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Feb 15, 2017|

Beer; Trump; Big brother

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Isn't just. Jobs now they're comfortable out. Maria left thinks is huge but the as you know where they had no judgment everyday amateur here we go getting underway with the fourth and final hour they have Bobby Mack show on this Wednesday. Al which has not gone viral. On with that 3.2 or sometimes substantially stronger. Beer has meant they brought her into topic of conversation. This afternoon here on the body Mac show and you're welcome to take part. I using the Ingles advantage talk line number it's told free from anywhere. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align 71307. And my email address is Bob. And 1063. WL RG dot com how do we get on this topic anyway today money penny and escapes me now. But it's it's gone viral and just like topsy grew. It was the end hazards bush all that's right that's right I was talking about the guy at the CEO of under armour. Who has been walking back his comments that were complimentary about Donald Trump. Because the left has been come on out of the woodwork and given a guy a hard times so we had to put out a statement today talking about how. They're against it trumps immigration policy and and I mentioned a number of times over the course of on the last several days. How so many of these businesses are now sticking their toe in the water. I'll bump I'm doing politically themed commercials and we talked about the Budweiser commercial of the wall. That played during a Super Bowl and and that it kind of has escalated. From there so to the phones Leon thanks impatiently waiting Mike is next up and he is in Inman hello Mike and welcome to the shell. A brother Bob are you that social so that. Equation there blunt. I'll let you know lose the beard beard that if you ever handed your entire lap and you have left current. In the sixties and got backed the left coast. As as money penny pointed out and I think it texture and mentioned earlier the best beer than I ever had. Was a free one. A. But but did he everything is much better for you in case. That clear that wasn't very popular back in the thick sheet would be an outlook. The world right look all of. Well yes. Yes and and you know what I did like that beer iPhone olympiad here which was really pretty good beer. It would it would bring it real strategic and what about playing I don't know anything about but I heard it made it known that your date with. The bop hope the plane Albemarle North Carolina what is that Alabama. The fact that blood as I guess requires some explanation. Those are the names of mime commandant. I hope. They have target niche in a lot but added that. Elder so there's a little. Who what are we collar sinks sweepers we got those. EL liners whenever they just says on the Bobby Mack show is a product of me Robert F and and hope McLean manufacturing company. Albemarle Carolina. Cassettes where my parents are from. What. Very very bears marker picked it. And they'll drop. You bet thank you sir appreciate the call and and my mom. And just passed away. Several years ago. I'm just a couple weeks before I believe her 93 birthday and my dad. As sadly passed way to very young she was only 49. So it's it's kind of my way of remembering them. I Jennifer is on the center and is next up here on the Bobby Mack show hi Jan how aria. And Bobby amber and they do yup do fine thank you. Her run at all at a cocktail. And it's about three LE walk in on the body and our flight to say that they waited they. And the second lady says no it hurt me and our light that Bob are you can't let that get the. Suits. Got a son so I remember the change they are growing network will be our yep you meant. More of an arm on our end but. In fact that 400 years to get a deal done strawberry Boone's farm by any chance or. Yeah now you know that was that was popular isn't out yet it strawberry heal up and I think yeah something like that that sounds right. I don't get it right away now with the thought not to worry about it then would. Time but it out it really would not a big bigger story but that's OK it's as I did you throw it or it or not. From the politics and and. All we're trying to do is is she we cannot hang onto the station's license between. Gotten back in the direction some of the stories that night Jennifer. My pleasure I pre K death like all this evening I'm Michael is next up and nine joins us via his mobile's phone NC a brits say. I'm Michael welcomed the shell. I. I want to talk about this car. Kathleen Russell. Our top ten. Jerry green bottle right off the cash. Or at issue here really. What you cannot. Beat him. To. Appear. What part of the country was this beer sold and Michael. Are. All okay. So it so you had to deep code like go like him. The out a little bit. Like a little. Hi my. Outlook pictures simple dictionary. Come vote on gotcha politics or Jack Welch our all check and Johnson right. And you were talking about what to actually straight hole. And I watched her cat. Stroll. Yeah out that it just I mean thin as water. I am not a not not good. Could not gonna. I'd I never thought I'd never heard of one that had at a picture grant so I just. It's sort of served as a