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And it's good. Good morning good to be back with your 1263 WORD. At this brackets filled out by the way will talk about that a little bit later and I get some more brilliant ideas out of blonde so who's. Probably more of an expert on this that I am only. At. A yen a year ago. But I want to start off talking about taxes. As you know we have been very eagerly encouraging you to contact Jewish state senators. To try to head off a tax increase. A gas tax increase. Per she knows. South Carolina has one of the lowest gas taxes in the country so. You know we got some room that we can actually add. Some additional money to the gas tax and still will be better off than most other places right. I'm being facetious that's the argument you're getting politicians. And we've got to figure out a way to fix the roads we need the money. So here we are another step taken. In Columbia. This plan would allegedly raised 800 million dollars more per year for roads. It's now headed to the full set it and we warn you this was coming. It passed the Senate Finance Committee out of voted fourteen to seven on Tuesday. And I think. In the display of the ongoing deafness of politicians in Columbia. There is no. No provision at all to give the governor more power over the State's highway agency. And there's no tax relief you know one of the things that's been suggested in the past. Is say OK it will raise the gas tax by this much. But will also. Provide a credit of some sort. Back to the taxpayers so the people wind up bearing the brunt of this are from out of town. And they would do that. Now senators. Rather than getting into some of the weeds of the other issues. So they plan to propose amendments on the floor rather than debate them in committee. And this obvious circus when Carolyn Disco last. So we will have next debate on the floor. And then voting. Then. A response by the house. And the governor had you know how this happens you know it's the same in Washington. Where you might have. A piece of legislation that passes the house goes on to the senate and they may make some changes so then it has to go back to the senate. Or they put your conference report. To bring about an agreement between the two bodies before this thing is voted on again and sent back to the governor. So allegedly there's a long way to go. And a questionnaires. What war governor Henry McMaster due. He is pretty much communicated without coming out saying I will veto any gas tax increase. He's indicated he's not interested in yes tax increase. So I don't know in the may be on the scale of commitment on this issue maybe he's a fiber six I'd know just are never out there. They keep in mind this isn't just something that they've been working at this year. They even at this three years. Trying to raise the gas tax. There are others among those who were opposed to this approach would like to see the state Department of Transportation. Turned into a cabinet agency. And I mention the other angle of this tax relief. As part of the a deal. Where is this going to go. And house earlier passed a bill would raise almost 600 million dollars more per year for roads. Three tense and increase the State's guest next in his last race back in 1987. Goalless the raid to phase that in over a five year period. The bill would also give greater authority to the governor in the apartment of highway commissioners. Know last year. Lawmakers voted to allow the governor to appoint DOT commissioners but each must be nominated by legislative delegations. And screened by legislative panel. And will throw this picture. You know staying works. And the delegations also would have to approve the removal of any commissioner. What a mess when convoluted mess. So here we are and I put this reminder to you. Very important reminder make sure. You contact your state senator and now before the vote. Let them know announced in no uncertain terms you are not interest and and gas tax increase 713 sure a seven. Is where you text or you have to do is. Type in the word call CA LL you can find out who your state senator is if you don't know already. And say no way not interest in a gas tax increase. And we will continue to follow the progress or regress. In depending on what happens with this. Not gonna spend a lot of time on this. But I'm sure over the last 44 hours some of you been following the spectacle. That's been going on about Donald Trump's taxes. And I just tell you up upfront. I don't care or really don't. This is another sideshow. And the funny thing is even slate has an article saying. That Rachel mad I'll turn to scoop undone from stack actions taxes into a cynical self defeating spectacle. Slate. This is that some right wing mag here. This is funny you know mine's via my time in the television news business. Because of one of what is happen. Is the height and the problems. In that kind of putting you into a corner boxing you went to a quarter. How many