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Hot Rods and Happy hour 3 12

Mar 13, 2017|

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When I was 63 WORD. And hot rod enthusiasts together for a week leave Chad Geary year old. And hog draw the line and local 11063. BL drive. It was up. I'll run less fuel we're talking about today I want them everybody curve ball why and I cannot know enough I don't I'm gonna and you wouldn't know I'll let him not doing it. We are not don't don't we're talking to Jeff let's put it I'm stoked about this road cities of the run out. I am beyond excited to legit plus this guy is like the end all be all the cool. Yeah this is thumbing his jaded and cool. I did you wears this please and spikes is they're just like you do every bit. Every day all the cool people who answer forgo ball like me and I have now and Hamm who we patio wet cool in this weekend. We could ever who can we sent a photo shoot. I'm so result in the video we all right guys we will Laura. The weather was fifty shades of groups who say it's part of our attention about it. Ours was and is subject you're get a little too excited about save me it's more my tension alone so go yeah that's also numerous posters made up letter Missouri I guess that's a net you really don't eventually finish staging their lovely miss liberty medal. The lovely miss liver in the old days of the guys you definitely definitely this right here belongs and every garage. Game alone should garage in their own. You're Holler Rosen have been our miss liberty bell rat rod Hoosier. Nation is going to Iraq Iran so I lose too much away there. Well clearly don't want to ruin the spry as a man. And Oregon's influence of new more than I want whoever gets that don't react well movie coming out later on our ride this out usually doesn't get. Are our friends are off your problem. All right we talk about our show coming up march 19 Sunday color us and Canadian amateur. That's her Sunday were back. Ruby Tuesdays on what your true. I'll tell you are I'm stern we're starting at 6 o'clock Sunday. And ruby Tuesday morning route and we're on the battle of the foothills Muslim forces care on him apart from him today he's on the guys these guys take her clothes the next level pure was initially these because they can handle competition seemed the moose and you can bring the most members with a system was so keep your us open for. At the next Al Rosen have been our ruby Tuesday's it would fruit but you know what most we're done talking about that right this second ball home from there we're gonna have a tools. Meant. All of them Biden doesn't know more that's is the battle royal kind of thing that the fifty sheds great poster telling about all end here is good so. Carlos foot to the finish is great poster done our ads are Joseph driven into the success your words for you jail the restraining order this. And I'm Sharon and I'll just undo what more than we got Kona wind gust. Carolina manifests the draft since away at college one or not but that's going to be the show like no other president by Carolina coach. That's right and out routes post but Carolina coaches and people polls are great people there's a coma for street are great things will be a great show guys you get Wendell limit miss it at this store approval Pickens speedway are excellent. Let's talk about the elephant in the room not me but they'll camera while I make a move the white denim into that a more diet Clinton we're told him of the mayor race. I would say something else. This has got a lot of hype I mean if you want your living under a rock and nor have cable television or listening to the Internet. You don't know what the batteries is cutting or aloof. And Jim Jim Jim lives in a van down by the river town and have man he's just the sleep from Baghdad that's okay. So do LO usually we're the mirrors his discovery channel's brainchild. Their team and I guess looking garage with the street walls how outlets a team in albums and Magnum by. No I don't buy into deficit competition to build the best no prep cause they're actually racing in California. And it'll run no breath. With the gas smoky challenger that they built vs chiefs. New crew big chief. You know and just this year new chrome yet. Which is an all pro Michael Mullen let's analyze a situation a little bit here you're talking about money vs experience. A minister appointed as the money. Vs experience. As it is money vs experience this is my launch within them. The little touch on this a little more detail that this is a thing you've got to glorified hot rod shop on television right you have incarcerate TV. There are building television callers. And you have. The street ball skills which. I mean this goes back a good looking coaster these are fast cars and they can actually backed that up. And this is the thing I mean there's a big difference between building. A show queen. They're building a performer. I agree wholeheartedly new that this month he has a lot of tricks of personally. They bring you a lot of they're Donald Trump in this thing and they're bringing in a lot of big names that dread and embryo that an end. But you know what I'm saying thanks thank you mr. for Cuba because that's and sudden. But I would you Adams and reloading mezzaluna took a little bit but the thing about. This. Is your competing against mr. Jeff Lutz yes. I don't know today really change right now a memo which