test if you reach the point where you couldn't decipher the picture Graham. That that was what a subtle message that your dad and I left the op yeah. I bet. I got it guys like collaboration and that's great. Now Bob your welder friend here winning all these business owners realize they don't have to hide their support for trump. Hasn't LL being made more money from trump supporters via. Then I bought something else from am well for that matter bought out golf visor mount for from under armour today. Hasn't that singer's record rocketed up the charts since she wore that trumped dress at the grammys. If they back him we will back them. Bob I still have a bottle of nick or blocker beer unopened. I have no idea what to do. I would not say just drinking it. Just as an aside. Bob Bob my grandfather passed away. About past 320 years ago now and I here's another neck or bar and I found a king sized model maker blocker in a pantry quonset. The price on that 29. Cents. Meanwhile. Bob my good friend came over one day announced drink going to be area asked if I had an action when I tell him of course not. But I had plenty of beer if he wanted one yet that we're those emails in there. Couple of emails about the suit. This one this is from grand. Bob please ask your listeners to tell me where I can purchase original. Regular. Make a low beer I know they still may get. But I haven't seen it in our area in fifteen or twenty years it was my dad's favorite. And asked money penny to pull up an old Rodney Dangerfield Miller Lite commercials they were the best thanks Greg thank you Greg appreciate that. And this from up pat. Bob you know what's better than drew and your own beer. Having a next door neighbor who does. I often have to. Help them with his re search. Regarding various light Beers we refer to them as canoe. Beers. More specifically. We say they're like your hind end. In a canoe both. Are darn near water. Gotcha. Quarter after six or on the body matchup stated my break here and right back with a more as we proceed along here in the bonus hour on Wednesday. Be right back. Great to have you along here on this Wednesday evening at 621 now the bombing Mac show. In on the tax line Bob we called half and rapper had Rackers. I'm from mom Massachusetts as well use a description of their of that and probably can't compete on the radio. Now Bob keep your hands off my PBR by sky as quickly if you wanna laugh. Not for radio but funny. A Bob regular middle of beer has been discontinued. By the local distributor Erick former bud man dashed. I was a Boone's farm girl myself growing up in a good beer is called gobble and dark hailed by which would or with would. Tell your card check the line and more for medical world and Greenbrier. On Woodruff if they don't have they might be able to get it. Bobby is it still true that you drink beer because tequila will make your clothing fall off. So. May be something to that. Bob. I have a bottle of Billy dear. Catcher Bob if your her ever heard of red wolf. Red wolf I don't think I have. I'm Bob don't forget moose had. The moose is a loose. From mud from Jeff. Now Bob I remember one of the worst Beers ever made was Billy beer not sure the beer or the family. Left the worst taste in your mouth. Bob I love those fire brood stroh's about four of them would put your blanket in your watch pocket. Again only germane. Bob the FCC is supposed to regulate the frequencies not regulate speech now they do. In our member George carlin's famous seven words you can't say. Bump up Bob my my mom kept the same three cans are so I thought. A country club malt liquor in our for a huge. Who is the 1960s closet drinkers. But. Think that just about. Catches me out with a tax line. I don't know sorry Bob the best beer I ever had the last one. A Bob remember Foster Brooks made his career about beer he did. Now Bob I loved bad fraud gear solid SO LA yet I was hard to handle. For people it would messed you up. Now American beer who cares soon you'll be enjoying a fine taste of vodka if Obama's tends to go as he's planning. Bob Hartley beer was made for Daytona Beach bike week that's the only place I know than ever sold. Bob I Google that pornographic sounding beer the guy mentioned in the last hour is does exist. And I found another name crunchy fraud a logger. Okay. Bob when I was stationed in Long Beach in now 1968. For the US navy I've bought. Brutal 102 beer from the posting change. Eighty cents per six pack. And it was worth it. Act. And while we're not talking about they have various pairs one of those that folks mentioned Louis hams and here and I mentioned I remember their commercials as they had a bear. In their commercials and in this one now the bears some playing baseball. Yeah. Goran ice cold. Premium here. Great tasting. Him. And now the guy who is in there. And the guy who you know he's he's pouring of the year he's now the middle of nowhere by a wake. In Tony's a rugged outdoors tigers got a beard and you know flannel. Now the whole nine yards. And he's pouring the beer into a frosted mug. Middle. The wilderness. CIA and I also went on the tax lineup breaking news Bob. Just say well over two hours ago a Russian submarine surfaced in a heart well at these okay hundred Georgia. Stay alive probably looking for