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Welcome to maximize publicity when we're changing the way people view advantage there hill. For the next hour you'll work an alternative ways of getting healthier living up maximize life. Now here's your host doctor Joshua would there. Welcome everyone your lessons of the maximize living radio show we're changing the way people view and manage their health I'm your host doctor Joshua there at DC. And you cut the ATP guys that you do. Tuning in and if you've been tuning in for the for the past several weeks out we are promoting our weight loss challenge just point seventeen. Asked promise we're giving away ten free sets its student ten free sets of tickets. In the first ten minutes of the first ten collars. To get into our weight loss challenge which is coming up. Saturday February 4 at redemption church in their refuel room. It can hold several about three or four of people sort trying to pack that thing out and we always packed that out we do this every year this coming year. And as Saturday. February 4 from 10 AM to noon is that Ericsson. It's as ten Antonin say your best planes Allenby missing that provides. Yeah so yeah only in yes it is Super Bowl we can't but you can still get home bylaws time Saturday and so you're not missing any pregame suffering like that as the game's not the Sunday so don't worry about that so that's minus G striped tank. As so for the first ten minutes we're going give away ten sets of free tickets and actually this week's facing. We're going to go away eleven says because we had some tickets that a long time listener marsh Chad. He had won a senate tickets last week in the email us up there earlier on this week and said hey I want these take its thank you very much I don't foresee I can't come because my wife has something else schedule so we ask that we didn't. He can give those to somebody else of the immense talent alleys that. Ali Al. It's so he asked if we can reach you if those tickets he give them back and we give them -- somebody else that could actually benefit that and Chad thank you so much for doing that because we hate to give away free tickets and the person official already given us some might actually wanted to be there and you get the didn't show much as he wanted to be there he can't because of his his wife's baby shower something she's doing a baby shower which is a big deal going to a baby shower so. He gave us cities backs who were going your way his tickets is well in honor him. It's org you know way eleven cents not ten in the next ten minutes so so I still give that number out what you guys are calling in for this is not for an appointment will save that for later this is to schedule scheming to win a free pair techniques against an easy event it is it taking the event but tickets are toy powers at the door. Per person but if you win the tickets almost on their radio he didn't bring Nancy awaits you in you do not have for about paying at the door you have your -- already in we will email you all the details locations times and everything what you need to bring with you were not so you know what to expect once we get that so you are calling and give your name and leave your email address the war about the -- -- number two -- case we don't understand the email part McCall and Stacy cannot answer the phone policy during the show so call Linley your name number in email address. You were not won't spam you would you see your email address so we can register you insane you the two biggest via email us assays on that number are right now since tickets or eleven tickets Levin says in the first ten minutes of the first and collars gonna. Six and NRA 864. County set to take some action only 25 talent show he Spain you're getting his her free again. 6431816909. I began 864 iron 3181690. And hurting us your co. Asked that he last Sabatini and so if you don't get on this week you can tune in next week for the first ten minutes to get tickets then by eight iron or 326290. Not to register. She'd not pressure but actually get for that this free to get so we can reddish you for that event. Rangel Ari can get on our website actually any fees round looked more information and wary wondering is the biggest I don't let me get a stroke off the website ahead. And just do it again on outlets nineteen events and now Greenville attack com or fewer in a colony can a 643 T 169. Easier and nine. And it's even though I think it's only debt right Susie and give you that right now I'm just going member writes page and type in weight loss challenge Tony seventeen. And I you can see it posted their earning them right you can see all the details locations and you can purchasing is that way as well so basics for 32629. At 09. Ryan with a limited seating Taylor just tiny gain as many people as the candidate in the same town McAllen for so many people on an uncertain space silly really why you get and when he's taking Ambien RT utilized in this well I can't A 643 T 169. Easier and now has after the break correction going get to you our topic this off this week which is or be the principal health and healing you know we talk all it sounds about diabetes high blood pressure weight loss like we're talking about the seminar all of these different things but if you miss this one major prince who when it comes to health and healing you missed the boat and so we're going in there after ray before then I think Stacy has a quote she wants to read. Sort of motivates you give