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03/07/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - the story of two of the most frightening haunting ever documented.

Mar 7, 2017|

03/07/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Steven LaChance tells the story of his personal experiences with one of most intense haunting ever documented. Know as the "Screaming House" the activity was ultimately investigated by the Catholic Church and found to be demonic in origin. Steven also discusses his research and book about the famed possession case that became the basis for the movie The Exoprcist.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Wow. It's. Little healing feeling during during. Special beyond reality radio tonight we are excited to can be flipping a switch here tonight Jay we are going to be working with our new syndication partner this is the kick off show it's Westwood One radio networks. One of them most of prestigious and well known syndicators in the world and we're just happy beat to be a part of the US or one family beginning tonight. Absolutely that's true spent offense they're phenomenal team to work with that we've been talking to him for quite awhile Westwood One and Entercom. Just been great to deal with and a we're excited we're excited because every week every week pretty much are going to be adding more more stations so if you're tuning in on one of the grease stations we are on across the country. Great but also remember that as long as an address during. You can always head to be on reality radio dot com click the listen live button and join the online chat where Gigi and I spent a lot of her time as well as a lot of would be our family. And we're always in their taking your questions to a gas communicating back and forth. Tom yes so and if you had if you listening online remember you can head to be on reality radio dot com and find some tests bunch of the stations we we've Tehran. In the in Europe. Yes sometimes Caesar grew richer out about traveling to know what stations carrying the show also that information is there we invite you to stop there. Arm and also the FaceBook page is some tool that we like to use to get information out to people who were listening to the show or people wanna share things without discreet way to do and it's just. FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio Purcell head over there like that page were costly going to be updating it with the news stations we err on and a it'll keep you informed us what's coming so tonight we've got a great guests will ever be bringing him in in just a bit his name's Stephen much chance he's been called one of the most prolific set supernatural writers of his generation. In 2007 he released the bestselling nonfiction more work called the uninvited which details his true story. Of his own personal haunting as he was living in the infamous screaming house. I'm going to be talking about that plus a bunch of other experiences has include including a book that he wrote that outlines the real. Story behind the my guess the demonic possession that we all know now as the basis for the movie the X assist. Yeah will be talking him a lot about that but dom we're really interest me with Stephen as well as he's. One of the main researcher fur one mentioned on the current Saint Louis and I've investigated that place numerous times we've investigated bonds in the same places together. And I look forward to talking among that and as well as the experience is he he's had because. I read at one point his his children are locked in our room and he couldn't get to them all because of the sense of the entity in the wholesome and it was pretty much traumatized. It it's strange Jim when you're talking and when you hear about this whole. Arms screaming fingers or your member of the inmate grant and I don't. When are we headed out that one title locked the door and screamed from inside the isn't. We thought somebody was an hour winds right blackened and and look there was actually nobody there so I've had that experience and American meter. Front that's right and we should just mention we've got some great shows coming up the whole week long as we continue to add radio stations toward family tomorrow night Marc Shaw will join us he's the author of twenty. A more than twenty books actually he's written four and and a former legal analyst for USA today CNN. And he and other on news organizations are talked about the truth behind JFK. And the Lee Harvey Oswald assassinations point two plus a bunch of other things related to other jet. K assassination and then Wednesday were going to be joined with the psychic how Elizabeth Joyce and she was born as one of two sets of identical twins. And she's I respected. Him very well respected psychic with their guests and we look forward to talking with her in her getting her take on the. Yet and then I'm really excited to talk about big foot Thursday night with the she's watchers. Which is the first such a weird thing he had the first all female team searching for bigfoot. There in the midwest they're gonna talk about what they've done out in the woods and if they've had any contact with the big hairy creature we called bigfoot. Should be an interest during which ships yet are you sort of take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest and Stephen what chance. Don't forget the telephone number. We love having you join the program by calling in its 8446877669. It's Jason Hawes in. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed. The next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. The program it is beyond reality uranium Jason laws Jamey Johnson hit Bigelow the folks on Chico California joining us on TVX. XFM 101 point seven. We're really really happy to have you along and be part of the beyond reality review team itself and its attendant when talking about are that way don't forget Aberdeen Washington yeah averaging three BK EW 14:50 AM welcome and won a hot 100 point five FM as well the multi multicast always trying to do well do you know on this didn't write a song about Aberdeen I was Abilene was in Texas since a different thing completely. Different part of the world don't forget the telephone number everyone it's a 446877669. If you forget it just check on the website it's there beyond reality radio dot com willing court encouraged to call you've got questions for Jason for me for our guest a little later in the program we'll take questions for him but. Let's bring Stephen and now. Stephen only chance is our guest tonight he is a prolific supernatural author. And actually listen through some pretty interesting experiences himself when it comes to haunt teams in the paranormal. Stephen welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. It. While we look forward to talking to Steve and it's it just a lot of the places you embassy that I spent a lot of time out as well when mansion and numerous other locations like that. And a also. Brad up a lot on your story and what an incredible experience with in my in meat looking at a from the outside I look at it like an incredible wild experience probably wasn't that Whitfield. Note to editor foreign directional stuff. And it really. Chicago art ago. Both ordered or any of that era and you know it's. What I'm really skeptical just or will we didn't give it much off. On your and then all of a sudden your face to root. Restart brings a new nick you're kind of step by our ego won't what is. On trying to find an explanation for yourself. Well liked to take a step back so I know you're an investigator nice and a lot of time really diving into the paranormal. Bullets and let's step back to win and when this whole thing started for you what really got you involved in the paranormal can't continue fill our guest. Sure and we moved here are moved into Carlton my ritual circle. On in union Missouri was in 2001. On was virtually the architect of the Dayton pretty cute cute Oakland. On shortly after moving here in. Pigs are happening. Declared we're the ones that you're sort of happening well first. Very good return of bird here in the morning as. Is moving on and my daughter would sweeper who remarked stairs. Mike's on my youngest son that you aren't she was out of arm's reach. I would find and scorn and Cherokee. Non claiming there something you're chased him up chrome are downstairs in the race. Anytime he was away whatever what are you lose you lose time here and at what point I was on in bed with all these kids goodnight