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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view advantage there hill. But the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone you're listened to maximize living radio show we are changing the way people view Jimenez or else I'm your host doctor Joshua dare I DC. I am here because ST yeah. I guess as always we're here on the weekends on upstate talk radio given you guys an alternative. To the main stream. I'd say mainstream media that sounds like a political thing but out of the mainstream medical models will say that has so we we sort of want a counterbalance what we're hearing and seeing on. Pharmaceutical commercials every single night during the nightly news. What our doctors are telling us wolf when this that all these lies are raw buying into. We call it science enough that we wheat in the pharmaceutical drugs or are these miracle peels and the only people who actually benefiting from any of the stuff is always see the pharmaceutical companies. And the doctors and organizations and companies that actually push all the stuff nice and Manny it's a money it always is and always will be its its sales is what it is kind. They're really really good at selling you a disease so you can take their part twitches at the prescription medication. And this is a product you get on in east they own for life. And so their selves thing is that gives you hope to all their stuff so you become a patient or a I source of income for life for you think about it. About what was the last time actually benefited you is the big question is so during this holiday season. Well in the last few weeks we've talked a lot about different holiday stresses and things like that and so living up in the Christmas coming up here next week or so. We're gonna continue that trend in word or talk about heart disease 'cause stress I was seeking cause your heart attacks and some people and heart disease in poor health there why not. In that with the holidays right now a lot of people are understands very very much so it is the sex that they went heart disease. All the people realize or listen to realize this or not is. Heart disease is actually the number one killer in our country heart disease kills more people than anything else. Out there I am and I see him act talk about cancer and didn't ask cancers scarier because it's a long drawn out disease in chemo and radiation and we see that the horrible images on TV every night that of people going through that expertise children. It is so it's cancers only gets all the press but heart disease is actually the number one killer. 800000. People die every single year. In the United States alone from heart disease and just like heart diseases is that common maybe it just kind of panic not hearing too when you break that down here a year we had a because it's 4200. People would die every single day from martek. Or from heart disease so. 800000 here this morning 200 people per day. Die in our country from heart disease and yet we don't talk about that like we do cancer we don't talk about how to prevent it we just talk about how to treat it. And the biggest thing that we're treating heart disease with his what it's. Your blood pressure medications in the stat medications. Which leads us to the topic are really wanna get into this week and it's the Staten medication or the cholesterol lowering drugs. These have been prescribed for years and years and years as a go to thing to prevent heart disease but yet heart disease continues to rise at a rate of 8% per year even though any. Anyone knows out there has been that doctor the number one thing they put surely wants you take if they Staten drugs. And they wanted to lower your cholesterol Tuberville heart disease which is a bold face lie I have research on the approve it exactly what Staten drugs do how they work and what cluster are actually is cluster is not a bad thing you hear it's a bad thing we always all lower it but it's actually a good thing is to body doing exactly what it needs to do to keep July at the time it's checked in its high. We will get more of that later but it's so if you're somebody that is. Has heart disease or experiencing heart disease or you've gone through something are related to a heart attack stroke half high cholesterol have high blood pressure anything like that you're sick and tired of being sick and tired of medications are given you are not working and they still make you fill a rundown from all the side effects. In you wants to try something different. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over giving you the same results. If you still have heart disease policy the medications are working right they're just keeping you at bay and so if you wanna try something different like the five essentials and you'll learn how you can reverse heart disease. I get off your cholesterol medications he had off the blood pressure medications. Never have to worry and fear about having a stroke or heart had and you need to give us a call Max Muslims who we can show you how that process works. Right in our plane land line number is 8643262909. Again the plan outlined in a 643. T six to nine is you and I asked if he had question is there. These wind in my research please I get on our website and down grain bullet dot com he also had action there Ireland's high T make an appointment. They if you made Colin mail which is less suggests Karzai tends to Kelly tell last minute and in the country and the dragon and it never happens. Thinking this can't A seeks for three TCX 2909. Yeah a 643262909. So and so got the problem with heart disease in stress this town near what not it is. Is not solicit diseases cellphone thing I think it's. Although the headache in the worry about in the