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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view advantage there hill. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone here listens to the maximize living radio show we're changing the way people view administer health I'm your host doctor Joshua their DC. And your case seeking. Guys this week we are going to be talking about the follow up actually from a show we did a couple weeks ago. A cup which has Stacy Knight talked about. Our top five or six different a dangerous prescription medications and things like that and we ought to be back from that we had it in our patients were asking us civil what about this stroke what about this Toppert drug scene is so overloaded this week he's actually go through 45 other ones that lord our top. I'll farmer from top five list but largest is actually just as bad and that patients were asking us about that hurt him people were calling in and emailing us. Friendly moves up from a website wanna know about this certain top class of drugs so. We're going to go through a lot of more diabetes drugs this week we talk all about Mitt Foreman but we don't talk about the other new ones coming out so we've been asked talk about those. So will will briefly talk about those in the emerald talk about diary addicts. Which get rid of the flu on the Horton thinks like that help lower the blood pressure sure we're going talk about the danger is taken those long term is that a lot of people ask us about those. We're going talk about some of the prostate prescriptions out there. Eyes you know worthy goal everybody seems to be getting inflamed prostate and there were about prostate cancer so we're going talk a lot of about what prostate cancer actually is and if it's actually worked going through some treatments they recommend when you get older which one person I don't think they are. And Bo will talk about that. There were going to talk about moral try to strokes is we got a lot of feedback on the couple arthritis drugs we talked about. And emerald talk about the cold and flu medications that everybody seems to take these days of flu is rented Hank everybody's getting sick these dance to stay current ranking in so we had a lot of questions about taking you over count her you know anti inflammatory is the break in the fevers and possessed a computer bad and so we're going to discuss that this week. And they were or finish up our talk about beta blockers was who they deviate help lower your blood pressure and the dangers taken a beta blockers long term there's actually. Several things you can do to lower your blood pressure on any medication at all so we'll talk about that as well. But if you're just tuning in now we are the Max was living radio show. And basically our mission or ministry as we call it is to get sick people healthy and we do that without medications. We do that nationally were wig got designed not to discuss design we need your body healing from the inside out not the outside in. In my doing now we simply look at the thing that controls the whole entire body which is the spine in the nervous system for your heart to be for your lungs to breathe free to digest sued for your painters direct lecture blood sugar if you're diabetic. The brain tells those organs what to do you need your theory any of that through trauma starts or toxins. It creates a condition we call civilization with skews use of them. So you get sick you get to symptom. You go to your medical doctor and what they media. Restriction they hear prescriptive cattlemen what's your take their prescription seems like as an effort to rest your life they tell you up you got XYZ disease high blood pressure cholesterol diabetes whatever the case is tied to. Just do it you know and then you're stuck taking a pill forever and so we don't not want that to be you're. Your legacy. That is a false slide that you have to take appeal for the rest your life to treat disease when 95 diseases are actually preventable. You lifestyle or your way and we're simply won't show you had a lifestyle your way out so if you want a lifestyle Oceana lifestyle your way out of disease and reversed diseases like high blood pressure inflamed prostate high blood sugar. All these things are we talking about this week arthritis. You know rumor Toro prize degenerative disk disease all of this stuff the rural talk about opinion to give us a call right now so we can schedule poll what do you and go through exactly Howard. We do this granny and not a plane and line is 86432629. Easier and nine. I LE EB calling in place to separate planet Kaplan doctor Darrent. I did I ever did at the whole five essentials which is currently teaching will be talking about here on radiation today. At first they its economy 45 dies no matter how long he has just been timing dealer. Are any additional test is still going to be Neff 45 times out of pocket we did participate in the sell insurance companies. But at first they say you were being responsible for the 45 times. Again that a planet linings 864. Three T say XT nine easier and nine if you just on point formation Aileen crazy camera let's try eking guy and the and green all. Dot com. I Yost having I have available only at gala to make a plane insists there is a team that if you wanna calling now again that number is 864. 