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Mar 8, 2017|

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Folks this is great LE of peace and prosperity group advisors LLC and we're here with few every Saturday mornings at seven at Sunday at eleven this week we've discussed. Wasted they keep your retirement he stressed for your retirement so this is the stress free retirement show ended today. I have my money associate and and good friend did that. And now. Offering PLC. As in relation to the prosperity group now we're offering saw. Almost all the kids to belittle Steve just thought I'd throw that in there a one stop shop. It's all right. You know there just throw quick the reason why we're doing that is that we believe it's very important to make sure that there's no gaps in in any aspect. Your life for your retirement and so you know zeros they're heroes stress your retirement those are things that we talk about all the time and one of the gaps that that I've seen. I and and being in the PNC industry for a third almost thirty years. Is that a lot of people they go for 15% fifteen minutes. And you know try to save money as opposed to making sure that there's no gaps and if you're in a situation where there's a gap here sued. You could lose all or most of your the retirement and and your view what you've worked so hard to retain. And so we really focus on making sure that those gaps don't exist you know I learned something when I used to live in Florida Florida was. No fault insurance that's right South Carolina it's not. So if you get in a wreck in South Carolina you can have some exposure. She your assistant you would not face of the floor tremendous amount of exposure that's right it is so is Steve what's the name of your company we're gonna have links on the website the what's your company inserted some security first since. Aronson will be able to to appoint you achieve that if you wanted to reach out to us and have a second opinion on you or insurance portfolio. This and especially if you are I mean we obviously we'll talk to anybody even if you have a tremendous amount of assets and you haven't had somebody. Do really in depth look at where your holes in your program mark. The new need to do that but anyway you can ever just reach us at our normal I've Graham on any safer Stephen nominee is safe and we will be happy. To learn to talk to here here's a call 86498901766649890176. So. Just to be clear she you're talking about homeowners insurance current talk your umbrella liability insurance you're talking about. Auto automobile insurance corrected as well as the other products we offer life insurance or insurance industry therefore he had not everybody has an umbrella that we need to ensure I'm done junk human uninsured umbrellas. Actually umbrella the idea behind it is is a liability policy that covers you over your home and really everything that you do and so yes it's it's to make sure that everything you have your ear ATVs year boats year RVs everything. His adequately covered and you would be amazed. Again a 15% fifteen minutes mindset. Which you know a lot of a lot of trouble watching it over and over a real I thought the kids in companies worked well and I thought. The big companies that are on your side work well in all of that stuff that is done. You know I I found out pinch. Saving as much money is I thought I was with a lot of those count. Please no you're exactly right in and do this. I'm hesitant to do this because it sounds a little risque but I was actually working I was an agency down South Florida and they were talking to me about an agency that was down the road in the car with a stripper agency and I was like what in the world as a stripper agency today and shirt strippers that that's what I was thinking I'm a lot of unique way to drawing class I guess I don't know but come. But the idea is they will take your policy and they stripped all the coverage is out of it. So that they can now be cheaper and then you'll come to them because they're cheaper and I'm telling you when it comes to your liability insurance your auto and home and stuff. The last thing you want as GP a good value good value for your dollar a mall about it the last thing you want it cheap you wanna make sure that there's no gaps I I have literally shaped people hundreds of thousands of dollars up 15% fifteen minutes. But hundreds of thousand dollars because. They took the right program to the right thing. Well one of the things an attorney told me once as they said look when you have. The trust in South Carolina. Do not put the automobile and to trust because of the fact that if it says it's not a no fault state they can come after the trust and and and so this is something you're an attorney toll on the attorney but right that's what he said though we do have some attorneys effect of I need to get him on the show. That help our clients with trust with revoke alluding trusted wills and things like that so. Yet questions about that give us a call and what we try to do is we tried it too. Tried to. You don't tell the attorney that he wants to try to give good pricing your clients if if that's indeed possible. And we make sure that it's sufficient fined you know one of the reasons it