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When I was 63 WORD. Juiciest again. Theory year old rob hit sand hogs broad minded local on what Jose's green just don't you'll RG. God welcome Monrovia real hard drive. Yes sir we've got action. Should the day. Action could fill action packed as the labor intensive really labor intensive. Yes sir today we're tome on the vinyl industry wraps and how mingle with the cars sells like a sticky business to me. Austria did you go over those 30 all alone is employees creditors hello when the sticky business a sticky business Bill Polish original line around for a long time enough. You know everybody's middle part of EC UR shares now unlike everything sticker torched well read you think about it does love Singh Els love stickers all of stickers. And you know everybody everybody likes a cool sticker I mean this is the thing one and the car industry you know it a big kills beautiful 510 horsepower easily. Oh yeah well you know you think about those details of what makes room and they were used on my raping. Shoot some our ports are all easily all the day easily easily. I tell you what blows mum on whether we're gonna talk some more illnesses is the rap industry and there is becoming industry you know we do. We're seem and they had a party cult thing is dead. And I agree with us statement I mean these guys are doing some phenomenal things around slow they're doing things you can never attempt to do with paying down. We know and the cool thing about it is say did discuss some ravenous crazy. Always tell people if you want you know corns and dragons fighting perhaps a way to go but I made in all seriousness psychiatrists is the way to do this and yeah. Or arrest me either way but I mean in all seriousness of if you want to pull the other something on. You know a he had done on your car in the media who read it in union offenders you know it's hard to hunt down airbrushed artist to fix that. Where as a rapid saved in the Peter go back to you guys a red car fixed. Well I mean that's it's very forgiving aroma Abu also rapture of the lower maintenance. They're tough. A lot tougher than all the other tracks solo home race cars together well I mean this is the thing you're the record straight actually just started racing them that was that was the big thing is you these all these sponsors could put their logo sheer joy caller. Enemy or just like me. I mean you're just grew from there are now you've got Honda's wrapped I mean you've got trucks rap community commercial Eugene you got businesses use and wraps. It's free and commercial use that's actually where funneled start. You know. Viable solution it well lets you make of vehicle lettering in general February of 19100 you know man my history Los Angeles given them. A man by the name of Milton Hershey might remember that last time owner of Hershey. We're so well it came to Gorman you serve mr. chocolate himself. He became the first person he used vehicle in advertisement for small come in Herschel Hershey Pennsylvania. Via her she took it. Well in this is the thing I mean we've that I mean this was the first truck lettered. Basically yeah in February of 19100 clearly knew that these drugs and their owner was invoke the other sustain and then into the twenties is when vinyl actually came out actually nineteen nineteen point six it wasn't a bottle we know today is was call vinyl chloride. This is a liquid. And it was accidental discovery by BF Goodrich. The tire pretty good. Really the tire people did utopia critters that type of people that's are comfortable. So bills Goodrich and discovered what they call final chloride it was a liquid form and once she makes a catalyst they use in tires was it. Indicating into that rubber you know flexible density of the EC in bottle. Well then they add a outclassed the size yours with a skull. In this class size or actually turned into the final we know today. I'm actually or upload a video on our FaceBook page showing how that works is now it's all videos from back in the twenties. But it shows how the mixture works. It's really cool does this invention not only gives the vinyl we know today. But they gave us so many other products to me guessing about raincoats and umbrellas. Jeanne leather look in jackets yet you know rain boots or anything like Venice that rubbery product this came from the final. Chloride. This river the me what we're saying that the Gordon finished it land popped in my hair. And but I made it is is a great product. You know in the bottle became at first there was handcuff people you know still handled his bottle and plug in vehicles. It wasn't until the 1980s he stars in. Bottle production and die cutting technology. You know becoming affordable thing makes clear plotter yeah. It took you know and fifty years before this technology turned in the something the could really use in a business aspect. When you think you got to think about in every day use signage. Road sons that's vital to us I mean. Every son you see has slowly basically. Oh yeah you know the first man pants on still left around. And aloe the talent as a artist all of the talent to use another campaign signs and it is it tickles me now that you a lot of these candidates on guys are doing vinyl templates to think this has to do pay and pay absolutely India is just such an amazing thing at first finalist high in production cost. You know some of the first companies use file for advertised on vehicles or is actually US the US army the air force. They use some other points. And it is because they were the only ones that can afford it any lighter so it wasn't to the eighties