318169. Easier and I. Solicitor presents the so the first class of drugs or talk about her diabetes sharks for tight to not Solis type warrant right. Type one is an insulin dependent where there there are papers is not making enough insulin type two was complete opposite is a non insulin dependent type two diabetes. A which is actually the most common type. In people a lot of times thinks they see that it's because they're fatter overweight they're type two diabetic friends is alive until people. They all that all the time you know we do you Stacy is an interest and so she's she's a lot of women in office trying to lose weight. And she's had patients that are three or 400 plus pounds come and offices lose weight and they're not type two diabetic. And then classy guys taller and Ling like myself that our chart your diabetic. And so why is that in because it really has nothing to do with just your way in which are eating hazards due to high your pain Chris functions which I talk about asking about all the time. So the met Foreman that we talk about camera does a doing Taylor bring your sugar down temporarily but it still Blair and nothing ever changes. And so we we have some questions from a some callers the last couple weeks ago. There are asked about the other type of of type two diabetes drugs like micro base Uggla patrol and it's holidays were sure the new ones coming out that help control type two diabetes right. In us but the thing is with any of these drugs they should just be used temporarily. Yes you can take this three drug that is mentioned that before asking about and yes they'll lower your blood sugar. But the problem is diet type two diabetes is not because you're deficient in this medication okay. There are several problems underlying going on that cost them that all of you get him mad about pop pathways. Us to start to break down the nets who gives you to have blood sugar okay yes diet affects it but it doesn't control it it's a when you take these drugs long term. Yes to sugar comes down but the side effects actually actually cost hypo by ceemea especially in older people. I would drives me insane as we see people come and in the 60s70s and eighty's and ninety's type two diabetic and their doctors trying to get their. What's your down below a hundred. Which is hypo bless India which causes dementia for crying out loud so how would you wanna keep it consistently under a hundred or 1105110. Which is hype boat blessing me for somebody above the age 65 years old. You should charge you between 40025. That's what that aura around a 125 which is healthy. And Big Ten fifteen years ago it was OK to have blitzer 150. And then it went down of one point five and not doctors want to blow a hundred for cry I allowed it which is insane he's causing more and more problems having your auction watcher too low that it would if it was too hot. Hey at least I just tuck into patient and this this and earlier this week that she's mentioned how she can and plan punt. And and so it actually happened that night in this kind of had to jitters and staff has template cheers to stand alone. And and her doctor Tony she's eighty keypad can have a Coke there and I could stand and I discuss the Beltre look what that drink it every man in. This is a zoology exactly so why would you keep taking a medication is make your butcher go so low that you actually got to eat sugar and bring it back up academics or less exactly you don't need the medication begin with his supported that and actually that the food and don't wanna referenced this a lot of this week him at the physician's desk reference is what's so it is a book that all doctors have on the deaths of exposed to at least. And it even look up any medication in the physician's desk reference it tells you all the problems when they prescribe certain medication summation but this is undergo two books so when you come in and you say. Yeah XYZ disease they can look at the physician's desk Russians. Cross reference it no tell you what prescription drugs to prescribe for that disease or that symptom. Well also says right there that the problems with all these drugs especially the ones we just talked about our marker and a's who patrol and holiday which the new ones are coming out the McKee PO Lott. Headaches. I gestured intentional probably lower leg you pill for that fatigue in liver damage so you're taking these medications long term and it's destroying your liver. Right which is complete opposite which are trying to do begin with and they're giving you more more medications. And so if you're somebody this taking any of these medications you are type two diabetic deploy this is. There's different avenues to bring your blood sugar down yes you can reverse type two diabetes without medications. You never reversed type two diabetes with medications you always just be under control. When you stop take an immense it's still there comes right back. What we wanna do is completely bring it completely downing feature off those medication are we had Steve and in our pointer of the day. He come in known Steve for years actually we are terse together. And that the guy come in because he was freaking out because his bluster was like three or four hard it was just the group that Russians are hostile and everything else and guess what they put him on the limit form as it did all this stuff. And oh to scene assisting you don't need any this may let's just get your body functioning. And that would fit among through this part of about two months now to come in this morning ocean last week in the clinic and he's like dot com butchers a hundred more and don't want taking any medication. An SEC Steve that is what you're supposed to do your body can heal from any thing. Even a three or form of lesser down to a 101. Without zero medications. If you just simply follow these five essentials like he's been doing for the past month or to any snow or type two diabetic and