is good pricing is. We can gather a lot of information that we we can share with the attorney with a clutch permission so that they could then segue into which roster will. And you know it just like with your PNT stuffed the idea is we're working with an attorney obviously you're setting up a tryst it's critically important. Then you have your financial person hopefully us sitting there and making sure that everything is coordinated but one of the things I wanted to have to point out and I think we've mentioned this on other shows. Is that a lot of the stuff we do want trusts are imported and and having those securities in place and everything is great. You you don't have to have a trust for a lot of the stuff that we work with and so a lot of things that we work where does filter program doesn't go through probate so it goes straight to the beneficiary straight to however you designated so. I don't want worked very seamlessly familiar clients absolutely and so that that is a really key point in what we do Brian part of our planning is that we work with the trust that you don't have to have a trust for what we what we work with you on. So folks if you want to get a quote homeowners and insurance quote chew on again that at PNC quote. Any of these things you need to go ahead and give us a call at 99076. Acts for Steve. Steve is the one that handles that segment of the business. And you know will will make sure that we get that appreciate email Steve at Steven my money is safe dot com now. I want it kind of segue into what the other part of the show that we want focused on which is hiring a rescue. Now we're not saying fiery rescue. Steve that that can confuse people is not sure what that means but one of the problems. With a higher raise his der infected. Did you know that. I've heard that before retirees are affecting order affected with taxes taxes that's right and we're supposed to be lower tax bracket would retire. And most people can attest to that usually doesn't happen especially they have a pension. Because since the government Utley was 96 started taxiing. Part of the Social Security. 50% 85%. A great amount of the Social Security. Scoff laws seniors a lot of retirees to stay at a higher tax brackets so. One of the problem is that with the higher rate pure in discriminate if you're not using your tax strategy. You could cost you yourself or your family hundreds of thousands of dollars some cases millions of dollars. Because of the way the money is being passed through the years. One of the big mistakes people make is inherited IRA they just cash it. They inherit a 500000 dollar IRA they want the money right they cashing in they just lost your 250000. Dollars roughly. So that's where using a stretch strategy. Multi generational strategy can help facility accounts that we have they actually build out for you the way they distribute the account. So when we're talking about fiery rescue folks if you have a 401K right now and you can do it and it service roll over into an IRA. We can make that hiring safe we can create pension income for both pitch like income. For both Hugh and your spells we can eliminate the risk for of that higher today. Hilltop that depending on when you need the IRA we can show you ways to create. Raw things strategies. You know what's a raw think strategy. It's doing a Roth roll out instead of taking all of your hiring converting it to a Roth you do it and criminally. Steve I've got a jail that we are taking 111000 dollars a year out of desiring. They were putting into Roth he's 56 years old by the time he's 65. Years old. And that's his really need the money children these keys can it convert. Probably two thirds of his traditional IRA to a Roth. And retrieved all of his income is tax free until which means his perks are tax free his growth this tax free so folks if you don't have. Of these type of strategies. To riskier higher rate you can have some potential problems strokes so it's important that you give us a call. 8649890176. Is always mention our operators are alive during the show even though the shows the life. We do have operators answering the phone. Give us a caucus a call and ask about the health insurance to life insurance that homeowners insurance to the automobile churches is Greg Elliott to prosperity here. Feel. They all lanes and so let me. That. And I. Is this man's name it and as citizens and news things he's so funny bit on the back. On its. Well Steve welcome back this thing great elm street Louis for the prosperity group advisors LLC and we've been talking today about fiery rescue we talked about. PC that we can offer now through Steve's company that's affiliated. With the prosperity group subsidiary. And so folks this is exciting we will or we can save you money on homeowners we can save money on health insurance for you. We have a Medicare department you know we're trying to be a full service shop if you will. You we're talking it'll last segment about hiring a rescue in tax free strategies. He ol' whip people hear the term tax free they they think all Muni bonds and WD bonds and tax free Muni bonds that. Lot of people know this steady Muni bonds still. Calculates were to Social Security income and so. The 85%. Is still there is just