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Mar 8, 2017|

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Good morning folks this is great building of the prosperity and advisors LLC. I'm here with you every weekend on didn't or DMVs. In various states as well. And we talked today about safe money strategies this is your stress for retirement show and if you are just tuning in. The title of today's show is record highs in you that's right. Record highs in you as to Dell goes into uncharted territories. What should you be looking at what she DEB thinking about. All right. It's it's really interesting to see help people. Myself included at times when it comes to my personal accounts don't pay that close attention to what's really going on. And react. In arrears we react late okay. Well first of all before I go into too much right now on Latino that are phone lines are open you can call me at 8649890176. We have a live operator to phone lines are open during the show although it's alive show there's an operator waiting for you. And you can go ahead and call it set at the time to request some of the things are going to be talking about. And is still our number again is 8649890176. If you want email us. Email me at gray give Jerry G touch my money is safe dot com that's the at symbol my money is. Safe dot com. And you can also go to prosperity group advisors dot com. So you can get on the web and look at some of the things we do you can look at archive shows were redone preview shows talking about what's going on and as we prepare for the new year. As you prepare for strategies. What eaten should you be thinking about. Is it happy days are here again you know the stock market is up everything's hunky dory there's no problem the deficit. You know is is is trump can get inaugurated when he's supposed to a couple of weeks and you know is everything to go without a problem. I don't now. I don't know of 2016. Was a weird. Weird year no question about it very strange year. And at least in my life it was a little wuss for you but it was probably one of the toughest years I can remember in my life. As many of you know I lost my wife in 2016. To a five year battle. To breast cancer and show it's just been a very big paradigm shift in my life personally. But in terms of the financial norms. We have had more bizarre things that I've ever noticed ever seen in my career. 26 year career. And also from a we have to the most bizarre and strange election that I've ever witnessed. In mind in my adult life and so you don't. The new normal is nothing is normal and everything changes and everything is changing so how should you handle how should you people be prepared. For financial. The situation okay first of all. Jolt the fall into what I called a living trap. Tried to letting trap where we become like lemmings and we just go from one point to another and we follow the other lemmings all right. I've been saying for a long time and I of course I didn't coined this phrase but jolt. Sell high. Buy low sell high buy low. Don't play the timing game all right. The reality is the way you divide your money the way you allocate your accounts. Should still follow rules like the rule of 100. Okay what is the rule of 100 I've talked about it before but the rule 100 as you take a hundred you subtract your age prominent. They end. That tells you how much percentage of risky should have. That David did the differential for example if on a seven year old. And I should tracks have any from a hundred. That means that 70%. Of my money should be foundation only safe. They should be in conservative safe account 30%. Should be the most risks and I'm willing to take. So that means that if I'm gonna have money in the stock market and I say okay how much money should I have in front seven years old. Then it shouldn't be any more than 30%. With what most financial analysts and and certified planners look at now I'm 56. So that means that 56% of my money should be safe and 44%. Could be a little bit more. More risky now it's also gonna involve your personal. Risk tolerance. So the thing here is as the market has gone up one of the it's interesting statistics and I've seen. Is affected. And I can't recall or read it but he was saying that in 1980. Pete average American's income. Was about 25%. Higher than it is. In truth I heard was in 2016. That's right 25%. Higher and I don't know who took. Into account the value of money today vs 1980. From the standpoint of what it buys. So they're just saying that bid terms of measurement of salaries everything people are making less money now hopefully that'll change with the new administration. With less taxes. But we also have some risk OK we have some risk. Who you know as is president trump goes into a little bit more of a protectionist mode that can have some repercussions as well. So the reality is we should still let prudence rule with a our retirement accounts. Don't get caught off guard because. IA and everything that's happened is what I felt was gonna happen if we. Didn't have a correction in 2016. Which if you've heard preview shows I thought there is going to be correction in October again it didn't happen paid not a big one. And he really the big correction occurred in August of last year that was a big correction that people were waiting for we came back quickly. And then when you win trump got elected. The market did what I thought it was gonna react negatively. It and climb back up well I just didn't think it was gonna happen in 24 hours but it did. And now it's hitting new dorms because. Corporations are excited because they're saying man we don't have to move overseas. You know we can were to have a 15% tax of course all these things have to be passed. So what do you do as a retiree per cent. I think now is the time to take your gains blocking your gains. If you have a 41 K at a higher rate in your still able to move that account which is called. And in service roll over. Give it give me a call at 8649890176864989. 