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When I was 63 WORD. Two issues together. Theory year old rob hit sand hogs broad line of local 11063. To go to WORG. All right guys look hot routes and. Yeah I'll drive yes sir we got Valentine's Day coming up and a couple days I'm telling you. And I see you brought your beautiful life in here with a president and then I mean Hillary loves in the air in a minute this car show we talk about welcome to color things and automotive stuff announce it until it. Our guys gonna have a colored girls to picture this a little not my arms absolutely correct. So what do you do overbilled tools for your for your balance I can't tell you that rob she should she's very here for your lower excellent. Jimmy hit. Flower show of really. Arnold change your car what you want. Amid his romantic I mean you know you rotator pursuit I think you can drag him rap sheet. That that yeah. Or. No not hi Jessica Craig Jessica. Yes we have Roberts beautiful wife Jessica Jessica. Is the coolest chick ever the pills the won't tell you some guys if you ever meant rod. You were under stay at my condition and let's get this guy she is they say she has a free pass to heaven I'll promise you. That the that's rude when you're good yeah however unlike the auto yoga. Quality you know what I Mohammed's just get your required text and then. We will Miller. So who went Ahmed just guessed 63 ship via Miller. Which are truly myths and you know just get on the slow road after Lehman church on Sunday if you know payment mag. She helped me change fill up and enter Sunday this. You know what the Mets look and that's when I knows no matter here towards -- when you have you're you're lady friend on the side of the road. Helping you rich. You address in address an address what we're glad you were one of the risks won't. My youngest. So one of them get to places so. Saturday but judo and sailing that's love right there at this thing about Corey doesn't core girls when they get together and that's what I'm talking about today. I think his first segment would be also to talk about. Asked just to some questions blow before you did actually wrote just fill column you wrote her right back home I did I did I'm I'm appointment who. The poet in didn't know it yes when you I'm into really mean to recite my Odom can you make a run many tone I can. I'm serious. He Redick who I know this is just go are you ready I think as we need to ask you sure bring it all I feel so bad isn't sitting in between these guys right now I Robert override I've just normal that in he's singing a local or give from us on the scene. OK let's hope he's not singing that. Artery. Camden slammed geared in feared. I love you on those off days even when you're acting weird. I'd buy you things that bring torque and power my love for you will never guess our. Tired losses Blackburn to a list too popular how are running schism that's the way I feel that you all to. That's the best thing we have a little days are run what I'm sure they'll run. Yells another wagon malls right now via a brief look how British you've executed the station. Hotel that was so that car and not have made. The whole mile and a hole or a little bit like open to color that was in it you know what if hallmark once a calming. I'm you know what we order a deal poll more fearless and run on rod is available for some balls and greetings for your northern Seton beaten. There will be there are remotely related. Automotive love. Love and automobiles love and tires. Move in tatters no matter so I know those are great hole though that that was really creative that straight from the heart it's somehow took an hour shift gears just salute that totaled just her and I told you all the time. I'm totally imagine what you are a lot better look at. All right so Jessica. What is some of the craziest things he's done for you for boundless that was what the typical Valentine's Day when Robert broader us. And typical as paralegal announcer ladies and that the usual. When passengers fly MO yeah. That's a car related. Movie of sorts. Is nothing says love like Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. That area. What's gonna happen here we go. Chuck you're nothing but you know instead. Does this this is things on about the egos going holidays most of which include all the cautions today you mean you're like a trooper a mile. I love car should have been all cultures on well life. You at about eight hours of Gamal feel for you guys are still kicking a mile stroll what we do. Amid the best thing that's wolf I mean that's like a teen. Our first some of our first dates were actually tortures. Well the best dates start Brian I mean when you build when you build a relationship on the arm of world. You know it's just going to be great well I mean this is you have like interest. You don't say and so you she did like coerced he drove her car shows obviously this