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Feb 16, 2017|

Gas tax; Trump's news conference; McMaster; Flynn

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. Hello how may great pain is a welcome salutation. And the day before Friday LO Austria. I guess I don't go getting underway with a folly C. Heaviest commuting part of the above a Mac show. And as always your input is invited and encouraged and welcome talking about a lot of things today the proposed gas tax down in Columbia. And governor Henry McMaster now saying years not so crazy about the idea. And they president telling the media today here out of control. Your reporting fake news and nobody believes you anymore. About that at. It was tea tour de force performance today by the president and an Naia hastily called news conference in Dunn went on for more than an hour. And out west fascinating to watch as they have president essentially took the gloves off and declared war. On now these guys in the media. Four of the way they are covering his administration. Now the president saying the media's trying to attack our administration because they know we're following through on the pledges that we made and they're not happy about it. President speaking and taking questions for more than an hour even joking with some of the reporters toward the end say and he was having fun. Any word is if the US haven't thought. In a bid to preempt negative coverage of his remarks come wacko that the president insisted he was not ranting and raving. So and you guys are you now when I'm seeing the stars on this tomorrow I'll the president was ranting and raving at the media. I'm not ranting and rein them just talent it. But he said the tone of the coverage of the administration. Is is one of those such hatred. And intent nor the public doesn't believe you people anymore. Many in the media have been paying. Padilla trump administration as being and chaos the president saying hey. It's it's actually a running like a well oiled machine. But there is a a certain message to the media wants to carry eight and apparently those in the am and various Intel agencies as well. That this president is out of control and us know what is due weighing in all thing has amassed. And it is a mask. On because that's what he inherited as he pointed out today meantime this business with with Mike Flynn. There was a story in a Wall Street Journal and Limbaugh referenced this today saying that he had been game. By fake news on this Wall Street Journal and their politics section I did a big story when the headline spies. Keeping intelligence from Donald Trump. On a week concerns. Chain Harris and Carol Lee. Wrote US intelligence officials have withheld sensitive intelligence from president dropped because they're concerned it could be a weak or compromised. According to current and former officials familiar with the matter in other words they were trying to. Paint the picture that president trump does not hang out. The full Intel picture because of these folks and the various Intel agencies are not telling him everything in point of fact. As say a previous guest on the show Brandon Blackburn who's a former case officer for CIA and during his tenure there participated in the president's daily briefing. I wish the president receives every morning from Langley. That is exactly what it is a briefing. It is the equivalent of a headline surfaced Langley has never gone into you. Not extensive detail on the president's daily briefing about their sourcing. About. Any of the intricacies of how they arrived at the Intel they're presenting. To the president so it's a bogus story and and done by surprisingly the Wall Street Journal to try and not give the opinion. Or or carry the the message. That the the Intel agencies don't trust. The leaking share up that is the trump administration now the business with Mike when the president also address sent today and made it clear. That he felt as if I his national security advisor had done nothing wrong and having a phone conversation. With the a Russian ambassador. And I he and faction that's his job that's what he should've been doing. The problem was with the Washington Post and other media outlets reporting these and nine. Anonymous. Current and former intelligence officials. In senior positions and multiple agencies. That would be CIA. NSA and probably FBI. Who had access to reports from US intelligence and law enforcement agencies that routinely monitor the communications of Russian diplomats. I congressman Nunez complaining about this yesterday sent all those officials. Sad day in general four and two references to the election related sanctions were explicit. The president. Said he didn't believe that was the case Nunez also said he wanted to know how these intelligence agencies were wiretapping. Four wins calls in the first place. Because illegally they're only two ways that Intel agencies can listen in on and private citizens' phone call. We just want when was of the time in it in addition to having Mindy then national security Vioxx. I think there's assault took place before his appointment after obtaining a warrant. Or inadvertently such as in the case of four and speaking when a foreign official being spied well. Nunez said it's pretty