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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view and manage their health. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone you listened to maximize the greatest show your change in the way people view it as or else I'm here has talked to us were there at DC. And you kind of stakes there. Got anything new year and you won't. Seventeen is upon us this is our first show of the year. Her money and less shares he did just flew buys unanimously decided to corner but Torre sixteen was a stellar year for all received for. For Max was living in all the patients that we're with to help enough people we're we're to change their lives everything from weight loss to reverse in disease to getting off medications. I mean we had a thousand tests those throughout the year. Able we were actually able to do a lot of good to our ministry in space and I'd call this a ministry united business. And so we wanna kick torn seventeen off file with some positive. Moving Ford and that's when seventeen so. We want to share these guys are next big upcoming UK and most of our events are probably four patients in our error in our our base. In army's three bubble we actually do a couple of times year's open these up to the public. We've done several of these in the past in their always you know great turnouts lots of information lot and valleys out they always sellout and so will we end these are always policies he can media events. But this bull would do for the the next four weeks guys leading up to this event in the event is called RO 2017 weight loss challenge so we emit given a fancier. Name Wheaties and it is what it is it's the weight loss 12070. When he seventeen this is going to mark your calendars is OP media Saturday February 4. Off from 10 AM to noon I believe that directs us so perhaps it's a two hour event. Biden there's only several 103 or four people these events so we cannot hold these are clinics all she's so we actually are holding this at redemption church up on the big mega church up their own pay mortar rebel ranks that I not affiliated with vacation season space continent feel free gathering refuel room and so we can put several hundred people very easy so we always partly them in January in the fall to do these big events and so. That the event will be Saturday February 4. Coming up in a few weeks here three or four weeks at redemption from 10 AM to noon in. There maybe is it seeking the event but we wanna give awaiting his sore listeners for the first ten minutes over the next several weeks we're going giveaway tens sets of tickets in the first ten minutes all right so we actually got to let me this little segment I had these are less for another minute rallies that can't concentrate and so we're gonna get free tickets for that first ten collars up 103 sets of tickets over the next ten minutes of tense ten sets in ten minutes and we call this thing and they see all you have to do this caller number we've given out a moment and all you simply Italy is your name. In your email address in what we do is what actually register you for the event say knew that tickets are caught mayor tickets out via your email in all day email there's a link that tells you all the details about the time location plays which are all learned. What's involved what to expect. And we do all that automated do our door on line services so when he's leaguer email I just make sure you're completely clear that or being in your phone are reducing case we can't get to your email address I lose it pleading not cellular email EX play this is private you'll get anything else but from us up protests Russ but happily your name number and email address just in case we can't read your email address or understand your email address that and on the right. And we will email you those tickets out first thing Monday morning we give Americans were clinic in and we we. Have time to do all that so really quick the number is actually given number out this is so to get a free pair tickets for you 103 sets of tickets are the next ten minutes and after ten minutes were done you know the free tickets in we're going go on to our topic this week which is going to be all about the weight loss to that there might want to do in January right in the. Just where they weight loss challenge which is February before I spent ten to twelve feet on a call 864 iron to Ricci 16909. And Colleen Bentley this Jerry email address or phone members Sarah kinky eat these tickets again 8643. T 1690. And nine. Yes of the first thing collars basics to this unit basics for. 326290. In on a probably very much of that number Wright a 64326. Teen gang in season it's here or not it's a that's for a freeze at its biggest who are well our our makeovers we'll await lost thousand of which 4017. In we actually did this this time last year yes it's. And I think that's here and he's probably best you ever towns last year this year we're just make a simple call the weight loss challenge and we had a young lady Teresa I love the seller story. So she her playing her goal is launching you know the time from work her plane is to be at this weight loss challenge this year as well she can get up or say thanks again for testimony that. As a today which is about eleven months in so her her progress she's lost a 118. Pounds. So she lost a 118 pounds and eleven months. And her goal to get one to 45 by the end of this month for the bits and so the go zero states and how she can you know so yes she's lost a 120 bypass and how she did it this tree said tried everything I mean she's rather yet you got us a fat things and she's taking the diet pills. I mean she's tried at all in the way always just seemed to come back you know anybody can starve themselves in the weight comes right back away wanna do is actually fix what's causing gamely to begin with an and is