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Mar 8, 2017|

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Folks reporting this is great selling of the prosperity group advisors LLC and this is your stress free retirement our. And today we are going to be talking about retirement we show you strategies on how to make it stress free. So. You know folks we've we if you tuned in we talked about common myths. Of retirement. And back to week before that we talked about fiery rescue attacks three strategies. Understanding income writers and and folks. We it'd facts were gonna continue to show carbon miss of retirement. But Steve. Has a cough today's fighting this cold that though most people have been fighting and so he's gonna come back and we're gonna answer some questions and stuff. But to date the show's title is a retirement. Who should you believe. You know there's many people that advertise for retirement including myself. And when you listen to a radio show like this and and also. Before I go into that Libby remind my listeners that the phone lines are open during the show when you can call. 8649890176. That's 8649890176. He can go on our web site request information on their we're going WWW. My money is safe dot com. The other thing that she could do you can email the Ed Greg at my money is safe dot com gray get my money is safe dot com. And now we've been on W or. I don't know for the last five years. And had a great relationship with them they do a great job. You know it's it's a great medium for us we also do a lot of seven ours and things like that. And those of you who have listened to the showed a bill that I've had kind of a a rough year in 2016. With the loss my wife I won't go a wall rehashed there right now that. It's obviously a life changing event and I knew that he you've. The people that I deal with which retirees you know they deer have gone through that or to process of going through that so these are all things that you need to hear. But there's a lot of voices. That. You watch your ear they weathered via the radio whether they advertise on the station you've got some people who claim to be doing with integrity. You've got some people that that say. Is that they want to. That they they want cheated to talk to them because here's a deadline that's coming up and everything in and eat away at. Unless there is a legitimate deadline like the omnibus. Act. That. Stop the Social Security strategy some of the Social Security like that file and suspended. And so forth. We will do that of the prosperity grouper and we're gonna give you the facts okay. Review the facts were gonna tell you about it and didn't we believe our listeners are important are intelligent enough. To understand what to do okay. If you calls will give you an answer if you here's some of these things that I I call myths in some instances from other. Shows okay where they're beyond television whether it be you don't Wall Street this said the other. Give us a call if you wanna just discuss it Tito come in we'll talk we are available we we do seven RC QQ did. Go to withdraw our website we're gonna be publishing some dates on the seven ours right now. But that the point is I'm doing the show because I hope people call us and if people call us. In many cases they converted become clients because we're talking about cells strategies. So be very up front with Hugh. For you don't understand what's going on so the civic. Begin the title of today's show is retirement who should Juba who do you believe. You know who do you believe so the point is folks. You know what do you do with what's going on. Should you jump into the stock market right now because the stock markets making money. Should you perhaps. Taken some profit in protect yourself. She GU Ito's. How should you approach things are right. How should you approach things so. Here's the thing you know we we talked about one segment of blessed by sweet show it one of the things that we said was too conservative. Too conservative. To succeed that's right too conservative. Two succeeded in these are. People that lost money with a market crash in 2008. PH holder brokered that they won't you don't do it wanna go through that again. It's so they got very very conservative account city never made up the gains that have occurred in the market. All right. We've had eight years of a run in the market we had a shaky. 2014. To fifteen really it was just up and down up and down. You know one of the things we talked about is is many people that make money in 2014 and 2015 even though market went up so. So the reason is because you're working with less money every time you lose money she got what people don't understand. I got a 100000 dollars and it drops to 90000 dollars. In the market comes back 10%. Of it 99000. Dollars on a thousand dollars less to what I started. CC can't just look at it that way. We're getting some tremendous returns right now because of what the market's down because of strategies. That we views but you know it's not an exact science nobody has a crystal ball to do exactly what's gonna happen. But over time. Our clients are gonna perform they're gonna make three to 6% on average depending on the type of market that we have hit some instances like last year we got some clients should have some double digit returns. That's right some double digit returns is that the dorm doled out not in this environment it could be five years from now ten years from now depending on what the interest rates to soak. These accounts that are clients or did they react to that okay. They