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Tuesday morning welcome to the broadcast good to be back with you here 163 WORD. Let some interesting things to delve into during the course the broadcast. And this is not a place for the fate departs. Nor is it a place for anyone who's drinking anyone score late. Doesn't matter room. Coming up. I'm gonna talk about something that I'm very excited about the top of the broadcast. And yet it's. Ultimately Iran we're going to revisit this issue of obamacare we now have score it's out understating. From the Congressional Budget Office which further confirms. This is not a brilliant idea at all. But I wanna go a little bit further. Because in the last 24 hours we've also gotten a story that's been released. That IV is intended to smear all right. Now I'm going to be very clear about something I am no fan of Paul Ryan let me be very clear about that. But I also told you plenty of times. I do not believe in false binary choices. Sometimes both sides. Are not reliable or trustworthy. He doesn't mean I'm gonna pick somebody sides say well this person's not as bad as that person I'm gonna say you know what. I can do without either one. So we're gonna address this coming up in just a few minutes. What I think is a political hit on Paul Ryan. And as much as I. Really have a great deal of disgust for what he is doing for the way he has operated. This clearly is a very duplicitous move. Which I war explain a little bit further. As we going to broadcast today we start with something good. Washington Post reporting on the truck budget. You know it's kind of interest in even here the idea of the president has any budget that is any possibility of passing. How many years has been since we've had an actual budget that's been passed. We've been following a pattern of continuing rev resolutions. For years. Because these budgets from Barack Obama pretty much been dead on arrival. Here's for the Washington Post is reporting. President trumps budget proposal this week would shake the federal government to its core if enacted. Calling back numerous programs. In expediting a historic contraction of the federal workforce. Really. Sir as I saw this I thought this is what I'm talking about. Member I told you. People asked the question hey what would you call a success. For the chopper administration. And I believe I said very sis says simply that I want to see more freedom. Smaller government. Those are the only measures that really count. And if he succeeds at this it we also. How much cutting are we talking about. The post reporting this will be the first time the government is six acute cuts of this magnitude and all at once. Since the draw down following World War II. That's huge. That's a big deal. No budget is set to come out on Thursday as you know our own make more vain. Is in charge of the Office of Management and Budget. And I can't help but to think. He's played a significant role here that we need to reach out to him again. And see if you come on this program and talk about this. Aides say the president sees a new Washington emerging from the budget process one that prioritizes the military and Homeland Security while slashing. Many other areas. And I. Interrupt just for a moment say it is. This is exactly with the government should be doing. The only. The primary responsibility. For the federal government. Is in this area defense and security. That's the primary responsibility. Here's what the slashing takes place. Housing foreign assistance environmental programs public broadcasting and we're search. Where is the constitutional basis for spending in these areas. It's not fair. If this account is to be believed this is good stuff simply put. Government would be smaller less involved in regulating life in America with private companies and states playing a much bigger role. No one thing I would wish. To have added to that particular sentence. Individuals. Playing a much bigger role. Because that's what's gonna be necessary here. The cuts from plants impose this week are also expected to lead to layoffs among federal workers. Yes can you imagine the panic. Changes that would be thought sharply in the Washington area. According to an economic analysis. By Mark Zandi chief economist for Moody's. Analytics. The reductions outlines apart by Trump's advisors would reduce employment region by one point 8%. Personal income by 3.5 percent and lower home prices by one point 9%. Wouldn't that be said you know I'd done something this morning. I believe in income redistribution. Before you get excited. Let me explain what I mean by this. I believe that the kind of redistribution. That comes from the government divesting itself. From a part of our economy. And letting the free market reset. How things are distributed. If the free markets. Where the basis of our economy there's no reason on God's green earth. That we would have most of the wealthiest counties in the area around the District of Columbia. You understand that don't you. Because that's exactly what's happening. That's where. The money is going and why is it because all they do is they hang out. They hang out they know the place to hang out. Is right around the trough. In the nation's capital. So it works. So the question is. Do we see these cuts actually come to fruition. 