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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view and manage their health. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone here listen to the maximize living radio show we are changing the way people. View and manage health I'm your host doctor Joshua there at DC. I haven't Stacy and I. As if you're tuning in this weekend hopefully we got to meet you in person last week in an RR waits 4017 weight loss challenge that we did Hillary and she's church coming off she's vomiting from that huge momentum from that big. A lot along publishers got schedule look. New personal consultations to sit down with us and tell us a sheriff's amount loves here in the stories who of people band through it I loved battle to sit on station and speak hoping that people and say look. Which are doing now fitting work and don't don't give up let's try something different inking is speaking hoping to people's what we love to do that is our mission. Back me and each Dallas even solar day that next day after just a little wired yeah yeah yeah. Yeah so far as I thought he had the momentum of the excitement of all the people in the room and everything so we went more for two hours with people in the spoke truth. Happiness in more poorly hoping how to reverse disease not just treat disease so hopefully you were there if you were not Mitt next summer around OK or maybe you were there in fort every reason that it wasn't your time to schedule a time to meet with us but now that you thought about you think you wash it it did something at the event but I did so no where do something it's a week later. And if I'm still doing the same Ol stupid stuff Sony so let's go ahead and do their right now so if you're a long time listener in your sick and tired of being sick and tired six is going to give that number like she always does. And this is your opportunity to do something. With yourself for yourself right now get plugged into our our system learn what the file a centers are reversed disease diabetes type two. My diabetes. We're talking cholesterol high blood pressure in Iraq at the impotence men now meantime I'm Roger thigh were disease all these things do it do with it though does the event Saturday that. That I eat you you were there or not but we wanna keep you engaged keep you apply against the states is going given a morale this is a number not effort to answer questions if you have more questions about our program you can always go to ML Greeneville dot com. See what the file was bizarre see how they played in what. And how how how we get results we didn't even see the pretty pictures of my wife and myself in the rest of her staff right. We don't look anything like her voice is due on the radio prom Shia. And this is time for ET pick hamster earlier fresh sales desk instead of ran in the same whipping around oil price time content at her sound give us a call 8642. BT six to nine easier and I'm never this is our plane mind. How mark questions he can get on in mount green bull attack con. They few rain can make that men and make no claim may become an hour clinic. That number is 8643. TC XT 90 and I and our office is okay here only different. Hearing cream bolt ran him behind me niece Japanese steel cast that first consultation adapted and I just 45 balance at pocket and we tear app Pakistan and assign insurance companies to that first visit is 45 guys. That's even less tablet military stand now have a weekly basis point to Starbucks right. Says MM rent them then embrace ABC into our coffee that I couldn't and I am a six or three T 169. Easier and nine for that playmate. And it's as simple as it gets base he says he con man and just get a police found relief fund assets happy act that he CNET tech campaign. Hit a 64. 3262909. So guys this week but we wanna get into is Mora was destroying our culture more of what's destroying our health. And yes I'd said destroying our health and he does medications I'm weren't go through my list of the top six did this medications out there that are overprescribed. And why they are prescribed in what their side effects are in in what was happening so make your paying close attention to all five or six cities hoping we get through all of whom are two or short time together this afternoon this morning. But here's the deal these are the six top killing. Medications that are over prescribe on the market that are causing the most problems. And that most people are taking someone runs through the list really quick in there were or backtracking go through each one of these individually so. If you hear medication your own make sure you stay tuned into the duration of today show for over the hour is we're gonna go through all six cities. And how they work. What the problem is with a man what the side effects are out there over scrubbed a lie so. The first journalist is tried to zoning court zone right there we have methotrexate which is a chemotherapy drug and actually give people with RA route toward arthritis. Two looted in a Horford and these things testing your blood. The cholesterol lowering drugs including the Staten drugs. Prozac so Zain oppressive strike and then the Redlands in the other Ater all things like that those are the top five or six things that were or go through their vote most prescribed her current U with the most deadly side effects. In that are killing people not getting them well and I'll show you guys to data to do that so. Let's jump Friday. To the Stacey said that the biggest one here is present zoning quarters are right chain guest. A hundred almost a 150000. People. That's