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Mar 8, 2017|

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Welcome folks this is great to help lead to prosperity group advisors so. See in this one which everybody in wonderful and blessed and happy. 2007. Team. Just wanna tell you folks that. I hope 2017. Is as good as 2000 us in sixteen was the challenge for so many people that did did I know. In and so I just wanna start the new year fresh and what she know the vet to. If there's some exciting things coming ahead at the prosperity group and we are expanding and and growing and I were to be able to offer some things that we haven't offered in the past. And now I'm so excited about that and and I'll be getting into that as soon as we do the show. As you know what to do the show is to stress free retirement our end we talked about ways to make your retirement. More stress free and also show you safe for any strategies to that your retirement is protected and so it's very important. That you understand that there is always free to protect your retire to make sure that your money is safe. Now today's show it is title. Should we be proactive. Or reactive with the markets who try it should we be proactive or reactive. For those of you who were just getting in the market and other Regina hegemony in a 41 K. And now you're rolling it over into your your your toe although happy days are here again just chill for everything into the market. You know buyer beware that that's one thing any to tell you and so we some entitling to show you wanna be proactive or reactive. Is because so many people. Beginning at the wrong time they buy high. And then they panic and sell low and you know it should be the other way you sell hiring you buy low. Dole trying to play the timing gain entry can makes a very very grave mistake so. What we do with the prosperity group folks is we used a balanced approach in fact. I'm excited to let you know that tell you can request a balance sheet analysis where we'll actually look. And measure your risk with pure celts and see how much exposure you have. And and whether that makes a lot of sense a depending on your goals we can help you with this. We can help you which are Social Security in other words what do I do which Social Security. And as such it's exciting some of the things that we can do so folks she can reach me. At age 649890176. It's 8649890176. You can also. Go to my website which is WWW my money is safe dot com in my emails real simple it's grade. Asked my money is safe dot com. Now folks initially view work early listening to the show bit Chela. Just want you to know that were here every Saturday morning at seven I think we're still on Sunday mornings at seven. But you can also tune into the website and listen to preview shows that we've done and I'd recommend you do that because if you've got some things that you want to. You know look at we can help you with those things where you're you're you're looking at. Exactly what can be done for you won't eat it you can look at shows that I've done in the past. Has seen an area of interest that you can do so it's important. That you understand. You know what your options are what she can do now wanna point out that. Operators are actually available during the show as well although it's not a live show. We do you have to operators 24/7. That are available in so I just want shoot into the treadmill. That. You can call. 08649890176. Beginning at 64989. 0176. There is an operator that snared it so to gay folks. What I would recommend. Is that allow us to set up a balance sheet to make sure that your retirement is barrel just. So it is it's very east it's very good because what it does is it points out how much risk you have. How your for the year everything is there should really lays out a complete retirement plan. And there's nobody out here and you upstate that's offering anything like that as far as I know. This is unique to us is something we started offering. And it'll it'll lay things out you know very simplistic way that just makes sense all right the other thing that you need to know is that we are offering a Social Security. Maxim is nation's strategy strike as Social Security Max positioned strategy with our own twist to it now. Our own twist can show you where can actually create an asset from the Social Security's depending on your age so for those of you who were 66 and you think OK Emery to collected her mail all the way till I'm 70 am trying to be the right strategy. Talked to us first. It this software will show you things that that you cannot calculate yourself he can't put this on a spreadsheet and say. All this is the right way to go there this will be calculated for Uga will show you strategies. That are very very unique in can make a big big difference in your life. Real life story and a client did you know he's an engineer. And he said to mean a Gregor looked in the next realization report a little ritual of seven years old emotionally minute. And end. I should the majority of your assets are in higher race. And I should quite frankly. He don't have as much as you would expect you make good salary and he shouldn't. Spring after five kids in five weddings they're all girls. Kind of puts advantage here retired relation hey I've got two girls. I know what does the does facility at two boys and two girls and I can imagine this chill had five US five girls. It definitely put a dent in his retiring he's got all these weddings he he paid for. So my point folks. Is that we can we showed him a strategy. Where we said hey here's what will do will just go ahead