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Our average through the broadcast and you guys are really provide a lot of laps during the break of some your text that have come in and we were talking about the plane that hit the year. Until play into delicate creatures if they hit a groups they hit the ground. It's an actor and this at least you want to tune in radio network when you were talking about Hillary and Obama what their ties to Russia. I strolled back for my liberal coworkers to hear. And they said I should stop listening to conspiracy theories and fake news LO well. This spokesman's where we are this is sad it really years. We're at the point where facts and information really don't matter anymore it's all about your perspective. You embrace a certain perspective. You wanna hear things that a firm that. And it's if you. Are honest about it. I think we've got a lot of people in the country on. Many sides of the political spectrum. That really. Are seeking safe spaces. Where their ideas will be affirmed. And Harrison forward. Port said three FAA investigated accidents. This weekend will be four. No way I'm flying with him near them or even on the same cricket. Preference shares supported us over the difficulties. He is at. Yeah you can look it up present several incidents. You know especially at his age. And he's only I guess in the seventies but at some point. You really kind of wonder. Especially when I saw the quote the other day that he made about. That plane was not supposed to be under me was it. Like ha. That says the media. This. Investigation needs to be accelerated by the way I think you're taking nag completely wrong because that's. That's how he reacts to things he's kind of smarty. And it's you know if you don't that the really stupid. If you. You address. You want on by you Vince Coakley and me. Would respond kind of the same way you read it is a sense of humor thing is pitchers say yes I believe it's just the kind of break the tension of the moment when he's basically saying is oh crap like. That's what he says. Ed the approach we were eight I'm just. Were goodness. It's. By the way what are the reasons why this gotten further attention. Is because he. Is not going to be investigated for some time because there's there's apparently a backlog of cases for the NTS we'll look into. So there will be some time. Before. They really delve into it is just that you and just put this out there. Also with text line. This moment any more brainy has not had a stance against defense depending he's taken stands. Against defense spending waste in the contractors who abuse the taxpayers. Like spinning 200 dollars for a hammer. McCain must have interest in the east dealings he'll never make it another six years and good riddance. I'm just delete data load it takes to wants to know whether the year hit by the plane yesterday was named Rudolph. And why did the pilots he has written. Oh my goodness. What else what else could we possibly have here that's what's wrong with the Arizona is what's wrong with South Carolina. No viable candidates with a enough money. Slashed the GOP backing. Have been running a South Carolina. Alternative candidates to Lindsey Graham. Other techsters saying don't be too part of the people over zone of rescinding McCain back to the senate we have the same kind of recharge and South Carolina hints. Lindsey Graham. Guess we should ask the same about the folks in good ol' South Carolina who voted to return Lindsey Graham for six more years. I'm thinking maybe we should have to pass an exam on the voting records of incumbents before being able to vote. Unfortunately missed the voters in Arizona are old. Is this old house is who retired air McCain is there eternal golden haired beach boy. And other text are saying I think Lindsey Graham and McCain should be put into the nut hut. And another Wednesday the same thing to be too hard on. Voters in Arizona for sitting McCain back we keep sending Lindsey Graham and fortunately we live in a glass house. And we need to clean it just as bad as Arizona. It. I think that about covers. Where we are on the text line as we continue twelve minutes after eleven coming few minutes we will talk to Justin a much. I wanna get to this story before we go to break. Because something very interesting has taken place. Yesterday did you hear. Did you hear the news conference. The dollar from pads with Benjamin Netanyahu. Because there's a question raised about whether Donald Trump still supports. What is known as the two state solution now. You've probably heard me talk about this for quite some time because I'm not impressed. By all the administrations Democrat and Republican admin trend strong arm Israel. Into giving up land for some so called peace I think it's a it's a nonsense policy. Donald Trump actually said one state to state. Doesn't matter to me whatever these guys once. How's that for an answer can you imagine with the folks at foggy bottom. And the State Department are probably doing they are probably turning flips. In outrage. They cannot believe. What an aegis today. Well I think it's time to be open to some of the things because this two state talk has not worked. Over a series of deck over a period of decades folks. So wide we think it's going to work now. Land for peace. Purely misguided. Foreign policy. And I hope at some point. This whole strategy of pursuing. The true state