you some better mode joked as we watch at these event not just look good in the Davis suit of us you can get healthy behavior for your wife and kids I mean. We just like I think a sandy you know she's lost like eighty pounds this year. Doing the maximize living challenge you know in then you know you hear me talk about trees all the time she's lost a hundred and Tony Paris that she should be don't 125 by the time the event comes around. And says she wants to give her story as well I mean and these ladies these are people that actually lost weight and kept it off. That the horror these easily lose weight with a heart party is not getting it back. And so everybody gains it back in so doing these principles and these lifestyle change and is getting to the root cause of the disease that root cause of weight gain. Is the simple solution and that's or won't go to go through at this event it's not just I weight loss challenge it is a mind challenge we're going to think Mack's mind at the proper mindset what to say yourself discovering your big Y. Don't shot thinking you'll lose its territory 3042 pounds Laguna babysitter this summer and I. I had trying to say and I appealing yet we're not selling your pillow and get there's gonna come looking for a pay all right we have needs tools and answers you need there were more work with you guys in and help develop your big YE -- what you want in life and how you or get there we knew a columnist that you actually get it planned you don't plan to fail though clam planes you to fail so I by getting their resources the information going through this two hours of us up on stage given unit dubbed motivating you inspire you here in the stories to tell you what you do step by step in leaving with a game plan. That's how you get success in life regardless weight loss getting off medications are being successful in life in general. Right and at least how much stress that it is calling 643 to 169. Easier and nine. Says Steven Friday and it which is the pastor Fiona pastors and elevation church mega church there in Charlotte. I eat this recent president at close at Kansas action when that came equal stakes auction. Senator let me repeat that there was that action without pain equals six shots. Being you do dual let's just stuff they knew if you're not. Ten point you have a plane or I mean I like he's a hostage Keisel is the only place as as he sailing since you sheeting Harris Alan different directions and not pointing in the right Tressel have a planner and I and that's the key is getting so up this summer getting your plans right. And that's and and historian David and Goliath even and Keenan David he had his weapon at high eighteen colony sky. He he he looked at Danny Carney shy he's in whatever your client is saying he's diabetes are. How let pressure depression and Aaron Ross separately last from hours early just have to get focused and came Aaron one golf 'cause a lot of times when we started fresh Tierra where. The only have to you know 1520 different goals and resolutions and being similar idea to make this year different right. Anyway yeah. And continuing to have connection or you're doing the same goal. I am mainly salad uneasy cases like Clausen is the kids get raised an hour and house you know I have. In an Itamar many to be about that are pressure he's are heavy when I get this car paid champion and a immunity dancer. Focus more on the hill campaign cycle facilities excuse is kind of start and they're nasty sinus try and Indy this year and that just like a year before but no because this year you gained ten more pounds. Aren't you and twelve pounds and you you know whatever whatever return and I. And emailing just pack Canadian senate raising really supporting you know I'm even thinking about the it might help their son Ian any listening in teen. And it's radiation detain and an Iraq nanny or even they can't they be and Loveland day you know. And he deserves a better is not. As a spouse and all accounts right now that you were talking about it. Thanks now some cats and grandma Derek Lee and you know ideally having seen you for and very to camp he's paying a nice vacations and things like that game. Dean and we discovered pieces in and you wanted to see it here live a fulfilled life this is an opera team B Hiller to come anemic at. Girls morning now Derek Bryant kind of pain are. He entity you'd get people to get into the last anywhere to get seen on here need to show on behalf. One person had in the year you by yourself trying to gain its. So it's not apparently have some money kind of hot apology accountable and that's currently dealing access living mostly at least at this relationships. There's constantly people laugh is there. You know there and in an extension phone embarrassed and create these partnerships in French slaps. You know on honey generic camel and a speedy pardon. In any I asked Darren long hat can't be alone tragedies it's now that's important and we still have tickets let's get this cock. 86431816909. This is the caller to win a free set of tickets for your way 106 election elevenths or assist our ranks Chad donate his tickets back so we're giving away Levin says in the first ten minutes of the first ten or eleven callers. Looking Hillary you know it looks like there are grasshopper count looks like we have a three sets left so we've given away with a 7789. 