is a couple months. It's a he knocked that thing out under the he's really really quick so if you're like Steve Burke or war experience those results are going to intellect just give us a call right now. Right now like is suspended they are and they're adding names and and and delays and being able to cheat daddy east. Says if you rate Emeka planning an hour clinic that now embrace 864. Three T 62909. If he'd give Colleen and in an Arab and power lines do you get DC our ten CNET that. If they did it basically asleep and I say it's. I'm Rick exactly DC's they can analyze just keep on and colony and be persistent and I can remember I can say 6432629. Yunnan and he just have more questions. Are you writing my research we encourage you get on out let's try and mount green bullet that comp. If you may make employment there clinic and embrace a 64. Three T six to nine is united behind our offices are paid the only difference here in green book. I can't remember as a 64 or three TC XT nine easier and I'm. Are so let's cross the drugs or talk about we go to break her diary enix are these the was a year to fluid. All right it's of the diary X were like this they increased to kidneys normal mechanism of action causing a flood of excess war to beach greeted summation that tell your kidneys to work overtime. And here at all extra fluid which is important because that will relieve people are quick cardiac heart disease and things like and you know long that flew on the hard you want to flew out of the system. So your body does have to work overtime Marie don't stroke gotta have heart disease. It was important thing parents can save your life or not doesn't knock you know drinking else but. They do one thing that they get the flu very quickly and they work well. But long term use of directs actually cause more problems all right because based what happens is when you take that rhetoric. Because is all that flew to get your system. But it. In your body discharge all that extra fluid you lose all the magnesium calcium potassium sodium and chloride in zinc in iodine that's in your bloodstream which are your. Your has around IC yeah yeah you're you're central minerals are so what happens is. You do please yourself. The direct Israel the fluid Machida played yourself all the minerals a heart needs to keep functioning. So that it causes more problems on top of that like coroner are disease strokes. Heart rhythm increases. And then even just stroke or heart attack. It's so taking that Derek long term yes it's true the flu would bring your blood pressure down quickly but taking a long term actually has the opposite effect and exchange that causing strokes. Hypertension again even causes diabetes in an all these other different things irregular heart beat so they tell you got the eight field right in the there's an issue there. LO Smith heart attack from taking the drugs that you took to save you from or to begin with. And so directs were temporarily in yes she should take him to save her life when you struck to by your doctor but bottom line is let's just forgot why have a bunch of fluid on your in your lungs are about to floating your system or what's floater in your heart to begin with. Fixed that apply the five essentials. And then you know grab heart disease known or have high blood pressure and you don't need these directs our gore Q you long term. So we're gonna take a quick commercial break elicits the maximize. We radio show where we changed the way people view in mid July I think we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize Clinton golden holiday 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone your listens to them maximize the radio show we are change in the way people. Do you MA as a help I'm your host doctor Josh what there at DC canyon 'cause hence case he can. Guys this week viewers tuning in now we are continuing. That second part of our. Our series on prescription medications a couple weeks ago we did a series and we to a start of the series we talked about. The top five via a dangerous drugs out there for different the most common diseases are doing in. And you know we we didn't show it on the phone weekly dinner typical of diabetes shows that we disappoint debt we got lots of calls and lots of luck. In a request from our patients that are you know that listens horse show to talk about more about these medications in certain type a drugs so this week we're continuing on my talking about. Other medications we don't mention a lot of on the air and we Tivoli talk about Matt Foreman in the senatorial and all these more calm him. Prescription medications prescribed out there and in your election pros in your you know it instead drugs like you said the Staten in things like debt at lower cholesterol. But we don't talk about the newer drugs coming out and so that's or doing this week is going to do different categories in the first part of the show we talked about the different diabetes drugs. There are coming on how to make embracing the Mickey. They you peel away the blood sugar is what happens right but they're making deficient other minerals in this causes more metabolic syndrome which causes type united union right. Before you know your own insulin. And we talked about diary addicts which you were the fluid very quickly at your system. Which are designed to keep from having heart disease and keep you from having a stroke or heart attack but long term according to the positions just reference that she causes problems because they make you deficient in minerals. And that's why it's important to take a lots of electro like you for taking any type in dire Redick. So