policy I hoping it blows up it's it's really time pastime. John good morning welcome to the broadcast. They order are other rights you're good. Or airline pilot about it or all. And I actually notre board. Super hot guy very competent pilot. It's screwed up. And no doubt about that that a quick little airport other bury it and it's hard way. What are right one battle out what part righted the forgot that got way out there well there. That figure by. Or they're they are and what Bartlett shorter runway. That's what the general aircraft. There you go. I'd like that or bad. And there's a as well exactly right that extra one by the left. That is as long as yeah. There are a lot of actual convoy and very. I don't battle or how to battle if you'd been back that way or not. While he was not short final and but they're very quick thought on that one bubble likable they act like a particularly huge. I. Actually don't cry. It was their air play and applicable. Pack the hole short of what are aware of and then after yet but the graphic crock overhead. Go clear. The whole sort order are right though they're like sitting there. So I think it will surprise the actual. Cluster at that it was done. And I'm surprised means. Yeah yeah well it got. It's so I'd like they're very prepared airports scroll up. It's not buying it because. College brought traffic out there. And dialogue or are there ought to correct that he got that the several opt out by our I can you have a lot to get. That was sort of a. Yeah absolutely a job and by the way I'm Cindy. Some information I'd love to connect with you. Vince at 1063 to know RG dot note do not commence at 1063. W org the dock. I send me an email that like to follow what with you on something so I appreciate that John. I knew better than to have him get his information lines ago. It's who you have Vince Coakley radio program every apple collected just that a botched it here it was 63 W or ID. And we can hear the broadcast year toward one minutes after the hour 11 o'clock a couple of quick stories we need to tell you about developing. Within the past hour right now. We can tell you that the senate has voted to confirm make more grainy. As head of the Office of Management and Budget that it's just happens. Make Albania has been confirmed. As been voted in and as the new head of the Office of Management and Budget very good news on this. Also. The labor secretary nominee the new one is going to be announced in the next hour. That is another development that is coming up. Very very soon of one of very quickly get to our guest is I'm very excited about having him on the first time on this program. Representing Michigan's third congressional district we have Justin a martian program good morning sir. Good morning thanks for me on. I first wanna go into this issue of civil asset forfeiture because this. Issue has come back up last week tell us your background of understanding on this. And why you wanna push ahead with legislation to outlaw. Well first I wanna they can rectum megalomania I mean he's a great choice for OMB director. And a great friend and are great liberty. Thai guy and we couldn't ask for better person and on besides wanna say that. But until the last of corporate share you know it's due process issue it's. Constitutional issue and I care deeply about civil liberties and I believe that. People shouldn't have their property taken away. Without. Being convicted of something. And that's what we have going on right now we have so blasted for overture. You people who are. Not even charged with crimes are having their op private property taken away because. As the police suspected may be involved in crime. And that's not how we operate as a country that's not consistent with our principles of the country so I think we need to stop it. You know for our constitutionally minded people like yourself and I would certainly put myself in that category. This is a no brainer one of the questions I have here is what kind of traction. Already just by you bringing up this issue among your colleagues. What kind of interest do you see in the subject. There are a lot of interest in the subject you have on the right and on the left and I think it's one of those areas where you can get bipartisan support. To reform the last support for sure I mean I wanna go further I want to and debt. There're there are ready some reform effort under way we've seen Rand Paul push for reforms. I think we can go even further and and the practice altogether. People shouldn't have their property taken away without our conviction. They just wrong it's immoral it violates our competition. And you know try to I think we can get a lot of Republicans and Democrats on board would best. And people at home if you ask them about it once they learn about it. They're shocked to hear there are shocked to hear that this is happening and in Michigan where I'm from. You have law enforcement taking these asset stake in this property. And then. You know using it for their own purposes so. They are converting it into resources for law enforcement so creates bad incentives. What are the things I'm curious about here based on the comments from Dodd president Donald Trump last week do you get a sense of how he would. Act on this if you do succeed in getting legislation passed in the house and senate would he actually sign it. I don't know I you know when he made the comment the