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Feb 16, 2017|

Trump's news conference; Media;

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Ordered. He might do well that is certainly in my hand tend mellow out a greetings and welcome. Salutation rooms and down the day before Friday a lower Austria. And I'm just I was singing about it today Tuesday and Thursday are kind of like the middle kids. In the family now the first more and always is you know well the first sport. And the last. Is always the baby. I know I'm stuck in the metal slab where their kids stuck in the metal. And Johnny Monday he's got its own team negative kind of connotation. Wind today. Of course is hump day were on the downhill slide Friday may. And I have to say anything about Friday and wonderment. Pour a little Tuesday and Thursday. Now they are just. Trapped on narrow its most notable dance pathetic. And and probably calls for some discussion on to thank you heard me. Seattle out will work her way around that we have other fish to fry today holy cow. Did you hear. President Trump's news conference. This afternoon or CNA on it this afternoon. Nice plug and therefore. The F fox morning shell. And probably rest of the media. The. The classic. Absolutely there I can't remember. Ian out. In my memory and and I go back a way as a presidential news conference. That. Had the what the the tall one the mood. That this one did chasm that if these guys in the media. Think they can continue to get away with lambasting. Trump as a buffoon and a clown and all the rest of it every day of the week. With impunity as they've done in the past. As CWC. Bush won. And not get any blow back. Other end for a huge surprise. Here is the lead sentence. From the Fox News story. About down the president's news conference president trumps feud with the media. Turned into an all out war. Thursday. And the media. What are they good for. Absolutely. Not it's yeah. Had no flash Baghdad Winstar area that's Leo that's the lenient sentence. In the Fox News start his early presidency beset by damaging leaks and a burst of staff turmoil. 11. Cabinet member. Resigned. And that's a burst and this is from fox. That's a burst of staff turmoil. Trump used a hastily called press conference to blast the media's coverage of his administration. In his strongest terms yet. Well let's hear a band of what does the president thinks. Of the media shall wait. The press has become. So dishonest. That we don't talk about it we're doing atrium and news. Disservice to the American people tremendous disservice we have to talk of to find out what's going because the press honestly is out of control the level of dishonesty is out of control. So there was a president trump wedding the media habit. Today at one of the reporters. I'm not sure herbal lecture on why doesn't really matter. Which outlet he represents 'cause they all have the same ideology. The same point of view of Mr. President. Don't you think that that may have been CNN I don't know because they're dame did and the ones that have been. Out in the cross hairs the most Mr. President don't you think. That you were undermining the credibility. Of our media. Credibility. They haven't been reporters for the last eight years at least. They were still not we're first and no takers and the media arm of the Democratic National Committee. And and Obama for America. He could do no wrong and trump can do now ride a look I get debt. But. Now they come up with this phony outrage all. Your damaging the credibility of the media. And and trumped. Up for his part had some great reactions. She didn't you guys remember. When not Hillary and bill. Allowed 20%. Of the uranium. In the United States to be sold or Russia. And and he said in the report you know like uranium is right. The know what you read news. You know like on nuclear weapons. What happened in the media. When Hillary was but was. Behind that. Right crickets. Now than to see here move along. When Hillary was so what the questions. For you but for a CNN town hall. One at what the media do. It right same thing cricket so you know. They wanna talk about. Damaging the credibility of the media. Opposition heal thyself. You guys want respect. For doing honest job then there's a simple way to acquire that do an honest guy up. And now of course you know there. They're out there. The marching with Chuck Schumer and non Nancy Pelosi in a rational mowing don't investigate this whole Russia connection. Went to Madonna does anybody were and and trapped said this today itself does anybody really think. But Vladimir Putin. Would would have preferred. To have Hillary Clinton in the White House over Donald Trump all of course he would. He would have rolled over Hillary Clinton like a steamroller. But you know they're ethernet or third every now. Low post in the media are never in say that. And that's this hole blown up Russian business. Now the president pointed out today what Mike Flynn didn't do anything wrong except. He wasn't forthright. When he talked to vice president pants about his conversation with the Russian ambassador. If he had been forthcoming. And told them everything they they talked about and and the president said he doesn't think they talked about. Sanctions