a 150000. People die a every single year in the United States alone from these five or six medication that is talked about so 150000. People die every year from these five or six medications I just listed off in these are prescribed drugs are prescribed the right way not the wrong way they're not they're not abuse in most cases. But is just a regular everyday common thing in this is killing a 150000. People a year in the United States on this is not globally this is just United States so clearly. There's a problem here nobody is addressing this so we want to spend the time this afternoon to address that with you so the first one. It's pride in his own thing cornice zone. Hey. MEL I mean have heard and where Elaine shake and and please not. Yeah it's he had some anti operatives over poison ivy and that is the one exception that you know for in an optimistic she soared jumping the gun here but when it comes to discredit the zones are these court zones. They're not deadly if you only take off about a week or two but after anything over two weeks has deadly side effects is so yeah when you get poison over poison ivy they give you shut a quarter zone or species -- operatives are on the tail and get through the poison ivy really quick in that's a good thing known him hero but when you take things like pro in his own long term travel you have multiple shots of cortisone in your back for your neck or your New Year's joints. This thing is seriously deadly simply I mean I don't know a single doctor out there that can sit there looking effect to say yes if you take. Part is a long term quarters our long term it's okay. It's not accept what they take you more than two rounds. To see what they sank they even had to cut off freight Mary for that cortisone just ask this eat and I take it for so often and sometimes even admit that got a good party that is how is that going to track and we continue for pain yet it. In the thing is the credit so my mother's a nursery she work scenario than a nursing home locally and AP she just goes only known how ravaged in destroyed these bodies are these these early people nursing home from taking pride in his own terms have been put charm predator zone for a steroid in these kilos you all coming this is a devastating side effects of the stuff. I mean listen this approach is all alone taking long term which is more than two weeks causes this. Spread his own causes high blood pressure don't worry there's a pill for their right it causes fluid retention make you blow likable and I've seen patients on court his own in their food is so thick they have stretch marks on the thighs in their bag because this the fluid from a cortisone. We from the red zone by causes potassium lost so you have muscle issues it was at least a muscle weakness. It causes osteoporosis. But don't or they can give you pill for that lady's right high includes this Oster approaches gets a long bone fractures are broken hips right and we wonder why causes hectic all servers intestinal bleeding but don't worry there's medication for that shows a side effect they give you more medications because is in fragile skin. Including these these bruising Inman faces it causes your wounds not deal 88 the side effect of bread is a long term is type two diabetes found a door there's met former for that we thank you medication ready cause cataracts notary and it causes or resistance. It in protecting your body from the effects because it works by so destroy an immune system so why would you take a drug. That. After two weeks of use causes all of these problems and yet there's some people out there that have been don't print his own free year fresh and try it because it's easier when you go where the problems your doctor to keep still that same prescription that to actually teach you wouldn't get you healthy to get you off that medication ran a soulless completely different so if you're taking pride in his own -- as a long term in your sick and tired of being sick and tired and you get any of those side effects were talking about that you need to give us a call we never advocates used stopping. Something operatives on cold Turkey because his very dangerous to stop cold Turkey when you've been on it that all kind of theirs at an actual way too slowly wean yourself off that and that's what we're Sherri had to do a Max present except six. Right so if you may make that planning an attack began then embrace 864. 326290. And nine again 864 are. Three T six T nine this year and I need to have more questions he can get on our website and our green ball. Pat Conde if you raid Emeka playmate 86431816909. Okay celestial but the second one now methotrexate which is what we call like chemotherapy unique agent now how was that on auction Merrill moral and right so key low therapeutic agent is what this thing is stated some methotrexate. So this is crazy how ways prescribing a poison. Which is kibo that kills every cell in the body not just cancer cells therapeutic. The bit that litter this is a class of medications called chemo therapeutic. That is the biggest auction Moran up their Keno kills everything not just cancer cells but what they've done now is they realize hey big gets through some inflammation so guess who they prescribe kicked up next the threats like to now. And he'd SS class yet hit what is it people. Our neighborhoods were arthritis and so if you have authorized senior senior rheumatologist more than likely they have to on this drug called methotrexate. Look this sudden look the side effects of this stuff up from this is crazy I mean hey listen this this is from the physician's desk