other day. I'm not sure he really understood what to the last of four perjury about. I think he had some. Law enforcement. Folks in there and I wanted to save what you thought they'd like to hear. So I'm not sure he really understood the issue and that's why he said would be dead. But hopefully as he learned about it eaten on having understanding that it's wrong and that people should have due process in this country. And that we shouldn't take where property rights I mean that's. That the foundation for. Liberty in this country capping property rights and respect the due process. Sounds pretty simple lie in the remaining time we have here and I and I hope you're okay with this I really like to talk about libertarian ism and there are those. Who have advocated for quite some time. A kind of partnership between conservatives like myself I would consider myself kind of conserve a supporter of conservative area and Hisham. And and the partnership and moving ahead and moving forward in a constitutional direction. Where do you think that movement stands right now with the Republican house Republican senate and a Republican president. I think it's a little bit divided right now because. President trumps brand of republicanism is not really within the libertarian or constitutional conservative round. So he you have different sort of thing more of national populist. Sort of republicanism with Donald Trump. And I think that's really divided the community it's divided consular conservatives and libertarians. You have some libertarians like me who have been critical of the president on a number of issues and you have a lot of other conservatives to like what the president join. And Saddam are willing to give him more leeway on some of his. Actions that you know I would argue are slippery slope or threatening to our constitutional system. So I hope that going forward we can unite and and agree with him when he's right and disagree when he's wrong and work together because it's. Did the real coalition going forward is between libertarians and constitutional conservatives. That should form the basis of the Republican Party in my opinion. Because. That's where they're the principal. Line as it's done it's it's would those groups and you know we we need to have those groups strong. I could not agree with you more on this so we talk with congressman Justin a much. And this is one of the questions I raised now how where is the leadership I have admired you for quite some time we add. You know. A quick aside here actually met you at the capitol building introduce myself back when I was a candidate back in 2014. But I wanna. Point this out because it's you talked about the division that's taking place year. What is necessary to bringing this coalition of people together I'm very excited about groups like the freedom caucus. What needs to take place to to bring together cohesive. Not only group of people but a message. Over the next few years. What's gonna require some independents. You know it's easy to come to Washington and get swept up in the emotions of the day or get swept up with the euphoria at having Republican control of everything. And then just start dismissing. Every criticism. The administration or criticism of Republicans in congress has some kind of left wing attack. When actually there are a lot of things distill criticize and be concerned about and I think it's gonna require a libertarian constitutional conservatives to stand up and say. We're going to stick our principles. Regardless of who's an office regardless of who's in the White House or control the house in the senate. And if if we can do that then we can be a formidable force and the house freedom caucus is one great example of that. Where you have quite a few libertarian minded individuals along with a lot of constitutional conservatives. Working together as a coalition and we're standing up for what's right here. And I think that if we can stay strong we can have a huge impact on the direction of congress in the direction of laws in this country point forward so. We have to make Iannetta maintain our independence and after the election I was a little bit nervous about it. But I'm seeing more and more of my colleagues stand up and and do the right thing in his brother principles. I certainly hope you're right just in a much great talking with you and for a lot of great things from my idea our mutual friend Thomas Massie. And we look forward to donate that I had while I appreciate that has signed greetings back to him for me. Cairo thanks for coming on the program let's talk again soon sir. Yep thanks so much care. Just in a march representing the third district in Michigan. And it's I'm encouraged by this conversation. Because I eat. I just believe it's so necessary. For us to make sure that we hold. Firm on the east principles. And bringing together its large coalition as possible. People who are committed to the constitution whether they're conservatives. Whether they are libertarians. Let's not throw away our values. 