match. I. Or to put another way rhinos he had word connection point Daniel thank you for making it gonna take a break for the news talk about what's going on this health care bill. What what may be at work here. I actors are all kinds of. Conspiracy theories speculation. That's some away next year on the money much.