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The Oprah reminded me yet again that's it looks like to have to go a few more days. To catch up on lethal weapon and Luntz has been telling me about it's the added character. That I cannot wait to see who disperse and use this better be good. Listen don't expect Pesci but it's not bad I mean. Pesci especially. Rates. Okay okay okay okay okay okay. Goodness that was I can tell you because of how good the writers are he has the same field at least I think so and kept. And it's and the same dynamic with the stars. Yesterday evening and I mentioned just because the busiest in the seas of life my wife for in dire in. With children in fact at this hour my idea. Son and wife are at the DMV. He just turned seventeen and Israeli team get its news. Full license. So while this is going to be interest. But had. Last night we had the opportunity to catch up on a couple of shows we watched 24 GQ have you watched point four yet. I still have not you have got to watch listen its its its low on my list not a lot of shows a around watching and it's it's down there. Can still unfinished smackdown yet for this week's. Eat dusted that off early in the week and the other issue eight PB. That show is incredible in fact I find myself wondering for those not familiar. The idea behind this metal think this is giving away much. Is this billionaire guy decides to basically take over he precinct he asked. The City Council to give him authority over particular precinct. To bring all of is expensive. High tech always. To bear to fight crime. And I find myself as I'm watching this wondering how long is going to be before we get here. You know to your Portland CC you'll like things that are actually real that there are too much like. The workplace or whatever this is very futuristic but I do find myself wondering. Is are we at a place were not very far from this happening but their surveillance everywhere it's dead rodent participating in a police chase. I mean. This is suggest. It it's really cool. All the razzle dazzle of it. You don't it's. You really don't even have time to think about you know is this really a good idea. Because you're still mesmerized by the technology. And I think that were so many missed our. It's uninteresting contrast. Of shows because. I was watching that earlier in the day I was continuing my working my way. Through the what is the showed that I more of the old Jordan watching. I cannot believe it Austin's been busted space. And I've really enjoyed that show are really have it is a really good showed fact. On the record your way when a good Q but I'm reaching out to a certain person try to get a month's program. As it would be really cool that you. It's thoughts on. That in tires series. A lot to delve into the broadcast. Again our congratulations go out you can actually make more meaning we told you at the end of the broadcast yesterday he was confirm. At the Office of Management and Budget. So while that seat will be coming up which will be another interesting thing to watch. A little bit later on in the year that election takes place. Also. The news conference we're gonna spend some time talking about this today. You know I I was the point really for eight years I couldn't watch. I could not watch Brock who violent news conferences I just couldn't. They were they were painful. I watched a good part of Donald Trump's news coverage yesterday and I have to say it was profoundly entertaining. There's entertaining. And it's it was hard to step away from. A scan in and out but there's one particular portion really stood out to me I'm gonna talk about this little little later on because I believe. There is a tremendous opportunity fours. And it's an opportunity of Donald Trump garish to seize upon it. He can actually makes him tremendous inroads. And hopefully. Hopefully. I don't I really don't wanna say bring some balance to Brett. Really suck all of the energy out of the room. For these old times so called civil rights types. Who are just. They're just. Frankly their hateful they really are. But we're gonna addressed a little bit later in the broadcast. I don't think we realize. The evil. I'm and we don't think we recognize there are bad things that happen from day today. I'd be curious to know in eternity. All of the things. That are a gracious god has prevented from happening. In our country. Case in point. You've probably heard about this story. The South Carolina man with white supremacist ties busted for buying a gun to commit a shooting in the spirit of Dylan roof. According to a federal complaint. Guy's name is Benjamin Thomas annually Dowell. He was arrested on Wednesday. Buying a forty caliber Glock handgun and ammunition from an undercover FBI agent. His ex convict to build bonds with white supremacist while serving prison sentences for several fences. He's been ranting on mine about his desire to prevent an attack in targeted much of his hatred at Jews. Affecting just every post a link to a page. For a temple. In Myrtle Beach and road. I love to act. What you think. So ornate. FaceBook post weeks later he said Jews were part of a plot to wipe out the white race. And it goes on and you