they sold in this men is not only you know. A pro mod racer is street legal race cholera or street legal chorus or. This I mean how wrong idea drag weeks he's won it two years. I mean drives a pro look go over a thousand models. And kills records with it and big chief just think in this man's knowledge and put an end to the crow. Well this is committing this building to grow exactly I mean they're all chipped in that this is the brainchild this guy I mean he's put thought into it. Then sell them out I think Russert how they guess like okay how much money. Me PS vita the Bill Self look no rule against my views aren't there build our car for TV power out of box rather fourteen feet. Dragster I mean it's too Jesse cook and I did. His mother me and basically everything they guys like Ken box is not really fabricated their earlier this the only nation the little parts together out of box to make a race car. No other and they're not there's fabrication involved I mean you don't build a racecar like that I mean and in. But it doesn't bring this thing and Jerry also were helped build this car and that's great and we'll do some more detail on these cars in the driver's. But. This thing kills me is able to achieve Jesse caller to race a seventy GG GO visceral real call missile some. Can't score right right. You know and this is far you know how I'm how mad I would guess monkey is done here but I will say this rioting must stand on the race. I think yes but he's got. I think you rules say NA in this welcome and is welcome from there I think the money is going to out power the experience on this one. You know what. It's any man's race but the thought over a gambling man. Aria I will look. Political I think that the little indoors for a vote on the swim and I am on O'Leary can and non Dallas Texas when you don't whatever it is. That's the world's won't. Give me those disease. Also like that song yes talking gas monkey that funky monkey I didn't press that he does get it wrong or all right got it wrong. Although as I am out of all of that being great marketing tool for money to do great church when the sharks come out with him out of the beastie boys of good not a minute Hilary Gordon. We're just moved to what are you know The Beastie Boys like this this okay our fighters were you born and it. I had a great parenting. But it smells like it. Good lord ex defense parents let's listen beastie boys and took a bit but it and it says nominate them. Any now give back to it. You history eraser you know big chief verses and an NH RA racer without his approach stuck he's impressed probably there's a big difference. You know I really hit Justin. Is a street racer he's used to know prep drugs he used to the situation. Crystal growers don't live there racial prayer tracks but you're slower cars and their running on the street. And early. But I mean that's also good experience a manager Eric. Did this book does this compare apples and oranges there. And I agree you that another tiger does like put it's well planned and they're real technical amendments within the day is night and day different. Mostly what's funny is in I want it too far ahead of ourselves here but Alex has been a he's been around around drag. What is supposed to give Israel does is not the Tony eight years old yet eased. He's Paris France for 20 am today let us very experienced when he hears. I mean little Euro was little and you know there's more than a few dozen or tie your shoes last week I know while that's why we're really yeah that's why Arnold and those club right far. Much has been mostly vote grew from here on Virginia because there's nothing sexier than bill grew issues writing Sonya what righty coming from women. Watching Batman film crew wallet though yeah considers big spender to blow that snow on wall and by the old school trapper keeper poll remember that so all we know you don't know I don't know I don't remember if you go abroad were robbed of one here. You know dog and about now armament or Trevor Stewart get my stuff embarrassments that yeah. I. No no more comedies are good but that's all right guys. You're listening Autoruns and happy go 163. WORD. The ramblings I. 63 WORD. Grab your radio when all Don this is where speed and horsepower. Runs and have. And dawn. Three WORD. All right guys look back home runs and then there weren't talking mega wrestled its. Every jump between guess my garage and straight up levels are brought them so glad you woke up or be relevant to sleep all of your little. It's a heat coming off guard there yeah. It's come down here I'm her usual life has not ha ha I don't hurry didn't have duper you know he's serious Clark. The future Christmas vacation reference. And do it that there's got our our undergo a little under the noses back ladies and gentlemen you hear from hot rod and thunder giggles is back under you is how. All right we're all really get us to us so far you rock I thought. I don't really humorous thing is a radio show yeah okay now there's RS or humorous but that is its homeowners aren't let's be serious so we industry ulcers guess we're growing the missionaries. Big chief vs Alex law. Alex what we're tells little about Alex law with take just a school Ole mister Allen slowness or als often was born December 7. 