clear there was no warrant. I'm pretty sure the FBI didn't have a warrant for Michael Flynn to listen to an American's phone call you have to go to a court to be all that paperwork so I'm guessing. That didn't exist. In case for and was speaking to a foreign official the Russian ambassador in this case Nunez said there should have been a process to mask. He is identity. A wall street journal editorial also questioned that they're supposed to protect the identity and the speech of innocent Americans. Yet the Washington Post which broke the story sentenced spoke to multiple US officials claiming to know what mr. Flynn said. On that call. Oh look. The at the Intel agencies are like essentially in any other business. In America. There are foot soldiers and there are suits. Many of the foot soldiers approve of president trampled like when he wants to do many of the suits do not. And it's certainly understandable Donald Trump is anything but a part of the system. He has an outsider. And he is an outsider who has been critical. Of the intelligence agencies to which they are very sensitive. So there reaction. It's what do it essentially. Have a soft coup to get Mike Flynn who by the way also had substantial numbers of enemies. Within these intelligence agency SCSI used to run the DIA defense intelligence agents. And this is this kind of thing has been going on for a long time. Let's go back and turn back the pages of history momentarily Monday may twentieth 1940. Detectives from Britain's special branch Scotland Yard. Took a grave decision to inter they go ouster place apartment of a 28 year old diplomat of the US embassy. A cipher cork named Tyler date would Kent. There they found copies of 15100 pieces of correspondence. Labeled top secret. That had been tabled between white all in Britain and the White House and recovered those documents. They included coded messages between Winston Churchill and president Roosevelt. The gist of which had been put in the hands of Adolf Hitler within days of transmission. When confronted. Mr. can't claimed he wanted to thwart president Roosevelt's secret and unconstitutional. Plot with Winston Churchill. To sneak the United States. Into the war. And the reason I go that far back in bringing you that example is that this kind of has been going on for a long time. But the collaboration of the media. In releasing this stuff is something else again. As tea texture said in the last few minutes take a few of these guys. Put him in not prison for thirty years and I bet the weeks will stop. And they'll think seriously again about using anonymous sources. But times have changed remember when Ben Bradlee ran a Washington Post in the days of Watergate. He insisted on two separate individuals. Corroborating a piece of information before he would allow to go in the Washington Post. Those days are long gone take a quick break here come back we go right to the phones here on Thursday on the Bobby inaction. New numbers are and Rasmussen tracking poll 55%. A likely US voters approved. A president Trump's job performance speaks as some other numbers in here as well. 47%. Of voters believe America's intelligence agencies have their own political agenda. Nearly half 48%. Also believe most reporters are biased against the president. Interest. I'm Bob I'll butcher five bucks that John Brennan seemed main mole at the CIA why just because someone isn't Saudi Arabia he converted to Islam. I'm Bob I listened to most of the presents a briefing today I'm wondering how the other news stations are reporting on it now. It into being reported yet I don't watch TV I allowed it. Myself I can Julia. How wildly reported not opt out of control president attacks the media open hostility. In the media he is shutting down free speech. By failing to call on reporters are swap load New York Giants the center. So if done turnout that way. To the phones we yell as promised a weary in beautiful travelers rest is first up on the show. In this hour hi Larry and welcome to the program. They Bob thank you very much this afternoon do you load from the home from the but barbecue in the World Cup the status say yes sir remember your days there is Leah meteorologist yes right yes indeed and now I'm covering media. Just wanted to the job while I was drive. Mean you know and urban entomologist who is retired do you see employee and I'm not taking. Exception to his statement but he can prayer purchasing money from 1987. Verses to date and I agreed with both your comment and he is that your nothing cautiously now. But by the same token. What is the population of the state of South Carolina now and what is the relative amount of gas tax it has been breached exactly. Help. Requested and actually received some information back and have liked to assure your listeners Sam and I will actually misses substantiated information now. Oh. 26 cents. Of every doll. Of the gas tax rate used in the state of South Carolina. Is global call. Two other than highway expenditure Hirsch yeah. In addition to lay up or a lot of match for an as yet been this'll come as a shock to you are re requested an accounting. For the last three physical year rush to block Georgia yeah that's what I'm DOT's front. 