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Feb 15, 2017|

Shadow government; Outing of Flynn; Governement leaks; Beer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As it does it is precisely my purpose in being here. Welcome back our number true all of the upstate most listened to afternoon talk show thank you for making itself unfair and totally. Unbalanced. And nine great to have you on here is valued join me this Wednesday NBA part of the conversation. Angles advantage chalk line number told free from anywhere urged 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text line number is 71307. And my email address is Bob and 1063 WL our data about the out. Ongoing question of how which brew. Would be on most American. Money penny came up with a a bit of research data forest. The Coors Brewing Co. which attacks your city switched you from but. Chorus were and after an error on their immigration and consumable. The Coors Brewing Co. is a regional division of the world's third largest brewing company the Molson. Coors Brewing Co. until. October 11 of last year operations in the United States worried joint venture with SABMiller. Which was called MillerCoors. DGE Yang Ling and son is the oldest operating brewery in the United States. Established in 1829. That was that was even after Anheuser-Busch yeah is one of the largest breweries by volume in the country based on volume sold. In 2015. Which I guess its most recent year available so there. Okay. In on the tax line Bobby Clarke price the Greenville officer's attorney. When make a great gas days ago lawyer specializing in. Government liability etc. can give your listeners a good perspective on litigation against a law enforcement officers. In this politically and racially charged time. We find ourselves living appreciate the suggestion thing. Bob that meant a mom the individuals who leaked information about general when need to be fired and told to seek employment and where else. Any dread and private sector all know. Bob can you clarify for me exactly when Russia became our enemy again. And why would we not wanna have good relations or at least talk. With one of the largest and most powerful nation on earth. Passion. Bob never drank bud. Tastes like spoiled grapefruit juice somewhere old she will want these and PV are urged. Rule. Anybody not just talking about PBR's. Yeah drink of choice I guess her most favor when they first start with a receipt. At least and there was a time. When the first bear the German and non Muslim DVR. And I ended up by having one several months ago and god brought some out on the golf course and I have pretty god. Pretty good Bob why can't they Washington Post reporter be prosecuted for leaking confidential information. Good question. And I have a story related to that coming up. Bob what would Obama gained from forming. And shadow government some coalition you he was president for two full terms simple answer. Power. And control and of course when George Soros is money behind him. He's aged operating from not a position of strength but he certainly. Well funded. Bob we're witnessing a slow cool by the revolutionary. Left. Bob my dad when now Benjamin Netanyahu got to the White House today. Bibi was and left to sit and wait in the hall while the obamas had dinner upstairs. As Barack made him do in their first meeting. Bump up. I yet here we go Bob wow Anthony came out of his fetal position and stop sucking Islam long enough to call and. I needed yesterday. Bob I bought my first twelve pack of Miller high life because of that Budweiser to shore those Super Bowl. And Bob any Muslim is safer walking down the street. Then Avaya walk down the streets of New York City when they make America great again hats. I would have a better chance within one week of somebody assaulting me than any Muslim would end in a lifetime. Now Bobby Mack got a currently on dispensing wins my last cherry Coke as a goes down the drain even as I type. Williams. Out. Since. Bob these leaks must stop before there's some serious issue. Like maybe three Muslim Brothers working for Democrats on the intelligence committee and sending top secret data and a third party serve urged. Yeah exactly. Like that. Bobby the full Indio has Obama written all over it he and his many and still in the government. Two marginalized it has to be stuff. And does it doesn't end because even. Even people on the left. Are getting this is a big piece today. At. A website called the week. Dot com. Gentleman named Dave and a weaker. Wrote it. And he talks about Wheldon the headline says an all American spies. Anonymously took down Michael Flynn and. That is deeply. Worrying. And he begins the United States is much better off without. Michael forehand as national security advisor and certainly don't agree that the disguised this is a leftist is writing this subject. But no one should be cheering the way