1989. Is approximately like 59 and joins only 130 pounds of one box did you rebuild a team beat I didn't urged what does likes and dislikes what. When his team Vizio FaceBook continues dressed. Hey how social media oh what does Twitter handle any as Troy is always your older and I am. He's versatile driver you know 2006 to anyone's walked first the scorpion with a single. Yeah. Senators this. You're reading is dating profile drug and really freaking me out according in this information from a drug and we got other vehicles are here and Alec got other good old days. I'll do all the major appears right now but yeah she's crying yeah notre okay and yeah. Let me I can't cry me. I'm wiping his tears away. Google we got under vehicles back alone won't know the bush Julia morrow doesn't ladies and gentlemen this is a true treat if you've never seen how. I wouldn't say we gotta get cameras in his job we can only do my god he can't sit still live with the show goes on on camera on tell. W one to a million hits on YouTube from time to reliever. It's going to be huge it's gonna be huge no way out and keep we have not gonna judge. I'll go because that's like I can't they give a talk show with a lot going yeah. More is great. And I'm. Hitting yeah we got a line. We can't do it certainly did that defeat it and this is a true treat ladies and gentlemen on his life as well and it has the right. Oh I didn't. Play tickle on the little under her maybe a good thing for. They don't they didn't they just then this is great. I guess so I'll drive gave us a really brief few brief background. Yeah I made everybody in the room uncomfortable. Adriano Maine Missouri. Ha yeah. I simply need. This isn't like you did a great day for somebody who are all right and my government in jemaah and a but irrigate opens but aren't you are couldn't. Body to our equipment. Up. It is the super Ochoa laughter. This is radio gold merely was don't want. This is everything go right now it was all so this is also. Okay tells more about about this under Hud IAEA is always a candidate up there. Alex and his six lawyers always a race him and let's not forget who. Then is hike in this way any issues is R&D. I have now. It's always always do you feel like cholera is there was no way your degrees or it any now I can look it up real quick if you. Choice thanks to anyone his first pro stock race any day be in top out also the kid does abstinence proponent is a little tree cutter. Could you have opens and U think I need to scrub mr. Justin I. I'll pay those school voucher if you know they offseason they actually works I guess my garage. Oh well it's you'll get him on the TV shipment you know him there with us this really cool. That's cool crickets I just love just I'll just did we sure you get the more they know it does not order guess my uterus doesn't dozens of teachers you know because you races colors were living like animals. I got hotter the I'm talking about a boy either keywords and boy. Just yeah. Yeah. But two months OK okay yeah that it especially appreciate shooter was born in December 4 1980. In Louisville, Kentucky moved to the for about 99 today did you know this goes watching street racing does but we know led to the case and I. Alex was racing at that age yeah he was risen something polling. Golf and go carts until Garcia and stuff coach flip it yet but yeah. He got his first street he's experienced agent none. And then the crow the goalies book is known for. The original crew the one you Rick what do you say I'm sure he considered innocent honey and commands a minds Amman. Exporters and what that caller of the he has that glory days his wife and that glory drove it to high school and then grid transition. Into late Briscoe a little side factors of why it looks like GG a is because they're not heading Con Ed LaMont parts out there available oil and GT it was definitely a lot more popular body style absolutely so you didn't make it cross over and now. Yes and he's integration in high school I'm just hoping he's good around I mean that's the thing about this caller do you crow and to attend a little background stored you know the original color of the crook who I didn't. You know course it was flat panel for awhile little white rat well who originally was marooned. And now his son and a call and they called the growth within now because it originally grew when he runs and morrow. Thank back then was taken to you know all his buddies take cars out and duration see you have the fastest car high school and I guess he just never ever though will addiction. We believe I was this high school thing. It has turned into a lifelong things he's a few people must worlds turned a passion into a paycheck was sort of passion to paycheck but he you know it's hard it's his life reason caller guy I mean just a true cargo another fun fact and you know. Two police fire and people would just ended for living before before sure no loss was ABC HA BC guy and a busy now got a missile got a crazy and actually if you want some earlier episodes of street or else he's wearing a sheer heating and -- shirt but you know I don't think there's anyone who knows more about big chief knows more about the racing industry that are calling us is coming up next with talk time Jeff floods. I'm excited I'm stoked about military or if anybody the world can fill you in all the world straight out walls or just a big you sure it's gonna be just jealous. Serious question now are straight out loss. Vs guest Monty who was shrill polish my way before Obama's gonna shut down new. Won't face them alone must call the