that became more efficient. As far as economical use them by the early ninety's vinyl slipped in under every market in a big way. At this point east paint was still king for like customize resents easiest of violent and made its Grail summing. What does before the prince well you get a human if you wanna put coercing your little by little you layered it yet exactly. Exactly is Rory race horse came in you know he everybody's final layer up in hostilities Moyer vile stuff to me is how like traditional playing. It is almost like pinstripes tomorrow I know it's not that old. But it's still cool our foreign well it's it's on the cool weather vinyl stuff has remained. Vinyl is still there will always be a rent out this very viable stop source of income earth. You know in this area well I think I still use vital to this day you know I mean everything is yellow your old school does feel simpler jump of our final mile plundered. We'll do anything you need to do that we start you know these complicated loaders. A viewer a picture of yourself for something. That's when you go. And that was a big hit a vinyl industry in night in late 1990s. Is when your digital foreigners came onto the market. None of these over this wasn't this new lunatic stuff missiles now this sort this solvent based stinks you know what it is the same concept to get credible materials and you know 3 am a really leave the market or four. They leave the market the source think. But you know this was this was a big deal from being able to print something you know India and color. It wasn't player anymore is one player was everything you want him. Lowering the thing is though it just opened the door. Take anything absolutely in this is when a graphic designer became a very viable source to the vinyl industry has no idea these designers who can. They can put anything together in making the detail the media. Like he said colors not option EL EC pitcher of mean you are on a big gala luring us thank you get what they were good trailer exactly. This cartoon live as a pitcher busted MS capabilities that you have now in this just bled over into the automotive world. I mean think about all the automotive details you you have to. That was where first started all these low. I called contingency stickers just. He's similar terms used on race course but I mean if bled over into that and then you know and vinyl to a car I think one of the first cars I can remember seeing is that will green eclipse and fast masters with the the blue and White Stripes Paul Walker drove to the slayer finally does look for it yet that's clear bottle but is the same concert domain. That's what is arguably big boy you have guys like a racist stripes mean it just win it all in all the known for later. Yet you know and I thought well I agree Nicholas's lawyer final. That was a big you know big thing EC a lot of fast British gas and graphics the car before that Elena he Jimmy had factory graphics that you see on the east to a news trucks all time he has the factory strides gone inside but. That wasn't that big until like fast the Prius came out. In and everybody want draft something on the order dragon the size of the core I remember very very well see in a super roll around while from with a dragon go and on the side. Let's say you know where that is the org couldn't a union that the scary place but no I mean. It's been great I mean vinyl is an awesome thing in like Jesus is still a pain in history I hate to say that but I mean they're still old you know great entertainers other talk more about that you know the modern advances in this technology. In house became a very viable source the -- of world in and also rob we have two very special guest coming up on the ship we have to call in guests and yes Chris bull is so incredible that Columbia, South Carolina good friend of our seas in the industry right here locally allow people to list or should know him in and also frank Feller Susie owner fell urged that the world's lords and I personally if you're if you're of Arnold's son got word or talk to your oil that's exactly I mean. We enemy we have Tommy Franks in person he's Greg guy Mike said he owns the world's largest vowel supply company very knowledgeable guy who actually get started small son shot of his own. Let's let's really cool though to see got a little bit and you know he's not just like it was executive guys he's really into the industry. Actually we're actually at that pin is this young thing. And music are best guys you'd almost think journalists left right here on hot rods happy hour 01063 different score do. Paparazzi at happy hour days Clinton in a grand links at. When I'm 63 WORD dot com. Is always high. I'm drawn into DL I can follow and connect at 1063 WORT. I doubt we'll. Every hour our drug take his school this whole bottle things. Robby got bribes no longer here at C month. Lord probably worried doing in the studio we're talking about tourette's. Do you even know anything about final Robbie. And all of Albert you know your uncle egg has said he knew all about vinyl look what happened to him you member what happened to him. He got the cancer he's deadly cancer is Robby exe father you're killing your Q and you re here make it your mama earlier and we'll see here. By Robbie bubble bath. All right guy what was your mom doing it didn't she brought me some listed that's so I'm mom anyhow stories aren't about. We're talking about Lauren should take just a school were step and you know we're going into the modern Asia perhaps we touched on printing take it to the next level. Are you talking about when I again moss yeah so here but this late