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Our neighbor to the broadcast and we have unfortunately another death of notes to press side especially those few who have. Follow the WWE. George the animal Steele. Has passed away. If the age of 79. This one this particular reports in a website called wrestling ink dot com. Reporting the wrestling agent Eric Sam's noted on FaceBook skew it incher hospice care was not looking good form at that point. WW we will hall of Famer by backlit also an add on fees for early this week's Q was not at home when he called and steals wife informed back Clinton. He may not be coming back home this time. Indicating he was under hospice care. Now we have confirmation that he passed away last night Hulk Hogan. And got a tweet George the animal Steele rest in peace my brother. Only love only grateful. Hulk Hogan promised that he put up a little while ago. The passing of George the animal Steele. You know I was just thinking about this last night again and we've talked about so many times on just about the people we see. The celebrities that we she passed away year whether it's. Stars of people and sports world whenever user or just people we know why I. Yesterday learned that someone I knew from high school. And also passed away and fortunately this involved a criminal incident diskette was actually involved in the domestic violence. Situation where the Highway Patrol was called outs back in. My former home state of Kentucky and and the guy was trying to. Leave from domestic incident was going on was actually charging for I remember correctly. Toward a in his car toward a state trooper's car. And has been basically yeah. You know and appoint worries and such critical condition he just never covered passed away. Yesterday and I was shocked and especially when you hear this about somebody you have some knowledge of you don't necessarily know very well. It's just kind of sobering just reminder of just reflecting on this yesterday evening just the reality that. Were all moving toward that inevitable. Point when we're going to pass away. And we reached cease of life. Where the pace of this with people but we know or familiar win at. You know it's it's certainly steps up. Speaking. On campus that's awful. Nine minutes after the news coverage yesterday you heard Donald Trump basically call on Elijah Cummings for not meeting with him. Supposedly they were going to beat and apparently. Mr. Cummings dot better of it maybe it was a politically expedient who knows. Later Ryan there's a conversation that took place. And believe this was MSNBC. And that's it it's pretty amazing here. Pretty amazing because. If you had a situation are Donald Trump was being questioned their ready interrogate the heck out of him. Instead. Elijah Cummings he gets softball questions and a joke. Here's how the exchange Witten down. On yesterday's image scenes in BC program they were discussing the news conference and Elijah Cummings here it is. My very first run around the you knew what to CBC wise and then I drink Christiane. A young lady are ms. Ryan cleared and I'm amazed we knew what was I think you know a lot of people assume that Albrecht who would know all black people. I'm thinking. And then they got the evidence president. Somebody and in the press pool this set up a meeting and would've been resolute I don't believe that the president of the United States and the man they can they go home loan himself. So you know I mean I kind of laughed it off. But it's consistent what we've what we've seen from president trombone at an early she did not ask Frederick Douglass dissent that many don't its right as the bad guys congressman Elijah Cummings thanks for joining. Ha ha ha hi I mean keep this is pathetic. Did you here and eat any tough question and see if I'm sitting in that chair. With this if I'm that reporter the question I'm gonna ask is are right so what's the deal alleged Cummings. Hey where did you not promised you're gonna meet Donald Trump what happened. Did you ever hear that question asked no you geared just yakking it up. And I mean it's a surprise MSNBC. Heck we know they're in bed together. It's that it's the mainstream news media. And they are in bed with Democrat party we know that. But it was it was pathetic it really wise. So can Donald Trump do here well. How long and present a message of liberty. Out of economic opportunity and empowerment. For black communities. If you really want to make it to end. Find some people in Chicago that he can work with. And make this a community based thing not a top down government thing. A community based thing. Put together something that would encourage job opportunities. Network with corporations. Small businesses. That will hire young black men especially. You can turn it city around. Ask yourself the question what is Elijah Cummings done. Nothing and I think there're a lot of people they get really you know it's kind of like you murder back when. Comments were made about. John McCain. And and I are not agreeing with Donald Trump's comments about John McCain. What I am saying though is. There's this idea that somehow because someone did something decades ago. If there are sacred cow and they are beyond criticism they're not. I don't care did Elijah Cummings marched in