boys are that are drones alright that's it. But our world today is getting in there. You you know what out how would you brother I think if you will have a good player but don't take some drivers and what to leave it to the professionals Jeff looks just in the fourth out. Well I I promised the for a five break here and bring more coming up next on the phone is going to be just floods and he's on the phone he's ready prisoner abuse. Have money to train them how proud and happy hour forward 63. I'm the only thing. Lastly get 1063 WORG. Com. I'm Verizon. Feel on what it was 63 WORG. All right guys welcome back Rosen have been our daughter and yes there. I've told you we had a very special calling yes and you know we'd do you do you know we we we do we do we do know we don't know what I'm excited those loans available to abdominal abdominal veteran car builder and a lot of pro luxury Grey's I mean this guy does all. There was little TV show you not heard I have it's those little sore Discovery Channel about a 200 people saying let's go straight I'll also pretty. Our. Does limited vision mr. Joseph blows well Bronson happy hour Jeff. Thanks guys and glad to be their man we're glad to have you com Jeff is excited to have you on the show we get a lot of talk about firstly we're talking about this race going on between. Guess looking your odds and big chief pneumatic air raid their article and all of all of a lot of on the cell. Well say something though I mean this is the thing is crazy about is does matter is the meaning of course discovery can pull something up like no other anyway. And yet you've got the hot rod ground coming in now and now you've got to spend your dollar account value of the street racing guy is he bringing these guys together. And this is good thing you know I'll love you I'll I'll watch just like here nobody else does that mean this is that they were they when you got some well I guess my view that builds cars to look good on TV. You've got courage you've got to do don't they actually have to perform also. Yes. Be yes there. You know I've I've been catching glimpses of free up I don't I don't get to watch at all a whole lot that I noticed that they had thirty days to build their car. When she called me I had eight. Costs hundreds of your belt considering TG GO had eight days what it was. Day's main main monkey. Chief Sean. And you know Chris contest Kentucky crests do we all just cost and my car eight days from there Cassie not one bold and that. We well but more Bart tonight car than you can shake a stick at and it was just insane there was a lot of sleepless nights. This person prison probably bet it does now and a car works good that car right now is faster and crow monitored during the big. We really you guys actually use the motors that was originally in the first score Mann's then went to grow on him back right. Yeah. Yeah are cut so much stuff on a pro mod like this deal work because we were out of time. I like this that I seen that yet monkey had thirty days to build their stuff I don't know what happened on our own that we had eight. And it was a tall order and she said man can you find your heart. I said absolutely I'm Larry you know and I was already there help and farm truck in Asia what they're built so. You know let's go to my boys and you know I'll do anything for treatment on end and not archer Canadian. And you know when they when they call you know I dropped everything go go make it happen because they know you know how much. I'm a Gator done type guy and you know what. It was it was in dire need that we began last month GM's you know if handle have to wait and see what happens you won't be disappointed to say that. That's what I'm screw it let's say something about it too because. A little bone to pick with a fast allowed Kurt. Yet these guys I mean don't get me wrong it's entertainment. You don't say it is physical power is entertainment coming here and it doesn't mean look at auto routes I'll give you that I don't want to is that when push comes to show. I mean there's a lot of car builders out there's a lull called classical go to street rubber rubber Excedrin. But he's certainly don't drag Garcia got a mail like Geoff Willis I mean this is giving you real beautiful cars and you look either too because evidence. If you look at the mad Max. But this is thing when you've got a car builder and only build beautiful girl bottom scores hole in the process that's that's winners that I mean you always get is no show is show India. Exactly I I'm all about I'm. I've I've based my whole. You know racing career and building cars thought you might get they look great going fast easy he's got to make it look right. And that's in and that's what led us a famous with a fifty seven's nobody would contribute shepherds in good background might and you know that's a tall I ever wanted. When I was a kid was in 1957. Chevy and I wanted to slam I wanted to be fast. You know that was my dream and that's what we that's where we started was. Miller 57 a little bit about yourself. You take those things are driveway and destroy you've joined 2014 and sixteen. Yeah I guess I guess I won fourteen look evil plan and I told that car lot of people don't know that are sold the fiberglass car. It resides in not elk city Oklahoma now. That I still have the original car and I am due back and show on season ten. But the 57 Chevy and he made you may see another one