a PBR. Would be my guest. To the phones were yell let's bring in bill who has n.'s Barbara how bill and welcome to the show. You know you're doing good thank you. Committed. I would reminiscing about here we used to drink right that was in country in the sixties doctor. And he wouldn't dragon Peter yep. At least it's been a tournament. The local little count. That and played the it's aliens. And to make your way they make is that worker in. It was wasn't there that wasn't there a dragon on the label. Yet they realized yeah they did did did you did you drink would probably never know what you're gonna get at is it still makes it then they would root. And not. And I think you'd get water and when movies yeah. You might get treatment at one time in sixteen Mineta and there was no. Yeah and the and the sand the sad part of who was. We didn't care about it. Yeah that's about right. It's that's a great memory thanks I appreciate the dole bill. You're welcome for a guy that dragon air and a I Henry is on this evening and he isn't Andersonville hi Ian ray and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. I don't. Hey I'd like to put in a plug for our local Oskar blues they make a killer root beer and you need to hear. A little. I'll be different if the restaurant did I ever have. You know what now listen is this enough people that. Had never been to New Orleans are are known any of the locals in none in New Orleans as a college down there. When I was working at W I know we in New Orleans and now. This is back in the back in the seventies. I had a lot of local friends. And now they took me due to various places to have you know seafood because I am so much in jambalaya and crawfish and shrimp. And now what are we went to this little place that was by a Lake Pontchartrain. And and we got some appeal a medium shrimp. And they said. You know the waiters and what he wanted drank. And I was gonna get you know like some water beer or something and and the guys with me says none are you you've got to get root beer. Not to drink with that it was barks. Root beer. Part of it I'm out there and might break. There was some talk about. That that root beer with a taste of the shrimp and net and the sauce. On the Internet centered off perfectly it was really great. I had to tell you about my. My dad and my older brother but. Back in the day it was social graces were observed. By that was in the military gets posted to a new place and moved into town right and currently mired brotherhood about nine years old so there was a knock on the door my dad was busy agent and yet the door police and but can go lower open the door to local preacher come to visit compared to Monday it was in the neighborhood. And that. Yeah and invited him and I said that and the RN. The preachers William Young military bases Jimmy didn't want to hear bad news Jim says mayor. It's. I'm a little bit hard during its moons. And you know Israeli air tight but he's close what is it yeah yeah exactly like oh no doubt throw yeah. Mentally I'm great recommendation not to the on nutrition. And bounced out. And bumped is there a drink and bear yeah. Great thanks Andrea appreciate the call and not end and thanks for your service. Bump up. Bob good show stress relief from politics played out. I'm Bob was funny when rolling rock it was and bottles. Snuck into a stones concert fell out and broke at the gate going in gadget. I got Bobbie you guys forgot red dog made by Miller not too bad. Bob Bob Bob Bob my drink Miller 64 I caught my water beer 64 calories. But it tastes really good and the models. Bob Coble cold Beers from the buffalo area iroquois. Simon pure and black course. Bob Fred Sanford used to say he crossed cold 45 with ripple. And called it cripple. Yeah. And I better wood to 630 here on the mommy Mac show any standing by and a new senator right back with a last half of the bonus hour here on Wednesday. Oh. Welcome back great to have you along the closing half of the bonus hour here on Wednesday NAM interest charges on money penny rammed down. Had a whole lot of heavy lifting in here and we have messed things that the the president's nominee to be the secretary of labor mr. Posner. Has now withdrawn. Because in addition to while the other attacks and a band now landing around his head and shoulders from the past couple of weeks now it comes out that he had no legal. Working in his house sold and certainly the Democrats ought to be able to recognize that I show we flash back in 1993. Anybody remember when slick Willy President Bill Clinton. Followed you to listen to make. When he nominated a outweigh name's Zoe Baird to be the attorney general. She had to withdraw her name from nomination when it was learned. She also had illegals working in our household and then shortly thereafter. The president nominated deli named kimbo would end. To the federal bench and she also had to withdraw for the same reason so I guess that. Panel was so why the Democrats figured they take a look in that direction. Not in all attacks aligned 71 threes are examining Bobby Mack a major tax line has not been useful for a long time. Beer will make America great again. EA. And I knew we'd get at least one like this Bob all the damage alcohol brings 50% of crime has linked to alcohol