and put the money into a tax free account he's planning on working till his mid seventies he's very healthy. And the strategies worked well and so far in three years listen to me folks he's accumulated. Approximately a 120000. Dollars in tax recounts for him and his wife. All the while giving him the death benefit protection and long term care protection and try to. So if you want to find out about that a tax free strategy. OK for the show we are offering three things three things which you can give us a call. There will set up the time to go over these with you first or get your own balance sheet to make sure that you were on track. We knew were being proactive with the markets try to make sure that your celts are designed properly. Secondly. We're offering to Social Security Maxima is nation report. And folks if you have a Social Security Max was issue report that'll lay out a template where your income is planned he knew exactly what to expect. Part of that is will show you eight. Tax free strategy with the with that as well if it's applicable for you. If it's applicable for you and then thirdly folks. The the thing that I wanna tell you is if you have a 401K right now. You're 41 case should be looking pretty good. Because the markets have gone up in the last year she has substantial especially since the election the markets have done very well you know word near record highs. It's a lot of people made up some of the losses that they've had. But you don't make the mistake of jumping in head first and not knowing what the bottom of the hole looks like. So again our phone lines are open you can call us at 864. 989017668649890176. If you have a 41 K many of you don't know. At some of you can do this at 55 most abusive 59 and a half he can do what's called an in service roll over. Now why do an in service roll over in what is said in service roll over. It means that even though you might be working still. You can continues. Contributing cheer for one K which can take the money that you have and you can make that assets safe. So example if you get 200000 dollars in your forward Kate you're worried about the markets. It's so you start getting very very conservative and you know make much money that he even sitting on the sidelines because you're not really sure what to do talk to us. And we will run together 841. K analysis so again. If you just tuning into the show were offering you a balance sheet to show you how to how to structure your counsel Richard richer set up properly. A Social Security Max was issued report with a potential tax free asset building strategy. And a 41 K. Analysis to see if and his service roll over makes sense for you now folks I want you tune in this to show lasted. Our ruby talking to some of the exciting things are going to be doing at the prosperity group this year. And now we're bringing some new things and some new tools and we're really putting us pushing you upstate folks were almost out of time the segment. We get our phone lines are open 8649890176. Or 800 numbers 80440. 0434. This is Craig L leave the prosperity group into the next segment. Need. We're. Welcome folks this is gray he'll leave the prosperity grouping that was C. Songs that my wife and I saying. That's that's a lovely. Late wife who died in July. Stage four breast cancer. And in take what folks. Cancers such a hideous disease it's affecting nearly one on the two people. Have a good friend of mine who's. In fact she was at my wife celebrations service and she's just been diagnosed apparently with. Colon cancer. And she's probably almost sixty years sold to us and her name is Anna showed few would keep her in your prayers. But please keep in your prayers are just praying the two that they're also worried about a spot on her liver. It's a just keeper your prayers and there's a lot of people who are dealing with this. You know we've got some some things we may be talking about because we did a lot of researchers found a lot of things in my wife's quality of life. Was amazing. For the five years was until last year that she took to turn. For the worst and are seen so many people that their quality of life is so bad because the treatment sometimes as. His worst in the disease so. Just stuff to think about two and we'd love to help any way we can't folks you're just tuning in that title today show is. Should we be the should we breathe proactive. Or reactive with the market should we be proactive or reactive. You know many of of you that are listening to meet you you kind of we all have this blog mentality where we listen to snippets of the news. You know we we're we're so busy with our lies we hear all the markets go up everything must be good and and so forth. Folks it only takes one thing it takes a complication the inauguration and something going on in Syria Russia. Two to do this you don't want to put all your money into a house of cards. Now there's benefits to be leaned in and silk he need a balanced approach. And if folks we're offering putting together a balance sheet approach for you to show you exactly. How a year your funds need to be divided how much risk do you have. How much safety do you need your help a safety do you want. You know what your risk tolerance those type of of questions that now you can have a plan. How would if you were listening to me today. Don't really have a retirement plan your early retirement plan has been contributing to a four point kick. You're aggressive you talked your buddies at the water cooler additional were killed this system this seat that's how you make your financial decisions the market takes a big hit. He