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And skipped Thursday morning welcome the broadcast good to be back with you're here and won 63 WOR. DE. Didn't I tell you this was getting interesting. Just nonstop to start off. Dealing with us some items. In the mail. Responses from conversation took place yesterday with her for an entity who called and we will delve into this also take you into a little bit of history. From not too long ago. On the issue. Of communism. You know why is this important I was making a point yesterday. And I and just to further amplify the point that was making yesterday frankly I don't care if we've got concerned about politicians. Who are. Who may be in close relationship with Russians. Or whether they are Communists. Fans. For that matter. Radical Muslims within this country who are intending to subvert the country from the inside it's the same thing. This is what I don't think people understand. Because these subversive activities been going on for years. Years decades actually. Sell the idea all of a sudden people are gonna be panic will we would be getting too close to Russia. Really. I need to dig up the audio to. That I've played on this program. It was. Basically the playbook. Of the Soviets at that time. Of how they were going to bring America down. It was not with war. It was subversion. From the inside. And I also tell you. There's very little that's been done to change the course. Sure we pay a Republican presidents but we haven't changed the fundamentals. Which is why. We find ourselves the trouble we're in but there is good news. Which you believe by the way my son actually came in the other day he said dad I've got good news. I really did save money in my car insurance by switching to a certain acts it's a lines so this actually happened. He really did. Tell me the story I'd vote was that your approach is actually troops. Let's also meant. This is pretty funny news one of those moments haven't. This can be real anyway. I do what I tell you bucks what I think is a significant. Development and that is the rejection of unionization at the Boeing plants. Now you as you know the media has been. Revving this thing up for awhile because they were hoping. You know to get a stronghold in the state of South Carolina keep your match in the coup that would have been and if they'd actually won the this unionization vote. I think it's amazing that they got slapped down. So resoundingly. These are production workers at Boeing South Carolina plants. Despite a very aggressive campaign. To try to. Get those workers to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Twenty. And this is amazing. 2097. Votes. No 731. Votes yes. This was a slap down. And I'm very encouraged crisis. I was listening to a program this morning where someone was talking about how. And they were lamenting this that the culture South Carolina justice not lend itself to the acceptance of unions. How tragic. This is actually good thing Kennedy many of you know. That this is certainly good thing. As I mentioned we're gonna get to seven the mail items that are command. Just a preview some things we will delve into during the course the broadcast today. We've got some difficulties. For a couple of president Donald Trump's nominees one has pulled his name. The other. Has been not thrown to a little bit of question. I'm referring to you congressman make more Peña who has been nominated to be the OMB director. Because one of very disgusting member of the US senate has actually come out against him. So I'm just waiting. For his sidekick. There other things I like to call him. To see if he's going to follow suit. And that kid actually be a problem. I kind of wonder whether state loyalty will help here we will justice during the course the broadcast today. How far will the out open borders people go to defend illegal immigration how about gang members. Yes I actually heard. A certain media agency defending. A dreamer. Who is a gang member. They were just so traumatized by the fact that. Deportation proceedings are underway. Will also address this issue of what has happened to Mike Flynn. And go into. What's going on behind the scenes. PGA media has a story. That this was actually engineered by bin roads. And you remember group and roads work for Barack Obama. First time on this program today I am very excited about the fact that Justin a mosh will join us to talk about. Civil asset forfeiture. And other things for that matter very excited about having him on the broadcast today. Let's start here. With this email. Which I think. Communicate something a lot of people out there are feeling Vince thanks for making a distinction between true conservatives and trumps supporters. I cannot stand how lives are so mad and up in arms after ignoring so many wrongs. Rot on the American people by Derrick got. That's who we have to move away from whether it short guy or their guy. We have to hold them all to task true conservatives. Have been marching by this man trip for years. You're so right. Just like Anthony Scully for thorough and transparent investigations. We've called for the same for many misdeeds like been Ghazi and Hillary emails. I heard the exact same words from our mounts and the Appleby from the lives then made me justice furious and I think what JD and Taylor's is saying is. We've got to be consistent. We can't just buy into this idea or this is quote our guy. And we're gonna go to bat for this person because that person's on our team same standards apply. Anne's we've got to be consistent. Do we believe in values to believe in principles. Or. Are we just cheerleaders. For candidates. A personality. That's the question. One other set of emails I wanna get too as well and follow up on this issue of a call from Anthony. And stalk abouts the Communist influence within our government. You'll be well you probably won't be surprised. By what was uncovered by judicial watch nearly two years ago will delve in that much mores always be elected to recover station it's 800. 