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Mar 8, 2017|

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Good morning folks this is Greg L leader of the prosperity your advisors LLC. And now we are here today to have three stress free retirement power and discuss your retirement strategies and today's title of the show is now's not the time to get greedy that's right. Now's not the time to get greedy and I suggest she stay tune if you're just tuning in. We're here with you every Saturday at 7 o'clock in the morning and every Sunday at 11 o'clock in the morning so it can't listen to the hole showdown you wanna listen. Tomorrow you're either going or coming back from church or if you're at home. Fin tuna listen now's not the time to get greedy now what are my talking about well talking about the market's been up it's hitting record highs. And you know if you've ever seen lemmings lemmings kind of just go and a certain direction sheep go on a certain direction and people are jumping into the market and are making a cardinal mistake or getting in it. At or near the top. And that could be very dangerous because you know the higher. You are those the greater the fall so you know it's important to make the right decisions so now saying this kind of tongue in cheek but the reality. Is we're going to be talking about strategies today life avenged things that can happen they can have an effect on your life. Today I have is my guess and before I introduce him I just want you to know that our phone lines are actually opened during the show it's a light show the you can call our phone number. Which is 8649890176. That's 8649890176. You can email me at grade. At my money is safe dot com. And we focus on a stress free return we'd like we'd know what I used to live in Hawaii and Hawaii is very laid back. And Hawaii should be a mandatory place for all retirees to visit because it's so laid back. People from New York that are really high strong they can go to Hawaii and learn how to relax I can go to Hawaii and learn how to relax. Everybody should go to why learn how to relax so. It's important to reduce the stress with your retirement. And so you know if if we need to do you imagine with me now if we could go to Hawaii sit under a palm tree go in and out of the water. You know have a cold beverage and and just really enjoy ourselves that would be a nice way to relax well. Your retirement shouldn't be that much more stressful if you make the right decisions in the right plans. Now to date I have as my guest my friend and co heart. Stuart good and Stewart is our in house CPA into prosperity group. And he he's been he's got a wealth of information and knowledge are gonna talk about a few vantage points from his. Viewpoint as a CPAC good morning sir how are you doing that very period. Well Stewart we we enjoy good seminar last night over at city range. And in fact just remind her listeners. We have a seminar schedule on February. 16. February 16 which is Thursday if you want to attend we don't advertise very much on the radio so if you would like to attend you need to give us a call. At 9890176. That's a local number 9890176. If you are out of the area call 18044004341804400434. Or go to our website which is. WWW. Mind money is safe dot com now seating is limited so I suggest. That's you call the senator's gonna be at Arizona State counts Arizona steakhouse at 6 PM. On Thursday. Now walking as will not be allowed. So you need to make sure you caller number again it's 89890176. Nestle local. 864 number. Those of you were listening out of the area in the Sarasota area there or Tennessee or North Carolina area. Seven. I did get nice and by the Super Bowl he survived the Super Bowl but your team win. Actually it was backer but I would have really have strong favorite but we just each side to watch him. I thought. This is an intriguing game of Doug depressing. If we you know what's interesting is that was like watching two different camps this race the first half was one game the second half was another game. The you know and I knew Atlanta was in trouble. Brand. When do you England was down like 24 to three. Create that there are well at that point I want to three and all the sudden I see Bill Belichick would little notepad he's me notes that. And then about ten minutes later care pins and he's taking notes on like he's up to something he's of this on the mat professor. And that was a great comeback it was a very exciting game your own show as you the wisdom which Winston Churchill when he fitted for commencement address. And it got out he said. Never give up. Never knew about never give up and sent them. He made the point here and made the point you know the sad part of the game now you got the NFL MVP. On the sideline and he never had a chance to get into the game once doing we'll scored and I think that's the flow of the NFL. I think they should go to the college version. Except instead of going to the twenty yard line handle full field in another New England scores Atlantic gets a chance to score card did so what is futile game could have ended up 6060. To seventy. Hit it three or whatever you know take your Ella more commercials a lot more commercials just think just think the commercials are kinda or is expecting good commercials and they are very toned down this year it was a I was very surprised. Well Stuart you know we're we're talking and we are talking last night at the seminar about some of life events that you run into. As a CPA in the title of today's show is now is not that now's not the time to get greedy and what I mean by that is the market is up it's amazing to me how many people are buying high they're jumping in and they think I need to get my piece of the pie. And they don't really necessarily know what they're dealing they're just letting the excitement get to him. When in reality the people that he's happy to recover from their losses. Or that want to take the