the key what makes this different than all the other weight loss challenges. Or not let's say take a much crazy supplements and do all these crazy cleanse is we're not going to do all that with you were simply going to get your body functioning in healing at a 100%. So when you do do the healthy five essentials that we teach your actually I find him well all machine in the weight falls off very quickly in the keys you don't gain it back that anybody can lose weight by counting calories but you always stated that I am. Are averaging just sat at that tasting tea that maybe she can be in my calf work on this day T casesa says she was not able to do work you know if history so was Zito 400 plus pounds -- she come into our office is a shock she she could not work and she was in pain all the time she cannot worst travel miserable. And I was cool because about a month or so ago she come help us all excited she is doctor Sara that come actually going to try to go back to what you think that's OK yes I would love to see you go back to this great gives you purpose the fact is that she -- new job last month and social losing at the time off for the event if not she via. All there via video because she's determined to share her story with you guys but so we're giving away its biggest number is up 8643262909. For those treasury set of tickets for the bursting currently. They got 66 tickets left at our pace that we won't that mean what does it mean we've given away four sets or we can't you know making it flash stats and sentenced to 66 left i.'s success left I 64326290. Call in leaguer named in number and email pops up on Stacy screening here she didn't exactly terror how many people actually call and ended in signed in. And we will give you this takes out first thing Monday morning again this is for a bit Saturday February 4 is that critics say. I have graceful way. From ten to twelve and this BT's free tickets actually that eight day at their 25 dollars part taking it if you can always urged about the door you know windows and all right if you don't win a rally that Fred this is an apple TV would get cancer free for a year and an accountability partner hiking and embrace a sixth floor. Three TT XT 90. Manner. And the cool thing about his main guys it's not just in Venice who were borrowed sit there and tell you got a vial to supplement Pacman Jones and all these other people do we're going give you the tools the resources and know how hands on participation so when you leave there regardless if you wanna be a part of Max Muslim or not that's your your your god given right to do or not you'll have tools and resources in the know how in your hand because I'm one of appreciate from the stage as they say oh well like today. And give you guys the resources in educate you there at the event so when you leave the event you can hit the ground running with the information you don't have the purchase the information weren't where it's not about something like that right. Our goal is to educate and not move our community and we do that one person multifamily one church had at times so. The number again is 8643262909. That is to get a free set of tickets for you to weigh ten free sets of tickets in the and that first ten minutes of the show began about five minutes left in the segment once we're done this segment we're going get right into -- the rest of the show after the break which is all about the weight loss a -- people can't lose weight in the -- -- losing weight but if you need those free tickets 8643262909. Gas these tickets are four people that are current their patience we have a lot of patients they see it -- that listen torture or regular weekly basis I know this for about 57 years share patient you know how things do not call in you guys give free tickets for being pace right pars legal for the hope we will hook you up for the -- is no more so this is for people that are not currently pages of -- that wanna learn more about Max Muslim and they need help they've tried everything else like Teresa did that Lawson you know 118 pounds today in eleven months and she was a hit that once when he filed within a year and that should be here one year anniversary in that weekend of the event she was that are event last year. Right brain since it's a lot of great and results. Finally I just had a few more ticket had folks a sequel to say it's never pray. A 643 T 169. Is 09. Calling geeky straight ticket this ticket it's. Tear Ireland last current times Saturday February the fourth. Friend 10 AM to twelve in the home before her ass football starts kicking and then. Now that jazz again. I think of Wake Forest continue to Europeans had to attend she refueled bring him. I know birdies in their brain. 8643. TC XT 909. And guess when you call in to get those tickets you're the first and callers will we email you when you're leaving your email address there obviously make sure you leave your email address current. That way we can email you the tickets and all the information because people always have lots of information like hole that questions like where's the event what's the address was today was a time what are we caller what's involved all those questions will be in your email we sent net CU and me and India more questions that. There are it's an email you can always call strictly our clinic. I don't we can answer those questions but 8643262. Nines you're not looks like we got one more sets off the girl get rid of these tickets before the next two and a half minutes we go to break off so one more set. A 64326290. Aren't calling claim that last set of tickets leave your name and email address so you can give free tickets Sorrell weight loss challenge 2017 event where you neo literature. To getting laid off getting off those medications in this not to get the six who like to teach people is. It's not as well as the late today to look get a