'cause I'm just gonna make a prediction. It's not just going to be the Democrats squealing about this the Republicans will too. I think there will be a lot of backpedaling. And a lot of screaming yelling complaining whining. Oh we can't do this. Yes we can't remember that phrase. All of these things. All of these things. That the left which typically complain about. It's no longer the left. It's no longer just the left. That stands up to defend him. We have to progressive parties I think you noticed by now. Let's see where this thing goes I will be very curious. CBO numbers outs. New information. On the proposal. By Ryan Paul Ryan. To get rid of obamacare we're gonna talk about that and the implications also. This new revelation. The leaking of audio from Paul Ryan where did this come from and why now I've got a theory about this. Will address a much more we continued its Coakley radio program. On 163 W orgy. And we started off the broadcast year. Talking about it's something that will be excellent pick comes to fruition. An actual downsizing the federal government is that it pastime do something like this. And one of the Ares I've advocated for quite some time. And Obama cares just the start the federal government getting out of the health care business. There's a definite need to do that. And yet after all of the ridiculous votes. The worthless votes to repeal obamacare. We get this piece of garbage we've been talking about now for quite some time. From Paul Ryan. And adding fuel for the fire we now have congressional scoring from the Congressional Budget Office. On this piece of legislation before the vote is actually yeah. I would actually take place. And providing some perspective on this. Is our good friend Daniel Horwitz he's got a piece CBO confirms full repeal of obamacare. Is the only way forward surprise surprise good morning Daniel. Hey good morning great new idea. So you're saying. Let me give some background first on the conclusions from Congressional Budget Office. They do indicate there will be some savings. From this particular proposal what's wrong with that. Short that the key thing here eight you can't look at it and it and your budget frame will be dead by 20/20. Not only is it obamacare like it's worse than. After 20/20. It's obamacare life before 20/20. Eight Obama care with less solvency only explain it. Beat port 20/20 eight lead the regulations. In place actually lead and they'd always be even after two point that either obamacare. There requirement to. Two issues in the issuing of actual wearily insolvent regulations. This story tried in competition. Dramatically wrote that wrote per premium and that's why our market looks like Venezuela. That is not repeal done here not be your main complaint ranked duke further distort the market. This video ads and we didn't eat he got to tell a bit all. This plan does is get rid of the individual mandate that you and I don't like mandate unconstitutional. But if you're going to act and government run healthcare rate been up these would be a key. You actually need the individual mandate to at least give it some solvency Berrian insufficient. Because if you don't support the younger people buying into it. But did you require insurance companies to cover everything no matter what in the game apathetic and on the drop my insurance right awake that can't afford. So therefore prices will go up fifteen to 20% more than already projected. Inflationary a final obamacare would jacket and eighteen to 20/20 when those are formed when the police because of part of who bought the market won't be healed it will be dead and get too good to be blamed for. Rather than blaming that on obamacare it's going to be blamed on the mutant nick named repeal of out of obamacare. That a budget cut will never come into play the price it will never come down it is that Medicare or that he reform delivered on the plate. And we will deeply into it only outcome that's gonna happen is teetering massive perpetual insurance bailout or single Payer. You know what's ridiculous about this is we've changed if I understand correctly we'd move the mandate away from the government. Now having this mandates. Where money goes into the coffers of the federal government it goes to the insurance companies is that correct. Did that that definitely is correct in that gliding industry won the read in the right industry people wrote it on and that you know there there promoting their. But again. Did the individual mandate is not a bad idea. It's an unconstitutional. And that liberty he idea. But in terms of that policy is not the worst element of Obama can like it that you needed to prop up the garbage you're gonna keep it. The worst element are the 24 regulations identified at a congressional readers that are. 23 added 24 are not repealed. So pray it will net never go down and in fact they're gonna go up because they get rid of their requirement to buy into it. Don't even let that is solid if agreed that summer. Rhino here keep obamacare. But it. Repeal the funding mechanism. On the obamacare but still it makes it even more insolvent except we'll we're gonna get blamed for now. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I'm kind of curious just in your connections members of congress should talk with what are they saying about this. Behind the scenes. I mean to conservatives recognize this I mean they are really full battle mode and I get a lot of credit. I don't know what to tell you that the mentally deal. 888 different not even ideological. He you can debate over the by the government or abortion or immigration and doesn't droll. Did it actual where Lee insolvent it doesn't work of right and left leaning economists will tell you you can't have government run health care inflating prices. But not an individual mandate. You have either at full repeal or did it going to think that work. Single Payer. And free market. Now single Payer obviously owe it worked all right you'll get everyone covered. But then you'll have likening when people dying on ambulances door and blindsided or pregnant women who Kenny and added their babies now op bill. And yet major supply side problems. But Obama Kieran rhino here are insolvent. Because it leave that in Europe and dom be private sector. Propped up by government regulations subsidies and execute it expire all of rising prices and and what competition. 