free of federal taxes. So it doesn't have the same effect as our tax for strategies it does show up on to return at all. A lady asks me for a policy for her grandchildren Steve. And we'd look at issues that you're due a 529 plan and it would I showed her the chart of what 529 plans is dark. You know people took a hit it's kind of not a good thing that your college funding program takes 40% had. Right and so I said well this is what I'm doing from one grandchild. And what we're doing is we're using your tax free strategy and indexed universal life. And if the daughter. If if we followed 2000 dollars a year into the account she's one years old. By the time she is eighteen shall have about 6065000. Dollars available for college for here's a kicker Steve tax free. Wow so and here's the other side if she continues you account. In other words she she is have to pay back to 65000. But she just continues picking the premium Payer 2000 dollars a year. By the time even with the world. Because it's considered alone or your own money. Even with that out there she'll be able to retire within mere. 80000 dollars a year tax rigorous through life. You think that's better those college funding programs that's better than most retirement planning from crystal like a funny glitter you know and in this is something we're excited about folks. Fuel that you bless your children your grandchildren. Talked to us we can show you ways to do that. And it's not that expensive. We show somebody the other day how to create an income stream and cared she income stream for this account. For about fifteen years. He'll be able to fund 181000 dollars between silly grandkids. Shall come to about 3000 I think it was six crickets are coastal 3000 dollars or grandchild. And at the end of that eighteen years or whatever the funny we decided to continue getting income or Esterline. So they could just appropriate this money which is gonna go a lot further that if they just gave them into the kids while so as you that's tax free. Tax free tax free folks we are talking about tools that many other groups don't talk about and don't have knowledge about. So when we're talking about a diary rescue when we're talking where college for the we're showing strategies that are trying to improve underdog given keys they are with top notch companies. They're safe they're secure you can make very reasonable rate of returns. And it's very very important to keynote. Interesting conversation I had with the gentleman. He bought into duty from a another group in the area. In the cap is extremely blow the cap is less than 2% while his fee is almost 1%. So that means she's make him 1% of his money on bad assets yes. And Ito he's like I realize this isn't a good situation. Initial way do you need this money he's really don't need it but I just need to what I need to deal with the so here's what we did Steve. We're creating an income stream out of the account were putting into an account in this account going to give him. 61000. Dollars over ten years. And then in the year eleven he can start drawing an income stream tax free or pass for the death benefit tax free. So basically we transferred almost 400000. Dollars from a taxable account in over ten years he paid his taxes and at the end of ten years is all that money is all tax free or his death benefit was over 600000. Oaks while. So which also goes factory which also goes tax free so we actually added 600000. Dollars they want because if he died they want. He would have to death benefits to 400 left for desire and as 600 from the tax treatment. That's a million dollars. It's unbelievable and and yet. People we talked people all the time they have money. In a CD that's earning less than 1% we had they have money in a jar better buried in the backyard. And yet we have the very safe very stable very secure ways to you give them tax free come. And and it didn't seems crazy I don't I don't. I don't know three of the disconnect well what it is. People know what they know. Is they don't know. They don't know what they don't. Right yeah I understand they don't. If so what happens a lot of people just think that there's two places put the money the bank. In the market the market right is they don't realize that the insurance companies have any financial backbone of this country. Through depressions through storms. You're talking about during the Great Depression when people were running out of money what do they do they went and borrowed of their life insurance policies. That's right and I think some of the statistics shows that insurance companies have 55%. Growth during the Great Depression. He got a long it took the market to get back to square one after it agreed to hook blues depression years years years. So we you're talking about tried and proven methods. It's not rocket science it's not a get rich quick scheme but there insurance companies and what you think about it folks. You have insurance for your automobile got insurance for your life if you got insurance for your house want to insure your money. Exactly want to ensure your money here as you know we we were talking about. Sort of our client. We met with actually last week and he was talking about the fact that he you know he's a day trader he