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Feb 16, 2017|

Gas tax; Climate change

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes a definite trigger warnings are all members of the media. Following out president Trump's news conference today reporters all screaming at him at watched your and it's. So I'm working at this time than usually you know bunch of Weiner Arenas there's just can't take it. Somebody said. The a news conference is going to be replayed later tonight on cable have to go back and fine when I think. I believe if memory serves I just glanced data but I believe that they said. Now they president's news conference is going to be replaying later tonight on Fox Business. Channel. And if so. Do you do you owe it to yourself. Two to check it out because. It is certainly worth the price of admission and if kissing my eighth. President Robert wisdom was that he probably had as much fun today as he's had. During the first few weeks of this press and it's great to have you on here we go getting underway with a bonus our fourth and final hour. Of the Bobby Mac show and as always your input. Is invited encouraged and welcome Ingles advantage chalk line number told free from wherever you may be 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address is Bob. And 1063. WL RD got count in on the tax on Bob I can't get past section one of the roads bill. Why don't we need a state highway fund. A stage non federal aid highway fund and an infrastructure maintenance trust fund. And you're already looking at waste three funds that could be consolidated. Into one. About the call earlier former SE DOT employers all of the gas tax Asman raisins 1987. You can't expect and Olympia vote shouldn't be expected to land on the same amount of money they had a 1987. Frank from Greer texted population of South Carolina 19873. Point 381. Million. 20144. Point 832. Million. This according to the US census but Bob the roads here in South Carolina so bad I bought a Jeep. Nigeria. Pop up. So we're just when via oh in case you didn't get my earlier text about the Tennessee backed brigade. I think we should do the same in 2000. The legislature. This is in Tennessee. Legislature had made a decision to pass a state income tax word got out. And even though they able locked themselves in the Statehouse. 101000 people showed up with bats. They broke away and now and not on the locked. The legislature. Let up unlock the doors letting it all in on win in the chamber. Nation so fast we only use these on windows and doors you pan out so far. We only use these bats on windows endorsed pass this action will use them on you. The legislature did not pass a tax I remember. One of the talk show hosts from super talk. That one of them the big talk station a national one of their house had a had a brigade an automobile brigade. That drove round and round the Statehouse honking their horn it's a whole time while the Al legislature was in session a true. Squeaky wheel does get the oil to the phones we go Mike is up first up here in the bonus hour this evening and is in Greenville hi Mike and welcome to the show. You sure about that what percentage. Appreciate that. Yeah. Put our com. Although EB yes it hurt her ought sometime next the article. Or she Cheryl but the the shirt. Sugar creek ought to be an absolute. Best not team. All holes. All Coca new covenant is girl eating out at age level. Oh. Well on the loose or don't marched all anything and I didn't. About. It restore the Bible study. All part. Social all of that they invented so more chance to sign on to. And just to be able sort belonged really torched a almost. And current and future history of Israel. This document is perhaps the best out there shall. Now marching desire on his name on it. Tomorrow. Night and it's on YouTube right in his own YouTube or wherever wanna watch endorsed aimed I would question of the. Now I'm I appreciate the information that's good to know I'll have to check it out all right thank you Mike I appreciate it not Israel by the way has about 11 million. Not Arab citizens. In in comparison. Two the Arab states that surround them. Who have zero. And it should Jewish settlers. Since its. Bump up. I'm Bob Chuck Todd is presenting himself as Mother Teresa. But I don't think they had. But politely at the system percent on unfortunately. That voice to text. Lose a step guess that I don't think they had scarf it's him just right and it which is obviously selling got garbled in voice to text. Bob there's another point that always gets ignored since the addition of ethanol into our fuel. Our fuel economy. Has fallen off as well. Where he. I worked for GM once upon a time a flex fuel shoving him pop up lost 100 miles per tank using 85. As opposed to eat canned. Ethanol burns cleaner burning gasoline McGee had to burn so much more of that. That they break point emissions wise is why they limited. Gas a hall to 10%. That is inching I was unaware that. Now there are good things going on in Washington that you may not have heard about meant. A the president was talking about fake news today and there are so many things that are. Corrupt. In in Washington. In it it just runs the gamut of all Leo various programs that are up there and none. True they in the course of this hour wanna share a couple of them with you one. World net daily is reporting that he recently retired US State Department official. Has published a whistle blower letter in the Chicago Tribune. Which outlines the massive amount of corruption. That is taken place in the refugee program under Obama and Hillary. Mary Deutch is surname retired official said that even though there were problems with the program before Obama arrived in