don't need to know more about these crazy rants. But I think it's interesting. That it's here is. What could have been a catastrophe. Prevented. How many of these things. Happy that we have no idea. They're prevent it for the actually happened. Just something to consider. And certainly be thankful for. We've been following these developments in Colombia as well. With politicians determined to. Raised gas taxes. I've just got the phone in fact right for the broadcast talking with just cite a Magnuson. One of the bright young people we have since two. Columbia. And he's very encouraged by the direction things are going that your calls. Or making a difference or keep it up. Again that's CA LL. 2713 your seven contact your state representative. Or your state senator or GOP to 71 threes are seven contact the governor let's keep the pressure on. And it's good to hear again the governor McMaster in an interview said. Lawmakers need to look at existing revenues to pay for road repairs. And tax increases again he says they need to be. A case of last resort. We're gonna talk a little bit more about this. And some of the interesting things that he addresses in what's already happening with the money things that we've talked about but. It's worth repeating will do you that much more we continue. I'm Vince Coakley radio program 803471. A 63 that's Ingles advantage talk claim number. Comments it's retirement planning text line 71307. And we continue the broadcast your 20 minutes after 10 o'clock. And it's. I get to simmered your texts that have been offered so partly the weapon was so good the added character was a welcome surprise. It's cool to hear that. Texture since he got to stick to show the 100 on Netflix. Yes it is a CW series everyone looks like Alvin ma if you get past that it's an excellent show. While all my favorite shows are on the CW violate just about so I'm offended. We just didn't watch a the season three can't wait for four and check out rush best racing movie ever. Well. Eight PB has a good plot and story to the dramas annoying and most the action shots driving especially are horrible. Michael Rich real. Can. And other texture says simply. Danger danger events Robinson. Little sampling of the tell excellence part we were talking about what's gone on. With gasoline tax and encourage you to continue to make your calls. To head off an increase in the gasoline tax so far. It looks like your calls are having an impact they know that your paying attention which is absolutely excellent. It's a little bit more about some points. Was discussed. By Henry McMaster during the interview. But during this interview he'd had a really good analogy said people Stater taxed enough. So the State's gonna have to go on a diet spur spending like a meal. Since you have your necessities that you have a dessert or what's extra. We're not going to be able to have desserts for a while. You know it's a very interesting analogy because that's exactly. Cup competitions viewed taxes they're desserts there irresistible. What I also found intriguing. Is some of the information about what is going on with the money that's being raised now. One of the links to governor said this interview. Is that more of the State's existing money. Needs to be channeled toward roads. You know for instance. A chunk of the gas tax revenue is transferred to other agencies. That you know that. His testament is that figures around 25%. Gas money going for other things. And then with that what's left several hundred million dollars is used to baby employs the Department of Transportation. Doesn't over the roads. It may be we need to adjust that well yet think. According to DOT the State's gas tax of all seventeen cents a gallon to spin on a variety of needs wood about five cents sent to other agencies. It's about a third. Including the department of revenue. The department of agriculture. Department of natural resources. End. County transportation committees. Did you know that. Of the remaining about four cents. Uses the state match federal funding on road projects. One of the force and spent for payroll benefits for highway maintenance workers and three cents used for materials supplies and contracts for daily repairs. That leaves about a penny each gallons. Worth of gas tax for agency priorities according DOT just one penny out of seventeen cents. State gas tax accounts for about 27% of the nearly one point seven billion dollars in revenues. In the current year's budget. So you think some adjustments are in line here I would think so. And again I remind you now is the time to continue. Keeping up the pressure. Now the people we've talked through the legislature they think a vote on this in the house could happen as early as. The week after next. So. Do not take your eye off of this ball. 24 minutes after the and this is the bad listed all here on February 17. 