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So now the truck administrations come outs and they are not pleased. With the CBO score of the GOP health care plan. What a mess what a total complete mess. By the way. A that was really intriguing. Yeah there's certain things I expect from certain people. I pretty much expect. Many in the house Republicans and house just to walk in lockstep with Paul Ryan. You know even the guys going over clipped the got to follow. I was urged pricey Darrell ice. From California of all places. He's actually come on set and FOX & Friends he's not prepared to vote for this thing. He said I think we can do better. I looked up his conservative review liberty score by the way it's a 55. I've got it's I've got to tell you something when you've got people like this. Who are willing to put their necks out to vote for this. You really have a piece of garbage. I mean honestly that's pretty bad. Other sex life events what are the CBO have credibility with anyone on a good day their numbers are up by 50% as their projection. That 23 million what in Roland obamacare actual number was twelve million. On an average day you're up by a factor of eight or ten that's multiple not percent. That's Howland of Spartanburg. The other texture here like us to do our day in history like a jeopardy show with lines overs as the callers. Boy that would be kind of interesting. And so persist collars. And wells who yet year. This is what the NC a boy means to be. Never cared at all. That's agreed acronym. What else do we have years. Today march 14 is mandate. It's a real day Google it's been around since the oldest profession eyes. Just as to rise guys. And by the way clients whose. Only court the idea of the jeopardy epic fun. Mend is called stake. Import. I better just leave with a stake today there's something else associate with this. If fight give you those letters you'll know what I'm talking about. One month after Valentine's Day. An opportunity for the women to express their love for their that's agree. Are there. Get ours our home. Cards that go along with mandate. Or you know I don't know that I've heard machine. And else in this text you she can read the rest of it get a good laugh as I did. Things I would not read in the air. Vince weekend memo to all nonessential federal employees on Monday morning your personal effects will be pile on the sidewalk outside her. Jeff. They've been settling Paul Ryan has no brain cells under that Eddie Munster we give is to outsmart Donald Trump to you. Get news. Events. On these entitlement says why don't we just leave this to the states well that's the best idea. Put this entirely in the hands of the states if they wanna do programs likeness. All person should be under the same health care. That they broke for us to have the only skin in the game they have is their reelection. Snuck right. It truly free market the natural tendency is for costs across the board the go down while wages go up. I truly free I mean the currency being free as well the currencies constantly being inflated prices will never go down. As technology increases productivity is increased employers. Are willing initially put out which you look at comparative technology of course every time a new technology and TVs comes out. The new technology. Costs way more for awhile and and they drop. Yeah this is CBS and at the free market and alive and alone time and you notice unit as well as I do. Jerel out of job and spent time to cure for the cult members of the church and spin dale have them stand thunderstorm holding lightning rods. Cool. That's brutal. I've managed in the same profession for over thirty years during that period I discharged more people that I can remember. They were bad people. But their specific skill set was not fit for the job government should resign from the health care industry. Their skill set is not a good fit for the job and I can be said for a lot of things I'm sure you'd agree with that. The government does very few things well. Very very few. This did you see the videos snoop. She knew me the dog faced dog made showing him shooting Donald Trump anyone deserves a bullet it snoopy the dog. It's pretty bad you know I I thought about talking about in the in detail this story I don't even think it deserves attention be honest with you. I just think this is just nonsense. The guys that thought. I don't know what else do you just say about this. And let this. Another techsters saying Paul Ryan is a black cared Dennis the Menace. It's a pretty interesting characterization. Dennis the Menace. Isn't that extra special three continue to broadcaster twelve minutes. After the hour 11 o'clock. I didn't wanna jump and anything that's. Is going to require some additional time window. Wanna I didn't wanna touch on I failed to get to yesterday did you hear about OJ Simpson. He may be coming back. To a TV near you. According to you see the incarcerated former athlete may be out as early as October of this year. And reality TV producers. They're scrambling to sign them up for an exclusive. I'm gonna curious would you watch are you anxious to watch this now be honest. I mean racquet in your last name your review call. 803 for 7163 or takes like 71 creature is seven Tellme. Tell. Are you planning to