does all this stuff in the market and he understands the need for diversity he understands the need for safety you know we met here and I've been with many many people. They have ninety to 95%. Of their portfolio their retirement portfolio their nest day. In the market and even in an aggressive position in the market. And and it just doesn't make good common sense you have to have some of that carved out for stability and safety you have to you do it. Why they need to take advantage of our balance sheet folks. Didn't call us up at 86498901768649890176. If you got an hiring if you got a 41 K. He wants some strategies right now at the top of the market is a great time to re strategize. To reallocate. Meet with us we'll show you how to secure their money safely it will show you some tax strategies we've got to CPA and office Stewart guilty does tax returns for clients and folks you can take advantages from very low price high tax returns for. Folks that do business with the prosperity group Mandela will help you with all of the stuff right here will help you to protect your spouse will help you to protect your money. So if you're gonna ensure your money in what I mean by assure your money you're using an insurance company protect your money. So that the assets of the insurance company of the fact that money is set aside for. Check your money it's going to be there. Even if there is a problem with the companies of the money's going to be there because of the legal reserve system so it's important to understand. No guitar pro Iraqi strategies we'll we'll talk about that maybe next segment that folks round a tie this segment. Give us a call 864989017686490. Billion or 760. This is great yelling and Steve Lewis for the prosperity. I mean it's. Well folks welcome back that was a song written by Randy is still a pastor now is Bradenton Florida used to be a concert tour traveling to every Christian does musician. That was my wife Hillary 1988 singing we've the song we've got the music. And now Steve you know we've been focusing a liar a tax rescue strategies and so forth. Enola. People think Roth is a way to go. But when you compare Roth. To be indexed universal life strategies can like carafe of steroids. Yet because you have the death benefit on top of that. And we'd look at strategies like right now they can take advantage. Although multiple strategies stuff folks listen to me you could requesting Social Security relaxed position report. You're what they ought to focus well let's talk about that first segment Steve there's a lot of people that we then if they don't need their Social Security. Instead of waiting till their 71 to get the 8% of cruel. We can take any created asset without Social Security. So that they have a real assets solicitor getting 30000 dollars a year for five years. Instead of take a 700 dollars a month more wait five years together want to create a 150000. Dollars. Of cash. And a death benefit of probably 300000 dollars. That because I mean it sounds great to wait five years into the next 3% but. You may not live to see those five years I mean I can be pessimistic but that's the truth of it that is so you could exceed. Instantly what you said turn it into a death benefit but also have the that extra cash and we are showing people how to do that it's it's fascinating so folks. Where we are talking about Social Security strategies we're showing you ways. TU opponent Max out your shall security so that you're able to do something. He what is the death benefit of Social Security for someone it's like 260. Something dollars. It's miniscule it's it's 600 and so it's an insult it really worthless. But if you follow our strategy can create hundreds of thousands of dollars of leverage. For some of these accounts that you have and it's not. Gonna cost you anything you're not losing anything major just read allocating repositioning your money. So what we're talking a Social Security virtualization strategy give us a call. You can email me at great get my money is safe our commerce Steven my money's safe dot com you can go to 8649802176. You can also go pure out of the area 1804400434. I do recommend. Go to our website you can request information through our website that she can actually get a lot of tools you have in coach rules. You know we did last week Rabbani and co writers this week we're focusing on tax free strategies. We've talked about a tax free account that's great. For cash at least the death benefit tax free you know the income side is taxable. But shoot Steve who's gonna complain about 8% return that these accounts have done pretty consistently for last four years absolutely. And you know one of the things you're talking about and you mentioned the show last week and and the show this week. Do we. When we take a look at it at a prospect of somebody that comes into the officer were sitting talking town we don't go in and say okay this is where we're gonna leave them this is what they need to do. We actually. Do a full and complete plan based on their individual needs so you know it may be that your Social Security strategy is that you way. Later in May be that you wanna go ahead and take advantage of that now with it's not a one size fits all. Kind of a situation the