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Horror movies - why we are fascinated with fear...

Mar 15, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to guest Chris Alexander (Fangoria) about the history and the popularity of horror movies. A mainstay of filmmaking since its inception, horror movies have reflected popular culture and served as a source of adrenaline and titillation for audiences throughout generations and cultures. 03/15/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. The day night or Wednesday morning depending on where you Lawrence beyond reality radio we Jason Hawes in GP Johnson it's another evening or morning or night. Of a great paranormal discussion broadcasts have tonight we're going to be talking about a little bit different stuff on the massive return to normal you covered everything from Aaron and Tuesday Wednesday morning. Evening night he'd quit quit. Template and hit them of this show everybody look at me on reality radio hopefully you'll survive DS and only get nothing going on Faldo it's seem to have fizzled out or don't is zero violent. Don't say that it is coming down as hard as it has. Also video that was insane would get almost four feet we've got like four feet now and it's coming down as hard as it has all day I would not peace prize for you know the 2 feet by morning and down. All the roads have been closed in my county. And my counties around us but does it in my county you can't drive on the roads. For risk of being arrested they don't want you on the roads at all. It's vital principle. And because there's some. The Atlanta headed out earlier to plow and you get some really. Stupid individuals don't know I'm certain the road and I'm sure there's a lot of locals around me they listen and we'll some of their shell and if you drive this late. Now a Grand Prix thing you're you're you're really an idiot. Because this one guys trying to go and on the road and stock in the side sliding back and forth it was just ridiculous I was ready take a moment plow. Yet to become a hazard for other people let alone to themselves and down and then if they get stuck or something and then there's an emergency vehicle trying to get by. In a discreet Tevfik and any instrument understandably added this is unbelievable I've you know I've lived in upstate New York all my life I've seen a lot of snow. But I have never seen this kind of snow before this is unbelievable what was it more than what we got a New Hampshire arsenal reeling. And we grant sank in almost he's the remember that all coming down once remember than I was to prolong this is this is all come down with a 24 hours I mean yesterday. During the day we had no it's not a flake of snow on the ground and now we've got four feet plus. It's just crazy. Everyone out there's toning and aren't so let me just that it couldn't just quickly. When Jimmy and I personal feeling once and we are grant with a square in New Hampshire and we're winning anonymous trail and in a year you're in the middle of the woods so. Jim and decided it was no walk overs like Colin is a little trees that were sticking to earn more than usual and treat it was the top of the tree. And Jim so Jim stepped out there and dropped and I thought I think the only reason he's a -- your lives as you put your arms out via its and it does under the snow literally came up to his chest grant and I were trying to pull him out and in the best part was he goes I think I think I'm coming out put my boots are the Celtics but it was one of the best experiences ever gonna that was lot of fun rewriting those trails and serious and real quick little tiny Christmas trees along the side of the trail but it just the very top of some very big trees over like ten feet and feet you know to a few snow but they embody so you have with the bush got a great show tonight we've got a great shows a weeklong. And also if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. And you can also had to be on reality radio dot com sees stations in your area. And also just click the listen library there if you wanna join us in Chad in great arm growing community everybody's always in there hang in now. And if so you are where it's good show gone. Yes no we we've got a great show tonight on Chris Alexander's going to join a church run a lot of things kind of based about horror movies and film making that kind of thing it's kind of a departure from what we normally talk a bubble will like to. Mix it up a little bit Crist was the former is the former I'd editor of the legendary horror film magazine called saying Gloria. And it's sister periodical called core zone for those who like the gory horror movies on he's also the editor of the kiss official magazine which is the magazine for the kiss fan club. And he's also filmmaker. And it makes us talk to him what about little bit about some of the films that he's made so the would be document talking with him tonight yet. And then tomorrow we're talking with Anthony Hamilton also remind time and power. A book a book which describes the result has thirty plus years of researching how our thoughts and feelings shape our wives. If these fascist to awaken people so that are inborn ability to improve their lives employing cutting edge yet simple mental tools. And I also want to know point out that Thursday will be tuchman Brian Clayton you know I've talked about brine a few times he. As a book called extra sensory but he's a he's scientists. He looks at paranormal things particularly curse psychology Intel telepathy and anything to do with human side of paranormal activity. Takes a site psychics takes a look at it from a scientific perspective and our discussion with him should be really really interesting. So a lot of great shows pretty much him we're constantly adding new stations to to the beyond reality radio family. So I don't wanna I wanna welcome one while a welcomes some of the new ones this week we have WC FO AM in Atlanta starting with the this week. And KG or all our AM in Colorado Springs to very very. A great communities welcome to the beyond reality radio friendly and I know we've got a Palm Springs one coming on board this week as well also again welcome to. And beyond reality radio and clearly a listeners enjoy the show yeah we we do welcome you in encourage you to call. Share your colonel experiences and stories with a some numbers 844687. 27669. Don't forget Friday night's show as the best stuff program that's we do on Friday night's below pick get a couple the best hours of the week. And that re aired them for people who may have missed some. Some are crazy hours of the week yes and it's stuff that's so. Our Lola yeah we're gonna take a quick break when we come back all what the law I just before we go to break I just wanted to say something very very quickly. Tom we have a lot of people though when we know this from chapel we know other people that aren't in jets that have been with us. For very very long time before we were syndicated when we're doing their show just on Monday night's online as a life stream and they followed us all the way in most of those people released many of them know that. My mother had to heads been suffering from very serious illness sense well really it's been over a year really started to. Affect her back in February of 2016. And down you know we've talked about it now and then people have been so gracious and so courteous and so concerned and I I I I truly appreciate all of those heartfelt. Well wishes and prayers they kept coming in coming in coming. And done I it's I'm sad to say that my mother lost her battle with the illness come on Monday. And I was there with her and down you know she had been really really struggling the last few days. And you know it was one of those circumstances where. And she's in a better place now and in those last few days were actually very very horrible for her. And the entire family but I am I really just wanna thank everybody for their prayers their thoughts their kind words. In everything they've done two run to you know to support me and my family during very very difficult time so thank you very much everybody it's it's very very. Very much appreciated and and felt. And Jim our families are very close and you and me had a great time and all I spent time with your mom and your dad and a little they're wonderful individuals and you know the be greatly Metasploit noted. It definitely makes you feel better and sighed knowing that they're together again pencil so now it's pretty low steal them in the entire family this is Jason GDP aren't really. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Derrick Todd is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Feel really radio Jason hons Jimmie Johnson thanks. Everybody for joining us tonight did we mention in the website and we said that it did credited with the main website is beyond reality radio dot com and also the FaceBook pages FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and if you download the show he can download it right from beyond reality radio dot com. Or iTunes or any of those places just do us a favor and and a rate. Rated for us because it helps get it out there hopes that push it morph morals are for everybody and let's arm angle. Yeah and also if you want to learn more about these guests we have on the program you can go to the guests tab. And on the menu there and you'll see information about the gas plus there's who generally quick links. If they've got test stuff available free to purchaser or learn more about them it's all right there it's beyond reality radio dot com speaking of guests. Let's go to the gas line to bring her guest for the evening and it's Chris Alexander he's served as the editor in chief. Of the legendary horror film horror film magazine calls Longoria everybody who's a horror fan has heard of it CNET. And also it's sister periodical Gore's own. He's also editor and co-founder of full moon entertainment's cult film magazine delirium and editor of kiss which is the official magazine. For their iconic rock band kiss. He's an editor at film news website called coming soon dot net he does so much he's an he's an icon in the horror. Film community Chris Alexander welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show tonight. Thanks so much guys it was an excellent thank you for also just before you hit the break there per stinging little kids appreciate us. Great to lots. It is an awesome tune so crystals a little bit about your journeyed to becoming somebody so entrenched in the horror film community what point. In horror films. Catch your attention and did you become a fan or as fan is short for fanatic. Definitely fanatic but I you know I like to think I'm I'm somewhat call to mind but maybe not you know a year who knows. I think I am but of course outside guys Arctic otherwise it. It's funny because. It at all ties back indicators in a weird way and as the cute things that it informed my light. My entire life thus far have been kids in monster movies. And have a power I paper that the mortgage you know that's how lightly that's how I feed the kids to basics. But I remember vividly it was four years old. And it was in the library. My dad and sifting through the record it settled Fisher Price record player or want to get to Sesame Street wreck god knows for. And I found some and admitted filed. The kiss album look got jackets to just come out to 77 eight. Did you know that album attempting to Karen Kelly copper. With the bands sitting in this kind of standing in his dungeon. And that she's emaciated vampire women and their sweeteners all organs and the giant like medieval pillars and and it was Gene Simmons and that is that chain mail outs at bat wings in the China card piece changed. And panic yet paying in this photo so I didn't know what I was looking I was in like a moment such complete paralysis. And I had my daddy can I guess that he has no kids not eaten that that was there I'm like oh we're not getting messed. But in my mind I thought these guys were some kind of beast monsters I would have nightmare Gene Simmons coming to stealing threats in and I wake up screaming and I was really bummed that actually your later Mexico the record out just rock all. But that was that was my entry point and then I ended up discovering now. Comic books and I think with the green goblins Spiderman comic books while disguised currently people might look at. And then Matt made with god silly now it's Sunday afternoon in the next discovering Boris Karloff and just kind of went from there spiraled. And I think ultimately. I took that would mean article with the church it was never that kinda gone a bit. Are kind of my window to the will to understanding the human condition hasn't been through. Strange movies and I think do you really can study mankind and society in politics and religion. And the world we live in I think horror. This past century poem centric plots to talk. Has been and I'm amazing. Tool to understand the darker side of what we are. As a species. Collectible and that's what I've been doing Merrill execs started to kind of keep fascination with the kind of a deep fascination. But it where at kind of some what intellectual life that I think you know. Yeah well and I get that in a Blue Devils when you're talking a mile horror the horror films and everything I think the ones in the seventies and the eighties. Really had a style to them which are the ones that I've seen the last 101520. Years. Have really lost that the ones over the last 101520 years have been more for shy you know shock and on you it's always that. Thing popping up to scare you Wear. The ones who know way back Alton always seem to have a great story in the race to be the most terrifying thing behind. Yeah I well I would agreed in in in that so I kinda stumbled agree that and that's. An eight in a horror or any kind of pop culture's like in neighborhood you know this decline and others to be gentrification and renews itself. And that's the same thing with the genre you know once something starts to make money. And you get the diminishing returns you know once there's the big hit me in the axis is it was a major hit 1973. In shock the world. Suddenly everywhere and her brother decided to. Perhaps some chick lying in the bed vomiting peacekeepers sticking your crucifix in her crotch and and so they could make the money that the axis has made that they can get a few of the shackles and they're trailing off from there. And suddenly that entire possession shoppers get Staley seeing it ought to its tired they're trading on the shock moment to the excessive. Without fully understanding why that movie in her. With the public about what happens to this shocker happened Psycho app went by the living dead I mean my god zombies everywhere they're drowning ask. And that is always something new around the corner. Guess you know but it didn't become as popular as citizens start to make a lot of money. That's when the other guys the money expected chill it's unfortunately. Organized and I saw that doing that the show go senators who knew was it something that I didn't I had been involved in for a 1520 years prior to the show and and we did the show on there really were no other paranormal shows out there and then of course when our show came out and it did so well every other network decided they need to go show the need is apparent all show and I got to see that and to the point where it just got. So flooded it was great for awhile but the thing just goes so flooded with everybody just recreating the same thing to stomach different network. We're trying to copycat. Which it I think it and eventually it just gets tiring and boring. Let's send it looked like if you know the old days you know he's Emeka. And musician toothpaste made out records and tapes and I take a photo of a photocopy it and I I lose the original source master and I asked for a copy opt photocopy in the actual copy of the political. It's exactly what happened to keep kept getting. Poor and poor re creations that are that are original image and that's what happened. Like photocopy a photocopy of photocopy it keeps Coco. We've covered about a ten of the topics I wanted to chat about as we go along here and we'll get into each of them but I wanted to take aspect of the kissed discussion just for a second because. I know Chris you've attended a lot of horror conventions I do as well I also actually have a promoter for Koppel. There is a really interesting. And crossover between kiss fans and horror film fans what is that why. But it I think it's it's very simple thing goes back to that mean I before and it would Dracula was jeans and was my Dracula because he you know the eighteen integrating the different in my. And you know what I love about him is that. You know I think people but end up liking the same things kind of have similar upbringing and when he was a kid you know an immigrant and appear. That a New York. And could speak a language but he learned. Culture learn to the world. To watching horror movies late at night you know universal horror movies silent hill's family opera. Bell goes here's Dracula. So all those things that he and got you know things that he loved. That ended up informing that character of the demon from kid so when you look at Jeanne. Beating the blind and she you know the market on its face are actually his interpretation of the shadows on launching these patients at the opera. And of course they'll go see vampires that couple that and that's that's that genes essence is is that and its ability to this day. Is the darker side of horror monsters in pop culture's so if you like that's not the minutes. And and kisses flamboyant and it's it's not of this world it's either receive a cute shot it's just like it's beamed in from another dimension even today it still. That's grandiose fire breathing blood spattered. Super show. And it it feels like back kind of spectacle much shock and audit they all about that. These weird movies and that's what I am veil they received particle of both these things marched together. And you know I instrument. So our fans don't understand care but don't get Alice Cooper you know kiss kiss it was kind of like. We don't know an hour. Chris again has to hold to their we got to go to break we'll continue when we get back it's beyond reality radio our numbers are 8446877669. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Oral or. On rail and rainy with Jason in JV as we cruised through another night of great to. Discussion colonel talk what are were due and it's an internal and that you were talking War Films or films or magazines kiss but yeah. There's our table tonight we've covered a lot the first and it's of this discussion and dinner guest tonight is Chris Alexander he is the former editor in chief of the legendary horror film magazine thing Gloria. And also its sister periodical Gore's own. He is also entering co-founder of full moon entertainment's cult film magazine delirium and he's editor of kiss the official magazine. In a whole bunch of other stuff we were talking before we went to the break Chris about. But the cut that the connection between kiss fans and horror film fans. It seems pretty. It's not an outcome and I guess is the word. Well you know I mean it. Yeah I mean it's it's like I certainly not everything works and looks kit that structured trust me I know that because when I took over tank organizing. Running. Fortunately it's no longer with this but it was there. You know 36 year old magazine some hardcore fans that would Sheen on the cover like keepers. You know bella Pelosi and knocking people wanted to murder the crazy. You know. But not everybody gets but like I said it will get Alice Cooper because rock and roll in horror movies primarily these are the these these mediums of the outsider you know horror movies there are kind of like the cool peaks thing because. You know you're monsters of the outsiders than the guys on the fringes of society that's why we have to gravitate toward these guys kids are the outsiders they may feel all these amazing records that. But still they're weird they're not a Pittsburgh they're not part of the mainstream all these all these great things about the this AG aspect of pop culture they all kind of get together some sort we your way. So horror movie kiss Alice Cooper of weird rock and roll blood got these spam it's all there comic books. Q you mentioned some generally are one we are talking about your introduction to four. And you you said the horror films throughout the history of films. As have really done probably no more than any other genre. A job of reflecting. Not just pop culture but actually the fears of pop culture of the things that we're scaring us as a society during the time that these films release and I think of some of the films that came out shortly after World War I in this and there are they're horrendous. Numbers of men and women they came back from theaters of war with deformities and down you know Mitt and Ann amputations and and you know as as as our real world marchers on homework kind of scoops up the the dude most frightening of it and presents it back to us. Why did does and it's you know even before there was such things cinema there was there was there were books and before there were books they were Cape May score rumbling on wall. And you know got that whole idea. Ghost story sitting around a campfire night of dimming the lights and telling these stories that are are borderline taboo. Mom has had been with us I think culturally since we. First word weird existence and in this horror as part of our life that's because par primarily. Trade in the whole idea and the whole brutal reality of the fact that we are gonna die there's no getting around that we like to pretend we're not going to die but obviously been died violently god forbid. But you know this is a fact of the basic fact of life we're born we're debt debt debt that's or movies trade at the beginning of life and the and the likes sex and death that's it. So these brutal truths aren't you know or distilled in the entertainment. I edited in a way to kind of empower we can kind of sighed digest the horrors of the world and our own intimate or. By watching these entertainment and then you know at the end of the delights come up that we feel like we mastered yet we feel liquid masterpiece hordes. So of course I mean this is the daughter of cinema we've seen history reflected an entertaining. And you learn a lot too especially the sex and death party learned never to have sex against him in the woods or an entire Canon. Continent have been in the sports talk just don't have sex period because it that it you know a lot of cuts you off there on an office aren't. Well this. OK I am just think this is a funny thing is that all those controversial in the eighties we had the panic panic you know Tipper Gore step attic or armor products seduction of the innocent. But all those movies in the eighties were coming out of deceptive suddenly there was a free will it time people were open everything is great. So than the eighty to cut came along with very conservative. And suddenly these. Should movies came out which everyone with a gap discipline gut but listen if you it's such movies are dead or people that survived with a virginal young ladies final girls. Who didn't have sex so you know you're pretty safe if you didn't partake in any of devices today. That's what these movies course isn't actually trying to throw strikes. So issue. Started to become a quaint and acquainted with the different. X decades or genres of horror. You know where what did you did you feast on the universal classics like most of us did on late night television. As a kid or did you skip that part. I observed anything I could and it is this is you know little boy and I'm 42. And so I came of age watching twilight recurrence like got a huge Twilight Zone junkie ruts are this might cure. Different as daughters or keep you informed of the thing and do it while it act that life but. You know a lot of the movies I was seeing in the late seventies in the early eighties. Where some of the great Japanese movie could they were just getting licensed for televisions are remembered vividly the first horror movie I saw that completely destroyed me. Was and we saw part of it was Philip Kaufman said activity remake. Of the body actually yeah. You know Donald some bulletin Brooke at a and rocket car which spoke to him at church too great but you know. This I decided to back the backhand comic there was a movie poster and I can't even read it but it was shot. The poster to sell it but. It's these shadows casting routes into the ground. It was on TV one night my parents were going out the old baby sitter did not occupation of the box to elaborate equipment he falls asleep I'm like stuck gas. I turn on an invasion of the body snatchers just in time to see Donald Sutherland with regard and smashing his own corps base in blood square. I scrambled to shut it off but by that point it was ruined. And that traumatized by the is seeing a moment of this movie and than they replace it and a couple of months later and it's it's tired. I mean that was the first 110. Man and I've what's crazy about even today it's rated PG. They got a lot a lot of blood core and serious. Topics and who contend that movie it's not for children. Yeah after I should not been watching this. Your parents were right via that he had original invasion of the body steps matches as one of my favorite. Favorites when you on the look back on and you know the evolution of horror from those early days of the black and white whether they were you know he'll be old scifi fifty's films that. We just love because of so campy or. You know we went into the seventies which was seemingly a dark time for pour this really dark movies and they came under the seventies and in the slasher. -- what we're do you find the most the most satisfaction is at all that there is or particular Errol you know you like. Well while we're talking you know it's interesting now and then you know we're such a global village now. Where you know movies made it could be made anywhere on the planet. That we wouldn't even built because we're getting bad media from all corners of the globe to point where today. So we're getting all kinds of great movies from cultures that we were denied the mainstream denied it in perspective like Japanese or is infected the mainstream and Italian or. And Swedish or admit it's all kind of one big melting out great. But you know when I was a kid. I was always Ilya always going to put a video game going to the next level. You watch what's given to you what's in the multiplex on Friday night it's great Earth's orbit the each scene at all. And some analyses start to search but scouts one whole. Class. And and I we you know throughout various stages of my life I was looking her. The craziest stuff like fine men initially it was initially it was to glorious stuff when I was really young because. I mean I watched Georgia Maryland on the dead at a sleepover last ten and they ripped apart that after the movie but. Now nowadays if you turn on network television numbers are ripping apart gut feeling it right. Or as a kid and bikers and dawn of the dead to infiltrate the ball goes on these go crazy in the gripped this one guy. Half a club as Heston and eat I didn't even know those things work Iceland Poland rope set this guy's stomach ties. I couldn't believe that these things were actually inside it was the most. Mind blowing experience just to. To be realized that I was walking around with all these loose Gabi things in my body. Hell's going on. They don't you when you're kidded this is an awakening you do look at well shock. And you get older and her. Father now so I'm movies that scared me usually do that children hurled. So you're always looking for something to push your own boundaries you know that's what I've been addressed in due admired my whole life or take a lot to scare me now. Yeah not. It's it's harder and harder we're talking with Chris Alexander he's the former editor in chief of the legendary horror film magazine called saying Gloria. Our telephone numbers 8446877669. Feel pretty call and be part of the conversation. The lines are open love to have you join us British take a break when we come back we've got more reduce of our discussion with Chris it's beyond me. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Okay TV news radio and. Answer the door because I saw the government fan poll recently that he's written on our side. And there's two of them out there in suits and they're just knock knock and I'm just gonna pretend we're not here can we do that. Let's do that has to do protect us as rigor get respected Chris Alexander Chris Chris I'm assuming you're used to doing a lot of Internet radio shows. You know I'm I know I I know we're gonna let that. Yeah I know look a bit late I like you don't see I'm Mike is unlike Estelle Getty in the golden girls and does losing my filtered this so I know I dropped an F bomb you Lister is probably got a blanked out space yeah they did the did they do or I'll I'll try I'll try not to give anybody more blanks. So they got the 72 delay but anyway we're talking horror films and a whole or culture pop culture stuff with Chris Alexander. He's served as editor in chief of the legendary horror film magazine thing Gloria and I wouldn't turn that topic to fan Gloria tell us that your experience there when you started in. And what kind of doors that opened up for it. You know it's it's that as a huge dynamic where the little boy I mean like again you get the sense that prosecuted just like Austin this wonderland weird strike and and I think the great thing was that wasn't denied it was it was nurtured and it would watched. That sums up my parents of which have discreet discussions about politics in the world it was very very open parents to this kind of stops so. It was great however they wouldn't let me out thank Gloria because they just thought it was just too much and that it was amid. That magazine was. You know in the eighties was. It showed the wizard behind the curtain Republicans say is that you know special effects guys were rock stars and prosecute you didn't know what they do it. And trig gory it would take you on the Senate's and chill out Tom's of people up heads in and on the dead approach to credit thirteen to. How Rick Baker made David not Crowe duel where all American world wanted. You know you've got cut to seal this stuff but it was discussed it. And so I'd I'd what I do that sneak into the air can be used to hide and query and other magazines just reading catch Colbert can't we'll look at all this stuff. And and so that was Mike Connelly my Bible when I was old enough to just kind of going their get myself I would collect these magazines and they were just like they were so important to me. On many levels indicated. So I grew up with the magazine and that I am but kept going on many other journeys professionally personally and then did enough for the genre work for several other magazines making. Music. And writing and talking being on television. That I had a three landing perfect or I'm Canadian I'm from trauma they're based in New York. So I that a freelancing port of the communicating correspondents and and the editor had in the 25 years and they like we're doing this to look at one replaced this guy and what do you think that's okay and then suddenly I was running the magazine which was an amazing thing that I was six years of being able to do what ever I want it. In this magazine that was mystical to me so it was it was I can't even put into words. How great experience that once. Yet not too many people get to take something that is some you know iconic in their childhood and actually end up becoming in charge of it running it. Handling it later on in life and that's good that alone is a pretty spectacular feeling. Guys its you know and I will say this you know you don't get your heavy and uglier success third in many ways. You know kind of Forrest Gump might weigh in many different countries but. You know and I think one thing people ask me now how would you know two things you look at the monster movie next thing you know that's what you do. A lot of decision either need to be willing to make the sacrifices that never. Keep your eye off that pride it always loved which you look never let people tell you not something that Paul Stanley from kiss. Had discrete piece of advice you know when the announcement about that because the only advice I get used to the people's lives which rocketed off as he's getting about it but. You know it's it's true you know to kind of go with your gut go with your instinct lobe which you love. It's like is just W of and it'll eventually go about all of a place for you wrote that. Yeah loving him believe in it let's go to the phone lines we have a listener question here this is Nina from California need your welcome to be on reality radio greater me on the show again. I'd I'd get a nice dude you. Often under and yet I was trying to a move that discussion a little bit too eight we love Kraft steak on. Yeah what are I don't. This story here the film. Felt. On the other film the film is great at it's Spanish American movie directed black and Stewart were made an underage love Kraft and re animate millions are absolutely yeah. And that they got a tonic is not a lot of people have seen that but it is it's probably. I think it's probably one of the best outlook craft adaptation that ever seen as part XP full and capturing that tread. Great special effects and. I agreed definitely and the well the story it's kinda. Like a mixture of two let historians. But they kept it together. The original date on story and the shadow over Internet these. Head to head over and it definitely shown over and smoke at the counterfeit is another great. Adaptation of chatter burns smoke but it's hiding and pretend it's an actor Alan polo match Roger warmed archetypal. Which I don't know yeah. Was sent to try to as a it's you know it's actually not an underground well it actually is. A lot crafty in storage a lot of it's out there as well. Nina thanks yeah I think sort of calming who appreciate that now. I haven't seen that movie and I consider myself a pretty pretty educated or sand. But that's someone I've seen take on. Yet day in a ton of Stuart I'm grateful McChrystal acts. But them you know how to keep going to other sources to make the kind of movie you want to make it's that was Spanish and they'll. And I think that got released in America at all it was only tangible relief and kept dumping record video in the early part of the decade so it's it's still fairly obscure. I I had the pleasure of meeting Stewart and them actually differences Jeffrey Combs who of course as you know who was in re animator who hit the star of the film. And very fascinating filmmaker and they've been trying for for a long time and I don't know you probably know this effect from noon Friday it. I'm Jeffrey does a phenomenal. One man show based on Edgar Edgar Allan Poe. Yeah called never more Indian story have been trying to get that funded to a film for very very long time have you seen that one man show he'd. Yes I I've succeeded him under some Montreal and when a paternalistic carnations and I mean also stems from the do work that they did together on the terrace is masters or televisions of the adapt the black cat in Jeffords played a potent act. That's where that and the blueprint for that that stage okay prompt. Surprising that they haven't been able to turn that into account because its energy committee. Think would require much budget me fairly intimate. Show on the you know to blows to Bulger might pessimistic individual people connect Arafat to make it looks. Fairly competent that they content crackled cashed out there is no I've seen the show and it's been critical an unbelievable. Public. Yet that was I was I was blown away Jeffrey invited me for to a performance just before Halloween a couple of years ago and I was I was really really impressed by that so if anybody gets a chance he doesn't do it very often anymore. But if you see never more showing up in in Europe hometown and that's theater nearby. And it's Jeffrey comes you should definitely take the opportunity seal well worth it. So I'm we've got about a minute before we have to go to break but the whole. I've Rihanna meter thing the whole Frankenstein story being told in many many different ways. Is that is that. Is that a good story to keep retelling. Yeah I think it is because it's you know what he's a title of the original track and obelisk moderate atheists in this. It is the interest I think is to. Strains of monster and their strengths and Dracula and also any kind of monster you could find could be drawn that one either one of those categories almost anymore. I'm maybe some of the human monsters are different kind of beast entirely. Now the whole idea of man trying to play god and and having that that act come back and bite you work hurts. I mean I think that's very potent drama than in and of itself that's what frank and that's really about is you know be careful with sandbox poignant. It's dangerous dangerous terrain Julia I think it's definitely definitely keep export. And this is probably question a shouldn't ask with twenty seconds left here but of the of versions of the Frankenstein story which one stands out to news is really doing it right. Well we enemy is deleted in the conflicts and the pressure. But I'll say that I hammer or identity said Peter Cushing Chris leak the curse of Frankenstein. Nice OK I we're gonna take a break we're talking with Christie Chris Alexander he is the former editor in chief of things Korean magazine we're talking horror films a telephone number. Is he 4468776. Time don't program. Jackson so her to have everybody along with us tonight when you listening on. One of the great local radio stations during the program or you're listening online or you've downloaded the program after the fact and listening to it as a reporter program that's okay we like that to its all good. Absolutely welcome to the show and hopefully everybody's survived the snow we got a man whose premise affected toward GG here is sick and are more for policy now it was four feet when it came down into the studio IE I am assuming based on how hard it was still snowing that we probably have close to five now I mean it is that that I've never seen snow like this and I have an upstate New York all my life it is insane. All in Rhode Island we're supposed to get slammed weather and immediately into the giving somewhere around I have. Fourteen to eighteen inches and but then it ice on top so it just became that's a mass heaviest snow now you can imagine box. And we survived it sorry our lead time sensational. Yeah oh you know they've been riding up and down the streets in Cooperstown on snowmobiles all day which is kind of cool makes who shape mine are little more accessible but. A murder we bring in our guest in tonight he is scout Chris Alexander and bring him in just a little bit to wanna remind everybody that the phone or received 44687. 