803 for 71 a 63. Excellent 71307. What are your thoughts it's 1130 news is next. I just sir you are aware. Donald trouble hold a news conference 1230 today one of the things that happened there. Is. See okay. What are things will happen for find out who his nominee will be. To replace the nominee. You withdrew yesterday for labor secretary will find that out I was looking to see what Paul Ryan is talked about she has a live news conference now by away. I was planning to go into this today and no fly will anytime but the general idea you've heard me make this point. There's a lot of things bogging down the congress right now. The senate this trying to get these nominees approved there they've been a little slow they've been bogged down by the Democrats. Delaying this as much as possible. I'm not a big fan of rain Coulter. But she has an interest in peace that she's written. About how the congress has basically fallen down on the job. And I think there's some validity to this one case in point she's mention how many times they voted to repeal obamacare. And now they can't figure out what to do about Obama care. They knew back when. The vote didn't matter. Now they can't figure out what to do. To make some very valid points. But I would suggest to miss Coulter this was about one of the reasons why people like myself. Have been saying for quite some time. That this cannot be just about the presidency it also has to be about the house and the senate. And unless you believe in a dictator ship. You will not get the change that needed in this country. You will not without the house and senate. So if you elect morons. Like most of the people occupied house and senate. And you think Donald Trump is going to fix all of this injury in some sort of swamp. You are definitely drinking some tainted who late. So when the reasons why you appreciate people like Justin a much. People like Jeff Duncan Mike Thomas Massie. The problem is there aren't enough of them. And you have an agenda that's being driven largely. By people don't even believe in much of anything there's a great text in fact I want to go to the text line there's some great items year. Vince is a great phenomena and phenomenal so called judges and low life lakers are finally getting the recognition they deserve so beautiful. Someone wants to know what you do with my favorite weather girl Jennifer which he ski all the problem is that she's gonna have some time off. What you believe in that. Venture bust my chops were calling some of your guests status. Your guest today is not a status when it pretty clear except maybe in your mine and walked into the philosophical libertarian light. Vince I believe the greatest threat from poses the damage inflicted on the Republican brand which will drive greater numbers of young voters to the Democrat party. There's a real danger that is it. Tropic shrinking Republican tent leaving a very hard core right a hard right core which will not be enough to carry the next election. Well that remains to be seen. Thanks for having just to not I'm a huge fan or just in a much. That's a just call the governor's office spoke to someone and told them I'm very opposed the increase in the gas tax bank queue for sending me the phone number. Very glad to do that and let me remind you again if you want to contact tour. Your state house or senate member CA LL just takes 71 threes are seven CA LL. You'll find out who you need contact also. GOV. That same number 713 jurors seven. And in the word GOP. You can contact the governor's office and further steal his spine. Two if necessary put the cup by a shot any legislation that raises gasoline taxes. Here's my favorite text so far. I know it's not likely but I personally would like to see the country in depth as a Republican verses libertarian two party system. Would that not be awesome. That would be uninteresting. Scenario. Very interesting scenario. Our conversation earlier about the mishap. With a plane in the deer. Come on and Suez a bit and a strange big city in turn wrong into a one way street. Fort snapped through. Was the same. Times ten. At this if what else do we heavier events have you seen Ireland once to include aggressive nationalism as hate speech doesn't surprise me. Not release it. Not in the least bit. Good news events. Only two years ten months. In the 20/20 election battle crank up again goes without saying Democrats will be loaded for bear. And have even greater numbers of university brainwashed young people gee I can't wait. Very scary. Also someone talking abouts difference when Arizona and South Carolina Arizona does not have open primaries like we view they have semi closed primaries which means if you registered to a party you must vote. And that party's primary. But independents can vote in either. Ours are opened so we can vote in any primary that needs to end. Yes it needs to end something to work on. 803471. A 63 text line 713 jurors seven. It is 1145. Can you believe it just a few weeks ago we were talking about this amazing thing that it happened. The idea of McDowell at 20000. You know. It's now pushing for 21020596. Down fifteen points right now. Course the Dow's up right now. But everything that goes up at some point probably comes back down this where your retirement savings are right now in Wall Street. Let me encourage you. Now is the time we need to talk folks at the prospered group they countries safe money strategies. To take you out of the Wall Street casino they give you a much safer. Reasonable rate of return. Learn how you create a pension like incomes are neither of you has to worry about out living your retirement nest egg if your spouse passes away. You don't lose any benefits. And you be able to maintain continuity of income helping you to remain. Financially stressed