idea is that when they're when you come and we take a complete look at you know how much do you have how much do you need your Social Security would what does that look like when you have any pensions retirements we take a look at all of that and then we say what is it what are your goals. Now let's sit down and let's help you meet your goals that's the whole point of the prosperity plan that we talk about over and over and over again on the show. Is he knows individual segments of that plan income forecast through the Social Security Max report all of that is tied up in there. But the idea is let's put together a complete roadmap of you know it if you were if I was gonna tell you you're gonna drive to you Juneau Alaska today well. They eat you're gonna have a map to get there you're gonna have here at least a GPS or something that's gonna tell you turn your turn you don't turn there goes straight. You gonna have to have something and that's the whole point behind you retire the same thing it's a destination. And so for us to have a destination and we have to have a way to get there. The prosperity plan is your road map and so. We know Steve. You know you just give me a great idea that the real problem I have a reality. Is we are taking it. Integrative approach with people's finances that's exactly right here that's what my wife did when she was doing her her treatment for cancer. And her quality of life was really really good up until the last few looks. When she had to go you know just kind of girl with a hostile to go through his traditional settings that. It was an integrated approach she used an approach of of well this for health. She changed her diet she did treatments. She researched the treatments so we're we're looking at integrative approach so that we can figure out the best way C. People take a financial approach to ticketed collar approach. They take all of these approach that it looked in my opinion you're gimmicky because it sells one sided. We're taking truly an integrative approach because we are looking like the prosperity that we're looking at Inco player we're looking at a safe bunny planet we're looking at a growth plan. We're looking at the and income plant were looking at the attacks planned we're looking at all of these segments that many groups don't address. With retirees so listen folks if you have. A 41 K. And you are able to do what's called an inch surface roll over let me tell you the value of doing it is service roll over right now this market. Let's say your forward k.s don't really well the last three votes and let's see got 400000 dollars in the forward can it can be harder to be fifty whatever. And the market decides to take a hit because something happens. You lose 40% or 50%. Every year cal still the 200000 dollars. If you do what it surface roll over. What you just did you might be able to move and protect an entire 400000. Dollars pitchers still working EC certain re contributing. So now the only thing exposed to risk is that you contributions. So if you're count at the end of the year grows to 101000 dollars to market takes a 50% hit. Tony Steve do you think he'd rather lose 200000 dollars or 5000 around somewhere at the five so that the point there were saying folks if you wanna sell high you wanna buy low. Don't get greedy we we did a show about that Colton dole now that the time to get greedy. Unfortunately. Unfortunately human nature as it is many people do get greedy they want a little bit more they want a little bit more it. You know it's corner I hope I don't bring this too personal but one of the things that I respect so much about you is that you practice what you preach. I you know I I think he's a well it's it's true. You know I would never go to church or where the pastor. I you know I knew he was a slander and and then a drinker and everything else any sense of in the pulpit and says you know don't do this thing he accuse us they not as I do right. Iran and I think that I respect so much about you is that you practice what you preach and so. You know everything that you were going to with Marie you had a retirement plan it was all set up everything was good but you also had a fallback position and and so when things didn't go the way the unit play and you were able to take advantage of some of the living benefits of the program here it's set up the right so that you can help take care Marie in the final days and I just I just respect that so much because it really is truly an example of practicing what you preach your your essentially the slicks that sales guy you know they they goes out and and doesn't do what he sweaty promote. It's you know they can see I appreciate that you know it. I've been I've been blessed. With having some good people around me so great family members some great people like yourself fully sure. Stewart. Who good quality people there and unfortunately. The road to getting their point has not been easier fortunately I've dealt with some. But not so quality people. But you know we just played pretty blessings island dealing go forward they do their thing that. The reality is we've been blessed in that we've been blessed in this season where things are rough. I mean last year I worked for months last year 