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Hot Rods and Happy Hour 3-5-17

Mar 5, 2017|

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When I was 63 WORD. It's again. Theory year old Ron Pitts and Bob draw the line and local 11063. Just WE RG. Go blue tomorrow and every hour. I realize it. Yes sir what do we don't about a day. Man would expect show we're Dahmer alive at that time a year and we're talking about car issues. Color shows and a little one of those before and car clubs torque and a and a car culture and color culture you know all of that until you will it. Well speaking of caller shows how about the big kick off at liberty. Do great chef I'll look that plays almost a bit availability Josh Cory he's a super cool got all that the show was great Saturday but Ortiz opened. This is the allies about Leo he's like happy days. And de dynasty made a baby. And you had him he's like policy with a cool beard that's not necessarily become a nation. It works man that's like shooting things and how many. Well you know and sent. Was the guy from a glad trash bag commercials. Was that are George Cunningham though there was some like vessels guerrilla America. Liz please go to trial actually got. Well there's like Barack power no go to go to the Colorado beat us policy the tape I don't know spot to good note I. They the shaft let there let the fun thing we really don't claim funds as the office at one point exactly I was I'm not. All right speaking of shows. Let's give Bob some reminders issues we get tomorrow. Well until we get a really real well first of all we get our first. But anyway I'm is that right down the street and all this about how president we honor this is all or this will we get started as a little bit. Aloha president pillars are mostly of just the third Sunday of every wolf we do from now to October. And elicits a ruby Tuesday's lots of cool course best music room. There were there telling him what else could you give prisoners some moral and I tell you meet personally I've been some of their car shows they've had a Mitt chiefs they've had a mall of the upstate I was definitely the one it chiefs that you guys rent and very professional a lot of fond of lots of music lots of entertainment gone on and of course she got our round and and Robb Pitts that are so. MS Doan from Jeff woosnam on name you can stand man that's right on the 3.3 the plan Iraq's. Shameless float your welcome congrats guys were joked yeah. Moving forward march 25 Romeo did not Salisbury North Carolina souls who have a stake yes so you know almost close to the thing is Aldrin is the new thing working in downtown were blocking the streets in Salisbury remote callers lined them down until Salisbury car doesn't have via close in the streets now line cars looked great but it is something I'm really excited about this when I got I've got my blue blue blue shirt all because I'm so excited about this. Well mind numb my belittle your prevented mighty here but. I'm excited to. Horrible horrible horrible ponies in the smoke he's 'cause us throughout rosneft are going to be pigeon forge Tennessee four days. Big kick Gulfport it the hard rock cafe marched point nine through April 1 Laura guided through that owned that. I don't wanna know who will be the Hargrove will kick off part of who we Quaker state the next night within the next two days will be at the convention center salute bill yeah. And Abby are all into. Pretty much yeah they'll go for that happen. Yeah I mean that's immigrate issue in the and the alignment plan there's a lot of vendors involved. This much supportive I think it's going to slowly he must think we golf will tell you something about this they put a lot of Horton the show I mean there won't have one of every year must stay inside the conventions that are within the course also the actual Kosher. It's going to be and also that they allow sailing there they've got some gorgeous colors are they got caught the pony girl's. Yeah I'm excited about that well I mean you please describe to me what pony girls are minerals or Kosher walls car show models to him tonight. A mixture of plutonium girl in the loom hostel and saw what little money little forced Hillary thing. But Emilia lodge and a little equipment businesses in the circuits are pretty sure they realize that we get good looking girls locker room we got must think we're in the beautiful smoky melts how can you go role. I'd say even cooler event we have come a lose lose it all a bit further but in April we Carol armor for us what we'll tell you something gets Caroline motor Frist is another war of Morrison in her comes brain children. We came up with super cool a bit and standard drugs and also also facility group industry with a historic Greenville Pickens piglet. That's going to be a great show we've got so many things we live auction we went vendors dummy just. It's a great Avaya what is that we call rosneft Baylor is in seeing and who's in the whole authority Mumbai so intrigued by selling truly Molder fixed yeah I'm I'm very muscle in more than that and more until this year on one later on Saddam Miller who I was bring an awful so it's exclusive to reporting I can remember that Danica trying to do as well. Exactly double your pleasure double your fun. Motorcade is Leno more stressed. And I thought it took every hour. Another little camera store through it and people are welcomed him