medication in the type of life that we have to live to that we think we have to live disorder to keep it safe right. And whether he is is more people actually die from heart attacks. That have low cholesterol that high cholesterol and let me say that again a corners of the research that I haven't you can if you're you can always doubt in my research and that's okay does that holding glue of the stuff here we have Google C you can look up anything these days. And I call myself a lot of us up off the but his numbers I gave you 800000 people die per year was torn 200 people per day was actually breaks down to. Sixty seconds. Every sixty seconds somebody dies from our second our current street I get all that from the CDC was like all right so really rely it's it's all up he's got to do your research typing in. Cholesterol desk high or low rates all like this up so. More people actually die in our country from other have a low cholesterol than do cholesterol. And so the question is why is that it's. Is so you have to understand. Is this. Cholesterol number one job on the body. The reason the lord gave you cholesterol. The reason your liver actually it works by making cholesterol. Yours livers job is to make cholesterol that's what it does other than tilt your blood looks at the toxins out what class rolls job in the body is is simple. It's still fight inflammation. From physical stress emotional stress or chemicals stress. Physical stress is this going to be hard work right. Emotional stress is going to be your face when you're you're emotional stress of holiday rice and US money here I dealing with family. Chemical stress is going to be from the foods in the medication we take so when you meet bad food sugary starchy thing usually always a surge to double. When you do any of these these stresses on your body your cholesterol goes up so you can be you can eat healthy. To have a stressful life and you have high cholesterol. You can. Have a non non stressful life but he bad through Europe high cholesterol. Right you can have beaten very physical with your body the way you work out and running shape and all this stuff. And even though you're eating healthy near thing else is great you're gonna have high cholesterol because one of those three factors physical emotional or chemical causes cholesterol go up. Its job against a fight inflammation in the body so if you have any type of information from any type of physical emotional chemical stress cholesterol goes up. It goes up because it's job executed back down. If he did not go up it did not come down your parties would inflame the point where they close up and you have a heart attack or stroke. And what happens is we blame that on cholesterol. We say are you have heart disease or have a heart attack or stroke you need take cholesterol or medications to get tickets that have given their cholesterol down when you do that there's nothing left to fight the inflammation which is classrooms job and guess winds up happening it always. You got a heart attack or stroke there always this is why more people are high cholesterol actually live longer than people would look cholesterol now I say hi low class draws this. If your cholesterol is under 300 he should not panic. I did this means is doing its job right simple hate begets below a 101000000. Points a mark that then you should worry. Because there's nothing left to fight the information from the food you read things like that that is why you're close stroke goes up is because is doing its job. It's so the way these medications work. Is they inhibit your class trough from going up. And so when he can't go up because of the Staten drug your taking there's nothing to fight inflammation thus goes up and you have a heart attack or stroke in that we blamed on the cholesterol. Cranny yes let it thinks she's in my economic sound like Allen heart disease can be wired lifestyle and d.s in his life sounded sane people blame it on genetics right not science fiction fan I test people can say that pain that Perry's high cholesterol medications because it ranks in 1990. They don't even necessary had high or low. Over hundreds warning the doctor freaks out and put your cholesterol lowing drug to get a blow when it which is insane crowd. How away into nothing left to fight inflammation. Yeah and they keep me this trend you know only Lily Allen Sinai medical waivers are applications chino are going to scan medical doctors I mean it's always had to attack craft Enid. That act and we had a relative a faint remembrance day back at the heart attack contains hi pat. And aren't I guess and our doctors take a back and look at that and sustainable brands in pain I am ready it's genetics and and guess is that they get that dealer excellent picks you lack of prescription medication. And that if he just seems to not have that he had that label RR had heart disease or went to that they can't or if he had a love playing his hat. And don't even die from heart attack I just remember he can. Eating Intel last time do you speak in first you have to do is you skip the sitcom Kate and we did class process with the Plavix until recently can help team. Reduce your chances are Lachlan had to have heart disease like darn feature. The Mac not only does he do gossip for you theme he's TP consulting is collapsed Allen gazed. How easy east. Sun you are learning new things that I took it to heart disease. These things are kind of a fun not similar actually teaching acting in the members around since the team since like Alice make got panicked and I make paying more as the day. The last teachings that was passed on. Attacked transparent entrances Martins that if you made you make that commitment. And they tend to get half Hispanic patients get this congress is our plan that line that