2016. I think I posted on FaceBook silenced. I said I hope 2017. Is as good as 2016. Was that. You know because a loss by wife in 2016. It's been a rough situation with the kids. Helio. You know and insulting I've learned. As a husband and undervalued. The show is terrible but I undervalued the financial. Contribution to my wife was making to the marriage while I didn't give I give her enough protection. Because. When you came when we came into the health care thing which I went through what. My retirement was at the time when I built it up. Which wasn't that much but I had built it up a bit self employed for the number of years. You know if we didn't have that fall back I don't know we would have done it was that crucial. It and I had people along the way that you know bits of some business dealing with that were helpful and thankful for that but the reality. Steve is is that I undervalued. The financial worth I thought okay I'm the husband if something happens she's going to be taking care so hit three times more life insurers that she'd. And in your defense that's kind of the industry standard Yemen that's what we that's what we're always harbor these companies and and you know we go to these strings of Tora talk. Then but the truth is as you've learned that that it's not real real life is different than you know truth is stranger than fiction they say. And there's so much truth to that folks and it what we're talking about is what we're talking about higher rescue were using your account sticking give you long term care protection thinking terminal illness protection. Available for your health for your family's well being. You know my wife could take the trip around the world that's what she chose to do she wanted to do that she had no strings attached fiddle living benefits that she had. But these accounts they were talking about the health living benefits that are absolutely tremendous folks. There absolutely tremendous. So folks give us a call an 864989017686498000000000176. He can also email me at Greg but money is safe dot com or. Steve and Steve at my money is safe Telecom. If you want any homeowners quote a life. A liberal. Policy quote. An automobile quote talked to Steve requests received no help you with that. Because you'll be shocked at how competitive the rates are that he can bring T with some of these companies right here. He'll pick it up the companies that advertise the most they're not the cheapest why because you're paying for their advertising. So folks were almost out of time this segment. To do what we're segment in this is Greg Elliott Steve Lewis the prosperity group. You know. It's. You tell me they say oh so. Dunn's here and seeing defense. This father's diet can sand. This mom is adding it's. June since the. Sorry welcome back folks this is great Elliott the prosperity group and I have Steve Lewis client associate or friend that is here. Discussing. Hire a rescue is tax free strategies and we also talked about. How the prosperity group now we have a as a division were Steve's gonna you'll hear all the property casualty of the heat. Homeowner's insurance to the automobile insurers call and request to quote will be able to help you with a lot of that. You know we've been talking about how we use an integrative approach and in fact. Just to it to back up a little bit that's all you just heard was a beautiful song to my daughter wrote about my late wife fiscal song for mullah and Connor chronicles her. Five year battle with the stage four metastatic breast cancer and a few others set parts Steve is it's truly affecting so many people. It is silly people are her deal it's epidemic. It's it's epidemic Canada he all I'm working on a couple of books try to put some information out there because I mean. It's been baptism by fire even with the integrative approaches that we use. It was a trial and error situation and everything was full proof done everything worked. You know there's certain things I regret that we did or didn't do it. Nor were not the doctors we rely on and so that but guess what we can educate ourselves and that's what we're we're Qaeda. Stressing with fuel the reason we do this show folks is this is a great way to reach out to the public. Give you some educational what we've learned. Talk about strategies were we can benefit you benefit your retirement to help make your money saved to make sure that you have enough money. For both you and your spouse. And you know the it's great to be able to sleep at night is new that your putting people and things that are Dockett hurt them that are gonna help them. And they're going to fulfill their needs further income at retirement strategies. You know your eye and is that you're thinking about. Health and you know the physical health vs fiscal health and you know I. A check up at an analogy I guess if our decision and offer you were during concerned look on some days this is gonna make you feel really good. And in Sunday's you're not gonna feel so did their bread today she took it you gonna feel great. Or gave you this other one where you're gonna feel be a pretty good all the time. And you know that it's it's always gonna be they're four. I'm thinking I probably wanna go with that the safe and secure chart