the key. Oh yeah at this point. In Dayton portend eleven and twelve. At airport. Aaron mound I'm particularly while you're boom mediate was to move they'd be very few much of the moon you know you are cute all. Some card or expect more out of open and an actual news this morning. Certainly it you know of the divorce you know maybe it was bad you know like I was going to all of these trip or the don't steal. Earn air that warrant our it was a corporate trigger artwork all our art. Arum are I would always when you go out of town for a few weeks avatar. And it took to August period norm on the depth of the ninth put oil was down. Whom our return on the video to. Their television and all of that we would do something apparently you know quality car. Or maybe it was one of those carries are but we're gonna play two it was sitting in the quick. Or to cripple around the table regarding. Or call article there which are the monopoly. Ameren book broker Debra Graham we will rectitude the kitchen or. When I looked at the kitchen doorway there's little smoky cork figure remnant. Now I think smokey can do about what you're describing to you but it was very fluid removed with an open they're all out war. On our look around Cutler well you're on their gut. In America see district the spartans could. You know belief systems question. Look broker Merrill you're still there have been in the dorm we're going to boosted the fairways. Are so critical. Now when you say and moved written sort of float into the room where were you able to sea legs moving with the. I think what I was seeing what are you know you'd be cute Derek and you would like YouTube we're walk. Luckily with the walking there the only thing that I can tell you bad I couldn't keep feature so to speak. I could feel like he was watching me Indy deal routes just like Harvard. A person maybe you propose ways to describe to you could actually be we moved it to just blow it Eric who would you what it was more Kenya. But without definite as if it's not able to fully manifest itself. Right right you would you know because it was made up our Budapest where you've moved it was very quickly and it's. You know armed by a lot of times like think about these are described it to orbiter or. On a hard game which book are built a world where you'll see ownership work. And come up but it was sort of like that it it was door. You can you don't it was followed war. There and it kind of went away in and you know it step horn. Well why don't I gotta get out here in Picabo Street you know and I did wonder do you like the typical fare more either one terrible local arts regard. So what do we do work a little bit of a so look at a decorum and he did anybody off or. Because you are you gotta show it to your children a fifty CU running out terrified in Europe a guy that they're turning to. For support it's just it's not beneficial. You don't map but pretty soon because you know I'm being old we are error. Oh aren't. And so yeah I mean you know you you you rip their point or shall. Keep. On my daughter will tell you the only way to achieve you. About your blog you're. Is he served all the where you'd have something was going on. Is because when you stood up in my keys were on the Supreme Court and much. Should have a cutesy you're right here and there will hold your keys should. Parents should go to our news some of what book are. It's a balancing. Or don't usually would kids usually launching you know and they're able to see those subtle little changes. In you whether it's as you say a series here on your attitude him hand movements anything like that when you're when you're in a tough situation. And you know because she picked it up Broadway poison or ego when. That you're what he really good so we would total power you had to go to war. You ought to. On the outside. Sort partly Japan were out of the house turn around and put the key in the door and an expert Richard B key. I'm a screen came up out of the house. Now this is so it was a million scored by the way it was and all the rooms are on the let somebody could hurt. On the dark in the neighborhood started barking their ball and hurt acute or is it. Dario would hurt. We were on the world report and obviously. So who's you know announcing his net worth and good neighbors murdered. Yeah so is it was alarming for the neighbors to hear the dog steer how how close enough in the homes that are. And Gergen and there compared to honors here closers like suburb bothered about this little sore loser. I'm in there like you don't have yards apart. The matter that guy that went to court. Mr. leader the you know he ended years later. Imam Ali is actually kind of aggravated because he came to me or tell. Because your moves on what result would turn up you wouldn't go all. And I ask you might have you know. And when we weren't bare Whiting U tell. I'm like did you see good things that we're going on did you see your scoring didn't even a yeah. You argue I call what are our hard not. Go. Screens. He goes I just ignored it because argued that you work the girl. Got to be. He knew that we worker mistake because not stated. You're you know what you are kind of golf. I kinda understood. Wallin you know here's you know. We were aware and we were gonna be and we were going to be. But in the senate and a little bit in the same didn't you feel kinda. Shifted where and that sort of puts you in your children's safety. All you or your wife and. Your first here are your first it was period. You don't know com airport it was very. Sort weapon because of that were. You know what that is all I knew he didn't want to play. A certain point and I'd wish somebody would only one who's giving the ball abuse better crypto. Jason when we moved when we were moving in their very first they were aware of will be you know I'm we were on Turkey the truck. The end our cards a world. Swelled to around in your cart world are on the window cartons of well but the wind only drove what. Jesus you know and I yen you know yeah I you don't you don't you aren't. On. I'll I bugged you aren't. Aren't aren't I thought it would be nice you know and so on so maybe they did on Detroit. Bird. On importantly. We we were prepared well. We're talking would Stephen what chance an author paranormal investigator of course is website is Stephen what chance dot com his books are confrontation with evil. We talking about that on a little bit later in the program crazy and the screaming how series the uninvited and blessed are the wicked and Steve we have about a minute before we have to had a breach here. But time again from remind me how long you were in the home as all of us was occurring. Since all of this which occurred what happened so it's really really proud. We were actually I think he went to thirteen gig. On win everything finally exploded in your market it in the dark. And are currently given to get along and it was screaming gimmick oh it was all kind of couldn't or none of them. And that was on the thirteenth. Thirteenth race of two weeks is who will win from nothing to full blown craziness colonel craziness. Got in you you see from the moment. Not ever really consider this who will pollute. You really weren't quick for a similar it was like William perhaps true too darn. No and that's a thing going from a skeptic to believer all skeptic is somebody who's never had an experience. Yet so well again we're talking to Stephen let chance. Called one of the most prolific. Supernatural writers of generation. And so much more to talk about. Yet we've got a lot coming up with Stephen don't forget the telephone number is 8446877669. And -- great big welcome to all those were new to the program. We welcome you it's Jason Hawes and JB Johnson the show is called beyond reality radio where here for you. We're going to be here. My mother don't have to sell super well. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short fly help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. The easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's beyond me on the radio Jason Hawes and TV John. So we're giving everybody a long tonight or telephone numbers 84468776. 