of you seen this with the weather coverage. Snowboard do it and what age seventy. And there's all this hype and all of this coverage nonstop Promos interrupting programming. Then you get the actual storm and get one snowflake that falls. And you've really made a total idiot out of yourself. Oh I've been there because I've been standing on freeways. At 5 o'clock in the morning reporting on a storm that didn't happen why did that happen because the Promos the Promos block she win. This is what happened with Rachel mad now. All this promotion all of these tweets put out. Who we've got a scoop pool we've got a scoop. And the trump people. They kind of undercut him by releasing the information themselves. I think that aspect of this is kind of funny. You know what else I though I think they'll. I wonder. When the original. Documents word leaked by the drug administration. Seriously Jim Herman that controversy several months ago. Abouts Donald Trump you may not have heard of this didn't get a lot of attention. But he actually. Conducted an interview. Pretending to be someone else when it was actually doubt trump. A demand as bizarre things. Now the wise and where force of this I don't know maybe this is a time he's looking for distraction. I'm just saying I don't know this for sure I have nothing to base this on other than that particular story. It I wouldn't put it past. If he actually. Put someone up to leaking this in the first place. Either way. It's another spectacle another distraction. Away from taking care of the nation's business. Love your thoughts and I'll mention more about this article which I think is absolutely funny. How this backfired on Rachel man out. 803 for 71063 that is the Ingles advantage talk like never common sense retirement planning text line. 7130715. Minutes left him. And we continue the broadcast your twenty minutes after the isn't possible. What we may have with his entire tax matter with Donald Trump this 1995. Tax return. Is actually a leak from the trump team. Just an idea earnest good morning welcome to the broadcast. Yes sir good morning thank heaven not. Our problem Bragman and black pastor. I must say that's going to be inaction could America. I am very proud of a lot of the achievement of this country may. In the very short time that he had not. And Gardner. You know he is certain areas. The people who have been in the slums of Detroit. He dragged for miles and miles. And you just see from where you know let. Eight years so nothing happening too much in Detroit. Car. Everything fallen apart and this thing and has brought jobs back to America concrete a lot of positive thing. And I think that some parts of the media. A swamp and I clash is over bid step that really doesn't mean you. And I'm really proud of the president that we collected. And I would render feed at any day. Now includes Singh may be a gate brewery. Right and they showed Irish are not global core rate. And I feel that you know that the main making great achievements. Immediately Seattle they got to. Some of the mig and I just think they'd be so great. While I appreciate Europe you call your perspective their earnest and that I'd think you'd guess that heart what's interesting about this. Is because I've got a story. That I've I've put in the stack for today. That's written by Byron York in fact that's a good place to go would transition away from this nonsense. About reach a man now. By the way her ratings have been up significantly I think this has become the go to place. For the opposition. MSNBC in general I mean what else do you expect from a network. Which pretty much adopted the Communist party's message forward you know. Byron York has a great piece of the Washington examiner. And I think to follow on earnest point that the did good things that Donald Trump has accomplished. When he states on point he's fine. And and this ties in with what I've share with you my concerns about what the Republican Party has done with this ridiculous plan. For. Repealing obamacare. That we should put that in quotes because it's not much of a repeal. It's basically re naming any three formulating of the same thing that many of us have been complaining about for quite some time. Now Byron York in his piece says what's the most popular thing Donald Trump is done as president. Now to Kurdish point year what do you think it is he said it actually came before. Donald Trump entered the White House. When last December he announced he persuaded carrier. To keep it Indiana hundreds of jobs that have been slated to move to Mexico a short time later political read a story headlined trumps carrier deals wildly popular. Now imagine a headline like that about anything else the president's done. And this is the point that Byron York is making. On this particular issue trump wins Eddie Eddie gets a lot of positive. Media attention even. It goes on compared to big economic picture of the carrier matter involved a tiny number of jobs. And there was