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1107. Here out of Vince Coakley radio program as we have patiently waiting on the photo it's guts. Good morning welcome the broadcaster. Train parents it's nice to talk to you again actress spoke cheer at the Palmer at a panel and so Leah. This could be on your show again this Turkey manor site I just want to make two quick points the first one has that. People were disappointed and Donald Trump not taking more action are saying you need to take more action. Need to consider that request because I'm I'm very fine with him using executive orders to overturn Obama's executive orders. That we're extremely you know election where the shutter. However I don't think we want our lives our republic even to look benign dictator. And it and keep pushing for a president to take executive action. In twice about functioning republic with clear division of power stroke. That's the first thing I'd I'd say it along with that what we need be Uranus pressuring our congress our US house representatives and senate. To do the right thing instead of continuing to play their political games in pandering. To the left as yet they don't wanna win and the day and don't wanna make a big dipped. And that's one thing I think a lot of Americans are really sick out. It's going up going on up and wash it has been going upper wait too long what people who call themselves sure it was a republic. The other thing though about health here is I wanted to ask in it and I agree with a lot that the the got center in the editorial economic conservative. I'm I'm really shocked that Republicans the Republican else is not even trying to push through. And and really demanding. That we have fully tax deductible health care savings accounts combined with the option of catastrophic care insurance. That would greatly reduce people insurance cost and encouraged them to say and paid for a lot of their own health cheer. And then also at the same time. Upbringing. All competition among all insurers across state lines national. That is the insurance lobby bidders are in all our car yet does not wanna see it happen. And the American people need to be really. Stopping their pretty shouting screaming writing letters. People who were really concerned about the future help cure he'd be all over their congressman. And you have right right Ryan Q. But you know we're gonna have they have some extreme pressure. To get our politicians off their rear ending yet of the duke something that actually get through this country purchase age. You really think they can be pressured to do the right thing I mean look what's happening right now Scott with Colombia you've made it very clear and what does the figure the poll showing. Over 70% of people do not want a gas tax increase. And what are what are they doing in Colombia right now. It is it's a great point I think the strategy either they're using in Colombia right you know it's kind of what the witch creek strategy they're cap or butts kicked last on. The coast people had time to organize bank about it the word out. And they got smarter this time that you were interviewed just like rip off but they are today. And they're counting on the fact. That the people of this state will not what I may get upset broke few weeks and then they'll let it go. And BR that's what you Wear gas tax increase is concerned. You know I can live with the gas tax increase as long SI know that they're been significant. Changes put in the system. Significant revisions within DOT. And the process they keep that money can be in that span on special project so our news. But every dime of gas tax will. Not just here increase but every garment aghast stats period will be put in that maintaining. Our current road. Without building new roads a thing like that there's basically maintaining and Rick Perry. Our current road system I think a lot of South Carolina ends Carolinians would realize or with a shot. That we we have to be something about the road. Got you do know that they're not it's this is not the direction they're going at least now unless unless amendments are added later Ross and that error it's not in the current legislation at all. Now why are great yeah I know and they and that's the problem with that is not. If not shut. That there increasing taxes that's about the problem you can argue that. We can do this without increasing taxes maybe it's true or maybe we're in such a mess now that we can't do it without increasing debt. But the point is is not yeah it's important. That they put in real safeguards and they are not interested at all. In doing it has the right way we do not have representation. In Colombia including our local representatives equally dull. That Caron now. That they are going to have our eight Hugh leatherman in Jerry Lucas Jerry Lucas in the house and you wedeman in the senate. As cold these people here's the way it's going to be. Edit you don't follow since you're going to pay the price and the fact that despite continued to allow. Two people. To run the house and senate and be more in arm out powerful. But our governor is completely unacceptable. You know they're if you give them all being reached. And you're here are speakers that come to these groups you know local conservative groups and the speakers are Drummond talked. You will learn a lot about what's really do want art which you have secured not a citizen. To get involved or may not in the new green OP party I'm in other groups. Cerner Purcell governor sought work a lot. About how they interact with legislators are neat would bar senator I need what are represented