civil rights demonstrations. Decades ago. The question I'm asking is what the heck is this man done. For the black community to de. What's he done recently. Thing. They have nothing to show for Barack Obama has nothing. To show for eight years. If we can just take one city. Used that as an incubator. For a community based effort. This can really make a difference in undermining. This so called civil rights establishment forever. For ever shut their mounts. In a minute talking about telling them to shut up. I'm saying actions speaks louder than words. At their can be something on the ground really makes an impact on the community it provides people with real hope. Not false hope not hope and change. But genuine hope. We could begin turning this thing back to the point where. The Democrat party no longer has a monopoly on the black vote. I'd love to get your thoughts 80347163. That's Ingles advantage talk like numbered accounts into retirement planning takes like 71 preacher seven. Also coming up we're gonna have a little fire and one of my favorite clips yesterday. At the news conference a swipe at Hillary Clinton. It was absolutely hilarious we'll share that much more as we continue fifteen minutes after. Right now we've got to a news conference on knowledge senator emotional Carl or if all talking about well. How they're going to followed through and we are probably issues on building which Obama her. You know. Dexter wants to know what's wrong. The news conference being entertaining nothing. That's calling it a day without immigrants is so dishonest misleading their many great legal immigrants living and working here at peace agitating morons. Never distinguish between illegal and legal immigrants that's my biggest complaint. I'm with here. I'd like to see today actually a decade without illegal immigrants. Yeah wouldn't it be wonderful. It's a rather have a meeting with the Taliban in the Congressional Black Caucus at the I want to hear Tim's autism and are actually wrong chamber he's in the scent so he wouldn't qualify. I remember who was in Allen west. Actually went to some of their meetings didn't treat him very well I'm sure you're shocked. They events. Keep telling us. About trumpet how to do it. You have been dead wrong. We did that go. You have been dead wrong debt raw debt raw and turned eclectic computer noted its stock in a groove. And for some reason. This text line is now offers an army will have to come back this particular text and I'll be glad to address it. Vince love your impersonation of the slot you know that is a great name. For Mitch McConnell the sloth. Only goodness that is scary. It's I also believe strongly about what you're saying as to trump getting together is in the nation in initiative like Chicago to help with the inner city. As opposed to government gimme programs the answer to those caught up in these inner city plantations. Yep. This would be goal that's the way to get them to change their thinking on the entitlement state and to show them. Show them that providing opportunities as opposed to government gimme programs the answer. For those caught up in the east inner city plantations. Yep that's how it works. Vince believe me White House correspondent April Ryan. Probably knows very well most members of the black caucus cycle the last part of the DNC chairman. Candidates for months he spent last night moderated by this woman. She was yucky that would all eleven of these liberal hacks used the word week. We're referring to the Democrats and progressives Allen and it does not surprise me at all. Elements pronouncing correctly lines oh it's a wrestler and not wrestling. That's from for Monica. It used to be in my favor radio guy you're vehement and and anti trump rhetoric is totally turned me off a that you would let up after the election. And inauguration you did not I doubt she would let up after seeing all his accomplishments and is no nonsense approach to the media and other. And other opposition you talk about folks supporting him no matter what I'm calling you out for opposing him no matter what net. Months ago be honest here it if you agree with this flip Mino. But really. Is there any honesty at all in this text. Well here's the thing no matter what I say you know I mourn your side so they're not gonna believe anything I say. So. I mean the point of this years. I've been very quick to praise Donald Trump where he is right I have heard praise all over the place but selective hearing you know that's yummy little announcement. That's what idiots in this is where I. This is where I've made the point before folks about Kool Aid drinkers. If you one of those people who once steered nothing. Negative about your your man. You're gonna have a problem because I'm not that kind of person. I am not drinking anybody's Kuwait period. Just doesn't happen. As we continue to broadcast your 24 minutes after the hour of 11 o'clock let's go out to Tim welcomed sir. Iran bombing thing that ever. You are right there. At that. Black. And India com. And B units and inspection yesterday. And then try out but it. Highly Lebanese cabinet. Am I inherited. A mixed. Mineta. Yeah see it at right guard him at and Barack Obama the that it will know you inherited millions and millions of us. The week and yet. Is that what