I think which we talked about that but if you're are taking a dire ready to get rid of fluid on your ankle your legs are on your home or your loans whatever make sure you're taking play any of our electoral lights. Good election lights went out all the sugar resumed Gatorade is not good lesser lights have power rain in the or power stomach pains yes messed up as a lesser lights in it. But the sad reality is is full of sugar. And it's full artificial dyes and colors and that's what actually causes more problems and goods have. Sarah from Gatorade one that we always recommends a Stacy is ultima right right and so we always sell lots of ultimate our clinic get ethic he's about old somewhat I had and I. I lose I mean shop on you know this place is the ultima is that I guess who called healthy former Gatorade. It has all the alleged fights everything you need but no the sugar is Sweden which Steve via my which is the only sugar we recommend only sweet you're recommend. Me. If you re making a planet actually think that embrace a 64326290. And nine if you just want more information and we encourage you to get on our lips tight ends and Aaron green Boldak cons. I get our let's sank in the act which you see actually have an option to make a planet there. On the Lance I think if you read calling names and embrace a 643262909. You know Simon directs a second ago and in after the break we're guys we're going get into. Different prostate medications so many if you have prostate cancer have a history that are taking a tougher prostate medication make sure you stay tuned for the prostate part after the break. The root you know try to medications again talk about the cold and flu medications and even get into the beta blockers were the most common blood pressure medications prescribed. Well Osama directs earlier. And now we had a patient actually get his wife Barbara was a patient mine she found a drug her husband gene in the office and after few months she's filling Barack star. So strategy in the office he has high blood pressure. Lots of fluids all about his lungs in his heart so they got a mom this directive which we talked about earlier. And not long story short he was thirsty all the time because of the of these these drugs work by a making them up make making you peel like you were of that fluid English but he was defeats in his mirror so he's getting lots of cramps in his legs in his major muscles because of being deficient in minerals like magnesium because it's taken a direct it's a long short short. He stop all his his direct medications. The started getting adjusted our clinic so are living a five cents a slice it in within probably six weeks no longer has high blood pressure no longer has fluid on his ankle is a west flew north Horton lungs no longer as high blood pressure does take any medications in the grips completely went away patient lancry yes simply because we did. We will correct what was causing the disease not sure you more and more medication. And that's what we do MX must live so we're gonna take a quick commercial break our will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living golden holiday 643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living could change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome everyone. You this is a maximize their radio show we are changed the way people. You administer health I'm your host doctor Joshua there at DC canyon 'cause hence taste you can because you're just Jane in this week we are talking about more prescription medications and some of the problems with the easel like we did a couple weeks ago. How lots of requested to do another show about those and so we're doing another show of weeks later about that images with a different type of class drugs was we didn't talk about last time. And so we Oregon do direction and the diabetes drugs. Are so now we're going go through some prostate stuff by a lot of our listeners especially here on talk gray you. Our older men all right so as we get older there's always that costs eighty shoot it's always in the back of our heads right. Back reminds you get the dripping he gets information you'd inflamed prostate at least two prostate cancer and as one of the biggest fears of Olbermann. Which are a lot of our listeners. And so I'll talk this week a look spent some time. Talking about the prostate prostate cancer. I am particularly the drug were talking about this week is going to be pros car which is or cross karma announce it which is the most common prostate medication prescription medication neighbors describe meant to have an inflamed prostate OK it's called pro scar across car everywhere pronounces. So this is the thing what would caustic. Eye. Yes prostate cancer cure actually 40000 men a year in our country which is a big deal 40000 men die a recent year because of prostate cancer I write. And almost every man older than the age of seven years old has actually has some cancer cells and their processing plant which is normal as you know or you'll be slow growing cells in your prostate needs prostate cancer is what it is the cells don't die. And so the slow there'd be slow growing cells. Actually usually don't cause any harm that thing is the prostate gland to. It came when you have eight we have cancer doesn't after the prostate the longest. The digest assist some MS tumor in the brain whatever easing capsule in a tumor. In the tumor protection. And the rest of the body from the cancer to this borrower desist. The Swedes the Swedish people you love or hate him and as a matter they've discovered through their research. They'd look at prostate cancer completely different that we do in India and the United States of America. All we have and we get prostate cancer in the United States rates application begin with we measly throw off red flags. We swim freak out the doctor says we're going to surgery removing aware or burn it we're going to do radiation. Chemo do all this stuff in common CDs and yet it doesn't biopsies. Where they they sticky twelve different times that pulled flood of imports are your prostate match and go through that right men. And so they do all this stuff because of the fear of the big C word cancer. But the reality of cancer a new round of prostate cancer is this. If you believe those cancer cells in your cost say alone and don't do anything. 