react to that so here's the thing folks. If you want an analysis. To look at you or prosperity plan. Give us a call at 9890176. That's a local number to get the phone lines are open during the show you're out of the year you can call 1804400434. We are located twenty parkway comets away. And they were getting a lot of folks that are calling him in their asking questions of Steve and myself. It fully Shia of who you don't what they can do with the market. Can one of the things we've been telling people we say this all the time and it's not our phrase sell high buy a little. How many of you have lost money taking profits. How many of you have lost money taking profits so here's something to consider. Okay. If you have. If you have. Money and a 41 K in you have the opportunity to do it in service roll over. Do it while the market is high. Do it while the market is China what are the questions are what our clients ask this basic gray keyed on unconcerned to market hasn't corrected me eight years. What happens. If the market corrects is my money safe the answer is yes. Is yes but here's something in its interest thing. If if somebody's in the market directly if they are in the Wall Street casino they have a 100000 dollars and it drops to sixty. Okay. They've lost 40000 dollars with our strategy. They still got their 100000 dollars and in many cases more than that. It's so let's say. Now it's the person is in the market they got sixty any goes up to seventy. If they've got the money with us there hundred. Goes out to about a 106. So that beach you've got seventy and a market a 106 with our strategies. And with the income strategy probably got about a 134. Such right so you're ahead of the game. So I told clients should look at the market corrects that's really not so bad for you because if it corrects it starts working its way up like it did indeed you know lasts eight years. I figure you're making money on your account. Still the worse she can make it zero that's where we say zero is our hero. So again the point is would I rather get a 0% return or a 40% loss. For you certainly get the picture. So here's the problem folks I'm listening to a lot of different retirement chose a different things I'm hearing what guide it says there's a law that's killing you better call him right away you're you could lose. 68000 dollars or whatever. You know if you want to find out about it will do the research she wanted to know if it's true. You know will look at this and will talk to you would see exactly how we can help you and I get a knock when anybody else is doing. I'm just telling you if you want a good second opinion from us give us a call at 990176. So we're Gannett company expand on the fact who do you believe Henry. Tired of it okay. Folks you can get a Social Security now exposition strategy from us. You can get a 41 K analysis. And we will happens that the seven point plan called prosperity plan for you and you might not use all seven points but will help you with those hiring rescue. Folks we're out of time this segment you did as we talked you about. Retirement who do you believe this is great LE. Jesus. Man. Bring you and she's this year's car. Air. We'll be you know the blood it's us it's become like a little. Into the kingdom of god. The lose lose. And. Okay. Folks this is Greg Kelly the prosperity group them this morning we are discussing. Are sure hall retirement who do you believe okay. One thing that we will not do on our show is what I call bait and switch where we throw something at you were the information is not accurate and just try to prompt you to give us a hall. I don't play that game final like that being done to to myself. I feel heavier fallen into that when you get advertising on that certain to a car dealerships and they tell you. It's this it'd usually seen on TV where they added that the fine pray that goes by so quick he can't even see it. He had put 4000 dollars still or whatever of this huge car you see these things and at that can be what's called a bait and switch. Well sometimes it can be disclosure so here's my point folks. You want to do you did you wanna trust that your getting accurate information. Accurate information had agility called up for a few days ago. Had money in a variable immune he's very he's been very unhappy. With that. Upon talking to we disparities pretty close to 3.2. 5% and fees. And he's taking out quite a bit he has an income writer who we weeded out of detail but the point is. He's looking for a very kind of unrealistic rate of return that he may or may not be able to get. Any state but he realizes he's he'll lose his principal now. The thing that I want it. Tell you folks is probably the thing that we do better. Did most of the groups. Is we're gonna show you how to get a pension like income. For you and your spouse that's right. Up pension like income for you and your spouse and were using typically accounts that create real money for income. And here's where you gotta be careful perks he got a salesman. That shows you didn't come writer he pulls out an income chart he tells you hey you can get a guaranteed income of X amount of dollars all right. X amount of dollars in five years you can trigger this income. If you take it five years you can get 8200 dollars a year if you triggered seed in the six years he can get 8400. Dollars or whatever that number is it that looks. Pretty good. But you know what they're not telling you folks they're not telling you that you've got to live so many years to get your own money back. That's right so you'd think that sheer