7669. When we bring Chris and will be talking about horror movies so if there's one you wanna talk about be prepared to call went. And we've got some great shows this week tomorrow night we're talking with Anthony Hamilton author reminded time and power a book which describes that the results who's thirty plus years of research and our thoughts and feelings shape our lives. If these passion is to awaken people that are inborn ability to improve their lives by employing cutting edge yet simple mental tools. Intermission too and yeah. That's going to be good and we've got Brian Clegg coming up Brian is a scientist basically a science teacher. In England and he has written about thirty books on. Science he tries to put it in ways that people or more. The more entertaining and more easy to follow you know easier to understand for people like me who have trouble when things like quantum physics you know. Whatever that is but he talks about things like telepathy and psychic abilities in these. These things that we've talked about on the show for ever. Many tries to put some of and into perspective that the science community will either understand and or be able to prove or disprove so it's pretty interesting stuff. And then try to and it's always a best of beyond reality radio may she tune in and sewing up five days a week I'm if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash B on reality radio like our FaceBook page constantly updating it with a new stations that are signing on a weekly. And also had to be on reality radio dot com and you can listen shall live there or find a station in your area that you wanna listen library from the website you can just click the listen on the listen libel and and it'll also connect toon to a chat room we have a great arm and community everybody's in everybody's welcoming in just a great deal along with. Yes it's all good stuff and we watching the chat room now they're still talking about. Great horror movies again we're going to be talking with Chris Alexander about that stuff when we when we bring him in in the next segment. Aren't so I get a story for me and what's your what's your thoughts are on crop circles. I think it's a fascinating phenomenon we've had guests on the program that swear that they've done research at the legitimate their a lot of people think that there are. But their fake we know that there are some that are fake but there are some that and it's hard to disprove that they might would be legitimate. There's a scientist now that claims crop circles are real and contain hidden messages. Hidden messages from an unassuming he means hidden messages from moon who creatures of flow assuming they're aliens that have created them well actually two different once good with the possibility of some being buying an alien life forms. In some being humans. It's human time travelers. Who are between them there for different reasons as well on doctor Horst drew is a scientist holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from cal tech. And I California student technology and has worked as a molecule biologists. Now he's visited countless crop circles around the globe and throughout is career. He states the main reason he saw a UFO when he was a child if from the air he knew that they were real. From an early age he's one of a handful of scientists around the world who have worked so successfully. And to linkages and doesn't know when there that's a tough one now are scoffing mantra FF had to decode some of the messages in crop circles come. According to him some crop circles provided general descriptions of the future. Other circles shows dramatic images of the future for. Forward to a different human offense arm he said some of the decoded messages read in the Suisse claiming much pain but still time believe. There is good health care. So he's basically come up with a win away code calls them through. Sort of like a binary system and also another another one he claims it says are beware the bears a false gifts and their broken promises. We opposed deception. Conduit closing. So he thinks they're trying to introduce themselves he thinks some are trying to introduce themselves peacefully. Sorely we do or making contact with dolphins on a few familiar with that we use bubbles. When he was wanna talk with dolphins. They put these bubbles circles under the ocean the term being made with generators and the dolphins c'mon man play and we investigate and study them. Mrs. called dolphin communication project. So he he believes that this is a way that they're trying to make contact with us because two of them were pretty much their us and we're. But the dolphins and when it comes to mobile waveform and came down and talk to because we understand and want yeah but would we understand it and that's but that's a thing. Would we understand. What they're saying how they're saying and other if we communicate and. I know warmer question about the state any of those crop circles. Decoded into. The phrase to serve man I just need to know this. Wanted to understand Exeter. Asking that clear by now but it but it's a forty interesting when you when you look at it that way because the good display we say you know come on down a woo wee we'd understand we can communicate but then again came. We can only understand our dogs horror. Other animals to a certain point. What they want Seoul would we be able to make that into connection I think he'd be easy to make that connection and try to read it cold and cut crop circle I don't know I mean if they can if they're putting in and it into code that can be translated English. It seems as though they could speak in English but that's just me I don't know. Our. I think if it affects an idea maybe a little while they're but they're so I mean after creating a code that can be translated into Anglia are just certain that should matter while. I mean something I would think somehow through Bryan Aaron mathematical. The math is the universal language if you think about. The music was but that's on music and it's. Let's take a break when we come back we're gonna bring our guest in Chris Alexander. The former editor of saying Gorey a magazine if you know horror films you know I think Gloria we'll be right back. It's beyond reality review twosome. We do Jason GP telefono. Receipt for 46877669. Tonight we're gonna talk about horror movie who isn't like a good. Scary movie there are many people who don't want life. In my life it's hormones through eight at mission really that's. Why I love a good scary movie we've got one of the experts in the field here. As our guest tonight Chris selling Zander former editor of Feng Gorey a magazine Chris thanks so much for hanging on and and it's great to have you on the show. Yeah has been a blast so far so far we'll see with the rest and I echo this. So what is the recipe. For a good horror movie and in this and that's the million dollar question for anybody making films and I know you're filmmaker but what's the recipe. Well I guess that it used to this so many different. It's recipes to good. That could work years because there's just so many different dishes he could make him and really really is and it's those subjective too because what's gears used not to scare me necessarily in the same way because. Fears and obviously dependent on our life experience and and what what triggers what experts trade. But there are certain universal. Power and again I go back to that very basic truth that is a death itself I mean if if or moving that good or film should. Tapping into our fear what's beyond that the war. You know I really think that successful or film also. You are a visceral level should explain itself to much I don't like too much exposition in my home and I think the ones that and doer. The longest of the ones that leave a little bit of ambiguity there. Where you can fill in the blanks and and those movies also make you want to revisit them. Because all the questions and unanswered and by the time on the movie and it's nine minute running time. I'm I also think judicious use of court a lot gore. If that's the point of the exercise and then I'll equal that two hour was wall to wall almost cartoon like splattered go forward. But if that's all you god. You know this is not really frightening it's going to be shocking that can be a key you need something. A little bit more and then I think ultimately if your goal is to make any coherent feature film. That also functions as a horror movies should start primarily with characters that you work interest that in and whose point of entry you can identify. Otherwise you're not gonna feel the fear that the character feels the