he was brought down. The whole episode is evidence of the precipitous and ongoing collapse of America's democratic institutions. Not a shot not a sign of their resiliency. Fo wins ouster was a soft coup. Or political assassination. The engineered by anonymous intelligence community bureaucrats. The results might be salutary. But this isn't the way a liberal democracy. Is supposed to function. And and of course nobody bothered to point out to mr. lakers and we are unconstitutional or if it will work if we were you liberal democracy. And the president was elected by popular vote the president would be Hillary Rodham Clinton. And she ate. Because for a constitutional. Republic. Unelected intelligence analysts worked for the president not the other way around. Far too many trump critics appear not to care that these intelligence agents late highly sensitive information to the press. Mostly because trump critics are pleased with the result finally they say. Someone took a stand to expose collusion between the Russians and a senior aide to the present. It is indeed important that somebody now pointed this out. But these are unelected unaccountable. And people in the intelligence community they are not the right someone. Especially when they target a senior aide to the president. By leaking anonymously to newspapers. The contents of classified phone intercepts when the unverified. Unsubstantiated. Information can inflate possibly fatal damage almost instantaneously. The real story here. Is why there are so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington. Now president trump trading on tweeting. Will be easily XP Hayat happening a side deal on North Korea and it goes on from there but this is a guy who comes from a position left who at least. Is fair enough to point out. This is a truly dangerous situation not to mention another aspect of this. That. That there has been totally. Vanished. Out from the media. Why in the world through these weeks now all the Russians. And everybody else including. And diplomatic personnel. In Washington DC and New York as well. Now know. Their phone conversations are being listened to. This is this is like Obama. As saying night he would yell we're going to an emotional. You don't tell your enemies torture going to do an advanced. And it's forty portrayed craft. Well look do the Russians on the others assume. They shouldn't say much on the telephone of course later. But now they have confirmation. That they are actually being listened to you by our intelligence agencies. So they gonna say anything worthwhile in the future. What do you think. Sixteen after four here in the Bob inaction take a quick break here than we come right back. And now we'll go to the phones for the first time here on Wednesday as well here on the bunny match you know on 1063. WL RD. Great to have you along me Wednesday afternoon edition Bonnie Mac show and on my text line guy Bob Milo those outdoor guys springer is a hoot. I you're correct he has the boy is not right. Did because he goes without. I'm Bob mother in general might ought not finding him a bunker got occupied for awhile when he at well let me put this way. If he's walking down the street to Washington DC and the sun is shining. And somebody approaches them from the other direction who has Slotnick features and is carrying an umbrella. I you know like China and as the F poison dart in the tax. Now Bob one I drink sodas and has to have booze and had so good old check cola works or may. Okay. Mobbing when I was in Vietnam and a mobile river green for Suisse to come in from the field and we're given Budweiser beer. It came in steel cans then they were always rusty. I hated and it never drank but again chuck ample Alex X. Message received and understood. Russia Bob should impose sanctions on the US for hacking Barry Gallup. Bob how about a little rendition. For these reporters until they give up the sources of air leaks we don't have many black sites and more on our intentions. Bob what's the old saying loose lips sink ships. And to. Bob Obama will break the Soros bank of reelection in any thing to keep his narcissistic. Self in the news. I'm Bob SABMiller is south African brewery so America should avoid Miller and Coors also. From must champ. And more thank you share. Bob Bob I'm sorry to tell you this grandest these sound bite and commercials ballad you out be more phobic. American on that Bobby game wing is my beer of choice is good stuff. Now Bobby Mack PBR it don't get to know more American than that. Got to the phones we go let's let's handle Lorenz and bring in now Mitchell who also want to comment and chime in on the beer controversy. Welcome to the show match. Yeah I don't bother him out glad you're all doing good. Thank you sir it's it's good to be back and in. Moderately good health. Yeah why nor should our embargo and get all the get old they contained in the take