ninety's are you have a lawless you know cool stuff male models they will move but now we have modern advances you know stepping off into the early two dozen all that bottle grew a lot in those years from there early two thousands nowadays you know past twenty years we'll say. Some seniors but the past four years it a lot and it grew fast. But a wanna contradict myself like I said the last segment it took fifty over fifty years let that happen. Well I was alone don't come in the when it hit it hit hard and fast this thing you got to think about the final and the final industry is now you're taking something you know let's just say you know were were cautious we're talking about course really Sundays out of you know there's probably in every state this post two or three really good custom cleaners here so the miners there are a thing of the past I. I hate saying neck is that I want to die nor dislike it it feels so you gotta think you know as the most we have a couple hundred in the entire country of just that top notch gala. The mill with wraps you got every good graphic designer guess what you can be accustomed cleaner to lose. Yeah if you haven't a quality graphic designer and a guy who's good installing do you know work from a one of those in my on moment to my own horn during namely how to Iran do not erotic ball I'm just saying. You're killing me. Now these will shoot their lowest close chambers. Now I mean seriously you've finally get graphic design you guy guys who have. There's been trained desert training classes there's universities other for grabs you know 3M has also universities from the normal student you know weigh in how many off subject for a little bit I've seen over in the UK they have university a actual class on means I want to take it that is a new life goal you would I mean you can you can leave it to you too wanna go to school first opened this totally worthless right I mean as they knew I still anyhow back to back to the subject and here. Thanks to the sticky matter of sticky business sticky business but seriously I mean they're they're classes other train people do how to do reps and end because this is art form. You know radio. Chloroform loans or something you know it's a lot more than just squeegee easily these guys here always precise tools and cut away tapes and things like that I mean it's just. It's fun just to watch people do this. Yes it is really interesting thing you know I do it as a living now. I am actually apply the violent install but it's fun to set I don't want some conduit to what we're out of semen wants him. Read the BMW IA to three in geyser there is also. Well I mean you got that in there when we went to the pain is that party. I mean this thing was preserve what. 1012 callers there yes I don't know Ellis twelfth. And it ran demand day and a team of 47 people around the Georgia side we always wild you know color change flip flop colors I mean flaps the all the flats and the man. It's the middle the custom pain only when jagr believes in the back you know real just a great party or me it is just amazing what you can do with that. Yeah it and you know you learn you want you to be you know you go after all these guys you watch any curriculum these techniques in year a lot of violent gasoline you know he is king. I learned recently to apply the model without heat as amazing I mean it the results are amazed just a life changing thing. I mean you're right now I have good news sources here and say that we know Dr. Phil was just and down any in popular. Published field still he says if you get that excited about my reasoning goes and well you know and I think anybody who devils on the file or older who is in it like our next calling a stressful I think you know things like that doing so I'm visit it's about something more passionate about. It is amazing I mean. And just to give you a brief history on Colorado snapper are of course she doesn't with a little cautious all of them southeast we originally started out with a nature HR that we wrapped up. Overnight those overnight tonight that that the major Joseph rolled in my show up at 8 o'clock in the evening and about. 6:30 in the morning and it rolled out you know flip flop blue jewels gorgeous on the hill with all Asian age where originally Jewish voters on all that stuff and humility jar got pictures everywhere win and we we do that overnight there's no way you could have blown that a judicial apart. And painted it like we did. You know it's gonna write it yes it's funny is funny what we did America's later on I was watching training videos and they say if you're not being trained on a ship VH HR then you're not in trained properly as soon as the hardest part around march could not not out on my over no leaks but he no sleep. But that's explicit calls me about a rat I mean this little panel wagon came in Myers is bare white group will ghostly white panel why and and the next day a male like a classic car. Well I mean we we've we've really done it over the two tone paint scheme and then of course we had a somewhat wall still in some of the gaps in your few details here and there. And it worked with the logos are I mean it was really a old school spin. On new vehicle. And was it cooler area in the vinyl industry technology is changing you know everything was so amazing here let everything out gas and everything to too much time in now. Was a modern advances latex. Latex inks come in and play you can clearly pulled off the prayer laminate it. Khryapa car. Instantly there's no more wait time so people like you and I were passed Kris can rental car overnight and Winamp because the technology