isn't gonna work. But the issue like scorers in your life callers just like our sun and tell us a little bit about where you were to what you did our Amanda be in the body shop. I'm only export line. Do what was it where we're do you worry in BMW. We'll get as a single thought I heard it does get in there somewhere Debbie I was not aware there was a. Hear me. YA within IBM. That is going to be daddy didn't love it but it's the thinks she works a correlated job and it's cool thing. Well there's more to it the man until you're not at work. I mean technically your usual right here I mean your your artist. Are drawn so this. I don't think that's a bit that you don't sell just more correlated jobs needed. But owner Tom off your time together you guys do let me go to caller functions a mile or put on the showed some army just as they here I'll just just feels like the DN mall. If she takes care should make sure why we all have some screen and water stuff I mean this and you could you not denial park. A new apple give you edible oil Madeleine Ralph about it. What what watches I have a question for Jessica Jessica where all want to movie tonight it's going to be dirty dancing or making graffiti. But I think mom to death but no it. OJ that Patrick Swayze gets me do something you know look at it this way or. Yeah but you know I'll let me Chris Farley in the same dance to a Patrick Swayze. Really yeah now to have pro war the most romantic Chick Flicks or were you war fails subject here any good Chris Morley and they beat him. Let's give an ounce of utility. I think it would just give you know how old to play old old boy love connection you know see how compatible you to war. All right so this is what we'll do it again Robert I get are brought Omar right I've got just go low left. All right so this you'll do I want to ask you three questions. McKenna about just who were under a in this well fortunately there won't ask you three questions about Robert. Or are drawn Jessica. All right. Because there are. Don't rush to host. And on road and so. What's Jessica's favorite flavor of onscreen. And the clock stood in. An easy dream. All right it's. Just is he correct. It works no we don't know it was your favorite flavor. I don't have a favorites or anything chocolate related. All of technicality. All right Robert. Hot rod. In my name right. What's so as ringing that does just the way at nine. Yeah bingo Dane you got one right. All right question number three my. What size shoe. Does just aware under on nine. Yes Dane. Bailed you got it McGahee did OK you got two and a all right OK Jessica this is about our drug. What year is his station wagon. Anyone. Her facto effect. All right what size shoe does our road where thirteen per facto. You know this thing lamb big shoes he has some big Sox do. So I am. Scared I. Don't touch me. All right last question. Newton. What's his favorite color. Blues coach richt. All right she got a purpose Gordon into and out I guess you got a battle on their no new court mourners say the army but hey you guys must do summer a couple of all right Gaza. But I won't days of the guess we've got a really really great show planned for today is to stick around would play a little little matchmaker here in the Nixon that was a preview of what you don't see nexus drivers just a preview clip matchmaker in the mix it with our seven drugs and hard streets. I loved beloved pets and what doesn't carry very special caller yes. Fresh air and also very. Legend the legend Olympic. Hey do you listen hot rods at the 0106. Our lives and on demand. The podcast blinked at 1063 WORG dot com. Miles to the gallon and La. And every minute of it this is hot rods at happy hour withdrawn and dog brought on 1063. WORD. Welcome back to hot dogs and heart strings. Route I think that's happy hour. No it's nursery schools where the caller people danger the same league guys that's right we're talking about a social media. How resin or strings would bring to core people together and we picked out our look he can tell us it's ironic that we have we have mr. John deeds and mr. Johnny turner. Johnny turner. Johnny a table wouldn't sorrow when you first. We gonna ask you a few questions. About Joba and we will see what your interest or. Josh in the pubs in your mind. Jenny Willis yet premiere. All right sorry answering questions for you whenever you're ready. I had. I first of all what is the color of Johns challenger. Pat Guerrero perfect perfect perfect. Our next question what was John's first car anywhere guys bear. Very ginger do you see Larry dom John we know these answers is very good our next question what is one event. One car Schulman John never misses. Art or well except that answer he said you might say that will accept that. So as perfect Alley you did great W all three does great work we'll see if John knows all three questions about you this is what it's gonna be interesting as. All