number is 864. Three AT 6290. And nine again this is simply mind he seeks more. 31816909. Catholics we will relocate here only different brand behind me niece Japanese steak cast camp and green oval. I mean first there's only 45 times since it constipation and actor Danny de participate in the style insurance companies. That says that first listen it will be 45 times had a pocket. I can that plan outlining a 643. T stakes T 90 and nine I can basics where 326290. And. I guess a little later on the show were actually we'll talk about how the Staten drugs work in how they get the results they need to get from those Indian how do you know what they do the body how they actually do lower the plus trouble what the problem is with that coming down so later or another segment we will give you the details on why these cholesterol medications are bad how they actually work. Before we get desolate keep talking about cholesterol. And actually dispute we oppose some questions for either listener to class troll so bad I'll why would it do these things someone go through a list of things here that you don't know about class audio relies a so these are the main function is a class struggle we talked about fighting inflammation assist number one job look at this this. Did you know your hormones. Expressly estrogen and testosterone many women estrogen testosterone. The building blocks of all hormones is what we think it is. Cholesterol. I had. And so when you take your cholesterol lowering medication you are not making estrogen or your not making class or you're not making test saucer and we wonder why guys you're on the Staten drugs in your testosterone goes down and I want you put jolt of fake testosterone or gel pack or are or your do you agree put on your arm a role in testosterone because retired lethargic all the time with your it's your you have what I call low T the child of brain is something cool called load team is that puts your testosterone gentlemen what he's just affect your body's not making tests are thrilled because you're taking a cluster along medication because of building blocks of of testosterone and estrogen is actually cholesterol I. Also of the brain. Uses a cholesterol is simply vitamin. Breast milk gains in women. Is made a 60% Klesse stroll if Klesse troll so bad allowed your body producing 6% of it to put into an infant your child needs that cholesterol are right. Cholesterol is also thanked the Antioch it's the list goes on and on the week we got to take a quick commercial break when we come back stay tuned to. We're going get the details of all these things so you'll Cinemax mas and a radio will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize splitting gold elevate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone Yunus is the Max Muslim radio we are changed the way people. You may mantra help I'm your host doctor Josh would dare DC. I mean 'cause as Stacy glad. Does this week we're talking about cholesterol. And a side effects in the cholesterol medication and heart disease in general and so after the break we're actually with this is a short segment after the break don't go to work as we will actually will be talking about how he Staten drugs work. And how it actually not can show you and walk through the process of how they're actually bad for you based on. When it was pointed out they were a more importantly. Why cholesterol is actually a good thing not a bad thing but we don't have time to get through that there are new segments what I do or talk about during this segment. Is what a lot of people here a day HDL and LDL right it so we all know will we get or doctor they check your cholesterol a silly your ratio as this new reality Els this and we think HDL and LDLs actually cholesterol. It is not. ACL and LDL was actually cares the clutch throw back and forth okay it's changed parties to transport is exactly it's so they want your HDL up and they want your LDL down okay eight steals the law as it moves quickly back and forth from the area to the liver. So and HDL up it means your liver sending lots of good cholesterol to that area is doing its job to LDL's job is to take all the bad inflammation from that part of your for big east exceed that LDL or low so it moos slowed to the blood and that's always taste and bad things when your LDL's up that means you have lots of inflammation in your body and so the LD else taking that bad any doctrine that did not -- are that bad a free radical damage from the sale of -- artery were have you it is getting rid of that. Taught Odeo goes up doctors freak out tell you need jail audio load in your ACL high right and that's actually not the case. You won't see it when they LDL's highest because issues finding lots of inflammation. Right it's a that is why it's a sign that your odious tied it you have lots of inflammation a bike is it means there's more LDL so there's more. Fact fact molecules taking dubbed it the bad cholesterol stuff whatever to have it from a inflammatory spotted your arteries from. Living a poor lifestyle keeping trying to get rid of that it's. I insist are intact protect exactly zinni's watching your immune systems soldiers of the LD are like the soldiers there and they're doing the hard work and so we take a purse break prescription like a Staten medication ain't seen in Buddha stat like that. They work by hitting the LDLs and so what happens is the LDLs don't are low in your bloodstream is so it looks like what I eat your cholesterol ought to be drug LBOs coming down in your great. But we don't realize is that's actually stopping the LDL from doing the job is designed to do which is get rid of the inflammation. From the bad sides because of the poor lifestyle you're listening. It's not that. It's not. Dude they cause your or stress or