0176. Email me at grade app to my money is safe dot com. And or we will gladly. Get in touch with few. And and go over some things with you know first of all. One of the key things that she need to be listening to me folks is this and remember phone lines are open during the sour but. If you are going to. If you're thinking of taking Social Security. Then call me so that she could obtain your free Social Security Max a position report. Your free Social Security virtualization report give us a call will set up the time to go over those things with few okay. And you think you call city 649890176. We'll put together Social Security report to help you have a Social Security strategy to know when the best time to take it many of you don't know. If you're 62 years old when you decide to take it early. If you're making 40000 dollars a year. Everything you make over. Over 151400. Dollars I believe. Which means basically what are we talking about 24000. And change. 24000. And change is going to reduce your Social Security by 50%. Series if you're 62 years old and EU take it early. Why you're working your ranking 40000 dollars a year you were hurting yourself incredibly. Big big mistake. So let us guide you in in determining the best way for you take Social Security when we show you how to make social security and asset. Strike how to create an asset on your Social Security instead of waiting till your seventy to take it. Why not why not talk to us Angela let's show you what you can do with that money for the next five years instead of letting the government control. So these are strategies that work. You know that that makes sense and so it's very important niche you understand what you're able to do. What you're able to deuce of the decisions you make are very very very important okay. Very very important so again if you are going to be turning. On your Social Security you're you're thinking about it give us a call if you're in a position to roll over your 41 K. Don't let it stay with the present company if you're able to move it move their money into safety and and if the market continues to go up. It may 125000. Folks. Then let the new contributions to your socialist to your 401K grow. But look at other money be safe so that you cannot lose folks we're out of time the second tier and as we discussed. Record highs and you what you need to do for 2017. This is great killing of the prosperity. All right folks well. Saw you heard it was a song that. It was written by. Really is still the aid concert Christian pianist and pastor now. Out of Bradenton Florida home we've got the music and it was my wife and myself. And that was done in 1980. Mean seven. 1987 folks and not now we've got in CD form a sin to be on our website if you could download if you like some of the music pitching here. All right folks we've been talking about record highs in you what you should do for 2017. How you should plan. First of all just to review what went over Social Security maxim has issued a portal a kind of expand on that. Also went over 41 K in service roll overs are what that is. Is this folks if you worked thinking of taken Social Security early at 62. Already should take you to 66 or seventy. Give us a call so we can help you should figure out the best strategies for that. You're gonna be shocked that there is a source of money that you have folks a source of money that you could use to two. Make the right decision. In fact I was talking to my producer off steer you ask me question civil why she Joseph wait till your seventy to retire I mean. You know what do you do with them they should know no we're talking about Social Security let me explain his chief folks. Well we're probably one of the only firms that uses this strategy. But here here it is folks. If you were 66. You've been to hold picture earned deferred retirement credits by delaying to take your Social Security. Julia seven years old till your seventy years old Anderson what I'm saying so that means that you Ernie percent to 66. You're an 8% today means if your social security and I'm just using estimates. If your Social Security is 2000 dollars a month at 66. And you earned deferred retirement credits. That means that if you wait til you're seventy years old in your income is gonna go up to 272800. Dollars a month not count the cost of living increases. That's 800 bush is 62800 dollars a month so that's an extra 9600. Dollars a year pitcher gonna get. Now that's good is specially if you don't need the money or you're still working. But here's the problem folks there is a better way to do it. What I would have. Most people do in this situation now is take the Social Security it's 66 why because you're no longer penalized. For working. You're no longer penalized for working so now I can take the Social Security at 66. And I can take the 2400. 