getting X amount of incoming you're leading the principal for your family. Nine out of ten cases that's not the case. Now folks we've got to software to differentiates. Ourselves from anyone. We can show you actual. Back dated return dates that changes on a daily basis. To give you accurate what ifs and whats nice with that you can say okay if I got it in the November of 2006 team. What what's what check what would that have done if we got it on December of 2050. What would that have done. And we can show you that with uncanny accuracy. In order to help you plan a realistic income now. If you go with the guaranteed. Income because that's what a lot of these guys will do is tilt the failure can get a guaranteed roll up of 6% 7%. That sounds great. But if you're into an account that the most you earn his one to 2%. That it can't Porsche is not real money so what you're doing is you're eating up your principal and you don't even know it. You're eating up your principal you don't even know it because most of the people will not exploit that T now. There are times that that's a legit strategy if you say I don't care about the principle. I need to have this incoming eighty to have its sooner than later ready to have it on such and such date I don't care about what the market does I don't care about the principle. I just want the skier teed it can't all right but Tito who that constitutes only 20%. Of clients out there. Actually it's less and that's about 60% of clients. Have that attitude they only trigger income only 16%. Of clients triggered this income. So we'd like Hugh strategies were the income account is not nebulous itself fake money shot funny money it's real money. It's real money and here's the beauty folks it can create lifetime income for you and your spouse. Right now that's the biggest fear baby boomers is now living under count so what Libby leaving example. It again you can reach us at 86498901768649890176. We're located twenty parkway comments way. So as part of the prosperity plan we'll do a Social Security plan. So leading example let's say he said to be company meet with fear you meet with with any of our agents there and you say okay here here's a situation folks I want 70000. Dollar he is a year of income. OK let's figure combines Social Security. For you your spouse is 35000. Dollars. Think you need to find a way to get 35000. Dollars either from pension or you were say your IRA or your 401K. The only way you can do it only guarantee basis see these teen use some of the strategies that we use. And what's what's incredible. Is that some of these accounts won't get infused with dollars that tried the company will. Ad dollars to your account. You have some companies still have anywhere from 5%. To 20%. And this is real dollars. Establish some of these companies are total at 40% 50%. Those are not real dollars okay so we're talking two different things if you're confused. Call us he wants some clarification on that give us a call. You can call our 800 number at 1804400434. I wanna read an email. They had this is an email from a friend reminding Edgar. Edgar said Craig. You know you talked about income writers. On the show that she dated February and I think I urge you it is Steve. Talked about it and one of the things that caught my attention. Is this is affirming this is from my parents. And they have an account where the agent gave them supposedly 45%. Return. And this return was supposed to be generated for income. I told my peers there's no way they should know building though this agent he's always been honest with them ended in they're gonna have 45%. Well Greg look. This is mine heard mr. messing with but more important than that it's my parents livelihood. Can you speak to that please. Well personal Edgar you know without more details I don't want to commit to something I'm not sure about but. I think kind build a particular product that they're talking about. Here's the problem we are what's called a low cap environment. Which trees the most that they're gonna make is probably want to 3% public that account. That particular income writer it's giving you 45% I don't even think it's available anymore says he put in a 100000 dollars. He got a 100000 dollars you come writer means you got a 145000. Dollars that you're gonna use that figure to draw the income from. So let's say you're drawing 5%. From the 145. Okay. That's 5002. Additional 7000 dollars a year here's the problem that accounts can occurred one to 3%. So that major dipping into your principal at or your parents are third dipping its here. Their principal about 4000 dollars a year on average so we take years they've depleted their principal 40000 dollars. That he comes stays there as long as both of listed in this case that you describing sounds like one of them. Guess what that what he's gone most likely the longer they live. So this is the problem that exists with some of this off continue we're almost out of time this segment. This is Greg toll of the prosperity grouper phone lines are open. CEO. And I. Welcome back full. I was reading well let me get back then the second personal that that was a song you've heard. Pro player bumper music score more than wonderful made famous by learned now Harrison sandy patty back in the eighties. And that was my late wife and myself singing on that the song prior to that was her in my oldest son who just. Turned 35 this year and he was two years old recorded that so that was 1980. It was three years also is 19851980. Wow well along time ago. I I think he was really funny. I think come back