878 looks like actually looks like nine now so we're we are down a couple sets. And so call leader name number and email address and we will gladly Irish refute this meant. Our contact information and everything it's will be Saturday February 4. It's our. I weight loss challenge to for Torre seventeen. That redemption searched our we are gonna be meeting in their refuel room we compact several hundred people in there and so we always packed this out and sell out so we look forward to seeing you this year we just the last year and this is going to be your year I'm 47 is a new year new you but you'll think different in a new year new you is actually you showing up the hardest part guys are showing up all the people that we see all the testimony as we hear our office. When you last seven year view them we do video testimonies what was the hardest thing in that the question was. Just I heard some people say because I didn't think Al's worthy into what showed up and you gave me hope right I didn't think I could be correct because my doctor said it was genetics. And my doctor said because my family's fight I want to be fat I didn't think I could reverse type two diabetes because it runs in my family. My parents that cholesterol high blood pressure or heart disease so I expect I was gonna have to the doctor said it was genetics there's a player can do about it so they tell us the hardest part is just. Believing in themselves and you showing up. And once you show up in you get. In my core Union Station scoring warrior coaches. You can accomplish anything this is how these people lose all this weight get off all these medications. Within thirty to ninety days and off their minutes and then I mean they're losing. Tens Pointe thirty and we've happy would lose over a hundred pounds and a year mean trees like let's talk about awesome 120 pounds in ten months for crying now crises or even double and I she's not even. She was our event last year they she's gonna be at the event this year hopefully figure restoring she's illustrate how she lost a 125 pounds. In this year of being doing show that the event last year and you could be the next personal stage given just going to my. You because that's the heat for me it's just a matter if you wanna take a few want someone else to take it forty hurricane. He just had to get this column and concede that tickets last says we have access it can be free Ian. And eating and eating it is class that couldn't get on our lips Hank elk. Ballot and you know how to pity party got her. Get higher ticket actually had this happened again a 64318169. Easier and nine Kemper Iraq. Remember we have a seat for. 8643. T 16909. If you don't do anything about it and he near the only person blank him I don't know why estrogen self people beat us up all the time in life New York. Our challenge with your families who were suits your spouse telling you whatever they told you that was a lie annual whatever it is we we take this up and we keep the subconsciously did beat this up tank and you don't realize you discuss discover what that is get that off your chest. Figure out what your big why is what your purpose is a life. And then you can accomplish any goal I don't care if your 500 pounds. You can lose that weight within you know a year or two if you just do which is supposed to do but you can't do what you're supposed to do unless you show up and you can't do that. But she show up your committee and you get a coaching your core like states Europe and we apply those five essentials of Max doesn't give you the life you need in the life you deserve for you rank your family so. We're all take a quick commercial break when we come back we're getting tore topic this week. I listen Max Muslim radio show in we'll be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximized living gold elevate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living kid change your life. This is the maximized living radio show. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone you're licences the maximizing your radio what we are changed the way people view in May itself I'm your host doctor Joshua Dara. DC can and can't cut states began because of you're just tuning in we gave way he actually 111000 tickets cassettes donated his bag so we are that gave them a somebody else so thank you for that Chad. So if you're so I cannot come to the menu one think it's please let us know email us so we can donate this to somebody else can come crying so we gave almost tickets away in the first segment so we're going into our topic this this week which is what the true definition of health is I guess we are five essentials office we talk about mindset nervous system weight loss nutrition. You know that exercise detox we go through all that stuff but if you don't fix this one thing are you missed the boat right you're walk around and we'll running running running so but before we get there only give a quick testimony Archie Stacy was you wanna give one. Steve come in the office earlier this weekend he was excited. I was his reasoning with us we do agree exams every six weeks or less on six weeks ago are we were able to take him from. Take them off his cholesterol medication. And we're or take them put them down to half his blood pressure medication and you all worry about that because you know he's had a heart disease in the past and he had a valve issues are his word about that and but he went down to half as a blood pressure medication six weeks ago. Any come in and you're doing is re about today angle to everything in. And 114 ever 68. I mean 112 or sixty and there are so low are taking