person has to be a moment you view light can understand and parts. I think that I think and then if you talk we're different kinds of John resident is obviously different ways to tell stories to styles. There's many different ways to approach the shocker but I think those three things there are what I want. Let's go to the phone lines a spring Gary from Kingston Massachusetts into the show Gary welcome to be on reality radio which had a Michelle. Say good morning thank you for give me on. Chris I I and its special effects for 28 years up no way. It started with young Frankenstein. And Maya adapted much for British were also in the business. What I had to guess good specialists section 20th Century Fox human. I'll go aluminum rotors. You on here and are one of the greatest. Yeah yeah and it was so I was there on the sets a few times and they're filming in court. The scene I guess there's a big piece of collapse. That. Drops and slices off it out of it's pretty one of the previous is that. It's no it's aware it was dealing David. David Warner's head gets sacked off at the end. Yeah it is not the priest gets I think it hailed with the cross over the line you know falling piece of metal. It's stable aggregate. They're worried guy gets his heads are cut off assured wanna move greatest special effect ever. Where may they shut that high speed and you know when the player back to slow motion. And boy I just remember seeing. In him honest in that class come and understands just Romanov. Also ahead of aliens resurrection. In 1997. And god you know 1997. He's not only do we need to tilt the unexpected. Of course but it credit show what a mile per rolled down until then expect when Michael hunter shows. Yeah it was we only did I think maybe yes season out. There's but look what what's your elaborate what's your what's your life in America. King. Jerry can come on now I am DB. I'll help kick you out next. So what what brought you from my California all the way out of it to Massachusetts. My wife. And I are basically. Retired in 2000. After. You know start in 1973. Which might get my Brothers. That term I finally just got burned out only hours all the trapped when that was it was just one of those times to take a break. So that's sort of done. Gary good story and a great yet Gary don't hang up when we're done with the call someone and assuming it's in contact information from our I have to ask you at least. I've got. You know I also I didn't get to work quit searching sentence. The number of years back in the early ninety's. He did it keep each. Now maybe it was a movie it was so he played a bad guy. And it was like why I'm on virtual connect him. Oh yeah and I think I think you're thinking of via the big screen remake of wanted dead or alive to cure our right. No telling me what he played even lady had terrorist. Well you know what it was so long ago he he played a bad it was like a cult. A cult leader. And I thought it was called a summit on. But there's there's since it isn't the only way to played the part of the other night. There's another hole where he played a transvestite. Leader kind of called in school too young to dive which counts and that's the one a gene will never won never let down because every shot of them is in drag just. And it didn't look good in drag strip that. Maybe you know. We ended up at this character Gordon Alfred down. All in good disappear and not ought not to. Gary Gary we're gonna run out of time here I wanna ask you one question before we let you go Erica said hold on to do when we hang up here that I want some information but. You've obviously seen the transition from practical sacks to the concern computer generated effects what are your thoughts on that. Well when Neil was when computers first started we started use them in the business. Are they told us is that look these computers are gonna wipe out all of your mechanical effects. And everybody's gonna do computers Pope. You know they are union not meant quite a few guys in the third on. I don't know what I'm going to be doing. But. You know it didn't. It in hand stood in the way because they still need to bullet it's the bloody it's as you know spires. The ratings note the weekend. It's all still part of the starship troopers. We had a ton of special effects knowledge. Of social basically most computer generated. So. I think that some of the old movies that I saw king com. You know and I worked on one of the record a concert MGM but seen. And computerization of those I think it would enhance to be competitor. Interest and it's great critique your perspective on that like you said Gary. Hold on that was a real treat to to talk to Gary. What do you think Chris Rudy give the show the senate condemning Gary's been in the trenches but Tom what are your thoughts on the on the CGI stuff to computer generated stuff. It all depends on on your employer and I mean you know you talk to some of the greatest. Fax guys you know considine news one of the pioneers of this stuff we eat things and he thinks now what a lot of these guys say that. Working in collusion digital impractical. Are great marriage if you'd done proper. But it and I just took my kids to see Kong's cull Skull Island and it's just as good as you've heard. Yeah I just on solid two days ago my kids as well. Yeah yeah I've I've why wouldn't we get them moving seats they took them all all the way. And what an experience and obviously it's Walt Walt potential and it is if we can imagine being anything else and and like. You know like our friend Gary was just saying I mean. You know the back in the day all those great great Harry house's stop motion stuff you know what the Willis of Bryant con and then Mac class that I the aerial combat with. That's what's amazing and it's tactile but it's phony as a three dollar bill. And it doesn't translate this generation this generation demands that the real so I have no problem with CG is its. If it's done well it becomes too cartoonish and it's like Pete strike her sentiments. Kong Kong is a great movie except for the last two minutes. Last two weeks. Oh with a little left homeless look the spoiler builds yeah all all the while it may have that would have that look cool tacked onto it and electorate yeah ask weird that. It would it would it was a brilliant military. When you see which picket different you're watching them watch it seemed kind of your. Little easier on the do you mentor murals in late dead those two minutes. So I have to say I have. Little kids applicant nine year old an eight year old sexual. And so world Citic and that's great because I've taught them all a case in and rock and roll you know it's great snapdragon that movies in the old movie as a starter comes on. My eight year old yelled out he always always the whole beard. Erupt in laughter the cared. And it was great movie. I would ask this question knowing again we only have about two forty seconds before break time here but I want to open up the discussion about the zombie genre because most people. Are being exposed to that. By what they see on the Walking Dead and down your you know and I'm one of my favorite films of all times actually the original night of the living dead and I. You know that the kind of created what we're seeing is the modern zombie genre what are your thoughts and thirty seconds here. All right well Georgia Merrill it is aghast it is not not a fan of the show soap opera. But you know died living dead as sure as ground zero but it's actually not ground war on pulled one negative zero. And Romero ripped off Richard bounces back into it before vampires you know I Am Legend. Which is you know the blueprint for every that is not entertainment group here we are exposed to today and every conceivable level if you never read that album in my in the film adaptations that quite work like that. Don't quite work. Got to go back to that action before novel accomplished nothing else like it right and that's what night you meddling get really is the second adaptation of that novel than. We'll pick that up and we come back it's beyond me. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short 50 and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond reality radio when Jason Collins and TV Johnson to. And receive 446877669. Or guest tonight is Chris Alexander former editor of the horror film magazine saying Gloria which. If you've been a fan of horror movies for any wintertime you're certainly familiar with that publication. Yes and I saw him we have some great guests also coming up throughout the weeks emaciated tune in tomorrow we've got Anthony Hamilton also remind time empower. And then Thursday were talking to Brian Clegg author of the book a book about extra sensory so. Yeah like a lot of great stuff coming up let's bring perspective no sex at the right to the phone lines. We've got some people that are waiting for awhile this is Paul from Michigan Paul welcome to be on reality radio here on the air we have Chris Alexander. Oh great I get into some good show. Well thank you. But it can't go search for a long time. That are up here but hopefully get some come back on. So yeah we're we're definitely working on some self we just didn't want alone keep on going with sites myself. Now one man who had I just what he wasn't here earlier and you know you're talking about. You know movies that society. And how they're kind of reflects and instantly you really think about it it's. Elaborate what society with or movie you know would get. And certainly needy lectured on our that was just. Watching everything and you know a lot of serial