awhile to get rid of. It's getting old is definitely not. Person's race. I'd like to trick carpet airplane you know I'm a graduate from Scotland and I don't know any city. The NCAA brewery says the law Uga Uga. And they got dictate some beer and all that other structured they're quite water. You know well Jerry Lee Lewis signed about it cried. Yeah that you let me know of fact I. I'd I'd complained about are called in what kind of okay. We're going to fire in this spirit the forward called Milwaukee at their premium. And then all of a sudden. It didn't show up paying more cargo going and you expect it was some kind of logger lite beer and I try your site print the warm yeah all up and this that oil where cork or sugar. From Milwaukee they must be combined age tomorrow. That they stop buying it collided like effect politically rather trying to cut out. I'm alcohol content McCain. Hi and I got black. I could metro electronic didn't military what you. Right we're going urged government military nor torn horn could our current streak to beer yeah the near and dear stuff yeah. Yeah and so well it is drink more virtual. A I'm old enough and and and I'm gonna make up a leap of faith here and assuming maybe two meant remember when cooers wasn't even sold. East of the Rockies because they they yeah they always had it chilled it was always colon and no way to keep that refrigerator and all the way from. From the brewery. Just say Philadelphia where more I want to. Yeah yeah that your I remember that because. I've got a couple session doable and Colorado and my February 1 started. I went there and you're in benefited a veteran in my his debt was formally known beyond. However there thinker. Restore and going oh yeah cool but yeah they weren't allowed they are allowed the dollar he's stepped it could be ya that's right and and I think a lot of awards and all these other breweries around. He couldn't accept it didn't want them you know come and enter a market. Your hand and want the competition you're right I misspoke and said he should Iraqis I meant to say east of the Mississippi. Yeah I don't wanna like loud note shortly up there and cultural. Tour. I don't know if you ever black beer you know it made up their own government Carol. And we go at least going to bargain with gay mayor bowl black label a. Now a friend of mine what we years ago 19 I was working him briefly and not in the record industry and untoward or Capitol Records. Guy that was C on March it manager went on vacation out to they went to ski and in Colorado on their. I am at after skiing there are in this little club and haven't drank haven't beer and another couple was at the table. And can't remember the name of the there's somebody out there now for this from my Detroit where Romero but it was a Detroit beer. And he said have you ever had done a and so and so beer and yes and no I've amongst friends and I never have once he stated so we ordered some name they brought her over Ernie drank it. And nascent what do you think and my friend said man that taste like well you know make up your own right are. And and the guy laughed and he said that's my brewery. Boortz well I knew he was not very diplomatic in his review of the beer but at least he got it free. Yeah yeah. They're there they're not they'll bring up you know always commercials come on TV now that. Bashing me you know the child administration. Are run. All actually going public surely shot of the day. I just before Bob. Valentine's Day hallmark compared commercial long gone now. And he got up in orchard or not but. They're very old are shown different carton and ensure that the two got a yes. You know I don't want. Yeah I should I argued why hallmark why I have courage anymore. I thought I dare not I don't get the whole concept won at least one of these people. Feel as if they have to do on display some kind of social conscience in their ever want to just talk about how good their practice. Yeah I mean they aren't good good card they are still prepared to put some hard that I'm pretty terrible rupture ridiculous. I'll do just that occurred there didn't I I don't hate I don't hate gays or whatever but I can say what they do. Sure they'll bow and all but I don't pet collection to a short commercial. I wish I can remember the name of that beer and the only thing I remember about it as a they advertise it as fire brute. Yeah whatever that means. Yet. He remembered it never had beard came out of our unit shortly so bear shot no I'm just out. The other little bears her name out bear a terrible. Bear's name now and illustrated. Yeah artillery. Not a competition were short expect them right. Sure it shouldn't blast. Early going good. Arab member of the house Nam war Greg good tell identity image I appreciate to tell you have resulted in a good Wednesday afternoons at 430. Here on the body and actually take a break for news any standing