their half medication that we actually made the decision you know with his approval has its ultimate downhill not me. He actually can get off all his blood pressure medications so Steve is now officially topped off all 100% of its cholesterol medication and his blood pressure medication and he did that in about a six compared labor and on. And that means he's got extra many. And debate and I think it was the it was Steve or a lot of guys he's that. It's only goes to the VA and they just hopeful for all these drugs and I get the VA is there to help you out sometimes and it's a good organization that man all they do is give our vets all these drugs in these medications and days of Vietnam guiding goes in there they put them on all this medication he comes off like a zombie I don't talk volatile from all these medications and so I mean in top of that this is a big deal for him maybe not you guys listen that he was stricken six sodas a day six like Mountain Dew is a day that's a lot of and that's a lot of soda her last and he's now down three yeses three is still bad don't give me your old buddies have because he lived to go from six sodas a day down a threesome today and so we cutting sugar intake in half just like that it's time. And he's trying to solve matters is trying and he's moving in the right direction. And then I had. I actually had chili and Angelina had talked about rain and she has key concern. Actually ends has cancer she has has been battling it. And and she shed it telecast today which is a big deal to do it may be dealing generation track that the people in particular cat this morning. I you know the biggest change is traffic Taloqan biggest clients and an accent to number four. And exercise that that we did and clinic in Iraq. Cancer can not live in an oxygenate in silencing dissidents still in that billing and smile on massive exercise is better than I think are displaying on the couch and you know. Had a net pity party or the Willis me fearing he had began paying half the final announcement post went Julie did today and she shared that. I inspired not just union means that everybody feel that process can she just showed that can give that out she had to NATO mark Cassidy deal. In more more we he's fit this in your Thomas come in last week as well enough. This guy has has more health problems and any buyout ever met he if this men if it can happen to you is happening this for a guy right. And not peace are they office last week and come in this week like this third treat it with me he's like doc I can't believe this he has obviously been three or four hours tonight and after those two tree besides she's pretty good this is his third day with me he's like I've actually slept for an extra four hours each night some sleeping eight hours a night a wake up in the morning and our regular term vs a wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning you wake up 8 o'clock in the morning he's like he can't believe he's actually sleeping through the night and just three or four treatments with us. If not he's actually getting his sleep patterns McEnroe he's excited just lesson one week he's actually it was sleep for more hours per night than he was in the past but routes are really quick brutal take a calmer quick commercial break and we come back. I promise you we will give our topic. So don't go we will be right back. If you're interested in learning more about maximized living gold validate 643262909. That's 664326290. Run to make an appointment to find out how maximized living can change your life. This is the maximized living radio show. Your prescription to living a maximize life. Welcome back everyone your Le. Since the maximize living radio show we're changing the way people view administer health primary host doctor Joshua Dara DC and and it 'cause I Stacy again. I arrive in two guys. First Zemin is we will much to Vegas tore upcoming events Saturday February 4 at redemption church from. Tend to new wasn't our weight loss challenge so make sure you get tickets for that if if you do you know win tickets you can tune in next week because the first ten minutes of next week surely you wait ten more tickets I we do. And then the event is going to be a week or so after that which is Saturday February 4. From from 10 AM to noon I had every dense in church in their big refuel room. We can put several hundred people nearly three or 400 Emeril pact that hang out like we do every heavy there for you when you lead guys I promised a year or have the tools. The re search. The game plan or wanna have it in your package when you get here so even if you don't wanna commit to do anything and our clink you don't have to you're still wanna have the resource is there the game plan that we're gonna teach you wanna be their so get there get an actual place she didn't win tickets. Gil line purse of tickets it's all that bright it's called the weight loss chosen Tony seventy or you can go to our website ML green will dot com. Click on the calendar are there was some Webby she's a hope to have it up by now but we've been Hampson was sighted she sent. I inside gain shames him and testimony. Amy and this is like pain and this is that the blood in my banker and these testimonies and this and just knowing the nation allowing me in and help these people. And you know it take. In addition any testimony seemed to snag points just one last change the next time that that one person because Manning now one person he you always. You are we get the top