profits in in what's the thing you always said. About profits nobody's ever lost money taking profits off the table there you go there you go so why not take the profit and in India protect yourself and unfortunately the greed factor plays into you know. Oh that's so you really Avery Ponzi scheme and it's always the same. The return pursue good and I just couldn't resume couldn't resist it that's right and it's right unrealistic returns and so. This is the big concern that we have now. As far as the show goes today one of the things were recommending to people is to look at our Social Security maxim is nation report folks we've got strategies. There were talking about there's 20000. Different Social Security strategy still. Even with the changes he everybody thinks because of the on the this. Reconciliation act it came about last year. About taking away some of the the things some of them benefits or if you will or strategies or Social Security. That is still now nothing applies well the reality is you can I get this information for Social Security so I do recommend you give us a call at 9890176. Set up a time will get together with few. Adult male don't email me your Social Security please we don't want the Russians too low again access your your Social Security number. But says seriously give us a call and will be able to. Set up the time to get together the other thing that I would recommend people to consider is lettuce to a balance sheet for you. And what the balance sheet doesn't register it etched right up your Alley of balance sheet here but our balance sheet will show you an assessment of how much risk you have. How much risk vs how much were she wanted to take. And and what's amazing many people don't even realize the risk that they haven't portfolio Stewart brightened mine consists. But people just kind of go along you're busy going to word whenever in they really think about it. Let's my exposure but that's always a thing in finance or even at life it's how much risk to and I tolerate. And trust me if you married not a whole lot. That's that's that's that's right that's right wolf you're get a about twenty seconds let's you know let's talk when we get back on you know on the after the segment. About some of the life events that you've seen. As a CPA and what are some of the risks Stewart did you see now get about thirty seconds to make this dirt twice actually this point where some of the risk that you've seen win. The market is doing well Ann and Andy and Pete what are they not paying attention to. Brother can iPad two what can happen if things go wrong because. In life the one thing we know for sure. Something will go wrong. We will have been OK but he's long look at I'm not a new I would do more of the was and I thought I had this is edge soon the most safe thing. Syria something that happens we'll listen folks we're out of time this segment. Calls in 990176. Inch unit as we talk about. Now the time should not give creepy okay this is great Italian restaurant you know prosperity group. Feel. You only paying. They all means and so let me. That last. And many of them being in this yeah I mean I think. As citizens and news things he's so funny and on this folks. Comeback this is Craig Hillary across yeah. Yeah as I mentioned earlier today our phone lines are open during the show he calls at 9890176. 992176. Can email me at grey get my money is safe dot com. But today I have Stewart get our in house CPA. And and you know we were talking about some things I have Stewart because he was sharing with me privately. He about some of the events that he scene when people get somewhat complacent they think oh market is up everything's okay. Good things can be pretty fragile and you were saying unfortunately things can go. Wrong in and by the way folks. Steve Lewis. He said that great any I can't do a radio show today and so Stewart was ready Johnny on the spot to fill in and you what Steve did I just left Florida. Is she went to Florida for some of the gun he's down there and he's enjoys seventy degree weather and everything and repeat here. In the studio right now it's raining and kinda overcast but it seventy so we can't complain too much. No I'm annoyed because a lot of those tunnels here and this has been a terrible year for slows you that's right that's right so you haven't gone to lose in Ohio at one time after big stone thinks it rained. I see a snow ski student I that's that's gonna get. What will tell these what are some of the life eventually achieve seemed Stuart bell the main thing that I see is devastating. Is that disability. Admitted I think would be a disease or injury. And I've had more than one case where a person let the bosses say this about his as AO last or cancer something of that nature. And so now the air problem that the cost of care is phenomenal. And now they wind up having to quit your job in this house. To take care of the other person and so is just devastated and what happens during a period of time if there's a market correction. And that it makes him worse yeah our president has something to think we have to annoy you or some things that work. But and not talk to be well if you had this much communion. Then he watches arrived I could hire somebody eight hours today. And I can I kept my job my benefits but I had a case is passed here in the daughter equator jobs here her father. Because of the long term care us and he just and genuine they're nursing home base she just need about a 121000 years and she couldn't get the job. Well you know Stewart Parnell. Talk about specific products on the year I I don't like to do that but. I have to say this we have to products Renault one for people with cash one with people who have an income guarantee. They are giving double digit bonuses right now. Double digit bonuses. The companies are expecting interest rates to go up so the caps have actually increased. She you're talking accounts were you can make 