by and then Bob and above that shall be right back. Yeah that's set. Actually when I was thinking announced that. Lea company fire glued stroh's. Beer. And Detroit and now Mike. My friend from my Cleveland. And this is out there I'll brace. And only ashes ember Irish try AM stroh's bearish and none on in the know think I have. Is that where every a couple of her name and got one and David a should. How do you like that and my friend much tastes like. Well I've I can't repeat on the radio. Precisely what he says that it tastes like gap. No I mean and and the guy the other guy laughed. Any send my name is what Irish are shameless stroke and not and that's that's our brewing. Originally he laughed about it. The yeah a number of techsters now remembered that now fire brood stroh's beer. Fire brute yup. And it and and really once they'd be used an open flame. Texture said. Stroh's brewing company a beer brewery located in Detroit common in Europe before World War I the fire brewing process. It skipped on fire brewing process uses a direct flame instead of steam. To a heat the candles that deck contain the beer. Bobbie the beer on the bear beer. Say that three times says their beer the bear beer your collar was talking about a believe was hams. Six back for twelve sentenced each bring her back in the days and again still remember that. Another one cans of beer from Minnesota they have the bear mascot. I know because they sponsored a dragster. A guy dressed for a bear. A month starting block I think. It's great marketing. You just don't see that kind of marketing anymore yeah I remember and and they were they used a bears an animated bear in their TV commercials as well. Bob well one thing I've learned today you have a lot of drunks tuned into a fast. Bobby whatever you do to stay away from the Costco brand Franklin. Tastes like bath water feels light Coors Light on ice. Actually much of a recommendation is that nothing but the highlight for me from my JC money thank you Casey. Bob drink or local craft Beers so much better than mass produced beer and helps a local economy from rich. Gotcha. Worship me I've had done. I just maybe half a dozen different album craft Beers usually we have when I am about that many craft beer. Manufacturers Euro brewers. A hearing green valley is about six or eight up you said at a dozen. Yeah well that number is way appeared on what is Aaliyah. Well as though the once and I've sampled and not pretty darn good Bob you're in the Philadelphia area you should remember iron city beer. Sure do. Because. Day when I was a WI BG we carried the Philadelphia Phillies baseball games. And iron city was one of the sponsors house. Bump up bomb. Bob hams of the year was my grandma's favorite and a bear on the K at them like yeah at the scale denial. About Bob Bob Bob do you remember false staff beer I do remember that when as well. I'm Bob remember smokey and the bandit hauling a load of Coors beer bootleg Gannett. I'm Bobby allow this on beer topic today remember we have the wild kingdom program and every scholar and enter the craziest nature stories. Such a nice break from all the rest of the new establish thank you appreciate that. Yeah out I'm mildly and remember that was the plot line for the original smoking in the abandon its true. Our goal Wisconsin guy. Referring to a previous count I just brew my own beer. I could do and any Sussman. Back in in his mind Dan bruise his own beer does he not are you back there and here. Dan still allow brewing his own stuff absolutely loves it is so much fun an obvious act crazy red Pelé real. Crazy name Beers says. West Coast radical red and I think you name got after me. If I thought about it but any of the blast. And and is it the likes doubts or is it done more. And it does like this but I think you were leaning towards the reds and apparently able sounded like chemistry it's really fun and. The mad scientist. At Newark and is a more off. Thanks and but think that catches me up when all of that. Ul one other kind of odd story from today I don't know if you heard this and not wait until springer. Pierce hears about this one I don't know tea hands are not. About the up plane taking off from around the airport in Charlotte. Passengers on a Mississippi bound flight out of Charlotte were delayed after an unexpected confrontation with wildlife. But not the wildlife you'd think here's colonel Scott. Report. The Federal Aviation Administration says an American Airlines plane struck a deer shortly before noon today damaging the craft. It happened as the plane was taking off the plane had to circle back to Charlotte Douglas international airport dumping fuel and approach. 