of the mountain is about looking back in help and the next person per year. In helping him reach that same mound wearing different manner and managed that team that standard inspired in the nicest. Get a crack at that then they're testimonies Indies here. And Utley gala Hispanic job backfire examination. And that's black babies missing hearings ingrained lesbian to change their land health care system names. Indian and inspired people in Diebler amazed people in the right direction as far as I have so if you re separate plane manner clinic number Lara. Our office is located only different. I ran behind Mimi Japanese steak caps. He gets a colony 64. Three TC XT nine easier and nine. I can and just extreme because he wanted to claiming 8642 BT 16909. Just in case tent either the year haven't questions. My first plan is on me 45 times. And we get picked Spain limits on insurance companies include Medicare creating Medicare. But that first visit only 45 gallon since the father centers consultation to doctor Darren. Again 8643. T 1690. In on. So let's get rides a topic now guys. People always approached me in any dead at his speaking engagement in the clinic player in the cases and they sort Rockne doc I have type two diabetes or have high blood pressure I have high cholesterol or can't lose waiter I have hormone imbalances have. Headaches have migraines have sciatica I have bladder problems I have cancer what ever the disease is. I'm we'll speak to you about that right now take this diseases disease is the body added disk east so breakdown disease the bodies added dis he's so it's not in proper functioning senior you're not healing at a 100%. And always ask me what do I need to do what essentials best from me and you got five Mac's mind Macs are -- Max nutrition Macs are generally muscle and then minimized and toxins what won those five essentials is best for me guys all the answers this all five of them are just as equally as important after all pieces of the puzzle but if you do not get essential number two than the rest of that you're wasting your tying in your money. Think about this we've all tried diets we've all tried fads cleanser is done all of this suspect all this money. And then look at yourself now you're the exact same way the same person in the same situation your back on the merits you gain the weight back you still have the disease. It got too hard he gave up whatever these juice is this because you did not fix what was causing the problem to begin with this is why this is what controls all health and healing running this is the answer. It is nothing fancy is no program you don't have to start Russo to lose weight eagle at the cut certain foods out to get off medications or report to reverse disease has everything to do this crystal tea right now this is the true law God's law health and healing right here on what walking through it step by step. Pay close attention to when I'm done you'll say a man that makes so much sense tackle nobody's ever told me this before right. So right now I want Jeter right down this this word right here the word Merrick sharks those two words. Am ER I C I'll say that two more times so you can write it down. Mary chart MB ER IC in in the org chart mayor MER I C char. The mayor chart is pretty much a chartered doomed you're explains you so after I'm done or we doesn't show you can Google the word Merrick char and you can see the chart on talk about NCR everything's connected right. So. With spreading like this what organ controls every cell muscle organ tissue in your body. What tells you to grieve with tell us your heart to beat. What tell us your tankers to regulate your blitzer what tells you to digest to it tells you should go to bathroom what controls everything. Pitcher what's your brain your brain that's a fact you can not are you without don't care what your doctor not as simple. Your brain controls everything right if you take the rule the root word of the word health. HE a LTH is health the root word of health is what's. He'll HE a L so health is when the bodies what it's. Healing let's be simple about it right black and white so the root word of healthiest he also help is when the body's healing so actually the definition is this when the body's functioning in more important it's healing. Out 100%. Not merely that apps a sickness and disease so you can look good. If you break your your blood sugar your blood pressure all us up to be under control by the medications you're taking you think you're fine but you were not healing at a hundred presets you are not healthy so what controls all healing in the entire body what tells your body in what. So when you cut your arm in your bleeding. And you put advantage on that. Do you sit there and say he'll or viewers that cut and actually do that inaction against hit it so when you get pregnant ladies and you have a baby your whom the utility developers that develop on its own thing depends on exactly when you break it or does it. You got the heel letters they heal on its own hands on time mr. and I guess it heals on its own so you had this intelligence in your body called. What we call innate intelligence what's as the intelligent every cell almost organ teach your body in your body's Marshall heals itself you don't think about it right in so the way it does that is that brain communicates of that part of your body in fixes it. The organ that controls every cell plus organs he's your body is then your brain and it does that do you what we call