if we can all be there. And intact an active role otherwise we might as well as terrible and not been changed. Because that won't. Yeah actually right Scott's a lot of good stuff there appreciate your call and and you mention is good meeting you again at the affirmative panel just a couple weeks ago. And this really gets to the core of the matter does it not. That's. We've got to stay on east folks. At least in the place that we're in now I'm just thinking about this last now I told you about. Some time they had to catch of the Danube port which we have not talked a fair for several weeks now. And it's one of the thoughts that came to me is with all this talk about draining the swamp. And something really hit me the time the drain the swap. Is Election Day. You're not gonna drain the swamp after Election Day. You're stuck with what you've got. Now. You do which can try to engage. And get these politicians to do what you. Think they need to do. But the fact of the matter is drain the swamp day is Election Day. And if you don't do it then. Then all of this other talk is really apt academic. It really is. I wanna give you a heads up about something if this happens during the course the broadcast. We will attempt attempt. To take it live. We have. Word of a potential new news conference. From FBI director James called me. He may go public about whatever investigation there might be into prison trumps connections to and interactions with the Russian government. Now according to CNN. Director chrome is going to go on the record and we've heard that may be today or this morning in fact. If this happens we'll try to listen in and hear what he has this day. We'll discuss this and much more as we continue Vince Coakley radio program. 80347163. Text line 7137. Here at 11:20 AM news coverage right now for the house Intel committee a couple of members let's listen in and I'll brief you on what I've heard so far. Here is representative share of from California he is a Democrat listening. Intelligence community put out I spent a few hours there yesterday. And would encourage all the members to spend time out of the agency review in those documents. And finally you know we. I think are continuing to make progress and the chairman Meyer are doing everything. That we can to keep this investigation. Bipartisan or nonpartisan to make sure that we Foley evidence so wherever it leads. And and that is certainly. Our roads our hope and continue to be our effort to do so and that they'll have to respond to questions. What's keeping me. Back. That's a question are you satisfied it's. Hard. So it was a relates we we know for a fact it's out there publicly that incidental collection on a general Flynn was picked up. What I remain concerned about is whether or not there is additional and an all collection that we are not aware of and then if any of that information was put into any types of intelligence reports. And then. We know whether or not additional names were unmasked. So traditional names were unmasked we're gonna have to understand where the proper procedures followed. And then did additional names get leaked. To the media or four were somewhere new where people using that information. For other purposes that wouldn't of had intelligence value. And that's what I mean I remain concerned about that's why the letter that you see today we're asking for all of those names by Friday prosecutor and I hope I. It's. Oh well. You know I think it's certainly inappropriate part of our oversight to. Make sure that the agencies are following the court procedures when it comes to unmasking any names are Americans. Have made together do incidental collections. But I do wanna underscore that this is eight in a separate matter from whether the presence allegations have any truth. And the we're talking about both these issues. The two are not related in the sense that there's no evidence that there was a wiretap. Trump. And his associates of trump tower yeah. I think he's pretty good you know being talked about what's what what gives you got it cost to stabilize so that actually said that last week. I think the the challenge here. It is is that this is the Jeff President Obama would physically go over wiretap. Trump towers and I you have decide as I mentioned you last week are you gonna take that treats literally and if you are. They clearly the president was wrong but if you're not gonna take that the tweets literally and that if there's a concern. That the president has about. Other people other surveillance activities. Looking at him or his associates. Either appropriately or inappropriately. We wanna fight we wanna find that out I think it's all of this trip. Patient what you believe and that is you can see the evidence. That suggests that for any conversations. But between people affiliated with the top campaign. People Russian officials were not investor rushing and one other high had conversations. But it's something that. If not it's not that I'm more not that I'm aware it's quite you know I would buy it wouldn't answer that question. As categorically as my colleague and no we're not privileged talked about the contents of this investigation but I. You know I think we need to very precise. When we talk about this. And I and I just don't think we can answer that cancer categorically. And not in this form. Just turn him over my outfit says that they are extremely confident that the president will hopefully be vindicated in play here obviously. Pressing DOJ to relieve any evidence that they may have. What about the way. I also prepping an urgent than reveal what the president and his