musician ever walk. Never know. I'm certain that's the thing about that Colbert goes Ito I mean don't give your own Amal other pro mod style and you know and yeah government pro my background I know how what were you know here's aerodynamics and of course wish you much if he's not exactly an aerodynamic vehicle by any stretch of the imagination. It. Is probably the most gorgeous colors of a man. Yeah just eight days. To me it was always like this that it was only to dream and man to get that thing go and acts like he says did not aerodynamic was correct at all. And to push this thing down through it 220 loan our guardians who. Drive and a pro want everybody thinks home and you're not sit there can't be ample that's like being on off auto pilot compared. To put up 57 now through their life. Exactly jump pushing big bucks 220 miles an hour. Yes yes it's it's it's been staying but I I promise you this this year. You're gonna see a 52 57 Chevy flying around some more. Somewhere out so you'll know that piece of journalism good. App after app at your feet and build a border tonight liberalism last night you know just right after after it. Just he mentioned a lot of them are you still leave mullah twin there. A lot of people also don't know the Euro one of the originals to stand up against the NH RA when it came to street outlaws. I want you know what and I still stand there I told them people I hung that letter in my office and I framed it. And that Josh Peterson called me and he says this is what we're gonna do. And he'd tell me all this about organized suspend licenses and we're not gonna give licenses and could just state some show at the end that is conversation much that are you asking me to choose between UN HRA and tree Alphonse and he should be accessible you can come get that's I don't need it. You know I act I you're not gonna tell me that I can't go racist look like firm lucky you show you know I I I stood against that and I still do. Well let's go check out Hillary wasn't a drag race and so is stay holy nature I think. Yeah exactly exactly. Does home. Jonas this crazy so we believe the only reason that they nature I came after you guys and everybody that was you know part of the show is because this competition that's the way they look dead. You know what they want our finance I mean that's fans. Our fans are the most amazing people today I gave away eight lodged. And ten minutes to people call I got people driving from Canada could come here and get a lot I signed for free I gave them ten minutes I collect call and. That cult and I gave my number earth you know I had my give my number. There's eight people come in from all over United States eight rod got in my shop for free and it is their best. They're the best fans in the world you know and that's what I like to do you know which we come back breaks and I guess there's an attack op silence them at the end of the drug putter all FaceBook compete 400000 hits like. And performing live. Since it's crazy. We know it than it was for chemistry el Al's first came out I actually in treatment for saying this out wasn't a fan because I'm not a big fan dramas and the reason. I don't watch many shoes. But you guys have saved. A drag racing in my opinion. Well I I agree on a percent if it is brought. It is pumped life back in the declaration hold drag grateful community as a whole although. All the jags and some lift and you know the little guy solves scorched. They're all benefit from you know whether and I carry what some believe it or not it's happening and that's. And it's happening right now you know it it's just amazing entitlement reforms. Email me or message mean they you know watching the show made me and my dad go get a car outlook are me and my brother stepped in this car to go do this or in other issues it lit a fire again. And that we're drag racing needs to beat. You know fur us it's always been extremely deal. You know I go to the races. What Mike's son my wife my crew you know and it and it it's just a family deal and more arms looked everybody you know and I helped everybody out and likewise and it's just so. So much fun to do. You know it needed life brought back into that because you know if I wish this didn't stay out. Well also is a nice and nature you know that we you have the same results over and over again I mean. I don't Demirel yeah I think John force is an awesome guy. And alone have to battle and a little want to help you got a little taste of there's nothing in this world much more mourn the pro stock prisoner now. I'm Helen hi Jason why you Anderson fans don't get me wrong but everything until you win you don't. Yup yup it it it. I was in Vegas this past year you know I want I was so much. Guess Schumacher's crew and you know when I called Carlyle this stands emptied out I was like. Almost word. You know the rest of the best part of this. As the bid is now July sales. It is it is you know and and not. When she was saying that he was gonna go run pro model. Everything track nature and I looked at a lot of publicity you know the only thing true love in any jury to have a crowd would be tough pill they Pakistan's. Then from there you go pro stock or whatever and their fans should start bleed now the. The standard they called pro mod thing nobody lost. You know it's just crazy. Welcome to this is the thing another thing with him is not even just the big ranks you got all your Gaza earlier in a