babysitter and I chairs about that I Shalit he's you'll ever have. Cares about what you look like a debate as it is you try. I mean the total fat people out there may have Susan Eagle Academy could care less right in the end they feel fine so why should you care thing it's the only thing that worries about what you look like a baby sit easier in your internal ego people don't hear your overweight or not your Davis is about Agassi you'll look the way you are this is where you are so don't lose weight just to look good in a basically you were about what people think if you lose weight to get healthy lose weight to reverse diseases like type two diabetes. High blood pressure. Off farm mileage I mean chronic inflammation. I mean all these things you lose weight to get healthy not just look good to Davis it right. In the early can. Preacher health calls and Phil batter in the illiterate person C east. And that's part of our initiative part of our nation here but maximize tracking and looks likely just cut at last and said don't it's kind I. Guess and so no ward off free tickets this week but toon make sure next week Kangas for the first ten minutes of each show from the next three or four weeks leading up to the event we're going your way ten presets of tickets. In the first ten minutes so. Ratzinger is so let's just jump right into our topic this month which actually win this week which is actually weight loss. Sonics and keeping it has taken turning amount Greenville attack comments on TP just went and purchased the ticket yeah yeah I. All right so so does this week's topic is weight loss and why you cannot lose weight in why some people can look if routing gateway while some people can eat all the things they want and never gain a pound in has nothing to do with the suit itself and that's the big myth we think we think we need to count calories we think we need to go on diets that are Yo-Yo diets up and die and starve yourself all that is until he doesn't work you know this you've tried this. You know I won't go through some stats have yet to break producing needed teaser right quick. I'm looking at these numbers. On this on this website here from food food. Educate dot com. And who we spend sixty billion dollars a year and I say it's sixty billion with a B per year in America alone on diets laugh. It's only come back we're actually show you guys how to avoid spinning so much money capex delegates to root cause of disease in in a duties. Lose weight so you listen to maximize your radio show we'll take a quick commercial breaking we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold elevate 643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how to maximize living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio show. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listens to the maximize them and radio show we are. Change in the way people view him as a help I'm your host doctor Joshua Derek DC Kenny a 'cause this case seeking at doesn't just tuning in the first ten minutes we X again wait ten free tickets to our upcoming event that's when seventeen weight loss challenge which is will be Saturday February 4. Assad coming up here pretty soon. Scooby ought to redemption. Free and reduced in church on Haywood road in their big refuel room it's too big a hole and our clinic policy we don't hear about a hundred people on there and there's always several hundred people three or foreigners at this event so this is an annual event we do every year and so we've sort of partner with them to that they let us use their space now have a big room up there and do that would all the audio visual so that make it fancy great is that and they Catholics say. It really does look good and there's a bunch of audio visual sought to make a pessimist not boring. The row about being entertain right I. So I came back. It's so it's all about weight loss this this year policies so that he made as a weight loss challenge stuff immediately take it states in these you can always tune in next week and for the first ten minutes. We're going to be given away free tickets every week leading up to the event but after ten minutes to disregard are you at the purchase the tickets after that. Right or purge them out the door so this week we're talking about weight loss. And why people cannot lose weight so us that six is when you you'll with a teaser or talk when asked to record a mole about 1000 stats out if you guys first when it comes to weight loss. Our country. Spend sixty billion and this is United States not that North America about the United States alone. Since spends sixty billion dollars with would be on. Weight loss gimmicks every single year. Me and my instead of them Mahler gimmick. There all game that the problems gimmick price you pay this money to do this another Iraq that what I'm that's why she's people keep paying the money because they try to you know doesn't work their people likes people think they're like she may just do cite dozens or whatever whatever the fat thing is right. Our trust me if I know each you lose weight. I ever Bible would be thin right it would take more pills in this country than anything else write ins of the pill actually work you would actually be healthy and you wouldn't be fat but it is what it is so. So according to this this website. Food decay dot com is as we spend sixty billion dollars a year on weight loss. And at any given time there's an average of 75 million people at one given time trying to lose weight out of our country and if you do the math that that's over 800 dollars per year per person that you guys spend on weight loss supplements have products in you still never lose the weight lose the way in you know doing that every year January's big year policy that that's why we're doing our weight loss challenge in January because that's what people will lose weight. But the key is losing