reference which all doctors should have these are the most common side effects of methotrexate. It causes fetal death income gentle and morality so if you're pregnant before you get pregnant while you're taking Mathis met the treks say guess what. Fetal death can Jill have Norton and all these this is a list a side effect because his liver and kidney toxicity. I causes bone marrow depression it causes lung disease. Eight if you were taking methotrexate and you take any type of incest which range anti inflammatory is like Advil tunnel things like that. They can cause a fatal reaction in the chemical make up thing caused you to have a heart attack Omar gosh prices. Because intestinal bleeding and ulcers in the stomach again more medications for that and they work by depressing gaming system or a is an auto immunity issue and so the drugs work by depressed in the immune system in what you don't want fighting his cancer and disease and affection CME union system tracking these drugs work by inhibiting all that and so you wonder why you have a problem right and so methotrexate very very dangerous. This drug actually works by inhibiting both accidental fall look acid which is when the B vitamins. Which prevents the buildup of homocysteine in the in the arteries in the in the heart thinks like that and so these drugs are are just kill you and you have no idea why you feel or second the medications yes you feel good temporary from the temporary result of that the medication but the long term causes a ton of problems so methotrexate you're taking methotrexate what RA or was arthritis. Give us a call right now. Frank Maddon embraced ace for BT 169. Easier and night and Candice is Sapp played 9864. Three to 169. Easier and manic he had more questions he can get on outlets high enough green oval path comp. If you raid make up claiming a 643262. Nines you and I are Clinton landscape kind of dizzy sometimes is she come calling and I Eagan police can't just leave a message her TV back from college seniors who can't. He set at a clinic for this coming week and you can 8643. TC XT 909. And when drives me crazy is the most people see in my clink their taken methotrexate guess what other drugs they prescribed with master tracks that play. Red zone. Don't we just talked about so it's like 012 kolbe Bryant is so they're getting used to her house ha that this and it just like it's crazy. How methotrexate. Is dangerous enough how proud is on his dangerous long term in the to column was a prescribed together are these two medications. The predator zone in the methotrexate in so it's just. Killing us so we're gonna take a quick commercial break he will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio show. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listened to the maximize living radio show we are changing the way people view and manage your health I'm your host doctor Joshua dared. DC Fannie 'cause that's case began because of reduced tuning in this week we are on the Max Muslim radio show we are talking about our top five or six. Killers medicine. Though which are Madison's. The the top five or six prescription drugs in the United States that are prescribed to the most people that cause the most problems. And the most damage to to your health do you understand that even though they're marketed as something to help you. As you and I mention the last segment Stacy a 150000. People a 146000. Be precise you won't get technical. Those are the numbers that's how many people would die every single year from just these five or six medications alone there were talking about this week. And that's better prescribe a regular basis that are abused or just take him like the doctor tells Mattel. I see is an accent and he's taken an innocent Ernie and any airline negating and just appeasing an owner. To act as being on them long term and a lot of times these things are just. After scratches as a temporary fix the ailing term the market figures out exactly what's causing it. That's and as we never again take me in dance class I have never get to that journey ladies can tee just to stay on these publications. I Celine knowledge and or classroom you doctored and even figure out how long is supposed to be on here. You have the commerce say I'm in science and say doc you know I've been taken to spread his own for more than two weeks and he is delegates take a long term when you going get me off of it -- or start the conversation when this is because we talked about pro in his own in methotrexate for the first segment for those unique viewers tuning in there for the top two of the five or six. And so when you're taken to spread to zones are methotrexate long term. You say had a conversation say dot you know would you take this bread is on more than two weeks or months to two. And here she's analysts say yes or no if they say no then say why how could you have me on at all this time rank. And it or say it was have a question and don't get your of the doctor term that people don't get her fans have been saying you know I've been sick this for a more than. I feel horrible August side effects I'm getting swirling I have always issues from this up. When cannot come off of it. And that is the key there if he says never been found a new doctor. I if you can't AG and finding a doctor but if he says war if you start doing this this in this then we can take you off that then that's a good doctor yeah. Or USA doctor what can I do to get off this medication. And he gives you some solutions in war truth here that's a good doctor. He cannot give you solutions are says he does have the deal because