to the future they predicted the cubs would win in the columns one on the date that they predicted just a little bit of trivia there for you. But it folks we were talking about. Be become writers are Cano trying to clarify some of the myths. Question is I'm talking retirement showed today's title retirement who do you believe. OK so I had an email from Edgar he asked me about it co writers in pertaining to his parents. Hitting the example that I gave him he had an account. That the parents got 45%. Or so for income as a way they understood it. And I explained to him that the money would be spent down very quickly because they're not can earn very much of that account. So basically. Yeah if Dayton little long time they win that bet but if they don't live a long time. Didn't a lot of the principal got eaten up until Lotta people don't understand that they are to hold that. So so again these are some of the issues that you have that we and one of the reasons I did the show on this it because I'm hearing a lot of information out there. That's semi accurate. So if you want accurate information give us a call. At 8649890176. I have personally been in the upstate. Since 1994. And actually spent a year between 1991 to 1992. A did you seminars in the upstate for quite a number of years. Dudley at Florida. Done in the upstate and Biddle of the radio for the last while last five years I think it's you know longer than that. Have a great relationship we WRT we have some other affiliates in other areas where the show gets listened to. We're gonna start doing things on podcasts on FaceBook can go to the prosperity group on FaceBook. You can go to our website which is WWW. My money is safe dot com that's WWW my money is safe dot com we've got some great tools. We get some great tools are there we've got to rainy day account which what you can do if you hassle cash it's sitting around. Had originally called me up yesterday's agreeing I've got this cash is sitting around I don't really want to tie it up too long. What do I need to usual look we've got an account. It'll give you twelfth pursue give you double digit numbers. And it will added up front to the account you can walk away. And most of the averages of this accounted bid if you walk away after two years. He beat three to 4% of your money so it's a lot better than the bank Haiti get a tax free death benefit that's beefed up so for instance if somebody brings in a 100000 dollars anyone have a short term approach on it. Their principal is guaranteed. So bill typically walk away in two years a hundred. 4000 dollars she 105000. Dollars that's such significantly higher than the bank are so great short term strategies. That are available so this is things that were talking about that we can help you went. So so weekend. You know we're talking about retirement and who do you believe. What about these people that are telling you there's this loss since Roosevelt and you need to give them a call because they're running out of time folks. If you want some clarification on so this give us a call okay. There's a ruling there's a law called the Department of Labor ruling that apparently looks like it's going to be delayed a lot of people are trying to kids for you get she'd call them up to find out about this and shake hole you need to make sure everybody's doing that folks. You know we practice of fiduciary. In the sense that we make a choice to do that right now and the the ages to have that license have to practice it. We practice it because it's just good business sense and it's the right thing to do. So if you want to get an unbiased opinion of what's going on with your count to find out. If the income writer works I got this email from anchor. And Edgar look either way it I've explained this to you what I recommend that you do. Bring your parents and said call slopes set up a time. And we will go over and see if that's the right income Ryder. If it's not enter Connell locked into what we can do that which you had twelve better position because see in some cases. We might now be able to move the entire count might have been your best interest we might only be able to loot part of it but depending on the income situation what they need. You know you have the option of key any real money with this. Edgar we can put you into an account that would have made that income side real money. Bill what's given his depend as your agent what you're trying to accomplish so. Some of these cultural because some of these income writers are good. But as I said he would be where these pages that show you an even come sheet dale show you the other side finishing at five years you could turn on this income now folks that's very attractive. But how accurate is it. Okay I. I medical a person. That hit triggered income writers on four for account. And this person is in good health. And I said when did you start with this and there are some other proprietary these improprieties were felony count won't go into detail. But she still like the deal would this person for you know 1012 years. And national media which are dead worst Q what was your network where he started she said oh it was over 400000 dollars. And I should really actually due to what it is now she is what I said 330 shares while it. She is a wanted to leave the 400000 dollars to Mike my kids. Well it's it's down to this so we're doing things to try to help that person. Create a better income stream that put themselves a better position further children so this is some of the stuff that we can do folks. If you want it incumbent. Report