right John it's your turn up next we got three questions for your rapid fire rob you want to you know what I've got them John. If you had to pick joining stream caller what would be. And all. Lower and a half. I got up. Right and Susan good start Dylan. I know. Hill kit challenger okay squishy and too. Does Johnny loves Gordon every caller shoot. Generously there isn't a question number three wood Johnny resident who shopping for car parts. Or go to the mall shopping. All of well you know one out of the region. It's. It's. Yeah that's not a and you know what this is our dating show and we know it's hard though for gaz cargoes to find your car girl's Weasley John it's good people so you know what I think about it a lot. I've learned a rat. By the way you see just have this the American knowledge yeah perjury cars international scout. Yeah I'll tell you something you need you need to learn these things. And and she says she doesn't doing on every car show that she does which nothing's a lot on the Stallone. Sales I was thinking of the real hot days will you how old's your college. Interstate I don't like every Clark should be decided he didn't agreed calmly hit a lot of. Few times I've been granted a lot of women of color use my alive and I met one yeah it was like going over every one level. If you Nader you we need to find her sister because I'd love to meet. All right John outlaws thank you and Johnny for playing along with a slow game. As our gifts from inner come from our odds and happy hour we got a fifty dollar gift certificate to bonefish grill in Greenville. All right so we know we're on the road a lot new in Johnny's little busy lives this way you guys lost the battle date night on us. All right John John thanks for playing long guys. We'll see is that in. My. But it's gotta fund the outgoing middle of connections and I feel like we did our little ritual and Hillary Hillary Kindle the fire. Well I mean you know once and I looked too hot rod love birds she really you know good food and I ask speaking of low numbers. Where's yours. Multiple times coming up next but it won't say something. I wouldn't be a couple hints Glenn moment. Let's see. Me. In nature today. Kind let's let's ones yes no this limited this is classy lady Mac today you'll it about a three time top fuel world champion. Well lest I am forced girls so that rules that well known moves the source girls brought to go older SA little old school right there we'll see. When she made a movie that movie about her life who. I don't know in Israel there really do. Let's say you are warned saying you would surely charts show more than his or colon gets Nixon is going to be exciting does. This lady has lived a life like no other. Yes she's been through during her I love Devlin says pieces and all a few times and the hall home. She's just she's a standard for dry race. Well I mean she's alleged and bear in every sense of the word is lady came up through the ranks you gotta think about it. Without surely modality they would never be any of the force girls there would be an Erica Anders there wouldn't be anybody. Because all she paved the way for these people. Appreciate the idea I mean. Yahoo! and in an interview we got coming up does you're. You do not want to miss this I mean we had also many things in this probably will it cools interviews we've ever done. She is a plethora of knowledge in sharpest attack and my first crush grown up grown up at a drag racing family. I remember sure Wimbledon eleven and she was before renewed Rome McDonald was all the kids. You know I think is no way around from man and who wrongly dome was before Charlotte well they won't say anything but since you did drugs and the anyway but I mean does the thing about it I mean this this lady. Is a living legend and she still helping people to this day how you might. Where she's got her foundation surely skits and they're doing lots of great things people she's a touch on the way here in just a little bit. But. Let's just talk about some accomplishments. The surely modality. She actually quit races she retired in 2003. She got her top fuel. In a jury license in 1970. Three when I was 1973. She got her top fuel buses and an insurance. That's very impressive actually four years later she was the world champion and top fuel just thought you know how serious issue us. Yeah I mean that's that's the thing like there's people that have been in top fuel for decades. There was never a champion for years she came in and dominated. SA is interesting visit the NH RA actually didn't want to learn began -- no way did and then we're really touched on this in an interview because she can tell you better than anybody. They interesting story of this lady is live the life like no other. I mean this is all she's ever done since she was sixteen years old she's been racing in one form or another. You know and then you know through the crash bounce back Comanche