the way in keeping the weight off his. You know it goes away in January but February or march you'll get it right back and then come next January do the same thing Hillary it's a cycle. Instead as these and wailing and gaining weight it's allergy that recently was sensing gained fifteen rather than your net fifty for the and their five for cleared you still got to lose another army and yeah trying to get caught up and so it in to break those numbers devilish talk about a sixty billion dollars. Three billion is actually spent at Weight Watchers can you believe that Weight Watchers mix three billion dollars a year the submarine. Hannity and paid bank if you don't lose weight I keep our best I'm the girl missed the great. Paper weight boxes and you'll make it paid very heated failed yes definitely that's a good business there right I. Diet pills we spent three billion dollars a year on diet pills so those pills a TC IG and C advertise a fat burning pills in the the the stamina all SO that you see advertising this year residents are on the same thing CD screen when he ran as she always the same drug and say so smitten rebrand it with a new gimmick prize all that is. Nutrisystem. Made a billion dollars last year so sending them into people's houses that made a billion dollars off Nutrisystem last year that were part of the sixty day went. And if you wanna have to eat frozen food for the rest your I think he'd do Nutrisystem tax cuts would and its right Cindy packets but you can continue to somewhere about that. In the rest of the early is that she spit on diet sodas do you believe that. Milken was spent money on diets are that if anything else in this country can actually diet soda doesn't cause you lose it cause you to gain lightly or not the research proves that because our fish sweeteners make you more hungry simulates the craving and you eat more so you actually gain weight on dies so does not lose what we're hanging commercial break we come back states. He did three things to actually lose weight and keep it off will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximized living gold now at 8643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome everyone else is in the maximize living radio show we're changing the way people. Do you admit to help I'm your host doctor Joshua there at DC and. And it kind of sensed a peaking at guys this week we're talking all about the weight loss is Tony seventeen a new year a new year everybody wants to know what they can do lose weight get in shape our reverse disease get off the medications all that other good stuff in before we get NC state c.'s top three secrets suit get you to burn fat and keep it off. Or give a quick testimony out. You know we talked about trees in the beginning of the show where she's lost a 118 pounds or eleven months. And her girls who won 25. And so the secret that she did the things she's she's been doing over the past year so close to a year this is what you get when you when you do something like maximize living we're not will push or crazy that Yo-Yo diet where you eat nothing but Barkin grass and I we believe on and not we believe in not counting calories. But having eaten lots of calories with what we want fat calories I. And distressing to real movie exactly I not fake food and we want you to have fat calories so that our plan we take each guy excellent 67%. Fascinates is Eric Wright and seven interest and I think that yes 70% found little island I thought he cracks and so I hate. If you lose weight I didn't say this year gives the car right now the numbers 8643262909. When you call in you can schedule appalled with myself and Stacy again this a 64326290. And I Colin if we do not answer the phone leave your name and number we'll call you back as soon as possible that the lines are busy mate Kiki Torre answering service and so just keep conversely your name and number it we will call you back as soon as possible and this is to learn all about the five essentials comments to clinic I. I haven't evaluation my -- so we can let you know what you need to do to lose that weight and it's the cause of view being overweight. Diabetic whatever your diseases and how archer were correct SOA 64326290. Anonymous note that new patient appointment and yes we do you were just they would all major insurance companies including Medicare. Thinking making Aaron lynch and let Katie can only difference here in green falcons and I am behind me niece Japanese camps. Senator now until the top three T crates to melt fat and lose weeks and disseminating this actually can turn IMAX is thinking and not play. I magazine won't that patients can't. And Aaron the number one thing this is cutting should act. Sugar is the devil champagnes for Dan I see only sand sand. When you cut out op plans to ship our brand and pasta and rice cookies crackers to get sleep and even friend. I eat fresher by dean get into burn fat for energy and attention Amitabh listening to each tools and if you solaris you're likely to be tired and hungry for the freshly Ers and has our share their banners that after he got to this Myanmar fishing eighteen. I your metabolism or burn more fat ally you exercised and Al actually. Advertise night when he at least when he gained thirty pounds just in mind as you're talking about how where shall. As so the other workshop we talked about all started February 4 that we're doing that we gave free tickets went begin to show if you didn't get those tune in next week is the first ten administrative or free tickets for that our Aussie guys have lose twenty pounds the first month guarantees on judicial opened nutritional. They're ranked similarly cut and we think that cards. You wanna stick to that I fifteen person seeing regain your car. And intake and secondly and very low figgins and a very who have yet announced this vein and because Scorsese. This carves exceed