99% of the time it doesn't do anything right you're 7080 years old they discover some some some cancer cells in your prostate. What do you think score happily start doing cancer alerts are doing cash treatments of radiation keynote cutting removing all this stuff. People do not die from cancer cells being contained in a tumor. You can live 10152030. Years would I can't yourself contained in a tumor. Poor people would die from prostate cancer or other cancers is when they get in a start messing with that it is spread its. Hi is contained a sack if you call that right now and what are going here and act cut around whom biopsies are pulling stuff out this gets into the bloodstream in the cells in the blood streaming gets into your your you hear her live notes. It is spreads all over the body in there one day you wake up in you have. No we have kids certain did you have cancer process but now you haven't yearlong jabbing your lip you have it in your you your digests a system. Your colon or ever because it spread because you were irritating where it was to begin to list. So the Swedes have discovered this. When their diagnose their men with prostate cancer they don't touch it it's. Right is always stay yes they do a yearly checkup but as long as assays quarantines. Into their prostate index play at like 99% at times it will do they don't mess when it. In these men live long normal helping lies in a dime and something other than cancer but they discovered in this research when they go in there and they probe they take biopsies they they've they cut it. They read try to remove it they do chemo or radiation. It's Jesse kills us cancer cells network quarantining your prostate but now is spreads everywhere else in it metastasized. Is and it grows other places in the they are dying from cancer and other places and that's why you're cantor comes back within five years. It's so that their research is this. May make some tell you this right. My money for your area. All right. They are located accorded them. That they say if your PSA is less than ten he should not do anything naughty word I have a biopsy nothing. If he gets over ten that's when your red flag should be in maybe have a biopsy but if it's under ten. He should never were about have a biopsy or ruin anything else because the dangers. Of the chemo and the radiation. In the surgeries actually can cause it to metastasized and spread. And that is what kills cancer people it's the metastasis of cancer prosecuting attorney not the tumor itself so bottom line F bomb on our opinion is this. If your prostate space your PSA is under ten. Don't worry about it if we it's over ten then you should have a look dead but still be mostly cautious on doing chemo and radiation is always assays corn team. Because this quarantines is protected the body's doing that now actually is supposed to be protected that's what a tumor is. It's a group of cancer cells with a sack around it because the bodies protecting it from spreading so it doesn't kill you vote you get in your start moving things around it spreads and metastasized is that or else and that's why people don't go die from the first round of cancer they die when it comes back to the metastasized is the second covered ten years down the road and they used to aggressive to destroy it leave it alone. Nothing will happen keep working or they keep messing with a is called a spread as Holtzman take your life. Pray that you may make a planning an hour cleaning can just learn more about than that by the centers last times were likely teacher because China. He would act clinic and peanuts for sure what the other centers are our first is interns is maximizing your mind. The second is now education learning what true health this week's fact clay exec and just I'm Ali's never and but he has had in that first diagnosis rallies going and in and do more research and learn hang on because there's no and I ate it measured by anymore. Can you yourself is this your body's. So it is into number one is maximizing my intention number two is just a nervous system which is like we do on every first visit. When you make it a planning act claiming consent to number three institution maximizing unique situation. Number foray as anxious as a member of amnesty tax and I asked clue that do I'll file names that this is. They these are essential components to changing I your lifestyle because we reverse disease not treated him right his they kind of lifestyle iron Arab weight into disease and pass and Willie gearing tried to be a return last time only out of it. If you want more information and we encourage you to get on outlets I nannies and now queen Paula cap com. If you like what you see wanna make a Clinton Mac mini vacation option there on our website that if you ain't making a clinic today. And embrace a 64 and three T 169. Easier and I and we understand a lot of our college. Our listeners are Aaron Janine. I'm planning dates and times and thinks I bet you initiate text later of course. They don't procrastinate this let some casually procrastinate we forget and movement has to happen the vehicles are sent and they are ready and you serious about make nickname. Artists want more information learning and and seem like I can hear us saying we encourage she didn't give this a colony seeks more. Three TC 2909. His first plan is going to be 45 times out of pocket we gave participate limits on insurance companies. Let Medicare including many campaign that first things it will be 45 times had a pocket. Our office is located here in green pulled. South Carolina Ryan behind and the knees Japanese steak house again Matt Clement I'm member and eight seats where. 