2017. Or 21717. Nicole. Eighteen a one is our first date. And we have it in electoral tie. In elect for all time. Between two candidates. One of them became president can you name either one of the people. That were candidates who were tied in this particular you said. Eighteen no one. Eighteen or war. I'm gonna go with my standard which I know is wrong but I dislike saying his name Millard Fillmore. Well no way too late for that. I always wrong this would have come later. But how about if I give you a hint this guy was involved leader in a tool. I'll Zander Hamilton. Actually Aaron Bieber news the Electoral College tie it was between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron berg. And Jefferson is the one who became president. So it's okay that's what. 1972. This particular president's plane took off. For. A historic trip to China. He's the one who's credited with. Reestablishing. The relationship with China. Which presidents I give you a hint if you would like among need to hand out for. Item no crook. Nixon. That was so easy was it. Who wants wasn't very good impersonation by Anna yeah we worked on that I can't do it makes you voice music shake a little bit more. Yeah probably. 1996. This was a history making chess match. Garry Kasparov's. Chess master. Defeated this in two TQ one's a computer. But I don't remember the name and then. We're gonna lecture because it is IBM's. Deep blue computer. Wasn't that he 2000. At yeah guys who Buchanan who's that would have ended well for him now that would not a scientist on effect I should look up a picture. And see with their computer look like. Like computers and today as you could probably whip hand held device. Do the same thing that that computer are you any good to us. I'm terrible I don't have the patience for good with one. Of course you need to play somebody like my son. My my. Yeah its a number two my seventeen year old I think he can play. I just. They just thank you employ you don't know it's on number two I can skip silver sun number one massage out well enough because he's like me he has. I mean you've retard ADHD. I am terrified when I see this kid so you're saying if while if we were playing chess by distracted do you. You would forget the mood that you were going mental probably. Good enough it's the same with golf that's why can't you golf because it's just. If the pace of it is so slow I'd never thought ask if you had ever golfed before I just don't seem like a golfer I have played at its. And I mean I've gone out and a few balls never played an actual game I'd I'm not real good added either but now wanna play your golf to sing a little thing to do you have yeah exactly that's exactly. It would be a beat down this would it would be so. I just don't have no doubt about that I don't have concentration. To be able to focus my attention for that period of time that's. Was was there any sport when you were growing up that you would go to baseball. Look at. I I know that's very surprising because baseball is kind of a slow moving game. But I actually it's when your genes man you would use I enjoyed playing and it's. ID you know I've pass I think back I wish I played longer but you know what when it started to get older is winding Little League. When I started seeing how fast that ball was coming and honestly it scared me and I didn't keep going into the into the the league stats. You know were probably. The mill school aged people I just couldn't handle it was just too intimate for one night you play this game and you do wells that are. Well thank you appreciate your vote for me as we can thank you on the ensco radio program coming up. Have. Talk a little bit about yesterday's news conference and Donald Trump the very entertaining news conference. And I can assure you the opportunity I believe this president has. Idiotic CU's. And I he can knock this in and out of the park. We will talk about this and much mores we continue on the Vince Coakley ready for 803 for 71 a 63. Text line 713 years. And we continue the broadcast here 1038 that's got you norm welcome. I Ben curry done to date all right how about yourself. Grade grade listen I'm just giving a shout out there are today's opening day at Furman University. For baseball. While and on the proud mother of their new head coach Bret Parker who's 33 years though. Awesome congratulations. Thank you and I'm giving your name but I see he can make it two out of 4 PM getting. 01 that's gonna be tough today I wish I could actually do that but I'd love to. Check out a game another time though if you can now perhaps email some information to be on schedule. Two preps come check out game some time right Aaron. Grade I look forward to this game I'm so excited I'm trauma that. You are that is so cool that's got to be yes. And during the Goosen thanks for example Norma. You're welcome and be a bloodstained contract he. Will be you know kind of reminds me and for those not familiar my idea first cousin Tony Gwynn and who unfortunately passed away several years ago. That was one of the things now do you enjoy playing. Baseball but he has absolute blast. Coaching baseball. That he went back and coached at San Diego State. And that was the job that he is functioning and when he passed away and it's. You know it it's one of those things when you've got that bug. It it's a passion that you just cannot shake. It really is one of those things. So wise certainly. Wishers on the best of success on everything goes very well. I wanna talk about the news conference. I refer to it as a show