44 passengers on board were taken off the plane and bused back to the terminal. There were no reported injuries the runway was closed as maintenance crews sprayed down the tarmac after a few week was found. Passengers were re boarded on another flight that left an hour later colonel Scott Fox News. Can you imagine the pilot now ladies and gentlemen I Iran countered. It is not turbulence on the runway there as we just took out a deer and protecting our. And they had to do a fuel dump. Not over my neighborhood police. I just flat out certainly dame would have done and when you think. In area. Distinctly un populated area. Rather than you know somebody some direction. They got the pool drained. For the with her. And that would be on that would be a perfect example of Michael Lane to law. Which simply put make claims the law is. Murphy was optimistic. This event and pat pat pat after an hour now and you must. Now for 4614. Before five here in the mummy my show on Wednesday. Some. MID a good idea that 451 here in the body Mac showing on the tax lined. And good afternoon mommy buy American Airlines a box of deer whistles. You wouldn't think you would need one in the cockpit and Evernote. Bob love not to worry about does somebody swimming pool company jet fuel. Fuel dumps are gone above 101000 feet and the fuel evaporates before it reaches the ground from George Ingrid thank you George appreciate that. Good enough so essentially it's like burger. In answer to rein the polls that evaporates four to reach the surface. Bob does anybody remember way back going to GSP and getting a loaded at the lounge. I'm gonna leave that question who go on Bob I used to have a Beryl we is beard T shirt. At a picture of a barrel whizzing in the mountain stream where they breweries yet they're pure mountain spring water. Back counter advertising nationality Bob remember out Carlsberg. Carlsberg. Beer. What had to bear. Bob there's a bear beer from Denmark had it when I was in quad a lump who're. Took true when I went on to play golf one day drank one on the fourteenth all didn't need another it was 12%. Alcohol. Where my Jewish idea. Bob I liked stroh's beer when I was a kid from my conservative bank. Bobby I grew up in Winston-Salem North Carolina you might remember that show its brewery there when I was in high school used to go tour the brewery every week. And get free draft set the bar after work. Priceless certainly right now. Bob and I lived on the island and more to the supermarket we had a beer called stag admire it was in 99 cents for the six back. All the drunks would buy it like bush not his style. Oh yeah out rumors hams. From the land of sky blue waters. You gown that was there that was psychiatrist. Bobby Macs support your local moonshine here. Now Bob RJ rockers brown on and squirrel. Got you. Bobby ever had a blue moon beer yup yup they're good. To the phones we don't Scott is on he isn't Spartanburg and is next up here on the body matchup hi Scott welcome to the shell. You can't miss the pinnacle of your computer operators play here. Oh that's right here Billy earlier. Manny out our national bike manufactured by that famous brew Meister. The the brother the ne'er do well brother of slick Willie. Billy who manufactured debt did you ever have a Billy beer. We'll. Out it would want. Yeah and at and the operative part of that phrase would be one time right. There. Thanks I don't know what I. Kind. I'll. I think actually unfortunately. Inside more like a deer ash. But. I will see even springer probably as a hot footing it to Charlotte right now Joseph is up next season no Simpson now hello John welcome to the bombing Mac show. Above and this on that day. Tasted a beard clients don't remember what kind of or but I never try to go home we're so. I don't know today's subject is far from I don't understand him. And it. I'm may have I don't know that you miss that much. And detained the truth you know. We'll outside Yugoslavian problem and so thrown Howard to right yes no question about it now. This won't let you know can relate to judge people or will there. I got a Dyson the college operation let me quickly I get Mike in here. He is ingrained in Ohio Mike and welcome to the show. They fight back into it this initiative thank you. I'll get to local fare well total local knocked out that people cannot make here in the US is rather a beer or great beer. Ever up around the Burlington area they have of where there. Right up to the right and it sure they're built the new facility there are a great beer that. Somewhere Adelaide court used to be it can only they have to keep refrigerated even in the stores in North Carolina so when I go up there. I think you'll cooler to victimize them. Bring back talk. Yeah my brother outlives up in the golden triangle area around Raleigh. And national I'm not make trips up there on a relatively frequent basis and I've seen the brewer there I'll have to try something Gaza. That's that's good recommendation I appreciate it. Okay thank you bet thank you Michael Bailey good evening to you Greg for the news and then at 5 o'clock follies are on the way next.