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Mar 8, 2017|

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Good morning folks this is Craig tell you the prosperity group that now I'm here with my associate and friend Steve Louis in the we are here today on the stress free retiring now or we are going to talk. About common myths of retirement. Things that we run into that head. People have you know strange thinking about they think it well this applies to supply some of it is stuff that's. Don't automatically put out by different to the company's. And pitched it sways to thinking of retirees to think that there's only one aspect this is where I put my money. It's sitter to sitter so you know we're going to be talking about that today now folks just one bullet you know that our operators are answering a full life. And that's every show we answer the show life. The oldest a lot of production right now we're were recording a few days before in fact dodging some raindrops. This morning. But tell you know that we are available at 86498901768649890176. Those are your other theory can call the 800 number 180440. 04341804400434. You can email us said Greg. Asked my money is safe dot com or Steve as my money is safe dot com. And this is are they river valleys the prosperity group advisors LLC and we're here with few. Saturdays at seven and Sundays at eleven so. You know beauty tune in every week he can go to our web site you can look at previous shows last week we do the show. Called diary rescue and tax Sri strategies and here we ritual a lot of things that are that they're quite interest chief Steve how are you doing this war. How do well and actually I wanted to just throw in a quick point if are we work with the gentleman in Stewart enough of those either per orders out there if you could I just pray for him seven some health issues and just one per firm cut union on him and I'm doing well. They handle you know dodged raindrops and traffic coming in this Morin has always gotta love I agree with traffic well and in two day as we record it's my oldest son's birthday and and you commented we should based on his Asia tumbled thinks he's. Now I I I knew that. He is 35 years old and now he lives in Chattanooga Tennessee you can be my dad. I could I could tell your dad actually you know that you. So lucky on this happy birthday Greg. We love you in you don't have a great birthday today. Well Steve you know we we were talking off the air we run into stuff all the time and it's really interesting to see what's going on with the market to waste some people are capturing gain some people are not. And and help people it's attitudes change because. Thirty of the top industrial companies are doing pretty good that's right and you know a couple of shows ago she went out when I did the show about myself I talked a little bit about support and resistance than. I was telling people the you know that the right at the time the market was kind of bounce around at that. Nineteen. You know 20000 mark and it had been up about twenty and then it dropped to below nineteen and he just couldn't break through and I said I say if it breaks through. It's gonna take off again and if it doesn't break through its gonna drop and that's typical with supporters this is the market and that's exactly what you've seen you know they broke through 20000 announce after the races again. But keep in mind and other show is really about the economy your all the fundamentals but the fundamentals haven't changed and so. Really what we were talking about doing this show was sort of addressing some of those nets that we here which is some of that has to do with. On the economy and whatnot and so. What I wanted to do if it's okay is just sort of interview you as if I'm our client that we typically hear is that is that our. Well maybe yeah. I think that's good yes yes the you can you can interview me and wanting Alan tell your house tell listed two ore producer Joseph and and we were. I was watching parliament argue whether trump should come and visit and Becker is great Britain and the like which are watching a movie was at a senate lifelike. And I'm like how utterly disrespectful. I mean he must really feel he EEE let's really be biting his song you know with some of the stuff he's he's dealing with right now but it just shows you. How. And I hate to use the term liberal media I don't I don't like those type of acronyms. But unfortunately. May be lying media is is is truly better because you know you wonder what two in the world you're looking down. Well it's true and you know. And we're talking politics but I mean yeah we were disrespectful. On the last day year's Q some of the other world leaders. And so I guess it's kind of our turn but if you if you look at her from. From the perspective of trump what is being done to insult. You know Great Britain actually what he did was. If you remember. The last hotel in Scotland and he was until the well yeah and and if you remember the last eight years actually what happened was there was a bust of Winston Churchill that was in the Oval Office. That was removed it was a gift from great Britain and it was removed which is a great insult. To that country. And that one of the first things turned did was ask them if he can have it back so they can say it was shipped back to Gregory and he actually get