Washington. Once he arrived problems exploded. She said she strongly since board a supports president trumps travel ban. I fully support president Donald Trump's executive order. That temporarily halt submissions from the US refugee admissions program and bans travel from nationals of countries that potentially. Pose a security risk for the United States however. I don't think the action goes far enough. Further I believe there are many people throughout the country who feel the same way. As a recently retired 25 year veteran of the US Department of State serving almost eight years as a refugee coordinator. Throughout the middle East Africa Russia and Cuba I've seen firsthand the abuses and fraud. That permeate the refugee program and know about the entrenched interest that fight every effort to implement much needed reform. Despite claims of enhanced vetting. The reality is and it's virtually impossible to vet an individual who has no type of an official record. Particularly in countries compromised by terrorism. US immigration officials sent for simply rely on the persons often rehearsed and fabricated testimony. I've personally seen this on hundreds of occasions. As a refugee coordinator I saw the exploitation just. Inconsistencies. And security lapses in the program and I advocated strongly for change. Yeah. Like talking to a brick wall. And and by the way since the court ruling stopping. The president's executive order on immigration. Even more Syrians and and people from. Countries that export terrorism have been coming in in the meantime. At quarter after six here on the bottom action will be right back and now more of your phone calls are on the way here in the bonus hour. Especially if you are jealous like went. Wild. At some money at some must scoop shop somewhere. Watching you listening to you by. Great to have you along your 21 after six in the body Mac show in on the tax line. Some anyone threes are seven Bob let's put a mall in detention camps out in the desert next to 29 stumps. I'm I'm assuming that's a reference to a 29 palms Carroll can California. Now one of these stops for uncle Sam's misguided children US MC and then let's let them. Actor Bobby thinks South Carolina roads are bad I still go to work and a gravel road every day in North Carolina. Now. Mr. Mack the only good news out of Washington is a news and a dead politician. And it. Bob I keep hearing a word trigger on your show eyes and trigger warning you know I guess I'm gonna need a safe space. Al Wayne from the liberty. Bob what C 25 dollar road tacks on a Spartanburg county property tax bills that still maintain roads in that. Excellent condition you find the man today. He said tongue entry. Bob Fox News homepage as they press conference available in three separate videos. And by the way at thanks in the other checks their it is Fox Business news that is going to replay the president's news conference tonight at 10 PM. It is worth the price but it. Bob too bad Democrats can't be truthful they want free technical college were all nothing is free. Taxpayers. Foot the bill. Bob the roads are so bad in South Carolina my horses are beginning to complain. What is the state spend all that money on instead of road it's. Good question. Since as a previous caller pointed out 26%. A note 26 cents. Of every gas tax dollar. Goes to purposes other. Than South Carolina ropes. Speaking of the gas tax Bob is next hands on his cellphone not believe that as a topic of interest to him I'm not. Bob there. Yes sir you need to turn down your radio or UB highly confused. Owed John pumps are down into the afternoon. It. Yeah. Idiots eat here. Don you're you're you're gonna add to speak up I can barely hear here. How can I went out and most keep delicate nature. Not affect how I mr. Eckert I think thirty had a clue how oral. I'll get blamed them catalog political employer. But it or. Eighty act the but it Europe find. I would get 28%. And eighty what ending double by. That's the thing that's all or its editors are on that it thank I don't know what the same ticket back. At it and. Well yeah this is not a good and you know there were riots and it reminds me of up. Bill Clinton used to brag about balancing the budget and the way he did that. Was by taking these Social Security trust fund and moving it over into the general fund all the sun and a big windfall and made everything my gross. It also led audit which possibly our. Job back if it. Go out market doubts that helps it apparent to me now. Yeah out pay out a another brilliant move that ended up. Being very costly for virtually everybody that was in that system. Well wait till Mobley alert. On your record at all yet they get help at all. What are you. Very ala Paul Paul do you see how it. Oh. Yeah yeah I appreciate I appreciate it held on thanks for the information good to have you here. I mentioned the on the level of a corruption. And I'm just talked about the corruption that is going on in a refugee program which is that run through the United Nations. And I here in the US and there's a lot of money that comes to all these groups. That are responsible for. Locating these refugees all over America and they get paid. By the head by the way. Another area where we see all kinds of fraud and manipulation. Would be with no luck. On climate change Rick Moran riding at the American thinker. John Bates former principal scientist at Noah National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The former principal scientist. At the lab at the National Climatic Data Center. Is accusing the agency of cooking the books to disprove the theory that there has been a pause. In global warming. And alleging that the motive for manipulating the data. West too but