Fareed but also teach you how to leverage for diaries century tax reduction strategies. And how to maximize. Those Social Security. Checks that will be coming in later. Don't put off make the call now to the prospered group four free consultation. To learn about safe money strategies with a reasonable rate of return phone numbers ninety nines are 176. Prosperity based right here in the up state visit their website my money is safe to come my money is safe dot com. Back on the tech slide bits are heard the other day part of probably obamacare. Some don't wanna give up the taxes they are collecting. That is from geo. He that would not surprise me in the least these folks they love their tax system. Trump the daughter at the Republican brand establishment are listed that long before trump got in. Voters dips and those same swamp lizards back to congress. We have no one else to blame but us yeah unfortunately. And and I would just clarify. These are not contradict contradictory thoughts. I think both are true I think trump damages the Republican and and I think the establishment. Damaged the Republican brand I think they're both different versions. They are both her versions of republicanism. And and I see that with a small are there are versions. And you don't correct something it's perverted with another perversion. So. But I like your bottom line here which is really important. You know we were the ones who fallen down we've done it again. No matter what we've done with trump no matter how that turns out. You've got to congress made up of largely the same people. See how well this works out. Libertarians philosophical because they support marijuana. We need more of that to stimulate a lackluster product. That'll do some stimulation of some sort. Here's a clever idea why can't we can surgeon general to declare McCain and Graham siamese twins. Let them have one side one senate seats Arizona's. And that frees up arts. Agreed idea. Here's someone has a great idea to how to get lines that a fly. Although I don't know pressure put this out there won't be able to do it. To get lancet a fly need to treat him like Connie team knocked him out. Load them up wake him up after he's already in the air. All I can say is up food tries to do that. That's. I tell you about a yeah. You know and it's media liberal media is really good at this you know how they're good sob stories I told you. In one particular car I've been tormented by listening to NPR times. But actually this is that a good experience because it's helped lead to. Find out. The all of the nuances of what these people reported. And there are biases is pretty amazing. Let me give me an example Washington times has exposed this particular story. Immigration groups demand freedom for illegal immigrant gang member. No I'm not making this up this is a real. Immigration officials. Said their detaining illegal immigrant dreamer. Oh boy. That's really loaded now we're talking H Roemer. Because it is gang ties sparking a new round of protests remember get immigrant rights groups I hate that race. Immigrant rights groups. Is if anybody has any rights. To immigrate. Anyway. It's a president trumps braking is on promises by trying to deport the young man because he's a dreamer. The guy's name is Daniel Ramirez. He has picked up by ice agents late last week. He was granted a temporary deportation amnesty by President Obama under his 2012 policy known as deferred action. For childhood arrivals were dock up. Now let's pause just for a moment. Who made this decision. It congress vote on this was a state law. No this was an executive decree. By Barack Obama. Frankly from a constitutional standpoint it's not worth the paper that it's written not. It's trash. But I digress. So here's what's happened. Ice officers took mr. Ramirez in the custody based on his admitted gang affiliation. And risk to public safety. Immigrant rights groups have complained about. Mister Ramirez's arrest saying is the latest evidence mr. trump is trying to make good and his promise to oust illegal immigrants from the country. Does the phrase gang member mean anything zero. I'm serious folks. Here's what they're demanding. Daniel must be given his freedom now. I can't believe I'm reading this. Greece or Martinez. Directory united we dream under Trump's America know what is safe Donald Trump or Republicans months. Say in no uncertain terms Taka recipients are safe. So even if their members of gangs. These folks are going to go to the wall for them no pun intended. The group to rally to protest every immigration enforcement action hoping to bloody mr. Trump's knows. And head off an escalation later. They sit mr. brought Obama promised that those approved under his dock a policy would be protected from deportation. And would be granted work permits. Entitling them to driver's licenses. And taxpayer benefits. But approval was always discretionary. And Homeland Security said retain the right to go after targets. And said mr. Ramirez became a target because. And I say it again. His gang affiliation. Folks these these groups have lost their ever loving mind it's. They want us to be subject to gang members in the country. Sometimes you really can't make this up. Really can't. Don't forget to present from news conference coming up at 1230. We're back tomorrow have shows a great day and got bush take care.

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