22. Explain. What booms. Expended truth were. Somehow it was related to meter completeness or vote construction of the roadway. Which seems to me like a totally reasonable request from a taxpayer. To have sent to have some level of transparency don't know where the money's being spent. Big it's probable that same approach I have the second thing I've asked for in this dome and do it police. Slow response. It is the last three physical years the independent audit of the infrastructure bank. I'll probably have the same amount of success in getting that information is a bit of coming up were the 26 cents has gone too. And sadly I can tell you of why that'll be the response or dare has banned. Not. Well that that in itself is up. Other news is overcome strong. On the and blow things I'm working on is trying to load. Trauma and and you may be able to this. Why the infrastructure. Bank even exist in every other state were probably have them on the Oprah sure you've lived in Tennessee up. The DO TE controlled construction now they have legislative oversight. And contractual obligations and all the normal business stop the things do but I have never lived anywhere before and a little South Carolina did hear from a revered now. There has this time of an arrangement ended to bite. Promotional breaking its dubious at best yes and money goes into these central repository. And his doled out. Not so much by priority of construction or repair but that that we know me and you know were born within. Yep I would save dubious at best and highly unethical at worst. If I totally agree with you anyway I just want to share that information I'm not really sure many people in the state know that that. Mean if they quit following an all that's an automatic 26%. Increase in a vegetable farms without raising the tax is just how would speed up and worth the money to go. Precisely correct and unfortunately as long as a few extremely powerful politicians in Columbia. Are in control of both the state infrastructure bank and by connection SE DOT. Nothing is gonna change will be giving more money to the same people who all solid. Our roads to deteriorate to the condition they're in today does that I got a logical so what do you know. This lead to continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result that some old idiom that's been around forever it is still true and accurate to say. It is indeed thanks very much for the call I appreciate it Larry good to have you here. Earl is necks out he joins us on his cell phone LO Earl and welcome to the show. I bought my you don't you don't you march. I'm going to all right now let me ask you tigers to a that last power just play a bike and here. I I only 318 wheelers that are registered in the state of South Carolina only runs South Carolina. Op play 800 dollar a year per play my throat. Up late he'll play ever played in my throat you'll write up played. Have what are you can dollar a year per truck Javed how well use thanks to the site at South Carolina now where all of this money ownership we've ignorant. There's a there's a good question and that such initial 2400 dollars plus 15100. There's so we're we're looking out. World and had to know what around four grand a year just. For what you outline. Now did you look at every lie every. Commercial vehicle that registered yet in the play all the adult trial extract color their language epic Opteron a play or play in the final mile correct. So that's a lot of money air that the American apple. Yep it certainly is and look. On this suggestions. That have been made by the folks and AF PN am by Tehran myself and Benson and others. Seemed to me to be reasonable. Common sense solutions and yet they are resistant. To the core. I'll buy them the good old boys in Colombia because they like. Having the system set up exactly the way Indians and when a guy like Hugh leatherman has a relative who's making. Millions of dollars a year out of the road construction. Anybody see any ethical conflicts here of course they want the system to stay away it is. Right. I thought yup I'm afraid and that's exactly what they're doing thanks a lot for the call girl I appreciate it. Bump up. Leaps find the beginning here Bob I'm a South Carolina. Property and casualty insurance agent who in the past provide an insurance are many many subcontractors. For road work. SE DOT upside hang on his second interest skipped on me Jeremy and turn off the mystery and selling it is. SE DOT requires bid bonds. To build on the jobs this is very expensive. The same companies won the bid over and over again. Many of my clients then were hired as contractors. To other jobs. They were required to carry equal insurance limits as the general contractor. They were also required to name the general contractor as an additional insurers. And waive the right. December day back on the general contractor which put all the risk. On the east subcontractors. In other words this process is a great example of South Carolina cronyism. At its best. I would agree it's a great example thanks for share. 