to do you have that if you want we can do that I'll do an oval in port. I'm such a sweetheart I'm here on the no love so carrying on this show we talk about samarra car clubs here locally. Yeah core clubs are very important things for car culture. I only agree and that's what we're also talking McCorkle your. And now we have low some special guest certainly join us and all of my office and studio he had his his or office. And we join us and knowing calling guesses well. Then there for close your local rule known him so we go like three special guests three very. Speaking in our guests. We got a couple armory here. We haven't come August we'll actually do we go hello ladies. Will caller oh yeah. They move around welcome to the radio Asia our roads and heavy armor. And I'm talking era now amount. Berry was. It's usually slows for a lot smaller office. Oh good bills do well against Andre gets super super. So yeah I was not happy he's. I don't let it go to if looks could kill you be blogger and now we go about it. So in winter to blow up a couple of special guest here represent a double cool. Lopes yes actually we do we have the proper exit oh foothills mustang club don't miss beret and he believed Enders. In the end we have. A very special representative for Carol on both par foot he'll see him emptying CM. Yes because the president had to go make money and learn tomorrow so these deja things we were talking car closed there. Yeah you gotta get your pro or you sure this cache ring huge priority right. And I'll call you that only years and that your room and yeah you've changed and why are you not here. Anyway we have a thing or more privileged to have Kerry Smith here we're way more pro obviously she's a lot better looking than. Eugene just he sure Rafa. Well I have similar to the area is I'm not saying that a value on the senate let's heating. Plumbing I think these things Strathairn Fella I loved it. Got my attention and I'm proud I pages numbers definitely would have donated that. Pat pat pat pat and I. Really does like to say we are pleased to use the pretty ladies go until all clubs but mixed. And only have a very special German Belichick's blue jays. Don't I certainly Don't Ask Don't Tell me wasn't spears Jin can lose of the Carolinas. Again only probably the biggest marrow cloak around the old days some wars as Augusta Cabrera is to the next level and since butch is not committed enough to drop hallway and up North Carolina and join us Wednesday and he's human dollar in March and kill me but or having that you are calling and we're happy we're happy Roche. As I don't currently has been happy actually we're on TV ship the other war of the worlds you show what's the name of that show. I'm trends toward makers to toy makers listen doodles of crazy try accident and stuff go figure had been one missile Comerica there really does not just. And I and Jan got a super sport well and you are low ball a religious I mean that's the thing like you know. I guess my heart. Is about to but. You know and as amateurs and tires and cause problems. Outlook and that's what country. But anyway guys good to talk about that a whole lot more straight to your list in the hot rods had been ill one of the six story building boom or. Look invites to great look at custom colors as soon as hot rods and happy I won 1063. WOR DE. Whether it's four on the floor ward three on the treat this these high rise at happy hour with rob on the wrong 1063 WORT. I've got to look back upon us and helping out our drugs yes there. I don't know you love they give us history lesson zero tolerance and had or I'm there I'm the resident historian. I feel I can learn something new every time we come in here for the show what you do that you found out that I don't all England only hear from you know what they hear it for me while I given false truths professor other us. So learn something. So I'll learn you'll have a car closing history involving our clubs. So car clubs veteran pretty much since the automobile was available to the general public. As a you know 18100. Thirsty cars or street racing and car clubs involved. This is known facts. Any of those who don't know what car club is like motorcycle club assists general small you know group of like minded individuals and at the same taste whether it's you know low riders street racing for about four. I mean you know Fonda the pro bowler Adam Opel are both certain demographic she got core bit closer you get a miracle if you must think close I mean. Is it or you know brave clubs you have four clubs and most ankles when we little falcon club and we did a brilliant short. Not that one make yes well I you only use the very moment or so yes. Works good falcon jet when you well great falcon here all day. But you don't cart those are big day and want to 56 user he actually Fujian the notorious public affairs. Announcer right our drug press right it's pronounced. He is ancient. Exactly thank you Charles you. He'll welcome. A may be as fair as you know the system doctors and you know even today we see up close that pay homage to. This classic close with groups out I'll light West Coast like ambush. And then right here you your goals will you love these groups have chapters just like motorcycle. Cloves or were getting to where you would call but the thing is about that they were actually considered like games back in the day. Oh yeah I immunity should movie