because that's exactly what was and do and and this is not a pejorative characterization what I say this. You have to understand Donald Trump is an entertainer this is about entertainment this isn't even about politics. It's about entertainment. And I still think a good part what Donald Trump is doing is focused on his base for better or for worse. They're the ones who are sitting and they are cheering. What they're watching on television. Now one of the things I would tell you. I'm convinced. That this is a big big opportunity for Donald Trump in one particular area. And that is to address issues in the black community. Now one MIA. Things I've been really annoyed by for years is watching this so called civil rights establishment. That's just students turned into a bunch of old. Members have a grievance society. Has are always complaining are always angry. Now I was very surprised I was telling months ago actually saw it Elijah Cummings laugh in your gonna hear that the bids. He actually left one just to smile there's a laugh. But there's also something else missing. For miscommunication I won't get to that in a bit here. But if someone can actually address. Issues in the black community. That have gone unaddressed literally for decades. This might be a real game changer. Because what we have from Democrats. We're really amounts to decades. Of broken promises decades of stringing people along. And getting them to vote a certain way because that's really all it's about is the same reason the Democrat party now is pandering to illegal immigrants. It's because they want their votes. And they want their votes for ever that's the goal. Does mean anything's gonna be delivered. It just means. They are marching down the path to try to establish. What will be a permanent governing majority. That's their hope. So let's turn to an encounter that took place just today April Ryan. You're probably not familiar with here. She is a reporter longtime White House correspondent. And to set this up Donald Trump started talking about what he wants to do. In the intercity. Developer plan to address issues like education crime health care. In fact there was an executive order yesterday addressing the issue of historically black colleges and universities. So this was the point that this particular woman was jumping off from a pariah and fans here was the question that she raised yesterday during a news conference. When you say when you Sega Genesis I given up I knew what include the CB CMR president in your conversations with your your urban agenda your inner city agenda. As well and Mike and I think it's like you wanna include the Congressional Black Caucus and the congressional when I read I can like you what an amazing you want to set up the meaning none no other browser you're the I. Shut up I know some of them but I'm sure that I senator from meeting. I would love to meet with the black caucus I think it's great the Congressional Black Caucus I think it's great. I actually thought I had a meeting with congressman Cummings. And he was all excited. And then he said. Well I can't move that might be bad for me politically I can't have that made it I was also to have the media you know we called him and called it he was also. I spoke come on the phone very nice guy I can't he wanted that meeting with US he wanted it but we call called called COLT. Academic meeting within. Every guy walk innocent I would like to meet with him because I do want to solve the problem but he probably was told by Schumer or somebody like that. Some other lightweight he was probably tell you if he was probably told don't meet with trump. It's bad politics and that's part of the problem in this country okay one more. It's probably called by Schumer some other light went. I wonder doubt trump contributed to Schumer campaign but I digress. I thought this was brilliant. Because now it sets up. A situation where you can very clearly see. This guy's been basically called out Elijah Cummings has been called out. You know it's been invited to a meeting. Every I don't care who it is. Even and I'm I'm being honest with you if during the course of Barack Obama's presidency he called. And invited me to meet with them I would have met with him that mean I'll agree with his ideas. What this exposes. Is these folks are not about solutions at all they are. Entirely political animals this is what this is about it's about continuing. To keep up the opposition. No matter what it's not about any fresh ideas I'm gonna tell you. How we can see these people completely undermined. Forever will dress that much Morse we continue and here relied becoming what he had to say about this. On the Vince Coakley radio program. And we continue to broadcast. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock. And chew out the text line. Vince I consider myself a conservative I watched Trump's news coverage my take away. He's an egotistical train wreck. Who will never act presidential you computer pick fights in the press over petty issues like fake news. Vodka is treatment. You have to endure four years of this madness yes. Unless has been has changed part. And rambling on and on and on and on and on and on a non. About how many electoral votes he got yadda yadda yadda yadda. It is annoying I'm with you. There's a part of you that's just got. Look beyond it. And hope that there'll be something redemptive. That comes out of this. By the way president trump on the way to South Carolina he is right now at joint base in dangerous. He is boarding. I believe Air Force One to head down to South Carolina right now. This is the yeah. Big trip that he is making. To a tour Boeing. And its plants in Charleston. So while taking off rate now. Also on the text line. Other responses to some that things were talking about the gas tax. ID issues sale only once and out seventeen. Of highway gas tax actually goes to roads while it's not just one said that. When you get right down to. I think if I remember correctly infect let me go back to that. Because it had a breakdown of where all of this money is going. And as you know with any government bureaucracy you've got a lot of money that goes to. It is yours to personnel that's the biggest expense you have would just about anything you run whether it's a business and nonprofit. It's the overhead that we always talk about. So seventeen cents collected. Five cents goes to other agencies which leaves you with twelve. Is now nights of remaining about four cents. Used as a state match for federal funding so truly more like five cents because this is actual road money. This is matching money that the federal government will also provide four cents. That a force and spent four payroll benefits highway maintenance workers. Three cents use for material supplies contracts for daily repairs. So that is about a penny. For agency priorities. So if you if you're planning a project. Yeah that's about all you have left a penny. This is one of the questions I think yeah I think any thinking person would have to raise is they're better way to do this a more efficient way to do this. We have a lot of bloated bureaucracy. At the DOT. Why is all of this money. Being spent as idiots these are fair questions that absolutely need to be passed. Whether any businesses the upstate shut down in solidarity for the day without immigrants give me a list I'll be sure to never patronized. A interview got this new scifi series Doctor Strange wool. You know the one where they nerdy high school science teacher gets bit by a genetically modified woolly worm. No it hasn't come superhero and steady gets seduced by the dark side and turns totally evil. Ha ha. His girlfriend who is goth on steroids with a bunch of cryptic tattoos it is mind blowing. Sounds like something lines or watch. That's sounds made up the meat. What else do we have here. Are you ready for the NB AM men by any means necessary riots. Called for nationwide by that and our kissed. Event. For Lorca from Berkeley California. Boy is not a beer real treat. India long summer that you think. Vince he did answer the question of making America great. Eight. That question president from sands of the story line is his answer was racist assuming the reporter knew them you know they all lookalike. Love to hear your opinion on that and we're gonna get to this because it's where exactly were Elijah Cummings. Goes with this is a somehow all of us black people we know each other. A Bob. Takes to say like Bob said the only thing that news Jeffords lacked was they might drop at the hint at the yeah audits pretty much the case. Petty issues like all of its main cabinet picks being called races. I don't think the mainstream media's obsession with fake news used with discrediting of trump is a petty issue. That a text or would you her rhetoric have jab. Stop throwing the false choices out people come. Bet you tell me if I'm totally off base this observation but I can see where the same people who enjoy watching WW we would enjoy watching Trump's news conference. You're so right. They have some of the same qualities combative drama like the Roman coliseum. You know what you'd you don't know how accurate accurate you are in this you're right on the money. Because that's exactly what's taking place year. This is theater and it goes back what I said to you about. The book amusing ourselves to death that's what's happening to our country. It's entertainment. That's exactly what it is entertainment we don't have time to share the audio. From Elijah Cummings we would share this coming up in the next hour. But I want you to keep in mind just what we've set up here you heard the exchange between the reporter. The reporter raising the question April Ryan. About a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus I should tell you by the way. The White House has put out a statement saying they have reached out to have a meeting. With the Congressional Black Caucus that ought to be really interesting. I'm not expecting that media's going to be allowed in there are coming up next hour. You're any good Elijah Cummings has to say. And is the way the media dealt with this I think it was MSNBC that he ought to pay close attention to you and I'm gonna tell you. How Donald Trump came clipped the wings of these nit wits forever. We'll talk about it coming up our number Tuesday what is.

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