69 and that's you're cued to give us call something wanna chat about related to our topic tonight or decide questions about the show specialist in new to a we're doing here. And we are talking with Steve Angela chance tonight. He's had his own experience. Which we've been talking about as well he's one of the most prolific supernatural writers of this generation. On Stephen before winter break you start talking about. Hearing this scream when you when you shut the door unlocked door now I'm I'm familiar with that sort of experience because GT and I had a similar experience at all in that I owned up to New Hampshire that we bought because. It was said to be haunted for over a hundred years and we're leaving the carriage house. Sweden we closed door put the key and turned it and you heard what sounded like a woman screaming to the point where. Reading on in check in check because we in there is that a woman screaming is at some sort of an owl or some burden that's made in the attic. And it was it was terrifying situation so I can only imagine at that point you know I'm being involved in the paranormal what you were thinking. And he you don't do opinion do lakers guard at a car per. Later we're right where Barack I did try to scream and you do what I was screaming at the site. Punitive or needed unity. Well ordered all. Over the lip. Jews have been scared I'll be as big could be happening. Want you to make an imaginary I've always been. In what they're. Own argument probably. Been slow old old musical. Well now I want also go back to you said your children and got locked into courtroom. Can you can you fill me in more on the. Yeah we want there out of the group. You know like a week later. That you. A war. And the whole column armored equipment you while you know what. We yardages are reported by 000. It didn't help us apart just acquired by the America. Rose. Yeah we are I could get it in one. In our own you don't want Norton was spotted. On the next day Saturday on there was some dinars. Of these musical quality down as. Quick. And civilian court here and we'll play nice. And while he didn't and we wound. And on their own work. In Guam was more com or call me she was there could mean you know one or opens or even. An opponent into applying it to you. It was good source so good. An intimate part of what wonder or part or just like every war you know it was like or rattle. You know it was quit you know you're you're going to hear me good behavior and there are X went up are worried Margaret morrow. And our I told him to cut it out. Earned every time I would hope and to stop it would capital mobile or harder you know. Earlier in my mom don't look or Norman mark the boards and obviously what you. In their path worn but some analysts who ignores their Kirk provoke or your report oak. And my daughter called on the worms who goes there and I don't know what court art or sleep on the your reader. And at that moment all those urban course shut. Are known. Are we do you're injured girl was awhile boy what sort conduct Austria bode well. Or extreme case like that. Winner big dispersal of our energy happens you are a bit shaky. On. You know in the screaming was tapping now. I heard one screen which was of me and screaming you're my daughter so are you on the other argument or she that you are more the more scrutiny. And I'm not quite sure shouldn't she get your barn all square in order. Because Greg ray intended orbit quote in the air and you know and to our humble football player don't immigrant. Karen I was trying to open the door to door wouldn't open source started. We're written by Bob over the war. Duplicate euro's square you know we had was going on our own new your new car so you'll need to do RO. And you used your Google won't remove it and they're. Supposed problems. On people argued in their goal was quite well nobody. In an even more important as you want a guy Lombardo the old and technical what it. Well on the course longer open to get that ordinary went out to YouTube. On the lawyers were obviously way too big oak org. Are you I told them to go out on toward you know I got my daughter when our car. And I Gregory here in our remarkable ripper you're behind you're dead or blow hard you. There was still close knit sweater and broke remembered what corporate. Retreat it was. What it was all. Now the initial screen you heard from him before of course your daughter was screaming he could you tell we where that was coming from does sound like it was coming from in the room with the kids or did just telling ghost coming from everywhere in the house. Bill would probably put down you're down you don't know what it. Do we got going on there who are hurt on oh didn't include ones those are important. Work. At all hope sound like that would bump it up and all of you wouldn't want. On come down but there you know what the booming come down. It's so funny it is your your experiences have sown so many. Similarities to. And it cases at work and that right down to when I worked on with John's efforts and yours your friends would John you know John actually you know. And we'll get into that a little while but we did a case where the mother got locked into a bathroom and children outside. And outside in the living room and she heard strange what she thought were where the children screaming she couldn't get on out of the bathroom and when she did. She announced for the kids the kids and hadn't hadn't made to sound their playing video games but it was more of traumatic and it sort of late this thing's trying to play off her fear now did you feel the same way as if it was just trying to manipulate you it is to get you terrified. I think they're very rewrite one argument you know you hear her getting to my daughter. They actually brokered. I think it would be retarded would you like your like pigeons aren't. Obvious when our own. I beat the parent is usually the target those Arctic are. You know could take you there I kinda. But if that moment you know REIT Q. Are you or are. You know I always said you know but how else you'd be there and appear you know in my daughter was always worried. A quick regular women aren't you should operator of bird clawed her audible. Or. Boxes Robert. My eldest son. You know you weren't there where you don't monsters of our own parents ordered their would try to eat cheap would see my big fear what. A result we are wary of being my children be they can. Separate room. And sort kinda get you might your weight true. Stephen we have about a minute for a good break here but I want to just kind of take a giant step back here in case their of people listening now let me be joined us a little bit late. And they don't know what house were talking about Telus which it's called the screaming house right in and tell us where it is and and why it's got such reputation. Well here it. Here you can YouTube user on your moves I mean how did I got to you know be rigged or. But it screen. You know and it was good it was built on the land of vertical well. And some pretty horrible couldn't help interpreter. So murder or you can look up more character new bargain hunters burger. You weren't under the person's own militia or Q did some pretty bad eggs a year yen and our deepest grow and O ports and and there are more acute. And beginning details. Great OK let's take a break our guest tonight is Steve a much chance he's an author of the books confrontation with evil. That's going to be a great conversation as we carry Malvern to the next hour also. Are crazy and the screaming how series that is what we're talking about right now. His website is Stephen like chance dot com be sure you visit also remember we do have about links on the beyond reality radio web page to the books EH. It got out there I just put the gas tab and also. A phone numbers 8446877669. If you have any questions for lesser Stephen. Are we to take with Brigham young relatively few. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see Japan. Relax I RLI. Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson has shown that you can tune into every night and Monday through Friday or XX it kind of Tuesday morning through Saturday morning can you tell you are on the East Coast anyway. Com and you can hear a lot of great stimulating. Discussions about paranormal topics conspiracy topics weird topics. And we dug a little. Little bit of everything really. We cover everything and we get some malls are great casts some great callers some weird callers this show is you never know what to expect and you know the song by Johnny Cash called Jackson. Yes and in a million you know my wife was related to turn you away from turn well I think Jackson is about Jackson Mississippi isn't. From actually I'm not sure I could get air strike they removed from Iowa I think it is and if we just wanna welcome WYABFM. From Jackson Mississippi to the beyond reality radio. Family won all three point nine FM welcome. To the group folks who were listening in Jackson Mississippi let's go back to the iPhone line and bring our guests dinner guest tonight is Stephen what chance for talking about his experience. Living in the screaming house it's it's an experience that. Stephen you not only wrote one book about it and believe it there's two books. The first was called the uninvited in that. And that what that that outlines what you live through is it is that how it works. Well you don't want what we are on the second or use our yeah. Overtly and then you don't watch it in street Paul. Big period we're you know this is important work you know you'd better be. An. Event lowering your government. Is sometimes and I civic spirit. Sometimes it's right it's good that tape Lugar is due interviewer do at oracle. So there were there were immune to help out with the board and America are from current normal. Investigation airborne it was interesting. To let the investigators. You know irk. Many turn your kicker art programs army and the people we Howell or you could give mark beat Saul you might be dealing with these old years. So you and your children did they ever express to you that they had seen because of a big thing that happens adults tend to. To block things out when they see children are wide open there there are more prone to see things and and be able to make definition on things because their minds are wide open by anything's possible to a child. So I know you saw this thing has this black smoky type mask did that you did your children ever. Mean give you more definition or. My column. My youngest son. Yeah he was wrong he described it now when he when he first describe it could mean I apartment occurred. Karen could I cannot use. 300 barrel its leader's orders while. Didn't hear from you lose all support to quell Clark kinda well it's a good kid trying to pour. Are based to some big you can't exploit that you know we're cure walk do. You know there are rendered scares. On the balls and you're technically they're probably wouldn't get a good understanding now. All of a lot of times you talk to children. On that is she's been very band is not a good use war is scorched. On bill law would call her car. Armed and you're not that are there of the white but it certainly scary now. They're sort. One that that is a common thing a lot of a lot of children especially when there encountering something of a negative nature and human type. They'll they'll see that with it with very pale scandal a lot of times referring to it as. As something that looks like it has pain Thomas face and a and also just. Mean and I inhuman type entities. Tend. Beat. Weird shaped faces and things of that nature so it can also give that impression. Now does that weigh in do you believe that this thing you've dealt with in the house was a negative type into the. You argued narrative. Yeah there's there's broke out on her arm because it woke. You know how awful I remember you know what argued detail it was in our. I remember where there are probably went through our whip. Because it was how to go out of the upstairs towards Hitler did in our aren't. Quite there. And I just kept pounding and I I chest or. Our war. Ever look at despair. And I yelled up their record you know you can see you do are you going to all right don't wait they. Beauty and it was probably going to petition to repair. Can go on. Us. Right you're you don't buy it I you know you know what I'm saying and I had no idea. And it's a huge debt one ago we. Think you could or. About here and our stories and where we've made our mistakes and are you that was probably one of our become. Uncovered do. Steven you this this whole experience some ultimately was kind of given. And we call it is stamped approved were certainly an excellent exclamation point by the Catholic Church ranked. And a 156. Straight reporter sort. From a rope and orchard they call her at the Barbie and per patient or Russian obsession of. Well in for the for the church to write a 156 page report are location first off speaks and just wonders about. About the type of activity going on there and there belief in what what's truly going on and most of time they're going and with the idea of immoral. Not believing what's truly going on. And so for them to write 156. Page report now is this a report that that you were able to get your hands up. On the big certainly a copy. He hit that was weird thing that I don't. Well. I'm living in myrtle reached. Well Carolyn I couldn't knock on the war larger area to record the FedEx. The debate report Victor. And you and your packet onward well the history of our particular partner Ole. Or. You're you're you know renewed it was a whole book or record on redirects you. You know when you read up in the white arrow. Stage they are really simple point. Cameron told you wanna hear the girl. We're one of those are. Not good. The the actual report guys I've read numerous tips and I don't look oh yeah I do a lot of lot of confidential work with numerous religious organizations and I've seen some cars so they can be. Well there in the making her on the back year you're neck stand up and I don't have to gamble so. Could see him it's too. Work it out now turn their orders fell in America. In your. You know who's in which it was pretty disturbed by acting what they. Worked hard to cure it. Or eat. On did you ever curious about is going to keep Turkey and entered their parent I figured we agree or counted in the to try to explain here to try to. Help me understand and you mean you really get ago. Don't well then that's good because a lot of times in are you looking later on. Where now you get this information and it can sort of rekindle. I'm right well you know I gotta tell you what. It could. Stephen we've got about. Oil about a minute before we have to head to break he did this experience. As you look back at it. Do you for the image is stronger and did it did it make you more. Able to cope with the sun what you ended up doing which is more paranormal investigating and and handling situations like that. Like see yeah I think it maybe you're a much harder for our real life are your bowl. Of on number one number two like that you're you know you need to papers that I needed to help a lot out of earned or figured you know needed to pearl horrible experience or or or I mean if I came out during Guernica it was interpreted along. Right right are when we come back we're gonna turn our attention a little bit and talk about the book confrontation with evil it's one of Stephens books and that. Is the the real story of what we all know as the possession case that ended up in the movie X assist. Yes so if you haven't yet made Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the page we had a costly do updates there are going to be loading I'm bunch of new stations as they come as they sign on. On to that so if there's not one that there is if there's not a station airing your area right now. There are most likely will be relatively soon so. But and also you can always just head over to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen life and join the chat even if you are listening. On one of the great stations we are across the country. Join us everywhere you can it's beyond reality radio it's Jason Hawes JB Johnson our telephone numbers 8446877669. Don't go away we've got a lot more coming up. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality we. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond reality radio and Jason Collins. Stevie Johnson were very very pleased to be here tonight thanks much for joining us. Don't forget to check out our FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio also the website because that's where they need into the chat Romans were all happens yet to be on reality radio dot com and just click the listen lie if I also leave a shout out to Evansville Indiana WE BX 107 point five admin in Evansville. I have I was filming there in some tragedy happened when we are there which. To always tragedy seem files around but I'm. We are their during some bad tornadoes came through when watched one at a farm how Jews. Take him away from family was sent experience and it's. But yeah so it was to back on a better product is a. We do at a lot of great guest coming up the rest of the week on beyond reality radio and if you you just new to the program we are on every night to Monday to Friday slashed. Tuesday morning through Saturday morning because the midnight timing depending on which way you look at a bum most the country I guess here is us during the night but. I'd tomorrow night Marc Shaw will be joining us joining us he's got a bunch of books on the market talks a lot about the truth behind the JFK Lee Harvey Oswald assassinations and three of his books. Also talks about the the trails of Joseph. And much much more it's it's that would mark shot tomorrow night on beyond really radio. And on Wednesday we've got Elizabeth Joyce psychic. Elizabeth is a modern day mystic author and master spiritual teacher he threw the greasy guy do who works through the recent power. And and talking are about about that and then Thursday thirst and yet she school watchers turns into time from screen widget or she's much as you know I'm not to do that don't never give up. It is a hit the first all midwest first all female team searching for bigfoot. So that should be intersect. Yeah and another reminder for our listeners when you we hear our guests on the program and a little bit literally bringing in Steve what chance with us. We'll be talking about some of his experiences and his books. But we have on the website a section. Called guests it's one of the menu tab headings you can go in there and you can find a little bit more information about the guests. And we have quick links to their books or some of them have dvds depending on what they actually are talking about it's all right there it's very very easy to get to. And we did that for your convenience and open helps out. So our annual spring back in Stephen what chance Stephen monitoring analysis. Praise for governor appreciated. Items it's Steven we we are. Talking when a ship shifted the the tables a little bit we want to on move on move on to your book. That you wrote. Kind of outlining the real experiences of the real story behind what we know is the exorcist. And the book is called confrontation with the evil so tell us about how first of all you became interest and enough in the story that you decided you wanted to write about it. Well you know when I start to look toward answers your money on. Greens that I went through it seemed to meet a logical thing to do would be to look Eric he sued bear well well well well. The eleven tension or weren't there to book on the actor who locations hardware and your nerves in. Worker. To begin to look for help will record our bigs are being used to seeing like. You will be placed to look for answers and I think that's how I started. And in 2000 of our right started doing a national gay should result of the locations that were taken from the lawyers. Armed you know always have an interest in the bird you know you can't or are you are closer. Partly out of our street CV arch that our armed downtown. You can't grow up here we are out. On this story kind of be part of your body burden year. Backcourt. Everybody talks about it everybody's got their homes or your armor. There's a tremendous amount of urban legends are. So it seemed like even some ignorant you know not only that I could do. Could maybe get a better here analogue and better understanding of how these things work. Number one and number you're you're being white you would be a big. That never settled while we need be amount of condolences our leaders are wanted to give rural water. We get down in the group not the people there. Well and with that I know you'd need who refused quickly brought up blimp mansion Tom eyes I spent a lot of time there as well that just an incredible location now. I don't know awful lot of stories about Saint Louis are. Are true I know them in a lot of great haunted locations but I remember talking to two professor one time I was telling me that there. There is a huge limestone. Deposit area under par Saint Louis that for whatever reason cracked and now when it rains it seems amplify a lot of the paranormal activity throw some news locations that is there any truth behind that. Well there's this case systems underneath expresso when you are rounded out votes where B. Below the hospital where theaters this kind of thing happen to work alarm goes. There's a cases under rug underneath all over. Interpol lying on the part of what are swirling water it's always been. Bad acting airport art. The activity there and they're like so many people in this area it would. There you go either pick every unit RIP editor or did go orders sort of like. Of the New York ordered bridges sometimes reviewed play in America and other people are wall Arabs are. How could definitely going on arms there's just too much out there. Army too much happening here in bed particular area that are actually there are currently so current tour. You don't you talk it's you talk about the sites for. You know your view basis of the book confrontation with evil which again. Is the story that that ended up being played out in the movie at least somewhat played out in the movie called the X assist almost everybody's seen at least part of it. What the various locations I mean you know in in the movie itself you'll receive basically the house and and there's a couple other scene has been really everything happening in the house. The other connections in the other places that you you investigator. Or familiar with. Well actually what's interesting about it use the how. Arm but a lot of the more interest and stop. Epic outside of the house you're in two different barriers now aren't used to go to our. On all the bishop Robert dart league. View event that happened in these very specific. Or are there. On which are to be an internal market and members of the groups. Which of which probably learns her credibility a lot more than adults well. Now what was interesting about it he talked a broad reading location. Or how. And in the board was also captive be elected to brokers are rebels are. In many would call error error saying Mercer University leaders and are certainly great in your church. I'm there was a rectory that they would all under those circuit replaces what was. On goals or agree quite as theaters are dark where's where's Garnett and Gary Gary specific Arby's locations. Any big L article repeal. You heard Ernie big I believe would probably would be your. Armed perceived to be no reason why discrete word on exclude song. You know of the location or corporate and big leaguers. And. Well and wasn't most of the exorcism performed in via alexion Brothers hospital. On the fourth floor. Well you've become a good good good good good well kindergartners you're more. Of where you are about how alexion. Bidding went back to Maryland Medicaid act like you. All. A big part of the year to Susan never there and lose. I have been elected broke Harsco. On doubts where are these being being majority of ruby. Arguably our it doesn't matter back Egypt will be interest to you you're too young at the moment. On which we're getting way ahead by one or use our. I'm you've yet have a moment where there. Are improper. Short. There's a loud boom that happens from out of hospital big white black or white interesting you know. In our low rate in their city tired. That you know this isn't completely you know our little or where you gave your college church where the Brothers were current board and it big in the army in the church is so well in all workers. But dull in him that dome apart like a year Arab of all the rockers RE or when he met Michael ware a nuclear Nadal. So you're cutting interest to you you really never see your art. Army we we've returned to one a year proper scary part of it. And ignore the miraculous but this is what happened at the moment here better. Sort took you would Stephen what chance and we're talking about oh the first holes personal experiences plus his research and resulting book called confrontation with evil which is the story. That we mostly are familiar with through the movie the exit system we're gonna continue that conversation when we come back. It's beyond reality radio or telephone number is 844687. 