should auto lose anything's he's sticking to the money market account he make less than 1%. In many have you been doing that for the last three years and you have even car big gains of the market. If you it's fun describing you which you're telling. Yourself which you're telling me is that you really don't have a tolerance to have that much risk. So this is what we do to prosperity group we showed you safe money strategies we can make a reasonable rate of return safely. You know it's hard to conceive that heals many of our clients they've they've averaged three to 6% in the last you know ten years. Morse and that the older kills an average lit higher because that you know they made more during a period of time but here's the good news in 2008. None of our clients lost any money that's right. None of our clients lost signaling that we're located within in the upstate 125 years and we are located at twenty parkway comments away. Which is parkway commons which is about a mile from the Michelin building. And who we we've been there for a long time and you know we we sponsored the election bachelor W or. And even what the markets did end so I'm patting myself on the back the good of the reality it's interesting to think that. What we predicted the markets were gonna do it ditches did the 24 hour period. So. There are some interesting news that's out there and that's why I'm telling you folks. Into they were talking about bringing proactive rather than reactive. Harry didn't. Is predicting a market correction. I I believe the markets can hit records but I do believe there's a correction looming let's be honest here I've been saying now for the last two years we thought there's going to be a correction but the reality. Is the low low interest rates. Feed the infusion of government money into the economy has given us in my opinion. A very fragile. The very fragile market that he don't you hate to have all your eggs in one basket. Don't understand something you listen to a telling you folks. Don't get caught up in the timing game I said that last segment that here's what you need to know. Think about this how many of you have ever lost money taking profits. How many of you ever lost money taking profits. So another two or less saying well you're you're saying yourself it's gonna go up all the morning to hang in there need to hang in there. All the reality if you are profitable he'd be good profit. Bill the time to look at chip can happen in my allocated properly. In my taking too much risk. Okay what I talked about it the last segment folks is a balance sheet latest set up they balance sheet to see how much risk you have. We will show you what we call red muddy green money strategy you know the rich how much red money you have okay what's red money red money is risk money. How much green money do you have that's money that did it yeah. Is safe that is that is a risk adverse. But other green but he strategies we have tools that we used to give you reasonable rate of return. Let us show you how to create a pension like income. So folks she can go to my website which is gray get my money is safe dot com that's Craig I'm sorry to shut that's why email. My emails great harmony is safe dark color website is WWW. My money is safe dot com. I can give my email now about a thousand emails or he's calling me up to the same on us which you know that's my email so folks. Listen we're the prosperity group we have Steve. Louis and fully shoot. Douglas. That are agents we have Medicare specialists and one of the things I'm excited to tell you we're opening up a property and casualty division folks. And we're gonna be able to offer property casualty. Crossing going to be offering a lot more term insurance and if you need help. With the health insurance you can give us a call I mean health insurance. Unity Affordable Care Act and all the changes that are there are so we have a team of people can help you and all of these areas. So we are not you know just a one stop shop we can help you all of these areas I focus. Primarily with the retirement I look future safely strategies. We're also bringing in a securities division where we'll be able to. Handled the managed money were exciting that we're expecting that to happen within the next couple months. So. You know we've got a lot of these things in place. As you might have heard from last segment I've I've gone through a lot of personal changes is. My wife lost the the battle. 25. Years of struggle with two with breast cancer but she won the war she is now in heaven with Jesus and in so. He knows that that is something and I believe in the end they have witness said he will talk about that they'll the road but we have some exciting things going on. So again folks if you want to get your balance sheet. Set up. If you want to look at the Social Security Max was stationed strategy how you can have a tax free income with that. These are things that you can do folks and will help you. Do these things wishing each call my number which is 8649890176. Operators are standing by leave your your information will give you a hall. Where you can email we did gray get my money is safe dot com that's great get my money is safe dot com. Lot of changes are happening in the financial industry and so it's important that you or breast of all of these things. Solar setup a balance sheet a Social Security strategy for you. And if you before when Katie consider in the service roll over to the next segment folks as we talked in detail about the balance sheet your Social Security next musicians strategy in your service for one K roll produces great