318169. UN time. So we're a long talk about now was your try to sharks if you have arthritis rheumatoid arthritis. Degenerative disk disease any of those authorizes pay close attention to your probably taken some of these over these over the counter drug from these incentives that are being actually prescribed by your doctor. So if you have arthritis. You're most likely prescribe what we call a a neo anti steroid inflammatory drug problem law which is pretty much and instead is what we call it. Possibly over the count or wonder why Motrin Ibuprofen and things like debt. But a lot of the prescribed ones are two things like day and said that decliner all the bike it in the Celebrex to naproxen. All these are they and says that are prescribed Charles Roddick arthritic patients and initially. These drugs will take care of your pain I'm argument that they're gonna help get that information. But the problem is when you take teased about products long term. When did the medications actually ministry to eliminate pain. Rather than deal with the underlying problem the incentives are actually responsible for such side effects is gas or intentional upset you so you're in your guts messed up right I BS. Kidney issues. The cause liver damage in May cause water and soda retention is the cause inflammation and don't worry they needed are ready pill for that right. It's a sort taken and said for Spurrier arthritis and causes of the problems. In the worst side effect of these and says they give you for arthritis desist. It is seldom mentioned in conventional medicine the destruction of the court is lining in the into the bones. So when you take it in said for arthritis the side effect of that medication actually destroys the cartilage at the end of the bone pretty much where the joint is. So what causes more joint problems down the road right and then you need an injection then you have had a hip replacement or you know what though or whatever it is a knee replacements all because his medication actually there was a study done they took a 186. Arthritis patients okay. In the east they started the X rays over all their hips are a 186 people they started extras and her hips. 58 of the patients that were actually taking the end said it's. In a 128 of them were not taking headsets. They found out that the people that are actually take in the end says had a more rapid hit destruction to the people that weren't taken in sets of bomber was this you have arthritis that took a group of people 196 people. A 58 of them they put them all and says a hundred tornado than they did not put him on any handsets. And after researching them they realized that people are taking the end sets for the author writer for the information act she needed hip replacements. This is speeded up toss up because a side effect in the end said like Celebrex and all these other anti inflammatory things. By Kenyans and naproxen is up actually works. Temporary get through the pain to Ramiro if you take you know it helps she feels better but the problem is they. I SS it sounds like it's his bracket temporary fix and snack innings and long Karen causing more problems they exactly. Says he want to get careless college senior sickness and disease might just make changes arthritis and it is what he's talking about least talk a Mac earlier diabetes and heart disease. He won a parent and get to the columns and because Lancaster doctors she's convinced medications. Which pits and then it every pound and then if you made apparently to causing Spain curry cheating if this economy ticks more. Three T 169. CNN man this is our plane that time I began a 64 or three T sixty nines you and I. Price and how would you answer about the cold and flu season. Their bus got cold and loses some years oral taken over the counter medications to decrease our fever. To get the inflammatory problems what would being sickened and you we got a virus with so horrible so we take all these medications to speed up processor up. Don't you guys understand this. When you're sick is because you have a weak immune system and probably everybody can agree with that I could you have this thing called immune system that. Fights off back to bad bacteria viruses when you come in contact for that. But when your immune systems weekend for whatever reason right. Our lack of vitamin. You had a weakened immune system begin with that's where you got sick. And then you go out there and you take antibiotic. You take it over the counter drug or anything else and they work by a weakened immune system suppressing it. That also a major going to be sick longer if you think about it is so they did just researched and written amid talk about this research there was a double blind study. Of the effects of that over the counter pain and fever earlier medications upon virus shedding immune response in common cold symptoms showed. That those using