7669. If you think you'd like to be part of the program to listen hard you try to. Jason hardest JB Johnson others Lotta people still asking injections from a good time to just take a second and you know asking you know another ghost hunters descended on the scifi network news. Where's it going what's coming way if it's not go sort of what's happening you know there are some things you can't talk about yet but take few seconds or feels sick forever I don't know to be able to talk about I know it's crazy com. And with those centers it's there's a couple different networks to being talked right talk with right now com. Tune in to make sure won't now loaded onto networks wanted to and and that's great but the thing is if they wanna age we just. We're gonna change things up and arm our own terms and there and I think that's the most important thing I don't wanna work for a network I didn't lab work for scifi they had no control over what we did. And inheritance our show we owned it com. And I wanna make sure that that same deals in effect because if it's not that I just I won't do it with another network because I don't ever want. Somebody changing what we do and what we do Israel amendment to keep its Iowa new and particularly the bottom line. And then you've your work in another project which again can't really be talked about but it's kind of an exciting. That is actually it is and emphasized on the show which is really taking off com. And we've been having a blast success. I have nice film some other some other things recently and you know it's which I'm really. I'm excited about I know javy you eat you for men are excited about it as well you know. And I think it's gonna and I think senator really really good so relentlessly because he knew really well as well on an instrument is interest in just keeping tabs on those types of things go to the FaceBook page beyond reality radio dot com slash. Yup well until every faceoff dot com slash beyond reality radio right. And give it a light there and then you'll love stay informed and we'll keep Pia in abreast of what's happening but tonight talked you would Stephen the chance. We've been talking about his book confrontation with the evil. It's this real story behind the exorcist story the one that we knew it was a 1974 that movie can also went down there. And dual and Steven now a big thing with that movie yet Walden the whole story in general a lot of people don't realize that this. This you know bill of course the Moly it was about a girl but had nothing to do with the girl in the re in the real life it was about a young boy correct. There correctly you review your arm loans thirteen years old ones. Our business leaders you wouldn't hitting into these days in finding out why it happened here. Do those young boy that was going to result in there occurred. You know it seemed like all of the people there were surrounded. We're letting him down in the news or slowed our minister Margaret even as Mulder Omar. And I'm really kind of go hard or because you're used the world's cart. And if you knew shareholders of moments in the you're you're involved in blossoms are everywhere. The Mulder. Well BC. We had always been said that support what we're or recruit. Well dear diary. Well yeah our communities start to grow. Character. In it more important Margaret wording on the clock disease. Early on in the armed. Air machine to bed shaking your second year of the program or peak or. Now what's interesting about it is. Instead of screaming and running out of how important chi yo bro you're dead air so when you start our into the dirty air we you know are re carts. If you wanna. Are there are more eager. Obviously nobody immune are probably go on your ego will you do knock three you know. Did you all the other reelected you know you got a number she got that. If you break afterwards. I realize he knows how to communicate spear nerve problem there is that color. Broad broad global warmer in their record our partner well you go to major spiritualism. You may be seeing you a little bit more but then I went on in the dark review all of a sudden on word starts wandering garb or greater error or she. Blows or bullets or. Now the boy described these words. When it would appear on his audience like peace corps and they were very painful scream out any. So there could do it big in the diary pocket arts which he's watching you a question. Even though the point and Payne Whitney being appears she he or. Like you know how large that I go to or we should go even that I got my card school it was almost like Saturday art why. Or you don't where she asked a court of words greens are very secure the Arabs are in its starters we realize that they're. She used hurting her so I mean there's an article. We deport himself he was becoming the oracle. And that's a parent you kind of talked about numerous times is the boards not the thing we powers the fact that you you're allowing something channel through you in the and that appears is that what you're saying she was doing with them. Right now what it does it department now we're always everybody. Barker. Ordered the murder car in the movies the actors like remember how you brokered the Euro would pick them. I'm actually got in Britain to war this in order. To compensate borrowers but first first pitch CC would cheapen a book. Is another spirit was an alphabet media. West. It'd be you know we have what they've told his cousin who was going to English university real large. And Auburn could support or perhaps or go out there. Tell you give up a bit this work to relieve your perspective and don't whatever. And I couldn't believe it could it in the diary right there. You see I didn't like talking about it you don't moment when our our. And like they're easy you'd see debt of Greece go wanted the first big ERR. Is the moderate to pay him an immigrant rumbled toward and that it could be in this case. They're asking are out where it dead air varied her money. Can't say what are curry. It was a financial thing behind the whole thing. It was a target amount anybody that ever work where you experience. Any big you know read is something. One of the reasons why we don't take money and we Q1. Of the reasons why you appeared Greece Europe attract. I'll be you don't like it happened armed air temperature is because you can about what Egypt and all square you. Are you wanna but are we all others are. So you know we know bet a lot targeted yeah we were talking earlier work. On a lot of power in the trial is not the tar. You've been because you know a child and the car you may not be our market were a target in the aren't you were playing with hurt you how to play her murder are fortunate stricter. I get there porch you probably realize achieved under chart. We and it took that cell line we're talking with Stephen low chance we're talking about. The true story behind the action system what ended up going on out there in Saint Louis. Yes Stephens and author of paranormal investigator his website is Stephen the chance dot com and his books include the one we're talking about right now which is confrontation with evil but also crazy. And then the screaming how series which has two books the uninvited and blessed. Are the wicked we're gonna continue our conversation would Steve when we come back our telephone numbers 844. 6877669. If you'd like to be part of the program it's beyond reality radio. With Jason Hawes and JB Johnson. Don't go away you've got a lot more. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. Our hopes to show you really renewed Jason. Jimmie Johnson and our telephone number is 8446877669. We will commute to call in if you've got a question one chat about something and dead joint program. Pencil and also head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio makes you like to Pedro going to be updating it. With all the news stations and signing on and joining me beyond reality radio family so our mission like that page yeah and we I'm got a lot of great guests coming up to see you know tomorrow night we'll have Marc Shelby talking about the JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald assassinations. And OJ we've got Elizabeth Joyce on Wednesday night's psychic Elizabeth Joyce and she knows she's gonna be aren't. Hit she knew before we knew exactly and present thank Elizabeth Joyce is a modern day mystic author and master spiritual healer and teacher so should beyond our Comerica Panthers and we've got the she's watchers this is mid west it's been in west's first all female team that are out searching for. Big foot their quest is to gain information. It credible evidence and ultimately establish contact and peaceful and interaction I think if anybody's going to be able to do that it's a group of female. Big foot searchers. And if you haven't yet if you die only she listened to the show and podcast and you download it make sure that you have you rated overhead iTunes or wherever she might be downloading it. It's a solves pushed to the front of them on the list so people who