30% of counties have one ensure elect said the 30% of tour or or lack. What what is that indeed a great city. And and within a year to adult and a collapse that even the few people that benefited from it promote our city well. What the point that that is something when there are no insurers. But talking with Daniel Horwitz from conservative review I want to turn to something quickly about eighty new line of conflict which has arisen overnight. I'd correct me if I'm wrong here was it not. Mr. McCarthy from the leadership team who came out and said the president fully supports this plan is that not correct. He had only done and eat threatening individual member its wit. Primary calendar. Are right. Now I want to play for you something that is developed overnights a map oil from over bright parts. Has somehow acquired some audio from the campaign now why this is coming up now it's beyond me because the campaign is over. But I want you to listen to this and I won't ask the question why is this happening now. Why. Why is this particular. Piece of audio. That has its you know did not come out around election time pre election time. Someone that was a brilliant idea now. Statement. Principled values. Basically two things that they really clear. Asked myself this sticker I am not going to end up now. The future. We invited him. My first picture of GP that this week I think that you have here and I'm not going to be campaigning with him over the next birdied eight. You guys I ever consider to accompany. I do appreciate. That. Actually good for you remember the game itself. Do expect members and I think that is an issue I'm gonna focus on it paint Republicans. I talked about it should be too. Last two hours and it might take away. I promised. That it that it took it. Many view on this patient reflections. On an option. I respect you know. That would encourage you to do what you think is best. What you need to do you personally unique that this was actually you. And you. Especially you eat. To do is required to do the presidency and the congress. Against this Orion in the heat of controversy during the Donald Trump campaign. And for some reason this body has been released to Matt boil. Who by the way is very close to the president and brake parts. What do you make of this coming out now Daniel Horwitz. You know I don't really know why now because I get and it's not really newsworthy everyone knows that he opposed Strom. You know up and down and that he would actually wrong about. The trumping a liability for Al candidate he was the net benefit promote them because he would perk he's dumb as running on our agenda. The real commonality uterine egging on that agenda but a yacht the time when he said he is indeed full repeal secure the border. You know get away from the from the farm policy nonsense that we've been on for like 2030 years doing stupid things then. We've gotten away from all that in the real issue it. You were getting the lowest common denominator. Between trump and establishment and that integrated contact. What I mean it yet EEO Paul Ryan is not backing trump when term does the right thing like on immigration he's completely MIA. But then when it comes with socialized healthcare parent collude with each other. The probe are about. It doesn't seem like and one of the fears about this is the Donald Trump even though he's endorsed this plan. Is preparing to throw Paul Ryan under the bus. Yeah I mean that they're there's no question about it and and let me say this. We did that bullying congressional leaders are we want an and they are with the didn't we elect alpha dog wouldn't get the whole point that he wouldn't hate crap from these people at 8 PM at garbage though it. Locate nil. The last time I checked the pray that it set the agenda hobby field constitutionally mechanically technically the legislation goes to congress. It starts with congress not the president but politically whenever you have the president of the theme party at the majority party in congress. They set the agenda he should demand full repeal it he will get it yet the bully pulpit he always does in the party leader. Why people leading from behind and being that they got it in the garbage from Ryan and then setting him up for the all I know log lots Farai ain't but he needs to be. The leader that's why would elected. I AM I cannot disagree with you at all on this. Daniel Horwitz stories from conservative review what thinks left Cameron broadcast hope you recover quickly from this cell bug you're fighting and can't wait a daycare and we continue Vince Coakley radio for 803 for 7163 or text line 713 juror seven. I'm gonna share more about this issue of why this audio seems to be coming out now. And we wanna get your thoughts as well. On the Vince Coakley radio program tendering one. 38 minutes after 10 o'clock out of Vince Coakley radio program. And its blogs though I've finally did it. I have the everything together for the bracket challenge I'm sure you were totally shocked because you were picking on me yesterday about this. I'm a and doubtful I'm sorry. A really about Phil really bad after after hearing your struggles. And no one knows them but me. And you. Struggle looks at what you're talking about me and or what you possibly mean stroke and it's good to see or hear that pitch pitcher signed up and ready to go it's a shame that your gonna lose to me but you know. Yeah our right. You know I guess at some point we just we should talk about not today but talk about. Our predictions. Who's gonna come out on top. I'll bet. You already think you know who it is and I'm picking to win this. Well there would be an there'll be too obvious. 