he actually said in response. And I didn't release it. You're thinking sensing that they figured it. But it didn't do that week. We'll do that and that's that's the upright and and I did it to go back and you know let's until later in doubt. And that a report that it about picking crap congressional black that. Lance went down and you wanna setup a meeting got me an incredible marketing. Issue the report. I want to actually have a plan had been shot up on the editing and you actually did so what does it say diplomat in Beijing at the right equipment. Well here's an end this. Is part of the Elijah Cummings argument to be here let's be honest here. The truth of the matter is in so many of these cases these reporters are are really advocates. So I and I think the question then becomes an and I would ask you this Tim. Why has Elijah Cummings had this meeting with Donald Trump wanna. Clinton had the bad move but yet to figure out there Alitalia. Won't be getting another. I'll let the umpire would partner ever pat and I don't think any of what got all. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I'll pay what we're way to say content stop stop you all wouldn't buy your call. And so you have stereotyped all conservatives. All right I just wanted to make this point go ahead. Or am I. Yeah you got here I come out of ignorance. Now it's him. Don't get a life to him because I you don't hear that kind of talk for me on this broadcast I don't broad brush. Entire broadcast agencies. All right. So anyway. I'm just make I mean you can go right ahead and make your point. Okay and political action midsection and a little bit tried to tell you what that. I literally do we expect you will and not not cock there dot com are the real problem was so it's not acre project power. I I am. Even though we don't agree with a lot of things. Are you don't have the respect. That you don't even have my opinion are the people in our opinion the opinion that some adding unique tech that not that. That didn't. Get ambiguity handout on that problem I the. Why I appreciate. It and Tim let me ask you and serious and I'm big being very serious about this. Why. Would Elijah Cummings not meet with Donald trop can you give me a straight answer on that question. I've met a lot of good in it not be the melody. The cap and turned out already begun a big generated bet people. The only way we win this hobby yeah yeah it's true that helped. You do I'm getting banished and didn't eat out and a it's an hour of the people. That it would. OK I ended up dead end and we talked about that here by the way Tim I made that point that this this presents this monolithic picture of black people. And yet. Let me go the other side this argument Tim. Don't you think too many of us do the very same thing that every time you see so called black issues come up its complaining. It's always whining about. And they are so weak and out. So are going to do black caucus wow I really don't know I mean and I and everybody else for the wire how how well. They are the White House the White House has done that and and be honest with Tim let me ask you one more question before we go because we've got to get some other college year. Can you identify one thing that the Congressional Black Caucus has accomplished. I don't know I'm tired. I've never doubled in Kabul. I understand that the Arctic air and connect every bit the rank it. You bet they'd bet Beckett will pitch and to support. The guys who do you get out I'm gonna do that. How do you know that's and I am that's our. Well let let let that gave it let's with how did not rule out an outlet and how do you know it's them. How do you know the Donald Trump is not going to dress issues that are of concern to black Americans. It. Yeah it's been all about it a hundred days tend give the guy chance I'd do it all right let's keep that congress AM there with Thea. We can say this in the about Barack Obama. And it wasn't me you said this it was to have a smiley who said it by every measure blacks were worse off at the end ultra of both of Barack Obama's presidency. Than they were at the beginning again that's not me that's Travis smiley is about his leftists as you're gonna get. Give the guys some time Tim and I do have a feeling that we're gonna see some things that will surprise a lot of people and can I make another prediction. Even if there are good things that happened. These folks are gonna do everything they can to undermine its. 803 for 7163 text line 71 threes are 7-Eleven thirty. You might add broad brush agencies which you sure as hell broad brush every truck supporter. Powell. Really. Not quite. And there's let me give you a each for a Vince Coakley characterization of trump supporters are eight. Let me make a distinction. There are some level headed trump supporters. Who support him. And are able to engage themselves as sensible human beings. And have objective minds. Engage the issues. And don't have to defend every single thing about him there are other people. Those are the people I'm referring to as Kool Aid drinkers and I suspect if you're one of the people who's offended by me using that. You're probably one of the people and talking abouts. The root of rocket pack of dogs the delegates is gonna Holler. And that's what's happening here. Vince I listened to every day. I say you were fair when it comes to everyone. Putting up the good and the bad evenly regarding trump. Or whomever. PS asked a reporter to set a meeting with the CDC was tongue in cheek. That is from Craig. 