find it that much easier so our. Links or non beyond reality radio dot com home just stood just reinforced. They also want to welcome everybody in Clinton Iowa who's listened to KR OS FM. It's actually AM and FM it's same thirteen forty and 105 point nine FM welcome to beyond reality radio. Family were so happy to be airing in Clinton Iowa. Airing everywhere and listen gonna get bigger and bigger tourist tourist or did you know other people in Iowa. I know there some via a new one ICS for years they show up British Open a new whose editors are present a cycle or divert a trio of freedom that we love violent nothing without a secretive that's. Of this regular guests back into Steve only chance Stephen is an author paranormal investigator his website is Stephen what chance dot com his books include crazy. The screaming how series which her there's two books in that series the uninvited and blessed are the wicked. And then the book we're talking about right now in the story that goes one way that confrontation with evil. And that's the story of the ex assistant Stephen we're not gonna have a whole lot of time left tears and several game close in the end of the show but I want to ask this one more question about this particular story. And we might wanna move on some of the topics but on. Mean we've most of us has seen the movie Emerson I'm gonna take a leap in and assume you have as well Stephen. What what in that movie. Should we discount completely because it really wasn't part of the story is there anything in there that we should just put an X through. Well you know I think when you see big goal scored all its issues ago. Rom users all of the top hundred you know but I do what you need to keep in mind when you Olmert pick or. Two. You know we've got a BK do you might you know what. He's Jerry. You know things moving around a worms and I think you look it didn't want. Person. So keep that in mind when you mark but chrome probably want to get a lot of kinda mean yeah you need a sense you have good story. It differed board who would come out of the side but there was no that wouldn't work there. What about what about walking on the stairs and stretch over backwards my that was like one traumatized. By it at all. You know it kind of anger and every every time I think of the action since that's what comes to mind and now I believe that even an investigator for a long time sentinels and your experiences have you ever worked on. Possession type case. Yet you know I I have Europe NATO virtually on one of homework or in particular. One young walked in. One of personal and we're we're really horrible and then edited or are sort of a virtual would want her to. Specter or on what Angela and of course. And the one thing I will say I worked on numerous as well through the last thirty years. But have been involved in the field and I will say that it takes it the of course it takes a huge hole on on the person who's who's possessed. But it also takes a huge hole on. The priest that are there performing exorcism it it takes a huge hole on pretty much anybody there whether beating investigator or anybody who's accompanying the priest. And is there to help because it's more of a physical on them and it's more of an emotional attack vs a physical attack which is going on. Choose to the person who's possessed from eight these things tend to try to play mind games with Cuba. Try to pull your your deepest fears your biggest concerns and and and play those who weigh whether it be images in your head your thoughts are or anything of that nature correct. They're correct your biggest secret to your deepest darkest secret will come out or. I don't and you know. Like you know aren't. Well the one thing I've always notices when your on these cases you need to be with somebody that you 100% have total faith and trust and meek and because when the the single try to turn you against one another as well. Well you don't act what you're opting in my case you know a lot of people who grow we will. Ground that were real well and all of a sudden everybody is trying to hurt. You know it happened kind of Armageddon it while we heard a hard to warn our. Teams you girl. Be careful as you go out and you appear if you're not secure with each of errors you know which in turn you mutual we're we are or are you which party you're. I'm all of that going on in the exact want to divide and conquer. In your ego war. Well the anger and the anger and fear and everything is what these things feed off just empowers them some stronger effort to deal. And you know him in America it hung on Mormon you know he probably armed ethnic. And we've got there or be achieved that all apart and do it or. Normally and then be countless yeah and I think that's. So I don't vote. And you're. Good at that big unit we got a chemical or. Where in and I ever really like that art that we didn't. Look department that you don't want. I can't handle so I'm gonna go aren't a barbecue and you know bowler and I'm not gonna try to be super here notably dollar deal with their eco. Arum and be able to step back and say you know what. Limited use of girl can I Q at duke could at some people don't do their where usually your opinions are of her car. I want to ask a question that relates back to the axis of story though because. I'm one of the things that Jason I've talked about on this program a lot whether we've been talking with Chris QWERTY you know in his experience at the end of the Amityville house when. When he lived there. A bomb or injury apparent Norah newness and many others who've who've who've experienced some pretty extreme hall meetings. They all seem to really become. Focused on her workers gain the limelight right after the exorcist showed up. In theaters what do you think you would think the connection that's. Welcome all the bacteria like white. I think maybe I don't know if you know. BP. It may be aren't heeding your deck trying to return to meet you will play at all law. Tom because you know. All of a sudden you don't computer boy Edward Brooke. Q do you really thought he was to remember apart are awful hard work org or. Church and he recorded bird returns to young people. Have a feeling they're. Is it DR who move opposite of what it was remains glued double win so super burger demonic super evil whatever you wanna. If I speak what that did it at that have been the society. And you don't their sugar that that happens in your car but we're bombarded with images. There were. Admiral you could turn on the television. You are and I have a feeling they're ready to the side in the energy. That we live with now and I have appeal and they are where these cases rewarding your cable. I think it was a Little League leading up back. You don't know we've been in the market and there will be a blow. Oil and I agree with you that it definitely made this I mean the double superhero but do you think also it might have created sort of a issues for. The monitor events tees for the fact that now you put to sell their to the entire world to. That these things are possible where four people might whisper about Huron there but now it's it's it's in everybody's face everybody knows these things are possible to what's try to look Al for. Mom and just in different ways of trying to to handle its tuition. I think what it is busy you're so there help clear. Com you know or you Google were deterred. Arnold you you like it that bad part brokered. Was definitely helped or that certain arm but it all well read a lot of armed. People Peter spirited you could be heard in how many people while there are you contact but are you better be prepared. You know adrenaline that we are. You know sort because it in the paper and credit Eric Gordon. Are. So yeah. Stephen and I we're weren't asked and and read about here but before we elect to go I get two things one asking you do a little bit of movie work too I understand. It trigger. It is it stuff that people can see publicly muses so if the. Yeah yeah. How are you are just that sort. There to guard to get on YouTube also are on the boards know Roger. Worms and was investigated and investigated by the boards. Which don't you agree with. And if you're an eye yeah another big on the arm based. Also world sorrow and you know crossed. On those weapons on our own all over our troubled cardholders are different and all argue. Spare him armed and you'd look here this new world order won't be entered into law. That's great in your website is Stephen what chance dot com. The books are available through ruling come beyond reality radio dot com as well but I'm sure you've got them and other places. Absolutely zero. That's great Stephens thanks so much for joining us on the show fascinating conversation look forward to having you back some night. All that you have a beer appreciated the great talk and Uga. Same Belgrade nine and beyond reality radio would Jason JV will be right back don't go. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Back to beyond reality animal Jason wants Jimmie Johnson surgery to have everybody along tonight we're going to go to our phone lines this is actually a friend of the programs we welcome Duncan from Boston. To be on reality reviewer Duncan you're on the air they Duncan what's gone on. And I am here you have to go. Not. A lot higher years ago and remember all news radio stations. Even yet we're definitely we're jumping more and more stations every week now. And I got to play out. I did I not orcas and then in my budget. I'm diffused into your budget. You have or what into the budget done. Well again gone done more radio citizen I mean. No need to feel more radio. So don't give you know that even though we are on a whole bunch new radio stations now you only have to listen I'm one radio to hear the show. Thumb the one calling are so beyond reality radio the show the. Go there we're underrated when you're on a rail. Yes beyond reality radio the show that you're calling that you have been off. Oil away a real. All right right now you're totally Leslie. In my helicopter were whipped my best threat. Oh what luckily it's radio Duncan it's not. Television nobody can see you but they can just hear. Panic I gallery remove them at all on those into I don't know station and got them inaugurated. Look the way it works there. Well you you could change the dial mean they do have effect is pretty easy night you probably set presets and you're in order while you may be don't have a car but you could change the dial and just listen to the other station by changing the dial yeah temperature read a cartridge. The here and a lawyer Kendrick tagged along detected no parent can mumble jumble. I've had my era that I could soon stationed in no mood maybe you know the proper poor Ambon. All the guns because it's up to you to switch it to the right station Duncan yet admit that may actually be asked. Yeah well. You played that. And you may be right. Okay well and I appreciate you wanting to listen on more than one radio station but. There's really no reason to listen on more than one numerous listen to on the station of your choice and just be happy yeah might be beyond your concept but one stuff planned us I was. You don't warrior colonel tell you go to Georgia originated do it sports. Via it is a good night free Duncan. Well law. Well let's put a little right. Medical over and over tonight. Yeah activity. And redundant and Jim beam. They are it's all gone definitely some of your closest friends and I assume now. Well you know that element say it addresses dress for success musical trio it. Did developers projection. OK yes sure pad and nothing okay well Duncan has always real pleasure to have you calling and we appreciated and thanks for listening thanks for supporting me in the additional syndication it's great to have you along as one of the fans of the show. Well. Supposedly a big thank you to your future you can't view again people don't know what she's doing. Now I'll check it involved it with a letter. Kissinger you will thank you that's done control everyone now yep. That's I don't think you know. Well yeah I have my IRA then yeah but yeah but yeah right again. These were or a whole lot so I know oh and while sure there. Are very well. Yeah. See someone weighs what triggered. And are not always label onboard went way up or dvd and it won't vote really oil. Duncan you didn't hang up the phone on. Yeah I don't know movement. But it big blue one year old you'll be sorry our guys. It didn't hang up the phone just a yellow cheese nose cone so it right after a phone. Duncan you didn't you didn't hang my head oh no no this is this is still beyond real ratio Duncan. We'll downtown area things. Now he hangs up the film Coca us while the port Duncan meanwhile the heat on him that's an accusatory prop. Hasn't felt any pain or anything years or else that's a good point you don't really exciting things about this move to the the expand its indication is that that makes me excited anyway. You do what we're doing on many many more stations there's that part but there's also the part that our our sponsor craft show. Made the transition with us to the new syndication and they it's with a one of the reasons we were able to make this jump because of their support it punch people yet and sat down and you know we should Duma solid here and and made a play one of the commercials one of the great products and and then we'll we'll come back and -- channel or more before we and it showed speed on -- is Rocco gets beyond reality radar don't go away. Well mr. let's that was a close call your recovering nicely but good thing we got here for that emergency surgery when did it. I feel great now oh and here's the bill for insurance didn't cover would. Well there goes another one. Listeners and got lunch in ten minutes. Does this ever happen do you go to the hospital for a little surgery only to be stricken by huge bill like this will not anymore with the press go home surgery can't tell us have. And my side and the doctor 1200 dollars a look at me. Slater on the Internet I was pretty sure in my. It's polite grab it grab and go home surgery can we got for Christmas and twenty minutes later we are on our way to dinner at the dark and cleaner position it well took the moment thanks crap. Got an estimated 3700 dollars for circumcision house able to do Hamas Olson comes to my old Democrat goes home surgery Q after couple minor infections I was moving around like around my walk a mile mosque Mac. And my wife she was real happy thanks crap go with the crowd go home surgery came you can perform most council surgeries in minutes. And boarded this special add on packs for even more cost savings. Like the cardiac Rama the fourth Okaloosa geriatric premiums and don't forget the home augmentation arsenal dvds you can yeah. It just seems to have been no problems come over to my twins said that the crypto from surgery it would be augmentation arson can see any reason American Media isn't. Thanks for that cup. Rental homes surgery kit normally. Retails for 9995. We're today and you'll receive the whole surgery did. The court the blues and on the end. They decorative crypto catheter pure you'll get it all for 1995. Graco insurgent attacks not recommended for surgeries in some cases may negate your life insurance for your life read your policy for details on side effects include your. Are organs started amp. Reality radio Jason Hart Jimmy Johnson and again big big big thank you to a crap go for. Being part of the program being part of success in part of -- syndication and -- thank you to Stephen the chance for coming and hanging out with us tonight and talked about his own personal experience and also following a cent on the back story behind the true exorcist you have great night and we got some great stuff coming up to tomorrow and a remark Sean beyond reality radio we talking about the JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald assassination puzzle but a bunch of other things related to those stories and then Wednesday psychic Elizabeth Joyce will be joining us. And Thursday might be my favorite and the week we'll have the she's watchers on midwest its first all female team searching for SaaS watch or bigfoot they'll be out there in the woods a looking for imminent telling us all about. If you haven't yet had over to be as FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make she'll like FaceBook page. Yeah that's gonna do it for tonight Jeff paranoia to everybody Elton thanks tuning in all need new stations out their welcome aboard and we look forward to talking with many of you'll cross country says this Jason javy beyond reality radio until tomorrow at. Young young media is to discuss its include things like Alexandria Johnson's. Yeah. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook HQ Wasilla can say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow. On or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio and email to swing getting. That's slick any ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.