is there to allow. Canada had a funny rap story they HH Oregon wrapped in the mid. We rented or Thursday in this Saturday morning were city Charlotte motor speedway with that he. Even closer we get the video trailer we were doing it you know this is a sixteen foot of intro. You enclosed trailer so it's a pretty big as the rolling billboard and this thing is gorgeous guys if you haven't seen it leisure should've harrah's NASCAR page is you know when his plane just 3-D effects and everything like that but the thing is so cool about as we wrap this thing we've put the last panel at thirty minutes before leaving nothing good Alicia. Yeah I meant this amazing in the final ministers also minutes bled over into the car industry and any car guy knows of Olga I'm in and that's just on the goes hand in hand what do you think about all your shops they have pre or as the details of what you'll what got in. And then they get the graphic designers Comodo would these awesome designs. Yeah I mean there and you know I'm a graphic design so but I know so many great graphic designers out there that I love watch in order to especially in the automotive world I mean I could sit here and name them off for hours. All the great guys out there any oh my how your command. Or is this the best thing when you're a hobby you understand that coming for a number years and I'm going to come resolve this weekend. The calls out war to see when my friend still jokes there might you know it's like it running and you're not a spectator kind of got. But for select a look to watch other people told jokes and. That clicked I guess the last step. Nevertheless our right as a what do you say to into next up we care very good friend Chris bull reasonably call an end and then later on the show we gather. Very special calling guests frank Feller pray for. We're noteworthy for its great guys who McKellen in college for the bad guys journalist not hot rods and happy hour right here. Someone 063 W awards okay. Bad look invites students re look at custom colors answers hot rods and happy on 1063. WO. Eight miles to the gallon and lo and every minute of this is hot rods and happy hour with rob can't dog brought on mono. WOR DE. I don't look back and Verizon have L zero this I only got a full Manley a very special gifts when many mincing no Las Vegas and NC little sweet a lot of people signals latest list when this is probably the most important one when Matt. The most important when we Mitt Mamas and that has an am on the front Chris Chris mole how're you doing insert. Fantastical ideas don't. Now we can't explain. RA is Sarah we're talking about wraps today were told him now all the vital industry and has ties into the automotive industry. First and foremost how wanna ask you questions as your local model diary here at Columbia, South Carolina. What gets you in the vinyl industry widow. And I. Well not sixteen years old I decided that. I wanted to work in the always drawn and all these you've been created when all the kid got Christiane wanted to work somewhere that I can. Could that be used to analyze every day I'll actually brought up like this side shot that wasn't too far from our end and ask them. I think needed jobs they have had a meeting today pretty helpless and every day they said no we're not for about six months of filing a lot to adorn the lady gave them new blood dangerous thinking that the much. You have like Chris to Asia today. And such are working for a local and company and I would say about 41 or twenty years ago and here I am finally on my own business and you look like they've. And do and a very good job you got great pollen actually here in the hopes that you have really a very great following his well. Yeah Qaeda is customers all over and so different color so really helps with you know with that so. And the other car I have always been our club car shows. Had a car that was done featured in three magazines back in 2000. War and I think it was. And I don't lose. I actually had nineteen though you are understood that it was not fully wired Barnicle initiated. A couple I've got a custom opera dashboard. Police swapped the ministerial at all it was gonna look illegal guns and law. Well like actually cut Likud and I heard like ourselves. I get a purely by I'm just trichet told me to buy an arm thirty aren't EGR. So that is now when you project car and on the particular Turkey so that's pretty also. Usually most most less 'cause you do you sell your caller most discussion. They're going to ever and first of all you're under selling the car aegis bothersome right hand drive car. It is the current and drive a union army is I can't let you know what the creeping into the guys encountered. He's going to import committee held them to mail terminal the post office. So eight here in Columbia, South Carolina there are portal or right hand drive sky lines to delivering the mail. There and they see you restate and on the street politicized and the like women's pole walker no ES the mailman competitor malware and all right so one thing ya doing my car is garrison drive through and reversed. And now it's helped keep the continental. I Beattie a little male rapper to look like really take its robotic arm and we're still very grab my my Mountain Dew really come out the window. But that's hilarious our Chris that aside you know we talk about Obama wraps you know mom in the industry is a graphic designer myself. You know it is still Osama vinyl wrap what is the importance like as you do a lot color change reps so what is always a give way. A good way to sell around that. Well I mean I think it but it is. In our country