it's called it even column forecaster. So if you want it income forecaster and let me go over a scenario again okay this is how he need to figure this out. Let's say you have before one K he's taking your advice she won a move that forward kick in make it safe he what are the safe money strategies. Here's where we're gonna figure for you we're gonna say okay how much money you need to look at it let's say you 50000 dollars excellent. Tool to maintain your lifestyle. There remember you wanna bet fifty. Because you got taxes to pay most likely are right. So let's say your Social Security comes to 35000. Between you and your spouse we show you the best way to strategize which Social Security. All right so that means you need another fifteen. To 20000 dollars a year where you get to 20000 dollars a year. That's what we can help. Hewitt many cases we can do that we can show you'll wait a pre surge your principal now here's the beauty of some of these accounts folks. You're principle will grow. While you're taking income. Had a gentleman they'll listen to this folks we had a gentleman come in at CES this week. Get 300000. Dollars. K. And we showed him in and I believe he was 6666. Years old. And we showed him an account that simply earned slightly over 4%. OK with eight additional. Bodice. A 50%. On the 4% which means on the income side he's gonna get 6%. All right. We can we showed him that he was able to pool. 345000. Dollars or this is if you lived till nine. His spouse would have been 81. 79. So she was a little bit younger than it. Through age nine the beautiful 345000. Dollars and he would still have available believed to his children. Believe that was that you 186000. Dollars. Tricia Wayne you telling me that I'm able to pull 300000 dollars of income. I put in 300000. Dollars but because of the way this account is designed. A still to be able to leave 286000. Dollars to the kids. Orchard my spouse. And yes that is actually corrected here's the other thing. We were projecting him living two di -- his wife living shouldn't it's a 79 but let's say his wife flipped to the idea as well. She'll still be taken care of it sometimes this income can actually increase. Well it looking at it they said well we know we really don't DD increasing income it's good to know that it's there. But you know. So we knew how can we structure. So they were thrilled with the idea they are thrilled with the good folks here's the beauty ward I'm telling you about this is real money. This is not pie in the sky this is not funny money this is not a fake money. All right so this is real real money. So it's very important to understand what I'm saying folks. Very important to understand what I'm saying. So folks you can give us a call at 1804400434. 1804400434. You can calls locally. At 8649890176. That's the Greenville Spartanburg. Anderson area. 8649890176. You can email me like Edgar did it Craig Miley is safe dot com or you can go to our web site you can request information from our website you can look at CU we have seven our schedule. At WWW. My money is safe dot com. So. Folks request he income forecaster. Caller office who will rule set up the time to put that together for you. The other thing you can request is a Social Security Rex was a sure report to show you the best strategy for Social Security. That same person we are looking at the 300000 dollars form. They planned on working til seventy and they said well you know we'll have my Social Security grow to seventy. And I said wait a second. I said deeds if you're working till seven yes hello we take your Social Security stick it into the account you make additional bonus is all that money. And you just created an asset with it if you're going to be able to draw more money for your kettle. CC. There's two ways of looking at this folks. So call us and request the Social Security virtualization. Port eighty can also request you work prosperity plan. Those if you would forward keys diaries pitching right now is the perfect time to give us Paul. 86499. People want services ask us about are these service roll over strategy. Thank you this is Greg Kelly of the prosperity group to date as we have one more segment to talk about. If there are. I mean. Yeah. It's. Okay. Nickname it's. Okay. Folks welcome back this is great belly of the prosperity group and we're here with you every Saturday at 78. In the morning announced Sunday mornings from. Believe it's. So I'd lost the time it stinks 11 o'clock hooks run at 11 o'clock on Sunday 7 o'clock around on Saturdays and hello people that contacted me is triggering a larger back eleven I was so used to listening to your show. All the way to church is so Lola. We like to the end and it'll listen to what you have to say and many of those folks have taken advantage of calling us you know in the end. That song that you heard was a beautiful song written my my daughter any LE. Any LE. And you can go on sale clone to listen to her you can go on YouTube and see this. In fact spoke folks you're going to be able to get some great information there were putting on there. In fact you can tune in on our FaceBook site to prosperity group at FaceBook could look at some client testimonials if you wanna do what's going on. Excellent point out something. There's a lot of manipulation that takes place that's one reason cult that they were today show his retirement who you believe. Here's a lot of manipulation that take place. There's a lot of people that claim to have these credentials and you look at they don't have the credentials that they claim that they