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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view and manage their health. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host. Doctor Joshua would there welcome everyone your listens to them maximize living radio show your change in the way people use administer health I'm your host doctor Joshua in there in DC. Seeking my lovely stakes here I guess my my wife and. When he Asia are right Parton and crack are probably more than three kids later this rank as I could ever thought it. But I she's again log in but so does it you're just tuning in your Cinemax miles and a radio show there were our goal is to change the way people view administer health and we do that with our completely a different set of rules a completely different set of essentials as we call them it is a completely different health care model. This week we're going to be talking about is what we call the real definition of health not what most people think the definition of health is and they were always ask what makes this different how do we get the results we get how does this work. How can you reverse type two diabetes how can you get off your blood pressure medication how can you reverse fiber disease. IDS. Crohn's how do you. Reverse. Or teach people how to reverse diseases that they're told that they're or have to deal with for the rest of their life had he reversed a disease that when you Google tells you there's no cure fort. Hanging right in so it's simple do we use what we call the five essentials and we do it completely different. 180 from which are used to doing. And by doing something different I guess what you're going to get different results science and such you keep doing what you're doing now you or get the same results. Yes your blood pressure under control with your taking. You know listen of prairie taking a blood pressure medication all right yes your type two diabetes is under control Croshere taken insulin or your taken met Foreman urgent you know whatever the pill leisure taking yes it's under control because you're taking X pill for that disease. Yes your thyroid works better ladies because you're taken off since the order aware of the cases. It's over the goal here in life is not take more appeals. The goal was to get off the pills. Me and just the talent that cost is that the cause exactly so if you've never if what doctors never told you the cause of your disease. If they never told you why you ended up the way you are other than being fat. If he says you have type two diabetes manager fattening lose weight you need a new doctor on to say Brian put that out there are no heavy people there are three foreigner panels we do a lot of weight loss suffer clinic I have pages or three or four pounds. That are type two diabetic. And that I have tall skinny guys like myself that you know way a couple of hundred pounds that can be type two diabetic if so we can't just blame it on your weight you can't blame it on which are currently doing what your your doctors have you do or not to do. You gotta look on the inside so if you never experienced maximize living and you have a disease that we mentioned or you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and you take you where he's prescription medications to treat X disease. And you want a different opinion you wanna see what your options are set to slow you know hopefully safely wean yourself off those medications in reverse that disease because you don't like the way to the side effects make you feel we take that pill. And you need to give us a call right now. Pray and that planet minus 8643. T 62909. PG spot more rain from may change our he has questions the American needy get on our website at end and green font that comp. If you rain except in a plane in an hour clinic it's 86 foyer. To BT stakes. Teen nine easier and nine our office is located here. Eating grateful only different random behind Mimi stack any state Canucks. And again that number is 8643. TC XT nine easier and nine to make an employment at our clinic this coming week. And yes you're just there are major insurance companies including Medicare so nobody with anti amassing as we do I consider the fastest biggest question we get this my interest governance and you say Medicare. Secular western Asia yes yes and yes I envy you the idea. We kept him and change my first business is clear it's 45 dollars and just across the board for anyone regardless if you have insurance or not. And we we can lead to be fair it's I have with the dollar co pay guess what is still for our fast and I have no insurance is still forty dollars if I take X rays running exams do testing I don't hear what I do it's a flat fee of 45 it makes it simple for us easy for you affordable for everybody strength that's what you're looking at right. At that time frank and that embrace a 64 iron three TC XT nine scene and I. I guess so source talk about the real definition of health and before we begin today out wanna give a quick testimony had a guy come in their today huge skeptic in like a lot of men we are you know a lot of our guys being on talk radio or or armed men listeners. It's a guys were stubborn rural skeptical and we all have our mama we think it's right wrong and if this'll searcher I've come everybody else is not knowing the truth is everybody is doing did you set for you as I mentioned that this gas super skeptic he has high blood pressure. Mean take a look freshman gates for 1012 years however long it is. And doctor never got his ball pressure control he's all like two or three different blood pressure medications. And I come in this huge skeptic he hurt us on the show few weeks ago come in. In the Mecca long story short after this first got mr. gast Jimmy's first not his first given a second