4% to 12%. And you have double digit bonuses in a low interest rate environment and here's the beauty some of these accounts jurors have no fees. Right they'll face. And of course the question begs as well how do you get paid guess what we get paid from the company's money so doesn't come off the clients' money not directly. And they get to participate. In some of the indices. That give them market gains so they wanna take advantage of the market and you know. My belief has always been is quit while you're ahead you know a burden hands worth two in the bush I've been a believer in that my whole life. If you are profitable. That's something. And I I was given this example when I went to Las Vegas for the that the site in Las Vegas three times I believe. Note to touch and the second tower went to Las Vegas I went with my late wife Marie. And not a big spender it and I decided to it to. Play blackjack. And I had a hundred dollars and I said that's that this is only running a string. I got ahead I got 280. And for me I was ready to walk away I should of walked away. Yeah sole hi practice my Elba greed greed and guess what happened if you about Missouri and Jolie wore yellow could change Steelers are out. It's a nice young lady this team so polite they brought this guy they had the personality of the door nail it. And I actually lost money winnings of eighty dollars. And I realize that this is absolutely horrible and I didn't enjoy the process I don't like gambling you know. The Illinois you can leave that I've seen also thing with like a disease that will be devastating and or faith in your case. You had something that really made a difference and allowing you to be in control of health care and so the insurance company. Yes you know we've we've talked about that we had a living benefit thank god. In the living benefit. Can give you money and fester I went through a good chunk of money has set aside for retirement which I need it which I was finally able to start dipping in putting away in the end and in the latter part of the last few years here running your own businesses know what he's contributed to your 401K except yourself. And unfortunately. We went through close to. Out of pocket 32350. Tells us a medical bills and that's because of the realm that my wife wanted to go thankfully. We have what's called a terminal illness writer. Which was able to give cash to my wife to make sure that she's able to to pay the bills and we're talking when she went to see doctor foresight in Reno. We go out there for two weeks and she spends 60000 dollars men so bad that's what I'm thinking and the benefit of that was then when you've got to trial was non taxable correct whereas if you had a kitten to cash in. Your that's right and again the case the third and in you know here's a here's interesting things your you know how much money we have put into that account out of pocket. Maybe. 30000 dollars over a ten year period. Was just it was such term policy. That had the terminal illness Ryder. My Amanda I think that's. Tonight I've seen that people. One person gets a term a term uzis and get to also things. If you have insurance was great. They tell you wait puke puke and you beginning you don't the right right so if you have that kind derided in you has some options that you can choose. And and this is important because many of the people that become clients and prosperity group they have these writers on these policies. Had a client in Tennessee. And every time and in these people are very simple place. There every time I talked to and we assessed her finances. They always seem to find cash does. We know they have to right. And now we found about. 350000. Dollars in the bank just happen to show up. Earning less than 1% is it's funny how these these rose from humble just nice this could be she worked at a church her life her her life and he was as some type of engineering person. And they had all this cash sitting around earning nothing. So cautious as they are because they were. Notoriously CD investors before. We've put 50000 dollars or one account for him what 50000 for her guess what they know each have terminal illness writers they have long term care writers. Third death benefits. Hughes' about a 120000. Hers about a 150000. So you know here they put a lump sum of cash they've got to tax free death benefit and they have accessibility to other counts. And if they eat if you count performs like it has the last few years they wanted to walk away in the third year the walk away. Ernie three to 4% on the account. And no patent is in no penalty. I mean they lose a bonus that they got all that they still made three or 4% which is what CD's work. They like and most likely they won't walk away from the money because they don't spend it. End you are the key finding in him when I got done without appointment. All these for another 80000 dollars or so period and in the market and I'm like well that's that's not. Not to forget to always tell you mentioned this to confuse have a lot of cash and you can afford to pay you home. In health care that's fine used to always have to side. How much risk and time that that's right implicit we're almost out of time this segment call and request your Social Security report. But I want everybody to call and we're gonna do balance sheet read talk about it next segment about your balance she does is Greg Kelly of the prosperity grew. Okay. Thanks VOK. Hey. Okay. All right folks welcome back this is great tells you the prosperity and advisors LLC that was a beautiful song by my late wife reads. And it's cold he is able. You reduce your I found. Some videos that we turn to VCR. Public concert. That we do in 1988. At a church in Florida call Paul the first Baptist Church they had to be here back then they had thinks you're an effect of that they had they had VCRs. And it's still kicking we're gonna train is transported to to that. But my daughter so that we need to put