out of back as a sign of respect what he's done nothing to show respect. To that country and now he's getting kicked in the teeth. Well hopefully we we you know hopefully we'll see how things go big go that she votes. Let's starter -- interview process here yet so for those of you that bit. You know I don't know if Greg is not asking these questions actually just wrote all these down and so this is truly on the fly so low we'll see billions on its feet pro thing Diego. So the first thing actually know whether a client found this past week. And one of the things that he said was and these are actually kind his words he said you know how do I know that you're not gonna take my money and I go off to Tahiti. Brian Brian wells so. Well actually Hawaii would be more likely since I used to live there that's a good LLY are I've got a thing right there and I tell the collided. And this is uninteresting. You know when you come and see us of the prosperity group. We typically use insurance companies to protect your money. That's why when we talk about diaries for of the things you should do with an IRA summer when he should ensure it. He should Roth that he should stretch it or that you should. Which created for. That a tax free stream of income if possible so we wanna rescue Irish a lot of people don't understand what that means sort talk about rescues. IRAs are infected with taxes so. When somebody and invest money first of all they're not investing with our company. They are not investing with the prosperity group in fact I'd look to one client yesterday and I said look if we don't do what we tell you we do. Anyone to fire us guess what we have no access your money we have no discretion. With your money everything we do is for your benefit. And the other question I usually comes up Steve is well how do you guys get paid well here's the beauty. We'd get paid by the insurance carrier so in most cases they don't see any commissions coming off. Of their initial. Indeed don't. Premium or deposit that they put with the company and its some instances we actually picked him not us but the company adds money into the account. Now the gel and asked that question. 550000. Dollar account hostess for safe 500 just make it easy. We were basically adding. Who has had a 100000 dollars now the company your company was adding a 100000. Dollar bonus to the account. And I said is that hurt your feeling he goes no just ultimately. And there in a situation where they needed so okay. All right. What along those lines and by the way you folks just tried to ideas before around Taipei. Paulus at age 6498901768649890176. Weekend do. A review for you a prosperity review to see how much exposure to risky you have. And an abiding and that does that the tone to talk about a Basra Jolene too but go ahead. Our Soriano or by another minute or so before the segment out so are just throw quick you know the other thing that a lot of people feel are Irsay is. Once you and I do business I'm never gonna hear from you again unless you wanna get more money from me. Well you know unfortunately. That's a common syndrome that happens. With a lot of insurance people you know they they sell their duty they sell insurance trying never hear from them again. We eat we pride ourselves on creating contact with her clients. And did the thing is it felt like we talked to all the time being and now we're starting to do newsletters in fact folks if you would like to request a newsletter. Give us a call which on her email list and now we we supply these newsletters but typically we meet him once or twice a year to go over there counts. And it's kind of exciting because the returns were pretty good so far this year don't steal my thunder like I got that question we're after them later OK okay so we'll see didn't chills through my mind as I see these things that I think about it folks were out of time this segment two and it is we talk about this since Steve continues an interview with me. He. Welcome back folks this is great aliens Steve Lewis from the prosperity group and as Steve is interviewing me asking questions. As we discuss compliments of retirement questions that we run into the people how we're trying to answer these questions you an idea of what you'll be. Dealing with when you get together with us and get our phone lines are open during the show you can reach us at 864. 98901766649890176. You can email me at grey get my money is safe dot com and Steve at my money's safe to account if you wanna email Steve so what they don't apply against we are now able to offer property and casualty insurance through a company that Steve has its affiliate of of the prosperity group in. So Steve we're able to what I offer life and should I mean where offer and we always offer like a church but offer automobile insurance and homeowners liability insurance. Yes absolutely and through multiple companies and just a quick plug you know what I'm finding I've been doing in this aspect of insurance for twenty something years when he six years. And I'm finding that this market in particular. A lot of people are gonna lottery increase isn't enough to get time to perhaps so we'll just so big for companies are really not the cheapest ones out there who was on your side it was a hold your answer that's Turkey not always the case and and by the way cheap isn't always better either I