visit with us we gave him treatment. I he went home as a skeptic. And he is that's all you're going dude he does house that will affect my book precious and just go and check human. And so I didn't check of forming him go home and check himself so we can to relive literacy that any goes home in about fifteen minutes later when he gets home he checks blood pressure. And guess what his blood pressures drop down like fifteen between points. And he's just blown away because Mecca visas what did you do a study knew anything I just I do what I didn't the body heal itself and he goes well my blood pressures much hot numbers down like 101012 points on bottom numbers down like 1015 points. Would you do us simply took the pressure off the part of the nervous system that controls your blood pressure. Because they would have per short at the time for every reason trauma start to toxins in Murray knew that interference of the heart didn't have to stress today at the pump parts of the blood pressure comes down on its own without the the medications he was taking saying it's a make a long story short he signed up for care office and he's like super excited I think he is on his medications for a long time I had ever do anything about fresh he assumed. He had a high blood pressure because it runs it is fairly rarely an excuse was a doctor told me he's been taking medication for Tenet's book your always battling it it is a three medications for simply blood pressure. And it it weren't for a second you with a second treatment which distributes its first trip which was a second visit us because I don't treat painting on the first visits we gather information and on the second visit comes out and becoming the first third visitors follow these like million of them super excited you've done more and and he did Morton. In five minutes from me then I'm done the last ten or twelve your second this medication is give me gives me headaches it makes me slowly cause impotence it makes me tired you get the idea and so in a short period of time his story off part of his medications so. I ain't this ascent. And that clinic member if he prayed to make a planet in our clinic and embrace 864. Three T six T nine easier than nine again 864. Three T 169. UCN nine and that our office sent cage here on what different. I am behind Mimi Japanese take cast my first as against 45 brownish. Flash fever parents and this time stand when ever attacked again has a daily key link is still flat fee 45 times. And says quit going to Starbucks from past five games and we've got you forty mathematics to make your first plane and he discussed on the air you sick to. It's been antsy and turn five is long lines and paramedics say it's crazy. Again 8643. T 1690. And nine to make an apartment there. Clinic it's funny people will spend ten dollars or coffee or or six some bucks on the beer they will spend the US should also getting out. I mean I guess it's like just going to panic every day if he just packed day and you know speeds are dissent gas stations people it happened 20 bucks every morning going out and their and a couple monster drinks. Packaged it and they are now. At a later than they she's our doctor I really believe in this and I can't afford to care because they're interesting cover a 100% for a reason. She she (%expletive) about insurance but Oslo when he's got to find the way to make averages are almost fixed income or cancel how often how much. Do you spangled gutsy every week if she's always fixing dummy she's spinning like 5060 bucks going out to eat every week. And I said see if you simply stopped going out he eats which is bad for you begin with and despite some versions for half the price you can use out of money in you can afford to pay for me pay me to come in my office of Casey's got to find the money people sometimes we think will pour a fixed income we can't afford something but when you look you dive into it you're spending so much money on junk right now if you simply change that bad habits who could have it he saved money in you can afford to get healthy and well. Rally in just a stat machine and get parity system and engine down. That clinic got married and has a six or three T 169. Easier nine if you read to make a plan in the Afghan. Here in green ball I can't he's 64 earn three TC XT nine easier and nine. And get out and the sheriff he calling and in and eat don't mean I don't answer. I don't friend to sleep her voice now and look at packaging Sunnis they can't come up at a clinic train this coming week packing a 64. Three T six T nine this year and her. So back to the real definition of healthy no we that's how we do these things you know we always talk about the five essentials maximizing mine maximizing nerve supply maximizing quality nutrition that's row screaming sugars the devil. And then maximize auction lean muscle in the fifth essential is minimizing toxins in law all far those are important. In we teach you we will empower and educate our patients to live off five essentials lifestyle. What makes it boils down to is the most important one is a secular. Yes them the number one is smacks Mike's got to change your mindset first. He can think you're stinking thing you can tween years I got to change who and what you think is true and what's not when it comes your health. And that's why the cycle is maximized their supply and this is why what we do works all the service at a time when you do show up the hardest part about. But being a pace our clinic is is just not showing up. If you show up you won't get better I mean you hear us talk about the test version of C those in our cling you can ask the patients in a clinic when you're in their vice friendly happy friendly and open asked them their test or they'll gladly share with you right. Miss that thing telescope to