that can be done and armored car to you know you know you can just paint. But would go out like hell is you've got a hundred car you've got to show car. The chief Patrick three or four years and delicate maybe take people of course what music is midlife crisis he brought it got a bright yellow. And now in congress six years it's like man I just don't want a great young little. Portion or if you go to. I ain't got car. You're gonna go to Porsche and put a Porsche factory cage double it. Take it on the road and let you know to Israel does not paint job on the street value that you grew in the value of the car so. What you can do that you can choose from over 500 different colors are we can make custom code or concurrent laps the car do you have now. You know got that color changing not driving a yellow portion Bork. And you're actually protecting the factory can think in the end. You not devaluing the car so when you go to so that cartridge that car and you know you scrap a corner you pull it off and you've got to factory yellow paint from Porsche. So you've got a great paint job and no devalue the car that's that's when I like how how on why I like the cell collection. Still another thing with a coach Italy's RS because it's really low maintenance I mean you got got lax on the course also these things have a calamity coating of rumor mean they're protected. Yep yep it's protected acrid paint that's really low maintenance. You know you why shouldn't you can even liked like a regular car are rather page collection thank. Oh you know my life had to match metallic purple court that we did. And it's pretty cool and the math and the film is very low maintenance as well doesn't show as much dirt doesn't show as much action so it's really it's really hide your low maintenance so it's pretty awesome. We'll total the biggest rap junction redundant rebel. Not. What we're we ordered a few years so he's got a cool stuff but. I remember a couple of years ago when I first moved to Columbia. I wrapped this current radio stations around this just enormous. International's. CEO that is college CX cheek it's basically like a Ford after fire safety car. On crack and it got to don't go ahead it's got. Com you know you when you walk up to it you read the bottom of the door is probably about mid chat plus six with elevated. Com you know full others at this and it's clear. Colonel Kabul for a thousand dollar truck. And we did the route we did the whole car we did in the truck we did that back wall of the hunted the backup file of the bad because the until everything. The duly cameo with the big big truck for a radio station are you really cool in the. It worked for me it's not like it's on the ground and you're working on bladders. Yeah yes so you we mean what comes back that caused the truck we'll be able to tilt it back to back up and it actually just stand on the plane. To work on the back of the truck on the back wall so it has huge. Literally you know and sit and saddening to see them stripped off you know couple years like it's about two years really took off we'll talk for six years and look great. So his source and a new look. All right Chris got a question for you not been in the vinyl industry of course Roberts and violent sure for a long time and India we Wii is so fun the jokes that everybody here in the things they hear from different customers are different people people who know nothing about or Duvol. What's the one thing you hear and I got a film though is only hear you say that you always hear from so my back she'd grab a car you do LaRoche own car. Com. What ever have to consider helping I don't mean to demean anybody because anybody can learn to do anything but everybody thinks is so easy everybody thinks of it. I can do it can do that. No problem what to do that. That it takes time you know it takes currently caught patients who take it does it take to kill. Each and yes my whole life. I wish she wouldn't she wanted to do it should I had OK I'll you know we do this car Russia you know do. And should know. I can you do enough. I cannot do but it's fine no problem here sender I gave her press senators added there's a transit. Connector or COPEL. Yeah those critters aren't really that bad so. Carter you know taken in Poland and turn it costs a little bit didn't you could hear running grown and then finally issue well walked over to me you balled up that piece of so what I gave her through it and we could not doing this so. When I possibility easy yeah. You know accessibility and room faster route certain groups are you know if you look at your they're pretty you do Bart you know everybody thinks she can order some concur Ribery and gets to come online in Gillard and there's no problem either get their take a little better deal. There's a lot of skill Korea Syria aren't having it be a modest owns Willis takes a little skit takes a lot of scale amounts as. Nothing goes rent beach balls before we know Alonso and me you know me. A seamless you know thing I mean there's that it's an are for black in there. I Crist is a little bit about rentable and one all you guys do that obviously you can't harassment tells a little bit more about it Eliezer. Olazabal is due to the very Tucker little. You know anything as comparable. And so what we do there's regret that he can we are so article I shop though we do is we do our own design our own training and our installation and how everything is we don't let anything out so we wrap everything from you know. Copiers skirt copiers to. Golf carts to those cars planes trains and meaning that we can do it but being called a beautiful. Print shop were able