met with the glad I got this week. Two has a lot of assets to protect and I was stunned when I looked at his. You know his sheets and Wednesday pages and look at him and realize that he's got a lot of holes in his coverage and we've got to work she we can go through to try to figure out how much you need in in that someone via we'll talk show folks we've got the whole kitten cute little you wanna talk about retirement. We can also show you how to protect your assets and we tell you something folks to snow were all about safe money. Chief funny strategies that without further ado let's goes yeah this is my show on interviews you but I'm just kidding I LLC and still we talked about the last question that I asked you before it was an ever hear from you again and just have to follow up on that we have Greg is very good we're very good about following up every single year that was using answered the question. You know we like to go back and review and and change strategies and that kind of thing so they keep that in mind as your major I'm thinking about we're humanness. The other question that we get a lot is the IE. You know economy obviously you don't think about that. Who typically the client has an anniversary date statement. And what I like to do we we are we from the united slow getting computerized so we won't discuss that but. The reality is you it's basically tell the clients when you have an anniversary did make sure you call us and now we're in the point we get newsletters we got that the contacts and everything like that. And I was pretty pleased some of the statements I saw yesterday but. I you're trying to steal my thunder kill it let's say though for the last segment you got to hang on that's a really good stuff coming later but yes so. Can you know we talk a lot about prosperity plan talk about going through income forecasting. Looking you know where your ad in the color of money and how you should be allocated in and all of those different things non. And eve we put together this total prosperity plan there has to be a feature that there's nothing for free in this world and so that how much is a cost. Well. That the plan costs zero. At this point now so that they change in the future but right now if you want your own prosperity plan. And you want a second opinion from us and folks it could really be very valuable for you it's not going to cost you anything. The way we get paid because yes we do get paid. If you do business with us stay in the insurance companies pay so that's how we get paid. Well OK so if I wanted to get one of these plans. How would I. Proceeded to that you would ask. That's the cabinet. You said Dallas we would go over questionnaire we would and we would do a fact finder if you will we wouldn't do a goal assessment. One of the key things that happens. There's a lot of people can sell products but they they're clueless as far as going over clients' goals. Who was who was with the client. Yesterday an end and they worked hole by Social Security we talked about this and folks we offer a Social Security Max was issued a report. And we look to. Settlement which also Leone to Molina. And I sent a quick minute your 66 stagger for retirement age and I did get penalized anymore and I said Andrew thought recruiting and accept. She is what. Then this is somebody that's already done a million dollars of business Willis she says great. What did you tell you this before she will actually did but you had other things on your mind. And she goes well that sounds really exciting and I said look let's do the math. I city if you get an extra 400 dollars a month ago with twenty years to breakeven which could go to eighty I think we can take that a sitting create a death benefit we can create an income stream what do you think a lot of let's you know so this is something that we've done. Well and and that's why it's important to do the Social Security Max report. You know there are there are reasons sometimes to take it early there are reasons sometimes to you know wait and defer until later. But it has to do with what your particular strategy is in and what's best for you which is why we recommend report because as we talk talk about all the time there's 20000 different calculations are going through it plus. Your goals here you know what you're looking for a bug bit. She's cute and hit and that's exactly right every person's situation is different so although in some liken this person's situation cream NASA it was a great plan. Other people they may just need the money so Gil will look at some of these things and try to do it the one thing they were able to catch doe she was grandfathered under the old. But before the hour this rule that came out last year and which means she was able to get a spousal benefit. And and take up the spousal benefit while hers a cruise. Retirement credits so Steve when she is seventy her amounts could go from the spell some benefit about 12100 dollars. A month to 15100 dollars a monster she was excited to other they have a race. Coming up when she said usual. While that's while some so you know 10. Why can't I just go to I mean I get that little statement from slow security tells me every year what my numbers are. I don't need you Q I read the report for me because I I get that number every year here's the problem. You know approach folks assert Social