2000 dollars a month which 24000 dollars a year. And I could take between 4000 dollars a year and invest it in chewy tax free IE well. Right he tax free are you well which he's up putting 24000. Dollars a year times fine few years. That's a hundred and at a 100000. Dollars. That I AMR 125000. Dollars. Have now between tax free account which freezes 72 years old like insert drawing about. Roughly this is just to guesstimate roughly about twelve to 151000 dollars a year tax free that's right. Why would I do that instead of letting it get crew and Social Security here's the reason why. What's your said the all right what's your seventy folks. It lets say you you'd defer your Social Security first you know 45 years. You know your income goes up to 2800. A month state of 2000 a month. If you die the next month can't swallow but that's it. Your wife gets to half of division if it's if yours is higher than nurse or she gets that money so here there's a benefit of that. But there is no death benefits that money is gone both iron to 275. Dollars or whatever Social Security gives you would somebody dies that's it. But if you follow the prosperity group's method if you follow my method. You've got to 125000. Dollars in attacks recount with the death benefit of probably around 300000. Dollars. And SA tax free death benefit. Analysts say you don't dime which is what we hope. You have long term care protection you have terminal illness protection now up to 300000. Dollars. So now you have an accident only protects your state if you die it protects you fewer sick if you live. So that's why you need to request. Your free Social Security Maximus they should report that's right here free Social Security Mack's position report. So listen folks give us a call. Give us a call and we will run that for you. We will run that for you. In fact you can request a copy of the Social Security maxim Zain shall report to see exactly what you're report will look like so give us a call at 8649890176. That's 8649890176. And very important if you're out of the area. If you're if you're out of the area folks then and make sure that you call. 180440043418. Hundreds 040. I'm sorry 1804400434. You can email me at grade at my money is safe dot com that's grade. At my money is safe. Dot com so again deferred retirement credits can be good. But feel there is a better way. And so let me help you figure that out because other groups are not telling you that. OK so this these are strategies that work. So it's important that you understand. What we're talking about it. So begin folks. Follow the strategy so email me at action. Greg at my money is safe dot com that's great at my money is safe dot com. So these are strategies that work now we talked about 41 case. In surface roll overs. Understand what I'm saying about that you when you leave your money in a 41 K it is in the stock market it is exposed Albania view will sit your say on gun real real conservative carry. Not necessarily the right move if you bit looking at this in the last year. Okay you should you know and we've been telling folks what work were many of our clients are dealing we are recommending staying aggressive. Watching it very closely in October but still staying aggressive taking. Advantage of this bullish gain on the market right now. But still go into safe money strategies so what I'm telling use this for let me remind you Warren Buffett's. Number one rule of money. Is do not lose money that's right it is number one rule of money do not lose money you're ruled number two is. If she rule number one that's right. So we don't want clients to lose money so we're showing you strategies that work where your money gets guaranteed that's right we can take your 41 K. Your higher rate and guarantee the principal of that account. Minus any withdrawals that you might make it okay. Minus any withdrawals that you might think now if you. Are listening to this program as I said our phone lines are open during the show this next segment I'm going to be talking about. Variable annuities people that have variable annuities are variable accounts. And what she need to consider about some of these variable accounts. In what your options are okay because he's very able and duties folks you have risk to right. Folks to email me at grave at my money is safe dot com wanna read an email that I received about that we did a show. On variable duties last year and we wanna. Talk about that next segment folks. Folks we're out of time this segment. To an end as we have operators opened during the show. Give us a call at 8649892176. I'll be right back this is great goalie of the prosperity grew. Yeah and. And that came down landing. It's. His undoing him yeah okay. Feel yeah. Yeah. That happen. Welcome back folks this is great only of the prosperity group it was a song that violent winds blowing Kelly wrote hall on I mean and it talks about how we need Jesus and our lines for to get through the day and hell. You know the wealth of the world is is is not gonna give us happiness that it's only your relationship with Christ who give us happiness and true joy. I wanna say hello to. Oh my goodness and on blink your bridge way church analysts say hello to pastor. Chad Norris choose my pastor bridge where church and the two guys at the