it runs in your family or this is just easier to do this or don't we don't wanna mess look at this under control now did you Jane as lame excuses. Are you define you need a harsher crack basically. But it doesn't take things just don't be easy patient going to ask questions and challenge them right brain simply because that's your health concern body you know more about. I years intends families feel at any anyone else out here and see how we have to question and take take and eat your control of your health and ask his questions if you raid in makeup on in the dark you can can embrace a successful act. Three T six T nine easier and now I'm content clinic and the way our radio member he can leave. And message if we don't eat Sarah get Aqua teen soon as the campus at temperament for this coming week. And gang camp Clinton signing a 643. TC XT nine easier than nine. I think as this is just to get some different answers to your questions this is to get the to get you well horses teach or more medication our goals to get you off the toes you're taking not mature more prescriptions right we want to show you had a reverse disease. And treat the cause of the disease not just treat the symptoms were more medications. I'll Wear the doctors that wanna do each you will not get you sick with a doctor's going to choose healthy and in all your life vs being slaves to the medication you're currently taking song here what your doctor said. They asked for a second opinion the biggest thing we sell our patience is Coppola's our office we wanna give you hope. And if you're taken as many cases pro in his own methotrexate chairman and or Fred what pearl talked about after the break the Staten drugs a cholesterol drugs were for or talk right after the break. The pro sex. For depression anxiety. And and then the written and other router also in the key in your kids were all talk about all after the break so you'll Cinemax and puzzling radio or change in the way people view administer health do not go to work is we come back correctional go through the rest of our top five or six thaci we've gone through the tot soon. And Alison at the top three or four after that. We'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximized living gold L 8643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're listened to the maximized living radio show we are changing the way people. Do you MA as or else I'm your host doctor Joshua dared DC had. Ani a 'cause that's tasty can because if you're just tuning in now we're going to the top six. Prescribed drugs that are killing people unhappy with the most side effects in our country. They are present his own there are methotrexate. Cholesterol lowering drugs lecter Staten drugs prozac. And you're out at all at a Rawls and your islands which is your you know your your beard your hyper activity things that we give kids so these are the top six drugs that are killing about a 150000. People per year and our country. Needlessly. Right trap heat in their they're there. Diagnosed in their prescribed to all of the conditions that are completely preventable in reversal of your habits that don't give up potent now so why keep taking the medication right. And be assistance ago 150000 people there are dying every single day I just sat. Myself let's just brought into the third one of our list which is committed and or war for an easy your blood donors because a lot of people out there a blood that are surprised. This is the medications he can hand Hanley. Britney is staying nice and so are you take the doctor so you're not healthy you have a heart disease or heart conditions or your your in danger of stroke or heart attack so or you've had a stroke heart attack and they want your blood thinned out so that puts you on come within or war for an. The problem is when you take it blood thinner your now no longer allowed to eat green leafy vegetables. What is the problem that you you see that the auction morning that one rank. And so because they don't want you to eat vegetables because they have bottoming K inviting Kaye is what Dick Clark sure bloody keeps you from bleeding to death right. So what happens when these people that take these medications acumen in a war friend. They don't bleeding to death or they nick themselves shaping or doing something in Vegas won't stop bleeding especially the elderly and they directly to death in listen this. Guys culminated in a war plan is sixty rat poison morality is all of this when they give in 100 reserve trials okay. For Kuwait or for wing given to alive brats guess what the outcome is. Death they don't ever cigarettes has not it's not apart are rats are rats so common in a war for an is rat poison in a sense of taste it and so and your taken this on a daily basis so you'll have a heart attack or stroke or prevent another one is this not insane or what clinical trials have proven time and time again that rats and mice die when they ingests communal war front so why are we doing it. In this is this is the reason and I'm one you have to call colleague is what it is when you're taking timid or friend. Dayton tempered prescribe positions -- these drugs because they require Argus what repeated visits and laboratory test that generate incredible waiting comes from them in the pharmaceutical companies on is Hollywood's at it what it is when you're taken these look dinners you're always in the doctor's office for checkup you're always doing labs which is generating everybody money across the board and you're always taking these medications for the rest of your life and why what they want to take Dijjer gets a guaranteed income