countless innocent lives. While student dumb drunken driving. Yet everyone ignores that and Justin book enjoys the pleasures of sand. Blindly Alex make no mistake we are not encouraging abuse. He air parent. Balmy Mac correction Billy beer was brewed by falls city. Brewing company cold spring brewing west in brewing and pearl brewing west in brewing was a subsidiary of mapped. Brewing company and Utica, New York they also brew Utica club. Beer sorry for me a senior moment and cheers thank you appreciate that Bobby's anybody mentioned iron city yet shared it. Member that went from a Pennsylvania to the phones we always bring in Sean who is in Spartanburg hi Sean and welcomes bunny match up. It bought. It and thank you can. Start by boat ticket backer. Drove a little then what do we can we can hear you can't. Do well I just wanted to go there can you believe. And you probably don't but I open you don't want you to. Give it more for our brokerage for. And there you believe gates. A ball in great shape you god which query and BQ you're match I never thought. You ripped on what and did what. And you're real or east pushing through these. Agendas bills that. Chipped it up what are we seeing. I'll. Decide they're there there's there's this local that don't city were gonna do. Certainly none lately you mean none what they rapidity. That Donald Trump as I mean he hit the ground running. And and the left obviously is gonna do everything they can annul the left leaning. Judiciary. Is unity where everything they can't try and throw speed spikes down the road don't look. You know president trump is bound and determined he is going to implement his agenda. And and it's great I mean it was kind of stunning that anyone in the first place and certainly by the margin he did. Donald Trump carried 85% of the counties in America. And that's the point is the culture back. Everybody to protest they were they all do they want which is great. You don't break it would be below me. But again today of the order of America air and he's doing that you gonna do. You gave you get beat them at all. No and I and I think I think even. As removed as the president is now in the Washington bubble in the White House. And I he had he has not been absorbed. By that bubble he still understands exactly what brought him. Not to 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue and and he fully intends to implement everything in his agenda and the last be damned. It's almost like you do remember my conversation at all read about voting for yup it's because you want to remove. There have been told you're wrong there could be a political influences lobbyists all the way through could be in a decade it was not. Bidding brain politician going for the present the and here we have spoke one who wears. Not a grade there or or collected and doesn't have those. A decade or there was is that other individual group when they take that their goal. Yeah I agree and and I think that was a large part of his appeal the fact that he was. Viewed as the Al liar. The outsider. A guy who didn't come from he wasn't just another lawyer who was in politics. I he was a businessman who talked about implying. Rational. Or logical approach is to them many of the things within the bureaucracy that that everybody was complaining about. Well that's right utterly BP I'll order are there law I ordered a beer or. Talk about the law guide me in the law but I need to be a Smart person to alert all I would shut a British you know. More horror borrower. Our position we had a built or recruiting this state all the way. You know we're told by people in that. A. Yelp and if you look back at the Obama administration. And the members of his cabinet. Something like 80%. Of people that were in Obama's cabinet he had any experience at all. In the private sector and you know they were fully versed in not being able to debate in the faculty lounge. But when it came to experience in the real world. They were sorely lacking. Well that is that the problem you know. From the start the British. I'd rather take a joke from the screen filling in these holes that I would have an experience politician you end up. You and me about and it's actually called John I appreciate and I'm do you remember the previous shot I have said previously on the show. I would be just as happy polling 100 names out of the phone book and sending them all of the United States and. Bob but in on the text line the heck with beer white Russians rock. It's NASA leased quick. Winning kick. Vessels like oh I know what was the on tease what's under the Jeff Bridges movie wary of strength and white Russians through out. And gather great a basket and said. To do. Any notional attacks line and I need to catch up with quickly here. Bob Bob big deal. About the president's. Nominee for secretary of labor having to resign look if you use a lawn service. You've probably hired an illegal. Now Bob don't forget about Graham actually I wish I could. I wish I could. Bob must some good beer was called third shift. A M never I never heard of that never heard that I've heard of a bunch and while then reminded. I would be a better way to put a lot of them and I'd forgotten about. That people obviously. Use the occasion of data remind me at quarter before