grossly Obama administration's. EPA carbon rules and build support for the Paris climate treaty. To absolutely no one's surprise. Bates who retired last year as principal scientist of a National Climatic Data Center. Accused the lead author of the 2015 Noaa pause buster report of trying to discredit. The hiatus. Through flagrant manipulation. Of scientific integrity guidelines. And scientific publications standards. How many times and I try to mount phony science from these guys who are dependent. Of course on government grants. In addition mr. Bates told the Daily Mail in the UK that they report's author. Now former environmental information director Thomas Karl. Did so by quote insisting on decisions and scientific choices that maximized warming. And minimize documentation. Gradually in the months after the report came out the evidence kept mounting that mr. Carl constantly had his thumb on the scale. In need documentation. Scientific choices and release of data sets in an effort to dis credit. The notion of a global warming pause. And a rush to time the publication of the paper to influence national and international deliberations. On climate policy. And we remember this scandal just a number of years ago. At the university in in now Britain. Where it was shown. When that emails were hacked out of these guys had their thumb on the scale as well. In manipulating the data. Sadly it's gotten worse since then we've seen evidence that the folks at Noah have been going back and actually lowering. Historical temperature data from as far back as as 50607080. Years ago. In an effort to make it appear. That warming today is substantially worse. Than previously claimed. And they June Tony fifteen report possible artifacts of data biases and the recent global surface. Warming hiatus which updated. The ocean temperature record. Was published just six months before the Paris summit obviously to try to make things work as if they were worse than had been claimed additional eight. On now we also learned. That no law. I has also been issuing temperature data out worldwide. That included. I just by way of example. A number of reporting stations in Africa. Where it turns out there word no thermometers. At all. So they merely guest. And what the temperatures were alike and guess which way they guessed the temperatures had gone. If you said warmer. You would be. Well getting more. It's it's pathetic that. Yeah you'll understand if you follow the money. On all these things whether it's the refugee program where these various local groups get paid by the head. After all these refugees are brought an hour whether it's global warming where they've got. A bunch of on government grants. Totaling into the hundreds of millions of dollars that are at stake. You can see why these people are playing fast and loose. With fax 630 here on the body Mac show more on the gas taxes coming up in a replay in my conversation from earlier in the day. When Daniel Brennan with the Americans for prosperity that'll update you on exactly. Where we stand on this. When we come right back. Fear that Paula is in the background. 636. Bombing action 24 before seven here on the senate Thursday evening. Earlier in the program and a cycle and Daniel Brennan juicy South Carolina State director for AFP Americans for prosperity about well not only. What's going on with the gas tax in Colombia but some other items as well and Daniel welcome to the program. Our until an OK thanks it's a great to have you here we appreciate your efforts as always. In oh well doing some some arm twisting some lobbying some. Friendly persuasion in Columbia. And we and we then now. Successful that it any degree and in bringing more people over to our side on the gas tax issue. I absolutely Al and and it did he upstate legislators that are star but they're but they're out there and several bills in the last few weeks. On terror are not it'll be got act are strictly doing what you do want to sing not. From representative Elliott a green bill representative Tom Anderson in our league sponsored. I like we talked rubble for senator Massey he killed a area right EP upstate and in their current sponsors are being away. How would that threat. That house leadership has pushed through. Either got stacked side that are absolutely no or absolutely no tax breaks for by the taxpayers South Carolina about that it now on count calendar. But I will say that the biggest and most important victory. Got that you know vote they care about their tax dollars Al procured indeed governor. Has come out is the little wish lucky couple weeks you know what you made it very clear that he does not only active necessary. To pick the burden stating that great big thank you on to the upstate. Boat that have been calling their members and on the other. Yeah I in fact we have a posted on government masters Twitter handle. On our FaceBook page and and we continue course. Offering the opportunity. For people to text the word called CA LL you are text line 71307. And we won't bounced back to you contact information from the representative from my York district here in South Carolina there are. And that's that's certainly good news or not I'm I'm glad to hear that then governor make master. Is a wily enough politician to realize that. While he is living in the governor's mansion today. He is in fact filling out the remainder of the term of a previous governor Nikki Haley who departed to be UN ambassador and he's gonna have to run for reelection. Up pretty soon. And this disk to this particular issue could be a deal maker specially for many of constituents here and answer. That's exactly right and governor Rick masters proven that he is probably the most astute politician