803 for 7163 attacks like 71307. Let's go to Kevin welcome. Yeah are you gonna serve until well sir. Because you can't up and content you just from Wal-Mart. Com and penitent and learn more about party and could you make a lot of students you know. You see that he may extremism make it is an important revenues continued with a letter O it's a lot of people are not open minded and and I am looking. It is in no way YouTube put in that you know. I'm saying hey and he couldn't he bring in all the money back into account that will chop the China do we know. Guess not he's trying to make a Wallin and kick in or something you look around him had a big hit two years and made it being. Given Colombian part of new foundry and you know. I mean it'll pay you know that would come to America that is feel that way and you know it got UConn won gold in Argo on mile limit content let it go full. He's an apple didn't help the trial. On the you gotta be rid of Jimmy Butler and you know you gotta be it's a big gold you have put Conan you know you gotta be in the mr. come right out would be guys and he might not be able to withstand new depression could be put on and on and. Well or even the charm I mean honestly Dee Ann and I've heard this repeatedly from people Kevin who have had a meeting with that'll drop. And and I think just to a person everybody I've heard there's you know it's not the the the grotesque. Mean spirited person that people very often perceived they get into our room it's a very different thing. Kept Kevin what are you looking for personally what would you like to see. Out of this administration. How do lawsuits. Really to get a lot of improvement which on a restricted toward me and my present I think that just GB gears part of combat actually. I mean because everything you do get the Mecca just messing around playing and it and that was who it is common Aponte was that the impression on them and make it just me. Don't talk like you just say ain't gonna multi candidate on May wind and less than a hundred days. And lift and in the moment what do we as you know. Aren't you know remotely from London so who are mobile phone didn't suit each student that didn't come out of co wrote and crew and the group's problems echo what everybody and I mean come home you know. So did a year country. While I appreciate your perspective on this Kevin thanks very much for your call. And that's that's really the message that's out there for everyone and I want especially those of you. Q are very defensive about your president. By the way I would make the argument he doesn't need to be defended. I I think he does pretty good job on his own coach think. But what are the things that I hope happens along the way. By being an honest broker. That's along the way I'm hoping. That there are people who will be open. To especially conservatism and constitutional ideas. When they hear someone who's just devoted to those ideas and those values. It is not quick to jump into a group or a mob because that's what I've been concerned about for some time. That we now have developed a mob mentality. You're one of the things you probably don't hear me talk about and it's for good reason I'm not jumping on this fake news bandwagon. I think there's a danger attached to this because I honestly do not think Donald Trump is a completely honest person I don't. Two I believe the media is honest no but I think Donald Trump is Smart enough to know he's more popular than the media. But if you understand human nature you've got to recognize there's a danger here. That it's very easy to distract. And point to an enemy. And wall you distract. You can get away with things. By belittling the media. And I'm not saying that these folks don't deserve it because many of them do. But to say that every single news agency and every single reporter. Anybody who says something that disagrees with me. Is wrong. And I was encouraged to hear him say that perished there are stories I would've loved for him to develop this but I heard him make the point. Some of you have done some stories that I don't like. But you've been fair. I was glad to hear that. But there are other stories and there were comments that are even made yesterday about this Electoral College that they were inaccurate. And accurate. I know some of this is just because the style. Of his speech it becomes. You know when you speak up the cup there's always a danger of this. Of getting some things wrong. It's bad though when you say wrong things over and over again I'm. And I just throw this out I'm tired of hearing about the election the election happen in November. You're the president now I don't wanna keep hearing about. In all the polls and how they were wrong about this and wrong about that you know what you want a shot people's mouths. Just do. Do fulfill the promises. That were made in that Gettysburg address. About what you want to accomplish and a hundred days and somebody else I'd like what are you come out. And tell Mitch McConnell. And Paul Ryan to get off their rear ends and get to work because it's time for some legislation. Because executive orders will not stand forever. 