American graffiti we talk about forced my favorite movie. In easy a little insight into affairs and imovie and how bad they were. Well they weren't bad I mean that is why they were knocking over seven eleven's a mean. Next up on police cars on my opponent and I are. OK okay early explicitly millennial. Browser and Hollywood nights the excitement that's a phenomenal I love it that's a phenomenal movie. What was the name of the club in Hollywood moments yeah maybe. Who which on which one do there's actually COPEL you have made us in medieval war and was. The Hollywood it's absolutely it makes go figure yeah. Book. All socially failed it miserably so gold historians black voters thought now I have to think about the other club now give me give god let me thank. He's shown randomly blurt out club name in a minute. Let me what's cool is the culture Vizio these clubs you know it's a blood becomes part of who they are released our family is in my map was like you guys just delicious occur sugars to church your your church family. When your get your local people these are your caller family. They hold this group moving this like it's not just friends anymore these are your car pulled Brinling the F cynical tires and chips cross the senate. Crickets. And orders slid. Limited the one Oilers. I can go to hell those are evidence that it. Bonus story and so we're talking about that these guys go real bad rep you think about the fifties and sixties and a really really popular fad. Was actually what's tattooed on your left or IRS think you know that big green mouse when your or. You know well if Roth and all those guys before they came in with a threat being gay and placement of cans that mr. horsepower. I don't know we don't know in what tiger you're killing me millennial you've got to stop this it's not Woody Woodpecker it is mr. horsepower or there's a major difference. No fresh effort into windows actually not a thrush birdies there is just kind of sped off of that. Basically mr. horsepower was and the reason they can Melvin cartoon mascots. We'll because the guys used to love to paying current Jim kickers on the back of their cars. What Walt Disney had a hissy fit about that like. Yeah he was he was getting snooty about it he's you won't know part of any of these gains. So that's when all these aftermarket parts manufacturers are to a literal mascots so these guys amused literally here's your own characters now. His threat being kissed who first bird. Guess mr. Morse power. Those things like their amoeba that's his trigger that's the call people looking out for their people badly. And Ashcroft was king of that Enron was V pill. Of artists in accordance I was on grant another medical builder and motorcycle builder and made it all. But Romania you know low riders and ran across these cultures. I think our. Probably the richest appears. You know I mean this is the thing about it you do it's not even about just the colors anymore I mean is how the Atrix. It's how they look it's how they. And you you look at some of these traditional hard rock clubs now. These kids. Unless they say you know happy days but I don't know anything about that there walker now whether dark blue jeans rolled up and get cigarettes rolled up conversely you got. You and unlawful Owens the other war hero will have the Gallup poll they alluded I mean these guys may take it to the next level I liked that movie series. That's police closer look they Marlon so suckers just Arabs in Greece is the words and data act. Like it. On the culture is missing you in which. Sergeant with the other things get a little hinge probably it's a millionaire who ignored a little weird like that I don't want to increase my wife loves Teresa I don't mind increases the word well I'm sorry. It's not from me and lets them all router that wasn't bad situations in the hunt I'm. C'mon don't be a beauty school drop out. Come on Senator Obama Hillary don't we have people I don't know I don't actually ever watched grease. I'm not musical that we need to need to watch it like grease light and now. Now I'll I'll I miss almost got a Villa Mujica word for word this thing. Well I can trust may now know of any movie if I talk to anybody if we're talking John Travolta signed into pulp fiction. Anybody can do pulp fiction I'm mayor there. They're they're Lebanon killing an unfair that you're impressed me do his impression that Johnny Cochran on the people verses OJ Simpson and the great role he did pretty well multiple. But Greece one of his best ever it actually was Shapiro he wasn't Johnny Cochran that Jeff you got Zack dumbed yeah. I did have legitimate Millard who yeah John Travolta plays Johnny Cochran I've actually read I was in the I was actually watching it before I came here today so it's that good. That my dad and and know not get enough to remember perfect. Is Robert Shapiro I thought policy Robert Schroeder glove over it and move photos you've got a conference which recently and I know what I said Tony you tell me what I said. Continue somebody's do I like your shirt on drug and I'm not sure. We don't pitcher when you tell some money but no right there that picture when you're not painting a NATO campaign and how campaign. And young. BS out in color clubs man. This is beyond me off the mag but all the panels gone out kill kill us though not all giggles and pull it together and put together all just a more knowledge