and a major crash 94 yet warning came under rubble in Montreal. Oh she actually broke both her legs both pay its tore thumb ball. Broker pelvis she was it physical difference for eighteen months and had six surgeries. Literally an eighteen miles she was back at the winter nationals in 1986 racing again and one. Bush set a record. Winning really winning but I don't Thelma likes fresh out the trailer that car. She said read I mean that's the thing about this lady Amaechi is. I mean it's just it's crazy do you look at the movie. This is what the movie will. I mean it's it's. You got a few things is there and we'll all be no movie magic in there but overall it's pretty detailed out about how things went out. Those are great we limit in that movie gets so much for NH RA and they've brought a lot of people to drivers and they're really knew much about it. Yeah man and the movie is a legend their movie is a great movie is in his classic corridor movie exactly is some definitely worth a watch. But Willis surely talk more about list is I mean she's like he said as applause or knowledge and I say is absolute honor for someone my age to get to speak to someone of her rage and who has been through life that she is meant there. Bombed subway a fourth of that that's coming up next. I tell you what you'll you'll stay tuned. 01063 WO or. Is to Grambling went 63 W. Verizon. He's on. This drop its I'll drive yes sir I did you watch you know us that we had a special calling gas concern can you know what I have not lived drone yet. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to this is surely mold down. Hey did you pronouncing it right let's let's. I hear Malarkey belong to my hearing here at all I can be chipper it's. I would of heard that name several times throughout my life and how citi's at all times. He had a nice change when I remarried I didn't change my name I bought my dad would I got divorced like glad that was my choice yeah. Keep it pretty and they need to change. Like I was joking or owls without broad mobility has to do this show we're we're talking about it I knew you were before and who Ronald McDonald was. I mean does that thing led group happy you know you're not shy. Let me draw over the drag Grayson family like this and I mean just. The paint the pink top fuel cars and college majors in my hit a C at all you know and Harlan who I have little VHS tape I mean that's. Yeah that's. Considered an RR a classic in Hollywood still. Well I mean the thing is though drag Grayson has never gotten. The respect in the. Oh lead on camera a NASCAR robbed this big kick out of pockets. So pet and can't tell it's still it's still galls me to this day because you have about not. Of them but a lot of the IRY jets at why didn't snippet wouldn't. Crybaby cabinet and they just in addition women. Didn't go and they eat they just don't have any respect I didn't show some respect added that strap but in my adult funny Paris. Egypt we're typically the. But that's the thing with though I mean NASCAR the go against your you have to be so major the major channels every week. NH RA oh at the last few years I mean militia you just head and on cable TV you didn't see it. Well yeah but there's simply sit at a racetrack somewhere in the United States every single weekend we see we be trucked out to the West Coast you know hadn't yet. We are belong trailer with a top fuel car and the and the support people doing. And I had and hit a you know not stopped what they appreciate it and we would god be heading into the West Coast I mean you'd see him come and eat. Like you don't want to treat for trains. It's actual trying to sell I miss I miss the match racing naturally made a real money. And any cherry get away with all that AT and even maturation gay. They consider that. Testing and X course toward making money but testing is so is not a not the question should do addition thank you happy my kids favorite yeah. That's that's that's that's crazy everybody calls me this a very expensive sport I mean. Drag racer especially today I mean. Well this idiot idiots cannot tell you what they've done. They've turned it into a gigantic not kept and I ITT conspiring iHome. During a break you don't want to be racers pain over the guardrail or the fact if you will act hand obviously. They wanna do so bad that he had the chance of getting your foot in the door. I mean it had hype during did better and lottery tickets at. Some early access sport that has made millionaires and moderately wealthy. Many of them says its way to make a small fortune it's just a little. Yeah exactly employer don't put your the pork out so. That they met that basically drove me back to the cost to get. And I you know I drove the fuel cartridge 33 years and they elicit China may aryan oh. To do that 2000 step right up till well I would say 1995. To 2003 when I'm retired. It was so I would eat only nitro fuel racer can't account or