ground for me. You know we're we're gonna continue to follow the facts for the hour not to make any assumptions. But as I as I've said before him approved for a long time here I have. Been very clear about my concern about number one the integral collection on regional plan. How that was put into a product. How was unmasked. I was linked to the public several. Crimes have been committed here and I wanna make sure that I don't wanna get into the censorship on how to respond that person also who's a unified. I would just say that. I do think it's incumbent. If we get to march 20 and we have the testimony. I think we all expect from the director that there was no. Substance to the accusations of Barack Obama illegally wiretapped trump tower. That the president explain himself. I think this. You you can't let the accusation that type without either attracting it though we're explaining. Just why it was done. And I I think that. I think there are. From a national security perspective. Great concerns if the president is willing to state things like that without any basis because the country needs to be able to rely on him. Particularly. If we have a crisis that is an external crisis as every president does so within their term of office. So I think it is a serious matter and I appreciate the Germans willingness to have an open hearing on this and and I think the testimony was very important mr. But the good news. Look I'm sorry go ahead and everything that we use that the president himself or anyone working for him and what it would be one of the things that may have been swept out. In something big preventable diseases like what happened when Michael Flynn. Well I think it's very possible. But like I said we should know that by by Friday. You've defended itself it's. In the it's pots it's possible. You know look I mean we know we -- I think we think we understand how. General fund was picked up. Collection. And perhaps there is no additional personal collection or. Were they other intelligence products where there was unmasking that occurred look this is all the emphasis why were were sending a letter. It's get it all out in the open so that we understand why we don't like I've said many times I am concerned about unmasking of American names. But I think as they relate to racial see in the letter as they relate to either. Check campaign and his folks orbit for Hillary Clinton's campaign and her and her thoughts. How we'd like to know if any names were for a mass I think that would help answer these questions. Even listening to. A news conference is still going on right now these are members. Of the House Intelligence Committee now when it's at the table here because this started during the break. It's addressing really true subjects one of them. One of those issues. Relates to. What was going on with this surveillance of people connected to the trump campaign. On this subject of Russia. The is members of the committee once you know. What was involved in terms of the investigation the surveillance whatever was done. And I doubt it was a pretty strong statement here. As they go back to it and I think this was from. Devin newness. Who made the comments about general flow and that the collection and the leaks he believes several crimes were committed year. Which is pretty serious business so what they are now calling for. And it's apparently there will be compliance with this is Department of Justice to actually testify and provide answers on all of these questions. On a separate issue and this is a separate issue. The allegation by Donald Trump that came out over Twitter of trump tower. Being wiretapped. At blondes there was kind of chuckling as I was. I think it was representative Schiff making the comment that you know it's not a situation where. Barack Obama just went over and set up bugs. At trump tower. You know of course it's not gonna be that simple. So the question is what has happened there anything. But both have pretty much said there's no evidence at this point of any wiretap. So these are two totally separate issues but it looks like there will be hearings. And boy is this going to be a circus. There will be hearings to find out what kind of surveillance. On this Russia thing what kind of surveillance took place. And how did this information get leaked to the media. And as I mentioned before DeVon knew and as saying he believes. That what happened here several crimes were committed in the process of perhaps doing this and leaking it. That the your thoughts are 803471. Of 63. 71 threes are seven also standing by in case. There's a news conference from the FBI director James coldly if that happens. We will take that as well. Live smoker your 163 to reward the and we get you the broadcast on the text line keyword the claims no evidence of wiretapping is wiretapping. Wiretapping is outdated. Hardly executed in. Modern society digital intercepting. Is the demo today. You can say there's no wiretapping and tell the truth however does that mean you didn't pick up phone conversations. Also. To telling me how much I got how much how to get it is illegal. And this persons concerned about the issue of consent. And all of the haters to get their hands. On my information. Oh. Really into listing stuff. On wall you were in a break I was listening to more of this news conference they're still talking these members of congress. Here's one of the things that that was very interesting because there was the very emphatic statements that crimes were committed. Here is. Something that was further specified. It is illegal to leak pricing information. It is illegal to leak names of targets. And that is what has happened here. According to one of the congressmen. So. This is gonna get very interstate even in this week. How much confidence do you have they would get to the bottom of what has happened here 80347. 