about these well I would tell all of global mean. Well I mean it is more than just low for hours just as it is isn't everything it's. You know alone rather forma forests I mean generous Monday truckers any truckers might I have seen those those are pretty cool those guys throughout the year or next level and there's a major including our group Blue Peter here a chapter one yet. Well there's really trickled across the countries like that they came out the mid eighties always the nuns and it never does these guys are still around. Rwandan troops authorized soda at 70 today announced that in many times at the end of the day if they the world owes me three things left over. Cockroaches doozies in many truckers out Ellen yeah absolutely. Well. That's not all Obama has since Jeff won gives a history a sign grease the wall. Hi there you know what you need that you do I'm not you never watched a movie I'm not only did our homework tonight. It's to watch Greece is now not article is killed and half tap in you have to. Eat the equipment. I guess coming up next we're going to be talking to us of our special guest room dug in my outlook gloves here in the area. You don't want they do you need a warm mrs. Graham harrah's is happy hour 01063. That the lord these. Performance radio you're listening to a hot rods at happy hour with rob it's and then on run 1063 WOR TZ speeds talk station. Discussion is always high almost one hot rods and happy yellow light should follow one hand to connect 12063. WORG dot com. I've got a little. There are. Drunk yet he's special dish you keep tips and everybody about I think it's time to bring them all here I'm not looking forward to it. I'm excited I'm excited what are you excited I'm excited we don't give me any visitors know and I'm nine year. In a studio in the studio in the studio in the offices Alexei. And quickly as you know. I agree with the others opinion hearsay issue color office is nothing to sell stabler all around here in organ in his office material. Catches people. Branding Kerry are you ladies doing great wonderful classic here. All right so tell you what we'll talk about car. Loves all this stuff so tell you what we're sorrow what do you carry first. Yeah we're talking about Carol Alamo force foothills. You guys do so awesome stuff for the community. You do you know what's charity car show as things like that amid the Cerro. And you've got to show of force you know like when you go to that certain car show and I don't say in the days when it's a morning beverage and. He's like now and callers dance cards let's go coughing sounds like cars and ultimately you know. That's. Obviously it shows anyway Phillies I guess is that one of the mormons. There's nowhere nears his sorrows and they're there or man known nor near new. I'm closely target alone. All my show but I don't know I don't know and are open now we know Rosie is nowhere near as. They're really knew that we knew that and I and I it's an illiterate. All right you and I can't. All right here is supposed to be devoting your radio show you can say things like that who think nothing to and anyway. But I scare you tell us about cure all emote more foot you. All's well and where beta but over 200. Members. We're huge. I'm cool thing about the car club is it it's not late models for old left muscle cars or are even. Kenny is her health cats there's a little bit of everything. We've got folks that you know our our purist and they love the old muscle cars that we often got some late models. Everything from diapers to we've got the two hundred's so we we accept everyone and and that's one big happy family. Well I mean I think the thing is really cool by the club. It is when you say Mo forming cause you you might have a 73 Dodge Charger there you may have a 2017. Dodge Charger they're. And everything in between air coming. And don't give Miro and unlike some of GM got a lot the most thing dogma or stupid dodge has not a lot of heart bring it back along these classic next like the man. They came up with the word Haney and brought it back deserves a raise because those are the most common thing said that. Absolutely enemy but that though you guys have gotten so popular I mean. You've got all these new I mean they're trick and amount and I mean is really really cool and you've got some quarters callers in that club. We believe we're really blasts that have. Such a wide variety and I'm and we have the folks that are actually waiting on that demon to come out that's going to be interstate. To Seaway that you get to jump on that one. Berkeley who knows a thing like you know if you read about it don't line in the about the hillcats coming out in the next thing you know you're clueless to level you know I mean these cars we don't wow alone it. We have one family that has to what I challenger and chart that's because I now Wallace yes super super cool gas super cool guy I Wallace. So Kerry chose love about the club in itself the wind is actually start. I'm they've been around. I don't wild and I don't get in the car for that part out here I just purchased my car last April. And found out but it so tell us about your car that we don't know I have eighth 2008. Dodge chargers super B. Number I was 657. Out of a thousand. And girl in the works in what little we are only her loom that yeah. Haas and a whole mood to explain why hammy. Have a good time and it. That's what we yeah