watch. Well the documentary just won an Oscar adamant. About how did it I think it might have a no I believe it was not for war though. Heard the most have been up interest in that you and a lot of people I know watch that documentary. So I think people who want to that would probably wanna watch the reality. Is no question about it. Phillip on the line this morning welcome sir. Good morning events. Well I just wanna make a quick comment on you're previous caller this morning when he. Through into the mix Social Security is you know sustainable. Originally about Franklin Franklin Roosevelt Roosevelt created it was upon these game when you do it. And it was just to be a piggy bank for the Democrats to raid at a future time. Knowing that. A lot of people were not Bolivia to reach that age to draw so he valued you don't get any thing. Well. That will lose this scheme and then they did it in 196500. In Johnson when he started robbing. The people who put Modi is that they haven't gotten there yet they should you know I in his. You know actually witnessed what I got your picture before you even seen yet. That difference between the Obama scares social such Social Security is. The people forced to give it over what out in shorts when he spoke it. Then they squandered it and now they say well it's unsustainable. And will Obama honor they Eli out we told you wouldn't beginning. As men both sides to Democrat and would yeah. You right below my question that a yes it's unsustainable but lose the culprit behind it and make those parties paid for. I'm very into it since 1960. And it left turns sixteen. And I've been working every sort. Now that I'm eligible or yeah market for a few years. They're trying to break it as best they can't I mean we have Social Security offices in China Mexico. Why are. Why are there no American citizens living there. So why we have these offices in those countries. You know Phillips and and I think you'll agree with me. The best thing that could have been done which should have been done the beginning of this were completely honest is these accounts would have been set aside for you period. Not only for you but you get past sign whatever you have saved. On to your. Onto your your family members. I don't. Parents but I don't think they hadn't infinity. Anybody. But yourself. McNulty. In 1933. The Arab peninsula I expect this epic sporting aren't so basically you're you could draw this sixty are. I think they're all potential lying crooks. And they should all be executed that the state. I'll fill up it's pretty extreme we continue the bride that's yours sixteen minutes after eleven. Man I don't wanna cross that guy. 803471. A 63 that's the Eagles advantage toppling number comments it's retirement planning Tex lines 71 threes are seven. So we've got these people out clamoring. With the possibility of OJ getting out in October and do some sort of reality show. Would you watch as my question. Gerald on the line good morning sir. Like a marker pick. They already declining output war with location and it will be you know instead of the truck the other route what we'll know surrendered on base. Oh my goodness. Juror or. Not. All rights you certainly did the so was in his heart here. You know and I I I think speaking toward Gerald coming for a I think there are a lot of people. Who very much feel like OJ Simpson got away with murder. It's let's be honest here. And it's. On that basis. That. He would qualify for the death penalty and he'd been convicted. Great to have a good legal team. Certainly yeah means different for him witnessing. Would you watch. A reality show with OJ Simpson or EB interview. 803471632. Excellent 713 or seven. We got this big bracket challenge going and I wanna 63 W or. The the games start on Thursday. So the clock is taking its lines it was mentioning earlier. That you'd need to finish these racquets before. The game starts. Not fair try to start afterwards it's O war and play now. Yeah after you see the first few winners. You need to start filling that bracket out now and the thing is. You're gonna miss around an opportunity to win some prizes if you wait so you need to go now just taking a few minutes. I think it took me about ten minutes pops. Go to one of 63 W or. And click on the bracket challenge you sign up you make your choices. And then you enjoy the games. Along the way. You have the opportunity to went surprises in addition to just watching your favorite teams and. I just wanted to rent for a second there were no that I did my no my phone. So it's possible to do it that way too. So it must be pretty easy if you do then your focus a lot of these things. They're very difficult dew on the line with your phone so that's a good thing it it was easy if you do that way you do you remember those tents we had to fill in the little hole. All yes I told the students there's two of you pick one or the other. I mean it it's pretty simple. He's you know even lines or can do it against that one of 63 derby or do you. And you as well can play racket challenge. You know and and I think we play and do here. Is reveal more choices on Thursday woody thank. That work for you root for me. So we keep giving him you know get a good laugh. It's one that thinks he's figured out. The city's narrow down who I think