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Feb 16, 2017|

Daniel Brannon with AFP interview on the gas tax bill; SCDOT; McMaster

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah well I certainly hope it strike you that way here we go getting underway when our number two here on Thursday. Bobby Mack electric radio program. Those of you who have been witness for a while and by where there's for a while I'm making reference to our previous battles. Against the good old boys in Colombia in there are never ending quest. To us stick there hands in your wallet or purse. And now get more money through a gas tax may or call that we had a series of conversations. When our friends from AFP Americans for prosperity and we are continuing. That tradition this time around as the issue has resurfaced. Expect generally in Colombia and so will be doing that. I guess every Thursday at 4 o'clock we'll get an update on where we stand on this and other issues. Now bubbling under in Colombia where Daniel Brennan who is the state director for Rampage Daniel how are you today. There are you I'm doing okay thanks it's a great to have you here we appreciate Terry your efforts as always. In oh well doing so must some arm twisting some lobbying some. Friendly persuasion in Columbia. And we and we then not. Successful that it any degree and in bringing more people over to our side on the gas tax issue. I absolutely out and and at at the upstate legislators that are sort but they're but they're out there and several built the last few weeks. On the terror are not doing what we got act are strictly doing what you look forward to seeing not. Representative Elliott a green bill representative Tom Anderson and our lead sponsors. I'll talk about four senator Massey of the actually take an area roughly the upstate and in their current sponsors are being away. Public access. That the house leadership had pushed grew. Either got stacked high and had absolutely no or absolutely no tax breaks for by the actors out there on about that it now on the count calendar. But I will say that the biggest and most important victory. That that you know vote they care about their tax dollars have procured indeed governor. Has come out is below what she lucky couple weeks you know what you made it very clear that he is not only active necessary. To pick a written statement that great big thank you to the upstate. Quote I have been calling their members and calling her for not. Yeah I in fact we have a posted on government masters Twitter handle. On our FaceBook page and and we continue course. Offering the opportunity. For people to text the word call CA LL you are tax line 71307. And we won't bounced back to you contact information from the representative from my York district here in South Carolina there are. And that's that's certainly good news or not I'm I'm glad to hear that then governor make master. Is a wily enough politician to realize that. While he is living in the governor's mansion today. He is in fact filling out the remainder of the term of fun. Our previous governor Nikki Haley who departed to the UN ambassador and he's gonna have to run for reelection. Up pretty soon. And this disk to this particular issue could be a deal maker specially for many of constituents here Nancy. That's exactly right and governor Rick absurd proven that he is probably the most dispute alteration state I mean that I'd been around for a long time yup you never take a vote and then the executive branch but I mean. He he kicked trump when everyone stay was laughing at him and now he's got that from Henry knows what needs to be done and an end to to call for. Tax hikes. A less than eighteen months before primary it is suicide stake I think the governor can be very practical. I think he's gonna call on legislature to put in particular laurel and look weaker or older working there's a revenue problem I think and result looks aren't got it. There hasn't been great and 87 and we affixed what we believe to underline problem and maybe we can look at that later but there's no way. That we can race factor in the state particularly on gasoline. At any seven other taxes that go up and out of there Burton bill without. Addressing the underlying problem first nothing anarchist are not got it to realize. Yeah I think so as well talk to a Daniel Brennan state director for South Carolina AFP Americans for prosperity and I think we saw that. A winning governor floated essentially what was a trial balloon. A couple of weeks ago or so well you know I'm I'm not really fart I'm not really against their will see what happens. Not obviously. I he has hurt from. Various constituents not only from the upstate but other parts of the state as well who have sent a look now the last thing we need in this present environment. Is increased access there are other issues as well that are out of concern. Other legislative priorities one of the ones it's come to my attention. And I'm sure hasn't escaped peers Daniel is. Senator Hugh leatherman and his entire free speech incumbent protection act why why is it. Whenever they've introduced a piece of legislation. That the name they give it is always disingenuous for the true intent of what Alexis election and it's. Well because they don't of their constituents are Smart enough I guess something and senator Letterman have been around my moderate and college yeah there are a long time. If there's one way to control constituents. Should know who created it interstate that particular policy should it it should know who it's supporting. Days specific policy at the Statehouse and you know and if he thinks that. That's supporting an educational item you know whether it is talking up her warm weather talking about actually what any bank. You can't can't you can't tell me that the people should be treated. And that they're candidates for office this country was founded. On privacy. Okay the Federalist papers would Mattison were written anonymously. To read about this country I can guarantee you Bob in. In 1989 would not at a constitution. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison names were a cap. And put forward certainly not hated each other you. And so now that acute threat is not just about AFC it's about the Christian right it is about pro life approach it. It's about the NRA it's about gun control groups. And essentially. Yeah and essentially they they wanna say to those groups. I shot up. To. And it not only shut up but if you're gonna make noise where New York Ron and alerted the 1984. I mean at that stored or well the thing we're gonna controller Altec with the South Carolina. Yeah this is for military this is the captain lagging it right. And this and this is definitely. I'll Big Brother stuff related it is orwellian I love the name of it to the incumbent protection act look. Incumbents are reelected at a rate over 90%. What the heck they need to be protected for all. It better. Job no can't sell while there is that additionally. Pension reform and and we have talked with the state treasurer just in the last. A week or ten days about this ongoing issue and it's it's not gonna go away. No it's not an end state needs to make sure war that we get this right because we tell our credit rating and entered down. Pick up a lot more money to do business and most importantly. You know every time that we don't get this right we don't have money to Pedro beat dole out money to make sure our children are were exposed you're learning we don't have money to save our law enforce car and so. I have to say I'm on leave at the first sort of been taken by the house senate joint committee. And pat and you know I was I was around for the check out all the reform and that did not have not yet the map dug that up at this point and so. I'm I'm not giving it an enthusiastic. Approval but what I am saying is that map adds up in that will put it you that will solvents. Well and it ended and any isn't it isn't it true to write a greater or lesser degree whatever resolution. Alec come up when there's going to be some pain involved year. Capacity to do it I did not think that is great you know may be wrong thing. The idea of a compromise bill. Everyone unhappy about it right into pitcher problem particularly important state first. Nobody should feel like they they got everything they want it they compromise bill. A map pack up and get on employee either have to pay more up but and and told the taxpayer for the taxpayers payment in getting. So it can't be elected a market that separate bill moving forward most importantly to structurally GP inter nation here. The actuarial assumptions are being brought into line best practice and that's what's most important and so. I would like that he's more private section private sector options. Available to employees around the state without a government employee I. Eight or one day I did not give attention because. On the one meal. And millennial no number I'm from got the job and I'm not ordered that state twenty here exactly yeah yeah I'm a little bit more hungry Nat. And isn't it funny that there's a there's a correlation here between what has happened. In the pension system being run by the state not into the ground to the tune of billions of dollars. In in the red. And and essentially. A another. Faction of state government. The SE DOT in the state infrastructure bank and what's happened in the road it's. Exactly but the difference here Bob is that they're facing structural issues with the tension and light and making. The DOT it felt like more money more money equal or more year of more money more money and work all the sudden everyone broke and it's safe. Picture sure these things it it shouldn't be that he's the dad. House meeting house leadership putting it built together. How apple got a Ways and Means Committee and then demanding that one vote for but what they are not talked about how caucus. In Adair rank and our members are not happy. The record freshman no name in all the real real member of the general assembly that may not be leadership. But they're not happy with what is built right now because they guilt being shut down a car and they all Kirk from their constituent last year and directory election you know I'm sure they do. This fight is far from over now certainly ironic they're senate. It's gonna be a way bigger fighter like or what last year yeah no question about it we perform and we need your uniform for a charter and state. Absolutely without a doubt and and maybe there's an ace in the hole now I don't wanna. Count my chickens of are they cash but with with the governor McMaster now appearing to be digging in his heels and saying well not so fast on the gas tax. Not even if it were god forbid to be passed in the house in the past and senate. Maybe it would be vetoed because do it wouldn't when they have of a difficult time overriding a veto on this. Oh absolutely I think I think that was the big problem last year we had so buster Saturday yup and and senate by. Yet how happy last year because they're Republican Ito proof majority. So your listeners know we have a veto proof Republican. But still tapping gas tax increase but like in the senate yup and how much your your listeners and by activists have called up may cleared and Mary and her eyes. And made it more clear where you stand on it and monetize something and if the governor that is expected. By the general public a little bit different than previous Q governor yeah where they felt they were adversaries don't entering its statement the state newspaper. It's a big deal. Well and hashing essar on line. Yeah I think so too and at least he hasn't shown up on down the legislature with a pig underage arm at this point. A