the body breaks carved into allies as to check into pusher and crashing there are working on. So that the and the goal here is it was excellent taste in becoming fat burner not a sugar or so the only way to do that is to cut the sugars Alexei season dragging ass and that tag and number TT crane she's eating more fat and eating more how much is more fact what I it's actually 65%. So your tell me reckoning 65% fat and getting in lose weight like at six bet we'll supposing it that bad. Let the facts are gonna be kings like I'm at the highest and whom I trained and milk yogurt. I host cheese James and leave tanked and on the ancient only Mexicans are similar and like and I landed on that at coconut products and coconut on her all along and if he had things I. Our lesson overall not has arguably spent lookup tunnel every single morning for breakfast and does the cup and all gives me the big fat it's calories I need it gives me energy source like drinking a cup of coffee and if you we will will we call bullet -- coffee you can take a cup of coffee tea if you wanna do good healthy coffee take a cup of coffee put a spoonful of Kokomo in there and then a spoonful raw organic butter and egg is that's pure fact they're butter in Kokomo and that gives your body that good fact cars in needs inning cheque she gives you energy throughout the whole entire day it is like a breakfast. I think it and we get expelled bulletproof rather live McNamee pouring that confidently gambling at penalizes I personally it is better. I on the top you have the blue and then I coffee just right he did a lot of extra stuff frat silly and that kind of accuse us pay and years your big fat cent to 65 person paying cash not bat that good yet. And this is Sosa a senior signed your tell them this is so your bio actually start burning fat not sugar and I stripping all the sugar out the sugars that double. And you have no more sugar calories and so now you're burning the only thing left which is all the good factory eating thank you so when your burning fat calories you becoming fat burn or sugar burner right and then you actually burn your fat stores right. And it it he kept them senator CNET your body burned sugar for a quick and she never heard early keeps and Max term when he sustained worst flooding there nearby yep extreme. That means everything Ellison chicken seems generalized actually just storing that this is a fat that's crazy why he's staying he's actually going to get leg strain linked. Everything doesn't just store right right and that's why you'll with the ladies that's why you have a big booty and that man that's why have a big yet okay. I just hours ago women sort the bags. I say until it regained that backtrack eighteen and I said the name cash have actually taken aback whereas that. And investigates registering you sat in front of the shooters is Casey an income numbers three and relax listen since spend less time working out. You got my ears right there at an us against the you know anybody that's your gym rat how many innocent I started getting our thinking about getting into and then national campaign finance and spending a whole year contract hit an enduring. They live where you always are for your contractor ugly news. He can't try to leave it shouldn't have to pay that payment or something different a whole new Leann told me that that's trap the rat right guaranteed I. And early do you hear analysts we teach our patience is stealing to pump many similar count that attack has behind splits and easily right frank just three tacitly that has to be high intensity. Marquette team really have to pace yourself. I mean here he Nike and then it. And that's how I can see we're kind of just doing at the stats are we all push out I was getting really sent people into a minute we're the push ups all right all Alicia Graf patient which is silicon. A lot like he's hearing in my game that problem in any restaurant. Maybe twenty seconds any night killing indeed and stats are running in place simple things aipac pay you we tell people they. Come in and our clinic at Stacey does work out Wednesdays when our patience paid a channel and yet they come in a Monday wins in their work out with Stacy for patients they. And a lot of some armor in wheelchairs for the severely where they can't work out so they sit there will chair you know the people that have bad knees he can't stand up it and they're just legal and their arms I mean they're just doing anything for that minute like say she talks about and then they're arresting and I show up everywhere Zain do win or lose it way left or right it would I am a Georgia man. It's just facing eight and twelve minutes of exercise is way better than twelve minutes on the cap train. Yet in the beautiful thing that she's talking about what that that that you know spending less time in the gym the way that works is when you burst China as we call that in you run in place you something very intensely and wood out anyway just moving really quickly for a whole minute or less you get your heart rate go through the roof. And then you have to stop policy to let their hurry come down and then you rest and you do what he gets when that up and down movement the open now most of your heart rate going up and then coming back down arrest mingled back up again. Actually burns off all your sugar reserves which is all the energy that you store when you don't mean you burn off you eat to me suites and sugars in your fat. It so happens that burns off your age your reserved. Indian what you burn off the injured reserve you have to have that any issues service call the fighter flight complex work if I was a scary you you have and any injuries or read if you retired U Jumbo paranoid possessed just your body's natural beauty survive. If so when you burn injuries are off to the topics are cessation teach our patients then your forced to re