you're gonna go back and change this all be wrong I. Hey what are you do that by I think I'm right. Making changes. Its. Especially if the loyalty factors part of this and the families listen on thing. Yeah. It's. We continue here 24 minutes have the Klein. Thinks the Israeli interest in the past few years. Is what's happened to our space program may be more accurately what has not happened I remember years ago. I think it was when John Glenn. Went back into space. I actually went down to watch. That particular. Events I was in the news business at the time and I have a good friend who worked as contract work for NASA. And he said you know. I'm really concerned about what's happening. Because you said we're we're getting out of the space business we're really moving away from our involvement. And we're farming a lot of what we're doing over to the Russians. In fact for some time I don't know this is still the case the delivery. The ability to deliver personnel to the International Space Station. A good part of this now is it's up to the Russians. Why why are we in this place we we're leading in this area for quite some time. And are those especially who want to be in the leading of the edge of technology are concerned about. Why we have seem to abdicate in this particular area. You're like the space shuttle program Princeton's. You know I get the idea that it's you know it's it's. An old program and these vehicles are old. Maintenance costs were up but doesn't make sense to have another plan. To have another set of vehicles for space travel before you get rid of the old one. Interesting story in daily caller. Buzz Aldrin. Paid a visit the White House. To speak with the vice president pence about space policy. Now Aldrin. Is a staunch advocate for human spaceflight in sending astronauts to Mars. By the way we only volunteers. I can the few people I'd love to send a barge. A step in DC. But looks like the trump administration. May be planning to send astronauts into deep space. Mike Pence actually tweeted on Friday fun to host a true American explore Buzz Aldrin the White House as we work to shape the space policy of our administration. Donald Trump asked NASA to return astronauts to the moon in 28 team. Potentially saving taxpayers ten billion dollars by speeding up the already planned missions timetable. During his speech the joint session of congress in late February trump said America's spy American footprints on distant worlds. Are not too big dream. I don't think they are either. Now NASA already plants and an unmanned space launch system. He rocker with an Orion capsule orbit the moon but trump wants to accelerate program and add astronauts to that. A trip advisor told the Washington Post adding astronauts the mission is intend to be clear signal to the Chinese. The US will retain its dominance in space. Trump apparently wants to send US astronauts to the moon then send them on to Mars in space missions. Which were required the giant SOS rocket currently being debated in congress. President specifically vowed to unlock the mysteries of space in his inaugural address. Lending credence to reports she discussed sending humans to Mars depriving meeting with billionaire Elon Musk. He may free up money for space planned by slashing. What in two billion dollars the NASA spends on its earth science mission directorate which covers global warming science I think that's great. George that money don't you divert that money towards space exploration. Additional money for Mars exploration can be diverted from NASA's troubled asteroid redirect mission. Supported heavily by Obama. Fact Obama tried to get rid of it you are what Obama wanted to do with NASA you British years ago. In saying when he gave the directive to the administrator recent what are the most important and she wanted to do. Was to raise the level of Muslim self esteem. In regard to space. Seriously that was the directive to them. You can't make this stuff up. Which is why really for the last eight years or so plots. We've been penetrating water in this particular area. Or trading space. But to get your thoughts about our space program. Are you interested in seeing. More advances in this area is it time 803471. Of 63 that's Ingles advantage starkly number. Kind of sits retirement planning Tex lines 713 your assessment. So I'm curious you liked this idea. Of going into deep space putting some money into this redirecting some money. On something like global warming. In order to wanna. Go into frontiers that we have not explored before. Matt's good morning welcome the broadcast. Played against some historic mistake shuttle program there it would you know. So old largely editors as being necessary could construction of the International Space Station. Any extra it's not a secret but I think the real reason the government is so. Eager to do it was actually all the constellation has so satellites her. GPS for guiding missiles and first spot satellite. And it's no longer necessary for that function anymore. So we're gonna go from here. Wool. You can back up this step and say a word we need peca. And toxic would be swell to go to Mars. But it would it ought to be great cure cancer. Fewer questions as to whether it's a good idea to put money into this area. Think they're higher