some of those on YouTube because we've had a lot of people that don't have asked about it and it was it was pretty interesting to see that because I I never got to see very many videos except when we're on. On the the television station that was like really Acosta villagers were you just came in and sank. And it was really neat because that's something that I'm starting to do again I I had an opportunity to do that in Florida. Last month saying in a revival and ministered there and that's something I believe Obama be doing a lot more growth in addition to what I do here. And and that's on that you just heard a few minutes ago is call he is able. There was a song made popular by truth of my wife put her her spin to it. You know one of the things I wanted to offer we talk about the Social Security Max was nation report. Folks if you are thinking okay I'm 62 I need to take its 6266. Or seven the he can make probably the biggest mistake you ever made because you don't know exactly how to take it we will run an Al guerrilla software. For you to show you the best way forward to feed your plan. I mean Stewart said he takes its 62 they cost himself 25%. And if they make over 151000 dollars in taxable income it's negating most of what they're gonna get on that money. And what they've done is they've locked themselves into a lower at 25% less payment plan to rest of the life. So let's BSE the pilot backers and they get to being seventy. And then I had to listen to my and I am and I know of Miami where they don't have enough money very well and that's where these these income writers I was sharing at the last break. That right now we have an account with a double digit bonus double digit bonus no fees. And it gives a 50% bump up every every year when the interest rate is credited. I mean that is pretty strong free safe money strategy now is it to put all your money and it now it's it's the money that you want to be safe. Gil we talked about last night. Pensions you know pensions is always of the past but to. Name some things from your perspective that you believe are our pension like if you Stewart are of course the main one is Social Security. So guys you die your pension C news that's that's right so it take pension which is you've got to earn income that you birds so. Most which should most people. And we haven't talked about this but from your perspective our most people truly concerned about income when they come and talk to you. Here's edit it color problem. Not as much because they're trying to fear or Monica Payne is a much. So they are really talked to me as much who the incumbent of course what I'm doing their return and they have to pay. 300 dollars and oh my goodness I'm I'm probably on social security and I'm going by ask him how can be Social Security is so low. The last 3062. And we of course Bennett's. It's in in the recent while pollen best event unfortunately there's always trucks and cars and there be occasions and find somebody just it's gone. We know what centrist cease hurt it that's a good point if they meet with us we've got several clients that have created and passer. With their Social Security. Numbers that you need the money between 66 and seventy. And at 3040000. Dollars a year that they got combine where we've been able to create assets of upwards of 200000 dollars in five years. And and most people were blown Emily and they didn't need it so they would have had extra money they would have blown or hears it here's the other kickers to stick in the vacant by C east. Rick weird thing is if you're still working in you. Did just you just take them might be instead aside and and they knew it. In mature view as he always wanted to like please call latter in you have. Ladder and you can appreciative of the latter UT more more risk that you had your base. And I saw the south course up in 2001. Per hour worked. People were really living. Off their off the mark to be essentially. A marketing of 50%. Hit. People don't come back. I suppose the so well there there one million dollars went to 500 and a very short period of time her Wal-Mart. Meaning reader now responding but being a Wal-Mart reader is a very secure job. Because such technology can't replace you. And young people don't take your job and the main thing in Greece always say they can't export to China became ethic that. Well you know here here's a reality folks if you have a 401K. And you are able to user was called it his service roll over. Which he's typically gonna be 55 or 59 and a half. We can roll that over into a safe account and literally create a pension like income for. That's right we're talking pension like income seat you're 41 K is not a pension. We we have some clients stuff for Michelin. And I think Michelin is one of the top companies in terms of they have in many cases and a pension plan and the 41 K you don't see that very often anymore. And other companies like duke. Electric and it's some of the other companies. Still allowed to take depends their pension in love song. And what we do theirs we put it into an income plan bill guaranteeing it comfort them and her spouse. So we take a pension that was typically only good for one person now is good for two and whatever's left over goes to the kids to be that's a win win situation. Yes that is one of the neat things I've ten when you guys that was the end but in essence and you're rich you're saying is. If that money is still in their camp and used that pad this till your money well here's know it gets better Napster if you're count goes down to zero. And they turned they turned a lifetime income if the owners of the triggered a lifetime benefit. Even if they're cal goes to zero which is unlikely and probably NT twenty or thirty years for that to happen. That they continue receiving income the husband doesn't. And if he does the wife continues or vice Versa. So we're talking a true life time pension pension that they created with their 401K. Or