the definition of health. The root word of health is what's. He'll HE KL Wright is not PI LL write it so actually when you look up health this is when your body's functioning in healing. At 100% not merely the absence of sickness and disease and that's what healthy is. When your healing at a 100% not just because you feel good look good right we think as we look good we feel good or healthy went. We almost have a drug had a heart attack and they look good or or they got cancer related everything right thing that has nothing to do with your life size everything and you how your body's healing. And look so so now say that deeper. What controls all healing in the entire body. Ukraine exactly simple. In order for your heart to beat for your lungs are refuted digest food for you regulate your blood sugar free thyroid dysfunction for your digestion system to function for your bladder dysfunction for your reproductive organs ED men. Offer for that the function properly for your blood pressure or work for everything to work the brain sends a signal back and forth right and so it's an absolute fact of anatomy. If I cut the nurse from your brain to your heart would you liver die. He attacked. A 100% of time you can argue that its adult to tell him quack or talking about right simple if I cut the nerves go into an organ that organ dice if you disagree with that then you're a different planet right. So it now if I could hypothetically reach an air put pressure on those nerve roots. In in their being pinched like a page your garden hose Stacy how well they were lower than it is not really well moral or economic Tom up pinching Miller my hand but if you're spying becomes missile line because a trauma Stotts and toxins. It's going to put pressure on your spinal cord is score put pressure on the nerve -- come out in the holes in the second in between every segment your spine and that's what push pressure on that nerve root if that server is going to X part of your body how well is that part of your body gonna work then. And not that well Osaka pinching your garden hose less water's going to the vest go out there whatever it is your heart belongs bankers whatever and therefore slowly deteriorates and you get a symptom and when you get the symptom high blood pressure are Portugal they give you pills for that. We simply find that interference gets of that cause a disease remove that to a series of treatments and we get to the cause of the disease the disease goes into remission you know or need the medications and you safely wean yourself off those. And you're happy you're healthy and you are disease free the best auction plan is not me it's what's inside you already on this one teaching us how to expand asset how to express that's your body can heal on its own not by me cry. But up after the break with some more testimony Jose and dining you know more what this real dissident deafness or help. Is and how we're gonna get those good result he knew the listener Jonas and Max Mosley radio will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio show your prescription to living up maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're lessons of the maximize living radio show we are changing the way people view him as our health I'm your host doctor Joshua Darren DC. Can you cut its case he can cousin registering in this week we are talking about the real definition of health and exactly what that means. It's not being on pills you are not healthy when you take prescription medications your sicker if you think about it saying does embody ever wake up to say thank the lord I need to take an extra two today. Thank the lord Pakistan and all my hard earned retirement fixed income Omar pills he's had big. Large gallons had its climax was business case and I think as you know that's our thing is we help people get well so they can come off their medications safely so we see it I mean you're the average American. Takes a pill for every decade of their life so if you're sixty years old you should be taken six pills accordance at science and research. Are right. It just sets of you're taking no that means there's someone next you taken twelve praying alright if you're sixty so. The goal is is not that's taking thing. Just to get healthy let the body heal itself and its own as well we do our office you know and in the last segment talked about the got to get off his blood pressure is getting off his blood pressure medication like a lot of men have already have in our clinic in after one treatment when disguised blood pressure's coming down. And you can you do your research behind that you can actually look up articles and now. To wean yourself off blood pressure medication now that the thing called the Vegas server these other nurse in the upper neck control and regulate that it's a by stimulating those are taking the pressure off those. The body just heals itself and so were not curing anything on ever claim to cure reversed a disease. Under simply engage you so healthy and take the pressure off your nervous systems your body can heal on its own. So if you want to heal on your own and you don't want to be slaves to a medication being prescription kill or disease and you're sick and tired of being sick and tired he was a call right now. Ranking now embrace eight seeks Boyer. To BT 62909. Pet hair playmate remind our offices are located here on only different. Ran in the hi Mimi Japanese steakhouse that first this it will be 45 gunners had a package. We gave participate in this insurance companies and the freshness atlas to be at 45 times. If he had just mark questions if he wanted to in Miami search and we understand we welcome media outlets I imagine and are the queen full fat can't. That if he ratings at a playmate. Please give this economy ticks four iron three T 