Security do a good job they're overworked in many cases you know you go there you see the long lines a lot of information that. They're really not allowed to give you the optimum strategies why I don't know I don't know if it's liability issue but it you know what we have an algorithm software. That it you know I've. Had engineers that are brilliant at coming winter spreadsheets. They get a little close but our reports are accurate. Just somebody wants an actual accurate report to determine the best way to Macs are Social Security we can provide reform. What we then do is and we strategize with them based on third goals to give them their optimum seek. Just because they've maxed out the Social Security report says this is. This is one of three choices this is the best choice it may not be the best choice for the the Fister gold so that's where we. If you will we it's not a one size fits all plan we tailor the plan to make sure it fits circles. Yeah and even if national security were able to give us those you know those numbers and ideas. They don't know the strategies that we know and they don't use the strategies that we used in order to take full advantage of that so that's the reason another reason to request the Social Security match report. So you need to overrun and at a time you wanna closes segment out or do you want me to. If you keep going there Steve you want to tear it's my show right considered it. If you want you request they saw security Max report or the income forecast or any the other reports the prosperity plan. Give us a college 8649890176. You can email Greg Greg in my money is safe dot com you can also email me at Steve and my many think dot com. And we will be happy to sit down with you and looking your goals your objectives and your needs and and design a plan. That's going to meet all of those criteria Steve we really need to talk a little bit about the comfort mister chair okay. They cheer because they thought Arnold until the other segment. Welcome back this is great showing of the prosperity we advisors though say you know is a wonderful song sung by my late. Marie Ellie had a blow in my life and we were married 33 years and luster to. Breast cancer in July of 2015. Its it's really no life changing event. They end there's way too much of that going on with a lot of people right now just he'd lost a close friend. Doctor Mike Zabel who was a chiropractor and your good friend of mine I just wanna wish. His family for blessings tonight I pray that god would relieve you during this time of of of sorrow. But don't be sharply because I know where my Kazan in you know where my Kazan and he sees much happier now. And he's not suffering anymore so we just want to reach out to people and tell you that but Steve let's let's continue with this interview process. Yes sure so we talked about Social Security match report and actually fear their for a second we were talking about the need to discuss the income forecasts are because we sort of teased with that. And if you want me to all this go ahead and and talk a little bit about that report. Yeah is that Steve may be ideal number let him know how they can reach as we can also come forth he had the income forecaster of the sauce pretty much report you can give us a call at 8649890176. We do you have operators. They understand our right now 864990176. Or you can email Greg Greg at my money is safe dot com. Or Steve and my money is safe dot com. And I will be happy Q two more with you on that it's illegal for Cassidy the idea behind it. I once we know your Social Security numbers in your goals and we know what your objectives are we know your income goal is for retirement. And then we also look at your portfolio and we say okay able. Whether what is it gonna look like what your income stream look like because as you know when you retire you're no longer typically working. That's the point of retirement and so how do we take their money and turn industry event and how much money can we expect to get on and on an annual basis. Wells here here's the situation this income forecaster Steve. Not only will take into account the rate of inflation it'll take into account Social Security your pension everything. It lays out a plan so if you said your desired income at. Is 70000 dollars a year. OK he'll show you if you got extra money if you got less money and in fact I think of a situation where basically we use an income for Caster for client. And he brought it about so also million dollars or put it in three companies. And he said he wanted the 50000 dollars a year and I said. These can you comfortably just yet here you can get that so anyway we were using income forecaster. Within Social Security with everything did that he had. He was that we are able to give him more money I think. 