their ire it and that's why recommend folks. If you would like to get your personal balance sheet. Okay. And history I need to show it to you it indeed killed at your personal balance sheet will identify. How much risk you have where your money is allocated. And what money to appropriate for far as how did you live at the seminar last night. And he said Greg. Can you create a pension like can come with 30% of my assets because I'm not getting out of the market. That's it that's fine you ought to get out of market. Police at all like the idea of having a base of having a foundation that's always been in the problem is he recognized destroy what we talked about it the seven are. That pretty much all his money's on the market. So without that base what happens of the market takes a hit because bright back to what you just said bird or there's a life changing event. Nursing home catastrophic illness. And so if we if if you. Call call up our number 8649890176. And as I mentioned. We have operators that are Manning the phones right now you can actually called during the show. Now folks all I'll get to a point where you can text us you can also email us at grey get my money is safe dot com but call your for call your number now while it's it's freshen up your mind 864989. 0176 that's a local number. 9890176. Leave a message talked to the operator wolf somebody will call you. Next week we're where we have a seven are again scheduled on Thursday night at Arizona state house. He if you like some of the concepts were talking about. We have a brand new seven are they were doing that we're going over. I just a whole different mindset showing you exactly. How you need to structure things shilling you a concise plan. If you would like you were prosperity plan. Give us a call at 8649890176. And we will structure your own personal. Prosperity plan he gestured that's the problem honey don't you find it most people. Things happen they don't really plan. Well here's the word beamed as he talked I was just saying or thinking. About the worst thing that happened to you if you're an investor is a market always going down. But the problem is that Casey corrections what I because a lot worse thing we're seeing happen you financially is the markets always go up OK why explaining her listeners because what you keep following better if you're 25. And you the crash. Then you're buying a 50% off right but times your allies. When you're in your seventies. Time there is going your Alley you can't wait. The time it takes to have that come back riot you're no longer putting money in your take him any outs two strikes are a bunch it is going down very rapidly. But if you have when you're 2528. I just a lot of when the market took me that I would just be silly cited people running around. Like we see with it to with a ten child. Oh that's great right because you're buying Lowell got buying on sale ongoing what is deal. You know here's what's interesting M and I need to show you this actually some numbers. Do you know that the foundation structure what we do is tackle applicable even for 25 year old. Because of a 25 year old and and we just ran some numbers for somebody. She's put me 2500 dollars a year 2500 dollars a year. Intuit plan that's going be your tax free income. Now again we're not telling you put all that she ran out of 41 K or whatever but it's the turtle vs their hair. 2500 dollars a month for 25 years old. And she does that religiously every church 2530 year not a month sorry 2500 a year. If she does that by the time she sixty years old you know what her income was going to be. Had no idea 40000 dollars a year tax free the rest of her life. And that money will accumulate over 600000 dollars on the kind of work because the insurance company. That that does that though the rule of large numbers. They're counting on ups and downs Detroit and they can afford to write a note because they have the big numbers they have the big numbers so what we're talking guarantee see here's the problem that people make. They don't understand risk. To the key component here's understand how much risk you have because if you have your foundation money set aside. All right your Dave Ramsey talked about you know emergency room when we talk about foundation fun. Does the clock is is the plot never stops if the folks we're out of time this magnitude and as we talk one more time about this this is Greg Kelly of the stress for your term ensure the prosperity group to bid. My. It's. You tell me they say oh so. Done this year and CNB. It's it's father's guy consent. I'll come back folks this is great Elliott the prosperity grew Chia head as my guest Stuart good our our in house CPA. You know stirred you Tony bot I've known Bob Jones you taught at north Greenville college for how long. Ten years ten years time out. I think you've got some stories you can tell we'll have a pitching next Sunday talk about some of the stories you've experienced with some of the students and things you've learned it was a fun it was really it was a funny experience Condit China you really think it was a job it was moreover. This team is enjoyable and well that I never worry whether it was my end the year to see your Friday. Because every it must. Had a nice you always getting new people would do ideas and new groups that was always exhilarating yes well you're you're blessed actually enjoyed her job is your club up I tell people please tell my students. There's only one thing the internal review luggage job preheated. And that one thing is whether or not you can choose to be there. And so some of these new it strategies you're talking about if I packed frees up and you love your job. Well this goes back you know to say we are back to what we talk about life changing events that the salt people just heard the song for mama. And it was a song kind of chronicling some of Greece cancer issues that she dealt with for less. Five years that Stuart. We