deal. My. It's. If you tell me they say oh so. Done this year and seeing defense. Yes father's diet can sand. Just always had its. You know a sense. Sorry. News. Welcome back folks this is Craig telling prosperity group is today and talking about should she be. Proactive or reactive with the market today. You know many of you you've heard me then on the on on the radio here for the last five years. We talk about stress free retirement about. How to keep your money safe. You know there's a lot of stuff going on right now folks you know. Just because the markets that doesn't mean that everything's hunky dory your out of the woods. And you need to take advantage of some of the things we are talking about to pick lettuce put together balance sheet for you to show you exactly how your monies allocated. What a show you a Social Security Mack's strategy. That that. We're doing for you let me show you how to roll over your 401K ire ray. In in two of your 401K. Do well in service roll over protect cassette. And and and create pension like income for. By the way the the song that she heard it was a song that my daughter Danielle Lee wrote about my mom's like cancer and it's called songs from mullah. There's a very powerful song she's quite a prolific songwriter. And you know the fact is this folks. You've got a lot of voices that that. You can listen to on this will point out that our phone lines are open during the show. You can call 66498901768649890176. You're out of the area fury in Florida are pure. In any listen to a recording our shows either Florida or Tennessee or North Carolina he can dollar 800 number which is 1804400434. 1804400434. You can email me at grey get at my money is safe from dot com. That's great to get my money is safe dot com I want to. Read an email. In the email. That we got was somebody. That had asked a question about our rainy day account which shall we we call our CD alternative plan. And many if you if you listen to preview shows few cattle you know cash sitting around basically not working for you at the bank. We've got some dynamite strategies that are safe. And and this is actually email which is a testimonial. And Donald just we'll just leave it that this her name is Ruth and end the route through to me and said. Greg we are so pleased to be part of the prosperity group. And the reality is we had. We have a 150000. Dollars. In a bank CD. That was making point 75%. And we were very skittish of the market we didn't you know know what to do with the money we had no long term care. By the way folks Ruth. Is over eighty years old 83 years old. And if she goes on to say Greg you know we talked about what to do it didn't and he suggested an account. And we opened the account which he did she called rainy dreary you know CD. Alternative. Strategy. And Greg I'm so thrilled we made 14%. Last year on the account 14%. And as I understand that money is safe. But what's exciting is we don't even need the money for ourselves we're just looking at a way to pass on to our family. And as you explain me this account doesn't go through probate. And so Greg we put him. That the total of 200000. Dollars we rolled 150000. Dollar CD we have another 50000 dollars in cash. And now the cash value and your child is over 245000. Dollars after one year. In the death benefit is over 3101000. Dollars. There's no way I can have put my money anywhere safely that I could have gotten that type of return. In as I understand it but does display does he would go through probate or something happens we thank you very much Craig and and prosperity group of your team. Her for showing us these things. Folks. Thank you root for sharing a testimonial. Folks these are some of the stories that we're able to we were able to help people do that. And I'm excited with 2017. Because there's really some opportunity to protect your money to put your money into good accounts where you can and you know. How some returns that are safe but you don't have market risks to it listen folks who Ruth held in the kilt. That. She had a 12% bonus she made over. She ended up making about fourteen and a half percent on her money. Not a ban to return to. Not a bad return for a conservative account that tried a conservative account. To many of you have CDs you think oh my goodness that's crazy that's just got to be risk there's no risk with the secure folks. And so much so think about which you just explain she took 200000. Dollars. And now her asset. His is an end for an 83 year old woman her assets worth over 306000. Dollars. 306000. Dollars or she's able to pass on tax free so they resent her killed. If if she passes. Has a 106000. Dollar gained its tax free. Throwing any she needs income from the counter she needs to draw some of the money she shook up over 240000. Dollars in the account. Over 240000. Dollars so. Folks again our phone lines are open during the show you can call one of our operators and he Colleen 864989017668649890176. You can also go to our website which is WWW. My money's safe dot com. And you can also email me gray get my money's safe dot com ended folks we look forward your emails we look forward cheer columnist for testimonials. And read a war on FaceBook we have a prosperity Groupon and FaceBook and you know we we we're expanding a lot of things there as I said we're going to be able to offer property casualty. Folks as we're expanding. That soon if you need automobile insurance homeowners insurance. If you were to be able to help with that. If if if you're concerned about term insurance and you want some of racial now we can help you with that. That the Obama care the