60000 dollars a year without reliving a really upset about that he was really upset you know. And done so he beat me he got 101000 dollars more money. We gave him the right Social Security strategy innings he's happy camper because he's a better position so we were covering for inflation the other thing there were able to do Steve. Depending underage depending on her situation again their assets. Is we started eight tax free bucket that would give him revenue and ten to twelve years that won't show up on his tax return and its attacks Republican. And you're really make an Afghan man are two I don't if all the extra money that it and that's the beauty of the income forecaster it's you know we talk about a prosperity plan. And and it's all about planning right you know the plan failure failed plan. And so this is a road map that that lays out your goals your objectives with your assets. What's a realistic picture of what we're gonna see moving ahead K can I can I bring up the list. Oh sure I'll tell you take ownership society here here's here's something that we run that you those of you who left for one k.'s and hire days. He need to take advantage of meeting with us because. One of the things that we've reached you know we're talking about this the other day a lot of companies will still do is they have an arrangement would local bank. And the local bank will then meet with some other retirees in these people just basically segue with their 401K. With the local bank which is typically a mixed. Of of stocks bonds mutual funds and so forth and and that's the mindset okay met with this couple yesterday. And they went through one of those things through a bank. And one ended up going what ended up happening was. And five years they've lost. 27000. Dollars while 27000. Dollars and I said what was that all of the beginning of the five years. No Q how much they made last year had a negative 5000 dollars left earlier period a negative 5000 here's why. They were stuck in a mix of bonds. All right and the bonds have not performed well with the way the market has been going. He's been going the opposite thing but here's a reason why they told her client they were conservative because the clients such as they said Greg. Both firms made more money than we have we lost 27000 dollar and 821000. Dollars. That's a 48000. Dollar swing under account to the negative. Okay so win it we should give can you do better I said wolf first of all he told the new work conservative how do you feel about losing money in the market. Oh we don't wanna go through that we went through 2008. So guess what they retired in 2008. The date date well Luke actually they have the loss of 2008. It picked up a little bit under 41 K. 2012 is where they met with this person sort talk the last four years loss basically average of 101000 dollars a year and I I asked him I said. You wore a poster boy for our clients who don't want the risk and they see what can I do that gives me reasonable rate of return. And that's were able to provide form now here's the other portion we were able to give a bonus. That made up nearly all of the loss that's corrupt all of the loss of front needlessly these people or through that's also. You know he's as you were talking about I was thinking about somebody else that we met with this past week he also told there advisor that they were very conservative. And that they didn't want any risk skin and that this individual is actually very nervous about the economy as they should be. And as I was look at cheered their portfolio. Part of they are very conservative. Investments were in reached. That's real estate investment trust right and groceries and don't know those are incredibly. Risky and so this guy has you know told this guy am I wanna be ultra conservative and yet he's put him out there and and probably something that can be considered. Highly highly speculative. You don't Steve we should come up with a I just out of hook of a word. That this is a good acronym. Choose conservative to succeed the all right to conservatives who are saying is. There are certain people that they are too conservative to succeed in the market because what happens is they still have downside risk. But when the market goes up they capture very little of the games so basically it's almost like they're treading water the whole town. And and we've run into that a lot and so what's happening now a lot of people. After still too conservative to succeed they jump into the market because oh everything is safe the markets hunky dory. And the reality. There's not that much more outside left maybe maybe market it's 45 minutes thirty who knows but the fact is they have downside exposure. And we've had eight years of a positive market the majority of it do I believe to be infusion of capital to those who government is put into the economy. Absolutely no doubt about it. Song. OK so let's move ahead we are by the way the two request these let's relax reporter the income forecaster. Give us a call at 8649890176. Or you can give us email you this team LA Greg among many think dot com or if you wanna talk to me Steve among many is shaped icon. And for those are either in those four on gays that are. Sort of the what was your term again. You conservatives are concerned that you succeed you know you're you're just sort of a following them whatever that your 401K advisory has pushed YouTube. You deftly wanna give us a call. And we will take a look at that for you. Absolutely absolutely and as Steve we we we will be having some seminars very shortly in fact. Folks you can look we're gonna be advertising a little bit differently this time we may be doing something through the newspapers to look for in search for the prosperity group and we'd love to have you come to a similar call. Our office to go to our website WWW money is safe dot com we'll be setting of those seven are dates. OK so I have a couple of other a big questions