your nervous system so from your brain it turns your brain still in your bracing comes down into we call them the the spinal cord was runs down through your back your spinal cord right runs in the back bones and they don't the spinal cord you have these big things called nerve or sick time between every segment of your spine. The nerve root then turns into hundreds of thousands of other herbs. And they control. Every cell muscle or been teaching your body so for your heart to beat three or extra grease free to digest and for your paintbrush to regulate your blood sugar for your hard to regulate your blood pressure. Strange thing to happen. Your kidneys regulate anything else to your glider whatever. The brain tells us do that through this nervous system through the spinal cord out of an. And a guy what percent at times a 100% exactly so you can go months without food you can two weeks put out water you can go do. Two minutes who got air but you cannot go 12 letter supply if I cut your head off stage you have to stay. And you're dead arms at a time you can argue that right so if you could the nerves going to an organ that organ does what it immediately. Dice that's a stab assess simple now. Back up a little bit. We're not talking about cutting anything but if I would if I can hypothetically reaching your body in squeezed the nerves going from your spine say it's your type two diabetic and I can squeeze a nurse from your spine your pain Chris in I'm pinching now those were wrong call the nerves the hoses. Going to your garden which of the vegetables or your organs right. If I'm pitching that nerve. That you cannot feel that's going to that organ or you're pierced your pancreas which are blitzer or do when you meet figured a school what. Skies by its will spike is he can't regulated because the pagers cannot produce enough insulin to bring it down because there's a miscommunication. Right you get day silt on it we call it type two diabetes your blood sugar was up to get your doctor that you met Foreman or gluten bug river is insulin pump whatever to bring that down same thing if I put pressure on the nerves going your heart your heart has evolved what it. Partner your blood pressure does what it goes up in McCullough iBook pressure and you take it or bring that down. Any orbit any symphony disease is all caused by interference in the nervous system is itself what is explained that it's so when you put pressure on that nerve root. Dusty can never. Get communication at a 100% in soaks your health is not a however says that 50% in the and you get a cent of the Euro dark of the EU pill you get the idea you take the pill forever. Nobody ever one single time looks to see how your brain is communicating through your nerve assistance of that part of your body your organ. So if you're diabetic Willis last summit looked at the nurses and the torn your tankers if you have high blood pressure was last summit looked to the nerves controlling your heart that regulates that if you have bladder problems prostate issues. Call issues IBS any of that stuff when was the last time your doctor to pick picture or neck trio of your nervous system and your spine to see how it's protecting or communicating back and forth and everybody. It probably never they've probably never have and that's why what you're doing now or never work. You'll see if we take the medication forever what we simply say on day one in our office you come in with a XYZ disease are you well as well whatever it is. I could care less about that always do on day one and you see how your brain is communicating that part of your body so we can see what's causing it to be a way to begin with I don't blame it on your food. Cry because if you're if you're hearing a 100% you beat that doughnut and not gain weight right. Don't eight eating this is why people that are skinny kids will be type two diabetic. If people that are overweight severely obese or type two diabetic don't blame it on that. Outside environmental factors a what your putting it blaming all what's causing on the internal side right is so we take that X ray on day one to see how your brains meetings that part of your body we can find out what's causing disease. It's a Aachen glittery showed you today in the future visit inside look look right here what's happened that Herbert going from here to hear what doc has seen its missile line is is that affecting my publisher of a pressure yes you see your own Phil black Q why you can't argue that it's. And then when we take the pressure off their to a series of adjustments in our clinic of your spinal manipulation the lying manipulation and respond with a machine that we do we going to do about it in Morse the machine is very light noninvasive. Then. When I take the pressure off that part of your nervous system what happens in that order that part of your body now what it starts to heal this person you know and then you can wean yourself off the medications we simply got to the root cause of and yes it sounds so simple and if it was so simple while whatever Baidu will guess what everybody is the only other thing you could you better. I mean this is our busting at the scene we get the word out about what we do it everybody flocks short that we had the largest alternative health care clinic in the upstate it is because people are flocking there because they're getting good results you know why keep doing the same thing over notre game to get the sabres. Well the last hundred doctor took you off