priority I think we should have a state program because like NASCAR will develop. Audit safety and other technologies based program helps develop. Technology in general but as far as like him Goddard going to Mars or something like that alone. When we. Can spend money on more important. It's understandable. Hey appreciate your call their Matt and then I just put this question out to two. To the rest of you. What do you think is really going I get the technological aspect of this because there are things we've discovered her things we've been able to chew. As a result of space exploration I certainly understand the military. Aspect of this that technology aspect of this. And I just horrendous out there. Do you think there's something more that people are trying to discover how the year that they think they will not find here. It is she I've got a theory about this. And I love to know what you think I think. This is a pseudo spiritual. Issue. I'll say what I mean but this. I think though a lot of people even though they may not be aware of this there are people. I mean there groups that are intrigued by UFO's and spaced and things like that I. That's another story for another day. But I think there's something spiritual deep inside of people. That they. Failing to and refusing. To open their hearts and minds the idea of god. I think they think they're gonna find something in the universe and I put that word universe in quotes. Because I I think at their people have this idea that. It's really kind of reform a pair of the ism. That they think they're gonna find something out there that will answer. Ultimate questions. That many of us. Would find in a relationship with god. Is this crazy or do you think there are some merit to this I I'm just curious 803471. A 63. Our text line 71 preachers have and I'd love to get your response to what I suggested here. On the text line. That's the only thing government as well as collect taxes and interfere in our lives as from Jacob pretty much. On the question of OJ Simpson and a new television show reality show would you watch. He didn't techsters says Vince that would be Orenthal on parole thanks for me NTE. Those people that paid in the Social Security are not victims you'd get what you vote for yes you have to live with the consequences and you know I think there are some validity to this point. Why haven't previous generations put a stop. To the Conning. Process. That's taken place over decades. And I do mean decades. Iron river Walter Williams sometime ago and I dug this up somewhere don't have this. Handy right now. But he read on air a pamphlet from Social Security. Talking about how you'll never pay more than this particular percentage. And how your benefits are locked in blah blah blah blah blah. This was a pamphlet from way back in the 5060 something like that in it was a lie it was a complete fabrication. But people have kept us this up. There's been no incidents. So. I think there's something to that that we pay the consequences for. Allowing politicians to screw us like this show law. And yes. The message here actually says Sherlock. Welcome to the broadcast wants to talk about net side. What's the DO Sherlock. Our trade debt problem while we could certainly invest money in other areas of particular color matching cancer research and whatnot. There's an aspect of the than most people drink government from a historical perspective the nation's sort of pad land power and treat power and then air power have passed the upper hand on the rest the world commanders for the leadership role for the United States. Those next two. Areas or space and cyberspace. You could argue that they've been that way for a little while a trust to bomb abdicate our position. In the world as far as waiting in those areas. Particularly a big mistake it was one of my biggest criticisms of Obama administration. You know it's true. Yeah cut our ability to put a man in the states oh. To rely upon the Russian. Or any other nation that matters stool which. Yep I would certainly agree with you hadn't I think it's something very important about our position to lead the free world for us to provide. Leadership kind of a novel idea appreciate your call their idea and good morning and welcome sir. Thank you for Terry McAuliffe under status from sort of our interest and comment on the bracket if you don't mind commenting on that sure. I was looking up I have to I would try to. Decent analysis to pick my teens are now looking deceit looking at the rosters Steffi how many seniors. We're on the on the team the war helped what they're part of any senior go to any team anymore. So he can't go by that I was just amazed at how few seniors. Are on a basketball team now because so many of them only so I couldn't do that analysis. Breakdown. That Tenet in comments on this mr. Rachel. Always say the best players are in the NBA one and done whether you like it or not it happens a lot of you're good enough you're gonna move on to make money. That's that's exactly right and I just start with. Interest finger I was try to analyze it and and break it down and other comment I have about state. I think you're exactly right and so I think so many people. In the world who want to find any sorry and of any life form or any. Anything like