169. UN and I only understands women feel our listeners out there are attracting. I currently and in May be afraid of San upon claimants and honestly I procrastinate. And that lean crazy to get us to calm and even if he actually this message they can certainly give me a Compaq. Or even act takes SE GP. Here whole appointment and we set at San planning on information that she need at that time. I began a 643 TC XT nine easier and I must have planning time. Geyser cone in an alliance of vision like de La times there aren't you can't get through leave your name and number. Played in some level carted back as soon as Fossum may be month first thing Monday morning and if they give backed up because we use a server session the phone sometimes. But we promise to give back tees it is possible I give up on that. We're not gonna give up on this track and I'll hang net yeah. It's our regular another quick Tesla before we go to break Stephen he's been with us now light 33666. And sets 818 weeks he's been a paste my for eighteen weeks now. Because we do resent every six weeks and he just finished just third when. And on this guy guys it in that the last. The last the first six weeks he has those who get off. All is blood pressure medication which is a big deal right okay that's that's awesome classics can hang his packet SS. And then from week six to week twelve with him we focused on his blood sugar are right we photo blood pressure for the first six weeks second six weeks we focused on the look for on his blood sugar. And now he was able to get off he was second 2000 as a met Foreman so he was taken to five hundreds of mornings in 2000 underneath and that's 2000 units total -- form which is the maximum out of met form of lists are put your insulin within that that six weeks a second six ways from suite six to week twelve he was able to get off. Three of those four pills and so he's downed he's down to 500. Units is 500 milligrams a met for a vs the 2000 he was taking and I guess. I think that was the the the second to. Six weeks. Into the third six weeks we just finished up he was actually off his 34. And final final Elsinore touching down. Medic and know we're taking intimate format that's amazing we're going to take a quick commercial break we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold elevate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio show your prescription to living up maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listens to maximize the radio show we're changing the way people view him as a help I'm your host doctor Joshua dared. DC my hair cut Stacy and yes she's my lovely bride that. Guys if you're just tuning in to us we are talking about the real definition of health this week. How do we get to results we get what makes this different from your typical doctor's office. Actually everything from start to finish is different. And I the will was even surprised even the yeah. This is so it doesn't really break down like this when you step into my clinic you're what it's completely different obviously. Once we get you rolling in and you get into our system here we go through to initially they average visit office only takes ten minutes which is beautiful. For those you that hey sit her doctor's office for an hour and a half to see the doctor for five minutes once you go through the new patient or intakes with mean we gear thing establishing what we're seeing before and the recommendations. They Everest visits with ten minutes a year it is now and you can't make you can't have any skis and you have time to do something like this might tank this race so it's amazing beaver like how do you do what you do assure predetermined site wall we don't waste your time yeah your big border are usually wait all day long I. Analyst Kris Allen your time you know Ernie stallion Canon nanny you and come back keep their right. I think Clinton. Right and so we only have a lot of people so we make it efficient for everybody right now it's about how we did as is what was the question well what are the five essentials how do you get me off this medication or how do you show me to get up this medication because I'll never tell you stop taking anything that's out much outside of my scope of practice I'm doing each you healthy dvd recommendations so you can. I have those conversations with your doctor to safely wean yourself off those medications and is giving you the knowledge and teach me how to get healthy so you can pull that off right. Because I can't prescribe some I can take you off of it as a marcher your primary doctor yet right. You've got to report to them if so this is that we talked about me getting. The real definition of health is when your body's functioning healing at 100% not merely the absence of disease so. Healthy sealing the record of healthy CO HE a L. It's ask yourself. What controls healing in the body. It's not your pill. Now right it's not the through jewelry while there all contribute to it. Healthy diet nutrition exercise supplementation. Medications or whatever all contribute towards your health. They support the function of your health they do not control function they simply support function. Iso to get healthy you have to go away from the things that just support the function and actually address what controls the function. This is why we all know somebody. Backing eat normally. They didn't smoke dope every night smoke fob that's cigarettes a day drink a fifth the width you rolling your go to bed every night. And they're never been sick that day your life and they're not overweight and they lived to be a hundred years old is that crazy OEC pass out at two failure in every time you show up innings struck in the corner right in how would uncle Bob still life. Paying every line and they test on an estranged aren't