court appeal. I was the only one in this more. Not sponsored. That made a living at. I didn't have a you know what I do you know what a fleet of 747. Or. You know hope Bob big battery charger. Didn't factory. Or you know did. I felt they would they do this it's a tax write off. Oh yeah well I mean you mean you have to be a millionaire to even. Is this hobby. Ly remember when tiger I would look at tour this sport to millions and altering. The ticket take me back out there. I am. Million my eight get me up to starting nine. Today I'm talking about a I'm really great Shrek he can't just via. I am I in the show up top fuel car and that's because Perry has to be race ready which it has to be setup for a popular car. And now you need because they had the TV. Nothing you can see it on you even media types. But now the EU would need eight to ten guy told Tommy. To maintain the car and get it to the starting line between Brown's court they don't dropped a light on you because you're there at fifteen seconds late. Oh yeah well I mean this is so that I mean like when you go to a big race here of course were right in South Carolina so if you went to see Max if you want to drag away. What do these tracks you see like John force and he's got four followers they're lawless act billions of dollars. LSU that's what that's what hurt system I think that hurts to explore much like Jack I have nothing against got a dog eat a good to great guy great driver. All of that. But I each got to depict your daughters out there that I eat hot type it I should open to actually or a Brittany or Courtney are there aren't any why so. Quad shrapnel I could say look get tiring harder eagle. Holiday calendar. Or not we're the Chrysler having I guarantee you she couldn't she could not spelt that out. That's old school round they're there and. He doesn't happen to know that okay cap but they don't really know they just don't know what's happening to. With a car they get cat the basics down that safety candidates pretty good these people that build and maintain the cars that you know they. The war continent and send those girls in the starting line which there really. Really good. They are really good at what they do and I give these not a credit Anthony when they were that. Anyone in particular but the way the sport used to be. A lot about what Tibet's. Stupid and they woke up a really Smart one days deck that component. Are now that they via a little bit longevity and they may live a lot longer than that it. It's too much safer sport. It's so I think to the extent motor sports. Spectator sport various. Much better than you know lobby and he had to beat Mitt didn't putt. That's cart races. I'm pretty excited tool they they went by an inch and a but I've got you know I short track like a Bristol or something like that are. It puts you. Sound like some machines didn't get congress and it does not sit well I'm spoilt. There's nothing other than it sounds better than a nitro car when it and I don't think. Didn't I wholeheartedly agree with you. It's just it's it's just cool wonderful. I could stand there and listen to that all update. And so again like I taught I think I'm spoilt idea. I get a chance to go you. Know. You like. And so now or whatever where you know armed. Apple Belgrade Serb who I was hit Watkins Glen couple years ago they were giving me. I just you know a little sightseeing tour Chris Iannetta. A yacht on assignment too close to the racetrack nothing to do with it but. I think it didn't interest me you know leads to halt look at these comments with your current they're sort of have to. Real okay. He wouldn't eat that I'm yet I'll put up. It's just again. I'm spoiled. Once you get a case stability nitro currents. Eat it eat a rebel. I AM in I have never met. One person in my career dedicated. Surely. School one. WORD. The gallon and loved every minute of the day. Verizon has. No longer. Why. All right everybody welcome back to hot resin that be our. Almonte are out alongside with Robb Pitts and we're talking the surely mall down in Charlotte while others are around here talking. Tom I just want say I'm I'm 27 year old and what an honor it is actually build top tier. I just have one question you know the Bakken and when you got started in drag race and you know you read around men and women were very welcomed in drag racing at that time and you pave the way. Would it make you say hey I want strap myself into one of these cars get on the track. What play you know if we are thrilled that real simple how it happened tonight is. I live downtown night incirlik at street kid didn't. Live did not yield big old tenement apartment house and you don't have a lot of direction my poor mother worked and laundry and my father was doing something. Hike up. But. I started down a little bit. Lack of anything else better to do I hated school what I started diabetic diet may include Jack pulled out. I took a liking