that to them. To discount the power and unique system took direct your debt contact. And all the headlines that are are we got a sister first thing that pops into my mind this is they're just dying to prove. So like I say they're just dying to prove Christians long so how my other comment about. Edits and that's really interstate hate appreciate your call because I think the idea behind this and I'm tournament where there somebody's even made this statement about how. You know they've looked through in fact I think it was and he's there was an EPS from Russia. Did he say something about having traveled around the universe and how. He's not seeing god anywhere and I think you make a great point. This is what many people would like to be able to affirm hey we've been all over and he's not out there at a 80347106. Periods excellent 71 threes are 7-Eleven. 46. Over on the text line. We pick up with this one watching OJ's putting money in the pocket of a murderer. Been Social Security stepping but he. Ponzi scheme. Vince what do you think would happen if a video came out with Ted Nugent holding a gun to Obama's head colluding with start and cities would burn. And we have this text on the other side vents. Can't stand reality TTB have been less I'd seen less rehearsed antiques on WW EE. Besides OJ doesn't have time for his own show. Yes beyond golf courses force epic search of his ex wife's murderer. Other text you just a lot of white man called and you of a black man live on air. We don't know what people were going to say we really don't. And this is not a position of advocacy for anything anybody says his people sometimes say some pretty crazy things. No question about it. Reality show where he killed people or robbed him. Oh boy. Vince OJ didn't do it. Just because it was a black jury okay. On the NASA thing why. Because Barack Obama decided buzzed about reach was more important than space exploration. Is NASA going to stop the Muslim outreach I would think probably so. That you think. More of your calls here at 80347163. Mike good morning welcome. A haircut you don't report a racer. Yeah there. Grew it back tries to set about birchard beer party game. If we get somewhat that would be under the jail have burdened by that if you like yep all of this and go and walk out what you hear about. Our religion going out you know fired by his ex wife and object about your bow out of a fire fighter while Pollack in particular what our chemistry and laughed first started taking shots. They sit the whole purpose of science to begin with what we're men got serious. About how god created thing how to be do you make it work that was the basis assigned to investigate the begin. And the people who say a tank you know you would you go on the money someplace else the cellphone I'm holding in my opinion is that direct. Benefit. On the space program remember translational technology. That occurred back they're gonna in the Basque early massacred. And then if so what could there have been players yet to commit but I think impetus to develop technology. And techniques that can be used in other parts of society they're human not hear directly out of what is that there. Yep that's really good I'd like which you said there about discovering. What god has created and is kind of interest in his. I think there'll be people on the other side of that who have a very much a determination. To somehow confirm that god isn't there. Times certainly have changed in how old this entire issue is approached and it certainly change some time ago. Day old good morning and walk answer. Page I had a quick comment there's like I'm waiting for them send the police you know are sending now these. Pro associate everybody's out there and no word on there as you there. They made there I'm blamed for one comeback with a word I am. Ha yeah. That would vehicle would that be great a great job message communicated boy that would that would have reverberated throughout the universe that you think. 800. Donna and I do you get your drift. And I know there are many things that could be done with that people would say hey they've studied us they know. Maybe that means and it's not we yell I hate yet that would be interesting though they appreciate your call those who did not know. This story had pulled this from back in 2010 with a story came out because it is crazy. This is a story. About it's Barack Obama and his purpose for the NASA administrator. At the time Charles Bolden the directive given to him. Again what this the goal is for NASA to not just be a space exploration agency. But an earth improvement agency. When I became the NASA administrator. Mr. Obama charged me with three things. What do you what I mean open re inspire children wanna get into space in math. You want me to expand our international relationships and third and perhaps foremost what you term when should keep this in nine foremost. He wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good. About their historic contribution to science math and engineering. So you have essentially an organization. That's been kind of in the wilderness for quite some time. I think they need some good direction now don't you. And where better to get it then astronauts themselves. Get to talk with you we're back tomorrow take care.