men's Bible study. Really appreciate you all and end we got a good group of folks and it's a great church to come and visit so a little bit of of kudos to my church there. And no folks. As I said earlier in the segment I'm going to be talking about variable annuities to segment Italy just three recap what we talked about last segment. What I call what we do it social at at the prosperity group is asset based Social Security. If you wanna find out about asset based Social Security where we can show you how to create Social Security be an asset. Give us a call at 8649890176. Illicit we've been in the Greenville area I've been in the Greenville area 25 years. Our office is located at twenty parkway comments. In Greer which is just down the road from the Michelin building in its a block southeast of the parkway. So were right next debates Ville road we've been there for the last eight years all right. And we talked about these strategies folks. So if you wanna find out about asset based Social Security cute things you can request your free Social Security Max report. Your free Social Security Max report. Who can give us a call and we will get that to you okay our phone lines are open and we will we will get cheated out and in if you wanna find out about asset based Social Security. Give us a call the phone lines are open again if you're out of here you call 1804400434. Will show you how to create an asset which are Social Security that's right folks. This asset will protect you little have a death benefit. It it will give you living benefits so it gives you strategies that people are talking about. No we've been talking and and today the show is on record highs in you how you should handle 2017. So now folks on a segue. In Q what's called. The days the variable annuities. Variable and duties they'll folks there are different types of the duties there are fixed annuities or fixed indexed annuities. The ones that we prefer to have done the best over the time is the fixed index and duties. We're getting some very very good returns this year. And we anticipated as the market has gone up but the difference she's you locking your gains you blocking your gains. Now here's what's on folks. In a Bonnie and hold strategy. Any buying whole strategy which is what most investors do not all of you are buying whole but the majority of you are blind hole. So if you Dubai and hold strategy and you got into the market in 2008. And you're now in 2016. Guests want. The market has just caught up with some of the safe money strategies that we found its right. It's just caught up should the first time into the end since 1995. That the market has actually caught up. Over ten year period which safely strategies. Whitney buying whole that's right. So what I'm talking about his most fixed index annuities have outperformed the market in a ten year period. Even between 2008 and I'm sorry eight year period between 2008 and 2016. So we. Now cured not doing a buying and holding your date treating or you're moving and doing things didn't yell at you probably outperformed it. If you had good advice or if you knew what you were doing but there's a lot of risk with that and not everybody knows how to do it and has a where with all the Q what are the time. Okay so. Now we talk about variable annuities and variable and duty is the duty that varies too returned varies. They'll lady if you have variable in duties because you've been told oh you have guaranteed rates of return. What does that guaranteed rate of return told an aeon co writer. It's really not a guaranteed rate of return HA guaranteed credit of growth. Now if you have a variable annuity the only time you're gonna probably turn on that guaranteed. Rate of growth for income is secure account loses money. That's right if your variable annuity goes socialists they got a 300000 dollar variable annuity and it goes down to 250. And you'd wanna start taking income your co writer might be 350000. Dollars. Most variable Lou he's not all those very able in duties will allow you take an income based on 350000. Dollars. So that figure is 5%. Digger be able to draw about 171500. Dollars. From your account. And you're gonna be able to either get it for life or until that 350000. Is exhausted. But here's the problem if you have a variable annuity the only reason really use that is deep counts gone down because the reason you should have the variable and duties you're gonna get mutual fund growth. You idiot mutual fund growth. Now. Here's the here's the thing that you need to keep in mind folks. You get the same benefits with a fixed index annuities that the downside of the fixed index annuity is you don't get as much growth as you do with a variable annuity. But the income writer is actually going to be part of your players. So for example we have one income brighter it has no fees. And it's going to give you a 50% bonus everytime you make something and you're gonna get an upfront dollar bonus as well. We have another cal that if you needed calmly immediately if you needed to come within five years it's got the highest income payout of any annuity. Right now in the country. If you needed come right away. The problem is most people are. Not explained income Reuters properly so they don't understand it they don't understand the benefit of income writers in many. Advisors. Misrepresent them and sell Q as a