80347163. Techs like seven countries your seven coming up. One of the comical moments from the news conference will share with you coming up. Bryant's that the message it by email. Doesn't Mitch McConnell reminds you of Billy the puppet in the movie saw. All my kidneys you are so right. For those of you have not seen the horrendous saw a series. Gadgets check out video on YouTube you can see we're talking about and it hasn't given McConnell too much credit them. My goodness. Doctor bids once again you're spot on about Liberal Democrats like the Congressional Black Caucus there in the grievance business. And they want the issue not a solution yet they what the issue for ever. It's I enjoy your objective perspective I don't always agree with every point which is natural we don't all agree we each other's ideas. My concern is the intolerance on both sides. You've nailed it with the mob mentality. My prayer our country can start to show little more grace toward each other. Thank you. That message really means a lot that you understand where I'm coming from. It's so important part means all. It means everything really does. Agree Vince not all media's fake news only 97 to 98% of them are. I don't always agree with what you say. As what I like about your show you make me think I do not want to be blinded by either side you also break down barriers for those who may think they disagree. With the conservative views see what my biggest concern by the way. I don't want people thinking that Donald Trump is conservative and he represented conservatism because he does not. Even went out of his way to say that the Republican Party is the Republican Party not the Conservative Party those are my words those are his words. And so it's important for me to make a distinction. Should people do not think that is conservatism it's not. So if people want to reject trump his own. Habit. But don't put me in the category. And broad brush me and say I'm part of that because I'm not. We can agree on certain things and were. He is sound unconstitutional. By Asian principles I'm there with them I would say the same thing of anybody else in office. Very important distinction. Great texture to I think the entire nation needs to take a breath and slow down this administration needs to be established and start working. If it's a disaster than vote them out don't spend what can't be looked at fully but also don't judge what may or may not happen. A son of the text year someone made a great point here trumped only been in office 2728. Days. Of this world of people think. Didn't get the suede 28 days it's certainly cannot be corrected in 28 thank you. What I would strongly encourage and it doesn't matter who would be elected president at this point is very important. To take the long view. And recognize. That it's gonna take some time whenever it's going to happen here. Time. Time. Congratulations all the closet liberals like you events. Really. And this is where I just. At Ohio State to say this is a stupid text. Now if you can give me evidence and I still haven't had anybody give me evidence in this give me one piece of evidence that I am a liberal. One. I would be glad to hear it. One more thing funny moment from the news conference yesterday. Donald Trump's reference to Hillary Clinton about the interaction. With the fine folks in Russia listen up. I can do anything for Russia and then nothing for Russian. Hillary Clinton gained 20% of our uranium. Hillary Clinton did a recent remember with a stupid plastic button that matters all look like a bunch of jerks here take a look he looked at her like. But the Phillies keep doing that cheap plastic button. How much. It's just funny look at all these reporters. You know here they are all buttoned out of their suits every day in and they've got to be picking. Can't believe he just says it's just mocking Hillary Clinton how dairy. A a a a and you know let's and the truth be known come on folks. The Russians living in the same thing. Made an absolute fool. She made an absolute fool of herself she really did. Couple more text here before ago. Venture black does that automatically make you a Democrat and some people's eyes there's your proof your liberal right. I agree with you events I wish president trouble just do what needs to do and let bygones be gotten by guys yep. No question about that someone else was asking a question I don't like answering. Tells the true movements. Have you ever been registered Democrat no immediate I've never been. My entire life my first election I voted for Ronald Reagan never ever ever ever registered Democrat. So I think people confuse. Let's see they confused bombast. With being conservative. If that's richer looking for well you're going to be to support at least to me I I don't do that I don't do bombast. I like substance. Any case. It's been great talking with you ants we will be back again. For more great conversation after the weekend in the meantime you guys have a great weekend gets arrest unplugged for a little while. But don't forget to listen to upstate poles six to 9 PM right lines though. Absolutely right in the god bless you take care.

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