to credit banners and signs and you know we do business cards and promotional stuff for other people so we're we're almost like a full blown over pretty much our full blown. Credit and he can't shop but we could focus our vehicle wraps because. What congress and that's all I could do you know. All right Chris and the F FaceBook page in I encourage everybody is taking guys out though what he gets on armored Ricci as a. 80354646. Or five. And we've got down we go to our web site which is just laughable dot com WR APA BULL dot com. And we do a lot of stuff on this program so it wouldn't credible or legitimate well. All right all right Chris Poole I appreciate you Conan would take time spent all of those. I'll look forward to seeing you again it's none else I'll see same. I know. But I could she take anybody thank you for being our joke. Thank Eric here but I guess you listen hot rod isn't happy hour coming up next we get very special calling yes another colon yes sir frank Feller so old freight sellers almost days of Ronald king this guy is Elvis for anybody in the violent. Street guys they do viewers in the hot rods and happy hour one those extremes of Gordon. Rules for Jiri years tank is full on hot rods and happy hour would drop heads and all two on 1063 WO Lloyd DG eight. Whether it's war on the floor ward three on the treaty this is hot rods in happy hour with drama and on the wrong 1063 WRT. All right guys welcome back now arazi happy hour. Robb Pitts are you doing to implement a new little brother you don't let all right we have very special guest and frank trailers owners of ciller's Viles plus frank carried a month. And man I thank you very very much for had coming on the show today. We've been talking about final rats in the you know how the industry involves the automotive industry. And there's no other person talk about bottle in the vinyl industry than yourself. And I just got a couple quick questions for you know. You know everybody knows what ciller's isn't what they do look what got you involved in the vinyl industry. Well first off by keeper by mail Blatter there come on miss. You know I. I went to college that I care log in college I worked there. Area gas station in my family they were enough automotive business and my. Brother actually. I would say yeah auto repair shop and pretty wide yeah I decided to issue. Worked at a Japanese bit after I got out of college that may decide. So when I got a neck cavity I got exposed to. Bottle. And I want going to lead to another and I decided to start my own Japanese and focus on selling bottle. Ed that saw a bottle to decide industry and that guy got. Exposed to. To vinyl it decided streak in the early eighties. Right right when I don't would start to become. Something. They're reduced blew a cabbie called Gerber decorated. I yep water. And I pretty much started march copyright during that time. So you just came Iran is bright I mean it's golden hour for Ronald McDonald plotters and all that. You know us they're upset awards I'll say it again the amount of water killed the son vendor. He's yet. Ed I'm Ito asked. And I witnessed all not all that I add people to brush a little bit myself competitive side that DiCaprio worked jet dryer. Prior so. I understood at all that. It'd it'd be it got to see oh bad industry. Now frank did you ever imagine it is. You know I've been doing this word for thirteen years myself. Being shot hologram design and I do all the design work. Did you ever imagine that the vinyl industry would take off and be as big as his became. Well you know I outward. Extremely excited. When I went I got all that plus start while Japanese you know it cannot be that I invite you to do. Did you do a lot daughter's going to be a really big deal. What I didn't anticipate. Is that you worded. It would expand individual happy. Situation and did what I saw all of my customers were slowly they charted a bigger piece of the bottle a bigger piece of the bottle. Have pixelated. Might just burst started literally rapid over echo and you know what's right about dead did this and that and that crossed my true. Which is automotive industry. Which up they have laid among one. About Palin and an auto body better than it's no it is not my my love my passions got intersected. Yes I remember are those old days of working on 24 inch water and now he's like he said it just did not demand kept growing and growing. And now we have a 64 inch eight HP latex printer that. You know I mean that just meets the demands and really they're bigger trainers out there because there are bigger demand so yet it it does he keeps growing. This data is absolutely yeah that's. It's grown from more I mean I mean people rapid buildings now on the new correct any thing and we just about within reason. Bet your eyes and that one side yet you got to try to wire start in August now. But are you you literally correct on the bottle and did shrapnel but you wraps side. We have just heard they're bad rap often. That perhaps you don't go well all the interior. Ice auction this. But it's just I mean did any good you can almost eight you can imagine I have just heard bits that didn't get. So let me ask you this you know oust col sellers a thousand times allies have heard your message out there. But you know media and user I need you to justify the cost of rap why his arrest so vital to your business you know you don't vehicle lettering. What would justifies that call. Well my question did you first dude are you talking about a personal web where someone literally changes their killer on her vehicle or you're talking about it. Someone as idol wrap. Storage area