the lack of a stat drug to cause your cholesterol go up is the fact you have too much sugar in your system and yes we get the sugar from foods and things like this so that the high store chief losing chords in my breads impostors all of that stuff. Actually causes your cholesterol go up because it causes lots of inflammation. And the inflammation has caused that but short of upping yet we blame middle class troll we tell eighty these things as they're lowering cholesterol there's no such thing as cholesterol in food right. I mean it's it's a myth what happens is where is simply fire in the inflammatory process so we go out we we stop beating. They tell the stock beat the eggs because they drying cholesterol. Hello with the good approaching your body needs it takes place not eco colonel causes high in saturated fat is bad cholesterol it's it's. During good that your body actually needs to fight inflammation. So you what he saw beating all these fears that you think are high cholesterol and it doesn't change everything. You still take your Staten medication in the Staten medication works as will get into this a second it after the next break. It works post stat medications work by inhibiting an enzyme that deliver makes. In that enzyme Wynette enzymes splits. It makes two things cholesterol in co Q ten. So when you take a cholesterol or medication. Eat that medication works the Staten medication works by cutting delivers enzyme all that makes cholesterol that is how works but the problem is the byproduct of cholesterol is co Q ten. And if you don't know what coach retain his make she states in Dix is co Q ten is with a body uses to transport all the energy from the food you eat. It put in your muscles your heart is a muscle so think about that the word or take a quick commercial break. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio show your prescription delivering a maximize life. Know everyone you're listens to the Max Muslim radio show where change the way people view him as your health I'm your host doctor Joshua Darren DC ten here ten pence Stacey gaffe. Our guys this week we're talking about heart disease in the biggest factor of how we treat heart disease in our current she noticed you blood pressure medications and Ku cholesterol lowing drugs specifically stands. And so I'm spending a lot of time talking about cholesterol when it actually is what it does how it works how it's made. And how op how to actually lower it safely naturally. Verses have to take the Staten medication which a lot of people talk about now now only we'll have night. As silly silly usually get is just then Peterson he should make yeah that's exactly I think basically he go to your doctor for your check up. And now they put choice that lowering drug if you have a normal cholesterol I still put Joseph stand lower drug to be on the safe side or fair runs in your family that puts Joseph the medication to be on the safe side. And make it's it's just a vicious cycle regard she needed or not they think in any of this just the way they're trying Hamas saying doctor Tibetan and and I society no they're gonna harder people want to run knocking all of Mel doctors there's some bad loans out there but you know they're all not bad but this is what their trainer what they know it's what they learned in. Policy we we know who sponsors the school systems of the though the medical school systems it's. That the army is the longest in the pharmaceutical some nationally thermal learn all this stuff and that's there they're dog lower their train of thought or their schooling and so they get out thinking still way to treat cluster are also good cholesterol along medication. And anyone you challenge on that they say. That's phony it's it's a bunch of junk Germany resurgent action the researchers color replace or then they come back and say well the benefits outweigh the risk is so that's that's the Stater allow the benefits outweigh the risk which is not true because there's a bigger risks and there is a benefit when it comes to Staten medication. So I sort of teased you goggle is the break on how these Staten drugs work so wanna spend some time talking about that. The move forward to that list is quickly review what cholesterol is how it would its job is what it does. And why I'm bringing it down what's artificially is actually about things so again. When you eat poorly or you're stressed physically chemical near emotionally you have inflammation in your arteries I. When new information goes up in the arteries it triggers. That deliver to make it. What we call cholesterol. All right the liver makes the cholesterol is swims from a liver throughout your arteries because of the inflammatory spots in your arteries. Is start to lay down cholesterol or let the light on the cholesterol plaque as we call it in the areas of the inflammation. So it keeps you don't change your diet nothing changes and you keep getting more information see your cholesterol keeps going up and up and up can they keep trying to do the same thing fight fight fight what happens is once that Klestil keeps building up in that part of the artery right right where where there were there that the that inflammation is. If forms plaque and plaque builds up enough because you didn't change anything it seals up you have a stroke or heart attack right and we got what you had a stroke or heart attack as your triglycerides were hikers or cholesterol is high yet too much liking your system because your clock here cholesterol site. So we blamed the heart attack and stroke on cholesterol. Went all cholesterol job was was to try to protect that begin with so so you the information will be there in the artery because it laid on the plaque on top of that sort of blame on the cholesterol we don't change anything