that then and shows you know the from a fiscal health standpoint that's what we offer is where you're not gonna have the they're crazy horizon and more importantly the crazy those with a high risk and an even throw that into the during part of it. But I can't. You know in the ideas that your gonna have a steady and consistency about it. Armed. Yeah that's that was on the hill. You know what you're really you know what you're saying Steve and as so we talked about a preview shows in fact we get to show titled a turtle and the hair. Right we want our goal is for our retirees. To ride to turtle. He don't want the turtles gonna finish the race the turtle has a shell of protection he's got his umbrella coverage to protect his body okay. And more importantly an Emmy dinner a few more importantly. As I'm thinking about in this chart that we always show. You know the turtle. In our situation actually wins that's what I mean no question about it how would you compare yesterday's 500 over the last twenty years or so years vs the products that we offer. We went right end we we and without so you still have that you know him in my announce you the drink you still feel better all the time. Thank you just don't have those downsides and so you know you don't you don't run they're the wave up and down here just steadily riding it out. He India knows that that is so true and if you the moral of the the turtle in the hair is that the here burn himself that's right and the internal one in the turtle one of the race because he kept plodding along he was consistent. Slow and steady wins the race that's exactly right you know and that's what we're talking about folks is some of your funds need to be as slow steady. It's it's just an absolute. If you get caught up. Dave you're gonna be like letting it go off the cliff there okay this I would lemmings isn't to lick off the cliff. I'm Annan not a lemmings expert himself not either a yell at I think of these analogies and now. I watch a lot of National Geographic you can tell how I think. I know though and I think I heard the like pigs and stuff will do that though and you know though they're younger they're running for long they'll run right off a cliff yeah that's true that's true about the thoroughness and on our village or you know. He don't they will be able chew each other up to it and none of that you know scuttle it Kara. The competitive with the should Wall Street sometimes it sure each other and a few what was that movie with those Charlie Sheen and those so Wall Street movement wilders Wall Street editors and other wand. Old social with I didn't see it blow Lerner. There aren't Kelly. It was a willful pull him off oh yeah him. Well you don't end and I've got a couple funny money for or choose tennis shoes that are big wigs on Wall Street and its interest deemed their mentality. You know what's really sad though. This one's particular person thinking about he's been all the slowly. It's 42 years old he's unhappy as can be he can't wait till he retires. He's been put it off every year and I said to him. How much is a funny that you want you stop. How to work with me. You'll make much less money but he won't have any stress. Well I can't give I want to move on New York's. I'm thinking you know I I've never been a stockbroker I mean I've been securities Lewis is an eleven bit. Every time that I deal with clients and and you the same way I know that I put it I've done my best and I've done a good job of putting my client in a better position they were in before. And yet you know a lot of these guys like wolf of Wall Street is a great example or even the video Wall Street. Great examples of these guys going out making a lot of money at the expense of whoever they didn't care right they didn't care who what they were selling they think you're they were shown to the age are ready to sell something that. Always because let's sell something else. And as so I guess they have to have some kind of special compartment in their brain where they actually segment often not worry about their clients but I don't know you I I wanna go to bed and I know McClatchy thing here. Well you know I would have a hard time calling Samir Patel who lost 50% of their count. That's just or they don't you're the favorite calling me at yelled 2008 or shared the story before we went to phone calls. That none of the lost annually. There's they sure did losing money so so folks we have strategies that work. If you have a diary you have a 41 K. Let me show you how to rescue it how to set it up properly for your children how to set it up properly for you. If you're younger we can create an ax the tax free income stream. Even up to 66 years old in many cases 6667. Which is shall show you some tax free strategies. So give us a call an 8649890176. Call us up call the operators right now. Suggested time and we'll find out what you wanna focus on Social Security virtualization. In service roll over tax free strategy at cash strategy giving double digit returns. It all of these strategies are safe. They're trying to prove that they're tested. Folks thank you so much for sitting in with us is Steve. Lewis and Greg Kelly of the prosperity group god bless you have a great week we'll see you next week.