to him and he used to give me a ride home from the her cup restaurant I work and I'd rather work in a car hot kitchen of a car copper extraction to go to school I'll pay attention in school. So that's I've met Jack we used to street race and that's how it all began he taught me how to derive. And a year and a half so either got married. I was married and I was sub. On sixteen and a half years old. You're a half later. My son John was born and and we would take our street car. Which is a 68 Chevrolet we would take a street car to car I drove to work and we would take it down to find a New York. And rotted out Wednesday night. On not eight mile. Would take its course but it would stay out to the center. A road that would put Perot on Saturday night for that have been around a stop Paris. She went down to this character in half mile oval that's what I did from 58 to sixty side. It Jack called Downey. Gaffes well did not really our camp it is no such thing that will I can't I he gets welded it maybe a little began strikes stick. And that I got device since Sydney the other rest is history everybody tell us about the flight I had was NH RA and all of that. And V and I wish just see how confident they did warn not gonna hear that. And yeah it how I just stood my ground. How only take Wally parks like stir singing your tune. When he's in house lawyer told him you can't do that. If this discrimination. So let's say he just totally changed the way he was. He's guilty and eat eat and really couldn't he couldn't get away with it because. I was just I was so proud I stood my ground and I stop my feet and I mean I licensed gun not to get I was gonna do anything I could and I want likely. At that same time hobby is going through all that I happen to work for a newspaper. I would say anything you can. To brag about I would reception at a site answered the call and display advertising and app but it I didn't tell wallet parks sat. I told my work for a newspaper. And they've picked up on this you know what sanctioning body. That was discriminating against me and today Italy and would it. If so at HRA gave him. Reinstated license. That they have in their division director at issued to me. And but didn't tell me that I wasn't going to be let into a national event for another three years. What went on between 65 and 68 that another hall story altogether and but I didn't go to the US nationals in 1970 with the dual engine. I tapped NASCAR. To share it won't supercharged injected belonged. Chevrolet. Engine coupled together. B at double trouble with the name of the car and I need what an oil back that they would give you bought and I could not rotting it's hard diatribe on gasoline I could not school east 209 now are that car and it just didn't haven't an. I grabbed a 19897. To put it have much I didn't. I mixed up at the cot and these by 21 hundredths of a second half but Wally parks saw that I could drive. Did I will insist that I mean it sold a lot of tickets. And they are backed up you know he way to kind of bad. And that way it should be getting. A nice relationship and it would be NH RA. I think. We compete now what we did not warrant shouldn't and then to have it gone back and forth over. You hope that it kept the gear ratio go into things like that that day they'd change rules and the minute we are just drive the car stopped. But. I got a lot wit and carried it could see that I was a crowd pleaser. And I always sit. Treated the press. Leave that to respect that they deserved. And IE but Ali see you said that dealing public is very ER television viewing I can't sudden Kerry and chip making sure that they you know they get to see a good show but I. My main concern PayPal would spend the paying public the people that page that communicates. That's what I paid attention to an actor I let's get me Terry I couldn't afford to run for that many hunger. I would not have the road and I match raced and I made it in 91. To 2000 tree show. And I made more money in notion years. Doing invitational. And I made my entire career. Do you remember a drag sure consult your local Spartanburg drag would. I remember of a belief I still have the record explaining ivory and I ran that. First 200 there I think can't but I am got its share of bad day what Spartanburg. That chocolate so narrow. Can't get what we have to start mine at night nine due course you know when you put the power to wish you chief flag to clinch. Issued a comedy. The senator's Spanish. Track which so now. That would we have that oh Iran. My right bank in his left bank clutched. The album body Bennett too who has competition pots. It's against Hillary or joke. He has got a picture of it. But I still have I still have the the record at that track it's still stands. That's funny. We'll certainly is an absolute honor talk in TV crew flew formula GO. Yeah I ask you a little bit about surely she is and what you do with a. The thank you