we do is take a Staten drug to lower this is the problem. When you take a stat and medications the way they work is this. Those stat medications work by inhibiting an enzyme in the liver so you can research this and see the pathway yourself but a nutshell it's this. Those Staten drugs cut off a certain enzyme from producing class straw on the lever. That's how we lower at about a stat medications. So delivered no longer makes cholesterol good or bad pride they audio version of the HDL. So what happens. Is it does it make cluster all their for the cholesterol number in the in your blood goes down they'll Leo goes down the blood and we think what your class struggle to control what's under once when he filed wanted to wherever we cases your your particular doctor wants it and everything's great. But then there's nothing to fight that information so you know have a heart attack or stroke at a place in this is why more people die from low cholesterol would you high cholesterol and do that that's that's a fact try so. This not affected that medication is this so when he inhibits the enzyme that makes cholesterol. When cholesterol and enzymes splits it makes cholesterol. Cholesterol actually has a bipartisan but saw fit as well it's called co Q ten right so. If you know anything about co Q ten co Q ten is what the body uses to take that energy for the calories from the food you eat. Input into the muscle for energy we eat sued for energy. And so the body does that by using co Q ten it chance Burke transport we call the ATP your NG molecules per calorie figured. And Cokie ten transport ship from the sewage leak into the muscles with a cell so you can function and feel good in work. So if you're taking a Staten drugs your body. It's not making cholesterol therefore it's not making co Q ten. Does it must either trauma that me. What is the strongest muscle entire body teacher what's so hard it's your heart so if you're taking a Staten drugs you're not making co Q ten and a heart actually has to work harder now because it doesn't get any help from the co Q ten and guess what that causes high blood pressure. Or even higher blood pressure and guess what they do your blood pressure's up mr. Jones when you put join another blood pressure medication and you see the vicious cycle there. Lal so if you re making a playmate and an arraf thanks Erie just parted he's taken a Staten Jansen just haven't and decided sexist and drags her. Are you afraid of heart disease or does nothing I even has an opinion America. His past heart disease and give us a column this is our planning time he kicks for three to say XT 90 and I'm thinking and he seeks more. 3262909. Carol this is arcade here only different. Brad and I mean he's Japanese steakhouse here in Crable. I PG while I got my information you luckily began outlet sank in the green bullet cap com. He Skoda and actually had a happy tee to make a playmate. On our web site that if you made it is claiming to commit mail members a 643. TC XT nine Xena and. It's a basic guys what's happening in our country. Is we are fighting heart disease with a medication that actually he's making heart disease worse. This is why heart disease is gone up almost 8% every year in our country I can send my kid had a poor people take cholesterol medications today than did last year in the near reforming class traumatic cases are going through the roof. In meat that was that the solutions a heart disease. Our heart disease ray should do what they should come home they're going up so obviously it's not the solution is actually causing part of the problem and we're just too blind to see that because we're people like cattle we listen to what everybody else is says and and all I gotta take the symbiosis take Democrats had good Mo money. God my doctor is says you know a look at in my Gotti what he says goes and I can't go against his grain because that's a you know in mortal sin because you look at this part this individual like I also save yourself. That rally in blue are healing and I eat Ollie. Hell I think your hands and every Saturday is the best doctor in the plan is not me the best charter a plane is not your medical doctor the best doctor implant is inside you already accident and you just have to express that right even make perfect if you remain perfect we just got to the way god may I curving you've got in the way because you know lifestyle so we have to change that if snorted changed that we apply the five centers that we teach you that step by step so if you're somebody is going to into like Dei wants a change. You're sick of listens your dark you're sick of the medications give us a call right now. Frank and have an airline is a 64 at 31816909. We did Pakistan and that's all insurance companies eight including Medicare. I can remember is 8643262909. So that's now works we've discussed cholesterol what it does now works in one stat medications don't work and how their sheer bad for you. Unless talk about war what what to do what the issue is here. When you take. It's a you have all these things going on. And you're actually doing what now you're taking medication for all these other things. They cause you do they cause the cost sell your damaged what happens is cholesterol medications have been shown according to Harvard research they've been shown to. Inhibits. Your mother cells or your was that what's her top mark talk proper term I'm looking for Stacy. Your hand you're yet your DNA but what's the term I can't think I'm having a brain flimsy right now. Anyways the other view your your. Whatever there are operative with their co op Paula does it because we let our share later on the show but they inhibit these certain cells are like are your mother cells that make other cells of one non and how how things are process