reading. Replaced and your reserve if there's no sugar in there to replenish because you burned that off and you're not eating it. Your body has to burn the next thing that has his energy stores which is your fat stores so for the next two to three days your burning fat calories or replenish your injuries or T exercising twelve minutes. Today and then your burning fat calories from X two or three days to replace air reserve verses going to the Jill and running and are on the treadmill burning calories is soon as you're stop burning calories you're not burning any more calories. In your authority for the next day it's a you lose burn calories for an hour on the treadmill or you can do this exercise in Burke back Kalish for two or three days that's why it works so well is so quickly and Ashley. Psychotic after burn a fan says you're selling it runs on a treadmill for an hour. Here I suggest burning and doing that haven't have to turn thanks for four dollars to strip rain on it. And that's right our. Person's doing and protect that she says organic. Actually XP eighteen after burning tank from 36 Halard she says hello it takes to get returning briefly your body and and it reserves and he had burning fat for 36 Alex just from doing totally. There's an exercise. I mean it's a no brainer why would you do is and that's actually their size we teach our patients and guessed it. We have more advanced versions where we have a dvd sets and all lined classes that you can do that but that's makes you the base of what we teach our pages and stay sick she does that every single week in the office with our patience of now it's not just a place you show up and you'll love this this you actually are engaged at all five essential Cecile myself where your coaches for the next four to six months however long it takes you hit those goals and that's the thing is accountability. -- -- we always and I know this we always bodies supplements these crazy that advertises we hear on the radio this you know always Almonte that we we've binds all the stuff there's no accountability so we get our accountability person so we actually do that I'd check in with deep and yet to show my clinic every single week so I think you're hit. They go eat you said that she'll let us the first orders of Herat parents say if you raid in making a claim an hour clinics in exchange is how to explain how the fans and just connect at. Heidi last and they keep Phil Barrett and just be it would enjoying lose weight get off medicate my reverse disease especially type two diabetes. I mean crazy just get this call 8643. T 169. CNN and there's no better time just Colleen. And we calling each Connelly can name are and phone number. If he gave a voice that if you don't and you get a person sweet deal. Go ahead and set had a plan net they are stealing and pay a 643 T six T nine C Hernandez SharePoint in mind. He's got more questions because this isn't a plan currently ASCII geek town. Outlets like in the green bullet that can't they if he made a good hangings really dealing. And coming in Mecca commanding eighteen. I changing your last dying getting better and healthier and I refer sickness and disease get this call 864318169. He. And if he does have lots questions go to ML green will dot com which is our website and you can learn all about the five essentials and see pictures of sites denying what we actually. Have my girlfriend Erica he or Charlotte the ultimate real people I never like you do on the air when he's not always sound different right. And get play under the twelfth. He'll probably look at your season little girl ran into. Beautiful day and skipping now it's possible patience at what she's I don't mind is actually thirty something years that what 3830 and I know seeing we have with. Yeah she's so beautiful. Three wonderful kids we've been married twenty years we have eleven your fortune noted a nineteen year old in college athlete and I think she still looks amazing after twenty years of being married to me reading through extended stay at the feat in itself pricey for what but well it's arbitrarily quick guys if we get our next break is this whole thing about weight loss resistance. We can always burn calories by exercising early hardened long period it's time we can start ourselves to diets just to gain it back but there's a system that controls all systems in the entire body that is your nervous system I don't care how much exercise you do was say she says you lose weight coming supplement you take that are the greatest fad thing that Karl natural whatever that that that the selling point is if you did not fix the system that controls all systems in your entire body your rat out a little running running running spending money and time Europe the year to lose weight just to gain it back. The resort on trees and so many other ray were to lose a hunter close so you know over a hundred pounds within since our last time we did this unit is because we fixed what caused them to gain weight to begin with this is why some people can look at shooting gain weight and some people need all the things they want and never gain a pound and you hate those people -- you look at -- you gain -- making any ten cheeseburgers and never -- -- is because not the figured. It's how your body processes the food it has everything to do with what god gave you that controls the entire nervous systems and Chapman told your entire body in that he's your nervous system for your heart to beat me long to brief for your. Bodies and I just threw for your Pincus regulators blood sugar for that golf letter to breakdown of that fact you putting your body for anything to happen. Digestion weight loss anything to happen the brain sends a signal from the brain down the response pour out through these nerves that tell all these organs what to do when you eat through either good or bad it doesn't matter right