Affordable Care Act which is not proved to be so affordable. You know folks up on a point out something you know as I mentioned one of belabor the point that as I mentioned to you. About my wife in fact a song you heard last segment as a said my daughter any L he wrote it. This call song from all of very powerful song she's on YouTube and sound cloud. He can you go to YouTube on any L we. That on YouTube work or sound pond listens to her music she's very talent that's not just because she's my daughter. But she really is she was the jazz vocalist for four years that the fine arts center. Great place for your kids to study music over and the Greenville area. Pin and I mean they do stuff from technical to ballet Tutu song. All of those people are great there and so so folks you know these are some of the things that were able to to do. We talked about these things we talked about safe money strategies. We talk about where to place your money so again let me remind you. If you want a balance sheet if you want to put together bill she see you have a strategy. See how much risk you have how much red money or risk money out. How much green money your safe money you have. If you wanna see how to Max out your Social Security. What's the best strategy for you take your Social Security many do you think on need the money they'll take it at 62 that might be the worst mistake you make and husbands. He might be costing your wife a lot because guess what she's gonna be a lower benefit level her entire life. So don't make that decision until you talk to us. Has to be enough for one case you you've seen it go up the last year and you're excited. He say OK I'm skinny role in the market continued to strategy. Now might be the time to sell higher and roll it into an IRA. Make the money safe and create a pension like income. For both Hugh in your life that strike a pension like income. So again so she can reach me at 8649890176. HX 4990176. Our phone lines are actually opened during the show and this is a light show I don't like giving up only weakens. So are recorded during the week but you there is a lot of operator that only answer and said at the time for us to talk and get together and he can be when our team and folks so I'm excited for 2017. I'm excited that there's ways to protect your money. As I mentioned earlier. No one that I know of ever loses money taking profit. So if you time a little bit wrong here you might not make as much as used you would hope that he don't lose which you have. And if the markets going up and you are safe money strategies. Go up you can make guaranteed returns it to remotely explain to an agreement that. When you make a return with many of our accounts. You make a return in on an annual basis you locking those gains Emmys you cannot go back courts. You cannot go backwards. Now I'm going to be going to. A eighty if you will pay eight class in the next week we're going to be talking out. Some additional things you're going to be doing in 2017. Some really excited. To shared those with her listeners and here right now you can tune in or show were on at 7 o'clock on on the on Saturday mornings at 7 o'clock on Sunday mornings. And so you know and tune in we might even be changing some times there are so. Give me a call 864989017668649890176. He can go to my website. Which is WWW. Mind money is safe dot com. You'll be meeting with me Greg L lead to prosperity reprieve meat which Steve Lewis are fully should Douglas and and they're both very very competent and adapted that we'll Chester were good. A key target north Greenville college for seventeen years he handles are. Taxes for the firm and we are offering me any tax special that's gonna become a militant. Tune in on that will be talking about that as we go forward there. Again folks he'd go to our website WWW. Mind money is safe dot com the folks we've got one more segment ago. And. You know. Understand what we're talking about calling to request the time we can put together balance sheets for you. We can put together and if you never even made a balance sheet even know what a balance sheet looks like with your accounts. It's not just your net worth folks it's a strategist and income strategies social. Security strategy folks were out of time the clock is sneaking behind me. Tune in for one more segment of the stress free retirement sure this is great deluge the prosperity. Team. CN. I have. Well folks there was a song that you heard then originally was recorded by learned though Harrison city county home more than wonderful. Then there was my wife and myself singing in nineteen goodness gracious I'm dating myself to 1986. And we sustain in travel throughout the state of Florida in different places in the country. And and I guess that's were my daughter got some of her tell although. God gave her most of the talent because she you know and in my lovely wife had a tremendous force. And now we're looking at trying to put that up on the web site I've I've got to work on that. You know those of you who know me personally clients' money on jury electronically challenged soon. We've got to figure out a way to do that because a lot of people have asked about you know recording our our our. You're getting some of the recordings of some of the stuff that we do so folks. We've been talking today about. Should we be proactive or reactive when our retirement. Should we be proactive or react similar retirement. How many you view. Then in 2008. He said never again all I won't go through this again. Are you deciding to get ultra conservative but she stayed in the market. Guess what you if you if that's