530 here on the Bobby Mack show any standing by and a new center right back on the other side more of your calls are on the way Andy reaction. Some of the reaction from the media to the president taking him to the woodshed today. Be right back. Yeah the other day is for the media of attacking a George W. Bush and now bush won and and all that stuff. Those days are gone forever no longer can they media attack. A Republican president with impunity without having out the president respond in fine because yeah game. And though there they're gonna have to get used to it now they hate it. As you might imagine out from my news busters my friends and MRC Media Research Center. The journalists and ABC on Wednesday a roping erupted in open hostility to president dropped. Accusing him of shutting down part of the First Amendment. By not calling on network reporters at a press conference. With Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Jon Karl Cecilia Vega and Matt Dowd repeatedly why and about the conservative questions. That they came from some media members lamenting that they preferred narrative of the U liberal media wasn't highlight let me quickly check. First Amendment First Amendment. Now. No I I don't see anywhere in the First Amendment where ABC. Or for that matter CBS. Or NBC needles or CNN. Or even fox. Are granted a constitutional. Right to ask the president a question at a news conference. Maybe they're reading out the Obama constitution. I'm so I'm wondering after the news conference today where the president gave them a hard way to go what some of the headlines would be on the other web sites NBC new Holst. Trumpet defends plan at the last media. For reporting on Russia scandal. What Russia scandal. They also have another story on their front page. Out psychiatrists. As trump is not mentally ill he's just unpleasant. Well how flattery that's good enough. From me certainly not new its network CNN trump bashes media. Defends Glenn and says he inherited amassed Jake Tapper. Trump's presser was unhinged. Just they just can't take it. They just can't take it. Bob I've been emailing back and forth with Chuck Todd today from NBC he's clueless yeah no kidding. I also saw on now one of the reasons he was on the NBC website. Yeah here it is an ad. Out for the great wall. Starring Matt Damon in theaters tomorrow shell on money panic. As Matt Damon is one of the hardcore lefties from Hollywood he and he and Ben Affleck both. I wouldn't go to C Matt Damon if he was starring in the body Mac story. He can't stand are speculating who should play. Bunny match in the bond start Matt Damon live. Maybe Tom Cruise 'cause we're about same height. You would even have to Wear the lips and issues. Like he did when he was doing Najaf creature. And and money Kenny suggested. Sean Connery could dump flame my great great great great great grandfather back in Scotland. Where the story Albert. Bob it's corrupt national news has credibility. Not needed see how I connect. CNN credibility not need to the phones we go let's bring in not Tyler. Who is in Spartanburg and has an update on the immigrant day of rage or the immigrant's day off. Or baby's day out something like that hi Tyler welcome to the shell. Thank protect DiMarco yes. On the young and also may be obvious questions but well one earnest and you know today is that they have the standout for the Hispanic base for the belly now back to work and there's so much keep airports to shut down schools and school for a right and so I'm curious is palace have all the data Allah I been so effective nationally and on a national level and these large metropolitan cities and whatnot when they're not even about caught. Interesting question. Would that be. As a the president said today and Tyler fake news is Danny's got a new expression very fake news. The playbook from the from the election. Yeah like an old old woman kind of let the bureau of. And then stunned when their polls do not prove to have enabled the it's it's fascinating yeah I got an via a text message. Or might have been an email earlier today. Said that down there were 180. Kids who are missing in one school today now fifth I don't know if they get a head count I guess they do. But that seems like a lot of kids from one school and city as. These numbers are substantially higher than even we had speculate. Funniest thing is that not the only effect in the red states has been a thing of the suspect in the Blue States. That's that's interesting isn't it. Yeah I think I don't and I appreciate called Tyler thanks a lot. Bob no immigrants and work today sorry didn't notice. Bob CNN. Canceled. News network. I'm an afternoon Bob great show today is the illegal immigrants not needed. Day. Bob apparently depresses forgetting that freedom of the press only means the government can't censor them. It certainly doesn't protect them from being critters last I love hearing a bunch of reporters get triggered. Did they ever let trigger warning. Trigger warning president. Unhinged. Today. Areas. You went wrote about him and reported in the the leaks are real you know what they say you saw. And leaks are absolutely real the good news is fake. Because so much of the news's thing. And he added this while the leaks are real you when it wrote about him and reported in the the leaks are real ups aren't what they say you saw. And leaks are absolutely real the good news is fake. Because so much of the news is they sorry didn't mean to repeat same here's the other by tenement he has. I want