thank you how collaboration I eat a bench racing I felt like I get a late term and more importantly a more important things but I sure these kids. I was unlucky not to get introduced a great group of people down in Houston. And they all know who paid tortilla. Mexican restaurant at the best Mexican food. Are not anywhere. And they wanted to. To start a foundation. They wanted to do something before this the pants and it either of actually exceeded its way. To drag racing. Pocket and op what happened once they eat they formed a 501 C three. Charity. And they named after me helped. How could repeat what I reviewed cop I prayed and I can't give up because most of my all of my charity abolished and you know what they call I can look. That doesn't support leg and I am not giving you any money he would also step up at bucked up. I I took them up I. And we had it last year with the first year if we had a marvelous. This year. And mr. holt stamp hole. Who all received regular restaurants if you charity I'm lucky enough to have my name on it but stamp hole is. The person that deserves all the credit. What are we don't have a better face to have a maturity of them. Thank you so much I think he's just such a generous man. And we do we know we try to keep the CD the end result after the Britney kid and the races. Shot would get that big get. Operation supplements starry night observed that guy driver introductions before a first round should be in the age of the kids get to meet led the hot setup drivers. And then at the end of the introductions we bring up onstage and reintroduce into the crowd and I. To a little kid she and I talked. Lo and behold. And we turn around and can't hold key enhancement cheque for 5000 dollars. So that's what that's what's so we can we're able to do this way to help from. Some of the sponsors. Are Idonije got a motive they've they've helped. I mean. Crisis helped us a little bit of ash and in Texas this guy Shell Oil helped us how there's quite a few people that have dropped. And as would ID can up their cars. How hollow and I can't allow let's take me I guess I could chase have known about it I get a little tired of that. But John force he's and the trade delicate. He you date they have they run handicap. And Erica Anderson she runs Peggy came out. So a lot you know way that you know we're cool we're where we are just start this will be our second tier. And we have a little hope little. Like coming to Charlotte that's been my first outing. At this even trains he had this little voice coming all the way from Detroit down here has no idea. What's in store for which he has cystic fibrosis at night. I'm pretty sure that he's. He's kinda limited. So we have to deal with that and it's it you know it hurts. What you don't go well. Who want to help a sick kids that you know soul I committed to it's it's good to come to note that the drag. Sea life. At the IEA IE urged anybody that and Katrina lied drag race to get to do yourself a favor. I can't genetic Terry national band and then you can see each what happens with cherished kids. And it's not if he can do that that you could go and on the Internet to Shirley kids dot org. And you can read up on it and people you know the good that we did diversity and I holt did last year and now we're we're going to share. So it's I'm I'm pretty excited it gives me a chance to get something back. It could be you know to be I get part of the sport. And do some good and you know. It is the only thing I know that's the only thing I've ever done my entire life this amateur racer. And you made a good lie and doing it. I love it it's it's everything in the world to me. Gregory I think. We'll surely is an absolute apps under a commute I hope you have a very happy Valentine's Day and thank you so much from in partnership. Walt thank you very very much about ten staying at favorite day of my I married about dining steak. I'm bound and say yeah yeah yeah. Well I'll say this about those days if you ever date you know my number. Well I'll OK well I'll do what you can do for me dal or group for that. Mack truck car yeah. Because she didn't apples are so I have not to be at least that drivers not guilty by association I unite like Ron Capps. But this crew chief do not root for that car if you wanna do me a stay. And you make that promise not to squeeze. Hey guys use it's you gentlemen may I I will expand upon thank you so much do you look what I. All right guys thank you for listen hunter wasn't happy hour on Valentine's they say good Valentine's Day edition will miss Shirley modem do those opinion he was more us. All right guys like to see you smile. 16 through WORD. It's in happy hour in Iraq. Connect to a draw bad off. And beyond your button at 1063 WORG dot com. Scroll too hot rods and happy hour find out more about the show listen on demand and it Iraq. 24/7 comrades in happy hour supercharged I don't know what it was 63 WORT.