step in the right direction. Daniel Brenner a new C a state director for South Carolina for Americans for prosperity Daniel thanks are everything that you guys do you know keeping us informed what they're up to and Colombian what we can do to stand in opposition when we need to. Thank in my spot and I would think articulate their attacked call 71 read your separate parts. And now and folks that want to check out AFP they can find you guys online as well. That's right American to prosperity dot org and on FaceBook where are softer ought. Seubert sounds good Daniel always great talking to talk to you again next week and we'll see where we are then. Get out of it we cannot pleasure you have a good went to Cirque. Nineteen minutes after four here on the body Mac show be right back. Okay. Welcome back great to have you on thanks to my Dan Brennan from out. AFP for joining us this afternoon keep us up to speed on what they're up to and Columbia. And on the tax line 71 threes are seven. And I and by the way Ingles and managed hotline number around still available for your course be a part of a conversation. It's toll free 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. And my email address is Bob. And 1063. WL RD dot com. In on the tax like the car dealers association met with the governor yesterday. We let him know what his reelection will lookalike. If he backs this latest gas tax increase I think he got it backs out section. Now Bob in the nerve today that's the the web site put out by South Carolina policy council. Actually Landis and her group that are great watchdogs in Columbia. Bob in the nerve today there's a report that they stayed board of education over paid and on retrievable. Millions. Open primaries gave us Molly Spearman. I guess that is common core math Nokia. Now Bob they are you related to bill Mac. And I he was on WBA PM Fort Worth at night known as the Midnight Cowboy. Now. Did not not to my knowledge. I'm Bob gas tax more like a prosperity. Tax and that email. This afternoon Bob we moved to Greenville in 1999 and have not seen any improvements in our roads potholes everywhere. Everybody else and myself pay at least ten cents a gallon in taxes where does all this money go. I emailed governor Nikki Haley several months ago but never received any reply. I'm stunned to hear the link up upper responded there's a simple answer. To your question the vast. Majority. Of the money goes to the home counties of the most powerful politicians and state drive down. Around Richland county for instance Lexington county. Down around Myrtle Beach. Hard to find a pothole in those. Bob I work with you his car companies and saw where the state wants to up the sales tax from 300 to 500 dollars. On now the sales tax record yet that's that's part of the legislation that the gas tax increase itself. Is only one part of this bill that is a disaster. To the phones we go attend to well let's get a sense and bill and bring in Terry here on the body national hi Terry and welcome to the program. They've automatic pay dose. So far so good. I must stop Crowell oh. Our commitment and I heard Asia Africa I have personally our plant not like you're given it that great. DL right common sense retirement plan right. Well but. Obviously if you treat the stakes are. There. The legislature. Change well. They are locked out. He retired first to go into the spot market. As it is suit and say. But it can't handle it entirely and employees got to change ought to market. And I got everybody in that mark or just Croatian. I never recovered from the right in 2008 to remember that. Never recover from it and operation to try and decided it. I'm Robert parry story 66 years ago. But don't talk about the jets tanks. I would be dark. Sense 2001. And years and years that he exactly. Our last six years GM. Or they get it right and I'm only issue couple placed into the oddest. He's. Got approached nor did today and Grotrian protect our callers can do. The front 900 dollars. At about eighty it's not. Did June. But carpet. At a site yardage to that extent. No no question about it I mean everything not be an inflation. Increases. The price of everything almost on an annual basis the the price the price of very few items goes down overtime. You did not release or famous have better living your haven't. Hey on the mind you might not make certain but it is what everybody's suspect in the videotape today. They have got to mankind are ready. With a fine. Great up and come. Percent don't get gallon for jet packed like six points sixteen point eight. That's from 1987. And they and it went flying and cutting salaries. That he's ready and I came out but people keep fighting that's been more efficient and Mike Chang. And quite frankly. I'm tired of American prosperity broad and yet here put runners and our business. Let her read is go to pot and they don't call they don't travel don't ever lot of people that live there whole the. Well on the way to say no date they do live in South Carolina. Yeah. And as as far as you know the prices in 1987 look it's not necessarily. Help and you're not you're not really trying to make the argument are you turn the lower taxes or a bad thing. Not not cut it lower taxes are bad applying that good videotaped. It. Yet then come from the casket will defeat matter at a party vasser only so worse. And wouldn't have been changed is not paying sentiment and you won't assigned rotated and assign condition. That you adamant that. I've been used to make a rental apps are and they're all. And people ordered to bet that oil. But in it and you just say that you could restore and he cut out which expects. That the city. Well I I am tired and I expect the state infrastructure bank. And the SE DOT to be run. If efficiently. For the money to be spent equitably around the state and not to go as I said just a few minutes ago. To the