that's the thing that's cool about these late the late model Mosul or slow army even the most thing doesn't in the in the GM goes through I mean you've got to corners you can drop for a daily. In you can show only kids coming as the best all around absolutely in my daily. But it came out I was a lot of low part Al backed it high school. And I Easter racist seventy. Charter real security. That's the cool thing because it's like. And anything remotely insurer in Oakland general dodge you know they brought all these people back. Which are coming out these names I mean you've got people. This is an Obama pardon years they have only routine and that they have a new and that's my story and that's what I was understood can do it that's the does marketing genius who also they can make these cars anything in world balloonists are bringing back those muscle garments. There was room and it was just so that really impressively before and I'll love it and of course the styling I mean of course always Alston styling through the years on the scholars. I carried just a little bit about how to find the club how to join you know people other look in the join Islam. Probably the best place to finances are patent on FaceBook. And it's Carolina and Mo par foothills. And did that FaceBook page just like as they are and will will get you hooked up and olive we have lots of stuff going on I mean. The club we've we raise money for different charities we've I didn't have the largest donation we held a car show for their Greenville humane society. And so we've we've got stuff going on I'll all the times. Well and something else is really cool about this close you get to help a lot of great calls as with a and a taste of the mills is very cool about your normal course foothills is your prisoners netted his name is cash for it. I mean that's life that I'll I thought that's the really bad ass of names when I heard that name like I was in Frist and failures. But nobody heard about that but I'm able I mean there's a lot of did you just say no to yes you're wrestling career would be if your name was cash rich. Well. I mean. You know I loved that boy Vietnam and I can see it I can see it. What's the leading up to Vince McMahon you know and then all of the world in a tree and ask them is Khaled million dollar man attending the Osce never that he always had the money coming up up up up make it rain everywhere bill you know I can I mean is it about your name your kid hey you don't look. We're going again treatments that it but around here it's called I H stylish tie should cash is king and exactly. I sort of move mom always seeming to come in second place or blue oval Powell's brandy you know I got a guild and give a little punch you zero. Robert way to go we she's been on the air approximately four seconds and even soldier. I think that's a new record and should apologize. I'm sorry brandy. Should be we did the Camaro is menu. Some Brandi thank you very much for coming in. Just little bit about foothills mustang emblem well we're established in 1979 where charter of mustang club of America. And we're comprised of about 200 members of these. Revamp our membership of every January's arrested about a 120 as of right now but I expect nick to the monthly getter 200 plus back. And we had their vacancy before a house on between seventeen. We actually have a couple low shady and clove we've had. Does charters in the club has city cruises and folks it's just the passion of the car either they've all done in the past they won't one in the future. We always welcome anybody with open arms. You mean its domain build on drug here in his mind you want pre sell us walk wagging conjoined thrills must Rangel a million yes you're in just can't done done. I'm guys I want the voting sticker in the back I. I am I going to be it is official expose shot out of a from the foothills mall and all you Paul at all I'm confident that I thought I had my membership cards in my purse with stickers. Does and the power I Ayers. Prepared truth. Pre paid a little this and I thought kid it was repairs is another dismal she has like your son you look tonight plumbing someone's available make it to all the events. All. I'm I'm I'm OK and then hung call car. And those those are real quick Colorado with little little things. People are OK okay I am vice president okay all right criteria. So just a little solid about foothills mustang club which is said and don't want your meetings the other night. We'll take some you does not a party was woken Quaker steak and lose that I mean this crowd this is like a mean there's people everywhere in there. We've been a 1000000. That we had in there we have ten more down the hallway now are spending an hour later stayed in the room only in his own Iowa. Is that a big Hillary union says in lighthouse on yachts and I got here at the meeting is accept and Tony Perry announced a little out of pocket not because. Members are hang up the parking lot talking about car shows coming up what they're doing their car what they avoided a car. Just dislike them green so so tell us about some of the things that foothills must include those because you know a lot of charities Elliott and you have a cruise in every move through it starting in April 2 Saturday of every month April through October we hover car show is this year Akron mistakenly would be PM 8 PM all makes and models are welcome whaling