against Russia but setting that issue aside for the moment. Mike Flynn was just doing this job. See national security advisor talking with a Russian ambassador would be part of that job that's not why he was fired. He was fired because he wasn't. Totally upfront and honest. Was VP parents about the conversation. And the contents thereof either. I've been you couldn't remember well what they talked about arm was unwilling to reveal it. But. In any event it it wasn't because US. I'm violating any national security protocols the past master of that as the president also pointed out today was Hillary Clinton. Here's John Podesta up. With the end DNC. All their emails available. And you think they're not talking about. Everything is going on in the campaign accorsi war. And the dust up that IT genius has as his password. The word password. Yeah. His password was password. And then they wonder why they got hacked. So the media portraying you know the trump presidency is now in chaos and not turmoil in an all this stuff. Who's causing the chaos and the turmoil. It's not the drug administration it's the media and the sharks stars of the world. Not in on the tax line 71 threes or senator Chuck Schumer you mean lightweight. And a. Bob I think the Donald really doesn't like Donnie eliminate very much. Now Bob the media. Is undermining the credibility of the media I despise them. And I think that that done. You know carrying 85% of the counties. In America and the last election in November. There are a lot of people watching and listening Eunice today sandy out. Give them hell. Like Harry Truman said. You know they called him I give them give them hell hearings and that I just tell the truth and I think it's hell. And that's as true. Bob I've said before and I'll say it again there's nothing trump can do not to lose my support. The press conferences only birth of has only been worth waiting for. These past eight years also on. Bob. CNN news isn't news you can trust it must be true because I read it. In the national inquirer. Gotcha what they're. Simply. Should national enquirer was right about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky I got to take a quick break here when we come back we go to the phones for the first time. Here on the body much shell on the day before Friday. There we go out and I think it is that twice. 3 PM Bobby Mac show I mentioned this story yesterday and me out revisit it quickly because it was that was pretty cute. Then this Fella was out in Boise Idaho his name is Adam pearl he came home on Tuesday and realized he'd been Burkle. Somebody had broken into this place there were footprints in the snow outside his door bunch of scratch marks around the lock on his gun safe. As some doors were open to anyway he knew somebody had been there. The guy who broke in didn't get the safe open though and only took a few things from my house he could've stolen more. So it's kind of weird one of the cops figured out why when they caught him a few hours later. A notice the burglar had a bunch of tiny scratches on his hands when they arrested him. So led mission were urging it to scratches. He said. I Yahoo! owns that house but they have a pet squirrel. Not Adam pearl does have a pet squirrel his name is Joseph eight and apparently he doesn't take kindly to berg works. We're still working on it and most people order the media should work to questions obviously took care. She said while she was questioned in the individual. He had scratches on his hands and he she asked him. So did you get that from the squirrel and his that's a damn thing kept a jacket made. One stop until I left the nobody can believe it because. And who can say that I was rulers or else. Registry. You can look for much more. You can. It's great. Joseph play the attacks squirrel. Save the day. Not as you probably figured Adam doesn't keep Joey in a cage he just allows him to run around my house. No word on charges yet but unfortunately Adam got most of the stuff. Probably the last thing that burden we're expected. As a running into an attack squirrel. I took the phones we go answers centered on Sam money honey I had neglected to open up call screener and you forgot to open jump and imperialism first up. Terry Alex go right Jim I cherry and welcome to the body much. Thank you talk on you actually I take it or. Central England one reporter in such you know Archie didn't immediately. I might add. Come around podium where they add that what are you gonna wake up and start telling the truth. Don't you don't you have to have some credibility in the first place still lose any. Can't. Think it's an okay they're mainstreamed he hadn't done in this country who Jack. You know blindly. Apparent every mark felt that the liberal media didn't feed them right they're going to wake up and start to see what really. That's a great question. Sad to say I think it's probably. About 5050 on those who will win those who won't. There there are a lot of people. In the conservative ranks who are busy leading active lives work in. Trying to support their families. Not taken kids to soccer practice or school plays or what have you and just don't have the time. To research everything that's really going on around them. And and