counties of the most powerful politicians who control. The state infrastructure bank and there are four. The NC DOT I appreciate the culture thanks very much to wait for the news for 31 here on the body might show on Thursday. You guys are brutal gas brutal. Welcome back a lesser lights to gather that was not the message that turned out well sort it was a message that president trump sent to media today. It saying you know look you guys continue to report fake news. Now I'm gonna give you a hard way to go. As I don't like me and lied about. In on a tax line not 71 threes are seven Bob asked Terry. I your last dollar if he thinks are more cars on the road and a word 1987. They're getting plenty of our money and just flat out abusing. The current system set up. I'm Bob if the DOT hasn't had a raise since 1987 a cruise they were overcharging us magna and they have. Reserve funds they have businesses and people moving into our state by the hundreds every day they need to use their resources. Better. Bob that sounds like the phone calls or making some people change your mind and all that Ronald everything. Was he does not like it at home my guess easy part of the chamber of Commerce Group and is all upset because it's gonna go down to feed again. And he might even own an asphalt company. I think that's Hugh leatherman your thing and ethics. As a relative that don't Zia asphalt company. Bob via caller Terry sounds just like a state employee I bet they did a great job or leaning on a shovel and watching the other. I'm I'm not opposed to an increase in the gas taxes after the DOT. And they state infrastructure bank undergo an overhaul. But. And no overhaul no ducks. I'm Bobby Mack and reference of the color was a former DOT employee does he not take into account. How many more drivers are on the road since 1987 and therefore. The DOT's revenue. Is much greater. Then it was. Bob are getting a 25 bucks per vehicle now they weren't getting mad and 87 that alone is a big increase plus when a person has a wreck. And tears offense down what they do that money. They sure as H aren't repairing fences from John and spark. Now Bob what Terry doesn't realizes he DOT is getting millions more dollars to the population growth. Of the state number of people make enough that the man argument and it's that's valid. I'm Bob I've heard the DOT's employee argument before but now there's at least 30% more cars on the road. The night and they. Had they have. And they have gotten a 30% increase plus we have much more tourism today. That we didn't have in 1987 the increase in cars does not destroy the roads at the same increased in proportion. To be 30% more like 3%. Bob Bob Bob Bobby does lessen the collar asking if you could maintain your family today based on 87 dollars I would agree some could not. Although the gases per taxes on gas tax per gallon. May be the same as 1987 I would venture. The at two they are two or three times as many drivers paying that tax today and I'm sure other fees have gone up as well certainly have. About papaya number of people making that same point that doubt we have substantially. Bigger population paying. These gas taxes that we did in 1987. Allah is gonna Pickens and bring in Roger here on the body Mac show hi Roger and welcome to the program. I can't buy everything except you know yes it's at church at Nikki Haley. Save that that we need to make second state for a Israel for the Palestinians give Palestinians their own state. Well I hurt my Sarah I should really be sure I certainly hope she cleared that with her boss first. And China and either way it to do that patient but it didn't York city or Los Angeles. And and carve out and stay out of somebody else's country right to say or to put this stage here. Then not just get over there and a major New York where. Where it's more normal to strap bombs on all little. It'll not mentally Nokia its. Let's let's go back to that let's flash back to the 1940s. For a moment when State of Israel was created by the United Nations. I'll wasn't there a Palestine there as well and wasn't that abandoned by their residence. Yeah they get there was a place called Palestine it's just that they just renamed it Israel Palestine. Well but they carved out. Space for the Palestinians as well. And it was abandoned. Okay outright. They didn't want it. Don't care about the state Ali what is to destroy Israel out and there's no reason Christian should be supporting this guy. And you know get. But it return although you can use a cute yet not voted for term. And and enacting trapped it would be a great leader but at this point the linchpin of actually pulling the world are. Rick Perry is joining and it can attack in Israel and its its top like cigarette habit it's second state one that didn't give Israel. We want to do what I can go erected you can destroy Israel. Well I think what the president said yesterday at least in the initial meeting. That and the part of which became public. With with Bibi Netanyahu west the president national she'll look one state to state. Any solution that is arrived at. First of wall past to have the the occupants of a Palestinian state a winner sent PLO or Hamas or whoever. A pastor recognized. The validity in the State of Israel to exist and him from from everything and I've witnessed during my lifetime. Then in about to happen so I'm aware of where we're talking about a non starter. Don't sit there were urged. But they won't they won't stop attacking Israel. Jake and I think it's just a ranch Jerusalem out of there and can't Steve get out of there can't put in the military accountable IQ poor. Just this is get this thing over we're we're gonna go forward Armageddon. Let's do it then. So effective cabinet and now we have another President Putin gearing up around Israel around destroying their program destroying Israel. I'd say you know