is this one I think you can probably do in the time we have left in this segment. So in an annuity. You know I know you guys talk about annuities and life insurance a lot of that kind of thing and I just know. That I can still lose money in a new video I'm unsure of that. True right it depends what type of a new do you get. The ones that you're referring to are typically very able duties now variable of these you can lose money if the market goes down all right. With a fixed index annuity you make it time commitment cedars a time commitment there's a reasonable rate of return there's a bonus there's income writers and so forth and so. The way the company makes money because understand something they are protecting you. To no longer have a downside there also locking your games typically on an annual basis. So how are they protected if you wanna walk away in the third or fourth year. Most of the charities that we use happy. Seven to ten years surrender period and so what happens. You're committing to seven or ten years which some people say won't snuff liquid enough to guess what you have no risk you have safety guarantees we have some companies who walkway in nine years. And it's fine. So yes you could lose money based on a surrender charge pro also Steve for people to have cash and we've talked about this we have patrol that they don't lose their principal. If they want a hitting it decent rate of return. This accounted aid and a half percent last year. And what happens to give up some of the gains. But I had a gentleman that put in 200000. Dollars. And we're going to be making a change on it because he decides he wants to fluid for income. And so he's to be able to walk away after three years. Which 2121000. Dollars that's 121000 dollar gain in three years so he lost some of his game right on the couch reply to 38. But he wants to do something else with the money. Well with the new ball as the easy to get on the money he still be ahead of the game he's gonna be further ahead than he is currently and so. This is the type of stuff there. I know we're up against the clock here but I wanted to just bring a one point and that is that. We do you have accounts that will be seven in ten years that you know that your locked in Cuba for that have better gains and that. But we also has strategies that are one year two years three years we we can custom make and that's the whole point of what we talk a little time we can custom make. And design your program to meet and see your needs. We're out of time this segment and so if you wanna give us a call you can reach us at 8649890176. Dragging out Greg Greg among many state dot com or Stephen nominees they dot com. And stay tuned for the next segment it's going to be awesome. It's. You tell me they sail and it's. Done things here and seeing defense. This father's diet can sand. This mom is adding it's. June stance and I'm sorry. Noon we'll. Am back folks this is great belly of the prosperity group than I have for a I have my associate Steve Lewis asking me the other questions so we can clear some columnist of retirement and Steve. We may wanna continue to show because that you're telling you a lot more stuff that. To go over. I haven't even begun to ask my glasses so yes I don't know what's in store better buckle up letter cavalier I'm more to come. So yeah you know we we talked about a lot of things in we should the last question that I askew was about losing money in an annuity you cleared that up really well. And so on the other side of that I wanted to ask you the question that we've been teasing everybody about that you've just been chomping at the bit to answer. And that is on the other side which is. You can't make good returns in annuities that's what I hear Obama a lot from continental unity and I think we can pretty well despite that. Well the reality is is our clients are gonna make on average between three and 7% no other reason for the Rangers depending on market factors. When they Gideon and so forth. And I was really pleased because some of the strategies were to double digit returns. And together market's been up but here's the beauty Steve's are able to capture the returns. Now on one particular account that has zero fees. The one client average. We'll just say 5%. And all of his pension side he averaged close to 8%. I wanna. 5% to 8%. Which means that this money is building up and here's the beauty it's not a use it or lose it Inco Ryder. Folks when you compare the user losing co writers now. There is a place form especially if you need to guaranteeing you have a short horizon where you need to trigger lifetime income. But this person right here and they could look at their money double. In nine years Ender pensions side almost triple while because of the fact that you're hitting it a bump up every time it or something. Nine I know that this year he's done more to talk about on the returns for Utah may use it or lose it. And I know what you mean Burton what does that mean exactly you want and what happens is a lot of these income runners from our horribly misrepresented. By all sorts of people all sorts of agents and this is not singling out any one person but that the reality is what they do is to tell the client. Oh you're gonna get a guaranteed 6% Rolla. They're gonna get you're hitting guaranteed 6% roll up. And and so big that the clients