asking them frozen so there's New Delhi tend to say so we have several those are famous I'm sure it was in maybe you are that most wants. Here are and how. College got a great guy you get an idea if so how could that person can do everything Euro ending you know you are let's atrocity everything right. And your sic all its time. You look at she's during a way for you your neighbor. EX drills a state extort induced you to smell it makes you gain weight hanging in so hacked earlier that person that is has disease junior charter too right. Because it has nothing to do with. The things we've put in her body it does to an extent but none of that matters if you don't have the body healing and her percent and so what controls all hailing what we talked about earlier is the brains in the spinal cord in the nervous system. So I don't care if you believe in this or not is simple bullet is so simple. No reason you're not getting better it's approved for no reason you're not wanna get better is this you know give us a call to look at it like this brain tells the heart to beat brain. Tells of tankers are to regulate your bluster and you eat food good or bad food as a matter. Brain surgery productive or restore work when your and you get excited right. Brain tells a buyer to go about when he gets full brain such acute needs to function and get rid of inflammation Phillips from the blood you know if its nine year inflammation goes up cholesterol goes up right. Brain tester called had to digest suit. Brain does your thyroid to regulate your internal temperature in your metabolism. You get the idea brain tells your bodies to do everything. You do not focus on that you do not think about that it does that automatically. You have a healing intelligence inside you thank god put there I don't care if you believe in god or not. I do personally Vanessa that are me here there's an Intel is inside you that the good lord put there. And it controls every cell most organ teaching your body when you cut your hair and Stacy would architecture arm busy heal on its own argue that the focus on healing. Now discounts and it's. Does it right age put a man is already here because there's an tells us argue ladies when you have kids did you sit there and say grow baby growth. And focus on your own note overnight appeared they intelligence in your body develops. In evolved into a life the way god designed it that way right there where we have the intelligence all of us. It's so if you just learn how to tap into that they need to start out to express that by getting rid of any interference the body can heal from anything. Not enough percent diseases. Are cured on their own if you just get rid of this what's causing the disease. Right it's a this policy about type two diabetics. It doesn't matter what they this'll type two diabetic can get to sure to control. It's like tech appeal. Don't we simply do is. Clear out the nervous system that's controlling from their brain to the paint Chris was right place to blood sugar and we take the pressure off that to a series of treatments or clinic. Lab so the blood sugar. He regulates on its own and you don't need Amanda Foreman you don't need to insulin you don't need this shot you don't need to pump you don't need the pills that make you. To the cause of the disease. And that as well we do works when you just apply those essential as you can argue with a all day long called voodoo class Cory whatever but there's churches to truths. I cut the nerves going to organ that organ dice. I put pressure almost nerves going to an organ you get a symptom it doesn't work well. You hit. XYZ symptom you goes to the doctor they give it kills a cover that up too regulated for your officially bring it down whatever the cases. You simply take the pressure off that nerve group of nerves that control that part of your body in the heels 100%. Other time. You don't have to be assigned to this drug to be a doctor you know and be anonymous understand black and white. Take the pressure off the body gets better and not as always simply show you had to do is take the pressure off the nervous system what was the last time you had nurses and looked at it right I never had to mail a check your blood and yours and Carter's office so they know what's without appeal to you via drag me back but I never check your nervous system so on day one our clinic we checked the nervous system. That is more important in the blood work yes to blow org is a snapshot your hot pop book sugar will guess what UEFA before you got there your sugars or be high. Right you have high blood pressure yes this one behind you got white coat syndrome and are taking your blood pressure your scare the doctor it'll put chills a more pills intangible personal behind. But doesn't do any good to doing this test so we do our clinic is checked the nervous system see how the brain is communicating back and forth find the interference physically show you that you know what's causing it and ambiance remove that interference. And what is the body do it does on its own. He'll be heels so if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired and you wanna begin healing first is taking more more pills give us a call right now. Granny in that clinic now Americans a 64 iron three T six T nine ECU earn nine traffic is located here only different. Hearing green pull. I can that member as a 64 iron 318169. Easier and now anything if you trapping Rand managers Colleen and and we can take she's information that she needs and its highest and setting a pair playmate. I sin sin no worries he can take you text messaging you get home army unit rather concentrate. I began a 64 or three T 169. CN and I fetus Cheney and and that first visit again it's 45 times to keep accused Palin nice our insurance companies. But that first