Israel forever Palestine never. Gotcha I appreciate the cult thanks Sasha and I would I would disagree when you on your interpretation. Of the attitude of this administration being. Anywhere resembling the attitude towards Israel for the previous administration will see. You know I mean you've got a valid point actions speak on that Mort. Fourteen minutes before five here in the body matchup taking a quick break here right back and more of your calls are on the way. Golden years. Tell us what I'm supposed to be and money for any Siam. Contracts. Looking for any update therefore 5010 before five President Obama unloading. On the media today during a a press conference and he is in and and his administration. Inherited. A mess from President Obama what. How did I say Obama up president trump. During his press shoppers they said he and his administration inherited a mess from President Obama. I'm here again to take my message straight to the people mr. trump said as you know our administration inherited many problems across government. As well as across the economy to be honest. I inherited a mess. It's amassed. At home and abroad. A mess. Jobs are pouring out of the country you see what's going on rolled all the companies are leading our country going to Mexico and other places. Low pay while wages mass instability overseas no matter where you look at the Middle East a disaster. North Korea. We'll take German folks. We're gonna take care of that I just wanna Janelle I inherited a mess. And they president. Also commented. Out on nine here's down. He is executive actions today saying this. Each of these actions is a promise I made to the American people so love are just some of them who have a lot happening next week and in the weeks. But in the weeks coming. And now he went onto a listen including. A new executive order that stand going to be coming on immigration. He also. Talked about to a press coverage today. The media is trying to attack our administration because they know. We are following room. When pledges that we made. And and happy about it for whatever yours. The press has become. So dishonest. That we don't talk about it we're doing a tour manages. Disservice to the American people from justice we have to talk. To find out what's going because the press honestly is out of control the level of dishonesty is that if it. The M president also talked about the resignation of his former national security advisor. And general Mike went. The first thing I thought when I heard about us as the press get this information that's classified. And they do it. You know why because it's an illegal process and the press should be ashamed of themselves but more importantly the people they gave out the information to the press. Should be ashamed of themselves. Well certainly. Releasing. Classified ever they're they're all kinds of questions associated when there's more talk more about it. Not coming up in the 5 o'clock hour the program but on the overarching concern for many should be. Howell. General planet essentially. I was the the victim of a soft coup from apparently former. Intel people in Washington to the phones we all spring and now Marianne who isn't Spartanburg I'm Marianne and welcome to the show. Can do about it. Find that you know that. People didn't hear the governor up close and personal on Monday. Keeps coming up to that part of the state dinner sponsored by the Spartanburg Republican women. And we are celebrating that first anniversary of can't go to the White House not sell at one year ago on the twentieth. We have. Primary and we overly one. App for trump. And no one month ago he would. Put and that's part of that so we're having a dinner air the area on Monday. I certainly and it's two dollars and Manning didn't she kill the governor and maybe even get a chance stalked on. Medical you know a you know what happened one year ago yesterday area. The Donald Trump candidate. Donald Trump was in the studio with me for an interview. Now and you know it was a it was a great interviewing had an up on the website for a long time look I have on bend and trying to be in in contact. Now with the governor's press aides Danica is not I was aware of the fact that the of the governor's going to be out here on Monday wanted to invite him to be on the show. As well I have yet to hear back from them so we'll see if that develops or not. I know he's gonna Gary to schedule because she is going to Orlando on Saturday and and I know he's got an early morning and to think so. Just say they're they told me that we have to look our schedule around so that still gets a job to get accommodate. Young. And it and and ending governor I'm pressure's been the beneficiary. On his early support for Donald Trump there were at at the time. When there were still I don't know 1516 candidates in the field while governor Haley for instance was busy endorsing Marco Rubio. But Henry McMaster very early I guess was the first name politician in South Carolina. To ignore it. Yeah but it. First elected official in the country is that right beside me yell out. My I knew he was very early in the game and done and. It's interesting how things have worked out that Nikki Haley. I was appointed to be the ambassador to UN. Allowing Henry McMaster to succeed her as governor such Monday night 530 at the marry out in Spartanburg. Right good deal and it's so we'd love to have anybody come that they want to come and strike a cute aren't they here and then they would turn the program and it's. Going to be fabulous and he went concept at my comment and act Colin Wilson who is speaking. That's great and and when you see the governor telling my no gas tax. I will order an apple and I'm not thanks so I'm Marianne. I appreciate all that I'm not that India or not my pleasure pleasures are rising in Iran for the news see you back with a 5 o'clock follies.