quibbling about carriers intent but Trump's involvement in a clear message I was elected to fix the economy to bring more and better jobs to Americans. And that's going to be my first priority as president people like that. But here comes the problem according to Byron York. Now in the middle of his first 100 days in office. Trump has gotten bogged down in a complex time consuming an unpopular fight over another issue repealing or replacing obamacare. That law key Republican priority and at trump campaign promise. Is not at the very top of the public's concerns. I I I think he's right on the money year. That's the things that you like that Ernest is praising year. You know they they go over very very well. But the things that it's now. We've swerved into it thanks to Paul Ryan and but we also have to remember the administration the trumpet his administration has signaled that they support this. This obamacare thing has bogged them down. He had this new to Washington with no experience in public office trump has become a prisoner to the house Republican leadership. Can I interject here again didn't I warn you about this. Before this administration even started. I told you remember. Who is still in charge in the house and the senate. You still got Paul Ryan you still I've Mitch McConnell. So in that sense trump is still. He's still bogged down by whatever these guys do for better or for worse. All across the capital politicos arguing about what house Republicans should do next to the Obama care fight can neighbor prevail in the Budget Committee. How much damage. As the CBO report done kind of freedom Cox be brought aboard what about the moderates reconciliation. The three step process. See the problem is what happens to you maybe you heard earnest and out added he is about the new president. Where does all of that go. What you moved to a discussion like this then you start getting in the weeds. And you start glazing over with all of these boring details. Especially. When what has been offered few is a profound disappointment. Byron York goes on it's become mind numbing Lee complicated. And perhaps the answer to all of these questions is one simple sentence Republicans are working on the wrong thing. And the Republican president's allowing himself to be distracted from delivering early and often underscore campaign promise. Of improving the economy and bringing jobs to millions of Americans. Get back to the focus on jobs. That's what he's saying. Now Paul Ryan made clear obamacare had to come first. Because of the requirements of reconciliation in the senate because the Obama care placements changes. To detect Skoda to be taken up for the larger budget and tax reform are right. If we take him at his word. Go Republicans promise to repeal and replace obamacare for years. So that's why the house has dive den. But this is the agenda. That trump is now in bondage to. And the point and I've made it here Daniel Horwitz made it here yesterday. And this was the concluding line from environs peace. Congress leading trump down the wrong path failure is not an option. That's what Steve Scully said. About this legislation on obamacare. He said has been enough to get many Republicans all worked up. This is actually Byron York saying this. Ready did you battle for as long it takes the only problem the newly elected presidents this it's the wrong flight. The headline to this story is congress leaves trot down the wrong path. To pursue his own agenda on his own schedule. This is the bottom line folks trump what have to do the leading. The question is will he do the leading. Will he get back on track love to get your thoughts on this. 803471. Of six career takes my 713 jurors seven also coming up we'll take a look at the day in history. On the Vince Coakley radio program Ted trying to. And we continue to broadcast year 37 minutes after 10 o'clock. We touched on a couple of things here one of them the little rabbit trails Rachel madcow went down. That's really produced a lot of nothing even slate. Made fun of this. A scoop on Donald Trump's taxes. That turned into a cynical self defeating spectacle. Pretty sad when slate is saying that about you by the way. For those who were following. The comparison of Texas based on this particular tax return. It's really. Hilarious. When you consider and in this is again see I don't expect anything different because. Of the hypocrisy of these folks I don't expect them to be honest. I don't expect them to tell it to me straight so this is why a lot of this isn't news to me. And I I really don't even. You know it it it's not a big story from me. But here's a comparison posted by Drudge. Trump paid. A higher tax rates 25%. Then MSNBC Comcast. They've paid 24%. Obama 19%. And boy this what is rich. No pun intended. Bernie Sanders. Weighed down at 13%. Now do you explain this. This is a little extreme. Sean Hannity referring to this is NBC's corporate Jihad really. Come on. I also talked about the fact. And