1063 that's the Eagles managed Auckland number common sense retirement planning text line. 71307. This is the big week folks we've been talking about it's. The bracket challenge. Again. I've said you don't just fill out those brackets for fun you can actually win prizes. That's supposed to be a good time. Q. Without revealing my choice is yet made we will talk about these tomorrow. I'm cure curious. Lines there was a release the bracket challenge as there are thirty teams sustained at TU vets. You are expecting to who. Let's just say PS surprise. This time around a team that we got to watch out for. His. The thing you know every one. There are upsets all the time but. I started researching this a little bit of those curious. And if you picking your bracket number Warren makes it in who wins the championship 61 point 3%. So someone is. He is seeded number one you got a good shot that they're gonna win so if if you're out there and you're trying to figure out how to pick you you think. I don't wanna pick all the better seeds. It's probably a good idea to pick a better seat on a there's there's no way to look at this and go this is going to be a surprise team all the experts. Won't do that and they're guessing dislike anyone else's I mean basketball. Is. You have different level. Schools as far as you know school size and all that kind of stuff but if you saw the movie hoosiers. Did you know that you know this group is the same distance and all that kind of stuff than anybody can win on any given day so no you answer your question now. Dirty body what when we put it this way. Are there any teams you believe for underrated. That's done also is a broad question I'm a no no I I don't see anybody use underrated. See you think this across the board is pretty much scientific that what you see these numbers. They are in the positions they're in for a reason I think for the most part yeah. I mean you can look at records all these teams the majority of these teams have very good records. Some of the lower seeds may not have you know as good as the bigger received. And some of the lower seeds are there just because they're smaller schools. And listen to it every once in awhile you get to Cinderella that comes through. But for the most part the top teams are the ones that go all the way through and win this thing. Yet perhaps what we'll do. Tomorrow is go into more detail about its. Some of the picks that you and I have an eight year if you're OK with it. Listen I don't have a problem what could yet we eat. Either one of us have just to get a chance than anybody else including a person who doesn't have a clue what they're talking about they're going this uniforms Purdy. I like this. City. Listen and you guys to skittish does anybody else and make cheaply bracket challenge because you got a chance to win with. You know you guessed. Actual prices and get all you have to do is cut was 63 to viewer via com. You can now click on bracket challenge sign out. And make your picture have to make those by noon tomorrow. So don't put it off any longer some of you been listening to this cycle I'm gonna do that when I get around to infect. I was cleaning your house the other day you know what I found. I found a round to it your have been given one of those. These little. Little wood wouldn't coins. Are round to it around how you spell to you know like you'll you'll remember it's TU IT. Yet people actually created these things it's a round to it so you give it took first and say all right now you've got around to it. When a minute now I give it. A and yes this is not a radio joke Google although most people believe I am that dumb yes I do is now got that. That's pretty says it is. Minutes while they came cocaine and they give it didn't take it in the liberals and yeah it's. It's pretty clever the idea behind it don't put it off tomorrow twelve noon. Gotta have that done and just have a lot of fun I I was kind of intrigue here because as you know I'm not a big sports but it was kind of fun and going through and seeing the different records of the teams in. Fortunately for me there are some pretty intriguing possibilities. They followed by a list five to ten minutes it doesn't cost the sign up in you got a chance to win fabulous prizes I mean you know why not. Pick a few minutes and sign up. Absolutely positively nothing to lose so you really can't be again that's 1063 W or. And you will see an option there to click and the bracket challenge and only if do is sign up and then we'll start to see how this. Starts to take shape over the coming days. As the game's kickoff in earnest. And we'll keep you pushed it right here 163 W or 803471. Or sixty or text line 71307. A very disturbing discovery I made a story I came across. And kind of raises questions about what are our children learning. Will do that much more as we continue on the Vince Coakley radio program. Now we're looking at the possibility that we might hear from director FBI director James call me. And it's it probably will not happen for one this news conference is still going on with members of the House Intelligence Committee. So one of things they are very careful about its very often you'll see. That's. Another news conference will not happen until the other went over so at this point I doubt very seriously we're gonna hear from James called me. Before the end of this broadcast but be on