guaranteed rate of return. Now folksy Cuban told that you got to guarantees 7%. The guaranteed 8% regardless of what the market does that's not accurate. That is not accurate don't fall for that. Somebody came to see media there dating at 300000 dollars. And they got a bonus. Of 25%. Right the 25%. The person was told hey you made 70000. Dollars today. You need 70000. If you die your accounts worst 370000. Dollars guess what folks. If the person died the person was gonna have less than 300000 dollars you're gonna have about 296000. Dollars because they paid a fee for that income writer. In that income writer 300 switch mid that they had a value 370000. Dollars was only get a pay out if they'd live to take the income. So actuality if you don't live longer if you're you're really getting your own money back. So don't fall for these tricks folks. Don't fall for these tricks. Give us a call we're telling you the truth were telling you how this stuff works we're showing you strategies are safe money strategies how you could create a pension like income for you now folks I wanna read an email that I got. In this is from Mary okay. This is an email that I receive from Mary. Is she this is from a preview show where we talked about variable annuities and here's where it says. She is dear Gregg. Can't listen I listen cheer show. Please remind me when did win the show is because I noticed stepped. Do you change your time on Sundays well first of all Mary our show is now it's 7 o'clock on Saturday mornings is currently at 7 o'clock on Sunday mornings but. Seven on charities and seven on Sundays. So you continue to that should also go to my website which is WWW my money is safe dot com and to an end. To preview shows or tune into your show if you missed it. All right so. Here's here's the thing Mary you ask the core region let me read what the question is okay. The question that you ask is this I have a variable annuity it's done well I got it in 2009. But I heard you on a preview show in 2016. And it said. You know if you have a variable annuity you should get out that while it's high. All right well I've had the account for. Mill about. Seven years I'm out of the surrender period but that I have this income account. All right. So Greg what should I do with that because I don't wanna lose the gains that I have but I have this income account OK let me answer the question. Very great question first of all we can do an analysis to see. What the impact will be income YST. She's had if you have a need column writer. You know eighty walk away from then killed even though you don't have a penalty. You lose that income writer if it makes sense. For you go into something else were now here's what you're giving up if you do that Mary you may give up the value of the income writer which you're protecting your principal. Now if you go into the right account Mary you're gonna get a bonus stepped could make up the difference on the income writer so it's a calculation. Now there's something else she might be able to do Mary you might be able to leave a portion of that money into the variable account if you choose. And maintain a death benefit or an income benefit depending on the way the county history is structure so it may or may not be at your best interest to move the account. But we can do an analysis and if you wanna go to a safe money strategy. Will show you the best way to do that. So it's not just simply moving the account he might wanna keep summits of these are decisions that you have to make but in order for you to make those decisions you need to know what the numbers indicate. All right so for those of you who have variable duties if you wanna get an analysis to see what the fees are that your paint you're gonna be shocked folks. If you've been paying fees for last ten years and by the way you're going back to Mary's question. Mary fewer fees are 3%. A year and you've had this account for seven years he paid 21%. In fees. 41%. In fees and that's a lot of fees. And there are some hidden fees have reduced some things as well. Well we can do an analysis to see exactly you can run a software to see what your fees are what the impact of your FISA. Listen we're out of time this segment. We're gonna we have one more segment of the show Rick talked about some more. Record highs in you how you should prepare for 2017. This is Greg -- of the prosperity. You can. Me. Yeah. OK okay. Its. Name it's. Okay. Me smile okay. Welcome back folks this is Greg telling of the prosperity grew advisors LC's today show we urge caught talking about record highs and you how you should prepare yourself for 2017. Logistic kind of recap a little bit I want to remind your listeners that we were offering. A free Social Security Max report where you can see exactly what the report will be hey we can set up a time did you your individualized report. We can also go over your 41 came. And if you wanna find out the fees that you're paying us some of the various accounts so he's variable accounts you need to. Be aware of the fees pitcher pain or just read an email. With the with Mary about. About her variable of duty. And she wanted to know based on a preview showed that I had done. You know. How she should approach to variable annuity and she should consider moving well it depends a lot of factors. Why would she consider moving it well to make the money safe because