this is not just Vince Coakley offering this opinion. They're members of congress who were concerned about the very same thing they wanna see Donald Trump taking the bull by the horn and leading. Not waiting ends. Looking to Paul Ryan to provide leadership. I was talking with the commitment and you court which yesterday evening. And I don't think this is gotten a lot of media attention Mary that news conference Paul Ryan Housley had last week with a all the charts and everything. And if you listen closely one of the made comments he made was that. This. Plan he's put together. Follows through on his better way. Messaging. You murmured this was a controversy during the campaign and the audio clip I played for you yesterday. Paul Ryan. Really hasn't. Overly inflated view of himself and his own importance. But I will also tell you he will gladly take the ball and run with it if he's allowed to. He was not elected to be president. So if Donald Trump wants to be president he needs to assert his leadership here. But there's another scary element of this that kind of bothered me I need to. Come to this a little bit later on an ally when an ally Donald Trump's is calling for when I saw this about myself you have got to be getting. This is an alleged conservative. An alleged conservative we referenced a few days ago I think he ran into Donald Trump the golf course what he's calling for will make your head spin. And will address this after first taking a look at the day in history. Once those favorite portion of broadcast. As we take a look at march 15. 2017. As I tried to. Coherently. Offer these questions in a way that. Are not too well. Confusing horror. Make it more difficult answer the question now deliberately trying to make them simple for someone thought design and I appreciate you know in other words straight to make it simple for anybody Pickens some of these mean. Like determining which. Which. Entity becomes a state. Now who's gonna remember. What order these are so you've got to think way to get pinched. That would be. Helpful. But we're gonna go first. To a year I'm sure you're familiar with 44 BC. Yes. This person was stabbed in the Roman set it. Through season. You're correct your web for once the ides of march you know. You better believe a sub through brute days. Was or blacks in America. It was a good good drive I have to give you credit for the attempt. 1820. This particular. Instance he became a state in fact the twentieth. Me and this was hard to describe because it's kind of boring. Are in the east I was gonna ask you where it was located. OK as though he's like he's a state or the and to beat the states. What is it northeast. With the Washington. Washington. As in DC. That's which is notice last. North east mob that. You view excuse and you know it's a day that's about as bad yeah not north star spangled banner. Northeast main. I cannot believe that you've got to be kidding. You're actually right it is made the toll of state and there what was helpful boring. No because Stephen king's from there more. Most of this book serve or. Based in Maine. And its main exciting to me. It is is this port state something. 1937. Some that we very much take for granted to cargoes cook at a hospital. Established this. Into deeds the first of its kind. And it's very important if you haven't accidents horse surgeries. They've established this what year was that 1937. The Zurich our electricity. Not really a need to give your nether hit all of it is it's a collection place I was going collectively Theo is gonna say I please. And and now on now I think it might be a bed pan. When. Now it day in collect. It's a collection let me give you another did you see in a big banners non collectible and that is collection not anything that you like though. But it's very employers and you've got to go. Thank goodness. Goodness. Let's try to redirect this. It's. Something that. Europe periodically asked to contribute to you. Think about accidents surgeries. Blood oozing blood. RA while you're close enough argument to its blood bank is an act because we're running out of time so you set up the first blood bank in the country back. In 1930 says it. That spring impressed I would say that your who's not. I see an intelligent. That's part of that your activists in its coming out with a best way to score so. What are why do you coming up we're gonna talk abouts. Someone who is at least has been. And Donald Trump's year. What he's recommending I wanna know what you think about 803 for 7163. Or text line 71307. I'd give me a little bit of a hands he doesn't like this Ryan plan. He thinks that trump needs to do something entirely different. And this person claims to be a conservative. Wait to hear this as we continue on the Vince Coakley radio program 1045. Well imagine this it's not just me who's thrown out this idea. You said a few minutes ago abouts. Where these. These tax forms these. The information from Donald Trump's. Income in 2005. Well