the lookout for that sometime. During the course of the day. We talk all the time about education. What our children learning. And this one got a grabbed my attention because. I kind of one year. We hear. Well anyway. Here's the story. You know we've been focusing a lot on the clock the past few days because the change to. Daylight saving time. And away. Murrah I don't know for mentioned here. A lot of times that things that you really remember the things that stand out to you. Our wind somewhat and communicated to you very harshly I had this copy editor. That worked with me of the television station I'd love this. He was just sharp they're very few things that he missed. And yet his pet peeves one of them was to hold daylight saving time thing there is no yes. In daylight saving time. You know we'd discuss this on the pole Saturday because. One of Chris evans' favorite thing to do is correct me. And this ice apparently this is something a lot of people get wrong and people have trouble I have problems with. In the end who cares this is the mask was a meg done much of a different. Yeah in this the kind of thing that. You know it's yet it's like consistent. If you get on someone over that union Javier some. And I need to clarify. Four for those who maybe say they say the list as of the beginning of save we're talking about at the end. Of saving it's not savings it is saving time but anyway. I digress. This story. Was quite intriguing about clocks. This is a story out of Oklahoma City to receive study. That only one in ten Oklahoma City kids ages six to twelve on a watch. In only one in five. Know how to read it. Pretty amazing out. They talk to someone who works at the Boys and Girls Club its ads an elementary school to when I was during out. That was something we've heard I don't know if that makes the older or not. Instead. She's now teaching kids in the afterschool program how to read analogue clocks. Something even the kids admits they struggle way. Is she this digital age of ours is kind of changed or has it. Yeah almost everything stage they've been stoned to think that analog clocks would disappear eventually. You know that's a good point. That probably rule there will go the way of curse of and nobody. I don't seed Kirsch of very much at all. And mean with the exception nerve of some of the things he chipped sign for but. And in many schools they've ditched that years ago. So let's certainly good point yet it's. Kind of raised this question how does this work. The early get cellphones the tablets. So it's very often it's it's very common. That clocks that you see they are digital clocks they are not analogue. So this particular school talks about how they have added this to the curriculum. To make sure that the kids were able to read the clock surprise year old and so. No it doesn't because going back to what you're talking about I mean you would do with the digital age and their digital clocks around looking at like seven of them right now. And we actually do you have an analog clock in here all on our call screener but it has no numbers. This is the hands so I mean if your kid look at that you'd be like when the world is that. And what they've done here is pretty clever to the Boys and Girls Club they partnered. With a at this help part store. To give every participant. A special time teaching analogue watch. Once the special session is overweight at. And by the way there were more than 150 students who took this time telling survey fifteen questions. Only 31 students past. And only fifteen. Got perfect scores. That is pretty amazing isn't it. Do you. This is. Not an ambush question but do you know if you kids can read an analog Garcia that's one of the questions. I was a little reluctant to even go into the peak because you know it you you just don't think that. Ask about that it's yeah it really hasn't crossed my mind at all because I know we were taught. How to read those with with. Blank clocks and told you know draw the draw the hands for 3 o'clock or something like that. Rights rights and yet it's you know it's great to have the simplification of digital. And yet at same time. You know it's. You know look at the watch me I'd be kind of curious how many people still have. The the analogue watch and a lot of people have a combination. Combination. Analogue and digital how many people under thirty and an analogue watch. That's a very good question what do strange things I've got to my car. Actually has an analog clock in it. In addition to the digital clock. Which it's you know currently mutual. Yeah it was when you're doing nine miles an hour down the freeway you and a look at an analog gone through a time and your funny. Like I would ever grow that fast. I mean very safe and careful driver. Always or. Some ways probably laughing right now as idea share of that again folks wanna give your fighter minder. Time is ticking we're reaching that 24 hour mark. For you to get involved in the bracket challenge very easy to do bracket challenge 1063 to reward the dot com make your picks and seriously. I mean if somebody like me can actually do this then. You can do it varies. Very easy in connection wins surprises. And great prices out there you don't wanna miss this opportunity again. 1063 WAD dot com. Our detects linesmen says Vince 126 I have to analog watches all the clocks in my house are analogue including my grandfather clock. Good for you. Vince there's a young girl in our area that actually got in trouble for writing in curse. Really. That is weird. Great time today we're back tomorrow Radio One a 63 WRD have a great day and got bush. Ideas.