medications they never do they put Joseph on more. And so you come to my place to get off the medication is not give put on more and you come to our place to find out what next president can do for you reverse disease gets the cause get off the student medication so if you don't you're sick and tired been sickened starting you've never had your nervous system looked at this is what we're bored you on day one and our clinic. He had to get this 8643181690. And nine state airlifts causing. And this is diabetes and she Maggie hasn't had this tiring. Issues are kept having hearings and it came being made him the problem where Chernoff takes a lick of talent causing us. Again a 64326290. And nine Nebraska is located. Caroline different crammed behind Mimi stack any state counts. We are currently Pakistan a sell insurance companies that first include Medicare can't including making a fresh says it's going to be 45 times. OK I can a six where three T 169. Easier than nine pick Ehrlich cost UDC's. Most US pay more than forty powers junior co pay for crying on the average coping in south Carolina's fifty bucks have your paying more than that if that or probably more for your medications every single mother when you go see your regular medical doctor Clark has its star that assists. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. And so while I have four dollars actually do something immerses is getting this would jump pitcher doing right now I I was just not working now because you store those medications in. So this is like you we talked about Steve earlier in the show we gave his testimony no cholesterol medication no blood pressure medication now on six weeks anywhere from six Otis to three citizen but he still three Soto is a must sign that's not. Good bigamy is better when he was doing but he was able to get up cholesterol medication and no blood pressure medication and yes he's tweaking his tiger these stock drink in six so losing only during a three but he just shows up towards adjustments for crying now he doesn't do too much what is died nutritional thing cut half the soda out and he's getting these amazing results right here cluster also hiring your body because is fighting inflammation because of the bad food Huey for crying now. And that's what happens so gets the root causes this. If you just do or die if you just do nutrition if you just do weight loss if you just take supplements. All that stuff is important don't get me wrong we do a lot and our clinic but if you don't get this kind of separate principled way god designed health and healing you're like a rat on a Wii or running and running and running going from diets diets a fad to fad to supplement the soft Mitt and never getting anywhere. Yes that this the nutrition the diet the supplements always helps you get there faster don't get me wrong that we recommend certain is that for certain patients of ours but what we're doing all that whole time is looking at the nervous system. So don't show my office just hauling a diet plan could you have a lot more than a diet plan yet you can get a dive play for free on line you don't have to pay for all of those right ankle which you do have to do is get that nervousness and checked out get that nurses and analysis give to what's causing the disease and do something for you and your family vs keep going the same way you're going. So if you rate Emeka is strongly in a line in the same hand and making a playmaker and embrace a 64. Three T 169. Easier and nine this is our planet mine safety in my information anything avalanche signing up and down grain bullet that can't. You must have happened she gets into our planet online if you rages on in Congo and 86 border. Three T 169. Easier and and sometimes our lines get tied I think it daisy. How people calling to sleep announcements and if if nobody eats are striking and made it acts or maybe elicit from me cop to pay cut back. They the next eighteen laps or get back creaky as soon as possible. Schedule that her 1619 liking the first is and grief 45 times the planet money can't 864 iron 318169. Easier and nine. Remember just the route were healthy CO HE AL and if you don't get the healing and as a matter how many medications you take and that's why that -- term I gave you a lawyer called America chart MER IC chart is actually a chart of the nervousness and that usually you literally can look at and tracked the nerve that's controlling the part of the body you're having a symptom with and you can figure out what exactly need to do to get healthy so we're got a quick mart. Or break yours is the Max Muslim radio show will be right back. 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But to be Saturday February 4 from 10 AM to noon in their refuel room that redemption church so it's a pretty big room we can that a lot of people in there and it's always a good time you'll come learn everything you need to know to get off do you you don't your medications that we as we column whatever your addiction is everywhere assay addiction I mean you prescription medications to their addictive as well. How to lose weight get in shape you only opening game plan everything needs no so that's Saturday February 4 from 10 AM to noon at redemption church. If you cannot win tickets you can go to ML remote dot com or you can go in that bright search weight loss challenge Tony seventeen. In new CR event hosted there you can purchase tickets signature twin powers. 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