common cold drugs suppress the immune system's response to the virus which increased the length of time of the infection. And they experienced greater respiratory discomfort. So that double blind study showed if you're sick. Just let it take its course I mean don't Miro nobody is immune from any sickness two I have three children my two daughters one got the flu one got a cold. And they were over within two or three days and they took no medications. Because we simply disappeared misses someone high doses of vitamin. In the study show you take all over the counter stuff or or up you know the zee pac tornado back and that in a box all the stuff. And actually your sickle longer so why waste your time and money taking all this stuff when your body smarter than you think it is it's going to get healthy on its own just let it do what is doing. Yeah we're out of the way and you'll get better sooner than that longer vs taking these other medication to eat its centenary even about the feature yeah. I downloaded it then about get a fever is it you know not to cut you off money but it but then the list. You burdened the end of a needle to sterilize it would fire heats up big kills the germs the body works the same way you have a virus houses by naturally get rid of it. He heats up. It kills the virus. The virus can't live in an apartment over a 10203. Degrees is so when he heats up. The body simply kill off the virus we go and take so the note to lower kid's temperature or lower your temperature like Tylenol and therefore it breaks to favor don't get me wrong but what happens. The fear comes right back because it never kill the virus begin with so just let the fever take its course and yes it makes you so miserable but guess what does one do it scored cure that virus are back here on its own did you let the fever the continued. In your body actually gets well horses how to go through a cycle up and down up and on every time we take medication or break your feet or your kid's fever. They got to go to the whole process all over again because you interfered with that let it take its process let the fever ride out is always under a 104 is not what cause any problems right. No feet procedures are under a 104 people happens is that we cut that fever down too quickly and that's the body can never get well and be reduced keeps coming back so no medications for favors left and take her course you'll get well a lot faster than you will for turning urine fever. Bottom on there so the guys when you take another break so. And all the talk and Basilan and give my lungs of Brett break their sickness to maximize their Ritter's show we will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize splitting golden holiday 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone else is the maximize living radio show we are change in the way people view in men's health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC and and you can't hence case he can't. Guys went to a lot to sweeper wanna finish so put when beta blockers sending it to get through those and so. How bad short talk about the study that Bruce. Patsy these medical doctor and he studied 12140 people so one thousands were forty people that actually had high blood pressure or hypertension. 291. Of his patients were actually taking beta blockers. And then the other you have our army people close without an order was he did not put on any medication and liver or not he just wanted to see what happens a bad off for whatever reason in the study. And that their study found this. It says these he said you found that the patients who were taken large amounts of beta blockers. Offer high blood Schenscher plot high blood sugar motion to high blood pressure had a 16%. Higher death rate compared to the pace is not taking anything. I tip my hat yeah. And so the 291 people that word taken the beta blockers. Had a 60% higher chance of death taking the medications for hope from heart disease verses his patience that he did not prescribe it in many cases Robert person for that does not tell ranks and then how we can do exactly so that's a beta blocker for you so pick your taken beta blockers like I told you earlier just drink more fluid drink more water drink more electoral like like Altima just give the body what it needs giver of the interference in the body like she heal itself like this doctor just point out improved in his study tonight. But guys I mean the bottom line is this ultimately your health is not our responsibility pitchers so no matter what. I say or what my lovely wife Stacy says Lori here every week that we can screaming give you all this data and information. And testimonies but if you don't do anything about it that's on you not us our goal is to help as many view as we can. Well we can do this but the information out there is up to you ultimately that you to make that decision draw a line in the sand and say. This is going to be my year I'm getting all these stupid medications. I wanna blow the rest my life. Not of these appeals annual way to do that is to do is a big change. SO try some completely different why maximize living in our five essential sub until next week always please please please remember who you are because everyone else is taken and you're listening to the maximizes your radio show who we are change in the way people view administer health Kobe have a great. Beginning god bless. Thank you for listening to maximize living. We're we're changing the way people view and manage their health. Caldwell an 8643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Join us again next time for another edition of maximize living.