huge you probably are not. Even made hold what she lost in 2008. If you decided to be conservative because you did not have your your gains on these account and the reason for that folks. He's because you never had a balance sheet done. He need to let us put together this balance sheet for you where we can actually looking literally simplify things. It'll make cure. Your accounts seem to work makes sense she said okay. All of this is my risk money I'll get too much risk. Orton dole bill so solution to what I'm telling you folks. You don't. We were not in time market that's why we're bringing in. You know people that that he'd open arteries who put themselves of insurance products and everybody's gonna put themselves were safe money strategies. But there are strategies that you can do that are wise. There's steers money managers that are associated with with our securities portion which will be unveiling soon to have tremendous tax reckon I mean. Returns. That they've done over the last fifteen to eighteen years so these are tools are sure to be able to see. And in folks there's a lot of changes right now see. What she don't wanna be easy to order just strictly be product driven he wanna look at and over all strategy folks. And overall strategy. He needed tax planning strategy. When I mean by that well are you paying too much in taxes. K. Q what's ironic folks I had I had lousy tax advice at the time we are. Offering great tax advice sure clients and the reason I was using my old guy that I use for years. Instead I should he been using a personal clients were using a finally did and it's sold a lot of problems. But you know they would do it chat. These are things that can occur so you need a tax strategy. Leading to Social Security strategy and Cain. Those of you who heard what I said he said they'll never get on wanna go through that well do you still have a strategy cover rent money green money yellow money strategy. What's red money red money is risk money how much risk to I have. Oh I got 22%. Risk money. Well no dog in 96%. Responding calling up 4%. And green money I've got no we yellow money. Some paint commissions and all that red money and because why this would only friends are doing this were my friends of the club we're doing. The reference of the golf course. Folks you with a client state. That they they make a 50%. Bonus on every account that they earned. And they pay no fees did you hear and I said no fees. You know the biggest culprit. To investment do you what is folks what do you think it is you think its these. Tickets restore its taxes. If you don't protect yourself against. The right strategies on taxes you've got exposure to achieve even got to be aware. So so let us help you have the prosperity her platelets Stewart look at it let nick. Are our current you know big case tax strategic risks to help you with these these are CPAs strokes. All right. We can talk about some of these strategies that are available teen. Let me show you would read money is would green money is working a little money is do you know what it is said bella she won't put it together that way. So it's important that you understand how that works. They'll folks were almost out of time but I just watching it to understand our phone lines are still open you can reach me at 8649890176. Now. He eatery Sri during the week he got a call leave a message will call back our operators are are Manning the phone lines now. If you're out of here you can call 1804400434. That's 180440. 0434. So these are things were able to do for you folks. We can help you with this. You know I read an email from truth about the that the CD alternative partially 14% on her money. If she's she shed a 100000 dollar growth it's tax free to her. Her children that money's really just gone to her kids but guess what truth means the money she got access to it and she's got a long term care benefits to right. Long term care benefits to these are strategies that work folks. They are strategies that work. At the prosperity group folks we've been here. And in Greenville area 25 years this is or 2050. Year. 25 years. And were always trying to learn were always trying to improve ourselves. We're trying to see if we have safe money you know we're trying to show you safe money strategies to protect your accounts. You don't. Can you make the right decision where Social Security thing you need to call us and ask about Social Security Max musician report. Should you wait till your seventy shinji final and suspend. He's aware about it fewer years divorce Katie take money from an X he takes Social Security. Based on your ex spouse's account to that report will tell you all of these things right here. You have money in your 41 K right now and you're able to move the 41 K sell high buy low remember that sell high buy low. They'll might be the greatest time to move that's so that that. 41 K Roland into an hiring make their money safe it's called it in service roll over. So if you're 55 her. Or for most of the time is 59 and a half you're able to do that and there's no early penalty for doing that. Additional tax consequence because it's a roll over folks it's right. Do you have a Social Security strategy do you have a tax free strategy. Did you know we can set up a tax free strategy for your kids folks that clock is winding build. I hope your football team wins it. It's going to be interesting to see what goes on. Will will Clemson being number one worldly people. Alabama while that remains to be seen this is Greg Elliott the prosperity group god bless you have a great dale look forward to talking. Next week.