to see an honest press and I started off today by saying. It's important to the public again sports the press the public doesn't believe few people anymore. Now maybe had something to do with that I don't know but they don't. And I think that's entirely accurate. I'm president mentioned look at them the media is held in lower regard than the congress. Just wish is Samsung I nine Noah you know the attitude in congress is probably out you know why I don't have gas and I don't. Now. But it is what it is now when we come back on the other side of the break. There has been apparently an attitude adjustment perhaps. Influenced by your phone calls. Your FaceBook posts. Your tweets. Two governor Henry McMaster which apparently have. As a said given him an app. Attitude adjustment. In terms of the gas tax will hear what the governor as saying about that when we come right back. It. There's a vote in the house today. It was 230. To 188. To overturn a rule that former President Obama as travelers preventing states from. It is house joint resolution 43. And if passed by the senate and signed by the president would mean that states can choose to read direct. Title ten funds away. From the largest abortion provider. In the United States. In on the tax line. Bunny went to Mickey d.'s this morning what a pleasure to pull up have my order taken by someone who speaks English and could understand it. Food delivered with no errors in the order thanks for the business. I saw nothing but positive today from the Mexican and stay home from work Tuesday. Bump up by a Bob headcount every one present and accounted for and Amazon GSP one. Other than they do that new weird. Catcher. Bob I nominate Walter Brennan to play your part I'll wait he is dead and never mind. Six. Alter Britain. Or prepare. Their. Out to the phones we yell at said to our Greer next and now bring in Jim and Jim and welcome to the body matchup. Yes thanks very much which they would call a passenger. Benjamin Netanyahu. Is the prime minister of course Israel who is going to tell it. As you remember that. He used is so. Remember of the tribe of Benjamin. Which is one of the twelve who's. Really trodden certainty song. Portugal. And subject opened strong and he was known as the solemn bar right hand. That's where the name Benjamin came from. So that name is it is very vocal and he's part of the tribe of Benjamin and then the other thing is that it in his last name Netanyahu. You saw through. So affectionately or why 88 should use related to the name all wave which is another name that is so Petrobras avatar. Joseph all right. Rudeness capital award billion million annual assessment bar you since the wrote cigar. So that. It is. Those dealing with Benjamin Netanyahu. Should remove. They're doing work and remember the two they're going to be responsible for dogs. To ago on the bubble for what division what they do. And it would use the appropriate thing to do for those who ruled in favor Israel. Two. Favor Benjamin Netanyahu. Without adult because some review all urgency is named effectively support the tribe of Benjamin. Not to mention the of the real world fact that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Roy Bryant and that stood guard as the reason of that as well I would I would agree I appreciate it's a world. The reason the reason for moving our embassy to Jerusalem which is the capital yes we're given bar dog true injured. And and I've my favor that move as well thank you Jim appreciate skull I mentioned before we went to the break. I'm governor Henry McMaster. Four weeks five weeks six weeks ago. Floated kind of a trial balloon. When the gas tax issue I was up for debate this is even before or not. Four came out of committee. And went to the full house Danica Monday sort of a you know well I'm not really sure are well have to take a look at that. Am I a nebulous kind of statement his attitude apparently. Not in large measure I suspect. Is because of listeners to this program listeners to terrorist show in the morning listeners to eventually show. Not calling. Texting. Posting on FaceBook and tweeting to the governor out look. We don't want a new gas tax until there is a a thorough overhaul of the way the money is being spent. Through the state infrastructure bank again and through South Carolina DOT well apparently the governor who may have had. And attitude adjustment. We will have to go on diet. I think the state government is going have to going dye whose force injury. It's like Camilo get your necessities. And then you have dessert politics for a I would not be able to have deserves. Faux pas we've we've got to be very careful with how we spend money and I'm I'm hoping that if we. Combine all these approaches and also have a very. Careful way and moved to be accountable with the Department of Transportation. And the hosting infrastructure back home how we spend money. Then I'm hoping that there will be enough. Phones fall us to do what's necessary. Without praised the taxes mean. By the way the governor will V. Here in the upstate on Monday at the merry on in Spartanburg at 530. And you can see him now think itself fifty dollars at the door. USC and and if you go and be sure and tell him no gas text me back with a bonus hour coming right up.