347163. That's the Eagles advantage talk like number of comments since retirement plain text line 71 threes yours seven. The issue and to your selves. Thanks figures says it's. Vince were you thinking of calling Lindsey Graham an old tags. That's part of Greenville. Cattle follow through as something we were talking up next week. Truck better clean house and do a quick. Of all of the is Obama loyalists or he's going to have never ending problems. Vince I bet the 771. Yes votes for the union. 98% black votes she thinks well. Let's get damaged. There is the injury list and we have a troll back witness. Someone who drink orange Kool Aid. And I wearing brother shared text. Read today without Anthony calling is a good day. Think so. The two senators she referred Q I called Beavis and Butthead. That is from rotten. Lindsay cannot talk right now he's having problems breathing. Do the two affected John McCain stopped through fast. And I will not read the rest of this I think you get the idea. We will delve into that just bit share a couple of emails. These are in response. To entities called and he was expressing his concern about. These questions that have been raised about Donald Trump's business dealings and those of his associates. And their potential connection to. The Russians. Now. I don't know. Where all of this goes and I am not sure. What information is out there. I remain an agnostic on the easy issues. If it is determined if it is revealed that there are some problem there I certainly wanna hear about this when there are some facts. I'm not interested in just hyperbole. And it's a lot of hyperventilating. If there is something legitimately concerning. I would be concerned about it. But on the same token. Frankly I'm more concerned about those subversive right here in this country who have been elected. We have what amounts to Communists rate here in this country in the US congress. We really do. Trevor Loudon has addressed this issue accurate arm in the name of the book. But I ate the bogus so huge. I'm probably a quarter of the way through it I mean it is huge. And the things it reveals about members of congress and their love affairs. And I mean that. You know symbolically. We have Communist dictators. And thugs all around the world it it just it will blow your mind. The average American doesn't know the average liberal does not know. How far off the reservation these folks are and frankly they don't care. Because they seem to be in agreement. With knee is the wave comes across. A couple of interesting emails from anti. He raises this question. Where is Anthony when Hillary gave Russia a reset button. And Obama was flexible Obama pulled the missile shield from Eastern Europe. Obama told Romney he was crazy about his position that Russia was our number one geopolitical adversary. What was worse than that. Did he make some snide remark something the effect. During the debate. The 1980s called one of their foreign policy back. You know and it was good for a laugh. You can't have it both ways Anthony. Emailing on an unsecured server Obama and Hillary. Exposing security info to the Russians hello Anthony hello if trump is guilty of treason Obama and Hillary are of high treason. Let the trials began. And he had this from another email Vince affected and they act like he didn't know you were talking about Obama's many ties to Communist. Like Frank Marshall Davis. And there are some. I do not know whether this is true or not there's a whole book. That is written to suggest that Frank Marshall Davis could actually be Barack Obama's real father I don't know we do know. That Barack Obama's acknowledged that this guy was a mentor. Simply read Obama's two books and he says. The only time Obama was conflicted in this life is when the Russians were fighting the Islamic Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. Which side to see support obviously. Because you know it's what was IQ. This man is never found. Radical Islam six. Then he is not pandered to in some way. In some form. And we have this I want to go back into the archives because very often. We are people who do not remember history. You bend history from. A short time ago as in nearly two years ago. I came across this piece from judicial watch. Judicial watch June 22 2015. FBI files document communism in Valerie Jarrett Gerri it's family but we just ask you question. And I and I just putting this out there and I'm not picking on and the do you understand. I'm I'm not my point is not too. Impair issue anything like that I just. In a broader way. I raised the same kind of questions and I know that there are some people can get kind of kooky witness. But there's another documented information for instance about the clintons and comedy mysterious deaths that have occurred around these people. And I've asked the question before. How many of you have had this many mysterious deaths around view. If you have let me know because I would love to stay away from you. What I would ask a similar question. About communism. How many of you. Within your family within your circle of friends. Have connections with people. Who are Communists. Family members. And this gets really bizarre win you have a confluence of on number of people influences like this who just happened to all come together within the same administration. What a coincidence. Do you think that's coincidence if you do. I need to sell you a few bridges. Here's what was uncovered by judicial watch. The FBI. Has files revealing. That the dad maternal grandpa and father in law of president Obama's trusted senior advisor Valerie Jarrett. Were hard core Communists under investigation by the US government. Hard core Communists. Jerry it's dad pathologist. And by the way. Those of you not familiar with value Valerie Jarrett she was basically. She was the top advisor. To Barack Obama. Jared stab as the pathologist in geneticist. Doctor James Bowman had extensive ties to Communists associations and individuals. His limp the FBI file. Indicated this in 1950 Bowman was in communication with they paid Soviet agent. Name Alfred stern who fled to Prague after getting charged with espionage. Bowman was also a member of a Communist sympathizer in group called the association. In tourney is and medical students after his discharge from the army medical corps in 1955. Where did Bowman moved. He