commercials you know elected a commercial you slight jet advertising other business which which what are you speaking cover ago. Along the body and really now it's a more commercial land. Well Depp played from a commercial side. You know what happened here is that you don't play in this game pretty much been decimated. It's so by basically what you avid this situation where people are looking for businesses. And then they got state cannot know what bet did appeared or got to give employer right they got a surge or on Internet. It's wrote the great guy out of there chorale. From a commercial side is it is it literally. That day out on August vehicle. Don't get a lie anywhere so what you're saying it and for a party to low cost a major literally you Lilly got a big billboard. You know you can grab a beer caught average for less than bot thousand dollars technical. Laps is gonna last for 34 years maybe even longer a as far as advertising yours. So you're gonna hit a massive amount of exposure. Were really small Matta cost. You can make. Well another thing Terry doesn't matter what the rev Al complicated your logo is or how wilder my old you wanna do with that I mean the sky's the limit and that. Oh. How and it didn't bring about the history you know what's great about wraps are you wrap a vehicle. I just want to I'll never forget this week he'd tell me about is just her game wanted to try to. It is meant to do little product I can't say what it is but he had this little prosecutors' strategy to hide you'll people right. It's so you can't put aside a lot of high school parking lot it didn't I'd have avoided it did beat. He had PG this sort of muscular guys stick to driver at a rabbinical. Keep tight board David Abell advertised I still stand by we're ready. You know high school started did you get a little bit or sit out their part a lot of regret a little bank got a little player like this kid there will be tried Iraq. Doesn't genius. This guy this guy does business said the treasure wrote a book not that that. Yeah and it course it now imagine this. Show how much credit widget type aura of billboard. I don't McDonald's parking lot. To look. There's an adult are in the location of this city with the highest traffic out. Every day did you go to lunch with a wrecked vehicle at what ever your cell and you're literally argue your garage and apartment life. The most you traveled. No city into a little billboard there for no cost. You're bit you're absolutely. Frank don't want shift gears a little bit you talked earlier about being in a car guy and you know ledger of your passion. So we always say S dollar calling guess this what is your favorite car and why. Well now that the color changed step indoors so big people around their vehicle to all different colors. Cars are big bag our rapid bet I've got to tell you my favorite vehicle of all time was. Where my first Vick got I had a I was forced to did it right. I got this little ultimatums because delta made our house got forced to do I did really have a. Choice just that there's a problem. There's not a bad clearly forcing it to. A bit but the first stop rocket finally afford a vehicle that I really wanted. Did. Ottawa is someone salutation my truck right now a draft and drinker and people Oliver my. DUI but of course there go up apologetic for what didn't work and pearl while was and I can certainly should help portrait for LS six. And at. I'll bet vehicle outlook to motor applaud it enough. I haven't yet Carlyle you're per night and back up. But I loved that car and I'll never forget it I'll probably give me another one certain dietetic Al Dutch head. Four audio port city Boris or did you horse and really not car and had access yet to tell at this. I tell you what frame when I mentioned Vegas on New York good people I just tell anybody Ernesto are at they're used totally totally made me a believer. Well you should know guys my real. Policy side. I franc before I let you go what you tells a little more about sellers in everything you guys do. And and the guys have an 800 number frame by other looking for bottle supplier limo. Are they scattered 65 or eight or zero I got that may arrive they'll have about thirty years. Has started Saturday or scores we got a web site Ballard dot com. You know what you Rick we really focus on cell and supplies. Due to professional people that make. Aside the Iraq. They rat vehicle they were they were a prayer audited by I don't. Two to make just five major graphics or vehicle wraps that's what we focus on so we sell all the materials to do it and all of apply helped all the different brands all the little tool to Mitt actually educated do it is to actually put our rapid and get a proper light. And that is what we're really focused on now there are some people that do it yourself but we really are focused on the professional there actually he had my back eleven dragnet. All right Fred glass thank you very very much for calling those are talking to you. And outlook for the senior legacy and a view from the same again. I outlawed slavery it's gonna be rarely. Ever called premiere tonight Derrick golf probably I'll probably be here and there. I can't wait to see guys go all the idea. So salad currently ahead but for the riddle they're blood. Or take years or talk to you all later. I guess they keep loose in the hot rods and then the only 163 the. Yeah Iraq sharing can actually draw bad offer. Think Dion airman and winning 63 WORD done come. Just rolled too hot rods and happy hour find out more about the show listed on demand that it Iraq's 24/7 hundred homes in happy hour Sebring charge. On its own 1063 WORT.