killers were out there. There and that Simon are now. Get started on Romney's earlier how bad. In my opinion I I think is kind of a reflection of society how it is they don't and a crumbling indicating. All around us and is not much we can do about it. Because of yeah all the way things are being harmed. Do you think that there's there will be no searchers. And that's that's a great observation. Paul what do you think Chris. Well I think that this you know is obvious are kind of you know George America overnight living dead director Michael are dead the founder of the official founder cannibal zombie apocalypse sobbing whatever. You know he's the guy that invented that blueprint for the socio political subtext to these movies with the zombies eat a cutesy dawn of the dead in the zombies are stumbling up the escalator in the mall that's. The securing of in a no I can't go to shopping mall anymore not think that there will be using the carpet in my head that poker. That poker Muzak but night of the living dead was just. By happy accident like a certain it was you know an unofficial adaptation a ripple and Maryland shuffle they have Richard opposite. With a little bit of that added extra elements and and they would come to slap together and they couldn't make horror movie that fact that they had a black hero. Who have seen the movie as you know Ian Butler getting shot mistaken for a zombie action. Very intense socio political sting but that was their by accident he only chose the actor because you the best man for the job. But that's fascinating thing as or Merrill was driving that print for the to the premiere in New York. In 1968. Or you know is on his way there he turned on the radio and Martin Luther King had been shot right then America is solidly in New York so. Suddenly just subtext of his little movie and we had this extra gravity so my point being is that. Sometimes the you know these sub text. Weaved their way into the films by accident and the filmmakers are intentionally trying to do that. You're just making a movie had at a certain time and place and things are going on the world in their heads in their lives. That make their way into their art when you're not aware of that so that from that moment on the zombie has been yes emblematic of of arts and culture became and criticizing massive what we do pressure. Thanks for the call poll we appreciate the comments are next to some really great points there. I'm picking upon on the discussion of of the zombie genre and I just wanna mention to me about nine the living dead because as I said before it's one of my favorites. Hummer Merrill and his coal oil writer of that film John Russo have talked about the fact there a couple of other movies are really influenced them one was carnival of souls. On the her every film. And the other one I think was invisible invaders which is one of these can't be fifty scifi movies but it was one of the first that worthy that they were re animated corpses kind of country trying to chase down victims and down. Those two were all shell also kind of important and in the in the development of that film. Yes for sure I mean invisible invaders remember discovering that on. Makes taped it accurately posted chemical or or why didn't the first RB group it would look at Edward Edward con made that it's not very good. But desolate doll like zombies for sure. And then carnival of souls the one mile plain paper into the movie not a movie quite like it evened out kind of rips off that Twilight Zone episode hitchhiker. It's still nothing else like our apostles and another happy accident movie I don't think anything metres by the time it's just the the magic in the shoestring that they had to put that thing together as whatever it got. Weird mood. But the other thing is also were Merrill and and Russo were influenced again but first film adaptation by much that's 96 before last Kurt and surprised. And if you look at that movie with price board apartment house cup and mayors and garlic. Did the vampires aren't dissolved they are the exact moment that movie that are almost identical to moments in its Olympic debt. With the schools DG upon how else. You know I had the luxury of all the honor of meeting George Romero couple different times he came up to me and at a conventional wanna didn't do some saudis and Michelle. I was you know way because Americans finished George Romero he actually brought his book over the zombie city Pittsburgh all autograph staffing are still have a sitting here and which was his original book and just just a great guy it's I don't know any of these movies you all are talking about it tonight none of the living dead and you in my in my first movie that meant my favorite movie of all time was was the original dawn of the dead. Where they you mean constant turmoil they were in the super mall and it was just. It was one of those things that you like that's that's the perfect setup. And from there I had a deathly I I enjoy it wears zombies have come to a point you know of course there's there's a lot of just not not a great shows or movies that have come home but. Now I am a machine and the Walking Dead what's out there now and I think yeah I think there's been a lot of positive. Aspects have come out of a lot of the. Of richards' first or their dad and daughter of the data was in it my all time favorite movie it's unlikely he's. Now I'll bet that's that's a cardboard remake but be regional is that 97 meters. It's a great war movie it's great here just that he agreed saw B movie it's it's an apocalyptic drama to comedy and it's skip got at all and it's amazing. A Romero actually lives you know this Tuesday was Pittsburgh his whole life mostly but was that the control over the past ten years it was a ten minutes from my house. And I go to their drinks Scotch the deal is that it's quite. Tiger just I wanna continue the conversation get some Walking Dead comments here ideas or discussion but I wish I need to take us back to some and we just said. That movie invisible invaders it's pretty it's pretty striking me B Chris you you know connection but it's interesting to me. That that film. Which is basically a story about aliens coming down in in using the corpses of dead humans. As clear as their army near their vehicle to to take over the world. Has a very similar plot two the Ed Wood film plan nine from outer space suit in which the aliens come down and they re enemy corpses as their army is there any connection to that would. Get get a sneak peek at that script and rip it off is got to be something there. By mid that would as we know god bless and at a persistence of vision and then you know. Sydney could give you want but it would've seen worst movie and that would be that's for sure and Tim Burton. Made a movie about it would still take months and whatever he did he get it right yeah and backwards way. But certainly he was. Malcolm many influences that would be surprised if he caught a couple of Beers the tribe and there was another outlet that it invisible invaders but mystic like 57. And planned I'm 69 to they were loved they were kind of orbiting in the same time period there's another one actually that that trade in the same. Kind of five and that's it apple gets somewhat of kidnapping tickled Cape Canaveral verses the monster Cape Canaveral monsters. And out exit package if you know an hour to sixty. And seem kind of five where elect battery enemy corpses in that no one ever talks about Cape Canaveral monsters forget it. But it's it's deftly got the same going to be. So let's talk Walking Dead because. You know if you've been on the horror movie or their horror convention circuit you know that the Walking Dead celebrities draw thousands of people in charge lots of money for autographs and people wait in lines for 910 hours at a time for our Norman read this autograph for whatever I mean clearly it is a pop culture phenomenon. But I think I think probably there are many of us around this these microphones would agree that it might not be core. Yeah it's a great point that was just an exactly they would what you just said I'll tell you what I know that firsthand. I own them co owns Toronto's only horror all or convention hall forum on my show. And it's going under fourth year but you know we thought. Basically it called convention we have a lot of these scream queen to eighties stars they do pretty well Michael Baird analyst at too great urged. We thought let's get a Walking Dead person just to see you feel that this crowd. And players that are all the guests we have last year the Walking Dead gas. Bomb craters like nobody here and if she was in a 1973. Italian. As zombie movies that she would have done. Awful business but Walking Dead has tapped into a completely. It's pop culture it's tough to do a completely different demographic than the horror fans and it's funny because this stuff and Walking Dead. I think we're just it's that we it's an embarrassment of riches coming from Mexico because. If I had seen anything as intense as I as I can see on Sunday night's Milwaukee that care mark would melt. That's the stuff that was rated X you know in Canada dawn of the idea to drive across the border did Detroit defeated because it was banned in Canada. And that's that's child's play compared to India and an average night arc and. You know the funny thing about the Walking Dead is originally offered to sites and sites I turned it down. I don't think you always imagine that. Now I can't I cannot imagine never did they try to Rhone handed what was that they do they did there that want Z nation