61. Would be either North Carolina. And the other would be Kentucky. I'm guessing your lean towards Kentucky. So a great weather we're having is and it's. So that's saluting a number right. They are and your mom and dad still live in Kentucky which means your heart's in Kentucky which is why you're probably going Kentucky. Or maybe you should if you didn't. You just never know idea just never and a well we'll talk about this we will definitely talk about that coming up. By the way since you've been gone. We have a little fun having people call it for the day in history. To it actually takes you off the hook in fact we're gonna do that again today. I'm sure you really appreciate that watch bush will play again today did you miss it. I kinda look forward to I die joke around and say that I don't be on the keeps the mind sharp but listen if you want to had a caller do instead of me I'm I'm. Fine with just pushing buttons and do what. Com we'll since your back let's let's have the opportunity feed you have a little fun again how's that this is the fourteenth day of march. 2017 by the way if you have nots. Gotten involved in the bracket challenge in major or picks dude that now go to one of 63 W Ord. And you consent of the bracket challenge and I hate. We'll see area how you fare against my picks. Listen I I just wanna point out that defense deny Cain can get on there and we can. Get signed up. This pretty easy to do this any proof that's that's on say if we can do it anybody so don't be intimidated by 'cause it's pretty simple it is going click on the link. Sign up and you can win fabulous prizes and you know what you don't need to know a thing about basketball to guess. Yep and a nearly everything that's really helpful in this is helpful for me especially a person who is not. A sports fan by any means. It actually show we shoot the records of all of these teams. So if nothing else you can look and say well here's the esteemed record compared this team's record. Win loss record hate. I think this one's going to win so you don't have to completely fly blind here you have a little bit of information to go by. There's heavy load the seedings on there so yes I mean you can't ask people with similar record you see you with the committee thinks there's a better team you know the something called going chalk. Which means is go and pick the higher seed all the way through. You never know that might work. Interesting. So she all the help we provide for you here and an opportunity bureau Winston great prizes so again 163 W Ord. Check out bracket challenge and make your choices before that first game that is on Thursday rights that is when the first team. Actually began there are some. Playing games tonight and tomorrow night but those are not owned on the brackets and not to even worry about those so you do is. Got to get a min before Thursday I believe things start off that new and she got. Right up till noon. So he could even going to make your picks now and go you know what I don't. In the Monta is reminding them back and you have time to change your mind. We make it very easy for very easy for just like today's day in history march 14 201779. Before. Eli Whitney. Speeded up the production of a certain product with his invention and collagen. You are correct. 1950. This particular list started it wasn't American top forty. This way and was by a one of our law enforcement agencies. In fact one of the common places you would see these pictures would be the post office. What list was its most wanted list yep from the FBI. And last but not least 1964. This person convicted of killing Lee Harvey Oswald it was a murder scene on live television. Well man you know I should know this on the Gillick the first thing that pops in my head and ghosts are answering. A man would like to. Yeah it's Jack Ruby. See you news that. You're three for three. That doesn't count yes it does count because I had to go back to a movie. These two to realize and I'm picturing the actors that played Jack Ruby came member's name. They are calling it three for three I don't care what you said. As we continue to broadcast here. The Vince Coakley radio program 803 for seven on a sixty your text line 71307. We talk a little bit more about this obamacare thing and what I think is going on between the White House and Paul Ryan. Just a theory of mine I'm gonna get your thoughts as well. It's 1044. The things people post on her show media. Skype posted beat a man think like a woman don't try to rewire her. Or you'll get electrocuted. Gotta remember that. 49 minutes at the air at 10 o'clock Laird good morning welcome. Good morning Harry you can tell it's. I wanted to talk about write a parabolic or what are you changed politics. You know don't horror which has talked about the current economic. Effect so that their man and he's right about that. But I think he's approaching it in the wrong direction the problem when it is Steve the mandatory. Coverage of the existing pre existing conditions. That's what makes the whole system unsustainable. And it's not insurance pre existing can if you have preexisting condition did you sign up for insurance and then it's you know it's prepaid medical it was what it amounts to. While they were subsidizing of course that has to be taken off the table and then you can then you go back to insurance system that actually is insurance and and is priced. Appropriately and expand affordable now I'm not gonna say that. People who have preexisting conditions aren't going to be harmed by that of course they are written and on and if they're already covered under obamacare or one of the one of the yet. This state programs or whatever. There's a reliance interest there and and something has to be done with those people. But what has