seven here on the money Mac shall take our last break. And then now we'll come back and now wrap things up here on Wednesday. The body Mac show 11063. WL RD. OK. Okay. I. Welcome back. An army attacks like this evening 71 threes are seven Bob haven't had a chance to hear the entire show today. But you heard the a Mexican workforce is going on strike tomorrow yup we heard about that yesterday. And Nat and talked about it during the program I wonder how many of them wanted job waiting. When they come back. Now Bob except for the illegals issue putts it would have been great maybe trump can still use his ideas. Anyway I hate to lose as great commercials if he got the job. Bob Bob Bob Bobby Mack remember quite Russians matter thank you for pointing that out. Bump up bomb and I think we're caught up to the phones we go. Any is a long he has in Greenville high Eddie and welcome to the show. Paintball. Our goal is going to cry or beer or not do a great Thomas screech. Are already. Because he's been my medical from twenty. In when they would have fun using artery. Or whatever it are boring couple tapes sound Thomas creek has not done a really good reputation. He can play or not or maybe it is and everybody. Where's the darn strictly a beer he's a real real arm. Higher than. Our current you'll see there are huge cause yeah. Then you know out of your story Juan Carlos and has been and it was just a regular week aren't you he'd call periods or birds are streaming even pick anything. In NASCAR are certain character listen if you want to hear about Thomas Chris it's a patient. Well Patrick it's. It would go under army community yeah. And an honor and I am happy to see all these local businesses. I do and doing really well. Money penny and I were talking earlier about how many of other craft breweries are around. Now I hear an ingredient and not only Greenville that all over the upstate and net and many of them are really finding an audience. Yeah yeah he's speeds Omar leads you down on the never commodore there. These are their own remote orbit building on more silos to work tomorrow. Right and they are here is going real well they use their own barber sees. And all over the place here. And if we can get underage trump presidency doing get a bunch of eight ham stringing regulations. On small businesses eliminated. It's enemy so much better it'll it'll inspire more people. And now entrepreneurial spirit that's that's made America great. We are there. Are afraid to tell any good to get a read drop by this and I saw this story on the web today too and thought you might. Find this interesting. Big Brother. Is everywhere. Not a year ago and a widely reported story journalists and a British newspaper the telegraph. Found little black boxes installed under their desks. The devices which had. Our QIAOCCUPEYEIQ. Pie. Emblazoned on them detected if employees were at their workstations. Not shockingly writers and editors were suspicious. Worried that bosses were monitoring their every move even their bathroom breaks. The national union of journalists complain to management about Big Brother style surveillance. The company insisted the boxes were intended to reduce energy costs. Insuring that empty cubicles weren't overheated. Or over air conditioned. That's their star stick and do it. But the damage was done other devices were removed sensors that keep tabs on more than temperature are already. All over offices. Including. Microphones. And locations and now they're just less conspicuous. And don't have names that suggest bond villains. Most people when they walk into buildings don't even notice them says Joseph Costello Chief Executive Officer of in the lightened. Who sensors he says are collecting data and more than 350. Companies including 15% of the fortune 500. So how are they doing this well. Good question there hidden. Panel lights. I. How long somebody goes without speaking to another coworker. Proponents claim the goal is efficiency. Some sensors generate heat maps that show how people move through an office to help maximize space. Others such as IQ I. Tap into each VAC. Systems the office design company do ensor has 1000. Enlightened sensors whining of space in New York imbedded in light fixed years. The dime sized devices detect motion daylight and energy usage a back end system adjust the lighting levels. The centers also learn employees' behavior pattern it's. If workers and a given department start today at 10 AM why tool stayed DM until then so far against or seen a 25% savings and energy cost. We eagerly speaking US businesses are within their rights to go full eye on. Employers can do any kind of monitoring they want in the workplace. That doesn't involve the bathroom so the president of national work rights institute. And I turn the lights down my panic it's just. Who don't wanna. Take a chance thanks so much for being on today it's been a fun show enjoyed it thanks for all the great memories. About all Beers past Singh about tomorrow have a great evening and until tomorrow. God bless. Unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show. I don't know in the words of mystical force. And Marines. Yeah. I'm vetoing. I'm Bosnia going. And happiness anger. I leave eve. I hate it. It's. When. Yeah. Broadcast day.