stream for the doctors the labs and the pharmaceutical companies and I am called it BS because that's where it is an up and apple SA BS I mean bad system it's a vast systems that don't don't accuse me cussing on there BS is the -- -- to talk about it's that's just the usual semi to hate -- for cussing on the air. So why are you taking these things I mean it it. Since Sony and their great comment and me actress had things as well TU I'm and it's just wired like if he had to be prescribed at doctor prescribes she. Look at as a temporary fixes they can figure out what's causing this problem and how suck it just and just fits in Kansas if it can be paramedics and and and in the Canadian that's change I can say they look on the outside and he prescribing medication. That one practice tee tests and Ian. Any app patient even how to eat and and as Sam Madison scenery and Steffi I nationally and I feel OK am glad naturally and came to begin thinking if someone had just defeated solicit and. Intimidated more for an to rest for the stay right here when you take governor or friend you cannot eat vegetables. Okay. If you stop taking tumor or friend. The reason why you can't eat vessels because in it it dead because it that the cat the vitamin K was in the clotting factor. So it doesn't allow human or friend to thin the blow like this approach to it makes a blood thicker so but if you eat if you don't eat if you don't take tumor or for an in your eating your agreement leasing vesta bulls which are good for the heart which gives you energy which help your heart read Jerry which helps the arteries clean out on their own. Because we say and then we're not saying that you have to do a transition and live a healthy lifestyle in slowly and safely work with us or your doctor in wean yourself off these Kim is a war friends but yes she needs are you more green if you vessels with the east because that's what's going to achieve better not the tumor or friend obviously to that list. Do it nutrition wise featured body healthy so if you're stuck on either one of these medications and you want some a new direction or new hope. When you live off five essentials like selling get off these medications give us a car right now. Right yeah fetus tired as I sit there and DNA evidence travel industry analysts causing problems in the kindling to get this column that number aren't any state 64. Three T 16909. This is our playmate mind he had more question is seeking an outlet sigh and now crane full attack comp. If you made a separate playmate and embrace a 643. T 1690. And I met first played in his 45 times out of pocket. We did participate in the sun insurance companies and oppresses a case here ingrained on what different crowd behind Mimi Japanese steak house. Says he me to make up planning I can't get membranes 864. 3262909. Turks are Arab. Phone lines and Penske concept and they get they see leave a message CPP get the voice now some are not answer please leave a message don't hang that. And we're giving a comeback as soon as we can't say tuna or person plane and a for this coming week began a 64. Three cheese steaks T 90 and nine. I guess so. We talked about for a in his own method text rates do commit the tech trade and we talk we talked about the criminal war from the book there's now let's jump into another heart not medication which is the cholesterol lowering drugs the stands at Ellis spent some time when this is this is probably one of the most. While they take you one people take cluster along medication just roll call on Staten drugs further these units of this that's who they are. And people takes that drugs just be on the safe side these days I just quit your doctor put join us that drug used to maintain your ordeal that level which is killing you know we'll talk about a. An aide Vincent has is dixieland just depends may be airing your pants are you Mather had problems begin listening just to cheat at it take you on. Yeah it's available to run cholesterol then but listen this according to them the American Heart Association they finally admitted that cholesterol levels are not indicators of potential heart disease. Sound so the American Heart Association says cholesterol levels are not indicators of potential heart disease so why are we still screaming cholesterol causes. High cholesterol causes heart disease pain when it does that information causes heart disease that that is the big difference there are right and so is it's essentially take explain you how these medications actually work. I Staten drug works. By inhibiting. And enzymes so the liver makes cholesterol that's what how the liver prop the liver processor is the food you re in a byproduct Kim makes the stuff called cholesterol. Your body makes cholesterol to fight inflammation which actually causes heart disease information does causes a big deal if inflames are by the way your brain is like 80% cholesterol the good cholesterol made up of cholesterol that fatty T she sipped their pictures that's all cholesterol that's a good thing. So cholesterol drugs work by inhibiting a enzyme that makes cholesterol in your lover. So when de enzyme goes in there explodes into the Staten drug Azeri it kills that enzyme off so you can't make any cholesterol so therefore your numbers look good when you have your blood work your HDL they'll do all that looks good because the delivers not making. Cholesterol. However. When class draw is made naturally like you should be in the liver when you eat bad food or put chemicals in your body causes inflammation. So the body makes cholesterol to bring inflammation down but clash August the