in it that. System is not a 100% when you're eating cheeseburger. It's not what crosses that she's Barack is supposed to you're not only get rid of that or proven out as is with excellent semi kids say and your little story in the form of fat. Get men on your backside ladies right or own your thoughts ladies and so if your systems at a 100% functioning because there's no we're fairest and you can eat this something get away with a no I'm not saying. Hit go see doctor Derek you can anything you want to lose weight is now work's been. We gotta get that system fixed so you when you do cheat on the weekends you don't gain the weight. And Tina say yes you should think not a -- especially when she's with your right here so here we eat healthy eating got him we're not saying it's by no means we eat healthy throughout the weekend on the weekends I eat pizza my kids like everybody else I mean we'd like junk food on the weekends of moderation is always were eating healthy throughout the week but we don't gain no weight discuss our buys are focusing at a 100% our patients don't gain the weight back even though they cheat on the weekends we can't cheat days. Only bad thing is because they're efficient enough for they don't have to pick their bodies still burn it off because there's nervous system is launching at a 100% so what we do what they won't look our weight lost patience is we see how your brain is communicating to the rest see your. Or is actually regulate how you digest them process tribute. There's interference there we simply get rid of the interfere Stewart treatments are protocols and then you can get away with eating stuff now saying eat bad food all the time but if you're at a hundred if your body's functioning. At a 100% you can. Sustain eating every now and then gain it back but if you're not they nudist spending money and never getting any results so that number is 326290. And if you've never had your nervous system looked. And you try to be Tappan died out there and could lose weight and this is the missing link you simply give the pressure off that nervous system. Did it get to interference gone out there and then you can keep the weight off and lose it this time and keep it off and never gain it back so that number's 8643262909. Collins guzzle appointment. Meet with me in this they seem to actually go through that nervous system analysis we call it to see how the brain is it communicating back and force we can see why you're not losing weight in why you're gaining weight so easy fix what's causes it not to street December to one another pillar Yo-Yo diet let's fix what's causing it and then you can be healthy for arrest your life and that's what we do a Max Raza means it's at their root cause not simply treat to system. Don't change students simply treat the problem with the symptoms so we're gonna take a quick commercial break and we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living in gold validate 643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio show. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back anyone else in the maximize their radio show we hear change in the way people view administer health I'm your host doctor Joshua Derek DC canyon 'cause hence Casey and because you're just tuning in you missed early show we actual talking about weight loss this weekend for the first ten minutes of the show we actually gave away ten presets of tickets for weight loss challenge which is coming up federal Saturday February 4 went home. Ten to noon. You can always go to ML agreeable dot com to learn more information about that or tune in. Garnett shows he can win another free said it's Vegas so for the first ten minutes. Eight every show each week we're going your way to increase for ten presets of tickets in ten minutes say that ten times faster. Obviously Fatah and sexy. Hey they eat instead our ballots and is well T and to kind of purchased his ticket TV renegade act and that's. And now green bullet that Connie brown. Exactly so guys are the key is what weight loss also with the wind you have time we rotunda to. To discuss this but have made big Y in this is one of the big things we're gonna teach our seminar. Is is weight loss is not about. You know getting looking good in a babysitter more crews you pay less shallow we do that but you or get right back so you have a big Y or bigger purpose. To reverse disease be their for your kids your grandkids. Get a job against you know the counselor we had a patient come in just she will lose weight issues go back to work she was too too too big. And so that's huge you wanna change for twice seventeen give us a call 8643262909. And let's get you started on a path to wellness and homeless and get that way offering first this is the year you're loans reverse your type two diabetes I promise you if you call in schedule all of us in your type two diabetic or have any other lifestyle condition disease like high blood pressure high cholesterol and type two diabetes intellect that this is your year don't make this year do you like last year taking all the spills let's get you so healthy you don't need those medications let's get the weight off but he does get the medications out of your system see your body can function at a 100% the way god designed as he can fulfill your purpose whatever that is so you're not this year taking up space for Steve your purpose in life this DB you back what you deserve what god called you do -- to be happy and healthy. So until next week remember yours is that maximize their issue or change the way people view in mr. health. They remember. Be yourself this everyone else is taken. Thank you for listening to maximize Libby. Where we are changing the way people view and manage their health. Caldwell an 8643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Joining us again next week for another edition of maximize living.