state I mean that I'd been around a long time yup you never take a vote to ban the executive branch but I mean. He he kicked trump when everyone unstable laughing at him and now he's got that so Henry knows what needs to be done an end and cube to call for. Tax hike. Elect then eighteen months before primary it is suicide stake I think the governor can be very practical. I think he got called on the legislature did put in particular war and what we hit the report of the working there's a revenue problem I think an article looks aren't got sacked. In Manhattan great containing seven and we get fixed what we believe that the underlying problem and navy we can look at this later but there's no way. That we can race factor in this state particularly on gasoline. Any seven other taxes that go up and out of there Burton L without. Addressing the underlying problem first nothing and it is part of got it to revise. Yeah I think so as well talk to a Daniel Brennan state director for South Carolina AFP Americans for prosperity and I think we saw that. A winning governor floated essentially what was a trial balloon. A couple of weeks ago or so well you know I'm I'm not really Florida I'm not really against it we'll see what happens. Not obviously. I he has hurt for a various constituents not dollar from the upstate but other parts of the state as well have sent a look now the last thing we need in this present environment. Is increased taxes there are other issues as well that are out of concern. Other legislative priorities one of the ones it's come to my attention. And I'm sure hasn't escaped ears Daniel is. Senator Hugh leatherman and his anger free speech incumbent protection act why oh why is it. Whenever they've introduced a piece of legislation. That the name they give it is always disingenuous for the true intent of what Alexis election and it's. Well because they don't their constituents are smarter out against something and that are Letterman have been around my moderate in college yeah Donald long time. If there's one way to control constituent. It should know who created it interstate a particular policy should it it it should know who waited supporting. 88 specific policy at the Statehouse and you know and if he thinks that. That's supporting an educational item you know whether it is talking about are warm water talking about actually what any bank. You you can't can you can't tell me that these people should be treated. And that they're candidates tropics this country was founded. On privacy. Okay the Federalist papers would Matt sent were written anonymously into Riga and this country I can guarantee you Bob instead 1989 would not had a constitution. In John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison names were a cap. And put forward certainly not hated each other you. And so now the syndicate start it's not just about AFC about the Christian Iraq. It is about pro life approach or it's about the NRA it's about gun control groups. And essentially I got it up and essentially they they wanna save those groups. I shot up. To. What an anomaly shut up but if you're gonna make noise where you know you war Ron and alerted the 1984. I mean this George Orwell that same word in order Altec with the South Carolina. Yeah this is port mortuary. Affairs gaps in lagging it break. And this and this is definitely. I'll Big Brother stuff righted it is orwellian I love the name of it to the incumbent protection act look. Incumbents are reelected at a rate over 90%. What in the heck they need to be protected for up. There are and I want ya know can't sell while there is that additionally. Pension reform and and we have talked. With the state treasurer just in the last. We court ten days about this ongoing issue and it's it's not gonna go away. No it's not and they in this state needs to make sure war that we get this right could we tell our credit rating in the good down. It cost a lot more money to do business and most importantly. You know every time that we don't get this right we don't have money to Pedro beat dole. Money to make sure our children are were exposed you're learning we don't have money to pay our law enforce our and so. I have to say I am I'm leaning at the first steps have been taken by the out there joint committee. And and you know I was I was around for the cheap out and Paul were warm Ryan Mack did not add up yup the map dugout up at this point and so. I'm I'm not getting an enthusiastic. Approval but what I am saying is the map adds up in that will put it you it will all. Well and it ended and any isn't it isn't it true to run a greater or lesser degree whatever resolution. Alec come up when there's going to be some pain involved here. Perhaps that you don't like I did not think that is great and it may be wrong thing. The idea of a compromise bill. Everyone's unhappy about it right if it is true problem particularly a pretty steep first nobody should feel like they got everything I want this they compromise bill. To map out now but get on employee leader have to pay more yup butt and and told the taxpayer for the taxpayers payment in getting. So it can't be elected a market that separate bill moving for most importantly that structurally GPS and her vision here. The actuarial assumptions are being brought into line with that practice and that's what's most important and so. I would like that he's more private section private sector options. Available to employees around the state without a government employee I. 841 K I did not get a pension because I'm a millennial. And millennia old and no number I'm from got the job right now and I'm not ordered that state when he here exactly yeah yeah I'm I'm a little bit more hungry Nat. And