I think they are they most likely candidates. If they don't already understand what the media is up to they're the most likely candidates. To have the scale small from their eyes the others. You know the the black lives matter the Occupy Wall Street that crowd is peer. Ideologically driven and they're gonna they're gonna oppose trump. And and hit and as a result support the media. No matter what to their dying breath. Right right you know cathartic putt and you're just now they all got the guilt are at their height. Deep into my mind was that they want when he called and said this ill at ala pat has ice on human life yes. And I thought he experience that our hand and now he no longer what will be eating a lot and that Aaron. Right and and and overnight. Of a game pro life. And he made it okay. Personal experiences that you witness and he didn't you hear recorded so wrong later in I don't know and people telling other people what what's really going on I don't know. Yeah not a great point Terry I think that they're there is. Of not if people have a tendency. Of some there and all saying nothing matters until it matters do you. And when you have something that personalize this. A belief whether whether it confirms that or it denies it. If it's something personal in your life that resonates with here. That's that's one I think people start to truly get it. Exactly and we can only count jetted more. Get it and that standard and right. Yeah down payment that payment and Eric. Are thanks Gerri appreciate very much good to. Good to have you joining me today. Bob we were all high back in the seventies the eighties when all I mean all of the Democrats were fomenting detente. With the Russians. Member the a sixty minute sappy programs and tried to turn public relations in favor of detente. Also remember the same Democrats were foaming at the mouth to be able to spin that the peace dividend. Yup or social projects. These discussing part disgusting part of announced would make me laugh were it not so serious to our national security. Architecture should stop using BLM that's a small group lay off the black folk I'm not picking on African Americans generally. But dubbed the Elian is a group of racists. Bob have you seen that Ireland wants to include aggressive nationalism. As hate speech. Doesn't surprise me on Canadian parliament right now is considering making Islam phobia. Illegal. Hollywood go about defining. Now what he is Islam phobia. And and therefore would be in violation of Canadian law. Beats the heck enemy. Bob I had a squirrel in my house once it was a damn this thing and impossible to catch. I'm I've talked all the drapes off the windows with a broom trying to get that thing. It turned up dead the next day of no apparent cause a bird in your home is a piece of cake. By comparison. Like you you probably out chasing and all over the place for the brown you probably unfortunate into having have a a fatal coronary. You Keller. You murder near you you kill that. Or squirrel is minding your numbers is the wandered down through the fire boys are when Andrea isn't just yes for jobs that's a joke. Tell a joke. Jimmie and or Joseph Greer 330 here on the Bobby Mike Hsu take a quick break here and then I found it more if your phone calls are on the way here on non. Both dissemination in the tech saying little Thursday. Yeah be right back. After a watching these president's news conference today in his giving the media. A hard way to go I was reminded of not Maximus in the arena. Back. Okay. Now I feel I am as good. Ron did everything except at at the very end. Do a Mike drop you know the little. Amid this very gracious you know I should thank our musher. Being here and it's an honor urgent and on awesome. And do you read him the riot act. Scholastic. Add to the phones Leo I should depict him snacks and bring in Jack here on the bottom action hello Jack and welcome to the show. At a low power you so far so good. You read it of course but I now a busy guy had to go to love my physical therapy session today with Brian the smiling cobra. I. But he him a devious oh. Have these great you know a bit freer fare well that's true and I get out walks I'm not here in the cart. Not so much but you know if you're out there I'm I'm really looking forward to being old walking and I want to get one of those little motorized carts in I'll yet in my own horn on that. That's pretty cool. Yeah and I'd say you how trumps. News conference today compares with chickens. How the president's news conference compares with chickens. You know I don't think god. Heard this comparison before. Yes yes well there weren't they were cease to chicken crossing the road and and like perhaps of a very middle of the residents of real busy traffic started. And they couldn't cross the rest of the light side. So in Korea of its consent debating their checked into it he got this ain't got to do something with 85. What in the world he got a bit. She said well I guess what after lay it horrible liar and she. Six. And a black white what he did today I think he did as as grandma and grandma used used to saying. He gave it to them in some uncertain terms. Our program and now the gremlin users are now a story you know an iPod. I can just hear. Now