take it to our donation really decent or process. I'm regulates things that quick easy to live gift cards or whatever sponsors Logan's roadhouse PUS photography Patrick Welch. He is 850 dollar by issue that he does. As I can I Grande property in the speaks gift cards. How count and and we also we benefit things that Shia hospital to their health. Society at Greeneville we don't make a wish we can briefly got to make which car for I got here agree Billy boy yet we finish of the 1965 Q that belonged to his mom. Actually get to see the day at work he came back in the couldn't steer the car. And look great so we greatly benefits and charities a year. This was we just were wounded warrior project 20 route when a warrior and we support which they did bill of Ford and this Terri teamed up in bills special vehicles were. And BT's better and still do that then surely must say they gave away a few years ago Shelby GT 500. And it goes on tour across the country and our past president is now chairman board Kevin Brown. Met the car in Las Vegas a couple of years ago and he driven across Hibbert down. And drew it back over this way and thereby get to sign an autograph it has announced rap on an as accommodating to Beatty. Eyebrow anywhere it'll keep you go in and make segment we had cook take a quick break on their place they can break your hot rods and had a 1063 W or yeah. Immediately tell that's firing on all eight cylinders. You're feeling ill with high rise and happy hour with Iran and odds rotten when it was 63 W a large easy upstate. Station. Paparazzi and happy. 11063 WORG. A State's top Asian. Happy hour. I tell you what we got we got distance to here today ms. Braly gators how tells it all real she does a little more about food heals most enclosed. He is still also. What all cars obviously must things please you know you mentioned earlier the 64217. Numbing tussle about some towers and. We has amazing cars we have member bill source silver shining as a 1969. GT 500. That car is grabber orange Y interior with automatic antley aimed at him radio and is wanted to that was ever made night and he will kitchen at that. Morning harsh and quite frequently and he got and it definitely. And we do have love you John. I few quite a few a my personal favorite what does Adrian for a paper the terminator. We have quite a few of those company which all of diseases we have the fox bodies are making huge comeback right now. And they are soaring and process itself. This joy in my heart though because that's like my high school days in and midget with a high school together Sheila if you had lately Jose's than you were the kittens men's if you had a fox money mustang it weighed in on school absolutely and out and I never owned any militants before so I can understand what he's talking about. Some critics Muslim get all the club you know feeling and enjoy every other women blue oval people and you wanna join the club. We can't join us something else mustang club dot com we did have aides had cared for joining you can join Almonte and here do stay here and this she has a message on our FaceBook pages as they hills must think on FaceBook and we can sing yet Carnegie count. And we also are official called American muscle in house also does have engaged in mustang. Restorations and upgrades so we do hasn't been that stairs well. And we can also get you through that we have PO box thirteen Greer South Carolina 296 two. Okay one more thing for you also shows a secret handshake. Call or you have look at the color mean you're our hearts are clueless and and not for the growth. The only exactly exactly exactly so glad she's an eye line right there yeah she just beat you to the punch up promises that you weren't. You're thinking it I'm brandy Kerry both of you thank you very much for joining us Brandi please don't hit nobody in the way of studio a camera this. Interior all the way to live picture of Eugene in the truths are. Gas thank you so much for coming now. I'll I'll tell you what a mess we got a real special calling guest the first from the autonomous local clubs Luskin and our rob sibling rapid fire there's more local clubs are you graded and still don't tell me at all taking you daily aren't journals. Royals must think hooked Carolina among partisan foothills. Of those did you truckload fit in care compared to the Carolinas. Obama's speech impediment. But that's not at Tata Tata today Joseph yet. I carry out your ordinary about the miss that plus things how did say it is the market. There for life misperception. Real driller Corbett shown giant class cruisers. About this the fifth and 6 June 2 miracles do a job has come to mr. Abbas like ability car club. About the cross flags Corvette club how about the blue ridge felt good old days of them all. Yeah go out authorities. Hi I think that's there I think I don't think it is I'm sure we let some of the Gaza tell you what feuding get rivers and in the old shell out. You be sure personal morals that we are going to want to hear about you and we want you discern the mind Miller's Tony fund Arlington road until March injure a child out of a job we're doing. Don't give a mud is. Why. Thank anti Mexican team. I. Well actually no it's not okay are always the horrible one here. Any now. We need to make a phone call when we do we are very special calling guess Mr. Bush Yates you were all like hey Jeff rang him up grandma. Well all