to be done to them should be outside of insurance should be something separate you know something more along lines Medicaid or something that run by the federal government subsidized by the federal government that's fine. But it needs to be taken out of the insurance. Rare moment. I read somewhere that's you know that's a brilliant idea Laird you tell me what you think about this how about. Somebody you know it's comes out provide some leadership and says you know what this was a total screw up and I would prefer. I'd like to see the same thing that Social Security Medicaid Medicare all these programs. These were all well intentioned programs but they were dead wrong here's what we're going to cute today. We are putting a sense that on all of these programs. And you cannot join you could not be added to these programs. You have to. What we're gonna do is we're gonna carve out the money to pay for these programs. To cover everybody by the way and we'll battle it right yeah. But but I'm I'm just saying you're just taken the loss you'd taken the loss and saying right I'm Ike. You know we're we're we've already obligated ourselves as heck we've got 120 trillion dollars. In unfunded liabilities. So what you do is say yeah everybody is it now. Your end. We're gonna figure out a way to pay for this beyond that we're not adding any new people. And you're gonna have to figure out it's generational Lee we have to between your families how you're going to take care of all of these needs what do you think about that later. Well I would support something along those line sure that that is a huge data conversation you know. Are you know special there's a lot to talk about it because you've covered so many different programs Social Security is on saint or Medicare is unsustainable. Especially with the prescription drug coverage. Medicaid. It is in the news in the same category so I don't know I would say it's understandable but it certainly had an expensive. Do we start and all those things but. But what I call the that was specifically. Repeal of obamacare and you know trump. Serbs has sent them from the beginning that he wants pre existing conditions continued he wants coverage to age 26 continued. The latter went doesn't bother me so much and don't think those are terribly expensive people who church. But pre existing conditions are this central prods huge it's huge and off the table and approached ended an entirely different fashion pull it out. Of over obamacare and then you can repeal the rest of it. I would take out some of the other mandatory coverages too and let people buy insurance they want but but all in all I mean you're gonna cover. Contraception and things like that. That's not a huge cost you know I object that can get overly excited about that that the but the pre existing conditions as is the major. Problem and it will not be fixed and and and origin right we cannot it is unsustainable. If you put that if you put that burden on the insurance companies they're gonna have to be such it is. And it will collapse and the Republicans we've point four of course as they should be. Just growing into adults and it just earlier blared out hey appreciate your call and you're discussion on this issue by the way. I told you about listen to all right the other day when he had his news conference. And he contradicts himself what we give an example he talked about having. Laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery and he said one of the things. He gave this is example of what happens with the free market is most insurance companies don't cover laser eye surgery while what's happened here. The price has actually been brought down by the market. If you want your service to be purchased by people you gotta make it affordable. So it's come way down. This was ironic that Paul Ryan was saying this how did this happen it happened is because of obamacare no it's because the free markets. So what does Paul Ryan duke east duplicitous on one hand curious talking about a free market benefits. And then he's arguing. For this piece of garbage proposal he's put together. The other thing. I heard him talk about tax credits. Because he said this levels the playing field he's concerned that because some people have good insurance plans and employer. Well it's not fair to everybody who made don't have insurance through their employer what Klein clap trap business. This is what liberals say. So is the government now the arbiter of fairness. And there's pros come along and level the playing field. The whole mindset wrong. And yet I wanted to come back before close this hour. I think. There's double dealing out of the white house on this thing to. The same White House that's endorsed this plan I think. When this thing goes down. They're going to be able to blame Paul Ryan while he never supported us anyway. That's what this is about. Dexter says Vince is the flavor of the cool laid make a difference. No it doesn't really. On the up possibility of downsizing government whatever the case it is sad when anyone loses their job idiots very much so. It's here's a way to reduce the government workforce next time the nonessential federal government employees are told to stay home tell them don't bother coming back you're not essential. A voice that that that was pretty obvious talent. Why had he been there since the promise trumpets clueless she only knows what is handlers tell him. And this Vince. Serb speaker Wright did not think present trump was going to win the Oval Office he must produce a better plan for health. And the government out of the health care business. That is from Tony. Good luck I don't think that's gonna come from cam got to come from you. Our average you coming up including we will talk about OJ Simpson today stay witness.