are all aiming at giving guaranteed 6% to persist is oh yeah you're gonna get to 6% is what Steve does not. So if you look at their account value let's say there cal values a 100000 dollars. And their role of values a 126000. Dollars what's the death benefit. A 100000 dollars so that 126. Thousands not real money it's funny. Let's where they're given credit as if it and earned actually could trigger income but it's coming from their money. So the accounts we deal with. 226000. Is real money. So their family can take 200 lumps over the 126 over us a number of years with a huge difference huge very very big and we hear that the the role that you Don and I we hear that a lot with a variable annuity and that essentially was very able yeah it seems to take away the risk so to speak our warm guaranteed now known and I don't know what you think here's another way of looking and this is what I told somebody the other day. They set to meet world they told me I'm getting 6% guaranteed growth. In actual issue question I said. You don't get through this is a 300000 hour count you don't to 300000. Dollars a with with this company right. And I said that most you can get of the 300000 dollars is 151000 dollars a year. I said are you telling your okay eight trading at 300000 dollars for 151000 dollars a year coached in the person's civil Belgrade. We wanna do that than actual unfortunately. The only reason you're gonna trigger that income Ryder. Is if you lost money on the 300000 dollars because that's your safeguards but who's making the money on that account. And they were paying them fees for that account. So when the person understood. How on the very able chassis. The amount of fees and isn't it folks telling you anything it's just my opinion Suzie Ormond is Ian talks about you're able to duties. Dave Ramsey talks about variable annuities and and dental care for an end and they do have their place which some people. A special great ones I've seen some that they've come across her office. We should you know what you've got this at a time when nobody offers this anymore don't ever let anybody movie out of that account it is what it is. Yeah man unfortunately a lot of times when those people the celebrities the financial gurus they talk about very annuities. They generally talk about variable annuities and they kind of lump sum everything I was then. And so your saying that the bad applies to both in the clearly do not know that's correct and I wanna tell our theater folks. Few have. A 41 K. You can do what's called an in service roll over if you want to take advantage of selling high. Listen dole makes the mistake folk of getting greedy. Self hide by low it's still applies just at the. No absolutely and you know one of I forget if there was Rockefeller Vanderbilt he was interviewed on time and they said you know what your strategy how is it that you make so much running civil. I look at whatever he's doing an idea the opposite. And so you know if there if they're buying on sell and their cell and I'm by an end. And and that goes into exactly what it is that we're talking about it in no way with the markets move an object it's a great time especially as human into retirement. To take advantage of get yourself out of the risk of the market take advantage of some of the amazing bonuses that we have with a different companies. And now I get some true. Real pension linking comes that a for a. You know lose Steve somebody's got money in the CD they're making less than 1%. There do you know they're going broke safely mr. after going broke safe we are not keeping up but inflation they've got no perks. You know it is telling the parable of the talents so Jesus reprimanded the one who buried the talent needed to reproduce anything with the talent. God wants us to reproduce something with what we do work all you do that ourselves it's so we can do it safely that's the thing that our listeners need to understand. Don't get caught up where you think the only place to put your retirement is in the Wall Street casino that we ought to use that term lately but it's so true community is like a casino. And real quick. The Big Bang that we really didn't get cute or what they count so we looked yesterday. I had the guy stayed in one particular strategy and we're not promoting that this is a common thing but it stayed in that particular strategy what it is account of earned over the year. Oh my goodness you've earned but twelve to help for support and a half percent twelve greatly percent. She zero risk safely that's amazing Steve we had a client that use that strategy. This was where the markets are coming up after she announced name. 45%. Could agree only talk like her scene well. One of the only 'cause I've seen something like that the folks that's not the norm not trying to throw that I'm just telling you that you can't make a reasonable rate of return and your money is safe. You have the opportunity to grow your account so call assess to spot the Social Security ask us about. The income for Caster and Steve great job doing in here you're good at them and thanks for coming much I and you got it Steve. Folks listen we just want to wish you the best have a great day of charity and god bless you on Sunday intimidating come to our web site them. All of my money is safe dot com this is Greg L Lee and Steve Lewis of the prosperity.