or what Irish man I saw one episode of horrible blood around. Now the fact of the matter is there were initially offered the Walking Dead they turned it down and as says B and I think it was good that they did because it probably would try to change it up to there there own style. And being on rams would they would end game they would have teamed up with Roger Korman I would like chart templates are. So. Well yes I think so. That was that was the big mistake in their and what else I had no it. Good Chris. Not gonna say it's a great thing that ANC graphs that show because they've they've greatly accentuated human drop after that it's really mean people can attach special about the special effects. But the characters that. What about the found footage craze that kind of erupted revealed. Success of the Blair witch project that really. Kind of shape tore furlong time. Yeah it's still is to some degree and and if I made again it's all subjective perspective on the rise depends on the train. And you know Brittany outside of a first round which or movies back side. I thought was ignited an Italian cannibal holocaust. And you know that's late or experiences. And committed to celluloid. And so by Cutler which came out it was a little bit older and also a little bit of horse not in that movie never quite did inform me Unita which is cited and was on the theater so. There than mine is not a home and I think some of them was lost when you're watching at home supposed to trapped. In the theater. Sort of Purdue reform I'm not really can't that's subject personally I've seen a few that I think kind of work. But you know I think I'll quote by what my favorite European directors Eric Malamud agree pamper opposite dark. If I want reality all echo Y after window. Think that's that's debate till I watch movies to kind of censor a dream state and don't really am. I can hyper reality as we do for. In the couple of minutes we have left here on what I wanna have pick your brain on. You know what makes. A lot of these films that we talk about. Are so are so on and off I'll use the words but and and so we mean there are so bad that they're good they're camped or whatever and horse seems to really breathe these types of films. We they're they're not good films per say but they're we'd love them because of what they are. How does that happen so much in war. I think what it is just it's nervous laughter I think if people are accident you know these movies that people get together they locked down. I think they're just kind of becomes it would mystery science theater board kind of tapped into that you made that kind of a phenomenon progress tracks. And it. You know to me I don't if the characters onscreen are treating whore. Seriously it's I don't think it's funny I think I think in the humor. Comes from their reaction to the absurdity of it I think a lot of people think that it characters are being. Art nudging and winking at the audience you know scream came along I 96 and suddenly it's become this kind of hipster thing that. And what the characters are lashing out there or it and then it must be stupid movie and held a great horror comedy east may merit world loaded it's funny. But it's serious I mean not of one point do you think of that character is terrified. For his life. You know you're laughing because it's just so absolutely absurd return of the living dead is the same ethnic comedic fodder. It's it's a devastating movie but we're locking because it's it's there. Site I think that people lob sometimes with these movies what they should be a state think that they should because they don't want to admit. That maybe their defray. Got a lot to cram into a minute here I wanna know if you had to pick one or two films of people that are out new films that people need to see what would they be. Yeah there's there's one called restore it to its hybrid of horror and western. It's that select theaters I wish it had a huge wide release stripped by. Swedish stricter mark cool open Guy Pearce who plays botanic riff on Robert mentioned that aren't accurate here for these. It's brutal brutal movie brilliant masterpiece idol they're getting at Tennessee it's a police look forward corporate stocks. Select theaters in POD right now the other one is make I think it just broke a hundred million of the blocks opportunity all the movie to break that number made by a black filmmaker get out. And it is a masterpiece in small tight low budget and they did did me in on many many many levels of go seek it out to. Chris where can people find out more about the films you've made what you're doing your magazine everything that's gone on. You just simply goes too my vanity site which is Chris ash Alexander dot CA. I updated when I can't. But he I spent a lot of places lots going on to if you need any point of reference to any effects at do org to contact me if you're just talk or move it around. Go to my leg and hit it there. That's great to have you back on there was we get into kind of Halloween season we'll talk about some more horror films. That's great. To be back I think so much thanks so much Chris Alexander will be right back it's beyond reality. Now it is hard to beat Johnson again. Thanks you too are gas Chris Alexander. His website education didn't catch it is Chris dashed. Alexander Alexander dot CA as in Canada. There and he Tesla a big shot out to him coming on hanging out and just a great guess who talked to. Yes I know I know that Tom and Jane that a lot of those some some ignorant things you you really have an interest and by the time I always find it fascinating to talk about. The genre or the history of what the horror genre particularly as. As how it reflects things going on in the fears of everyday life for people and then it comes out of film as our caller I think in camera I think it was Paul. Said you know lake during the fifties everybody's afraid of the nuclear age you know they're afraid of nuclear bombs or Cold War was in full gear so all the films related to. You know what this what nuclear. Can't contamination would do to have to answer to grasshoppers or whatever you don't. In India that's the kind of follow those fears is kind of interesting. Yeah and standing and that it's not my thing it's just not I don't think it's had tunnel watched that many movies and and the same thing candidate. It's sterile and much of the chair and much much of chance. So yeah we we talk about this are pretty safe before I know I don't know if it was the same channel we used to watch I used to watch a creature feature. A creature double feature via on on I think there's W any W at a New York City heroes are a Boston news channel 64 SPK or whatever. Yeah and and that's kind of hop how I got introduced all those old movies and an I guess a lot of it has to do with the nostalgia of being a kid. And hang in and in my grandfather's house or wherever I was watching those on a Saturday afternoon and Irish parents. For it was I got sick with late in the stomach bug in my birthday which falls December 27 I guess I could stomach bug on Christmas Day. And so I spent like three days just in bad signal as a kid and that's when I found creature double feature and I think it was like eleven years old. In from the parasite that. Every Saturday leave me alone only to get a feel for it unless it's a double feature and then it's like twelve to figure out there so don't talk to you during this time this seminal watching get you know Doug Zola verses and verses my big so only our mall through news. And some has just it was awesome. Yeah and then and then non I have to say that sound you know as you grow older in the film's little more serious you know it's is completely different thing but he also mention mystery science theater and I think. How much you are huge fan of mystery science theater and I think it also re introduce a lot of those films a lot of people's self and that show was on scifi for a long time that was and they killed it. Yeah I which are Campbell and I guess I show was phenomenal like I loved ice tune into matches because Newton's they'd show you the dumbest movies but you laugh it was so funny they were so funny and they're dead there's there in the process I think every group for broad bringing national Beckham might be just on the Internet and not sure what they're doing with the but they are they've raised money for they're doing so she's cute or get a big shout out goes out Chris Alexander for coming on paying an hour with us tonight. But tomorrow night with gut. If I mean Hamilton author remind time empower a book which describes the results this thirty plus years of research on our thoughts and feelings shape our lives. Any specialist awaken people to their inborn ability to improve their allies by employing cutting edge yet simple mental tools you LB talking brine Clegg on Thursday night about extra sensory that's one of his books but he uses science teachers scientist by trade. Written a lot of books about how science can be used to kinda better understand things like telepathy is psychic ability and all that stuff. But everybody out there and thanks for tuning in tonight emaciated check us tomorrow and I didn't want you had all the way to FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. It's Jason NG VOK till tomorrow night. And Eric Rivera has produced by spaghetti dinner and coupons Alexandria jostle for Entercom radio and don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a lie and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what font or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.