visit our beaches 45 times and began a 64 iron 318169. CNN and if you calling an Indian employees now. I please don't hang and just leave a message America back producing these can't the senate that person claiming raffles and this coming week and game and 64 or. Three T six T nine this year and nine. Two guys once we didn't take the pressure off your nurses some in your bodies begin to heal that is when the other essentials matter. People show up and say what is what your diet nutrition her production there. Doesn't debt. Doesn't work if you're not healing I don't waste your money your time on some. Crazy fat nutrition program either for me or somebody else if you're not healing begin with right. That is a matter what you putting your body give her that if you're not. Healing or your body's not processing those new interest properly because interference he simply waste your time and money in yes you can lose weight by starving yourself and coming off the medications but guess what. What not far from a case of a coming off the bad foods. What ends up happening AG is generally right back and saying just because tag assist at all right so let's just figure out what caused you to be a way to begin with right in that we fix that. Then you can live a normal healthy lifestyle and not have to worry about that right is so if you've never had that expression before anyone gets the cause of it gives a call right now. 864 active ET CXT nine CON nine again. 6432629. This year and I miss her plane and I PG spot mark. Information or a few and just regular research place discount outlets I passed and I and I kriegel. That conned again and Allan green bullet that con. He get down there and ECB shellacking UN Mecca playmakers Castilla and they can't plan an option there on our web site. Where few agents calling and now he six point earned 318169. CNN nine. And that's how we give people especially women to lose weight so quickly Stacey your your nutritious you know this is. Is a trial all the diets everything in him but it doesn't matter with that today's game the way right back and I or they tried. Cutting out sugars in part to bring their blood sugar down but he did it still was still high and can figure that out here wonder why your blood sugar high first thing in the morning when you wake up. Even know you have eight all night long in this Ohio in the morning because your papers is not being efficient as its as simple rules that it doesn't matter what you eat right. How come marking eat a cheeseburger in my blood sugars are going up and you can look at on your villagers going up. Has to do with a free food hazards do have the body's functioning and again. Health this function OK those nutrition the nutrition weight loss supplementation all that does is support the function. It's so once we get the function working head on a percent. Which is a second essential that we can apply the other 45 essentials. And then your body heals. Quicker and you lose the way you get off the medications and you actually keep it off in you don't ever gain it back. You know in the goal is is it keeps you off the pills and keep you off the pills for the rest your life. Not have you go right back on the pills as soon as you stop Caron made that's not fair right. So we wanna teach you know and keep you well. And by doing that we have to get to the root cause of the disease and you'll way to do that is a look at your nervous system it's not the tried other crazy Yo-Yo diet there's not a miracle pill out there there's not a miracle supplement is going to do all this up there were talking about. Yes supplements are important. We're advocates of those we tell people to take good qualities up miss we consult our clinic. And we start a lot of new faces on him for sup -- somewhat I'm gonna argue that but all that doesn't support the functional what's true health fitness that's from the body's healing at 100%. That is why we look at the nervous system on day one. So you've never had that nervous system looked at you gotta do that now. If not if you viewers calling in one nor die because you'll lose weight. Don't waste your time now don't WiMax waste my time we would you choose healthy not to show you had to lose a few pounds Google how to lose weight you'll figure that out right. Were we won't people who corporate people that tried everything. I'm sick and tired of being sickened are we want the people there at their breaking point in their miserable we want the people that have been told there's nothing else they can do and we want the people that have tried everything in the doctor says you have to deal with and it's. That is the people we wanna see your clinic. That actually need in one help in have been given up on by everybody else I don't care how extreme your cases how severe you think your problem is. If you think talking correct or not we wanna see you in our clinics have that is you give us a call right now. Right in there is Ali token Anthony again a 64 earned three TC XT nine CN nine point her claim that line began 864. Three TC XT nine this year and nine appeared just that to me and her office is located here I would different healing cream all. Again that clinic and brings a 64 earned three T 169. This year and nine pence to settle at camp claiming. Just had more questions please discount outlet satellite and the agreeable. Com they feel are kind of calling and he just kind of response please just think the message. I'll look at actually dean seems cans of pet planet when she first came this coming week that first at clinics currently 45 times out of pocket. Regardless of panic time. And doctor Gary had suspended Ian. I only give Pakistan in the styling insurance companies including Medicare the deaf person it'll still be 45 times since he may have had a plan that the doctor can. The number is 8642. ET CXT nine easier than nine. 