moved to Iran. To work. According to Bowman's government file the sushi rationed. Of interns and medical students. Is an organization that has long been a faithful follower of the Communist Party line engages in un American activities. Bowman was sport and Washington DC had deep ties to Chicago. Were often collaborated with fellow Communists. Judicial watch also is to obtain documents on Bowman from the US Office of Personnel Management. Showing the FBI was brought into investigate him for his membership at a group that follows the Communist Party line. The Jarrett namely Communist ties also included business partnership. Between Gerri it's maternal grandpa. And stern. The Soviet agent associate with her dad. Jerry it's brother live burden Jarrett also another big time Communist. Chicago it pisses I think about this for a moment you've got two sides of a family. Communist. You're telling me this is coincidence. For a period Vernon Jarrett appeared on the FBI's security index it was considered a potential. Communists CeBIT sure. Who is to be arrested in the event of conflict with the union of Soviet socialist republics. There's much more on this in America to go into deeper into the weeds on this my pointy ears. We have had subversive people in this country in high positions. For years and frankly nobody including the mainstream media cared. And now they act like they care. I don't believe it and neither should you so we continue the Vince Coakley radio program. It's 1030. And we continue to broadcast you'd 30 minutes after 10 o'clock so I mentioned. Few minutes away we talking width just at a mosh for the first time. On the text line wilder friend here I have a question what are for Obama would let us borrow those buses they used to transport all the protesters around. With the illegals that are protesting. Eighty Mick lie there illegal. I say we start the world's biggest game of hide and seek. A bullet to bet the majority of those who voted yes to unionize are northern transplants you think. On the out Communist connections that I shared McCarthy's got to be spinning in his grave fast enough to generate electricity or I'm sure. It's an amazing what's happened to our country leaders that time. We had hearings on this. Now it's no big deal. Because. Fox is guarding the hen house. Did they give a darn about Bernie you know Bernie I love communism Sanders. Guy who honeymoon that Russia. Espouse the beauty of communism for forty freaking years before running for president. It's kind of crazy is it. Also on the text line year. There's no difference if you supported investigation of Hillary Yuma support investigation of flair and only a tip from group would disagree. Anthony was raped. And no disagreement there. I see. If there's any living members of the McCarthy family and I think we had a test him investigating and holding congressional hearings. And then. Which around a ball suspected Russian commie sympathizers create a blacklist what do you think d'antoni. And JFK was about stamping out communism. In it was a Communist who killed him. Also. One how many Russian ties to Democrats no way. Been speaking of Obama's background I still haven't seen a good explanation of why Obama has a Connecticut Social Security number. Why isn't this is a big deal highest ship Duncan about it. Just said the three numbers aren't always indicative of where you report but it is related to where you applied the number. Obama never lived in Connecticut it's really strange. What else do we have here in the text line Vince arguing with liberals like playing chess with a page. You can be the world renowned chess champion pigeon. Would knock over the game pieces. Group on the board strut his stuff. Play opulent on the winner. That's great and house. That's a pretty clever way to do it is. That last segment I'm Valerie Jarrett in the left was one of the best segments you've had a long time really. Please stick to the issues that really matter. I would rather hear more about how to defeat the left and look Republicans than I would hear about. How. Donald Trump may have some controversial issues he is our president. It's time we back him and all the would mean that totally agree. We need to have a united front against the left most importantly now against our president he isn't perfect this the best chance. We have had as conservatives in a long time may be the last one fight but left. Neat I B am interest in fighting leftist ideas. And and fortunately this president supports some of those. Big government ideas. So. Any case. Getting illegals make ice his job any easier just sharpened their protest and round them up. And you probably heard about their plans you. Disappear. So they can have a day of impacting the world by not being around. Well. Someone saying here that's perfect we need more of that. One day without immigrants. Boy that's pretty strong would necessarily recommend that but hey. That's not my opinion that someone on the text line. 43 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock I want to quickly get to. A couple of nominations and what's going on here. One of them was yanked yesterday. And that is the nomination. For and troop producer. Or actually punter he is the man who. Was reading. Actually to be labor secretary problem as he said a few issues. And as a result he withdrew his name yesterday. He owns the hardee's and Carl's junior fast food chains he faced fierce opposition mostly Democrats. Part related to his position on labor issues. As wells the fact he is. A person who employed an undocumented immigrant housekeeper. One of the problems that happens here. Because Republicans have the votes. Is we have Republicans start to withdraw support. You've got a problem occasional have a margin. For a except for about 23 votes you swinging to Republicans three Republicans. And the nominations dad. And mr. poster certainly saw that the writing was on the wall and pulled the plug. Another person. I hope. Will not be in danger. It appears that he may be OK for now although the vote may end up being 5149. John McCain has announced make more rainy. Is not a person he can support. He is going to oppose Mick more manes nomination to