of the fact that the money's not. Necessarily. Safe. So you know even you know you're told that you are you need to understand. That it may or may not. Be safe to these are questions that you need to understand. That a lot of times people are on explaining to you so you need to understand. What's your level of riskiest. Though if you tuned in you heard a song to mind my lovely daughter NEL he wrote called lavender honey. And you can listen to her music on the sound cloud. Dot com you can find any LE musical sound cloud dot com and she's kind enough to let me use her music. On the on the air and also some of the music debt Marie and I. Did when we used to sing in the eighty's and ninety's it didn't at churches and ministries around the country and mainly in the state of our Florida so it's important to understand. You know what's going on there okay. So. Again Phil she can give us a call at 8649890176. 8649890176. He can email me at Greg at my money is safe dot com. Gray get my money is safe dot com so folks. This is important to you can requesting Social Security Max reporting free Social Security Max report that we can show you exactly what's your report will look like. And you can then or get eight personalized report so it's important that you give us a call. Now today folks were talked about record highs in U we've talked about deferred retirement credits on your Social Security asset based Social Security folks. We've talked about variable in duties in the fees that you pay folks if you have a bunch of money. And you were you want to know the fees we can run any any software. They software. Industries is called Iraq software Ari FT software we can tell you exactly. Watch you're gonna pay for that deal which you've been paying on your counts he need to understand she what happens many of you get very. Complacent with the market goes up you think everything's good back to normal well first of all. The fundamentals have not changed there's still a lot of risk. So what we're telling folks is this if you want to blocking your gains and go into safety. We can show you which called green money red money yellow money to show you how much. Risky you have to know what that means is this if you would like has to do a rule. Of 100 report for you. A rule of 100 report. Give us a call folks. Give us a call. Pat. 8649890176. It's right H 64. 9890176. And we will be glad. To go over these reports with you all right will will set up the time we. Can do that that rule of 100 shows you how much exposure you have. To risk how much you exposure you have to the market okay. So this is something that you need to be aware of folks again let me review that if you're 75 years old. That means the most exposure you should have into the stock market were between 5%. If you're following that rule of 100 strategy. This protects you if there's a big. Correction. Which I do believe will occur all right but I do think we're probably watching the Dow hit record highs at least. On the short term at least through January maybe your early part of February but a lot of it's gonna depend. On some of how president strolled strategies are receipt. The one thing I'm a little bit concerned. With the the president the eighty you know I was more of a supporter for Donald Trump absolutely. Is the fact it. Key is a little bit of protectionist and so the powers that be may not like. How much protectionism he's doing the reason is because he's corporations have been making record profits. Record profits so I think his strategy of reducing the corporate tax of 15% is brilliant. It's brilliant but the problem is that they're still profit margin issue. And they're still cost. Of it it it's so if you're gonna do it protectionist. Economy he may have some pullback. So these are things that could affect the market going forward that you need to be aware of OK very very very important so. This is you know just something that. You know we talk about. And you know if you lose it's it's important for you make the right decisions so again if you been tuning if you tuned into today's show. You realize that I've been talking about. Safe money strategies were talking about record highs in you how to approach 2017. Again the that the the strategies are simple folks sell high buy low sell high buy low. Call me at 8649890176. Or 1804400434. Go to our website WWW. Mind money is safe dot com. They listened to preview shows that we've talked about bill. We're talking about the rule of 100 how much risk you should happen I've offered you a free Social Security Max report. We're telling you that there's a way to create what's called an asset base Social Security strategy. Asset based Social Security strategy. All right so it's asset base to three s.'s. So it d.s or strategies that worked up folks we're out of time. My want to first of all think you for 2016. For the support that you've given the prosperity group the people that have become clients. And customers are really appreciate your. Your business I appreciate your confidence in us. And we are praying that 2017. Is gonna be blessed here that we're going to go continue highs of prosperity not only financially. But with our relationship with god as well and so folks I just appreciate you too lenient. I go to my website WWW month but it is safe dot com. God bless you have a great day this is Greg Elliott the prosperity grew.