and made and so they keep those from from spreading all right and so what happens is you -- you break down a lot faster we scenes research great talks about you have were respondents are here. The C mature and tell you guys right. Small jumbled this afternoon we're all my stuff. Based basically what does it is causing memory loss brain thought fatigue and I learn T all Summers. Energy deficiencies I mean all these problems. Are the side effects of the cholesterol medication or taken in you don't take my word for simply type in whatever prescription medication you're taken. Like whatever standard you're taking type it and don't gore will say that put them in its prescription medication plus the words side effects. And you'll see the 101000 page of the side effects for that risk that certain drugs you're taking you can just click on that drug in the side effects in everywhere I mentioned everyone that your experiencing right now is because of that medication you can look at it for yourself feel simply have to. To Susan and me on the radio. And just funny listeners out there right male health maybe even had to start taking and that's sad medication and then within six months and already Kent county and 3456. Different medications. On this on the saga that is thanks frank yeah. I exactly so what we had to do was fix and so what I'll. Well once you guys understand is the fastest way to lower cholesterol is not your Staten medication now all right the fastest way to lower your cholesterol safely naturally is stop eating bread. All right stop beating the inflammatory sugars in the foods your impostors the body breaks down posse into a sugar causes inflammation. The body breaks down brands include the whole grains into. A car which breaks it down into sugar which causes inflammation. The sweet two eat the sodas you drink in the cascade Gately a fast and all the Kramer's coffee is not bad for you but decree where you put coffee is right and chance you're sure is what it is and so you're putting all these things they're making the class struggle because this simply trying to do his job. Fight the inflammation zero had a heart attack. And then you take a cholesterol medication brings it down much you don't change your food. And therefore your ears still keep racing even further to a hard time. Palestinians is making paper or that deadly combat completely tested this only thing that day exactly he had good will that look up there were death rates of people with high cholesterol works is low cholesterol you'll see up there are more people die from low cholesterol in the new high cholesterol. Because the body can't fight inflammation and cause the heart tegra strokes of the fastest way to lower your cholesterol guys if you wanna low to make your doctor happy. Is stop eating the inflammatory foods it's that simple. You know for the past 78 years on the radio Robin censure is the devil. And this you know it's certainly the sugary foods in the starchy car reef there's a breaking sugar cause your class struggle cause you to get fat. Cause your high blood pressure causes your type two diabetes causes inflammation caused the fire mileage I mean it because everything. Stretchy mentioned are there and we ironclad it's just awful message and number foray is our number three is he attrition. Under the forest even exercise him her father's detox and of course amber Winans is maximizing your mind. They talk about essential number till we do there clinic to help curb arsonists change thing that we deal with and people have high cholesterol. Yeah pace so this is a thing it would sentient armor to maximize nerve supply this is what we actually do on day one with our patience is we look at their nervous system. Why yes the Pozen mindset is important. Which is our first essential to third essential that the maximize nutrition is very important what you read. The exercise component is very foreign that import nest number four and then minimized in the toxicity is number five to sell your clients we put our patience on. It's not a colon cleanse the cellular Clinton's. And so but we always miss number two which is an error system that does not matter. If you're doing all four of the five essentials and miss in this one orchard your eating healthier exercising. Blah blah blah blah. You have killing yourself starve yourself beating Barr his some of the guests over the coming that he's MR I he's available or. And so you know written out why yet eat lots again red meat you know a lot to get the fact that he beat many good seats in our place exactly that so this is a thing. It doesn't matter what you eat or what you take what supplement you take if the system that controls he regulates all that is not working. So in order for your liver to function properly to make that good or bad cholesterol as we call that you know supposedly. Is to communicate with the brain so when you eat something. It recognizes your eating because of the narrow pathways in the saliva and things like that the pay anchors actually makes the enzymes that break the threw down also can be process you get the idea so all these are inert and all these certain organs actually break the dude down to process the food and keep you alive and functioning you don't think the by the just happens. So here's the kicker. If there's any air fares between the brain. In the nervous system that controls that part of your body that your Clinton you're on your pay Chris regulate your blitzer makes enzymes to break your food down or your cholesterol which is regulated buying controlled by the liver and the gallbladder if there's any miscommunication from either of those two or three organs right there they're not what books a 100%. It's and there are not wanna work at at a 100% and therefore you're going it