be the next director of the Office of Management and Budget. Because of his record of supporting cuts to military spending. Really. He's that I believe we must rebuild our military while the same time putting our nation on sustainable long term fiscal path. We can and must do both. Unfortunately congressman Moby and he has spent his last six years in the House of Representatives. Pitting the national debt against our military that is pure nonsense and John McCain. That old crude belongs in an old folks well I don't mind saying that I've said for years. And it just ticks me off that those folks in Arizona didn't have any better sense than the return this old Okie. Back to the senate for another six years what's wrong with these people. Well hopefully make over any will make it. And we'll see him do what he does best on fiscal issues much more as we continue. I'm Vince Coakley radio program what are your thoughts year about John McCain. Like I would be surprised 803471. Is 63 excellent 71 threes here are seven. Comfortably thinking greats. Vince says it quiz me today and the day in history. But he thought while it's going to be a great day rates. I miss I've been enjoying distracting you off there so maybe you for it. Good drive very good drive. This is tough list I will warn you February 16 27 team. Big birthday for. My second son today. Affect earnings seventeen. And a time is that what you call and second fund does not have a name IQ you don't. There are reasons I don't like to put. The children out in public. All right I until May I completely understand houses about one yet that's the only reason we're ready for the same reason for the longest time I never mentioned my last name on here. There was a request bottom line. Understandable. Understandable I tend to make people angry on occasion. And sometimes you may notice some times FaceBook site will make reference to certain child that will remain nameless. A sometime I referred to a the idea of protecting the guilty. So anyway. 1923. Is our very first two. This was discovered in 1922. And opened. February 16 1923. He was discovered in 22. But it was opened in theory on was an open via. Indiana Jones. I knew this sounds like one of those things doesn't it it it does. It's covered in opened. You actually go and no I didn't look that up now you people they get island pan out the time they aren't the man. That's good that's good 1937. You putt threatens a new thread. Replacing soak in many applications what is this raid calls. Wow man people around her really don't get mad that I don't notice I give you hit if you need it on the go with on nylon. And you argue for two. That's pretty impressive man. Glances gonna get a trifecta here by eight and since it'll do that to me because I only Dutch you're gonna get the 19681. The nation's first system of this type was activated its emergency system. The system for reporting emergencies. In Haley bill. Alabama. Those what is your system emergency alert just wasn't DBS then now all my goodness I can absolutely. See here's the thing as as a veteran of radio I like I am. If you do that in there it makes it sound like Korea and I certainly would have mixes salad so yeah that was probably the act questioner who was screwed that one up. And unfortunately made this more complicated nature and so. Yeah because telephone was not mentioned in there anywhere I mean that would have been insured giveaway of course it's still. Yes that would have been helpful. What if you asked that question. And they fired I think he did it on purpose but you know you were so upset that I that I got the first to her a that you just threw me on the author when. All right. Since we're having fun here yesterday. Hype puts this story about the toward the end of the broadcast yesterday. And I'd noticed until after we were off the air and have a little incident the at Charlotte airport. Where a year was hit by a plate and I posted something about it and of course Alonso uses this as further evidence. As to why he should not fly. So. Going into it venture. Let's listen here's the thing you know. I think a plane hitting the do you wouldn't hurt applying. As an amazing. Actually cause the fuel leak nuts crazy so they had to. They lifted off is there already at going too fast stops lifted off. I circled around so that tower to concede when there's any damage and came right back in foam that thing up. That's why panel for money but it's cause some problems all afternoon because. Just blocking at least. The thing I'd be concerned about as being out in California. And I Hans solo getting back on a plane some debt did you see that he's actually been seen. Back at the airport again. After he. You know landed over plane onto that taxiway instead of on the runway now as I said yesterday you tell console. Now the way yeah like if I saw him at the airport or anywhere near the airport of the give I think I'll wait until he takes off. There there is no safe place when he's around though you know at the same places please let her out drag it so. Well in your case will anyone's guess it would be with him if you're with them in your good. With people are gonna get out alive. You say says here's the thing you want me to fly all fly with Harrison Ford. Oh no you footed challenge out there I need to figure out how. I can make contact with leaders and four. Yeah all right I don't know if you made contact or people I didn't think you could before there's no way you're doing meth. You should have never given me this talent and point him in order to reach out and see your fight can make this happen. It would be us. That would be as does. Can do this. Shouldn't you put on my tombstone Alonso died with console but soon. I don't think. The you have anything to worry about he's done pretty well so far. And it takes her by the way since I reckon lines has never seen a car that city deer. A names are bigger than cars people. My goodness are never too is coming up we're gonna have just that a mosh stories for the first time. Talk about asset forfeiture ends of the things as time permits right here on the Vince Coakley radio program news is next.

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