right let me erector. Okay Roy doesn't owe him our special calling guess Mr. Bush aides with the it is June Camaro club of the Carolinas. Twelve morals and every hour. All men doing great doing great. A day well we're talking about car clubs and I mean you got drunk they're heroes get out right. I mean you got children four GS and gorgeous gorgeous compares Nickelodeon got a few more minutes. Yeah. So it's also than some of the things that he has the fit gym club does I mean some of the young guy and you do shows and things like that. But like I mean do you guys have me monthly beings are how's that work. Really don't believe most of we don't they remain monthly meetings. A lot of love of course is through live and sweated it like that raised money for different cheer these are. Security is Children's Hospital. We'll tell you what you actually a really big show him appear a couple months you were here. Tool which tells a little bit about that out there North Carolina. You know we have Joey and we anticipate Singleton. Carol. During we call. And as alterations to lows from the first and I'll get to the current sixteen and and this year were actually Holden new location and Clinton isn't so far. There into the villages and police and it's a very good location. And fortunate right now we've got about 200 Carter's. Estimated showing about the from all over the country. A low until cor shares over these invesco of course you're you think about it because you're the man this is ready and abuse bringing us sort of warmup else so. If you wanna you know go back to through and hang out here what are we are stuck aboard commercial day. They're nurtured very truthful go onstage. Who have Yugoslav news you can go to Colombia goes DJ there and unit then and now Barack out at night we. Teemu general will be unified or not and absolutely no local lanes clear Saturday night so it should be good job. That's the fun thing about your gas harsher yourself want to warn you had last year when you guys go all out so I mean this is that this is an all week in show isn't just the one they show a 1 evening. This is this is all weekend event coming Camaro does know how to party. Very appreciated. Leo Andre and Hillary we don't really like your car isn't you know hanging around and talking union. Come from what's. We have seen a lot. Well let's say because I mean you bring people live from all over the US comes this. Yes we do so we actually put regroup come from Canada this year. We have love and you know eight year remarkably without cloud coming that and that's what the rare coerced and you'll probably have little orders giving them that I could not colored call work in itself. You know live. They don't challenge this year try to you know seek change the other colors give me. For exceed how many hours they burning your brilliant special trophy in the playoff later on Williams are reportedly bickered. I don't know I don't know if so isn't isn't in Canada's the Camaro culture and isn't that big of until it is done here home there. Yes I think it is you know we would have if you. Shows they're hearing actually somewhere members of Gardner took a shoot enough for me really really good. That's also. But still will be we commissioners earlier you guys have a little spotlight on the on the TV show toy maker still love Obama experience. Know it's hard enough we contact your what are called web site and you have this'll show between Greeks. Bill Keller breaks where to locate her we're restraint at the end. We also include your first you show we were the first season. He goalie. It was for our first card isn't. Yeah this will be involved as far as European social cars and help them out news TV show and about it. I'll do what bush I think you tell our listeners about the ghost writer career. And happy and are proud that it's my car. I've nickname ghost writer early on and if you know. Don't think that I'll give it a lot of scroll lot of planes up is an internal orange color with black. And a couple of his patients. I appreciate it and an improved steadily through my pride and yours for sure. And very NASCAR but it still salute about the club and how to get all the guys yeah there was Tamara how to join the club. We have radio web site did you brokered oracle. If you look a lot of people know me and we have joined now by move on our home page. Racially you can join by either pane. They have membership for twenty file books not a PayPal birdies and check when you were Tuesday. Address to warmer traders. And you know you don't want anyone immediately obviously. Contact us and maybe years and then somewhere and hang out and what you think about all. This won't screw them all like that I'll tell you what would you take care of the North Carolina. And I will receive usually your musical what's open Clemens nor can alone for the Khmer gathering of the democratic side of that I'm Pulte tumbled. I'll meet you. Muslims who thinks well that was for a few minutes you have a good evening. You do television par save us. Does this replace all human lives in the hot rods and had failed 1063. WORG. Thanks for listening to hot rounds in happy hour in Iraq sharing check to withdraw bat off. Beyond their button and when I was 63 WORD dot com scroll too hot rods and have. Happy hour find out more about the show listen on demand that it Iraq's 24/7. Runs in happy hour super charged on its own 1063 WOR TE.