is symptom in type two diabetics we say it's because you your anchors not functioning properly you know making enough insulin. And therefore you can't break on the sugar you take met Foreman zero officially. High cholesterol king it's a cholesterol control even though you're eating healthy you do everything right it's because your liver is not regulate your cholesterol naturally luckily should. And so we look and see how that communication is between the brain and that certain or that part of your body enters any interference there from trauma is thought to toxins. It doesn't matter what you do you really is not a function you're still won't have a simple that's why other medications don't change it that's why your lifestyle changes are changing anything because it's not a lifestyle it's actually a communication issue it's so we do on day one as we actually take eight. An X ray of your spine and nervous system that protecting controls that part of your body. And buyer seemed to information or does that interference there we can you know the solution. So about and taking the pressure off that nervousness about a series of treatments are office nonsurgical by the way noninvasive. Then by doing that doing those rehab we can actually get the nerve roots focusing I don't have a say in the body. Namely the tankers in the liver that regulate this stuff in your body in the gallbladder can actually function at a 100% and you don't need the medication so that's how we actually lowered down without any diet changes without any exercise changes without any medications is we're shipping getting to the cause of that is so if you never had any doctor look at the cost of your disease you need to find another doctor because if they're just treating the symptoms that's not a good doctor. Right and I'd say a few rain make up claiming only punishment side effects disciple as an indication that causes my needs right price and a member is 86 or. Three T sakes T 909. Again 86432629. Syrian and parks and Anaheim he's coming at and we wanna kind of pick. And things this time and then at some point to go and take care of he rang me Alex near Anchorage to please call a successful earned 3181690. And I want to plan. Yet you have if you have a problem. Heart disease high cholesterol high blood pressure and you want a better solution in the when you have now let maximizing be the solution let us teach you how to live a lot solid five essentials so 2017. Can be your year. It's easy take it back from 26 sweet sixteen it's a good away from you are so we once went seventeen to be your U. Your a year we'll take a quick commercial break you listen to maximize and radio and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximized living gold elevate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone cordless is a maximize and radio we're change the way people view to measure health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC planning at Kansas State seeking guys that come to me after the break the word also portal sitting here with stem cells something we hear us say every single day on his had a brain fart hey if I to say that there. But that's what it was there were all human right on him so my point back then was asset mother cells cause that's all they are you think of but some people do call Muller cells that make other sister cells as well earned which are the ones that you know make our bodies but the stem cells proxies were life comes from and were organs are grown and all this other stuff happens in so. We take a Staten medication the research has shown that stands inhibit the DNA of stem cells and therefore your body can't. Make things that she breaks down a lot sooner include in the brain in the muscles and ask for you get the fatigue and what not not just from the co Q ten deficiency from the drug but actually they work by inhibiting your body from regenerating. So it actually speeds up the it doesn't matter how what situation you're in. I'll work on does that our office you know and I guess there's lots of skeptics about out there about what we do in and I hear all especially guys and this is talks say talk greatest a lot of man this is the show borrower medalist as the show an economy and they're all skipped because they've heard their whole lives to do one thing and here I am a crazy doctor Loria saying Newsom completely different going against a doctor has been taking care of them for two point 3040 years. So guys I gauger skeptic in you should be sequencing everything I say in question everything your medical doctor sets but when you come in the office. That's supported that going through this process with you so why can be black you wind point everything else before you making decisions and show you the proof you're looking for explaining it's easier to understand it thus give me the result you wanna get C don't think you're getting scammed or pressured into something so we're completely transparent about our process when you come in. How much it costs. What's involved how it works. Physically see it on the screen or X ray or nerve system analysis that you can see what's happening to you can make a decision then based on what you know not simply about what I'm telling you so. If you're ready to make that call always give us a call where every weekend in our doors are always open whenever you're ready by guys remember this holiday season saw one ever bite to be themselves because everyone else is take. And so until next time you listen to maximize that being rated show have a blood thank you for listening to maximize Libby. Where we are changing the way people view and manage their health. Caldwell an 8643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Joining us again next week for another edition of maximize living.