jury division stuff your bracket caller just what that -- watching that stuff because if you could please walk away because of their for the big show. Today they are there for the big show but the guy bracket race senator I got a smile on her face there have been a good time you know a little crazy. Absolutely not only setting in electing people ripple on back carriages see you know what it don't matter what relation if you've got a smile on your face at all of the matter. All right Joseph can hold that thought does we'll be right back go home runs and a 301063. WORD. Troll for Jiri years tank is full line hot rods and happy hour would drop there and I'll. Why dwell on 1063 W Lloyds TZ boy. War were three young. On the trees. All one on 163 Potomac it's. We'll let them. It just fills a little bit about the fans you know your opinion on them. The fans are aware that for I've always been a firm believer in that I'll drop any thing to sit down talk to the tree and because they took time out of their day in all there elect come over and talked to me I'm gonna give him time. You know look about them I think penetrate met with that I think they missed. Called same thing exactly is cult too much money into the top fuel when I was stock and they need to get it back to the restoration as well. Well it says something else to racing in general and you can even totally NASCAR all the other ranks and this figure they always talk about the crowds are dropping off and all this stuff you know there's a reason well because are not looking up to their fans. That's exactly right that's exactly right if you go to anywhere like she Sean hired Dave your anybody show results that. That place is just going to shank I mean I got two events this weekend in non North Carolina Piedmont shady side and I heard there already sold out it's just insane. But you know you know that I wish you guys put on a good show and you look up your fans. Absolutely a lava cake you can potentially because just like it during the I've always dreamed of doing what we're doing you know I always believed that we could do it you know like I turn and I think we're done you know it's insane and it's just the pummeling earlier this. You know all you're talking earlier about stop and helping people allows kids now on a road kill episodes and I saw you on there with the little monster tell me about that experience man. You know that those guys David and Mike trying to get a good trying to mind and. I met them drag weak in the nation hey we want a couple of years shopped bid roadkill left so it's a little Internet showed that wasn't very big you know and I'm like yeah that's fine whatever man that thing yeah Clinton that was the biggest upsets ever had bleach they came here we we put five only explosion in the back of the same kind of that was some analysts out and you know it may 25 -- -- course star with the belief blowers and that's just went viral I mean it was just in saying that you know and at the end of the day we drove that car from my shop to the Ohio mom ran and understanding mile and all that and they got on an airplane and left there like well you could have a you know somehow. Let me ask you know that's the million dollar lottery now because everybody wants to fire off you know I'm like you know what I promise it's my son that was so different I got to do together on roadkill on varying amount of money that would bias you know it's just memories that him and I will always have and you'll always have when I'm gone and I. So you guys have actually may I wanna go up by months and now. I'll tell he had to say I never even made they're made of. Cynics who think I'm Jeff you're planning a bad seat right here I was able somebody ought Brothers risen while we call them that he looks odd yes but he lives on cars this demand will deny anyone caprice station wagon making 600 horsepower. Not the wrong with that go to this and yeah. I had a I told him when I get older and have kids they'll never relay for a soccer game this that I. Yeah. There's nothing worse late in the drug store and having your screen built before you hole. I haven't I have a good. Dear friend Monica and this shop and help southern caught up he had a Vista cruiser her reddish color that the big old station wagon so I know where your government of light enough I can't let it heat up on your face Fareed and it don't matter what your gathered earlier should solve migration secure gear heads you know you'll find you'll find anywhere iteration. I was just give us information earlier today of my brother in law's a huge fan mystery outlaws any of the Ministry's information you want me ask you about it have you heard calculates call up big chief for 25000. I have not been you know what she has wiped his hands clean of that deal with Pam in never panned out Rite Aid and I heard their show got canceled I don't know about that for sure but. You know art is there and again already so I I would have to assume that this can't cut a great guy but that deal between cheating and something went sour there I don't know exactly what and I don't have achieved level we're so you know domain because -- -- he he got away from the prior month saying you know we brought pro model season season eight -- -- hey you know you wanna bring years or race somewhat get you know an AT&T chief made it to number longer I didn't get to get up there are stressed she did and now we cold but beyond