'cause we saw a few missile let me share a good story over the Wanda did a pace amount for awhile. She come in she was type two diabetic she was actually in some hurt her diabetes and so out of control that early insulin so she's passed amid form point she's don't poked. And she's taken like you're forty feet two units of insulin throughout that they were in the cases in. As a result Seattle we call insulin belies a fear you are by the second insulin shots or the Pope. You know it when you get distinct talk insulin belly where your belly sort of swells up right. It looks like you have a beer gut you and a man but your action a woman so she she had this insulin belly. And I she was toll she had kidney disease too so that she's told that everybody insulin destroy your kidneys and she takes some of the stuff that's hidden disease in they aura for analysis you get the idea. And guys make all short short within six weeks she was go to go for like forty units of insulin. Down that down to twenty almost cut in half. Out and are bluster cylinder like one point five or something like that is so goal all in all and all day is a positive side effect of not being honored to have the and sling and more her stomach sort of shrink it down. And for this hole and that was the biggest deal in the world that her stomach was no longer swollen on operational or cramping in gas in her stomach is so because she was don't come off for insulin. And then within the next six weeks. She went down from that that's 122 point five meters or was down just five or ten units just issue actually give herself after she ate. And there was an F following six weeks so hurt her third third section with us she was actually it would get off. A 100% of for insulin when her doctor said she would be on that poem for the rest of her life. And they told her her Pincus is pretty much shutting down and there's nothing they can do so she had to be on that poll and more about chicken net meter for the rest of her life. And so she's off all her insulin her blood pressure come down is upon us out of thanks so she's offered a senator Perrault. Our she was amazed they're viral was functioning better. So we simply got this lady healthy. And in can get being who she was there was he off these medications because she did something completely radically different there which use used to be doing so if you want those results you have to do something different. If you keep doing the same thing you're at the same results. Oddball ticket quick commercial break king we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio show. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listens to the maximizing radio show we are changed the way people view inmates are healthy I'm your host talk to Josh were there in DC. And yet 'cause that's tasty cat because you're just tuning in I'll I'll let you Wear testimony or until the last break in Stacy my wife for a remind me something after the womb and it's a break is up. Member she's she told you who wish to audio we were your store she had type two diabetes and insulin calling you stuff in our disease so she stood her hair was thinning out severely. The shoes long ball at the top overhead and for a woman Hank Haitian young kids. And she shepherd of the senate she remarks she says she says she said though Merrill moral authority if you can give my hero back Al BO pay c.s for yours forever they never give up and that was what everything she now has her hair started picking up for the top could she's gonna get her medication is functioning and so I guess she's only with a Trevor say I. Is this money have it you know yes sugar is important blood pressure and important viral disease important but for her it was it was her hair brown. It's a her hair got thick the end because you don't rest her disease I. And we cannot and so now she's just static as ever here. The Arab League we hear any sings here you test results getting better and I came medications Vincent has is Canaccord has visual he Caribbean and it is. I had hair dye my hair dark colored hide that the ball in spots right now tonight and other spending cuts in that yeah. Feel good thing is the sad reality is yes a lot of women go through that what you don't have two ladies or gentlemen your Weisel have to go through that EDs got a do something different show up and that is why our goal and our mission. This is not a job for us a Max doesn't mean this is our missions. Has a we do we change the way people view to manage her life and we get the minister healthy and we give them their life back and we give them hope. For all the people their broken suffering and hurting out there we are here for you we're here on the radio for the past what 45 years so before reason to gives you hope. And not in to change your life but no way we can do that is by you giving us a call and if you don't do this call we can give you hope that we can change your life yes we want you can change your listening. And one day I hope the press say something that sparks an interest in new in you give us a call but until that time comes no worse still hear our doors are always open. We're always all except you and open armed regardless of your patient or new patient or past patient because we want to get you this is what the lower Collison do and don't take that from us let us do that price so until next week Gillis is a maximize and radio show we are change in the way people view a measure healthier remember being yourself as everyone else stick. Thank you for listening to maximize Libby. Where we are changing the way people view and manage their health. Although an 8643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Joining us again next week for another edition of maximize living.