were talking off the air about. And now that they're 41 Kaczur update caught up a lot of times if they have an opportunity duty service roll over and make creative potential I can come with their 41. Q what do you think of that strategy by the ideas of what's here we've talked about this. To a poll program. It's taken a portion off the table like priest says. No way alas money by taking improper stop the table right Saddam may be the time to. Cash some of the chips then. And secure rather and his righted and then the waves. We're jam will. Interrupting you because I want you to say it again for the benefit of our listening audience which is slowly say it and explain what you mean by. Take you well it could break now if you if you had a four owing cage and you invested wisely you're selection and that's probably up. The senate to get around right so announced. If you want to secure that he taped but we said taped nobody lost Monday by taking profits off the table. So now's the time maybe consider. I need to secure. That profit and not lose it dislike you did in big issue while a hundred me. And though I'm up for zero whereas you Keteyian reports 'cause I got greedy Gregory wanted to double it and though the hardest decision to me. Is when to sell that's always the toughest thing is to win this hill because. The slight that phrase how much is enough just a little bit more just a little more so John usually they'll watch the market all just a little bit more and I'm selling. And then when it when it corrects it doesn't happen slowly it happens quickly he much interest Easter I've never had anybody complain to me. That they got out of the market Q early in the could mean more profit. Because when they go to our safe money strategies are still like angered a reasonable rate of return. On that money that they secure so that you know there's absolutely. Hated it tremendous amount of truth to it. And it goes back to the selling high and buying low so for example folks if you're if you're 41 K. In the last years gone from 250000. To 350000. You know you'd like for it to doubling go to 700000. But that may not be so realistic because. You know our president might say something that people. Adult life kinda did it happen too often does it but we won't we won't go there right now that so people don't like it. You know but the reality that could have a profound effect on the markets. Yeah I was listening to an article with what Russia is actually doing that this stuff going on in Ukraine right now that's quietly going below the news is that the fake meteors or whatever the true me I don't know that but anyway here's my point it's an emotional market so. If you have a 401K. Now may be the absolute perfect time to go headed do that in service roll over so we can't give us a call. At 98901769890176. Email me at great. At my money is safe dot com Greg my money's safe dot com. Now the folks I've had a lot of life changing events in the last year of many of you know I lost my wife in July 2. A breast cancer and that it's been a life changing events been difficult to. I can imagine and over people and I'm certainly not exclusive to this boot. He has been a life changing event and show. We have wrapped up. I've I've hired Steve Lewis and and pollution Douglas that are doing a phenomenal job at the prosperity group we have Stuart good it does a phenomenal job with taxes of the prosperity group. We're bringing a team of additional folks and we're really streamlining things. Call us letters sent to your personal balance sheet. This personal balance sheet is a perfect way for you to get a visual. A a dumb bird effect to say hey how much risk you I have how do I need to set it up and it lays it out really. The balanced balanced way to say okay this is how much exposure I have. Right now. They give the greed factor and again the title today shows now's not the time to get greedy. Be Smart don't do what what people are doing right other joking and at the top of the game. OK got kicked it can go higher but if you take some of that poor bet money and you make it foundational and you protected you put it in creative. Pick your own personal pension like type account. You know guaranteed income for you in your spouse so if you have an irony. You have a forward okay. Give us a call as I mentioned earlier in the segment stir. We have some of these accounts giving double digit bonuses facilities have no fees. No fees right now the account that we call lacy and count as a CD alternative type of cal. I'll last year it did 8% to actually did ten point 4%. So. What was oh. The overall average review included the bonus the first year average with the cash value Stewart this particular womanly fourteen and a half percent. On her cash value her death benefit increased. From 200000. Dollars to 320000. Dollars and one year she should 120000. Dollar. Gained as a death benefit gained which. That is phenomenal. A listen to Stuart I really appreciate you being on the show I appreciate all that you do for the prosperity group. And or appreciate our relationship and everything to achievement Cha. To us and did you know that he did here last couple years have been kind of crazy. But we're still being blessed by the lord and end you know you've got good health throughout their snow skiing. Think that I can catch me on skis. Yeah could be a pretty bad sides I don't I don't titles equally as aggressively as I used to know you don't know and I was telling somebody is kind depressing when you get lapped you're going down the hill. Some people would buy you. We create the bottom he passes you the second time so that's what happens to come ice skating retested would definitely be three times and that's what I knows OK that obviously past my prime folks eight series again thank you very much we're out of time this segment give us a call money 90176. Drive safely from church. This is Greg Elie and Stewart do the prosperity and god bless.