the reporter. Who got that tax return is now questioning whether trump may have leaked it himself. You can't make this up folks. Speculation about who released Donald Trump's 2005 federal tax returns began swirling almost immediately. After those documents were announced Tuesday night. They originally late two Pulitzer Prize winning legislative reporter David cay Johnston. While talking about the pages with MSNBC's Rachel mad out. Johnston suggested. Trump himself. Could have leaked the documents to. Here's why. Images that at forty forms were marked with fake client copy stadium. That's suggest the documents may have been leaked by someone. Close to trump if not trump himself. This is just bizarre. Don't be surprised folks if we learned that indeed is what happened here. This is just crazy. Let's go back to health care. Now this is not what I'm talking about what I suggested to you. Donald from needs to take the leadership. This is not the way I'd like to see that leadership exercise that I suspect you've probably would agree. A few days ago I told you about an encounter Christopher Ruddy had I can't remember what. The issue wise but he was talking about how furious Donald Trump wise. When he ran into him on the golf course. He was absolutely furious. Well now this big ally. Of Donald Trump's. Is calling on the leader to abandon the house Republicans obamacare replacement plan. The American health care act and embrace his campaign promise of insurance for everybody. Oh boy. You've already heard about the problems. Reporter from the Congressional Budget Office fourteen million fewer Americans having health insurance by next year. Point four million fewer by 20/20 six. Who wants to have responsible for this well incher. An op Ed published yesterday. By Christopher Ruddy CEO. Of these so called conservative site news Max. He's urging trump to embrace a universal health care plan. Warning he could inherit the bad political baggage of both obamacare and the house Republicans if he stays the course. With Paul Ryan's plan. Instead readies arguing trump should back they actually buck Republican orthodoxy of the end of the conservative wing of the GOP. And push a Medicaid for all style plan all my goodness. Ready wrote the president should be sticking to his own got on Health Care Reform. Because it helped him win Democrat states like Wisconsin Michigan and Pennsylvania so the strategy here. Is to win. It's. With conservative voices like this. To wonder why weren't so much trouble. But wait there is more. An important. So in this editorial ready lays out a seven point game plan explaining exactly how he believes trump should move forward on health care. First ditch the house freedom caucus and a handful of senate Republicans who want a complete repeal obamacare. They don't agree with universal coverage and they never will be placated Nate if you really saying here. If you're a genuine conservative. Screw them. That's what he's telling him. Find a few parts of the American health care act that can win passage in the house instead it would either GOP support or bipartisan support declare victory. Three rekindle the bipartisanship in congress that Obama destroyed. In paddle bipartisan committee to report back by years him with a feasible plan to fix obamacare. For reject the phony private health insurance market as the panacea. Look to upgraded Medicaid system. To become the country's blanket insurer for the uninsured. Much. Can you believe this is a so called conservative. Who suggesting this. Five tie Medicaid funding to states with a requirement each passed legislation to allow for me truly nationwide health care market. That's the only thing that makes sense. Sixty Democrats agreed a modest tort reform to help lower medical costs. And seven. While forced bolstering Medicare and improving Medicaid get Republicans Democrats to back the long term fix of health savings accounts. This allows individuals on their own health care and even profit from it. IE I don't know what to say about this. I am just. My mind is blown. This is a so called Republican who apparently has the president's ear a friend of his. In this up bed. Ready seems to totally abandoned traditional conservative principles regarding healthcare sitting at trump on the campaign trail to the high moral ground on health care. And needs to stick to his guns and universal coverage now he's in the Oval Office. He needs to trust his own instincts. He's calling for a feasible system of universal. Health care to replace obamacare. Here we go folks. I wanted to what you think about this. You know and this is not new because Donald Trump has spoken of this during the campaign. Is that what you would like to see universal. Health care. Is that what you voted for when you went to the voting Booth back in November. Much more coming up including. The possibility of FBI director called me. Going public on this trump Russia thing we'll talk about it as we continued stimulus.