sitting in my office I could hear people out all across America not yet told us down and shut up. Who's corrupt. Waited all let our guard at every year I appreciated Jagger to get enjoyment it and thanks for the good wishes on the nominee and yet Mac being able to walk. I Greeneville is next up and gene has is review of the president's news conference and a hygiene. Could have controlled body and glad to hear that your opera about again according to of the about that I yeah I have a perspective here that maybe a lot of people did you actually I want to accomplish wonderful. Like trump trump and he's allowed to be truck because you don't have to look over your shoulder feels nobody anybody. Yep and and there is an advantage to being an outsider now aren't the disadvantages of course you're going to be attacked viciously as he has around. But that look. You can tell from the expression on non on president Trump's face today. This was the most fun he's at his presidency so far. You and me we actually showed that at what point in the year in the presentation here I'll bring up. I wanted to bring up topics reporting these these times when you wish you were in shock I. He. You're protagonists. Had to take some. Value it's that I you do that dial and that came up yesterday until. Yesterday represented the matter Paula why it's fiction and elected European typical spike have been accused semitism. And then the question came up predict. And you know I mean how do you enter this country and we know trumpet not by the way. I was called a devout Jew hater because I voted trump ahead yeah. Alike and I'm very Jewish girl I go to rabbi who married or unmarried no little forty years to you explain that to me a Kerry well you can recognize. Junior just as big picture social science so. That's another matter. No I went. Well here yeah a good then the question is is. In a sense redundant because they are again. Asking to dis prove a negative which is virtually impossible and. Right very good point I didn't I didn't they consider that put. Not the actual activist yeah what I would she gets that. But he could not be aware of this and hopefully somebody who has a trump connection police picked itself. It'd be this rampant anti semitism you refer to has scored before I was elected president. If you take a look at all of your major university camp has been notable ones. Cornell Harvard Yale Stanford university of California state university of new York and many of the other liberal university established its. They have a program that's been endorsed by Muslim student interest and by university Democratic Party leftist it's called being EDS. Boycott died facts and sanctioned there is an anti Israel. Program. They're right or they would call an anti zionist. We advertise size it up and by the way the biggest job anti zionist Jewish Jesse Jackson. And Al Sharpton and the Obama administration. Well anybody I know her reality anybody remember reverend Jackson reference to New York desk Hymie town. Or war speechwriter gave before the two without it election go to some international Paris for a long on. Under international Paris where he should but under an Obama administration. Is decided this interest are dead there will be no entry to Israel. I cannot Jesse Jackson who now told channel I just wish. You know. I I really I think we could tell yesterday. From just from around the body language and the expressions. But Israel's prime a year men and Israel's prime minister apartment Bibi Netanyahu. He was. He was an A substantially more friendly and user friendly environment. Out with president trump in the White House and AM well remember you know Obama. Wanted to him they Israelis to go back to the 1967. Borders which would be suicide and then. Went upstairs to have dinner. And and left the prime minister of Israel sitting by himself downstairs cooling his heels for an hour yeah I mean whoever herta what kind of diplomacy is that. Let this change this sort. You know I've been very. The only charge of Jeremiah Wright what it was also profoundly. Anti anti Israel chulk and the other thing. Yeah when I hear liberals are you can be anti Israel and and you know. Not irritation that no no no no god we're not allowed back if you take Israel uniquely Jewish people. That doesn't work doesn't work the other way. Well I think John. As I said the AM the prime minister found a much more receptive attitude. And a trip this time around thanks for the call I appreciate you Jane good to have you here quarter before four here in the body Mac show Bob by the way I don't know if you heard. Modesto changed his email password after he was told that hacking he changed the password to. New password. Problems solved another and to see here move along quarterly for four here on the body and action will be right back and mourn your calls are coming rhino. Am I. It. Yeah that was my reaction to compete. That's that's good news conference today we'll get some quality audio from that down on here is that we proceed on this afternoon. In on the tax line send anyone threes are seven Bob his excellency president trump and how he handles the press is refreshing. As refreshing. As ice cold pressed. Doctor. Best press conference. Ever. From