better route. So what is making cholesterol went cholesterol splits after comes out a liver has had byproduct called co Q ten. If you know anything about biology and SL hosting co Q ten. Co Q ten is what your body uses to take the energy from the food you eat out of that the feared. And turning into ATP your transfer the ATP or the energy into the muscles. Your party your strong with what's. So muscle somebody crash so when you're taking a Staten drug yes you're not making cholesterol your Klestil humorless candidature also lawmaking co Q ten disaster that the by product the cholesterol Hilliard making co Q ten your body has no way of taking the energy from the food you week in putting your muscles include your heart. So is that going to be harder herbs or or are easier on the heart would only energy and. It's gonna hire an exactly so what happens your blood pressure does what he did have ups and then they'll pure blood pressure medication you can't bear a lot that he didn't and so what happens is the cholesterol drug lowers cholesterol but it also he would issue for making co Q tip and invest your heart gets weaker and always and it gets inflammation and always in the body has to try to make more cholesterol to get rid of the information because this week this is not getting the energy from the stat because this that notre giving co Q ten and then before you know it. You have muscle aches. You get tired authority kicked we must mean you source in your shoulders and you can't figure out why. And he goes to the doctor and they give you anti inflammatory just right because the installations so bad because of you don't have any cholesterol to bring the inflammation down because you take your cholesterol medication. And then close strongest the bad rap for everything when it had nothing to do classroom begin with. It was simply could you get too much information your body so if you watch o'clock shore to come don't quit eaten steak and sugary and Britain's starches. Including. Hold break hold grain breads whole grain breads as our patients learn Saturday nervous ASEAN has a glass an index of seventy. Or 74. Sugar tea publisher has ago lessening index of 64. So whole grain bread. Actually breaks out into sugar which is more potent that Gregor table sugar same Massa to seek up on my screen passes. As Alex is the whole grain grain right I Dicey Nikkei index go Google that they inject that guy's crazy it's so the experts say you eat whole grains every single day for your or your health and if you see it the whole grain breads have a by seeing index of 74 which is ten points higher than regular table sure itself is seen normally in your cereal it's also why do these things it is completely backwards so especially our feet Canon is and it hadn't I was not effortlessly out yesterday and I guess at a slightly eating the food pyramid now that the governor recommends the base is what whole grains and a little bit of fat at the top we say flip that thing upside down eat lots of good facts from seventy to 80% of your diet should be the good raw facts doesn't that facts. It is good tax actually help Terry keeps its restaurants in its. Saying everything is backwards but you're a slave to the to the media in your slice which your doctor tells you so you say yes sir yes ma'am and you you get in the crowd with the rest of the cattle or does -- -- as we say this she's she and you do it everybody else is doing and you get it and thus you get the same results as everybody else you're still on the medications and the south pictured eating horse horse in the union more medications if you're tying a beat if you're tired of being the she pulled anyone did something different do some completely backwards and different to get a different result which is which is what you should do don't follow her by us because there would look around at everybody else right quit listening today exports in used to it you know makes sense and when it works so give us a call right now for those cluster of issues. Right then embraced 864. 169. Scene and I mishap Clinton time. 864 Eric took 18169. Easier and nine that's on a hit appear first deployment may have first Clemens Conley 45 times had a packet. Only get picked his state and that's not insurance companies are offices located hearing crane pulled. I only different right and behind meanie Japanese stakeouts. I. I am and make this phone call and make a permit for yourself again a 64. Three teens 169. Easier and I refugees have more questions we encourage you to get on our website at. And Al Green bullet dot com that if you made him make his next at 864318169. Easier and nine. All right guys running into the fifth for now prozac. Personal. So yet. In the US alone six million Americans take prozac. More than most prescribed in a presses at their six million people in the US alone take prozac and in the wrestler wrote combined twelve million so half for the prozac in taken the entire global. A continent or the global sued the global world. Is is taken right here in the US alone. We take six million in the Ressa wrote combined takes twelfth ranked and so you were only like five so the world's population may get here. They come in honey just I kind of had just five. Having taken eight. That's when you go back can you see all these school shootings from the easy these youth and all this Delis say something happens or not terrorism but does the school shootings from the youth and things like that was a common denominator they all take prozac. And the reason why prozac causes all these problems prozac works. By inhibiting certain things in the brain itself