have. Where they have issues that are pertained to clients some people have personal issues somehow of personal issues with clients. That he when you look at people would have personal issues were clients that's what she need to look at because that's usually. What causes the most problems not people would have personal issues because a life as much as swift with clients are. He need to understand what's going on okay. Well what. You know what do you do the again retirement who do you believe that's the name of the show K let's look at something here. Should you go into the Wall Street casino right at us now the time to jump into the casino. Even though you realize that in the casino the house usually always wins. All right is now the right time for the Wall Street casino or should you be taking your prophet. And and dividing some of that money see here's the thing you realize. If you are popping you're ahead of the game and you've been very risky with your strategy you've been you've been exposed to a lot of risk. Now might be that time. To have some say for counts down might be the time to say he'd let me take my profit. Can't guarantee that money to be safe now and only speculate relish the small amount of that money. This is a strategy that you can do if you want some say funny strategies. Now what we tell folks is that you're hiring monies is your foundation accounts. Your hiring money's your foundation account that's the thing that you want to be safe. That's the thing that you wanna be safe why could you can't ride off the loss on your hiring. Now you can go and call us at 86498901768649890176. Hillary child say. Good morning to Steve Steve I hope you're feeling better and we don't get this cough. Also want to reach out to fully show fully share. Don't get nervous I knew you're gonna get married suited a year you're planning on them that you're planning on doing some stuff this week. So I know things are gonna work smoothly. No worries about it dole stressed. Enjoy this time in your life it's precious so I just pray God's blessing on both Hewitt Steve. It hoped to cease and I'll sort reach out to Stuart good are. Our in house CPA the prosperity group church that a few days in the hospital battling some illness since Stewart glad to hear your recovered. And you know that your your moving along Stewart is our Eveready. Bunny Energizer bunny he moves at a hundred miles an hour nonstop so for me to see him at the hospital was a shock. So glad you're feeling better Stewart don't overdo it too quick recover well. And you're recovering lawyer working so just to work his heart. You know I just wanted to reach out short team. An election you know that Tara I appreciate. My relationship with you all of it how you help the client said in everything that you do everything that you do for me. So so weekend folks you can call us he can get a second opinion. You know your hearing these people talking about these deadlines and all that call us. Brief information that she guy will authenticate and see if it's accurate it's it's accurate or how accurate and is it or his it's a type of bait and switch. You're being told that she can get guaranteed income that end. All of this stuff you know you can do that. You know you want a strategy. That's integrated enemies it employs. A very. Bunch it's a complete facet. Of integration. All right you're located in comp plan you're looking a Social Security plan period look at guaranteed money planet you're gonna look at a cash planned. You're gonna look at a plan that if you want to. Go into the market we can refer you to some people that can help. With that aspect of it is well okay. Great strategy that they employ so so. It's something that we're gonna be bringing to the table very soon ourselves. And we just had a few delays or some of the oldest consider there but we're talking about you or prosperity plan folks. You know you hear about all of these different things you hear about it we offer one of the best Social Security. Reports that she's seen. We are probably the only won one of the only groups that can give you could show you had even come forecaster. And income forecaster will actually take into account your Social Security income your pension account. How much what you want how much what he needed show you whether your. You're short or your long all of that. I assure you strategies. That are very very solid on that so so we gauge richer shall income forecaster. How do you do that you give us a call. And we will we will meet with Hugo over the numbers and in print out this report. That will give you a litmus test seat. What happens to retirees is retire it happens to him. Many people don't have a strategy because what happens they buy products. You're buying products and are looking for data column. Amount and they hope for the best but it's not a concise plan if you want a concise plan to make sure you're making the right choices the right decisions on that did EDT give me a call. At 8649890176864989. 0176. You can email me at Greg my money is safe dot com. He can go tour web site which is the prosperity. Group advisors dot com you can also go to the the other side which is. My money is safe dot com we've got great tools that are out there to show you exactly. What to do with your money. But she DT give us a call and you've been listening to us awhile. Peavy to give us a call folks we are already out of time I really appreciate being with few. Every week at Saturday it's evidence of the middle that this is Craig Elliott the prosperity group. God bless you have a great day.