you know situation they were gonna Coleman I gotta respect his decision and it's not a street car everybody says well you -- -- -- that I call my industry driven promote its luxury car you know I can drive a 12100 mountain goat in 06 goes but it's not a street car that's a salute the Tacoma. You know in the end of the day it's Kermode. How does it feel going down the interstate improve while collar I have to know that. I tell you what man it is the most comfortable chiropractor and I put a seat on our I put my laptop bag on my knees but could you value laid down in the pro mod my man hit the worst part of my job I think if you can't seen nothing behind you or beside us it's looks that you get. A look at what you get are priceless. You know Sears sit there at the gas stations fill up your 1969. Pro mod you know with a trailer behind that people like Ji-Young man and now that we've got to fan base do we do now I clog up all the gas stations wherever I go. The other guy bankers matter you know domain because there is there may not be another gas station per mile to my elite want I want all I've got these people followed me a lot like stop there want to take pictures and sign autographs and work clogging the gas station does everybody get. Mad about it available yeah. A lot of lead guard get out since a little bit craze is the first thing and gloves in my view whatever else you prove my uncle with a full my trailer behind it go another room likes them muzzle and he got mad at him. I didn't do it now more aware of the town I'll take it must be you know. Load up. Not that we you know what Puckett said ma'am we enjoy what we do and I get men I get to do it every day that my son and my wife and you know my daughter is just amazing and get the talk do you guys and you know I do I did I've done a bunch of radio stations as well and a lot. I love care from the Cannes and I love you know the questions that's just it's all part of that I enjoyed them. Most regular friendly sons got pretty sweet little Honda they're gonna. Manny goes we're he's got eighty he's got a Honda Civic we troll Serb you know double frame world. Two small block Chevy we're actually moving the term is not gonna put it on alcohol this year things going to be it's going to be talking to be reckoned with via these. He's got a steep on an ominous trends and then heard it was a it was a neat project to do attendant things already got 780 quarter mile without a trial. So this doesn't look telecommuters cholera there's much good. Yeah it's been a everybody says while Honda Civic got called a privileged growing up you know what he what he had you know I concealment up 57 Chevy driven mind that you know he if he's into the ER he's under that dollar car and we just. I just put my foot on the you know. Slim fast and via via and we just I I said hey you know he had won just like kit and it sat outside shot Biggio their Lama looked Democrat should you know Jeffrey that would make it cool drag car police solve it any cities series and again you get another one myself puts up suggesting all get together man he had on intimidation they're ready in he called me out on May easily be civil room though most do so we did it in many egos uncertain now at least they're all online like hotcakes it's just. It's hilarious yeah absolutely it's. Well. But that's a mythical putting the army and the hole is different you don't think there's more scenes big win you put a small plug Chevrolet and that's just. The right there you know your dad I'll bloods. I hate to put do you think Corning you hundred confident with him and just. Yeah he's like yes it's very very light and that's and it just like it's a little small block and it but Michael Cold War of course spark that got the things that go to. Did you heart valves that's what is the most doors or her pride and honor our. Yeah it can't happen but that's. They each broke might they. 57 Chevy V original and it's 3800 pound the Euro that's thing it's the moved about seven knows something that 200 mile an hour and. I thought I had tears in as well I was down. Starr and Monica is that it is like watching a video. But major on the net and watch him drive it like that most if he's gone this season and this is it does it does then I thought you know. These timid he's quietly guy and I thought man maybe this isn't cut out for him that when electing him will lick Kerr thought yeah yeah. Yeah that McIlroy exactly he he will bit unlike approach and you know what the crowd just went not only did it and wishes them. I just what I want to thank you for coming on I want thank you for this awesome information you've given us a man has been honored talking dearly as a main. I do you deal. You guys ever need me again you let me know I'll be Lorne would give Utah. Jeff and Jeff thanks laws that are greater guy really enjoy dog we have great guys. A do or don't we know see now we're going beyond shady side this weekend end up our apologies to back out in Vegas the same again this year. Sounds good men table have a new car out there this year. That's when I'm sure I'll be looking for. And that's tied it did god thank we'll see my mother's blood gas. WORD. Yeah and Iraq sharing can actually draw. Think beyond airman who had won 63 WORD done some strolled to. Broads and happy hour find out more about the show lives and on demand and in Iraq's 24/7 on. It's in happy hour super challenge on the top 1063 WORG.