Jennifer. Now Bonnie Mac to use an old football cliche trump all laid the wood to the immediate today awesome. Your podcast man. Bobbitt sand when TMZ and The National Enquirer so he could do more research but in the mainstream media they don't need research. They they have their story written now without any factual backup. And Bob trump smoked the media like a big Cuban stogies. Match. Bob pulled us needs to get ball regard on jailing the shadow leaguers. Now I've got I've got more on that two as we proceed on here this afternoon. Bobby what have you done with you Jennifer I'm going through would cheat scheme withdrawal. Where we're Dem money penny mentioned that we're guessing now that she's on vacation. Bob a girl I used to work with cult Thursday throughs today because a week is almost through and not long to for. Bobby you should've heard in BC. I'm beyond that talking about how trump saying fake news will get old spare me. When really we're getting sick of fake news from my conservative kitty while Scott at trump had a great wind today dirty even drew a laugh. From he said I know it it's not fake news anymore now it's very fake news. Real weight vagueness. Bob I think this is what you call real audacity not that fake cried we've had over the last eight years PS. Listening from Fort Worth. Gateway to the west. And Tarrant county and working out here since August I miss the upstate especially WL RD. But WB AP isn't a bad second. Appreciate that from my crafts marina at Gmail account. Bobby Mack please define credibility. You know who connect. Bob once they was implication of America is complete. These countries where masculinity. Is still accepted will just. Take us over. Not as long as Joseph the attack squirrel was on edge. Speaking of join the attack squirrel. Sounds like a real life secret squirrel. Bonnie my dog won't let anybody in the house without giving them a thorough pat down. Got a chip. Bob so guy has an attack squirrel for a pet. As just nuts. Sorry can resist. Yeah. He's well. Oh yeah and. About does this whole business. Of immigrant's day. Where where was sent that email. She had a right here Q and now managed to lose it. Can hang on 12 on the scroll. Yet here it is. From my Tony. Hello Bob was wanting to know if you or your listeners were aware that this day was marked as a day without immigrants. Immigrants. A local elementary school experienced 180 students absent today. Please don't use my name got it confidentiality. To the phones we go. Mike is next up he is in Greer hi Mike and welcome to the show. Billy Bob you know and I'm good thank you. Around the world are talking differently on guitar among I Arctic Arctic we grew moved. All forty years to work often wrong when Packard oh yeah right and warranted. Social conscience. Program. Educate my stroke and stroke. And religion billion that your pill just vocal unfortunately more and more people weren't available we appreciate. Ball. I wanted to tell you something that I heard the other guys center thought it was curious Eric yeah it was because loose neutral ground zero right. And he he says that here in the world over my Treo piece they Google and sometimes been. He's cute square today it would and so some ability to remote is a country every corner a market that. But it all you do is talk into it and so is finally showing old irrelevant there's no erosion in the program. Oh yeah Amazon makes one and there's a couple others out there as well yeah. And he says he just tried it one more then go to given the idea that he should great news. And it wouldn't rush great actually had me. And Obama have chosen sides and their effort good and election varieties. You know we're all so much who took on the and I guess it didn't record at the moment didn't give you a couple of times but I think Google they called dog. They've changed it well although you don't work with the line up and defend your right usher put in Melbourne right. Look toward the law of the Grenoble where you about the war and they usually. Actually hear them. That's funny they had a problem I'm trying to remember I think it was in Britain. Where they have been sank into a sitting I guess in the medal in the living room. And the kids. We're ordering stuff. Win that and and apparently the parents had put in their credit card numbers and they end up putting in every time so was in there in the kittens camp order and stop. And stuffed him show and over the idea what is this stuff coming from an and they finally figured out. And the kids were telling. What Syria or whatever it is that it send over on toys war. Our blood our kids are grown you know go to great kid. Recruit well I I area and I hear you thank you Mike I appreciate the call in on me a text line 71307. Bob the immigrant strike and today had a little bearing on the construction site next door. The whole crew was there blaring mariachi music and all. All law. Bob the day without illegals would be a great day we need 364. More just like it. Bobby you mean there are 180. Illegal students in one school. Good grief. How they say animal back. Well. We shall see. President said today he's got some new stuff on immigration coming next week. Our number two the Bobby Mack show is on the way next day right there.