isn't running and there's a there's a correlation here between what has happened. In the pension system being run by the state not into the ground to the tune of billions of dollars. In in the red. And and essentially. A another. Faction of state government the SE DOT in the state infrastructure bank and what's happened to the roads. Exactly but the difference here Bob is that their big thing structural issues with the tension in light and making. The DOT at all like more money more money equal or more year of more money more money and work all the sudden everyone for being checked. It's a picture sure these thing it it shouldn't get media has. House meeting house leadership putting it built together. How apple got a Ways and Means Committee and then demanding it one vote for but what they are not pocket caucus. Is they're rank and file members are not happy. BR there's actually no name people be real real members of the general assembly that may not be leadership. But they're not happy where it was it bill right now because they guilt being shut down a car and they all Kirk from their constituent posture and Eric reelection yeah I'm sure they do. This fight is far from over and out and let me tell you wanna go there senate. It's gonna be a way bigger fight just like it went last year yeah no question of the week for warm and we need your your form forty Carter and. Absolutely without a doubt and and maybe there's an ace in the hole now I don't wanna. Count my chickens of oil match but with with governor McMaster now appearing to be digging in his heels and saying well not so fast on the gas tax. Not even if it were god forbid to be passed in the house and then pass and senate. Maybe it would be vetoed because they would wouldn't when they haven't a difficult time overriding a veto on this. Oh absolutely I think I think that was the big problem last year we had filibuster Saturday yup and and senate by. Yet how happy lockyer this debate Republican Ito proof majority. So you let certain that we got a veto proof Republican. But still happy yeah tax increase the fight in the senate yup and how much you're your listeners and by activists have called out may clear and very Henry as. And made it more clear where you stand on it and I'm excited something if and the governor that is expected. By the general assembly it a little bit different than previous Q governor do you know where they felt they were adversaries. In its statement the state newspaper. A big deal. Well and hash things that are on line. Yeah I think so too and at least he hasn't shown up on down the legislature with a pig under each arm at this point. Step in the right direction. Daniel Brennan using a state director for South Carolina for Americans for prosperity Daniel thanks are everything that you guys do in neck keeping us informed what they're up to and Colombian what we can do to stand in opposition when we need to. It much thought an article cardinal at their attacked call 71 reader that I think human hearts and none and told someone a check out AFP they can find you guys online as well. That's right Americans for prosperity dot org and art FaceBook and where are softer ought. Seubert sounds good Daniel always great talking to talk to you again next week and we'll see where we are then. It was my pleasure you have a good went to sooner. Yeah appreciate Daniel being with me earlier in the program he wanted to replay that for those who didn't have an opportunity here earlier and I'll. Exactly where we stand we know what they're up to Colombia is no good as usual 648. Doesn't minutes before seven here on the Bonnie Mac show. Could we be. EP a US. Down the road. Maybe. New bill would terminate EPA. Next year. Be right back. I yes. So. I'm Bob for your irate former DOT collar they DOT's revenue has increased yearly. Since 1987 so it's argument does not compare to family income statistically. Well I'll confuse him with facts. That is what are fond of saying meantime a war. All without an EPA. A Republican bill that would terminate. The entire EPA has been released. The entire thing takes up only a one page PDF it's only section. Termination of the Environmental Protection Agency shares no other details except for the date on which the EPA would be dismantled. And that date is December 31. 2018. Mike gets a freshman Republican lawmaker from Florida introduced the bill on February 3. Though they text was not publicly available right away it has three co sponsors. A representative Steve Alonso of Mississippi Thomas Massie of Kentucky and burial louder Milken Georgia all Republicans. The EPA has been doing some drastic things. Gets told northwest Florida daily news earlier this month they've exceeded their original mission substantially. Under both Republican and democratic presidents and violated the sovereignty of the states. I think we need to start fresh. President trump has tapped Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt told Reid he is EPA Pruitt made a name for himself suing. The Obama administration's EPA multiple times accusing the agency of executive. Overreach. Which they certainly weren't Gina McCarthy. Who headed up the EPA under. President Obama was at real. Environmentalist. Whacko. To save at least. Thanks for being along today as always I got to wrap things up for this evening we will see you back tomorrow of course for the Friday free for all have a great. Thursday evening trump tonight on Fox Business news at ten. Countless unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. That's okay. In the words of mystical force to. And greens. Yeah. Imus be no lane. And I must be go means and happiness yeah. And he and I. I am hey good high. It's. Then. Yeah. We've.