makes you and key gauge that I don't give a damn thing impart my freshman that yeah that's what makes she feels like you don't care is so make you feel better it doesn't you don't get agitated easy day but at the same Tommy gives you that I don't give a darn feeling where you do anything easy trigger often you don't care or results and we wonder what people. And then that this what ticks me off more than eight thing is after these Jewish school shootings people ghost sue. The the gun companies. Everything that goes into a big guns I say that it has hurt the deal with the drug there were taking that gave and I don't give a door attitude for the pick up a gun and kill a kid brat he kept that just that. That's why sue the the drug company I'm sure you wash in the gun companies want always to the drug companies but actually it's legal to do that would test is a whole other topic. Right into about a pain even pants and you know we we tend to want to gravitate to activities different medications he can't for different reasons. That he hammy deceit in racing cakes yeah I should agreed it's stressful enough. I Ian angels made states like our start back and it happened nationally gear as they look for. I simple and mainly in Africa prozac percent to very simmering and I kind of non team out. And they asked tonight she I'm present. And I mean any kicks meet EU and iniki is being non calorie. You're nice things in life are Ambien or to get a bond games are being part of their life and heck you know analogy that phone since Estes thank kind of like the babies have tracking its prey. And CE news just novelist anti. Yeah if I ended this the sad thing prozac. Warning filed out of every hundred people that take it experienced suicidal thoughts that's what before we bring you down so one out of four people. Have suicidal tendencies and suicidal thoughts taking prozac. It's right here on the drug label crying and allows allows you take a drug has its 45% chance of suicide and I hit it's insane. It is complete assay which gets is two or another that the next killer which is that a role written as was we treat our kids with highlights how. He is an abuse saying that you were about little Johnny because he can't pay close attention so the doctor can do no wind so it puts more I don't all right and you're aiming so therefore he's like a zombie in the corner and he listens but he becomes a zombie it at the same side so so why would you put your kid Ritalin at a row when you can describe what's causing that which is a chemical balance was we do we children are off the spot. We're out of time for a second for the segments we're going to get quick commercial break the dome going we will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximize living gold validate 643262909. That's 864326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio ship. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone here this is the maximize the radio we are changed the way people view administer health. I'm your host doctor Jocelyn there. DC and it 'cause I states you can and guys just to wrap up we talked about a top six medical menacing killers in our country. You it it was manna I have my list your crazy was pried his own quarter zone methotrexate. That Staten George your cholesterol drugs prozac and then that are all violence. And that's how I'm reading this from the FDA are here. Since back march 22 2004 the FDA made their ruling and issued a warning. That. The top ten prescribe drugs for eight depressants. It says I'm Rosemarie says the FDA is issuing a warning about the possibility of worsening depression or suicidal thoughts in people. Who take the top tempo operator press is especially at the beginning of treatment this is from the FDA so prozac Zoloft. Paxil blue box Alexa Lex a pro while Rooter and effects or. Sir bones in her Bremer and those top ten in your press is right there according to the FDA which most didn't put the south thirteen years ago. To tell the drug companies to tell their of their other clients this. Then actually taken these medications can protest the possibly make those problems worse. And yet these are the go to drugs still today but guess what their fall the FDA's ruling because when you see that that drug commercial on TV really quick at the end they talk about how it could cost suicidal thoughts or death it's another phone the rulings but I still prescribe these medications people don't hear those little tiny quit blurred from that or read all the side effects they simply take because a doctor prescribed the FTA tells us are not good tells us that make things worse and we still lineup likes people and we take those so Gaza you're sick of being tired of being sick and tired give us a call right now. And embrace a 643 T 16909. SN. Output at line 8643. T 169. Here and I can have questions please get on outlets like in mount queen full attack not. Our offices are Katie only to friend ran behind manes check any state cast your first this is going to be 45 dollars. Had a pocket and we get tickets pay limits on insurance companies to include Medicare but in many can't I can't he's 643 T sixteen and CNN. Some guys and so next week you're listens a maximize living radio show we are change in the way people view and manage your health you remember being yourself because everyone else is taking dumb question. Thank you for listening to maximize Libby. We're we're changing the way people view and manage their health. Caldwell an 8643262909. To make an appointment so you could start living a maximize life. Join us again next time for another edition of maximize living.